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Exe cutive su mm aryVilla Mentmore3420 Sanostee DriveGallup, NM 87301PROPERTY FEATURES A mix of two- and three-bedroom units featuring an oven, dishwasher,garbage disposal, and washer and dryer connections in select units Community amenities include a courtyard, laundry facility, barbecueand picnic area, and playgroundLIHTC - FamilyPrice: 3,968,505Units: 52Rentable square feet: 45,136Year built: 2002Initial TCCP ends: 2018DESIRABLE LOCATION The property is less than a 10-minute drive from Rio West Mall, whichoffers major retailers like JCPenney, Verizon Authorized Retailer, HobbyLobby, and much more Villa Mentmore is within 10 miles of a variety of grocery stores includingWalmart Supercenter, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Albertson’s Albuquerque International Sunport is a little over a two-hour drive fromthe property and features airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines,Allegiant Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and moreFinal year of LIHTC restrictions: 2048Villa Me ntmore 4

Exe cutive su mm aryAFFORDABLE RESTRICTIONSVilla Mentmore currently operates under the Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, and has the following restrictions.Buyer must agree to maintain the affordable restrictions through the extended use period, including operating the property in compliancewith state and federal regulatory agreements.INITIAL TCCP ENDS:2018FINAL YEAR OF RESTRICTIONS:2048MC KINLEY C OUNT Y(MC KINLEY C OUNT Y, NM)2 0 2 0 4 -PERSON AMI: 3 6 , 600 LIHTC LURA: Restricts 45 units at 40% AMI, 2 units at50% AMI, and 5 units at 60% AMI HOME LURA: Restricts 9 units at 50% AMI 4% of the units are occupied by residents utilizingSection 8 vouchers2020 I N C OM E L I M I TS40% AM I50% AMI60% AMI1 person 17,440 21,800 26,1602 people 19,920 24,900 29,8803 people 22,440 28,050 33,6604 people 24,920 31,150 37,3805 people 26,920 33,650 40,3806 people 28,920 36,150 43,380PROPERTY DETAILSYEAR B UI LTNUMBER O F BUI LD I N GSNUMBER OF UN I T SNUM BER O F ST O R I ESPA R CEL N UM B ER20027TOP OG R AP H YWAS H E R / D RY E R C ON N E C TI ON S5222-111-087-254-067WATE RFlatYes (in three bedroom units only)Not individually meteredE L E C TR I CIndividually meteredG ASIndividually meteredZO N I N GMultifamily Residential High (MFRH)F R AM I N GWoodLOT SIZE2.99 acresE X TE R I ORStuccoDEN S I T Y17.39 units/acrePA R KI NG S PA CESPA R KI NG R AT I OLA NDSCA PI N G1042 spaces/unitPAR K I N G S U R FAC EAsphaltR OOFShinglesAG E OF R OOF18 yearsMature trees and xeriscapeVilla Me ntmore 5


Exe cutive su mm aryAERIAL MAPVilla Me ntmore 7


Exe cutive su mm aryUNIT AMENITIESOven Dishwasher Garbage disposal Washer and dryer connections in select unitsVilla Me ntmore 9

Executive summaryCOMMUNITY AMENITIESCourtyard Laundry facility Barbecue and picnic area PlaygroundVilla Me ntmore 10

Exe cutive su mm aryMAJOR EMPLOYERS»»»»GALLUP, NMLOCATION OVERVIEWGallup has a population of 22,105 and is a quaint town nestled alonghistoric route 66. The town offers a suburban feel and is filled withvarious attractions in arts, culture, and outdoor recreation. Residentscan find themselves basking in the red rock beauty of the town that isrich in Native American culture.ARTS AND CULTUREEvery evening during the summer months, the McKinley CourthouseSquare Plaza hosts summer nightly Indian dances that feature a varietyof area tribes highlight rattle, flute, and drum instruments. Residents canmeet the dancers and musicians after their performance surrounded bylocal vendors showcasing traditional foods. Cultural junkies can alsotake part in the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, taking place in August andfeatures a complete display of precious Indian fine arts which includejewelry, pottery, Navajo rugs, basketry, and much more. In the evening,there is a parade that runs along Route 66 in downtown Gallup withdancers dressed in bright colored attire.OUTDOOR ADVENTURESDuring the first week of December, visitors can take part in the Red RockBalloon Rally, which brings color to the sandstone bluffs of Gallup. 200balloons take flight in all different shapes and colors, making it one ofthe largest in North America since 1981. For a workout with a view,biking is a popular hobby among residents in Gallup. The Gallup NorthHogback Trail is just northwest of the Red Rock Motorsports area andis a 20-minute drive from the property. The trail is always open to thepublic and offers cliff exposure. In addition, the Zuni Mountains features25 plus miles of trail for running, mountain biking, and hiking.Gallup also offers a plethora of rodeo events throughout the year. Thecity puts on the “Best of the Best Rodeo” in June every year showcasingthe top contestants from junior high and high school. Rodeos also takeplace during the early days of the Ceremonial, and pays homage to thehorsemanship skills many tribes take pride in.»»»»»»»»»»»»»GALLUP- MCKINLEY COUNTY SCHOOLS (1,992EMPLOYEES)GALLUP INDIAN MEDICAL CENTER (1,692 EMPLOYEES)WALMART (530 EMPLOYEES)REHOBOTH MCKINLEY CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL (506EMPLOYEES)CITY OF GALLUP (390 EMPLOYEES)BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (323 EMPLOYEES)UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO – GALLUP (266 EMPLOYEES)ZUNI PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT (261 EMPLOYEES)PEABODY ENERGY (240 EMPLOYEES)ANDEAVOR/WESTERN REFINING (213 EMPLOYEES)MCKINLEY COUNTY (155 EMPLOYEES)MCKINLEY PAPER/BOP PAPPEL (129 EMPLOYEES)ESCALANTE GENERATING STATION (117 EMPLOYEES)BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY (50 EMPLOYEES)SACRED WINDS COMMUNICATION (44 EMPLOYEES)EL PASO NATURAL GAS COMPANY (23 EMPLOYEES)CONTINENTAL DIVIDE ELECTRIC CO-OP (15 EMPLOYEES)SCHOOLS»»»»TOBE TURPEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (0.4 MILE)CHIEF MANUELITO MIDDLE SCHOOL (2.4 MILES)GALLUP HIGH SCHOOL (2.5 MILES)UNM GALLUP (7.4 MILES)GROCERY STORES»»»»»»»»SHOP ‘N SAVE (4.2 MILES)FAMILY DOLLAR (5.9 MILES)WALMART SUPERCENTER (6.1 MILES)DOLLAR GENERAL (6.4 MILES)ALBERTSONS (8.2 MILES)T&R MARKET (11.4 MILES)JOHN MURPHY GROCERY (22.4 MILES)BASHAS (37.9 MILES)PARKS AND RECREATION»»»»»»»»HADDEN PARK (0.3 MILE)GALLUP SPORTS COMPLEX (6.0 MILES)SKY CITY PARK (7.0 MILES)PLAYGROUND OF DREAMS (7.6 MILES)CITY PARK (8.1 MILES)FORD CANYON PARK (8.2 MILES)INDIAN HILLS PARK (11.5 MILES)RED ROCK PARK (15.1 MILES)RETAIL AND RESTAURANTS»»»GAMESTOP (5.3 MILES)DOLLAR TREE (5.3 MILES)RIO WEST MALL (6.0 MILES)JCPENNY, VERIZON AUTHORIZED RETAILER, HOBBY LOBBY, CRACKER BARREL,CHINESE KITCHEN»AMERICAN HERITAGE PLAZA (6.0 MILES)BIG LOTS, SAFEWAY, FAMILY DOLLAR, SUBWAY, MCDONALD’S, TACO BELL,DENNY’S, SIZZLER»»THE HOME DEPOT (6.1 MILES)VERIZON AUTHORIZED RETAILER (7.4 MILES)TRANSPORTATION»ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL SUNPORT (150 MILES)Villa Me ntmore 11


Fin an cial analysi sPROPERTY INFORMATIONVilla Mentmore3420 Sanostee DriveGallup, NM 87301McKinley CountyYear BuiltNumber of UnitsProperty TypeProjected Closing DateHold PeriodGeneral PartnerLimited PartnerManagement200252LIHTC - FamilyAugust 1, 202010 YearsPlaced In ServiceEnd of TCCPFinal Year of LIHTC RestrictionsFinal Year of Other RestrictionsQualified Contract EligibleRight of First RefusalOpportunity ZoneJonathan Reed & AssociatesN/A0April 24, 2003December 31, 20182048 (Ext Use: 30 Yrs)YesNoYesUnhide for Multiple PhasesPurchase Price 3,968,505Per UnitPer SFTotal Acquisition CostsCost Per UnitCost Per SFExit Cap RateExit Cost of SaleCLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCE 76,317 88 4,060,805 78,092 907.50%4.50%Total DebtAggregate LTVAggregate LTCEquityProfitMultiple 530,00013.4%13.1% 3,530,805( 3,030,348)0.14xVilla Me ntmore 13

Fin an cial analysi sSOURCES AND USESUses of FundsPurchase PriceDue Diligence and ClosingCapital ImprovementsFinancing CostsTotal Uses of FundsTotal Per Unit 3,968,505 35,000 52,000 5,300 76,317 673 1,000 102 4,060,805 78,092Sources of FundsFirst MortgageSecond MortgageThird MortgageFourth MortgageFifth MortgageTotal DebtTotal EquityTotal Sources of FundsTotal Total % 530,000 0 0 0 0 530,000 3,530,805 NCING ASSUMPTIONSFirst Mortgage - New FinancingOriginal Loan AmountLoan Amount at Start of AnalysisProposed or ExistingOrigination DatePermanent Interest RateInterest Rate MethodInterest-Only Period (In Months)Amortization (In Months)Loan ConstantLoan Origination Fee 530,000 530,000Loan to ValueLoan to Cost13.4%13.1%ProposedAugust 1, 2020TermMaturity Date10.0 YearsJuly 1, 20304.50%30/3600360Amortizing Annual Debt ServiceAmortizing DSCR (Year 0)Amortizing DSCR (Year 1) 32,2251.281.476.08%1.00%NotesAnalysis reflects new financing.Potential lender escrow requirements have not been included.Underwritten loan proceeds based on minimum DSCR requirements using lender NOI of 40,691. Adjustments include removal of any Section 8 voucheroverhang, minimum economic loss requirements, and expense adjustments per Agency guidelines with consideration for historical occupancy and budgetedmanagement changes by a new owner.CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCEVilla Me ntmore 14

Fin an cial analysi sUNIT MIXUnit TypeAMI %# of UnitsSFCurrentAsking RentYear 1Rent GrowthYear 1Rents2020 MaxAllowable RentUtilityAllowanceNetMax 7655245,136868 24,490 471 551 11 25,041 482 28,342 545 3,852 74 24,490 471Notes 4% of the units are occupied by residents utilizing Section 8 vouchers3x223% 5% of the units are ADA compliant with differing square footageAffordability Restrictions LIHTC LURA: Restricts 45 units at 40% AMI, 2 units at 50% AMI, and 5 units at 60% AMI. Restrictions terminateat the end of 2048. The property is qualified contract eligible HOME LURA: Restricts 9 units at 50% AMI. Restrictions terminate at the end of 20482x177%Asking Rents vs. Net Max Rents 900 765 800 700 622 600 500 549 622 549 480 426 765 480 426 400 300 200 100 04050408172x1603x2Asking RentCLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCE501038Net Max RentVilla Me ntmore 15

Fin an cial analysi sOPERATING HISTORY AND PRO FORMAMarch 2020 Trailing 12MonthsIncomeMarket RentLoss-to-Lease (Gain)Gross Potential RentVacancy (-)Bad Debt (-)Concessions (-)Total Economic LossNet Rental IncomeYear 0Per Unit293,88013,560 280,3204.61%10,2691,7810 12,050 268,2703.66%0.64%0.00%4.30%Resident ChargesTotal Other IncomeEffective Gross Income5,650 5,650 273,9205,6522615,3912325,159Year 1Per Unit4.61%4.50%0.50%0.00%5.00%1095,268March 2020 Trailing 12Months293,88013,560 280,3205,6522615,39112,6141,4020 14,016 266,3042705,1215,650 5,650 271,9541095,230Per Unit2.75%4.50%0.50%0.00%5.00%Year 0300,4928,264 292,2295,7791595,62013,1501,4610 14,611 277,6172815,3395,777 5,777 283,3941115,450(1)(2)(3)Year 1Operating ExpensesReal Estate and Other TaxesReal Estate TaxesPersonal Property/OtherTotal Real Estate TaxesInsurancePropertyTotal InsuranceUtilitiesElectricityGasWaterSewerGarbage CollectionTotal UtilitiesTotal Fixed Expenses8,7681,392 10,1601958,7681,392 10,1601958,7681,392 10,16019520,531 20,53139520,531 20,53139521,044 21,0444052,33096031,02715,9929,341 59,650 90,3411,1471,7372,33096031,02715,9929,341 59,650 90,3411,1471,7372,38898431,80316,3929,575 61,141 92,3461,1761,776274 2745274 2745281 281524,8755,4272,999 33,30164024,8755,4272,999 33,30164025,4975,5633,074 34,134656353 3537353 3537362 3627Contract ServicesSnow RemovalTotal Contract ServicesRepairs and MaintenanceGeneral Repairs and MaintenanceHVAC and PlumbingMaintenance SuppliesTotal Repairs and MaintenanceMarketing and PromotionAdvertisingTotal Marketing and PromotionPayrollManager and LeasingMaintenance StaffSubtotal Payroll46.63%Payroll Taxes and BenefitsTotal Payroll5.49%Management FeeAdministrative ExpensesAudit/Accounting FeesLegal and Professional FeesMiscellaneousTotal AdministrativeTotal Variable Expenses3,24115,7198,206 27,166 126,460Compliance and Monitoring FeesReplacement ReservesTotal ExpensesNet Operating IncomeExpenses As a % of EGICap Rate (Price 3,968,505)CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCE12,86421,455 34,31916,004 50,32315,04366046.63%9682895.50%12,86421,455 34,31916,004 50,32314,9575222,432015,7198,206 23,925 123,1331,54615,600 233,9473004,499 91 35,17716,404 51,58115,587(4)6769923004602,368016,1128,411 24,523 126,4674722,4321,54615,600 230,6203004,4351,54615,600 235,9593004,538 41,334795 47,43691284.80%1.04%(5)83.26%1.20%Villa Me ntmore 16

Fin an cial analysi sINCOME AND EXPENSE NOTES(1) Loss-to-Lease: Underwriting assumes all new leases and renewals will be rented at the current asking rents overthe first 12 months.(2) Gross Potential Rent: Year 0 reflects March 2019 trailing 12 months.(3) Vacancy: As of April 15, 2020, the property was 100% occupied. Analysis reflects a stabilized occupancy of95.5%.(4) Real Estate Taxes: Analysis assumes real estate taxes will grow at 3% for the entirety of the hold period.(5) Audit/Accounting Fees: Excludes the audit expense which will not be required after a sale.CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCEVilla Me ntmore 17

Fin an cial analysi sHISTORICAL RENT AND INCOME LIMITS65,000Area Median IncomeHERA Rural (Nat'l Non-Metro)Effective Income LimitNon-HERA 1201220132014201520162017201820192020Notes The property is located in the McKinley County, NM Income Limit Area The historical Consumer Price Index data below reflects the Western United States and is obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics2012201320142015Area Median IncomeHigh Housing Cost te Non-Metro MFI9.85%11.49%11.23%11.78%HERA Special cent Below Effective Peak4-Person 50% Income LimitNon-HERA% GrowthEffective Limit% Growth2-Bedroom Rent at 60% AMINon-HERA% GrowthEffective Limit% GrowthHISTORICAL AMI, NON-HERA RENT, CPI, AND FMRYearArea Median IncomeNon-Hera (2BR @ 60%)Consumer Price Index2BR Fair Market -1.35%7423.49%2741.32%714-5.43%3-Yr Avg-1.33%1.69%2.45%2.46%5-Yr Avg0.72%2.58%2.43%-0.68%10-Yr Avg0.44%2.07%2.16%1.65%CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCEVilla Me ntmore 18

Fin an cial analysi sGROWTH RATES AND OCCUPANCY ASSUMPTIONSYearYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Year 9Year Jul-2027Jul-2028Jul-2029Jul-2030Rental Income %2.25%Other Income %2.25%Vacancy (-) %Bad Debt (-) %Concessions (-) %Total Economic .00%Real Estate and Other 50%2.50%2.50%2.50%2.50%Contract 50%2.50%Repairs and %2.50%2.50%Marketing and %2.50%2.50%2.50%Management Fee %2.50%2.50%2.50%Replacement 00%0.00%Year EndingIncome GrowthEconomic LossExpense GrowthNotes: * Calculated as a percentage of Gross Potential Rent ** Calculated as a percentage of Effective Gross IncomeCLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCEVilla Me ntmore 19

Fin an cial analysi s10-YEAR CASH FLOWYear 0Period EndingYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Year 9Year Jul-2027Jul-2028Jul-2029Jul-2030Unleveraged Acquisition CostsPurchase Price3,968,505Due Diligence and ClosingCapital Improvements35,00052,000Total Unlev. Acq. Costs 4,055,505 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 343,410351,137359,038367,116IncomeMarket RentsLoss-to-Lease 00%1.00%Loss-to-Lease 113,5903,671Gross Potential Rent 280,320 292,229 304,181 311,025 318,023 325,178 332,495 339,976 347,626 355,447 6261,6621,7001,7381,7771,81700000000000 14,016 14,611 15,209 15,551 15,901 16,259 16,625 16,999 17,381 17,772 18,172Vacancy (-)Bad Debt (-)Concessions (-)Total Economic Loss% Economic LossTotal Other IncomeEffective Gross Income% %5.00%5.00% 5,650 5,777 5,907 6,040 6,176 6,315 6,457 6,602 6,751 6,903 7,058 271,954 283,394 294,879 301,514 308,298 315,234 322,327 329,580 336,995 344,578 25%2.25%2.25%Operating ExpensesReal Estate and Other 8440,57441,58842,628Contract ServicesRepairs and MaintenanceMarketing and 31462,84764,418Management eplacement 15,60015,60015,60015,600 230,620 235,959 242,197 248,335 254,653 261,158 267,854 274,749 281,849 289,160 296,691 41,334 47,436 52,682 53,179 53,644 54,077 54,473 54,831 55,146 55,417 55,640Total ExpensesNet Operating Income% Change3.40%14.76%11.06%Gross Sale Proceeds000Less Existing Debt Balance000Less Cost of Sale00 0 0Net Sale 0000744,146000000424,474000000033,487 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 286,185First Mortgage - New FinancingPrincipal PaymentsInterest PaymentsMortgage RepaidMortgage Funding ProceedsLoan FeesTotal DS - First MortgageDebt Service Coverage 0000( 524,700) 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 32,225 15,211 20,457 20,953 21,419 21,851 22,248 22,605 22,921 23,192 23,415 15,211 20,457 20,953 21,419 21,851 22,248 22,605 22,921 23,192 309,6001.471.631.651.661.681.691.701.711.721.73Net Cash FlowTotal Lev. Cash Flow8,55023,675( 3,530,805)CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DUE DILIGENCEVilla Me ntmore 20

AFFILIATED BUSINESS DISCLOSURECBRE, Inc. operates within a global family of companies with many subsidiaries and related entities (each an “Affiliate”) engaging in a broad rangeof commercial real estate businesses including, but not limited to, brokerage services, property and facilities management, valuation, investmentfund management and development. At times different Affiliates, including CBRE Global Investors, Inc. or Trammell Crow Company, may have orrepresent clients who have competing interests in the same transaction. For example, Affiliates or their clients may have or express an interest inthe property described in this Memorandum (the “Property”), and may be the successful bidder for the Property. Your receipt of this Memorandumconstitutes your acknowledgement of that possibility and your agreement that neither CBRE, Inc. nor any Affiliate has an obligation to disclose toyou such Affiliates’ interest or involvement in the sale or purchase of the Property. In all instances, however, CBRE, Inc. and its Affiliates will act inthe best interest of their respective client(s), at arms’ length, not in concert, or in a manner detrimental to any third party. CBRE, Inc. and its Affiliateswill conduct their respective businesses in a manner consistent with the law and all fiduciary duties owed to their respective client(s).CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTYour receipt of this Memorandum constitutes your acknowledgement that (i) it is a confidential Memorandum solely for your limited use and benefitin determining whether you desire to express further interest in the acquisition of the Property, (ii) you will hold it in the strictest confidence, (iii) youwill not disclose it or its contents to any third party without the prior written authorization of the owner of the Property (“Owner”) or CBRE, Inc., and(iv) you will not use any part of this Memorandum in any manner detrimental to the Owner or CBRE, Inc. If after reviewing this Memorandum, youhave no further interest in purchasing the Property, kindly return it to CBRE, Inc.DISCLAIMERThis Memorandum contains select information pertaining to the Property and the Owner, and does not purport to be all-inclusive or containall or part of the information which prospective investors may require to evaluate a purchase of the Property. The information contained in thisMemorandum has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but has not been verified for accuracy, completeness, or fitness for anyparticular purpose. All information is presented “as is” without representation or warranty of any kind. Such information includes estimates basedon forward-looking assumptions relating to the general economy, market conditions, competition and other factors which are subject to uncertaintyand may not represent the current or future performance of the Property. All references to acreages, square footages, and other measurements areapproximations. This Memorandum describes certain documents, including leases and other materials, in summary form. These summaries may notbe complete nor accurate descriptions of the full agreements referenced. Additional information and an opportunity to inspect the Property may bemade available to qualified prospective purchasers. You are advised to independently verify the accuracy and completeness of all summaries andinformation contained herein, to consult with independent legal and financial advisors, and carefully investigate the economics of this transactionand Property’s suitability for your needs. ANY RELIANCE ON THE CONTENT OF THIS MEMORANDUM IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.The Owner expressly reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any or all expressions of interest or offers to purchase the Property, and/or toterminate discussions at any time with or without notice to you. All offers, counteroffers, and negotiations shall be non-binding and neither CBRE,Inc. nor the Owner shall have any legal commitment or obligation except as set forth in a fully executed, definitive purchase and sale agreementdelivered by the Owner.PHOTOGRAPHYPhotos herein are the property of their respective owners. Use of these images without the express written consent of the owner is prohibited.


» city of gallup (390 employees) » bureau of indian affairs (323 employees) » university of new mexico – gallup (266 employees) » zuni public school district (261 employees) » peabody energy (240 employees) » andeavor/western refining (213 employees) » mckinley county (155 employees) » mckinley paper/bop pappel (129 employees)

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