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107STEMCO HUB CAP ndard hub cap without oil port.Dirt exclusion grease hub cap.Standard hub cap with oil port.Hubodometer hub cap with oil port.Sentinel oil hub cap.Sentinel grease hub cap.Solid grease hub cap.STEMCO POPULAR HUB CAPS LISTINGPart onStandard 6 hole hub cap without oil port.Standard 5 hole hub cap without oil port.Standard 3 hole hub cap without oil port.6 hole hub cap w/o oil port, 3.5id, 5.25odScrew on hub cap.6 hole hub cap w/o oil port, 4.56id, 6.19od6 hole hub cap w/o oil port, 5.44id, 7.5od6 hole PSI for grease. 5.5" bolt centers6 hole PSI for grease. 6.5" bolt centers6 hole TRAILER HUBCAP6 hole for grease, steel, vented.342-4009 6 hole, dirt exclusion, with gasket.342-4195 6 hole, dirt exclusion, for grease.340-40096 hole capw/o oil port340-4075Screw oncap340-5096Stemco VentedSteel CapPart 9343-4370343-4372DescriptionStandard 6 hole hub cap with oil port.Standard 5 hole hub cap with oil port.Standard 3 hole hub cap with oil port.6 hole hub cap with oil port, 3.5id, 5.25od6 hole hub cap with oil port, 5.44id, 7.5od6 hole hub cap with oil port, 4.44id, 5.19od6 hole PSI for oil. 5.5" bolt centers6 hole PSI for oil. 6.5" bolt centers348-4009 Sentinel 6 hole for oil, 5.5" bolt circle.349-4009 Sentinel 6 hole for grease, 5.5" bolt circle.352-4009 Grease 6 hole hub cap, 5.5 b.c., vented.352-4195 Grease 6 hole hub cap, 6.75 b.c vented.342-40096 hole dirtexclusion348-4009Sentinel 6 hole for oil352-41956 hole greasealum capSTEMCO SENTINEL HUBCAPSSentinel ESP with its patented Sentinel Technologyextends seal and bearing life. It reducescontaminant build-up on windows.Clean and dry hub caps make it easierto view oil levels - no more stickingyour finger into the cap to determinethe lube levels. Plus, cleaner lookingwheel ends look well maintained.348-4009Sentinel Technology also meansSentinel longer life from your wheel end oil.6 hole for oilNo more breakdown of the oilfrom power washers or submerged wheels.StemcoSentinel ESPTMExtended ServiceHubcap PlugFits all otherStemco caps using359-5990 plug.Part No. 359-6125StemcoSentinel DriveAxle PlugPart No. 359-6137

108STEMCO HUBCAP COMPONENT PARTSPipe Plugoptional, 8"ventplugWindow (3595990 red)Ring(3595930blue)Windowscrews 2 sets of 6359-6032TYPICAL 2-3/4" AND 3-1/2" WINDOWCOMPONENT PARTSPipe Plug2optional, entWindow plugRing3595915Windowscrews 2 sets of 6359-6032TYPICAL 4-3/8" WINDOWCOMPONENT PARTSContact Window kit consists of window, gasket, window ring,gasket and vent plug.2Magnetic pipe plug part number 359-598435 hole window ring.4Blue vent plug part number 359-59301WindowRing Plug359-59904359-59904None359-5915359-5915Screw SetSet of t1359-5999359-5995359-6117359-5912359-61006Window for mounting Argo, Stemco and Veeder-Roothub-odometers. Be sure hub cap has pipe plug fillerbefore mounting.6Window with recessed vent plug.7Two sets required.Gasket for 34x-4195 is 330-3118.5Contact

109C/R HUBCAPSIn addition to Scotseal TF Hubcaps for oil bathapplications, the Scotseal TF line includes theTamper-Proof Scotseal TF Hubcap,specifically designed for use withtoday’s grease packed systems.Its patented “umbrella” style valve sealsout contamination yet vents internalpressure as low as 2 PSI—even whencovered with 1/4" of grease.This unique design forms a full 360 seal against thehubcap surface to protect wheel ends from damagingroad spray, power washers and flooded docks.Approved by all major OEtruck and trailer builders,Scotseal TF Hubcapsare compatible with allpopular oils and greasesSKF HUBCAP SPECIFICATIONSTo determine the correct hubcap for mounting, count the number of mounting holes,measure diameter of bolts, measure bolt circle(select 2 holes opposite each other and measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the one opposite).Type H6Type H3Type TF1Type TF4Type oles66666HoleSize.349.349.349.349.349Max AxleExt )3.0822.6091.6432.4692.469HubcapType Gasket no.TF3 CR453795TF8 CR453869TF1 CR453795TF8 CR453795TF8 CR453795HubcapPlug no.CR453807CR453979CR450434CR453807HubcapKit .313.313.313.349.349Max AxleExt apType Gasket no.H3CR450775H6CR450788H3CR453795H6CR450781TF1 CR453795TF8 CR453799HubcapPlug 4HubcapKit no.CR1742CR1788CR1743CR1703CR1790CR1796

110HUBCAPS & ACCESSORIESNL1013Steel Cap(Unvented)64009SANL1568HU009ADACBStamped Steel HubCap High-tech plasticwindow remains clearand is shatterresistant.They pass the200 hourCASS (salt spray) test.Grease Steel Hub Capfor standard trailerapplications wheregrease is needed.Specs Below.HubcapBoltPart No. CircleHU009A5.500NL1568 oltSize(A).3132.531OD Threads 2.156.3122.50.3132.25Each hub cap is packed with apremium Fel-Pro flange gasketthat’s engineered to preventcontamination of hublubricants and provideprotection for bearings andseals. These Fel-Pro gasketsfeature a nonstick coating,which makes installationhassle-free and ensuressuperior sealing.I.D.(B)4.3755.8134.544.5636 hole hub capAluminum,for oil.Has side oil port.Comes with gasketPart .1252.502.313CBScrew-on Lexan HubCap Comes with plugand ring. Similar toPropar hubcap.Interchanges to E-4075.Gasket101102840126510110281011028Oil PortPlugNo401471NoNo6 hole hub capAluminum,for oil.Has side oil port.Comes with gasketPart No.1011029HUB CAP ACCESSORIESVent PlugFor NL1568 andother plastic caps.Black.Part No. 401237VVent PlugStandard Size(.030/.040)Red.Part No. 401199O RingFor NL1568 andother screw-on caps.6" ID x 6-3/8" ODPart No. 401265Hub Cap Bolt5/16-18x3/4Trim Hex.Part No.1010125Universal GasketMulti-hole patternmakes this gasketvery versatile!Part No. 401526Nationalhubcap plugPart No.B300DOil PortPlug,SteelFor AluminumHubcapsPart No. 401273Oil Port Plug,PlasticFor LexanHubcapsNL1554, NL1555NL1568, 3474075Part No. 401471Includes O-ringVentPlugB-300401237VYESNo

111HUBCAPS FOR HUBODOMETERSBBADDACCType DClear Lexan, with gasket. Includes steelreinforcing ring. Pipe plug included.HubcapPart No.NL1555NL1554BoltCircle5.50ThreadedHubcapPart e EScrew-on cap. 61/4" X 8 external thread,with oil port plug. Complete with O-ring.BoltBoltHolesSize6.3136.25"X8 OD 655/16211/16Pro-Par screw-on 01102815Hole1330-30772Oil PortPlug401471401471Oil PortPlug401273401273Universal gasket part no. 401526 can be substituted.Gasket no. 401265 can be substituted.STEMCO HUBODOMETERSGuaranteed Over-Life-of-Tire AccuracyBacked by 500,000-Mile 650-0610650-0626RPM480500504520522570Typical Tire Size10.00-22 / 11-24.510.00-20 / 11-22.510.00R20 / 11R22.5295 / 75R22.510-22.5 / 10R22.5255/70R22.5 std. Main shaft is independent of front cover, greatly reducing failure caused by frontal impact. Unit is sealed for added durability in a moisture-controlled environment of polycarbonate and steel. Externally pinioned odometer mechanism utilizes low-friction molded components.These features, plus nine permanently lubricated bronze bearings, eliminate wear and ensure long life.Worm drive rotates parts less frequently, reducing wear. Naval brass on steel. No plastic drive components.Popular Hubodometer BracketsMounted with347-seriesHubo HubcapMounted with640-seriesHubo HubcapMounted with610-seriesHubo 10-0024Bolt 41/25/19-18 ThrdHeight31/2111/16111/1613/441/2


113HUBODOMETERSDon't know what kind of tire, or can't find a listing?Follow these simple steps for determining the hub-odometer you need:1. Measure from ground to center of hub.Try to be as accurate as possible.2. Double this measurement (to get diameter).3. Multiply by 3.1428. (Pi.) This will give you the circumference ofthe tire in inches.4. Divide by 12. (to get feet)5. Divide result into 5,280. This will give you the number of Revolutions Per Mile!!Ratio(Face Plate 546:1550:1572:1612:1676:1MilesPart NumberKilometersPart 17-572777717-612777717-676777727-465777727-475 300,000 mile warranty American made since 1895Performance when it counts!777727-500777727-514777727-550 Replace your inventory with just one number! Programmable with tool included. Simple! Zinc, diecast. Error Free Display. Separate Trip, and Lifetime totals. Miles or Kilometers 5 year warranty - no mileage limitation. Securuty features include serial # viewing Only one moving part for increased reliability!Universal Bracket (multi-pc)Part No. 325614-101ElectronicHubodometerOne Model forany tire evermade.Or everwill be made!Part No.RT1000-000Contact

347-Hubodometer hub cap with oil port. 348-Sentinel oil hub cap. 349-Sentinel grease hub cap. 352-Solid grease hub cap. Part No. Description 340-4009 Standard 6 hole hub cap without oil port. 340-4013 Standard 5 hole hub cap without oil port. 340-4019 Standard 3 hole hub cap without oil

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Stemco offers a pre-set Hubodometer program at a nominal charge of 5.00 per Hubodometer . Pre-set orders are shipped within 3 working days from the Longview, Texas warehouse. To ensure accuracy, all pre-set orders should be faxed to Stemco Customer Service speci

STEMCO Stamped Steel grease hub caps are manufactured from 14 gage steel and have a protective yellow chromate plating with a clear lacquer coating for additional protection from corrosion. For synthetic base grease like Mobilith SHC 007, use the vented 340-5096 version cap. For petroleum base grease use the non-vented 340-5097 cap.

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