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October 1, 2014 - September 20, 2015BE ACTIVE.EAT RIGHT.STAY HEALTHY.LIVE WELL.

The HartfordMY WELLNESS AT WORKParticipate in The Hartford’s My Wellness at Work program and enjoy a morehealthy and productive lifestyle. Take advantage of the tools, resourcesand recommended programs to design a path to a healthier you. No moreguessing about where to start or what you need to. Your roadmap to wellness isright here for you. Take control and get started now.

ContentsWelcome to My Wellness at Work. 4Get Started by Completing Your Health Risk Assessment!. 8Healthy Values. 10Hundreds of health tools all on one website. 12Health Coaching. 16QuitForLife Program. 18Disease Management. 20Virgin Pulse HealthMiles Program. 22Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program. 26Other Wellness Programs. 28Frequently Asked Questions. 32

Welcome to My Wellness at WorkThe Hartford’s My Wellness at Work program makesit easy for you to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.These programs are designed to empower you to makesmarter decisions about your health and to connect youwith the information and resources you need to maximizeyour health and quality of life.To learn more and get started,register on the My Wellness at Work portal(

YOUR GOAL:EARN A TOTAL OF 40 POINTS BETWEEN OCTOBER 1, 2014AND SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 (10 EACH QUARTER)When you participate in wellness activities, you will earn wellness points. If you are enrolled inone of The Hartford’s health plan options and earn at least ten new points during each calendarquarter, you will receive a 150 healthy lifestyle credit toward your health premiums the followingcalendar quarter throughout 2015, for a total premium credit opportunity of 600. "Unused"wellness points carryover from one quarter to the next. For example, if you earn 14 points onequarter, 10 will be used toward premium credit the next quarter and 4 will carryover.To receive premium credits, you must complete the health risk assessment which is available onthe My Wellness at Work portal ( This is the only required activity;you select which other activities you want to do to build your pathway to wellness.Q4 2014Oct-Dec 2014Q1 2015Jan- March 2015Q2 2015April-June 2015Q3 2015July-Sept 2015Q4 2015Oct-Dec 2015PointsEarn 10 WellnessEarning Earn 10 Wellness Points for Q2 Earn 10 Wellness Earn 10 WellnessPoints for Q1Points for Q3Points for Q42015 CreditPeriods2015 CreditHealthPremiumCreditPayoutPeriods(including 4 pointsfor required HRA)2015 Credit2015 CreditReceive Q12015PremiumCredit**Receive Q22015PremiumCredit**Receive Q32015PremiumCredit**Receive Q42015PremiumCredit**** To be eligible to receive a premium credit, you must be enrolled in The Hartford’s health plan.Plan members on long term disability or COBRA, and employees in Hawaii are not eligible forpremium credits. In addition, to receive premium credits after Q1 2015, you must complete thehealth risk assessment.For more details, review the Frequently Asked Questions.5

HERE’S HOW IT WORKSEach activity shows the number of wellness points that you can earn. Upon completion ofthe activity, your wellness points are awarded. You can track your progress on the My Wellnessat Work health portal. You can log your challenge activity online or through the MyaTM app.Use the “Program Point Goal” to help you stay motivated and engaged to create a healthierlifestyle. You select which activities you want to do. When you reach your goal, keep goingand continue to build your pathway to wellness.Wellness Activities & Point ValuesProgram ActivityCompany-Sponsored Health ScreeningHealthy Values based on Health Screening ResultsHealth Risk Assessment (required)**Flu ShotSix-Week Online Coaching ProgramOnline Healthwise ConversationsOnline Monthly SeminarsReach Your Peak ChallengeStress Busters ChallengeStrive for 5! Nutrition ChallengeHealth Coaching / Quit for Life, if eligibleDisease Management program, if eligibleSelf-Reported Wellness ActivityBecome a Wellness ChampionConsumerMedicalVirgin Pulse HealthMilesNaturally Slim FoundationsWellness Point Value103 each, up to 15 per year1024 each, max 12 per year1 each, max 4 per year1 each, max 4 per year44410 each, max 20 per year101 each, max 4 per year2 per quarter, max 8 per year2Up to 8 per quarter, 32 per year4Naturally Slim Advanced4Total Opportunity153AvailableSept – Nov, 2014*Sept – Nov, 2014*Beginning Jan 1, 2015All yearAll yearAll yearAll yearFebruary, 2015May, 2015August, 2015All yearAll yearAll yearAll yearAll yearAll yearFall 2015, Spring 2015Fall 2015, Spring 2015In some cases, there is a limit to the number of times you can complete the same type of activity ina program year (Oct. 1, 2014 - Sept. 30, 2015). For example, you can earn one wellness point forcompleting an online seminar, but no more than four points in a year.*New hires and newly enrolled employees after 11/8/14 must complete a screening within 120 days of their hiredate to receive health screening and Healthy Values points, if applicable. For information about how to haveyour free health screening, email**Completing the health risk assessment is required to earn premium credits after the first quarter of 2015.If you have any questions, please call the My Wellness at Work help desk at855-651-2910. Representatives are available to help you Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to11 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, excluding national holidays.6


Get Startedby CompletingYourWelcometo MyWellness at WorkHealth Risk Assessment!Because we care about your health and well-being, we are offeringa health assessment to help you (and your dependents if they arecovered by The Hartford's health plan) learn about your risk factors.The health risk assessment (HRA) - which is available beginning inJanuary 2015 on the My Wellness at Work portal - is administered byAlereTM, a leader in the delivery of healthcare management programs.The results of your HRA will help you learn more about your physicaland emotional health as well as actions you can take to improve youroverall well-being. Your results will also allow AlereTM to tailor youractivities on the portal to your individual needs.8

COMPLETE YOUR HRABeginning in January, 2015 log on and register on the My Wellness at Workportal ( You will see the HRA module on thehome page. The HRA is confidential; your answers will not be shared with TheHartford. Please respond to the questions as candidly as possible to ensure yourresults accurately reflect your well-being. It should only take 15 to 20 minutesand, once you’re done, you will immediately see your results.Please note: Completing your HRAis a required activity to earn premiumcredits. Even if you earn ten wellnesspoints by participating in other activities,you will not receive premium creditsafter the first quarter of 2015 until youcomplete the HRA. The HRA will beavailable on the My Wellness at Workportal until you complete it. You willreceive a premium credit the quarterafter you complete the HRA. Retroactivecredits will not be provided.Remember, to receive any credits toward your 2015 medical premiumsafter the first quarter, you will need to complete the HRA.9

Healthy Values10

NEW THIS YEAR, up to 15 wellness points can be earned based on yourhealth screening results. If you participate in the company-sponsored healthscreening program and have your screening by the Nov. 8, 2014 deadline*, youcan earn three wellness points for each of the five measures below that fall withinthe healthy range (up to a total of 15 additional wellness points).MEASURESHEALTHY VALUESBody Mass Index (BMI) 25Triglycerides 150 mg/mlHDL 40 mg/dlBlood Pressure 120/80Blood Glucose 100 mg/dlIf any of your screening values are not in the healthy range, choose from any ofthe other available program activities to help you improve your health and earnwellness points.* New hires and newly enrolled employees after Nov. 8, 2014 must completea screening within 120 days of their hire date to receive health screening andHealthy Values points, if applicable. For information about how to have yourfree health screening, email

Hundreds of health tools all on one website.IT is more than just a website. is your gatewayto The Hartford’s wellness programs. Your health portal not only gives youtools to get healthy; it makes it fun!12

THE HOMEPAGE IS DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU BASED ON YOURHEALTH AND PREFERENCES.Learn your health risks when you completethe Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Featureson the portal will be personalized to youbased on your HRA responses.Select programs that will help motivateyou to get healthier. You choose how,when and where to make changes.Track your participation and progressduring the program. When youcomplete select activities, you willearn wellness points.Record challenge activities online or throughthe MyaTM app which automatically syncsto your health portal account. Download thefree app on your personal handheld devicethrough the App Store or Google Play.Stay connected with the latest programnews on the portal bulletin board under“What’s New.”13

Ready for more? Here are just a few of the things youLose weight and keep it off.We all know fad diets don’twork. The Diet Managerhelps you take simple stepsthat can build your confidence.It features a customized mealplan for your personal taste.Be informed 24/7.The portal offers a range of healthresources. Decision Aides provideinformation you need to makeinformed decisions about yourhealth. The Symptom Checker canprovide instant answers for minorbumps and even more serious issues.Manage your stressone day at a time.Just about everyoneexperiences stress.Find programs andresources to helpyou stop sweatingthe small stuff.Visit to get started.14

can decide to do on information the way you want it. Fromhealth videos and animations, to downloadableMP3s and even health games, the portal offersinformation when and how you want it.Become more active at your own pace.Whether you are looking to add newactivity to your day, or you want a fullfitness plan, the Walking Challenge,Fitness Planner and other online toolscan help you make it happen.Fun health games that boost brain power A personal health record Quick quizzes that tell you about your health A media center with video & MP3s Meal planners with delicious recipes Interactive conversations that clarify complex health issues Don’t miss:15

WelcomeHealthto My CoachingWellness at WorkQualified participants can work with a personal coach!Successful people - from athletes to actors - use coaches to helpthem reach their goals. So why wouldn’t you use one too?Chicken Salad16

Whether you want to fit into your skinny jeans, play with your kids without getting windedor boost your confidence and get healthier – enrolling in Health Coaching can help make ithappen. No goal is too small or too big.YOUR PERSONAL COACH CAN HELP YOU:1Lose weight2Eat healthier foods3Be more activeGain energy54Ease stressIf the results of your HRA indicate you would benefit from workingwith a Health Coach, you will have unlimited access to your personalcoach by phone or email for 6 months. Connect with your coachwhenever you feel the need. If you are ready to make changes to look and feelbetter or if you’ve already started, a personal coach will give you the tools,motivation and support to stick with it and reach your goals. Plus, you will earn10 wellness points when you complete six monthly check-in calls with your coachalong with a status assessment within six months of enrolling.If you are eligible, enrolling is quick and easy. Call 855-651-2910or enroll online at

QuitForLife ProgramTake the first step toward quitting today.Quit For Life is the nation’s leading tobaccocessation program. It employs an evidence-based combinationof physical, psychological and behavioral strategies to help youovercome your addiction to tobacco. Together you and yourcoach will create an easy-to-follow Quitting Plan to help youget ready, take action and live the rest of your life tobacco free.As an alternative to Quit For Life, all employees and covered dependents can enroll in theLive Tobacco Free online health coaching program. It provides online support and motivationto quit smoking through It is confidential and can be accessedanytime 24/7.To get started:1. Log on and select the Coaching link then choose the Live Tobacco Free focus area and get started.2. Work through your To-Do list each week.3. Complete the final assessment to receive 4 wellness points (up to a max of 12 for onlinecoaching programs).18

EMPLOYEES ENROLLED IN THE HARTFORD'S HEALTH PLAN HAVEACCESS TO QUIT FOR LIFE. WHEN ENROLLED, YOU WILL BENEFIT FROMTHESE PROGRAM FEATURES: Quit Coach . Expert coaches will support you over the phone whenever you needit. They are experienced in helping to overcome the struggles people face to beattobacco for good. You can call your Quit Coach as much as you want for 12 months.Guide. You will receive an easy-to-use printed workbook you can reference in any situationto help you stick with your Quitting Plan. Quit Web Coach . Enjoy lifetime access to a private online community where you can completeactivities, watch videos, track your progress and join in discussions with other program participants. 10 Wellness Points. Earn credit when you complete at least five designated calls with a Quit Coach and a six-month survey. Quitting Aids. Your coach will help you determine which type,dose and duration of nicotine substitute or medication is rightfor you, and teach you how to use it so it really works. Plus, youcan get up to 8 weeks of gum or patch therapy sent directly toyour home.In addition to calls with your Quit Coach ,you will receive supportive text messages on your mobilephone to help you prepare to quit, use medicationscorrectly, manage urges and avoid relapse. Text2QuitSM.Text2Quit Tip Today:Wear a rubber band onyour wrist. Snap therubber band wheneveryou have an urge tosmoke. It will remindyou that the actionyou’re considering hasa negative effect.It’s Free.It’s Confidential.It Works.855-651-2910The program will help you quit any type of tobacco with the“4 Essential Practices to Quit For Life.”1. Quit at your own pace.2. Conquer your urge to smoke.3. Use quit medications so they really work.4. Don’t just quit, become a non-smoker.19

Disease ManagementHelping you make changes for the better.20

IF YOU ARE ENROLLED IN THE HARTFORD'S HEALTH PLAN, THE DISEASEMANAGEMENT PROGRAM IS AVAILABLE TO YOU IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESECHRONIC CONDITIONS. YOUR DEPENDENTS WHO ARE COVERED BY THEHARTFORD'S HEALTH PLAN ARE ALSO artFailureManaging any health condition can be difficult, but managing a long lasting, chroniccondition can be even more challenging. However, having an illness does not need tokeep you from living a full life. The Disease Management program is available to give youone-on-one support from a registered nurse devoted to helping you get and stay healthy.WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:When you enroll in the program, you will develop a personal relationship with a nurse,who over time will help you work on specific health issues, set goals that are manageableand realistic for you and your lifestyle, and help you manage your health better so youcan get the most out of your life professionally and personally. Additionally, you will have24-hour access to an experienced nurse team to answer questions and provide guidanceso you can get help whenever you need it, day or night.IF YOU QUALIFY FOR THIS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED PROGRAM, YOU WILL RECEIVE: Access to Nurse24 – immediate expert advice from registered nurses available 24/7 A manageable care plan to meet your personal health goals Doctor visit preparation to help you get the most out of the appointments Expert monitoring of your health condition Help navigating the complex healthcare system 10 wellness points (when you complete at least three scheduled calls with your nurse andan annual status assessment).AlereTM, a company known for helping people improve their health by supporting theirindividual health goals, provides the support, education and the nurses. Whether or notyou want to participate is completely up to you. Any information you share in the program is strictly confidential and only shared with your physician or healthcare providers indetermining the best treatment plan for you.You can enroll by phone or online. Call 855-651-2910 or visit www.mywellnessmywork.comto get started.The support you need to make the right decisions about your health: It’spersonal. It’s confidential. It’s available with no out-of-pocket costs.21

Virgin Pulse HealthMiles ProgramPhysical Activity is an essential for a healthylifestyle. With healthy eating, it can help prevent a rangeof chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer andstroke. Physical activity helps to control weight, builds leanmuscle, reduces fat, promotes strong bones, muscle and jointdevelopment, and decreases the risk of obesity.22

MAKE FITNESS FUNHealthMiles is a program designed to get you moving by providing an easy and funway to encourage, measure and reward physical activity.If you enroll in the program you will: Receive a free pedometer called a Max Be able to easily upload and track your daily steps and other activities on theHealthMiles website Have the chance to participate in challenges Earn from two to eight wellness points each quarterThe program includes the tools, information and tracking methods you need tobegin or maintain a program of regular physical activity. Most importantly, it makesfitness fun. You’ll even have the opportunity to challenge your co-workers in a littlefriendly competition.HOW IT WORKSYou can participate if you are a benefits-eligible employee – you work at least 20 hours aweek. You don’t have to be enrolled in The Hartford’s Health plan.Here’s how you get started: Sign up by logging on to You will be mailedyour Free Max pedometer. Activate your pedometer. Follow the directions on the package to activate and use thepedometer. Then get moving. Go for a run, walk the dog, play with the kids, dance —whatever activity you enjoy. Plug the pedometer into your work computer using the USB cable that comes with itand upload your steps as often as you like, but at least every two weeks. You can alsoself-enter other activity in your online Activity Journal on the site. Earn HealthMiles. As you upload your steps and your activity accumulates, you’ll earnHealthMiles. The more active you are, the more HealthMiles you will earn. You can alsoearn HealthMiles by participating in individual, team and company-wide challenges. Track your progress. On the site, you can set goals, watch your HealthMiles add up andmove through different activity levels as you become more and more active.Sign up by logging on to

EARN WELLNESS POINTSAs you accumulate HealthMiles each quarter, you will move up the defined activity levelsearning more wellness points. For example, if you accumulate 5,000 HealthMiles at the endof a calendar quarter, you will receive four wellness points on the My Wellness at Work portaltoward the ten needed to receive the next quarter’s premium credit1.1To be eligible to receive a premium credit, you must be enrolled in The Hartford’s Health plan and completethe online Health Risk Assessment.24

FITNESS CENTER MEMBERSHIP REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAMThe Hartford will reimburse up to 30 a month ( 90 a quarter) for a fitness center membershipif you are a benefits-eligible employee who works outside of Connecticut, or you are a 100percent remote worker in Connecticut2.HOW IT WORKS:To receive fitness center membership reimbursement, you must follow all of these steps: If you are not already a member of a fitness center, join one of your choice. Sign up for the HealthMiles program by logging on to Earn at least 4,000 HealthMiles (Level 3) during the calendar quarter. At the end of each quarter, download and complete the Fitness Reimbursement Form which isavailable on the website ( under “What’s next for me”. By the last business day of the calendar quarter, fax ((888) 322-3088) or email( your completed form along with a copy of your validFitness Center Membership Agreement/Contract and proof that you have paid yourmembership fees for the preceding three months to HealthMiles. Within 30 days of receipt of your completed paperwork, you will receive an emailfrom HealthMiles letting you know your reimbursement is available to redeemon the site. Log in to redeem your reimbursement in the form of a gift card or as a direct deposit into abank account.2Employees who work in Connecticut who are not 100% remote are not eligible for the fitness center membershipreimbursement program.For more information, visitiConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Virgin HealthMiles.QUESTIONSIf you have any questions about the HealthMilesor fitness center membership reimbursement program,call or email HealthMiles:Phone: (877) ves are available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.25

Employee Assistance and Work/Life ProgramSolutions for balancing work and family life.Employees and their dependents don't have towait until problems turn into crises to call the EmployeeAssistance and Work/Life Program (EAP) for help. Thisprogram offers a variety of tools and services to help youmanage life's every day challenges.26

12THE PROGRAM HAS TWO COMPONENTS.The EAP program offers confidential counseling by a licensed clinician to youand your family members on a wide range of topics. Employees and dependentsreceive three free counseling visits per problem per year.The Work/Life component offers a number of resources to help you deal withchild and eldercare issues, and includes both legal and financial counselingservices as well.Services are provided by OptumHealth. In Connecticut, onsite EAP services areavailable and provided by Wheeler Clinic.Optum Health's website,, provides extensive and valuableinformation, an online library of work/life articles, interactive discussions, and ahost of prevention and wellness resources.You can access EAPcounseling and servicesthrough one convenientnumber. The EAP phoneline is answered 24 hours aday, 7 days a week.1-800-563-4760For more information, iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Employee Assistance/Work Life.27

WelcomeMy Wellnessat WorkOthertoWellnessPrograms28

CONSUMERMEDICAL ConsumerMedical provides employees and their dependents with reliable, current and personalized information and support with any health-related concern or issue.During difficult times, spending hours on the Internet sifting through conflicting andoutdated information can be overwhelming, confusing and not very productive.ConsumerMedical provides the latest research, available treatment options andthings to consider for any medical diagnosis or health topic, so you feel confident in themedical decisions you make for yourself and your family.If you or one of your dependents is considering a certain significant surgery, the SurgeryDecision Support program can help you learn about treatment options, the benefits andrisks, and how to choose a surgeon and hospital to get the best outcome. Employees and theircovered dependents are required to participate in the Surgery Decision Support program ifthey are having any of the following surgeries on an elective basis: hip replacement, knee replacement, bariatric (weight loss) surgery, back surgery, or hysterectomy. Failure to completethe program will result in a 1,000 penalty at the time the claim(s) is processed.ConsumerMedical consists of leading-edge physicians and medical researchers who areindependent of your medical plan and claims administrator, so you can feel assuredthat the information you receive is objective and in your best interest.You can speak directly with a “live” medical professional about your situation and receiveunbiased information, including the latest relevant research, available treatment optionsand other considerations associated with any medical diagnosis or health concern.Participation in the program is completely voluntary, confidential and is availableat no cost to all employees and their dependents. To contact ConsumerMedical ,call 888.361.3944, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, or register on website (enter “The Hartford” in the company codefield). Employees can earn two wellness points for registering with ConsumerMedical andrequesting information.For more information, visitiConnect Life and Career Health and Finance ConsumerMedical .ERGONOMICSThe Ergonomic program provides employees with the tools they need to understand thebasics of office ergonomics and to create a comfortable work environment that ensuresoptimal performance.For more information, visitFor more information, visit iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Ergonomics.29

NATURALLY SLIM Welcome to My Wellness at WorkEmployees of The Hartford can apply to participate in a free, health improvement program calledNaturally Slim . This program is designed to help participants lose weight and decrease theirrisk factors for metabolic syndrome. The program is proven to result in measurable, sustainableweight loss in the vast majority of individuals who complete the program.Designed and administered by experts in the field of nutrition, medicine and psychology, theNaturally Slim curriculum teaches participants how the habits they have formed over the courseof their lives can be reversed. The program consists of a series of ten, weekly online informativevideos with each video building on the previous one. If eligible, participants can earn 4 wellnesspoints toward a health premium credit for meeting the completion requirements of the Foundations or Advanced program, for a maximum of 8 wellness points a year.For more information, visit iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Naturally Slim30

WEIGHT WATCHERS To help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health, The Hartfordoffers a 50 percent subsidy for Weight Watchers Meetings or Online Subscriptions. All active,regular employees are eligible to take advantage of the subsidy. You do not need to be enrolledin The Hartford’s medical plan.For more information, visit iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Weight WatchersNUTRITION COUNSELINGNutrition counseling services are available to all employees at no charge, and are offeredin-person at the Home Office health center, telephonically or by email.For more information or to schedule a nutrition counseling session, contact NutritionistCheryl Zielke, MS, at 860-547-2492 or email at HEALTH CENTERSIn Connecticut, full-service, onsite health centers are available to employees. The health centersare open each workday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with walk-in services from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.For more information, visit iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Health Services.PHYSICAL THERAPYEmployees recovering from an injury that requires physical therapy treatment, can accesson-site physical therapy services in Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut.For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Health Services Physical Therapy.ONSITE FITNESS CENTERSIn Connecticut, state-of the-art fitness facilities are available at no cost to all employees.The fitness centers offer a wide variety of exercise equipment and daily group exercise classes.The professional staff will help members set and achieve their fitness goals.For more information visit iConnect Life and Career Health and Finance Fitness Programs31

Frequently Asked QuestionsHEALTH RISK ASSESSMENTLearn more about the HRA andMy Wellness at Work health management programs.WHAT IS THE HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT?To help you identify and understand your personal health risks, The Hartford is offering anannual online health risk assessment (HRA) through AlereTM - a leader in the delivery of healthcaremanagement programs. The HRA is a series of health and lifestyle related questions that willtake approximately 15 minutes to answer. The results of your HRA will help you learn moreabout your physical and emotional health as well as actions you can take to improve youroverall well-being. Your results will also allow Alere to tailor your activities on theMy Wellness at Work portal to your individual needs.WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE?Here are five good reasons to complete the My Wellness at Work health risk assessment (HRA):1. It’s quick. It should only take about 15 minutes to complete the online questionnaire.2. It delivers immediate results. Within seconds of completing the questionnaire, you’llhave your results.3. It provides personalized information. Your HRA res

Beginning Jan 1, 2015 All year All year All year All year February, 2015 May, 2015 August, 2015 All year All year All year All year All year All year Fall 2015, Spring 2015 Fall 2015, Spring 2015 In some cases, there is a limit to the number of times you can complete the same type of activity in a program year (Oct. 1, 2014 - Sept. 30, 2015).

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.