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CheckMate Inline Check ValveUnited States Patent # 5,769,125

CHECKMATE VALVECheckMate : Your Final Move to Eliminate Backflow!Designed for Inline Service Dependable Backflow PreventionThe CheckMate Inline Check Valve is the valve of choicefor both municipal and industrial applications - includingstormwater, wastewater, highway run-off, CSO, SSO andflood control. CheckMate Valves prevent unwantedbackflow that can cause surcharging and flooding.CheckMate Valve inManhole ApplicationCheckMate Valve inEnd of Pipe ApplicationCheckMate Inline Check Valves have become thespecified solution for residential and commercial areaswhere complete, dependable backflow prevention isnecessary. The CheckMate is not simply a molded part.Rather it is hand-fabricated, utilizing various natural andsynthetic elastomers and fabric ply reinforcement tocreate a unibody construction. There are no mechanicalparts or fasteners to catch debris, corrode, or fail, makingthe CheckMate maintenance-free. With seven elastomersto select from, the CheckMate can be custom engineeredto resist chemicals, grease and oils typically found instormwater, wastewater and industrial applications.The CheckMate Valve boasts extremely low headloss,allowing for near 100% flow capacity. Its inherent designmakes it the most user-friendly inline check valve on themarket today. From the upstream or downstream end ofthe pipe, simply insert the valve into position and clampit into place. Typically no modification to the pipe orstructure is required to install the CheckMate . Becausethe CheckMate is recessed inside of the pipe, additionalpermitting is not required. The result is savings in bothinstallation time and operational cost.The valve can successfully withstand severe winter freezes,typhoons, hurricanes and flooding. The CheckMate alsominimizes damage to wetlands, beaches and residentialareas, eliminates hydraulic surges to wastewater treatmentplants and saves municipalities millions of dollars inmaintenance and treatment costs.Benefits and Features of CheckMate : Operates on Differential Pressure, Totally Passive Extremely Low Headloss Virtually No Maintenance No Moving Mechanical Parts to Corrode, Catch Debris or Fail Self-draining, 1" of Cracking Pressure Heavy Duty Elastomer Unibody Construction Silent, Non-slamming Quick and Easy Installation Available in Sizes 3" (75 mm) to 78" (1950 mm) Seals Around Debris Extensive Independent Hydraulic TestingFor an animated demonstration of theCheckMate in operation, please LLY

CHECKMATE VALVECheckMate Applications: Simply Versatile! 48” CheckMate installed in a storm sewer drain to stopbackflow from flooding a residential area.24” CheckMate is easily installed in a municipal sewer.Designed for Inline Service48" CheckMate Valve replacing a faulty flapgate in aCSO application.Residential and Municipal SewersOdor ControlCheckMate Inline Check Valves have become a frequently specifiedsolution for residential and municipal areas where complete,dependable backflow prevention is necessary. The CheckMate Valve’smaintenance-free, passive operation provides years of trouble-freeservice.CheckMate Inline Check Valves prevent sewer systems’ offendingodors from escaping, while still allowing water to discharge whenneeded. The CheckMate Valve is designed to eliminate the backflowof unwanted methane and hydrogen sulfide gases that typicallyresult in complaints about odor from the general public. CSO, SSO and OutfallsCheckMate Valves are used for interceptor, manhole and outfallpipelines because they maximize pipeline storage and capacity whilepreventing water from backflowing into a sewage treatment plant. TheCheckMate Valve’s innovative inline design allows it to be easilyinstalled without modifications to structures.The CheckMate is also easily installed by hand.Levees, Marinas and WetlandsIn low lying areas where headloss is at a premium, CheckMate Valvesefficiently drain with the added benefit of providing absolute backflowprevention.The CheckMate’s rugged unibody construction prevents backflow.The CheckMate provides odor control.Stormwater, MS4, Highway Run-offand Site DrainageCheckMate Inline Check Valves are the valve of choice for bothmunicipalities and commercial property owners to prevent costlyflood damage and to maximize system storage. The CheckMate’s lowcracking pressure and headloss provide rapid drainage.Independent Hydraulic TestingCheckMate Inline Check Valves are independently testedto determine their hydraulic characteristics in both freeand submerged discharge applications. Red Valve’spublished hydraulic data is validated through thisindependent testing.Flow Equalization Basins, Pump Stationsand Effluent DischargeCheckMate Valves provide backflow prevention in between basinsand also protect pumps and capital equipment. The CheckMate’s lowheadloss characteristics maximize flow efficiency.48” CheckMate installed at the Freedom Tower forstormwater om/checkmate5

CHECKMATE VALVECheckMate Configurations and Custom DesignsDesigned for Inline Service Upstream ClampDownstream ClampCuff DepthCuff DepthFlowFlowClampLengthClampLengthUpstream FlangedDownstream FlangedFlowFlowElliptical Pipe CheckMate Upstream Flanged Thimble InsertDownstream Flanged Thimble InsertRectangular Pipe CheckMate Elliptical, Arch and Rectangular PipesElliptical, arch and rectangular pipes for drainage and flood preventionprojects have become popular, particularly in high water table areasFlowFlowArch Pipe CheckMate with shallow surface gradients. CheckMate Inline Check Valves arethe perfect solution for backflow prevention in elliptical, arch andrectangular pipes.Flange shape and bolt pattern can be customized.Flangeless thimble inserts are available.CheckMates can be made for any pipe I.D.Built to fit in sizes from 3" to 78". CHECKMATE VALVENOMINALPIPE SIZE I.D.MillimetersInchesMillimetersBACK ter lengths available.6CUFFDEPTHNUMBEROF CLAMPSLowPressureInchesRubber Flanged CheckMate Valves can be manufactured with anStandardPressureInches eRubber Flanged**Back pressure measured from pipe invert.Higher back pressure ratings available. Consult factory.integral rubber upstream or downstream flange. The flangedCheckMate gets inserted into the host pipe then can be bolted to amating flange or anchored to a concrete headwall. The flangecan be circular with standard drilling; or circular, square or rectangularwith custom flange drilling. The valve is supplied with retaining ringsUpstream Flanged CheckMate for mounting.Thimble InsertsA CheckMate Thimble Insert is a CheckMate Valve that is factoryinstalled, clamped, and pinned into flanged or plain end pipe. Thethimble insert assembly can either be inserted into the I.D. of the hostpipe, or can be mounted to a mating flange or concrete headwall andextend beyond the pipe. Plain end thimble inserts are inserted into thehost pipe and non-shrink grout is placed between the thimble insertO.D. and host pipe I.D. to form the seal.CheckMate Thimble

The best choice for the toughest applications.In addition to the Checkmate Inline Check Valve, Tideflex Technologies offers a complete line of check valves.TF-1 CHECK VALVESThe Tideflex TF-1 Curved Bill Check Valve is designed withenhanced sealing to improve headloss. The improved TF-1design allows the valve to handle long-term water weight whilemaintaining structural integrity. The spine is at a greatervertical angle, making it able to withstand the cantilevereffect when water is flowing throughthe valve. The TF-1 is constructedof rubber, making it immuneto rust, corrosion andweathering.SERIES 35-1 CHECK VALVES600 N. Bell Ave.Carnegie, PA 15106PHONE:412/279-0044FAX:412/279-7878The flat-bottom Series 35-1 features an integral rubberflange, allowing them to be mounted to flanged outfall pipesor directly to headwalls where the pipe is flush.The flange size drilling conforms to ANSI B16.10,Class 150#, or can be constructed with DIN, 2632 and otherstandards. The Series 35-1 CheckValve is furnished complete withsteel or stainless steel backuprings for installation.www.tideflex.comThe information presented in this catalog isprovided in good faith. Red Valve Company,Inc. and Tideflex Technologies reserves theright to modify or improve its designspecifications without notice and does notimply any guarantee or warranty for any of itsproducts from reliance upon the informationcontained herein. All orders are subject toRed Valve Company, Inc. and Tideflex Technologies’ standard terms and warrantyand are subject to final acceptance by RedValve Company, Inc. and Tideflex Technologies.Viton is a registered trademark of DuPontDow Elastomers. Hypalon is a registeredtrademark of DuPont PerformanceElastomers. Tideflex, Red Valve, and theRed Valve “rv” logo are registeredtrademarks of the Red Valve Company, Inc. 2009 Red Valve Company.All rights reserved.RECYCLABLEPAPERCMCV 060515SERIES 39 CHECK VALVESThe Tideflex Series 39 Inline Check Valve features afabric-reinforced elastomer check sleeve housed in a cast ironbody with ANSI 125/150 flanges, allowing for easy installationinto any piping system. The valve’s operation is silent, nonslamming and maintenance free. Sliding, rotating, swingingand plunging parts are completelyeliminated. The body isequipped with flush portsand a clean-out port andcan be epoxy coated.

Odor Control CheckMate Inline Check Valves prevent sewer systems’ offending odors from escaping, while still allowing water to discharge when needed. The CheckMate Valve is designed to eliminate the backflow of unwanted methane and hydrogen sulfide gases that typically

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the flow rate and pressure. To select the correct valve to fulfill these functions properly, an outline of the different types of valves and their features is given below. Butterfly valve Butterfly valve and globe valve Butterfly valve and ball valve Butterfly valve and gate valve Check valve Gate valve Globe valve Ball valve Valve shaped like a

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