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OPERATION AND PARTS MANUALSERIESMODEL MTX80MODEL MTX90TAMPING RAMMER(ROBIN EH122D46530 GASOLINE ENGINE)Revision #9 (1/14/11)To find the latest revision of thispublication, visit our website at:www.multiquip.comTHIS MANUAL MUST ACCOMPANY THE EQUIPMENT AT ALL TIMES.



TABLE OF CONTENTSMTX80/MTX90Tamping RammerROBIN EH122D46530ENGINEProposition 65 Warning . 2Table Of Contents . 4Parts Ordering Procedures . 5Safety Information . 6-9General Information . 10Specifications . 11Components. 12Basic Engine . 13Operation . 14-16Maintenance . 17Troubleshooting . 18-19Explanation Of Codes In Remarks Column . 20Suggested Spare Parts . 21Name Plate and Decals . 22-23Crankcase and Engine Assembly . 24-27Guide Cylinder and Spring Assembly . 28-29Foot Assembly . 30-31Tank and Handle Assembly . 32-35Combination Lever Assembly . 36-37Tools . 38-39Crankcase Assembly . 40-41Cylinder Head Assembly . 42-43Crankshaft, Piston Assembly . 44-45Camshaft Assembly . 46-47Recoil Starter Assembly. 48-49Carburetor Assembly (MTX80: S/N T-4419 and Below;MTX90: S/N T-1341 and Below) . 50-51Carburetor Assembly (MTX80: S/N T-4420 and Above;MTX90: S/N T-1342 and Above) . 52-53Air Cleaner Assembly. 54-55Muffler Assembly . 56-57Governor Assembly . 58-59Flywheel Ignition Assembly . 60-61Labels and Accessories . 62-63Terms and Condition Of Sale — Parts . 64NOTICESpecification and part number are subject tochange without notice.PAGE 4 — MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11)

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SAFETY INFORMATIONDo not operate or service the equipment before readingthe entire manual. Safety precautions should be followedat all times when operating this equipment.Failure to read and understand the safetymessages and operating instructions couldresult in injury to yourself and others.Potential hazards associated with the operation of thisequipment will be referenced with hazard symbols whichmay appear throughout this manual in conjunction withsafety messages.SAFETY MESSAGESThe four safety messages shown below will inform youabout potential hazards that could injure you or others. Thesafety messages specifically address the level of exposureto the operator and are preceded by one of four words:DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or NOTICE.SAFETY SYMBOLSDANGERIndicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,WILL result in DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY.WARNINGIndicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,COULD result in DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY.CAUTIONIndicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,COULD result in MINOR or MODERATE INJURY.NOTICEAddresses practices not related to personal injury.PAGE 6 — MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11)

SAFETY INFORMATIONGENERAL SAFETYCAUTION NEVER operate this equipment without proper protectiveclothing, shatterproof glasses, respiratory protection,hearing protection, steel-toed boots and other protectivedevices required by the job or city and state regulations. ALWAYS know the location of the nearest phone or keep aphone on the job site. Also, know the phone numbers ofthe nearest ambulance, doctor and fire department. Thisinformation will be invaluable in the case of an emergency.RAMMER SAFETYDANGER NEVER operate this equipment when notfeeling well due to fatigue, illness or whenunder medication. NEVER operate this equipment under the influence ofdrugs or alcohol. ALWAYS check the equipment for loosened threads orbolts before starting. DO NOT use the equipment for any purpose other thanits intended purposes or applications.NOTICE This equipment should only be operated by trained andqualified personnel 18 years of age and older. Whenever necessary, replace nameplate, operation andsafety decals when they become difficult read. Manufacturer does not assume responsibility for anyaccident due to equipment modifications. Unauthorizedequipment modification will void all warranties. NEVER use accessories or attachments that are notrecommended by Multiquip for this equipment. Damageto the equipment and/or injury to user may result. ALWAYS know the location of the nearestfire extinguisher. ALWAYS know the location of the nearestfirst aid kit. NEVER operate the equipment in an explosiveatmosphere or near combustible materials. Anexplosion or fire could result causing severebodily harm or even death.WARNING NEVER disconnect any emergency or safety devices.These devices are intended for operator safety.Disconnection of these devices can cause severe injury,bodily harm or even death. Disconnection of any of thesedevices will void all warranties. DO NOT use this machine on ground that is harder thanthe machine can handle, or for driving pilings or tampingrock beds. Furthermore, use of the machine on slopingground, such as the side of an embankment, may makethe machine unstable and can cause an accident. It canalso result in premature machine wear due to unevenloads on the machine.Use the machine with confidence for tamping earth andsand, soil, gravel, and asphalt. DO NOT use the machinefor other types of jobs.CAUTION NEVER lubricate components or attempt service on arunning machine.NOTICE ALWAYS keep the machine in proper running condition. Fix damage to machine and replace any broken partsimmediately. ALWAYS store equipment properly when it is not beingused. Equipment should be stored in a clean, dry locationout of the reach of children and unauthorized personnel.MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11) — PAGE 7

SAFETY INFORMATIONENGINE SAFETYDANGER The engine fuel exhaust gases contain poisonous carbonmonoxide. This gas is colorless and odorless, and cancause death if inhaled.FUEL SAFETYDANGER DO NOT add fuel to equipment if it is placed inside truckbed with plastic liner. Possibility exists of explosion orfire due to static electricity. The engine of this equipmentrequires an adequate free flowof cooling air. NEVER operatethis equipment in any enclosedor narrow area where free flowof the air is restricted. If the airflow is restricted it will causeinjury to people and propertyand serious damage to theequipment or engine.WARNING DO NOT place hands or fingers inside enginecompartment when engine is running. NEVER operate the engine with heat shields orguards removed. DO NOT remove the engine oil drain plugwhile the engine is hot. Hot oil will gushout of the oil tank and severely scald anypersons in the general area of the rammer.CAUTION NEVER touch the hot exhaust manifold,muffler or cylinder. Allow these parts to coolbefore servicing equipment.NOTICE NEVER run engine without an air filter or with a dirty airfilter. Severe engine damage may occur. Service air filterfrequently to prevent engine malfunction. NEVER tamper with the factory settingsof the engine or engine governor. Damageto the engine or equipment can resultif operating in speed ranges above themaximum allowable. DO NOT start the engine near spilled fuel or combustiblefluids. Fuel is extremely flammable and its vapors cancause an explosion if ignited. ALWAYS refuel in a well-ventilated area, away fromsparks and open flames. ALWAYS use extreme caution when working withflammable liquids. DO NOT fill the fuel tank while the engine is runningor hot. DO NOT overfill tank, since spilled fuel could ignite if itcomes into contact with hot engine parts or sparks fromthe ignition system. Store fuel in appropriate containers, in well-ventilatedareas and away from sparks and flames. NEVER use fuel as a cleaning agent. DO NOT smoke around or near theequipment. Fire or explosion could resultfrom fuel vapors or if fuel is spilled on ahot engine.PAGE 8 — MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11)

SAFETY INFORMATIONTRANSPORTING SAFETYCAUTION NEVER allow any person or animal to stand underneaththe equipment while lifting.NOTICE Before lifting, make sure that the equipment parts (hookand vibration insulator) are not damaged and screws arenot loose or missing. Always make sure crane or lifting device has beenproperly secured to the lifting bail (hook) of theequipment. ALWAYS shutdown engine before transporting. NEVER lift the equipment while the engine is running. Tighten fuel tank cap securely and close fuel cock toprevent fuel from spilling. Use adequate lifting cable (wire or rope) of sufficientstrength. Use one point suspension hook and lift straightupwards. DO NOT lift machine to unnecessary heights. ALWAYS tie down equipment during transport bysecuring the equipment with rope. Never allow any person or animal to stand underneath theequipment while lifting.ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETYNOTICE Dispose of hazardous waste properly.Examples of potentially hazardous wasteare used motor oil, fuel and fuel filters. DO NOT use food or plastic containers to dispose ofhazardous waste. DO NOT pour waste, oil or fuel directly onto the ground,down a drain or into any water source.MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11) — PAGE 9

GENERAL INFORMATIONDefinition of Tamping RammerThe Mikasa MTX80/MTX90 tamping rammer is a powerfulcompacting tool capable of applying a tremendous force inconsecutive impacts to a soil surface. Its applications includesoil compacting for road, embankments and reservoirs aswell as backfilling for gas pipelines, water pipelines and cableinstallation work.The impact force of the MTX80/MTX90 levels and uniformlycompacts voids between soil particles to increase dry density.Circular motion is converted to create impact force. TheMTX80/MTX90 tamping rammer develops a powerfulcompacting force at the foot of the rammer. To maintainoptimum performance, proper operation and service areessential.Construction of Tamping RammerThe Mikasa MTX80/MTX90 is equipped with an air cooled,four- cycle gasoline engine. Transmission of the power takesplace by increasing the engine speed to engage thecentrifugal clutch.Rammer Gearbox and Spring CylinderThe Mikasa MTX80/MTX90 uses an oil bath lubricationsystem. Always check the oil level through the oil level sightglass at the rear of the tamper foot.Handle OperationCAUTIONBefore starting operation check the liftinghandle to:1. Make sure that there is no damage on the bolts.2. Make sure that there is no crack or breakage on handle.3. Make sure that there is no fissure on the surface. If thereis any abnormality or damage, replace with new one.For operation:This handle is to be used to lift up the shoe part of the machinewith the body laid down on the ground or truck bed.1. Use proper lifting techniques to avoid back injury. Thishandle is for manual lifting only.2. Do not use this handle as a rammer lift point. Use thelifting point on the top of the machine.3. Do not move the rammer with the lifting handle and thefront rollers more than 16 feet (5 meters).ControlsBefore starting the MTX80/MTX90 Tamping Rammer identifyand understand the function of the controls.PAGE 10 — MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11)

SPECIFICATIONSTable 1. MTX80/MTX90 Rammer SpecificationsModelMTX-80MTX-90Overall Height39.37 in. (1000 mm)39.37 in. (1000 mm)Overall Width14.37 in (365 mm)14.37 in (365 mm)Over Length31.02 in (788 mm)31.02 in (788 mm)Shoe Size13.4 x 11.2 in (340 x 285 mm)13.4 x 11.2 in (340 x 285 mm)Fuel Tank Capacity3.2 qt. (3 liters)3.2 qt. (3 liters)Lubrication Oil Capacity0.8 quart (0.75 liter)0.8 quart (0.75 liter)No. of Impacts Per Second10.6 - 11.311.0 - 11.6Impact Force3,080 lb (13.7 kN)3,530 lb (15.7 kN)Impact Plate Stroke2 - 3.15 in (50 - 80 mm)2 - 3.15 in (50 - 80 mm)Operating Weight183 lbs. (83 kg)196 lbs. (89 kg)Speed Setting3400-3600 rpm3500-3700 rpmMeasured Sound Power Level105 dB105 dBGuaranteed Sound PowerLevel107 dB107 dBMax. Sound Pressure Level95 dB97 dBTable 2. Engine SpecificationsModelRobin EH122D46530 EngineTypeAir-Cooled 4 Stroke, OHV,single cylinder gasoline enginePiston Displacement7.4 (121 cc)Max. Output3.5 hp/3,600 rpm (2.6 KW)Cooling SystemAir-CooledEngine Oil Capacity0.42 qt. (0.4 liter)Fu e lUnleaded gasolineLubricant for EngineAutomobile Oil; Class SE or higherStarting SystemRecoil StarterSpark Plug TypeNGK BR6ESMTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11) — PAGE 11

COMPONENTS31024159611712138Figure 1. MTX80/MTX90 RammerFigure 1 shows the location of the controls and componentsfor the MTX80/MTX90 Tamping Rammer. The functions ofeach control is described below:1. Combination (Throttle) Lever – Used to adjust enginespeed (rpm). Move lever forward (SLOW) to reduceengine speed, move lever back toward operator (FAST)to increase speed. Always operate the rammer at full speed(rpm).2. Handle – To operate rammer, GRIP handle assemblyfirmly on both sides.3. Fuel Tank Cap – Remove this cap to add unleadedgasoline to the fuel tank. Make sure cap is tightenedsecurely. DO NOT over fill.WARNINGAdd fuel to the tank only when the engine isstopped and has cooled down. In the eventof a fuel spill, DO NOT attempt to start theengine until the fuel residue has beencompletely wiped up and the areasurrounding the engine is dry.4. Hook – Used to lift rammer for transporting.5. Air Cleaner Cover – Protects the air cleaner whichprevents dirt and other debris from entering the engine.6. Roller – Used for loading the rammer in back end of atruck. Rammer is brought to tail gate roller side towardthe truck bed and driver lifts roller with handle at base androlls the unit into truck bed.7. Bellows – Reservoir for oil bath.8. Foot – Laminated wood with tempered steel plate forsuperior shock absorption.9. Fuel Tank – Holds the fuel for the unit (up to 3.2 quarts)10. Muffler – reduces the noise of the engine when running.11. Engine – this unit uses a Robin EH122D46530 gasolineengine.12. Oil Gauge (Sight Glass) – Indicates the level of oil in theoil bath reservoir.13. Drain Valve – Open this valve to remove oil from thebellows.PAGE 12 — MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11)

BASIC ENGINEFigure 2. Engine Controls and Components(Robin EH-12-2D)The engine (Figure 2) must be checked for proper lubricationand filled with fuel prior to operation. Refer to the manufacturer'sEngine manual for instructions & details of operation andservicing.1. Secondary Air Cleaner – Prevents dirt and other debrisfrom entering the fuel system. Remove wing-nut on topof air filter cannister to gain access to filter element.2. Choke Lever – Used when starting the engine. Normallyused in cold weather conditions. In cold weather turnthe choke lever to the fully closed position, in warmweather set choke lever half way or completely open.3. Spark Plug – Provides spark to the ignition system.Set spark plug gap to 0.024 - 0.028 inch (0.6 - 0.7 mm).Clean spark plug once a week.4.5.6.Muffler – Used to reduce noise and emissions.Recoil Starter (pull rope) – Manual-starting method.Pull the starter grip until resistance is felt, then pullbriskly and smoothly.Engine ON/OFF Switch – Controls the starting andstopping of the engine. Switch must be in the "ON"position when starting the engine.WARNINGEngine components can generate extremeheat.To prevent burns, DO NOT touch theseareas while the engine is running orimmediately after operating. NEVER operatethe engine with the muffler removed.NOTICEOperating the engine without an air filter, with a damaged airfilter, or a filter in need of replacement will allow dirt to enterthe engine, causing rapid engine wear.MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11) — PAGE 13

OPERATIONThis section is intended to assist the operator with the initialstart-up of the MTX80/MTX90 Tamping Rammer. It extremelyimportant that this section be read carefully before attemptingto operate the rammer.DO NOT use your rammer until this section is thoroughlyunderstood.CAUTIONFailure to understand the operation of the MTX80/MTX90Tamping Rammer could result in severe damage to theunit or personal injury.Engine1. Fill the fuel tank (Figure 4) with unleaded gasoline. At thesame time, check the engine oil and make it a habit toreplenish it often (Figure 5).FUELTANKRammer Crankcase and Spring Cylinder Oil BathThis unit uses an oil bath lubrication system. Perform the following:Figure 4. Fuel Tank1. Check the oil level through the oil level sight glass (Figure 3)at the rear of the tamper foot.OIL LEVELDIPSTICKOIL FILL PLUGSIGHT GLASSOIL DRAIN PLUGFigure 5. Engine Oil DipstickFigure 3. Foot Housing Sight Glass2. If oil is not visible, add 10W-30 SE, SF or higher grade motoroil into the oil fill plug opening (Figure 3). The bath containsapproximately 1.7 pints (800 cc.)NOTICEThe oil level should be kept at the half way point of the sightglass.2. Check the engine oil level and if the engine oil

MTX80/90 RAMMER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. #9 (1/14/11) — PAGE Ordering parts has never been easier! Choose from three easy options: WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS! When ordering parts, please supply: Dealer Account Number Dealer Name and Address Shipping Address (if different than billing address) Return Fax Number