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CONTENTSAbout Sydney Metro4Transforming Sydney6Sydney Metro experience8About City & Southwest10About Sydenham to Bankstown12Upgrading Sydenham to Bankstown16Sydney Metro Trains Facility17The stations18Temporary Transport Plan29Next steps30Appendix36ABOUT THIS PROJECT UPDATETransport for NSW plans to extend the Sydney Metro system beyondChatswood through to Bankstown.Sydney Metro City & Southwest will deliver 30 kilometres of metrorail between Chatswood and Bankstown, including a new crossingbeneath Sydney Harbour, new railway stations in the lower NorthShore and Central Business District (CBD), and the upgrade andconversion of the current line between Sydenham and Bankstownstations.Planning approval for the Chatswood to Sydenham component wasreceived on 10 January 2017, construction will start shortly.Cover: Artist’s impression of Campsie StationThis page: Aerial view of Sydney Harbour2This document outlines the second component and the proposedupgrade and conversion of the existing Bankstown Line to metrostandards.More detailed information about the Project between Sydenhamand Bankstown is available in a State Significant InfrastructureApplication Report which was submitted to the Department ofPlanning and Environment in January 2017.It also provides an update on the entire Project and next steps inpreparing detailed environmental assessments for the Project.

Premier’s messageMinister’s messageAustralia’s biggest public transport project isnow well underway with tunnelling completedon Sydney Metro Northwest, and constructionabout to begin on Sydney Metro City & Southwest.This world class railway will transform the way wetravel, providing a level of service never beforeseen in our great city.And now we have started the planning processto deliver the next phase of Sydney Metro City& Southwest – the upgrade and conversion of all 11 stations betweenSydenham and Bankstown, delivering high-capacity, high-frequencypublic transport to the residents of Sydney’s south west.With ultimate capacity for 15 trains an hour in the peak, the upgrade of theBankstown Line to metro standards will address one of Sydney’s biggestrail bottlenecks, delivering benefits right across our rail network.Sydney Metro, together with signalling and infrastructure upgrades acrossthe existing Sydney rail network, will deliver around 200 trains an hour intothe Sydney CBD from all across Sydney in the busy morning peak – that’s60 per cent more than now.This Project will revitalise the south west, providing new and directconnections to more CBD locations and job opportunities.As we embark on the next stage of the planning process for Sydney Metro,we look forward to continuing to work with the community to move thiscity-building project forward. Sydney Metro is just one more way theNSW Government is delivering better services for a better future.It’s full steam ahead as we embark on the nextstage of Sydney Metro City & Southwest, theupgrade and conversion of the Bankstown Line.With a State Significant Infrastructure Applicationnow lodged for this stage of Sydney Metro, weare well on our way to delivering more than 66kilometres of metro rail, spanning from Sydney’sbooming northwest, through the CBD and onto Bankstown.This document outlines important updates to Australia’s biggest publictransport project and sets the foundation for the upcoming approvalsprocess for the conversion of all 11 stations from Sydenham to Bankstownto metro standards.When the conversion to metro is complete, each upgraded station on theBankstown Line will be fully accessible, with lifts, video help points andplatform screen doors which will provide level access between the platformand the train.Customers won’t need a timetable on this 21st century turn-up-and-gometro system, which will deliver new capacity and more services forgenerations to come.With Sydney Metro Northwest set to begin services in the first half of2019 with a metro train every four minutes in the peak, and the first tunnelboring machine for Sydney Metro City & Southwest expected to be in theground before the end of 2018, we are getting on with the job of deliveringSydney Metro.Welcome aboard tomorrow’s Sydney.Gladys Berejiklian MPPREMIER OF NEW SOUTH WALESAndrew Constance MPMINISTER FOR TRANSPORTAND INFRASTRUCTURESYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE3

ABOUT SYDNEY METROSydney Metro is Australia’s largest publictransport Project. A new standalone railway,this 21st century network will deliver 31 metrostations and 66 kilometres of new metro railfor Australia’s biggest city – revolutionisingthe way Sydney travels.Sydney’s new metro railway will have a targetcapacity of about 40,000 customers per hour,similar to other metro systems worldwide.Sydney’s current suburban system can reliablycarry 24,000 people an hour per line.Sydney Metro, together with signalling andinfrastructure upgrades across the existing Sydneyrail network, will increase the capacity of trainservices entering the Sydney CBD – from about120 an hour today to up to 200 services beyond2024. That’s an increase of up to 60 per centcapacity across the network to meet demand.Sydney Metro has two core components:Stage 2: Sydney Metro City & SouthwestStage 1: Sydney Metro NorthwestFrom Sydney’s booming North West region, anew 30-kilometre metro line will extend metrorail from the end of Sydney Metro Northwestat Chatswood under Sydney Harbour, throughnew CBD stations and southwest to Bankstown.Formerly the 36-kilometre North West Rail Link,this 8.3 billion Project is now under construction.Tunnelling has finished and construction isprogressing rapidly.Services start in the first half of 2019 usingSydney’s new-generation of fully-automatedmetro trains, with a metro train every fourminutes in the peak.Customers won’t need a timetable whenSydney Metro opens – they’ll just turn upand go.Sydney Metro WestIn November 2016, the NSW Governmentannounced a new underground metro railwayline will be built between Parramatta and theSydney CBD to help cater for Sydney’s growth.Four key precincts to be serviced have initiallybeen identified at Parramatta, Sydney OlympicPark, the Bays Precinct and the Sydney CBD.Transport for NSW will begin engaging withcommunity, industry and key stakeholdersearly this year to get feedback on the Project.4Features will include: 16.5 kilometres of new metro line betweenChatswood and Sydenham 15.5 kilometres of new twin rail tunnels 13.5 kilometre upgrade and conversion ofthe T3 Bankstown Line to metro standards.It is due to open in 2024 with the capacity torun a metro train every two minutes each waythrough the centre of Sydney – a level of servicenever before seen in Sydney.

Rouse HillKEYCudgegong RoadSydney Metro Northwest – open 2019Sydney Metro City & Southwest – open 2024KellyvilleUpgrade and conversion to metro railSydney Trains suburban networkShowgroundCherrybrookBella VistaCastle HillNorwestM7 MotorwayMacquarieUniversityEppingM2 MotorwayMacquarie ParkNorth RydeChatswoodCrows NestVictoria CrossM4 MotorwayBarangarooMartin PlacePitt kvilleSydenhamWiley ParkSYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE5

TRANSFORMING SYDNEYSydney Metro will transform Sydney, cutting travel times, reducingcongestion and delivering economic and social benefits for generationsto come.Sydney Metro is identified as a key infrastructure project as part of the NSWGovernment’s infrastructure investment program. The NSW Government iscommitted to the creation of 150,000 new jobs over the next four years.It will boost economic activity by more than 5 billion a year, supportingmajor jobs and business growth along its more than 65-kilometre routewith better connectivity and land development opportunities and greatlyimproving business logistics, especially for knowledge-based businesses.Through investment in infrastructure such as Sydney Metro, new jobs andapprenticeships are being created for the construction sector.Sydney Metro will deliver this major economic boost by:MORE CHOICES improving access to jobsModern metro gives people more choice in their everyday lives. changing the way people move about the city and reducing congestion Faster travel means new choices for jobs, education and recreation allowing people to travel from one key centre to another in minutes Less crowded trains, stations and platforms enabling housing and employment growth along the Global EconomicCorridor and west to Bankstown More options of where to go Greater choice of shopping, retail, restaurants encouraging greater commercial development – and jobs – in keyareas of the city and North Sydney Wider selection of schools Better access to healthcare delivering huge flow-on benefits across productivity, wages and thestate’s overall economic performance. Better access to more tertiary and TAFE campuses Employment across Sydney is expected to increase from 2.1 million workerstoday to about 3 million by 2031.Frequent, fast trains allow you to set the agenda for the day Faster transport to growth areas Quick and easy access to sports facilities, gyms Fully accessible stations.About 60 per cent of people will work in the Global Economic Corridorstretching from Macquarie Park, through Chatswood, North Sydney, theSydney CBD and on to Sydney Airport. Sydney Metro will connect peopleacross Sydney to these jobs.Over the next 15 years, NSW will require infrastructure to support40 per cent more train trips, 30 per cent more car trips and 31 per centmore households.6

Uni.EppingCherrybrookCastle HillShowgroundNorwestaVistBe llaevilllyKelillkiearngMRoacadRquarieHseouSydney Metro facilitatinga diverse range of tripsrPaqugeudgoacMCthordeRyLEGENDNodMetro UseswoatsChAccess to universitiesJourney to workestsNCrowCBD DistributorLocal service shopping tripsVictoriaCrossLocal core employment area tripsLand UsesBarangarooMajor CommercialMajor IndustrialMartinPittMajor ShopsPlaceResidential Growth AreaFacilitiesStreetRail InterchangeBus InterchangeCentWaterlooralRail Bus InterchangeEntertainment/RecreationMajor hospitalTAFESyndeBaamMillekvichHillarkne wlwhbDuricarnPuncownhkstUniversitySYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE7

SYDNEY METRO EXPERIENCEAustralia’s biggest public transport project will deliver an easy door–to–doorexperience, integrating Sydney’s new–generation metro trains with state–of–the–art stations and 21st century technology.Sydney Metro will make it easy for customers to get where they need to go.New metro services will be integrated with other transport modes, includinginterchanges with the existing Sydney railway network as well as buses, lightrail and ferries.Customers are at the centre of Sydney Metro’s 21st century design, includingthe development of Sydney’s new metro train, new metro railway stations,interchanges and precincts.State–of–the–art technology will keep customers connected at all stages oftheir journey, from smart phone travel apps, to real-time journey informationat metro stations and on-board trains.This door–to–door approach will help customers achieve their daily tasks,whether it’s getting to work, meetings, school or education, sport, a dayout or running errands – and, of course, getting home. Making it easy forcustomers at each stage of their journey will be integral in the successfuldelivery of Sydney Metro.Linking communities, schools, hospitals, key destinations and businesseswith the new metro railway network is key in attracting and keepingcustomers as well as meeting broader transport and land use objectives.Transport for NSW is working across government and with the communityto get customers to and from new metro services easily and, when travelingon the new trains, to ensure they are safe and comfortable.Sydney Metro is being designed to deliver safe, clean, comfortable serviceswhich will run on time and be convenient, efficient, accessible and easy forcustomers to use.Sydney Metro prototype underground station8

5.SYDENHAMSydney’snew metro TOtrainsBANKSTOWNBENEFITSKEY FACTSAll trains on Sydney Metro will be modern, single-deck trains. The trains will deliver a fast, safe and reliable journey for customers, operatingat speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour both in the tunnels and above ground.2019Stage 1NorthwestOpens 20192024Stage 2City & SouthwestOpens 202498%66 kilometresNew metro railfor Sydney31 metro stationsState-of-the-art,fully accessibleOn-timeRunningreliability00:044. SYDNEY METRO EXPERIENCEIn peakTrain everyfour minutes00:10Off peakTrain everyten minutes00:02Ultimate capacitya train every twominutes each wayunder the CBDConnectedContinuous mobilephone coveragethrough networkNo timetableCustomers willjust turn upand goOpalticketingTRAIN FEATURESThree double doors per carriage for fasterloading and unloadingText hereLevel access between platform and trainTwo multi-purpose areas per trainfor prams, luggage and bicyclesWheelchair spaces, separate priorityseating and emergency intercoms170-metre long platforms –longer than most of SydneyHeating andair conditioningSAFETYCustomer service assistants at everystation and moving through the networkduring the day and nightSydney Metro is Australia’s firstfully-automated metro rail networkAround the world, millions ofpeople use these networks everyday in cities like Paris, Singapore,Dubai and Hong KongInside you can see from oneend of the train to the otherConstant monitoringExpert train controllersmonitor entire metro systemOperations Control CentreState-of-the-art networkcontrolled from new high-techfacility at Tallawong RoadSecurityMore than 230 tunnel cameras onSydney Metro Northwest aloneTunnelPlatform screen doors keeppeople and objects away fromthe edge and allow trains to get inand out of stations much fasterReal-time travel informationand live electronic route mapsSignalling and communications systemsControl the trains, tunnels, platforms andskytrain to deliver a safe and reliable journeyFaster journeysSystem minimises the time trains are stoppedat stations and the time between each trainTrainPlatform doorsTrackPlatformSYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE9

ABOUT CITY & SOUTHWEST – WHERE ARE WE UP TO?Chatswood to SydenhamSydenham to BankstownThe Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the tunnels betweenChatswood to Sydenham was exhibited In May and June 2016. Over 300submissions were received and responded to in the Submissions andPreferred Project Report submitted to the Department of Planning andEnvironment in October.The planning approvals process for the upgrade and conversion of theT3 Bankstown Line to metro standards has started, with the lodgement ofa State Significant Infrastructure Application Report to the Department ofEnvironment and Planning.Project approval was received on 10 January, 2017 with construction dueto start early this year.The first of five tunnel boring machines will be in the ground before the endof 2018 to deliver new 15.5-kilometre twin railway tunnels between the endof Sydney Metro Northwest at Chatswood and Sydenham.New stations will be delivered at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo,Martin Place, Pitt Street and Waterloo along with new undergroundplatforms at Central Station.10Technical and environmental studies are currently underway and will formpart of an environmental impact statement, which is expected to be placedon public exhibition in the middle of 2017. Subject to approval, work will startin early 2018.This component of the Project includes the upgrade and conversion ofthe existing Bankstown Line to metro standards between Sydenham andBankstown. Upgraded stations will be delivered at Sydenham, Marrickville,Dulwich Hill, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury, Campsie, Belmore, Lakemba,Wiley Park, Punchbowl and Bankstown.


ABOUT SYDENHAM TO BANKSTOWNThe upgrade and conversion of the T3 Bankstown Line to metro standards will include works within the rail corridor and upgrades to all stationsfrom Sydenham to Bankstown.Project features 13.5-kilometre upgrade and conversion of the T3 Bankstown Lineto metro standards Easy interchange between Sydney Metro and other forms oftransport like Sydney Trains, light rail and buses All stations will be designed to be user friendly for pedestrians,cyclists and customers getting on and off buses and in and outof taxis, and being dropped off and picked up in cars12 There will be some changes to station platforms, layouts andsome concourse locations to ensure the most efficient runningof Sydney Metro trains for customers All stations will be fully accessible, including the installationof lifts and level access between the platform and the train All stations will have platform screen doors, which keep objectslike prams away from the edge and allow trains to get in andout of stations much faster.

Sydenham to Bankstown upgrade benefitsAll stations fully accessible,with lifts and level accessbetween trains and platformsMore job opportunities faster,more frequent and direct accessto key employment centresBetter access to education,with fast, more frequentand direct connectionsCustomers won’t need atimetable – you’ll justturn up and goImproved interchange with bus,light rail, pedestrian and cyclingnetworks, and provision of taxi,kiss and ride and bike parkingfacilities at key stationsFast, safe and reliable –a new generation of 21stcentury metro trainsA train every4 minutesin the peakNew and direct access tomajor CBD stations, includingMartin Place, Pitt Street,Barangaroo and North SydneyIncreased train frequencyin AM and PM peak services– a train at least everyfour minutesSYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE13

Room for 100,000 extra customersacross SydneyT1 WesternT1 RichmondThis upgrade will address one of Sydney’s biggest railbottlenecks.It is anticipated that through Sydney Metro, together withsignalling and infrastructure upgrades across the existingnetwork, we can increase the capacity of train servicesfrom about 120 per hour today, to up to 200 servicesbeyond 2024.That’s an increase of up to 60 per cent capacity across thenetwork to meet demand for our growing city. This meansthe railway network across Sydney will have room for anextra 100,000 train customers an hour in the peak.After the conversion, metro trains from Bankstown will runat least every four minutes in the peak, or 15 trains an hour.The Sydney Metro network will be fully segregated fromexisting Sydney Trains railway tracks between Sydenhamand Bankstown, improving the reliability of the newservices on the line. Interchange between Sydney Metroand Sydney Trains at both locations will be upgraded, withimprovements to station way-finding and signage.14This service is operated byT1 North viaStrathfieldThis service is operated byT1 North viaMacquarie ParkMORNING PEAK HOURThe T3 Bankstown Line effectively slows down the SydneyTrains network because of the way it merges with otherrailway lines closer to the city, including the T2 Airport,Inner West & South Line. The suburban trains currentlyoperating on the T3 Bankstown Line could be allocated toother railway lines.This service is operated byThis service is operated byT1 North ShoreThis service is operated byT2 AirportThis service is operated byT2 South &Inner WestThis service is operated byTRAINS PER HOURT2 East HillsThis service is operated byT3 BankstownThis service is operated byT4 Eastern SuburbsThis service is operated byT4 CronullaThis service is operated byT4 IllawarraThis service is operated byBlue MountainsThis service is operated byNewcastle &Central CoastSouth Coast120This service is operated byThis service is operated by15TRAIN LINES

CURRENTBefore Sydney MetroCity CircleBankstownAirport & East Hills The Bankstown Line adds to Sydney’s big rail bottleneck It funnels trains on to the East Hills and Inner Westlines outside CentralCENTRALSouth & Inner West Queuing trains make delays worse, causingbacklogs in the west and south westCity Circle6 CBD TRACKSFUTUREWith Sydney Metro – busting congestionSouth & Inner WestCity CircleSYDNEY METROBANKSTOWNAirport & East HillsCENTRALROUSE HILLCity Circle Removes the Bankstown Line bottleneck by putting the line on Sydney’s new stand alone metro system Suburban trains from the Bankstown Line allocated to other lines Clearing the funnel means more trains and more reliable servicesSYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE15

Interchanging with Sydney Trains servicesProperty acquisitionSydney Metro customers will be able to change between SydneyMetro Trains and Sydney Trains services at Sydenham Station andBankstown Station.In designing major infrastructure projects, Transport for NSW makesevery possible effort to avoid the need to acquire private property.However, in some cases property acquisition is required to allowconstruction of a major project.The T3 Bankstown Line beyond Bankstown will continue to be operatedby Sydney Trains between Cabramatta, Lidcombe and Bankstown.Sydney Trains will no longer operate on the T3 Bankstown Line betweenSydenham and Bankstown stations.16The Project team will make direct contact with any owner or tenantwhose property is directly affected by the Project to explain the process.Following this contact a formal letter will also be sent confirming thata property is required, including details of the proposed propertyacquisition process.

HeritageThe T3 Bankstown Line has a rich and layered history of expansion andchange, and the Project will celebrate its significant heritage historywhile preserving where possible both Indigenous and non-Indigenouscultural heritage.Sydney Metro City & Southwest is currently undertaking further studiesand planning work along the T3 Bankstown Line, including reviewing theheritage items and history.The Project has a strong track record of heritage conservation, and wewill continue to work collaboratively with local stakeholders and relevantgovernment agencies to ensure our cultural heritage is protected.The photos below show artefacts collected from the historic White Hart Innsite during work on Sydney Metro Northwest.A toothpaste canister lidVinegar bottleGravy tureenArchaeologists working at the White Hart InnCoins that are almost 200yrs old A doll’s legKey found on siteSYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE17

UPGRADING SYDENHAM TO BANKSTOWNUpgrading stationsLine-wide worksThe Project will deliver 11 upgraded stations at:Work along the T3 Bankstown line will include: Sydenham Belmore Marrickville Lakemba installation of Sydney Metro rail systems, including signalling,electrical, radio and communications systems Dulwich Hill Wiley Park Hurlstone Park Punchbowl Canterbury Bankstown. CampsiePlatform upgrades adjustment of existing track alignments along the line to meetSydney Metro requirements construction of new traction substations to provide power to SydneyMetro trains upgrade existing and/or replacement of bridges and underpasses thatcross over and under the rail corridor.All 11 stations will feature Australian-first state-of-the-art platform screendoors, which keep objects like prams away from the edge and allow trainsto get in and out of stations much faster. Modifications will be made tostation platforms to allow for the installation of platform screen doors,and to reduce the gap between the train and the platform.Station worksAt Sydenham Station, two of the existing platforms (platforms 1 and 2) will beextended and modified for metro services and existing platforms 3, 4, 5 and 6will continue to be used by trains operating on the Sydney Trains network.Subject to this further planning and design, works could include:At Bankstown Station, new metro platforms will be constructed beyond theSydney end of the existing platforms and existing platforms will continue tobe used for Sydney Trains services.Further planning and design work is underway to determine the upgradeworks required at each individual station. More information on these workswill be provided in the environmental impact statement. new station concourse and station entrance locations, includingnew stairs and new or relocated lifts to access the station andstation platforms new or upgraded station buildings, depending on heritage considerationsand the final platform location and station design changes to the location of station entrances upgrade works such as new seating, canopies, ticket barriers andgates, and way-finding signage improved interchange between rail and other forms of publictransport enhanced lighting and CCTV for better security.18

Sydney Metro Trains Facility SouthSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownSydney Metro plans to construct a specialised train stabling and maintenance facility to accommodate the additional metro fleet that will operate on the line.The Sydney Metro Trains Facility South (SMTFS) will be built on the industrial land used to launch the tunnel boring machines between Sydenham andBarangaroo. The size and capacity of the proposed stabling facility will be confirmed as part of the EIS process and take into consideration operationalrequirements.This facility will operate 24-hours day and include: train stabling infrastructure maintenance facilities administration buildings including an operations control centre a bulk power substation.To the CitySYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE19

SydenhamSMTFSSydenhamTransport InterchangeCustomersMarrickvilleT2Dulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownT4 Passengers interchanging between Sydney Trains, buses and Metro Patrons accessing the retail area to the south of the station People traveling to existing commercial and industrial employment areas Residents within walking and cycling distanceLocal government area Inner West CouncilTo the City20

MarrickvilleSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers Residents within walking and cycling distance Patrons accessing the popular local cafes, restaurants and bars People attending local events, like the annual Marrickville Festival People accessing the business centre along Illawarra and Marrickville roadsLocal government area Inner West CouncilTo the CitySYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE21

Dulwich HillSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreTransport InterchangeCustomers Cyclists and walkers accessing the GreenWay Trail Passengers interchanging between Light Rail, buses and Metro Residents within walking and cycling distance People accessing the business centres on both sides of the railway lineLocal government area Inner West CouncilTo the City22LakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstown

Hurlstone ParkSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers Residents within walking and cycling distance People accessing the commercial properties on Crinan Street People accessing the sportsgrounds alongside the Cooks River Cyclists and walkers accessing the GreenWay TrailLocal government area The City of Canterbury BankstownDulwich Hill Station alignment mapshowing property acquistion areaTo the CitySYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE23

CanterburySMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers Visitors to the Canterbury Aquatic and Fitness Centre Residents within walking and cycling distance Cyclists accessing The Ryde to Botany Bay Cycleway Patrons accessing the Canterbury Park RacecourseLocal government area The City of Canterbury BankstownTo the City24

CampsieSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers People accessing the civic and administrative hub along Beamish Street Passengers interchanging between buses and Metro Shoppers accessing the Campsie Centre Visitors to the Campsie Cultural CentreLocal government area The City of Canterbury BankstownTo the CitySYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE25

BelmoreSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers Residents within walking and cycling distance People accessing the Belmore Sportsgrounds Young people visiting the Belmore Youth Resource Centre Passengers interchanging between buses and MetroLocal government area The City of Canterbury BankstownTo the City26

LakembaSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers Visitors to the Canterbury City Community Centre Patrons visiting the popular local cafes and restaurants along Haldon Street Residents within walking and cycling distance Passengers interchanging between buses and MetroLocal government area The City of Canterbury BankstownTo the CitySYDNEY METRO CITY & SOUTHWEST PROJECT UPDATE27

Wiley ParkSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich HillHurlstone ParkCanterburyCampsieBelmoreLakembaWiley ParkPunchbowlBankstownTransport InterchangeCustomers Residents within walking and cycling distance People accessing the Wiley Park recreational area Patrons attending performances at the Bicentennial AmphitheatreLocal government area The City of Canterbury BankstownTo the City28

PunchbowlSMTFSSydenhamMarrickvilleDulwich H

Customers won’t need a timetable when Sydney Metro opens – they’ll just turn up and go. Stage 2: Sydney Metro City & Southwest From Sydney’s booming North West region, a new 30-kilometre metro line will extend metro rail from the end of Sydney Metro Northwest at Chatswood under Sydney Harbour, through

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run a metro train every four minutes each way through the centre of Sydney. The Project forms part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest – Chatswood to Sydenham Project and includes the construction of new underground platforms at Central Station and new related pedestrian acc

United States Population by Metropolitan Size/Status, 1980–2010 2010 Population Shares by Metro Size (%) Chart 1 Chart 2 large metro ( 500k) small metro ( 500k) non-metro large metro 65.6% small metro 18.0% non-metro 16.4% Growth Rates by Metro Size 12% 12.5 14.3 10% 16% 14% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% 1980–1990 1990–2000 2000–2010 10.9 8.8 13.1 10 .

Jun 03, 2020 · Sydney Metro has two core stages in the delivery phase, with planning currently underway for the next stage – Sydney Metro West: Stage 1: Sydney Metro Northwest – extending from the new Cudgegong Road Station to Chatswood, this 36 kilometre metro

Sydney in the second half of the 2020s – the Sydney Metro West project will link the Sydney city centre with Greater Parramatta, doubling rail capacity between these centres and linking communities along the way with a new underg

1 Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Bennelong Point, NSW , Sydney A multi-venue performing arts centre, Sydney Opera House's name is almost synonymous to its city. It will not be wrong to call this as the busiest performing arts centre as it gives a stage to around 1500 performances each year. It provides a venue for majorly four resident .

in regional hospitals in central-western NSW, far-western NSW and on the state's north coast. The University has strong partnerships with both public and private sector health services. In 2015, the University joined with Sydney, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health Districts, the Sydney Children's Hospital Network (Westmead)

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The REST API cannot accept more than 10 MB of data. Audience and Purpose of This Guide The primary audience for this manual is systems integrators who intend to enable configuration and management of the system features through integrated systems. This manual is not intended for end users. Related Poly and Partner Resources See the following sites for information related to this release. The .