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Transcription Latest certbus CISSP PDF and VCE dumps DownloadCISSPQ&AsCertified Information Systems Security ProfessionalPass ISC CISSP Exam with 100% GuaranteeFree Download Real Questions & Answers PDF and VCE file from: Passing Guarantee100% Money Back AssuranceFollowing Questions and Answers are all new published by ISC OfficialExam CenterLatest CISSP Dumps CISSP Study Guide CISSP Braindumps1/6 Latest certbus CISSP PDF and VCE dumps DownloadQUESTION 1A software scanner identifies a region within a binary image having high entropy. What does this MOST likely indicate?A. Encryption routinesB. Random number generatorC. Obfuscated codeD. Botnet command and controlCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 2Who is responsible for the protection of information when it is shared with or provided to other organizations?A. Systems ownerB. Authorizing Official (AO)C. Information ownerD. Security officerCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 3How does a Host Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) identify a potential attack?A. Examines log messages or other indications on the system.B. Monitors alarms sent to the system administratorC. Matches traffic patterns to virus signature filesD. Examines the Access Control List (ACL)Correct Answer: CQUESTION 4Which layer of the Open system Interconnect (OSI) model is responsible for secure data transfer between applications,flow control, and error detection and correction?A. Layer 2Latest CISSP Dumps CISSP Study Guide CISSP Braindumps2/6 Latest certbus CISSP PDF and VCE dumps DownloadB. Layer 4C. Layer 5D. Layer 6Correct Answer: BQUESTION 5If an attacker in a SYN flood attack uses someone else\\'s valid host address as the source address, the system underattack will send a large number of Synchronize/Acknowledge (SYN/ACK) packets to theA. default gateway.B. attacker\\'s address.C. local interface being attacked.D. specified source address.Correct Answer: DQUESTION 6Which of the following would BEST support effective testing of patch compatibility when patches are applied to anorganization\\'s systems?A. Standardized configurations for devicesB. Standardized patch testing equipmentC. Automated system patchingD. Management support for patchingCorrect Answer: DQUESTION 7Additional padding may be added to toe Encapsulating Security Protocol (ESP) b trailer to provide which of thefollowing?A. Access controlB. Partial traffic flow confidentialityC. Protection against replay attackD. Data origin authenticationLatest CISSP Dumps CISSP Study Guide CISSP Braindumps3/6 Latest certbus CISSP PDF and VCE dumps DownloadCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 8Which of the following is the FIRST thing to consider when reviewing Information Technology (IT) internal controls?A. The risk culture of the organizationB. The impact of the controlC. The nature of the riskD. The cost of the controlCorrect Answer: BQUESTION 9Which of the following MUST a security policy include to be effective within an organization?A. A list of all standards that apply to the policyB. Owner information and date of last revisionC. Disciplinary measures for non-complianceD. Strong statements that clearly define the problemCorrect Answer: BQUESTION 10The three PRIMARY requirements for a penetration test areA. A defined goal, limited time period, and approval of managementB. A general objective, unlimited time, and approval of the network administratorC. An objective statement, disclosed methodology, and fixed costD. A stated objective, liability waiver, and disclosed methodologyCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 11Which of the following types of security testing is the MOST effective in providing a better indication of the everydaysecurity challenges of an organization when performing a security risk assessment?Latest CISSP Dumps CISSP Study Guide CISSP Braindumps4/6 Latest certbus CISSP PDF and VCE dumps DownloadA. ExternalB. OvertC. InternalD. CovertCorrect Answer: DQUESTION 12A control to protect from a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attach has been determined to stop 50% of attacks, and additionallyreduces the impact of an attack by 50%. What is the residual risk?A. 25%B. 50%C. 75%D. 100%Correct Answer: ALatest CISSP DumpsCISSP Study GuideLatest CISSP Dumps CISSP Study Guide CISSP BraindumpsCISSP Braindumps5/6 Latest certbus CISSP PDF and VCE dumps DownloadTo Read the Whole Q&As, please purchase the Complete Version from Our website.Try our product !100% Guaranteed Success100% Money Back Guarantee365 Days Free UpdateInstant Download After Purchase24x7 Customer SupportAverage 99.9% Success RateMore than 800,000 Satisfied Customers WorldwideMulti-Platform capabilities - Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, KindleWe provide exam PDF and VCE of Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, CompTIA, Oracle and other IT Certifications.You can view Vendor list of All Certification Exams offered: HelpPlease provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you.To update a previously submitted ticket:Any charges made through this site will appear as Global Simulators Limited.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Copyright certbus, All Rights Reserved.Latest CISSP Dumps CISSP Study Guide CISSP BraindumpsPowered by TCPDF (

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