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Fake English BiblesDigigraphic AnalysisCopyright 2015 Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Fake English BiblesWe collected all of the non-KJV, non-IAV English Bibles in existence and ran a series ofdigigraphic tests against each of them. They all failed the test series, though some did not fail asbadly as others.i

Fake English BiblesPage 1Fake English BiblesIndex #Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)1221st Century King JamesA Conservative VersionA Fourteenth Century Biblical Version: Consisting of a Prologue and Parts of theNew Testament[2]A Literal Translation of the BibleA translation of RevelationA Voice In The Wilderness Holy ScripturesAbbreviated Bible - TAB - 1971, eliminates duplications, includes theApocryphaÆlfricAldhelmAldred the ScribeAll the Books of the Old and New Testaments (Purver, 1764)American King James VersionAmerican StandardAmerican Standard VersionAmerican Standard Version - ASV - 1901, a.k.a. Standard American Edition,Revised Version, the American version of the Holy Bible, Revised VersionAmerican Translation (Beck) - AAT - 1976American Translation (Smith-Goodspeed) - SGAT - 1931Amplified BibleAmplified Bible - AB - 1965, includes explanation of words within textAn American TranslationAnalytical-Literal Translation, The (not yet published)AnchorApostolic Bible PolyglotAramaic Bible (Alexander, not yet published)Aramaic Bible (Targums) - ABT - 1987, originally translated from the Hebrewinto the AramaicAramaic English New TestamentAramaic New Covenant - ANCJ - 1996, a translation and transliteration of theNew CovenantArtScroll Tanakh (Old Testament)Authentic New Testament - ANT - 1958Barclay New Testament - BNT - 1969Basic Bible - TBB - 1950, based upon a vocabulary of 850 wordsBasic ailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 2Fake English BiblesIndex 758596061626364656667Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)BedeBerkeley VersionBethelBible Designed to Be Read as Literature - BDRL - 1930, stresses literaryqualities of the Bible, includes the ApocryphaBible in EnglishBible in Living English (Byington, 1972)Bible in Worldwide EnglishBible Reader - TBR - 1969, an interfaith version, includes the ApocryphaBible Revised (Barham, 1850)Bible, The (Barker, 1615)Bishops'Bishops' BibleBishop's Bible (1568)Black Bible Chronicles (McCary, 1993)Book of the New Covenant (Penn, 1836)Brenton's English Translation of the SeptuagintCaedmon manuscriptCassirer New Testament - CNT - 1989Catholic Public Domain VersionCentenary Translation of the New Testament - CTNT - 1924, one of the fewversions translated solely by a womanChallonerChildren's King James VersionChristian CommunityChristian Community Bible (Grogan, 1995)Christian Community Bible, English versionChristian's Bible (Lefevre, 1928)Clear WordClear Word BibleClementine Edition (1790)Common English BibleCommon English New Testament - CENT - 1865Commonly Received Version of the New Testament (Cone, 1850)Complete Jewish BibleComplete Jewish Bible - CJB - 1989, a Messianic Jewish translationComplutensian FailedFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 3Fake English BiblesIndex #Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)686970Concordant Literal New Testament - CLNT - 1926Concordant Literal VersionConfraternity BibleConfraternity of Christian Doctrine Translation - CCDT - 1953, includes theApocryphaConservative Bible ProjectContemporary EnglishContemporary English VersionContemporary English Version - CEV - 1992, includes Psalms and ProverbsCoptic Version of the New Testament - CVNT - 1898, based on translations fromnorthern EgyptCotton Patch New Testament (Jordan, 1970)Cotton Patch SeriesCotton Patch Version - CPV - 1968, based on American ideas and Southern USculture, only contains Paul's writingsCoverdaleCoverdale BibleCoverdale Bible - TCB - 1540, includes the ApocryphaCranmer VersionDabhar TranslationDarbyDarby BibleDarby Holy Bible - DHB - 1923Dartmouth Bible - TDB - 1961, an abridgment of the King James Version,includes the ApocryphaDavid Macrae Translation (Macrae, 1799)De Nyew Testament in Gullah - NTG - 2005Dead Sea Scrolls Bible - DSSB - 1997, translated from Dead Sea Scrollsdocuments, includes the ApocryphaDivine Name King James BibleDivine Name King James Bible[6]Documents of the New Testament - DNT - 1934Douay–RheimsDouay–Rheims BibleDouay-Rheims Bible - DRB - 1899Douay-Rheims Bible (Challoner Revision)Dramatized Bible (Perry, edFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 4Fake English BiblesIndex Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)Eastern Orthodox BibleEasyEnglish BibleEasy-to-Read VersionEmphasized BibleEmphasized Bible - EBR - 1959, contains signs of emphasis for readingEmphatic DiaglottEmphatic Diaglott - EDW - 1942English Jubilee 2000 BibleEnglish StandardEnglish Standard VersionEnglish Standard Version - ESV - 2001, a revision of the Revised StandardVersionEnglish Translation of the Bible (Mace, 1729)English Version for the Deaf - EVD - 1989, a.k.a. Easy-to-Read Version,designed to meet the special needs of the deafEnglish Version of the Polyglott Bible - EVPB - 1858, the English portion of anearly Bible having translations into several languagesFamily Expositor (Dodderidge, 1755)FarmanFerrar FentonFerrar Fenton BibleFive Pauline Epistles, A New TranslationGenevaGeneva BibleGeneva Bible - TGB - 1560, the popular version just prior to the translation ofthe King James Version, includes the ApocryphaGeoffrey Chaucer, "The Parson's Tale", in The Canterbury TalesGodbey Translation of the New Testament - GTNT - 1905God's New Covenant: A New Testament TranslationGod's WordGod's Word - GW - 1995, a.k.a Today's Bible TranslationGood NewsGood News BibleGood News of Our Lord Jesus, the Anointed (Whiting, 1849)Grail PsalmsGreat BibleGreat Bible (Grafton and FailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 5Fake English BiblesIndex 166Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)Green's Literal TranslationHalleluYah ScripturesHatton gospelsHebraic Roots VersionHebrew Name BibleHeinz Cassirer's translationHelen Barrett Montgomery, Centenary Translation of the New TestamentHolman Christian StandardHolman Christian Standard BibleHoly Bible (Bellamy, 1818)Holy Bible (Conquest, 1841)Holy Bible (Forshall, 1850)Holy Bible (Fry, 1812)Holy Bible (Geddes, 1797)Holy Bible (Julia Smith, 1876)Holy Bible (Madden, 1850)Holy Bible (Sharpe, 1892)Holy Bible (Thomson)Holy Bible (Wordsworth, 1885)Holy Bible Containing the Old and the New Testaments (Sawyer, 1862)Holy Bible in Modern English - HBME - 1900Holy Bible with Amendments (Webster, 1833)Holy Bible, Revised Version - HBRV - 1885, an official revision of the KingJames Version which was not accepted at the timeHoly Bible: An Improved Edition (American Bible Union, 1912)Holy Scriptures (Harkavy) - HSH - 1951Holy Scriptures (Leeser) - HSL - 1905Holy Scriptures (Leeser, 1855)Holy Scriptures (Menorah) - HSM - 1973, a.k.a. Jewish Family BibleHoly Scriptures (Wellbeloved, 1859)Inclusive Version - AIV - 1995, stresses equality of the sexes and physicallyhandicapped, includes PsalmsInspired Version - IV - 1867, a revision of the King James VersionInterlinear Bible (Green) - IB - 1976, side-by-side Hebrew/Greek and EnglishInterlinear Literal Translation of the Hebrew Old Testament (George RichterBerry)International ledFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 6Fake English BiblesIndex 200201202Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)International Standard VersionInternational Standard Version - ISV - 1998James Moffatt's 'The New Testament, A New Translation'JerusalemJerusalem BibleJerusalem Bible (Catholic) - TJB - 1966, includes the ApocryphaJerusalem Bible (Koren) - JBK - 1962, side-by-side Hebrew and EnglishJewish Bible (Kaplan)Jewish Bible for Family Reading - JBFR - 1957, includes the ApocryphaJewish Publication Society of America Version Tanakh (Old Testament)Jewish School and Family Bible (Benisch, 1861)John Wesley New Testament - JWNT - 1755, a correction of the King JamesVersionJoseph SmithJoseph Smith Translation of the BibleJudaica Press Tanakh (Old Testament).Julia E. Smith Parker TranslationKing AlfredKing James 2000 VersionKing James Easy Reading VersionKing James II VersionKleist-Lilly New TestamentKleist-Lilly New Testament - KLNT - 1956KnoxKnox Translation - KTC - 1956, includes the ApocryphaKnox's Translation of the VulgateLamsa BibleLamsa Bible - LBP - 1957, based on Peshitta manuscriptsLattimore New Testament - LNT - 1962, a literal translationLeeser Bible, Tanakh (Old Testament)Letchworth Version in Modern English - LVME - 1948Lexham English BibleLiberal Translation of the New Testament (Harwood)Life of SoulLivingLiving Bible - LB - 1971, a paraphrase versionLiving edFailedFailedFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 7Fake English BiblesIndex 236Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)MatthewMatthew's BibleMcCord's New Testament Translation of the Everlasting GospelMcCord's New Testament Translation of the Everlasting Gospel - MCT - 1989Message - TM - 1993, a.k.a. New Testament in Contemporary English, atranslation in the street language of the day, includes Psalms and ProverbsMessianic Aleph Tav Scriptures[14]Middle English Bible translationsModern Bible Version (Pratt / American Bible Society, 1893)Modern English VersionModern King James VersionModern King James Version of the Holy Bible (McGraw-Hill, 1962)Modern Language BibleModern Reader's Bible - MRB - 1923, stresses literary qualities, includes theApocryphaModern Speech New Testament - MSNT - 1902, an attempt to present the Biblein effective, intelligible EnglishMoffatt New Translation - MNT - 1922Moffatt, New TranslationMr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament (Whiston, 1745)Murdock Translation of the Western PeshittoNames of God BibleNew AmericanNew American BibleNew American Bible - NAB - 1987, includes the ApocryphaNew American Bible Revised EditionNew American StandardNew American Standard BibleNew American Standard Version - NAS - 1977New and Corrected Version of the New Testament (Dickinson, 1833)New Berkeley Version in Modern English - NBV - 1967New CenturyNew Century VersionNew Century Version - NCV - 1987New Dispensation: The New Testament (Weekes, 1897)New English BibleNew English Bible - NEB - 1970, includes the iledFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 8Fake English BiblesIndex 270Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)New English Translation (NET Bible)New English Translation of the SeptuagintNew Evangelical Translation - NET - 1992, a translation aimed at missionaryactivityNew Family Bible (Boothroyd, 1833)New InternationalNew International Inclusive LanguageNew International Reader'sNew International Reader's VersionNew International Reader's Version (1995)New International VersionNew International Version - NIV - 1978New International Version Inclusive Language EditionNew JerusalemNew Jerusalem BibleNew Jerusalem Bible - NJB - 1985, includes the ApocryphaNew Jewish Publication Society of America Version. Tanakh (Old Testament)New JPS Version - NJPS - 1988New King JamesNew King James VersionNew King James Version - NKJ - 1990New LifeNew Life VersionNew Life Version - NLV - 1969, a translation designed to be useful whereverEnglish is used as a second languageNew Literal Translation (MacKnight, 1795)New LivingNew Living TranslationNew Living Translation - NLT - 1996, a dynamic-equivalence translationNew Messianic Version WebsiteNew Millenium Bible - NMB - 1999, a contemporary English translationNew Revised StandardNew Revised Standard VersionNew Revised Standard Version - NRS - 1989, the authorized revision of theRevised Standard VersionNew Testament (Belsham, 1809)New Testament (Bowes, FailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 9Fake English BiblesIndex 87288289290291292293Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)DTResultsFailed298299New Testament (Brotherhood Authentic Bible Society)New Testament (Campbell, 1826)New Testament (Clementson, 1938)New Testament (Cunnington)New Testament (Greber, 1937)New Testament (Haweis, 1795)New Testament (Highton, 1862)New Testament (Hollybushe, 1538)New Testament (Jefferson, 1820)New Testament (Joye)New Testament (Kneeland, 1822)New Testament (Morgan, 1848)New Testament (Murdock, 1851)New Testament (Panin / Bible Numerics, 1914)New Testament (Richter, 1877)New Testament (Scarlett, 1798)New Testament (Sharpe, 1856)New Testament (Simon, 1730)New Testament (Thorn, 1861)New Testament (W. Williams, 1812)New Testament (Wakefield, 1791)New Testament (Wynne, 1764)New Testament in an Improved Version (1808)New Testament in Plain English - WPE - 1963, a version using common wordsonlyNew Testament of Our Messiah and Saviour Yashua (Traina, 1950)New Testament or New Covenant (Worsley, 1770)New Testament: An Understandable Version - NTUV - 1995, a limited editionversionNew Translation (Archbishop Newcome)New Translation (Jewish) - NTJ - 1917300New Version of All the Books of the New Testament (Batly and Chandler, 1726)Failed301302303304New WorldNew World Translation - NWT - 1984New World Translation of the Holy ScripturesNewe Testament of Our Saviour Jesu Christe (Jugge, ledFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 10Fake English BiblesIndex 21322323324325326327328329330331332333Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)Nicholas Love, OCart, The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus ChristNoli New Testament - NNT - 1961, the first and only book of its kind by anEastern Orthodox translator at the time of its publicationNorlie's Simplified New Testament - NSNT - 1961, includes PsalmsNumberical Bible (Grant)Old and New Testaments (J. Clarke and Co., 1899)Old Covenant, The (Thompson, 1808)Old English Bible translationsOld English HexateuchOld Testament Scriptures (Spurrell, 1885)Open English BibleOriginal Aramaic Bible in Plain EnglishOriginal New Testament - ONT - 1985, described by publisher as a radicaltranslation and reinterpretationOrthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha - OJBC - 1996, an Orthodox version containingRabbinic Hebrew termsOrthodox Study BiblePeople's New Covenant - PNC - 1925, a version translated from the metaphysical standpointPhillips New Testament in Modern EnglishPhillips Revised Student Edition - PRS - 1972Poetic Bible, The (Gray, 1973)Psalters (12 in total), including the Vespasian Psalter and Eadwine's CanterburyPsalterPulpit Bible, The (Parker, 1937)QuakerQuaker BibleRecoveryRecovery Version - RcV - 1991, a reference version containing extensive notesRecovery Version of the BibleReese Chronological Bible - RCB - 1980, an arrangement of the King JamesVersion in chronological orderRestoration of Original Sacred Name Bible - SNB - 1976, a version whoseconcern is the true name and titles of the creator and his sonRestored New Testament - PRNT - 1914, a version giving an interpretationaccording to ancient philosophy and edFailedFailedFailedFailedFailedFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 11Fake English BiblesIndex #Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)334335336337338Revised EnglishRevised English BibleRevised English Bible - REB - 1989, a revision of the New English BibleRevised StandardRevised Standard VersionRevised Standard Version - RSV - 1952, a revision of the American StandardVersionRevised Standard Version Catholic EditionRevised Translation and Interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures (Ray, 1799)Revised Translation of the Old Testament (Cookesley, 1859)Revised VersionRheims-Challoner VersionRiverside New Testament - RNT - 1923, written in the living English language ofthe time of the translationRolleRotherham's EmphasizedSacred Scriptures, Bethel Edition - SSBE - 1981, the sacred name and the sacredtitles and the name of Yahshua restored to the text of the BibleScholars Version - SV - 1993, a.k.a. Five Gospels; contains evaluations ofacademics of what are, might be, and are not, the words of Jesus; contains thefour gospels and the Gospel of ThomasScriptures (ISR) - SISR - 1998, traditional names replaced by Hebraic ones andwords with pagan sources replacedSemitic New Testament (Trimm)Septuagint - LXX - c. 200 BCE, the earliest version of the Old Testamentscriptures, includes the ApocryphaShem Qadosh VersionShort Bible, A (Farrer, 1956)Shorter Bible - SBK - 1925, eliminates duplicationsSimplified English BibleSpencer New TestamentSpencer New Testament - SCM - 1941Stone Edition of the Tanach - SET - 1996, side-by-side Hebrew and EnglishSwann New Testament - SNT - 1947, no chapters, only paragraphs, with versesnumbered consecutively from Matthew to RevelationTavernerTaverner's iledFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 12Fake English BiblesIndex 396397398399Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)Taverner's Bible (Taverner, 1759)The Beloved and IThe Beloved and I: New Jubilees Version of the Sacred Scriptures in VerseThe Bible in Living EnglishThe Common Edition New TestamentThe Comprehensive New TestamentThe Emphatic DiaglottThe Fresh Agreement: God's Contract with HumanityThe Inclusive BibleThe Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary TranslationThe Living BibleThe Living OraclesThe Living Torah and The Living Nach. Tanakh (Old Testament)The MessageThe New Life TestamentThe New Testament translated by Richmond LattimoreThe Open English BibleThe OrmulumThe Orthodox Jewish BibleThe Orthodox Study BibleThe ScripturesThe Story BibleThe Unvarnished New TestamentThe VoiceThe Work of God's Children Illustrated Bible[11]Third MillenniumThird Millennium BibleThird Millennium Bible (The New Authorized Version)Thomas Cromwell Version (1539)Thomson's TranslationToday's English New Testament - TENT - 1972Today's English Version - TEV - 1976, a.k.a. Good News BibleToday's New InternationalToday's New International VersionTranslation of the New Testament (Scarlett, 1798)Translator's New Testament (1975)Tree of Life FailedFailedFailedFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 13Fake English BiblesIndex #Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)400401402403404405Tree of Life Bible[13]Twentieth Century New TestamentTwentieth Century New Testament - TCNT - 1904Two Nineteenth Century Versions of the New TestamentTyndaleTyndale BibleUnvarnished New Testament - UNT - 1991, the principal sentence elements keptin the original order of the GreekUpdated King James VersionVersified Rendering of the Complete Gospel Story - VRGS - 1980, the gospelbooks written in poetic form, contains the four gospelsWebster'sWebster's RevisionWessex GospelsWest Midland PsalmsWestminster BibleWestminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures - WVSS - 1929WGC IllustratedWiclif Translation - TWT - 1380, a very early version translated into EnglishWilliam CaxtonWilliam Tindale Newe Testament - WTNT - 1989, an early version with spellingand punctuation modernizedWilliam Tyndale Translation - WTT - 1530, early English version, includes thePentateuchWilliams New Testament - WNT - 1937, a translation of the thoughts of thewriters with a reproduction of their diction and styleWord Made Fresh - WMF - 1988, a paraphrase with humour and familiar namesand places for those who have no desire to read the BibleWorld English BibleWorld English Bible & World Messianic BibleWorld English Bible[12]World Messianic BibleWorrell New TestamentWorrell New Testament - WAS - 1904Wuest Expanded TranslationWuest Expanded Translation - WET - 1961, intended as a comparison to, orcommentary on, the standard ailedFailedFailedFailed

Fake English BiblesPage 14Fake English BiblesIndex #430431432433434435Bibles (Whole, Partial, Multiply Named)WycliffeWycliffe's Bible (1380)Wycliffe's Bible (1388)Young's LiteralYoung's Literal TranslationYoung's Literal Translation, Revised Edition - YLR - 1898, a strictly dFailedFailed

105 Emphatic Diaglott Failed 106 Emphatic Diaglott - EDW - 1942 Failed 107 English Jubilee 2000 Bible Failed 108 English Standard Failed 109 English Standard Version Failed 110 English Standard Version - ESV - 2001, a revision of the Revised Standard Version Failed 111

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