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September 2007CURSILLO CHRONICLEAPALACHEE REGION EPISCOPAL CURSILLOSPONSORSHIPWe are in need of sponsors.1)a.Think about your Cursilloweekend for a moment.How did you feel? Someone took the time to sponb.sor you so you could attend a Cursillo. Now youneed to think and prayabout being a sponsor.Here is a list of the sponsor responsibilities.IN THIS ISSUECandidate List2Team List34th Day Newsletterfrom Diocese ofFlorida4Team/CandidateFees2) Cursillo WeekendBe active -- You should be leading an activeChristian life and be a living witness toa.your love for Christ. You must be a witnessto the Cursillo Method.Cursillo is not meant to work miracles. Theb.candidate should, at the time of the weekend, be free of family stress such as recentdeath or divorce. Physical limitations mayc.make it difficult for a candidate to fullyparticipate in the weekend. Don't set themup for failure.c.Candidate must be a Christian and shouldbe an Episcopalian.d.The Sponsor should discuss Cursillo withthe candidate and answer questions fully.e.The candidate should be strongly encouraged to make the Cursillo weekend in thediocese of this Christian environment.f.If the candidate is married, the sponsorshould recommend highly that both husband and wife make a Cursillo weekend.Sponsor should make sure the candidate takes everything they willneed for the weekend.Sponsor should provide transportation to and from the location of theweekendSponsor should arrange to takecare of any baby-sitting or shopping needs that may present themselves over the weekend.d.Sponsor should arrange for personal palanca for the candidate.Be sure that you emphasize tofamily members and specialfriends that this weekend is one ofGods love and all letters should bepositive. (no bad news)e.Sponsor must attend the closingand other events for the candidate.3) Post Cursillo2008 Cursillo Dates 52007 UltreyaSchedulePre Cursillo6a.Sponsors are responsible for affording their candidatesthe opportunity for a Fourth Day life. Aiding and encouraging the candidate to belong to a permanent groupand Ultreya.b.If the sponsor feels he is unable to fulfill this commitment, the candidate should have a co-sponsor.c.It is difficult to fulfill all responsibilities and sponsormore than two candidates a year.d.Unless the sponsor is willing to guarantee that the candidate will be given the opportunity to share in a groupreunion, the application should NOT be submitted.

DIOCESE OF FLORIDACURSILLO #118CANDIDATE LIST—Jim Sparkman——John Katterhenry—Bud AbrahamJim Braswell—Byron CawthonAlain Sargent—Kirk AltmanALL SAINTSCHURCH OF THE MEDIATORRESURRECTIONST. ANDREW'SST. ANNE’SST. BARTHOLOMEW’S-HIGH SPRINGSST. JAMES’ LAKE CITYST. JOHN'S CATHEDRAL———ST. JOHN’S — TALLAHASSEEST. LUKE’S – LIVE OAK—ST. MARGARET’S – HIBERNIAJerry LeynesGene NicholsBill Hopkins—Bennie DavisNorm ThompsonMichael BarryGary PerryMichael PheltsOliver RobinsonGary DaviesErik EskelandRodney PaulKenny Falaney—Rod MoonBrian SmithPage 2ST. MARK’SST. MARK’S — STARKEST. MARY’SST. PAUL’S by the SeaST. PETER’S – FERNANDINA BEACHST. PETER’S —JACKSONVILLEST. PHILIP’SST. THOMAS’ — PALM COAST—TRINITY — MELROSETRINITY – ST. AUGUSTINE——Robin IsaacCathy SparkmanSusan ClarkeJacque GrubbsCheryl KatterhenryPeggy AlsethGloria Abraham—Earlene ClappAnn Cawthon—Annie Sargent—Erin VanceNancy HoughMarge HarnerGail MickelBrenda DuffordSharon LeynesCaroline NicholsLinda HopkinsKay-Kay GranvilleLaura Davis—Lauren BarryCynthia Perry——Debra DaviesVi Paul—Betty HenryCURSILLO CHRONICLE

DIOCESE OF FLORIDACURSILLO #118TEAM LISTWOMENMENOctober 11-14, 2007DATE“LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH”Ray WarnerTHEMEMike BarbarePeter BushnellHarry BroomAllen DavisBilly DavisBill DunfordLadd HarrisMichael RadyCole StricklandFrancis WatsonMax WillererDave SleapFrank BrownTom BurrellJim CorbettBill FourakerNolan GilmoreClay O’NealJohn OwensJim PhillipsMike RobertsonROLLO“SHINE IN HIS LIGHT”RECTOR/APam StefansenADVISOREdye McCownJames PierceThe Rev. Dale WarnerThe Rev. Lance HorneOctober 18-21, 2007SPIRITUAL DIRECTORSPIRITUAL DIRECTOR(HEAD)MUSICSET-UPThe Rev. David KiddThe Rev. Bob AskrenRev. Ronnie CABIN)(HEAD)TABLES(HEAD)Sue CarmichaelJanice HamiltonDebbie BarbareJeanette BrodeCarol ChildersMeg HawleyLaurie JohnsonBarri JonesRoni KellyJan Ostler-WalkerErin (Harvey) WadeCandy WilliamsJan KennedyAnna BaileySharon BarkerHelen BeatyBarbara BrownJackie ChristensonAnn HurstDebi SmithMarcia TjoflatPenny UittiROLLISTABACK-UPROLLISTABACK-UPIDEALMichael RadyMax WillererErin (Harvey) WadeGRACERev. Kurt DunkleLAITYBilly Davis—Allen DavisRoni Kelly—Jan Ostler-WalkerFAITHRev. Hugh ChapmanRev. Mal Jopling—PIETYBill FourakerCole StricklandMarcia Tjoflat—STUDYFrancis WatsonNolan GilmoreJeanette BrodeSACRAMENTSRev. George HolstonACTIONJohn OwensOBSTACLESRev. Lance HorneLEADERSFrank BrownDave SleapBarri JonesCarol ChildersENVIRONMENTJim PhillipsClay O’NealPenny UittiCandy WilliamsLIFE IN GRACERev. Dale WarnerCHRISTIAN COMM.Ladd HarrisMike RobertsonMeg HawleyLaurie JohnsonGROUP REUNIONRay WarnerJim PiercePam StefansenEdye McCownULTREYAJim PierceRay WarnerEdye McCownPam SefansenCURSILLO CHRONICLE—Rev.Richard TurkDebi Smith—Jim Corbett——Rev. Bob AskrenJackie ChristensonRev. Gene AlexanderRev. David KiddSharon Barker—Anna Bailey——Page 3

DECOLORESFrom the 4th Day NewsletterThe Diocese of FloridaDECOLORES EVERONEMAKE FRIENDS, BE FRIENDS, BRING FRIENDS TO CHRISTThe year 2007 has been an eventful year for the Cursillo community with the exit of some parishes and some close friends. Wewill remember this year especially by the passing of our beloved friend, the Reverend Marshall Lowell. He was our leader, mentor, pastor, and above all, our friend. Our prayers, our friendship and love extend to Dottie who has weathered this tragic losswith grace and dignity. Please take this very moment to life Dottie and family up in prayer and give thanks to God for the joythat Marshall brought to each of our lives. Amen.Thanks go to all who sent in green palanca for the new glass luminary jars and tea lights. They will be used on the upcomingmen’s weekend.We would like to welcome The Reverend Dennis O’Neill who has accepted the Bishop’s appointment as the new Spiritual Director for Cursillo. Thank you, dear friend.Many of us have been staying in the staff cabin on Sat. night at Cursillo to help out and enjoy and evening of fellowship. Wewill have a spaghetti dinner downstairs. Bring your own drinks and libation of your choice. I’ll bring the food and you can pitchin money for the meal. The cost is 25.00 for the bunk and you must pay at the conference center. I need a head count for thenumber for dinner as we bring what we need with us. Please contact me at my email obstef@bellsouth.net (please mark Cursillo) or by phone at 904-745-3506 to reserve. You must arrive between 2pm and 5pm and take the lake road by Mandy’s Chapelto the staff cabin while the candidates are in the rollo room. It’s great fellowship and we have a wonderful time. Remember tobring all your bedding needs, you’ll be on a bunk. There are plenty of rooms at the Conference Center and of course, you mayalways camp at the campsite. All who want to join us for dinner, let me know.Please, make every effort to attend wakeup and clausura.Please make an extra effort for poster palanca for the upcoming weekends. I know I have mentioned this before, but it is a necessary part of the Faith talk by the clergy and there has been a serious shortage. This palanca must be done for each weekend,so please help. It is not just for the Faith talk, but it is truly inspirational to have not just a lot of palanca, but so many different kinds of palanca.God bless each of you and all your ministries. I know I am blessed to serve.The Lord be with you.Stef Stefansen4th Day Newsletter EditorPage 4CURSILLO CHRONICLE

2008 CURSILLO WEEKENDSCURSILLO CHRONICLE#119MenFebruary 14-17, 2008#119WomenFebruary 21-24, 2008#120MenOctober 9-12, 2008#120WomenOctober 16-19, 2008Page 5

APALACHEE REGIONEPISCOPAL CURSILLOC/O St. John’s Episcopal Church211 North Monroe StreetTallahassee, FL 32301Anna Bailey, Editor850-309-1309 (home)850-656-4349 (work)850-509-7157 (cell)Email: apalacheecursillo@comcast.net2007 ULTREYASCHEDULEOctober 12, 2007St. FrancisNovember 9, 2007Grace Mission (6pm)December 14, 2007AdventTeam/Candidate FeesCandidates— 135Team— 150St. John’s Episcopal ChurchApalachee Region EpiscopalCursillo Newsletter211 North Monroe StreetTallahassee, Florida 32301ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTEDNon-Profit OrganizationUS PostagePAIDTallahassee, FloridaPERMIT NO. 80

sonal palanca for the candidate. Be sure that you emphasize to family members and special friends that this weekend is one of Gods love and all letters should be positive. (no bad news) e. Sponsor must attend the closing and other events for the candidate. 3) Post Cursillo a. Sponsors are responsible for affording their candidates

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provided through the Episcopal Cursillo Ministry website as needed for the functions of local Cursillo ministries. Under no circumstances may the materials copied under this permission be sold. BEFORE YOU BEGIN The information in this booklet is designed to provide general outlines for the Talks presented during an Episcopal Cursillo Weekend.

1. Cursillo is a movement of the church in the world; it is a means not an end. If the weekend is our goal we have missed the mark, for Cursillo is an apostolate of the laity. It does not end. 2. Cursillo strategy is to go out into our existing environment to

wine that Cursillo can provide. Maybe bringing a friend to Christ by sponsoring them on Cursillo and offering your Palanca is just the spark that you need to rekindle the fire in your heart. The January Cursillo weekends are right around the corner, orientation is January 8th, and now is a great time to sponsor a friend or relative.

enliven Cursillo. This began during January, hearing your voices at Chicagoland Ultreyas. The mission of Cursillo is carried in our hearts and we trust that the Holy Spirit is the wind beneath our wings. You expressed awe-inspiring values of Cursillo including methods of growing d

Cursillo. Deacon Mason Wiggins and I are on Cursillo this weekend. I have been a Spiritual Director for Cursillo for over 20 years. Cursillo, in Spanish: "Cursillos de Cristiandad," which means a "short course of Christianity," is a three-day experience which focuses on showing Christian lay people how to become effective Christian

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