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Name:4 Step Phonics Quiz ScoresStep 1Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5Lesson 6Lesson 7Lesson 8Lesson 9Lesson 10Lesson 11Lesson 12Lesson 13Lesson 14Lesson 15Lesson 16Lesson 17Lesson 18Lesson 19Step 2Step 3Step 4

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsAa · BbLesson1Trace and write.AaAa1213Write A or a.Apple appleApple appleAntAntAimalAx2antanimalaxAxantAnimalax LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.1BbBb213Write B or b. LucyMax All Rights llballBallball3

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsCc · DdLesson2Trace and write.CcCc11Write C or p LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.1DdDd21Write D or d. LucyMax All Rights llDuckduckDuckduck7

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsEe · FfLesson3Trace and write.EeEe21341Write E or e.EggeggEggeggElevator elevator ElevatorElbow elbow Elbow elbowElephant elephant Elephant10 LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.FfFf21132Write F or f. LucyMax All Rights rkforkFoxfoxFoxfox11

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsGg · HhLesson4Trace and write.GgGg1122Write G or Gorilla gorilla Gorilla gorilla14 LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.1HhHh213Write H or h.Hand handHand handHatHathathatHorse horse Horse horseHouse house House house LucyMax All Rights Reserved15

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsLesson5Ii · JjTrace and write.IiIi12213Write I or i.IguanaiguanaIguanaIninIninInkinkInkinkInsect insect Insect insect18 LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.JjJj1221Write J or j.JamjamJamjamJetjetJetjetJuicejuiceJuicejuiceJump jump LucyMax All Rights ReservedJump jump19

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsKk · LlLesson6Trace and write.1KkKk122Write K or k.Kangaroo kangaroo kite LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.LlLl11Write L or l.Lemon lemon Lemon lemon LucyMax All Rights velove23

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsMm · NnLesson7Trace and write.1MmMm21Write M or m.MilkmilkMilkmilkMonkey monkey MonkeyMoon moon Moon moonMouse26mouseMouse LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.1NnNn21Write N or n.Name name Name name LucyMax All Rights senose27

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsOo · PpLesson8Trace and write.OoOo11Write O or o.30Octopus otterOxoxOxox LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.PpPp211Write P or p.Piano piano Piano piano LucyMax All Rights ayplay31

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsLesson9Qq · RrTrace and write.QqQq121Write Q or q.Queen queen Queen queenQuestion question Question34Quiet quietQuiet quietQuizQuizquizquiz LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.1RrRr21Write R or r.Rabbit rabbit Rabbit rabbit LucyMax All Rights serose35

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsSs · TtLesson10Trace and write.1SsSs1Write S or s.Seven seven Seven seven38SkyskySkyskyStarstarStarstarSunsunSunsun LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Trace and write.TtTt1212Write T or t.Table tableTable tableTenttentTenttentTigertigerTigertigerTomato tomato LucyMax All Rights ReservedTomato39

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsUu · Vv · WwLesson11Trace and write.1UuUu1Write U or u.Umbrella umbrella UmbrellaUnder under Under underUpupUpupTrace and write.VvVv1142 LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Write V or v.VasevaseViolin violinVasevaseViolin violinTrace and write.WwWw11Write W or w.Wash washWash washWater water Water waterWoman woman LucyMax All Rights ReservedWoman43

Step 1 Beginnig SoundsXx · Yy · ZzLesson12Trace and write.1XxXx212Write x.BoxboxBoxboxSixsixSixsixTrace and write.1YyYy22146 LucyMax All Rights Reserved

Write Y or y.YoyoyoyoYoyoyoyoYouyouYouyouYellow yellow Yellow e and write.ZzZz11Write Z or z. LucyMax All Rights Reserved47

4 Step Phonics Quiz Scores Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10 Lesson 11 Lesson 12 Lesson 13 Lesson 14 Lesson 15 . Zoo zoo Zoo zoo Yoyo yoyo Yoyo yoyo You you You you

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Blend Phonics for First Grade, its accompanying reader, Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories, and Blend Phonics Timed Fluency Drills. The section below “On Teaching Phonics” was largely taken from Florence Akin’s 1913 all time phonics classic, Word Mastery: Phonics for the Fi

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to-use phonics folder and a phonics exercise book with lines. Keep all the paper-based core resources that belong to the learner in his or her phonics folder which can then be used routinely for personal ‘revisit and review’. Use the phonics exercise book as a working notebook for any addition

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