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WHAT PERSISTENCEPRODUCES IS SURETO LAST.NECESSITY MAY BE THE MOTHER OF INVENTION, BUT THERE’S SOMETHINGTO BE SAID FOR THE GRIT YOU GAIN BY REBUILDING FROM SCRATCHAFTER YOU LOSE EVERYTHING.Ariens was founded in 1933, but that doesn’ttraining and is home to the Ariens museum.thousand acres, 250 acres are set aside forbegin to tell the story of how the companyAnd speaking of dealers, you can find anconservation. The green space is home to abegan. The Ariens brothers lost their firstAriens dealer almost any place in the worldbeehive community, pollination prairie andcompany, Brillion Iron Works, to bankruptcy.that gets more than a dusting of snow.recreational trail.Fast forward to today and what started inEight decades and five generations of thetheir hometown of Brillion, Wisconsin.their garage covers the globe. Over 1500Ariens family later, the company is stillemployees serve customers from Kaukaunainnovating, still building what homeownersThe Ariens boys were down, but farto Katmando. If you rounded up all theneed and still doing it all in their hometownfrom out. Together they scraped togetherAriens employees and brought them back toof Brillion, Wisconsin. We’ve left the garageeverything they had (which was not much)HQ, you’d be well on your way to doublingbehind and today we turn out thousands ofand bet everything on a back-yard rototiller.the size of Brillion, Wisconsin, (populationmachines every week. And not too long agoA tool that was totally new to the market3,107) where every Sno-Thro is assembledwe rolled the four millionth Sno-Thro offand a leg up for a hungry populationby hand.the assembly line.the Great Depression.If you had the time to count all the dairyToday, the heart of the original rototillercows around Brillion, there’s a better thanlives on in Ariens Sno-Thro's sold acrossEarly going was hard, but the conceptaverage chance they would outnumber thethe globe. Most recently, in 2018, Arienscaught on and the engineering had brokenresidents. The Ariens company actually pre-bought back the original Brillion Iron Worksnew ground. That little roto-tiller is atdates the city of Brillion, which incorporatedproperty they lost in 1932. The property hadthe heart of the most loved machines inin 1944, but there’s zero doubt they are twobeen abandoned but will be redeveloped tothe Ariens line up. Growth followed andsides of the same the city of Brillion grow. PersistenceA life’s work devoured by depression-areafinances that crippled the world, includingneeding to grow their own food to beat backwhen two employees turned into 6, thetiny garage where Ariens started could nolonger contain what was fast becoming aThriving in northeast Wisconsin is not forthe faint of heart and the bone-chillingregional success.winters helped inspire the Ariens sno-thro.A larger building became home, and theenvironment. Caring for your community.tradition of Ariens engineering and buildingThat’s all Ariens but 100% Brillion.every single machine in Brillion, Wisconsintruly took root. The original factory is stillused today, but now it’s a center for dealerWork ethic. Responsibility to people andIn Brillion, Wisconsin even bees like Ariens.Our three manufacturing plants sit on over apays off. Period.


CLEARINGA PATHTO WHATMATTERS.CONTRACTORFORMIDABLEEQUIPMENT AND ENGINEERING THAT PUTSPERFORMANCE WHEREVER YOU CALL HOME.When you measure sidewalks in miles and drivewaysby the dozen, you’ll need the power, performance andAny destination that gets a dusting of snow you’ll find anbuilt-in durability of Ariens’ top tier snow blowers. TheseAriens. The innovation that started in Brillion Wisconsin hasmachines are purpose built to deal with winter’s worstgrown across the globe. Today, Ariens is everywhere.on a grand scale. They’re more than most might need,but never less than the job requires.RAPIDTRAK TECHNOLOGYp. 12-13SUCH GREAT HEIGHTSp. 14-17EFI TECHNOLOGYp. 18-19PROFESSIONALSERIESp. 8-9THE KING OF SNOW ALMOST WASN'Tp. 26-28ARIENS STANDARDSp. 29ATTACHMENTS & ACCESSORIESp. 38-39POWER BRUSHSERIESp. 37PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSp. 40-43BEHIND THE SCENESp. 44-47PROFESSIONAL 21SERIESp. 32-33

HOME OWNERCONDO/RENTALFOUNDATIONALFUNDAMENTALFear no forecast with snowblowers engineered toKeep winter clean up efficient and easy with right-deliver clear pavement, reliable starts and maximumsized snowblowers engineered to give you exceptionalmaneuverability. Packed with features to make sureperformance. Not every job calls for all out power,clean up never feels like a chore, these workhorsesbalance size and brute strength. These products givewon’t disappoint in the toughest the ability to easily maneuver and clean a walk orsmall driveway.PLATINUMSERIESp. 10-11COMPACTSERIESp. 22-23CROSSOVERSERIESp. 30-31DELUXESERIESp. 20-21PATH-PROSERIESp. 36CLASSICSERIESp. 24-25S18SERIESp. 34-35

PROFESSIONALSERIESPRE-DAWN IS NO TIME FOR AMATEUR HOUR.LEAVE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL.Designed and built for professionals, but also used by homeownerswho don’t mess around, the Professional series takes on the deepest,toughest and most treacherous jobs with ease. A massive 23.5” housingheight and 16” auger team up with a tireless 420cc engine to swallowup to 102 tons of snow per hour and send it flying up to 60 feet.

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L S9MODEL OVERVIEWDESIGNATION PROFESSIONAL 28PROFESSIONAL 28HYDRO EFIPROFESSIONAL 32PROFESSIONAL 36HYDRO EFIPROFESSIONAL28 HYDRORAPIDTRAK PROFESSIONAL32 HYDRORAPIDTRAK ENS AX 420CC(21 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 420CCEFI (21 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 420CC(21 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 420CCEFI (21 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 420CC(21 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 420CC(21 L120V/RECOIL120V/RECOIL3 - 60 FT(.9 - 18.3 M)3 - 60 FT(.9 - 18.3 M)3 - 60 FT(.9 - 18.3 M)3 - 60 FT(.9 - 18.3 M)3 - 60 FT(.9 - 18.3 M)3 - 60 FT(.9 - 18.3 M)QUICK-TURN 16 IN (40.6 CM)16 IN (40.6 CM)16 IN (40.6 CM)16 IN (40.6 CM)16 IN (40.6 CM)16 IN (40.6 CM)HOUSING28 X 23.5 IN(71.1 X 59.7 CM)28 X 23.5 IN(71.1 X 59.7 CM)32 X 23.5 IN(81.3 X 59.7 CM)36 X 23.5 IN(91.4 X 59.7 CM)28 X 23.5 IN(71.2 X 59.7 CM)32 X 23.5 IN(81.3 X 59.7 CM)TIRE SIZE16 X 4.8 IN(41 X 12 CM)16 X 4.8 IN(41 X 12 CM)16 X 6.5 IN(41 X 17 CM)16 X 6.5 IN(41 X 17 CM)5.5 IN WIDE TRACK(14 CM)5.5 IN WIDE TRACK(14 CM)79 TONS79 TONS90 TONS102 TONS79 TONS90 ERDIAMETERTONS / HOURENHANCED OR STEP-UP FEATUREAUTO-TURN STEERINGIMPELLERDRIF T CUT TERSEffortless, zero-degree turning radius.Our large 14-inch impeller moves large volumesStandard on all Professional Sno-Thro models.of snow with ease.*HYDROSTATIC TR ANSMISSIONHAND WARMERSSKID SHOESAllows for infinite speed control while operatingStay warm and comfortable with our premiumCommercial-grade skid shoes provide long-lastingthe machine.hand warmers.performance that holds up to constant use.*R APIDTR AK DUAL-BELT DRIVE*EZ-L AUNCH EFI ENGINEOur patented track technology allows forExclusive to Ariens, delivers maximum powerOur Electronic Fuel Injection Engine is easyunmatched speed and maneuverability, Choosethrough tough conditions, plus extended belt life.starting, requires less maintenance and providesfrom three track settings for ideal performanceefficiency and performance for high altitudein all terrains.snow removal.* AVAILABLE ON SELECT MODELS

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L SMODEL OVERVIEWPLATINUM 24 SHOPLATINUM 24 SHO EFIPLATINUM 30 SHOPLATINUM 28 SHORAPIDTRAK MODEL921050921053921051921057ENGINEARIENS AX 369CC GEN 3(17 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 369CCEZ-LAUNCH EFI(17 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 414CC GEN 3(20 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 369CC(17 L3 - 55 FT (.9-16.7 M)3 - 55 FT (.9-16.7 M)3 - 55 FT (.9-16.7 M)3 - 55 FT (.9 - 16.7 M)CHUTE ROTATIONQUICK-TURN QUICK-TURNQUICK-TURNQUICK-TURNAUGER DIAMETER14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)HOUSING24 X 21 IN (60.1 X 53.3 CM)24 X 21 IN (60.1 X 53.3 CM)30 X 21 IN (76.2 X 53.3 CM)28 X 21 IN (71.1 X 53.3 CM)TIRE SIZE16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)5.5 IN WIDE TRACK (14 CM)73 TONS73 TONS82 TONS77 TONSDESIGNATIONSTARTING SYSTEMTHROWING DISTANCETONS / HOURENHANCED OR STEP-UP FEATUREAUTO-TURN STEERINGAUGER*SUPER HIGH OUTPUT IMPELLER (SHO)Effortless, zero-degree turning radius.14" auger diameter.Move through heavy, wet snow with ease withour exclusive SHO technology.ENGINEDUAL-BELT DRIVEHAND WARMERSChoose from three different types ofExclusive to Ariens, delivers maximum powerStay warm and comfortable with our premiumAriens engines.through tough conditions, plus extended belt life.hand warmers.*R APIDTR AK *EZ-L AUNCH EFI ENGINEOur patented track technology allows forOur Electronic Fuel Injection Engine is easyunmatched speed and maneuverability, Choosestarting, requires less maintenance and providesfrom three track settings for ideal performanceefficiency and performance for high altitudein all terrains.snow removal.* AVAILABLE ON SELECT MODELS

PLATINUMSERIESNORTH OF EXPECTATIONS.No detail is overlooked. We combined the highest levels of comfort,convenience and power to provide the ultimate snow clearing experience.Choose from a wide variety of features in our Platinum Series that fit yourneed. Waist high powder, or heavy, wet snow, the Super High Output (SHO)Impeller comes standard on all Platinum Sno-Thro’s. Have peace of mind withour EFI engine option, all while keeping warm with standard hand-warmers.11

213POSITION 1 - TR ACK MODEPOSITION 2 - WHEEL MODEPOSITION 3 - DIG -IN MODEA traditional track position with the grip of aEffortlessly raise the rear wheel to make theShift the rear wheel down to pitch the augertrack for normal operation.machine function like a wheel-driven model.housing and dig into hard-packed snow.

MAKE THEGRADE EVERYTIME.GAIN TRACTION NO MATTER WHAT MOTHER NATURETHROWS AT YOU WITH THE VERSATILITY OF A WHEEL ORTRACK UNIT IN A SINGLE MACHINE.RapidTrak delivers unrivaled power under any conditions. TheIntuitive, user-friendly design allows operators to switch betweenwheel and track settings in seconds. RapidTrak maintains tractioneven against high snow piles on hilly or slippery pavement, and awheeled setting provides quick, effortless maneuverability onflat surfaces.SPEED AND TR AC TIONAriens RapidTrak combines track-system stability with thespeed of a wheel driven Sno-Thro .M A XIMU M M ANEUVER ABILIT YAdjust on the go by moving the back wheel up to turn with theease of a wheeled Sno-Thro.UNDISPUTED POWERThe dual-belt auger drive system delivers maximum torquequickly, so you can power through piles of snow.E X C L U S I V E LY B Y A R I E N S13

SUCHGREATHEIGHTSSo says Ronald Hrnecek, general manager of Hochfilzer, anequipment seller in Austria that specializes in snow and lawnTHE ALTITUDE HERE WOULDproducts. His company provides equipment and services forAFFECT OTHER ENGINES. THEYpeople across the Alps, a region that gets lots of snow — lotsWOULD GET LESS AIR ANDof heavy, wet snow."Austria is a small country of only 8 million people, but 75% ofus live in the mountainous Alps region," Hrnecek said. "A majority of our business comes from people living in the mountains, and that means we need powerful snow removal equipment that can handle the snow’s consistency here."LOSE POWER.For 45 years, Hochfilzer has been operating a distribution center in Kundl, Austria. It eventually opened a second branch inImst, Austria, to serve the country's biggest ski resorts withsnow and lawn equipment, as well as snowmobiles and otherservices. Along with its mountainous core customers, Hochfil-

MANAGING A SNOW REMOVAL COMPANYIN THE ALPS IS LIKE TRYING TO TAMETHE WEATHER ITSELF.IN THE ALPS WE KNOW SNOW. WE LIVE WITH SNOW. WE LOVESNOW. BUT WHEN IT SNOWS HERE, IT’S ALWAYS WET!zer provides snow removal equipment to the people of Austriahave a lot of customers that are homeowners with drivewaysand be cleared, but we also see a lot of machines going to theWith customers across a wide geographic area, both rural andmountaintops of ski resorts."urban, and with weather that wildly fluctuates, Hrnecek saidThose customers include "Maschinenring," a group of con-that flexibility has always been one of the company's keys totractors across Austria that deal in major projects and heavysuccess. It carries a wide range of equipment, in terms of sizework cycles, and several companies that work on the Austrianand strength, to serve its diverse clientele.railway and train stations. The high altitudes, intensive work"In the last few years, we have seen the product mix change tosell more Ariens Deluxe and Professional models, and we arereaching new customers we hadn’t in the past," he said. "Weapplications and, of course, heavy snow, all demand high-performance machinery that is supported by a company likeHochfilzer and its network of hundreds of dealers.

Often, it's these dealers that are driving equipmenttrends in the region. Hochfilzer was instrumental in introducing Ariens Sno-Thro models with Auto-Turn andEFI (electronic fuel injection) to professionals there inthe region."None of the competitors out there have EFI engines yet.We had to sell the benefits of the EFI engine, especially thestartup process," Hrnecek said. "The altitude here would affect other engines. They would get less air and lose power.But with an EFI engine, that doesn't happen. When our dealers set up the machines for the altitudes here, they are ableto maintain oxygen levels and deliver that power."THERE IS NO DOUBT THATA MANUFACTURER INWISCONSIN, KNOWN FOR ITSGOOD WINTER CONDITIONS,KNOWS HOW TO BUILDSNOW PRODUCTS.The biggest challenge Hrnecek faces is forecasting. In hisregion, forecasting the weather and forecasting his customers' stock needs are one in the same. With the distance between cities and continental-wide regulations (homologatedmachines for the European market), flexibility in productionand procurement is limited.His solution comes in the form of a close relationship.As Hochfilzer celebrates its 30th anniversary of working with Ariens, Hrnecek credits working closely withthe manufacturer to maintain a nimble, flexible stock ofequipment that appeals to all of his customers, whetherthey are in the mountains or the city, as a reason for thedistributor’s success.

Sometimes that success means taking risks with the stock.oping the Platinum 24, a high-powered, slim-lined snowHochfilzer holds onto some machines for longer periods ofthrower that better suited Austrian geography and Europe-time so its customers can get whatever they need at a mo-an topography. Hrnecek said the company needed the com-ment's notice. The more than 30 years of business forecast-bination of a narrow, but still powerful machine to handleing experience has helped Hochfilzer sell over 1,000 unitsthe differences in city roads, residential housing and a widein each of the last five years. One year when the snow wasvariance in terrains.especially bad throughout Austria and Germany, the company sold over 5,000 units."As a small company, we take pride in our ability to takeHochfilzer is so dedicated to its customers' needs, that thedriven by innovation, quality and power." And heavy,distributor collaborated with AriensCo to develop a newwet snow.product to fill a gap in the high-altitude European market.In 2017, Hochfilzer told AriensCo it needed a narrow butpowerful machine for wet snow. This led to Ariens devel-a risk," Hrnecek said. "We understand this business. It's

FUELING THENEXT LEVEL OFPERFORMANCE.THE ARIENS AX EZ-LAUNCH EFI STARTS EASIER, USES LESSFUEL AND THROWS SNOW WITH POWER THAT NEVER BACKS DOWN.Ariens is the first to feature the ease and efficiency of EFI enginetechnology in a snow blower. Simply turn the key and start it up. No matterwhat the conditions the EZ-Launch Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) deliverstorque and power to spare.EFI/E-GOV POWER ADVANTAGEThanks to an electronic governor, EZ-Launch EFI maintains consistentspeed and throwing performance. Unlike a typical carbureted engine, EFIwill maintain power in wet snow and deep drifts, even at low throttle.19

DELUXESERIESSTRAIGHT-FORWARD POWER AND PERFORMANCE.Clear snow without question or compromise. Easy maneuvering and control with AutoTurn steering, standard on all Deluxe Sno-Thro’s. With several engine choices and machinewidths, there’s a reason it’s one of our best sellers. Now available with EFI, (electronicfuel injection) rest easy with less engine maintenance, increased fuel efficiency and easyone-pull starting. Our exclusive Dual-Belt Drive system provides unmatched power andincreased belt life. While our Super High Output Impeller (SHO) technology will breezethrough those heavy, wet storms with ease (available on select Deluxe models).

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L S21MODEL OVERVIEWDESIGNATIONDELUXE 24DELUXE 28DELUXE 28 SHODELUXE 30DELUXE 30 EFIMODEL921045921046921048921047921049ENGINEARIENS AX 254CC(12.5 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 254CC(12.5 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 306CC(15 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 306CC(15 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 306CCEZ-LAUNCH EFI(15 FT/LBS)3 - 50 FT (.9 - 15.2 M)3 - 50 FT (.9 - 15.2 M)3 - 55 FT (.9 - 16.7 M)3 - 50 FT (.9 - 15.2 M)3 - 50 FT (.9 - 15.2 M)CHUTE ROTATION2.5X ICE DRILL2.5X ICE DRILL2.5X ICE DRILL2.5X ICE DRILL2.5X ICE DRILLAUGER DIAMETER14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)14 IN (35.6 CM)HOUSING24 X 21 IN(60.1 X 53.3 CM)28 X 21 IN(71.2 X 53.3 CM)28 X 21 IN(71.2 X 53.3 CM)30 X 21 IN(76.2 X 53.3 CM)30 X 21 IN(76.2 X 53.3 CM)16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)65 TONS72 TONS71 TONS71 TONSTHROWING DISTANCETIRE SIZE 16 X 4.8 IN (41 X 12 CM)TONS / HOUR62 TONSENHANCED OR STEP-UP FEATUREAUTO-TURN STEERINGHE ADLIGHT*SUPER HIGH OUTPUT IMPELLER (SHO)Effortless, zero-degree turning radius.Standard on all Deluxe series Sno-Thro's.SHO impeller throws up to 82 tons of snow/hour.DUAL-BELT DRIVETIRES*EZ-L AUNCH EFI ENGINEExclusive to Ariens, delivers maximum power16” directional tires provide improved mobilityAvailable EFI engine starts easier and uses lessthrough tough conditions, plus extended belt life.and agility.fuel with consistent power.AUGERENGINETHROWING PERFORM ANCEOur steel serrated 14" auger delivers exceptionalChoose from three different types of AriensThrow snow ranging from 3-55ft to allow forperformance through all types of snow conditions.AX engines.maximum precision.* AVAILABLE ON SELECT MODELS

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L SMODEL OVERVIEWNEW MODELDESIGNATIONCOMPACT 24COMPACT 24 TRACKMODEL920029920028ENGINEARIENS AX 223CC (10 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 223CC (10 FT/LBS)3 - 40 FT (.9 - 12.2 M)3 - 40 FT (.9 - 12.2 M)AUTO-TURN SOLID LOCKEDCHUTE ROTATION2.5X QUICK TURN2.5X QUICK TURNAUGER DIAMETER11 IN (27.9 CM)11 IN (27.9 CM)HOUSING24 X 20 IN (60.1 X 50.8 CM)24 X 20 IN (60.1 X 50.8 CM)TIRE SIZE15 X 5 IN (38 X 13 CM)5.5 IN WIDE TRACK (14 CM)59 TONS59 TONSTHROWING DISTANCEAXEL SYSTEMTONS / HOURENHANCED OR STEP-UP FEATUREAUGER*TR ACK*TIRESOur steel serrated 11" auger delivers exceptionalAvailable track system for improved traction on15” directional tires provide improved mobilityperformance through all types of snow conditions.any terrain.and performance.ENGINE*AUTO-TURN STEERINGReliable Ariens AX engine and electric start getsEffortless, zero-degree turning running with ease.* AVAILABLE ON SELECT MODELS

COMPACTSERIESSURE, IT LOOKS SMALL, BUT OUR COMPACTPOWERHOUSE PACKS A BIG-TIME PUNCH.From a light dusting to residential sidewalk duty, the Compact Sno-Thro combineseffortless agility and legendary Ariens ability. Light and easy to handle, this allsteel workhorse features a high, 20” housing and 11” auger to clear up to 59 tons ofsnow per hour while sending it flying up to 40 feet.23

CLASSICSERIESBUILT TO STAND THE TEST OF TIME.Serious snow removal starts here. Powered by the core systems that makesAriens the King of Snow . The all-steel construction delivers durabilitythrough winter’s worst. Interlocking levers allow the operator to keep themachine moving and chewing through snow while adjusting the chuterotation on the fly. New for 2020-21, the Ariens Classic features cast-irongear case, large 15" tires, and an upgraded 223cc Ariens AX Engine.

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L S25MODEL OVERVIEWNEW MODELDESIGNATIONCLASSIC 24CLASSIC 24 MODEL920025920030ENGINEARIENS AX 208CC (9.5 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 223CC (10 FT/LBS)120V/RECOIL120V/RECOIL3 - 40 FT (.9 - 12.2 M)3 - 40 FT (.9 - 12.2 M)CHUTE ROTATION2.5X QUICK TURN2.5X QUICK TURNAUGER DIAMETER11 IN (27.9 CM)11 IN (27.9 CM)HOUSING24 X 20 IN (60.1 X 50.8 CM)24 X 20 IN (60.1 X 50.8 CM)TIRE SIZE13 X 4 IN (33 X 10 CM)15 X 5 IN (38 X 13 CM)58 TONS59 TONSSTARTING SYSTEMTHROWING DISTANCETONS / HOURENHANCED OR STEP-UP FEATURESM ALL FOOTPRINTSTEEL SERR ATED AUGER2.5X QUICK-TURN CHUTEOur compact design makes it ideal for tightCut through all types of snow conditions with ourPut powder in its place with a 2.5X Quick-Turnstorage areas.all-steel auger system.Chute with 205-degree rotation.INTERLOCKING LE VERSALL-STEEL CONSTRUC TIONE ASY OPER ATIONInterlocking levers allow for effortless, one-handedOur all-steel Ariens Sno-Thro's are built to standLightweight and easy to control, this machine isoperation when throwing snow and driving.the test of time.built for all users to feel comfortable operating.

The King


NOT ALL PRODUCT LAUNCHES GO AS PLANNED.It was 1960 and Ariens Company was entering the snowblowerbusiness. The company had developed a gear-driven Sno-Throwith a low- and high-gear forward and a reverse mechanism,which competitive units didn’t have.Unfortunately, the technology was so unique that it wasn’tintuitive to operators who would try to shift the unit in reversewhile moving forward. This resulted in the gear box failing —more accurately, twisting and breaking.The company found itself with 500 brand new snowblowersin distribution throughout New England that needed repair.It was New England that truly earned Ariens its reputationas “King of Snow.” Standing by the 1960s units built trustin the company, but it was the product’s ability to tackleanything a New England winter could throw at it that earnedlongtime loyalty.“If you could perform in New England, you could performanywhere,” AriensCo Chairman and CEO Dan Ariens said ofthe region’s heavy, deep snow.News of the Ariens snowblowers proven performance,longevity and value spread across the country and outsideits borders.Ariens Company replaced the gear-driven transmission in“We weren’t always the number one seller,” admitted Ariens.every unit with a disc-drive system, which allowed for easier“We competed with brands that were more established andshifting without gears, and extended the product warranty forhad a larger dealer network. We had to sell harder to prove toeach unit.dealers it was worth putting our snowblowers on the floor.”The disc-drive system helped Ariens Company earn the trustMore than 4 million snow blowers later, the brand’s reign asand loyalty of its customers and remains the technology inKing of Snow continues, with proven performance and valueuse today.for generations.

AT A RIENS STA N DA R DSARE STUBBORN THINGS.YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT AN ARIENS SNO-THRO GOES THROUGHTO GET TO YOUR GARAGE.Your Ariens needs to be ready to perform no matter the conditions. That’s whywe seek out the toughest conditions and put our designs through exhaustivetesting. In temperatures plummeting to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, engineerschew through tons of wet, back-breaking, lake-effect snow to ensure everyfeature lives up to the legendary performance only an Ariens Sno-Thro delivers.29

CROSSOVERSERIESTWO-STAGE POWER. SINGLE-STAGE PRECISION.You don’t have to compromise on power or performance with this right-sized design.Blending the power of a two-stage snow blower and precision of a single-stage, thistruly innovative design will not disappoint. Large 14" wheels make it easy to maneuver,while three handlebar heights allow for all users to feel comfortable. The Crossoverchews through higher volumes of snow than traditional single-stage models. With theauger touching the pavement, it pulls the machine forward at your desired pace. Thisreduces strain and effort required to take on whatever mother nature decides to dish out.

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L S31MODEL OVERVIEWNEW MODELDESIGNATIONCROSSOVER 20MODEL932050ENGINEARIENS AX 179CC (8.25 FT/LBS)STARTING SYSTEMTHROWING DISTANCE120V/RECOIL3 - 35 FT (0.9 - 10.7 M)CHUTE ROTATIONMANUALAUGER DIAMETER11 IN (27.9 CM)HOUSING20 X 19 IN (50.8 X 48.3 CM)TIRE SIZE14 X 1.75 IN (35.6 X 4.5 CM)TONS / HOUR52 TONSTRUE T WO-STAGEALL-STEEL CONSTRUC TIONTHROW SNOW FARTHERIn a class of its own, the CROSSOVER offers two-In a class of it's own. Ariens delivers theWith a taller, all-steel chute and manualstage power and an all-steel 10" impeller.durability, quality and performance expectedcontrols, you'll throw snow farther and withfrom American manufacturing.more precision.COLL APSABLE HANDLEBARMOVE AT YOUR OWN PACEL ARGE 14-INCH WHEELSFoldable handlebars provide convenient storage.Our hybrid auger technology allows you toThe large wheels provide the operator withcomfortably move at your own pace.easier maneuvering and turning.

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L SMODEL OVERVIEWDESIGNATIONPROFESSIONAL 21 SSRPROFESSIONAL 21 SSRCMODEL938024938025ENGINEARIENS AX 208CC (9.5 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 208CC (9.5 FT/LBS)RECOILRECOIL3 - 35 FT (0.9 - 10.7 M)3 - 35 FT (0.9 - 10.7 M)CHUTE ROTATIONMANUALREMOTEAUGER DIAMETER8.375 IN (21.3 CM)8.375 IN (21.3 CM)HOUSING21 X 12.1 IN (53.3 X 30.7 CM)21 X 12.1 IN (53.3 X 30.7 CM)TIRE SIZE7.5 X 2 IN (19.1 X 5.1 CM)7.5 X 2 IN (19.1 X 5.1 CM)57 TONS57 TONSSTARTING SYSTEMTHROWING DISTANCETONS / HOURENHANCED OR STEP-UP FEATURENO SWE AT STARTSTR AIGHTFORWARD CLE ARINGSM ART LIF T SYSTEMEffortless, keyless start sequence featuring anSpring-loaded, self-adjusting scraper bar followsOur exclusive handlebar system allows theon/off switch helps ensure a successful start inthe contours of the ground, while a high-wearmachine to easily slide into your vehicle withany weather condition.paddle cleans to the surface.minimal effort.E ASY OPER ATIONSIMPLE M AINTENANCEHandlebar position optimizes systemOpen engine design allows easy access to the oilperformance and user comfort.fill, oil drain and spark plug.

PROFESSIONAL 21SERIESWHEN THE WINTER FORECAST BRINGS A HEAVY WORKLOAD,THE PROFESSIONAL 21 IS BUILT TO HANDLE THE JOB.This single-stage workhorse was built to handle heavy-duty commercial detail withoutbreaking a sweat. From starting and clearing to maintenance and transport, theProfessional 21 will easily prove to be a welcome addition to any successful commercialsnow-clearing fleet.33

S18 SERIESTHE NEW SINGLE-STAGE WITH POWERFUL PERFORMANCE.This sleek and easy-to-operate single-stage snow blower packs a powerful punch.At 18" wide, it’s the smallest snow blower in the Ariens fleet. The Ariens AX 99ccengine provides consistent and reliable power to remove snow. Our innovative paddlesystem cleans down to the pavement for a finished look you expect from a shovel.With effortless control and movement, the quick-starting S18 provides the reliabilityyou expect from all Ariens Sno-Thro’s.

V IS I T A R I E N S.CO M FO R D E TA I L S35MODEL OVERVIEWNEW MODELDESIGNATIONS18MODEL938026ENGINEARIENS AX 99CC (4.1 FT/LBS)STARTING SYSTEMRECOILTHROWING DISTANCE3 - 25 FT (0.9 - 7.6 M)CHUTE ROTATIONMANUALAUGER DIAMETER7 IN (17.8 CM)HOUSING18 X 12 IN (45.7 X 30.5 CM)TIRE SIZE6 X 1.5 IN (15.2 X 3.8 CM)TONS / HOUR39 TONSQUICK AND E ASY STARTINGCLE AN-TO-PAVEMENT TECHNOLOGYSM ALL FOOTPRINT STOR AGEQuick, easy start. Pull once to start. Trust youClean results that mimic a shoveled finish. Our18" machine width. Easy storage and effortlesscan depend on from an Ariens Sno-Thro .paddle technology allows you to effortlessly blowproduct operation. Small footprint, big power. Idealsnow without breaking a sweat.for small jobs and 1"-8" of snowfall.QUICK- COLL APSE HANDLEBARM ANUAL CHUTE DEFLEC TORLIGHT WEIGHT & E ASY TR ANSPORTATIONFoldable handlebars that allow forManually control where you want the snow to go.The lightweight design allows you to easily pick up,convenient or transport.

PATH-PRO SERIESMODEL OVERVIEWDESIGNATIONHOUSING & PADDLEPATH-PRO 208EPATH-PRO 208ECMODEL938032938033snow, while the reinforced rubberENGINEARIENS AX 208CC(9.5 FT/LBS)ARIENS AX 208CC(9.5 FT/LBS)paddles and adjustable scraper RDIAMETER120V/RECOIL120V/RECOIL3 - 35 FT (.9 - 10.7 M)3 - 35 FT (.9 - 10.7 M)MANUALREMOTE8.375 IN (21.3 CM)8.375 IN (21.3 CM)21 X 12.2 IN (53.3 X 31 CM)21 X 12.2 IN (53.3 X 31 CM)TONS / HOUR5757COMMERCIALWARRANTY90 DAY COMMERCIAL90 DAY COMMERCIALHOUSINGSteel-walled housing shreds throughprovide a clean to thepavement finish.E ASY STOR AGEOur folding handlebars allow thisunit to be stored in tight places.QUI

Ariens was founded in 1933, but that doesn’t begin to tell the story of how the company began. The Ariens brothers lost their first company, Brillion Iron Works, to bankruptcy. A life’s work devoured by depression-area finances that crippled the world, including their hometown of Brillion, Wisconsin. The Ariens boys were down, but far from out.

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return the product registration card to Ariens or go to UNAUTHORIZED REPLACEMENT PARTS Use only Ariens replacement parts. The replacement of any part on this vehicle with anything other than an Ariens authorized replacement part may adversely affect the performance, dura

Snow Clearing: The moving of accumulated snow from the surface of a defined service area. Synonyms: Snowplowing, or Snow Pushing. Snow Dump: A defined area to store large amounts of snow from one or many sites. Synonyms: Snow Field, Snow Farm. Snow Hauling: Part of the Snow Removal process, it is the act of transporting snow and other winter

snow event is not necessarily a single large snow storm. A snow event can be a series of storms that result in additional snow loads . on a building. No two snow events are identical, and the resulting snow loads on nearby buildings from one snow event may be different. One foot of snow on the ground does not necessarily equal 1 foot of snow on .

BLACK SPRAY PAINT 11 OZ 00008900 Convenient Ariens Spray paint gives you the perfect color match ARIENS ORANGE TOUCH UP PAINT.6 OZ 00009500 To touch up small nicks and scratches in the paint on your Ariens unit. GRAVELY RED TOUCH UP PAINT.6 OZ 00026600 To touch up small nicks and scratches in the paint on your Gravely unit. MO-DECK SPRAY 12 .

Nov 04, 2013 · Ariens# 20001039 60‐watt AC with 2‐wires used on 208cc Ariens/HOP 2‐stage snow throwers Test @ 3600 rpm no‐load, Voltage Output 11‐14V AC CPC# 24021 HOP# 443896 Ariens# 20001111 60‐watt AC used on 291/414cc 2‐stage snow throwers Test @ 3600 rpm no‐load, Voltage Output 11‐14V AC

British Columbia Lawn Bowling Association (1980, 1983 to 1987, 1989 to 1991), and the British Columbia Ladies Lawn Bowling Association (1977-1980, 1984-1987, 1989-1990) , Dogwood Ladies Lawn Bowling Association 1978-1990) . The series includes correspondence with affiliated lawn bowling clubs in British Columbia, the Canadian Lawn Bowling

complete parts manual, find your model and serial number. Then go to or call 1-800-678-5443. DISCLAIMER Ariens reserves the right to discontinue, make changes to, and add improvements upon its products at any time without public notice or obligation. The descriptions and speci fications contained in this manual were in effect at

The Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) is a joint initiative of The George Washington University and The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). The ATDI offers a ranking of countries around the world based on principles of sustainable adventure tourism