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DateTimeSydney AusGMT 11LondonUK GMTBoston USEST3/17/218:00 AM3/16/219:00 PM3/16/215:00 PMWorld Delirium Awareness Day Down Under3/17/218:30 AM3/16/219:30 PM3/16/215:30 PMDelirium Quality Improvement in Action – LIVE3/17/2110:00 AM3/16/2111:00 PM3/16/217:00 PMTitleAuthor(s)Drs. Gideon Caplan and Anita Nitchingham@GideonCaplan @anita nitchBrianna Walpole MHA RN, Tru Byrnes RN, Heidi LindrothPhD@WalpoleBriannaWDAD Go-Live in Korea & JapanDelirium Study in Korea,Link(Click text to link) LiveMeeting ID: 840 868 2169Passcode: 123456 Ryang Chung MD PhD @ccrzzangFocus to an Individual,Katsukawa “Katz” Hajime PT PhD @DrKatzKatsukawa3/17/2110:30 AM3/16/2111:30 PM3/16/217:30 PM3/17/2110:45 AM3/16/2111:45 PM3/16/217:45 PMDelirium. Implementation Across a Health Service3/17/2111:00 AM3/17/21Midnight3/16/218:00 PMInterdisciplinary collaboration in delirium careChanging Delirium PracticeJim Rudolph MD@JimRudolphMDBrianna Walpole MHA RN@WalpoleBriannaBjorn Erik Neerland MD .ly/WDADevidence

3/17/2111:20 AM3/17/2100:20 AM3/16/218:20 PMImproving Delirium Care through the Power of3/17/2111:30 AM3/17/2100:30 AM3/16/218:30 PMIdentifying Delirium in Inpatients with Parkinson’sCollaborationCarly WelchDisease@rachaellawson853/17/2100:45 AM3/16/218:45 PMDelirium superimposed on Dementia3/17/21Noon,12:00PM3/17/211:00 AM3/16/219:00 PMDelirium in Stroke3/17/2112:20 PM3/17/211:20 AM3/16/219:20 PM3/17/211:00 PM3/17/211:30 AM3/17/212:00 AM3/16/219:30 PM3/16/2110:00 PM Lawson PhD3/17/2111:45 AM3/17/2112:30 PM Pryor RN, Senior Lecturer@clairepryordsdRamesh Sahathevan, MD, PhD@RameshSahathev1Delirium among Critically Ill Stroke PatientsThomas Lawson, MS, APRN-CNPRemember Delirium in StrokeTerry Quinn MD@DrTerryQuinnDelirium Detection in Clinical PracticeAlasdair MacLullich MD, PhD@A ro

3/17/211:30 PM3/17/212:30 AM3/16/2110:30 PMDelirium Management- Modern Approach with A-Fbundle Hermes CCRN, MSc, ANP@Hermes Carsten3/17/212:00 PM3/17/212:20 PM3/17/213:00 AM3/17/213:20 AM3/16/2111:00 PM3/16/2111:20 PM3/17/212:40 PM3/17/213:40 AM3/16/2111:40 PM3/17/213:00 PM3/17/214:00 AM3/17/21Midnight3/17/213:20 PM3/17/213:40 PM3/17/214:20 AM3/17/214:40 AM3/17/2100:203/17/2100:40ICU Diaries for Patients in DeliriumTeresa Deffner, PhD and Peter Nydahl PhD RNFamily Engagement in the Prevention, Detection, andManagement of Delirium in Critically en Fiest PhD@kmfiestDelirium and Early MobilizationPeter Nydahl PhD RN@NydahlPeterDelirium and IsolationRebecca Von Haken MDThe Career in Person-Centered Delirium Care.Meaningful participation or experience Rahman MA PhD MRCP(UK) LLM MBA@dr shibleyThe Patient ExperienceMark Hudson@MarkThomHudson

3/17/214:00 PM3/17/215:00 AM3/17/211:00 AMSurviving the Trauma of Delirium3/17/214:30 PM3/17/215:30 AM3/17/211:30 AMDelirium and Pain3/17/214:45 PM3/17/215:45 AM3/17/211:45 AMCommunity Delirium Pathway3/17/215:00 PM3/17/216:00 AM3/17/212:00 AM3/17/215:15 PM3/17/216:15 AM3/17/212:15 AM3/17/216:45 PM3/17/217:45 AM3/17/213:45 AM3/17/216:55 PM3/17/217:55 AM3/17/213:55 AMKerri Maya MSL RN PHN Sampson PhD@ProfLizSampsonEmma Vardy MBChB PhD@emmavardy2WDAD Go Live in AfricaDelirium as an Issue of Global Health Importance in ricaLow-Income Countries: Findings from ZambiaJustin Banerdt, MD, MPHImproving Delirium CareIrish Gerontological Society@irishgerontsocWDAD Go Live in GermanyRebecca von Haken MDWDAD Go Live – European Delirium Association(EDA)Daniel Davis PhD, Birgitta Olofsson PhD RN@dhj pe

3/17/217:00 PM3/17/218:00 AM3/17/214:00 AMWDAD Go Live in the United KingdomClick here to join the meetingLIVE with Drs. Mani Krishnan & Alasdair MaclullichLIVE – Join!3/17/218:00 PM3/17/219:00 AM3/17/215:00 AMDelirium Wheel App Launch PM3/17/219:15 AM3/17/215:15 AMHow to Define Delirium for a Clinical Research Study3/17/218:30 PM3/17/219:30 AM3/17/215:30 AMDelirium e Demenza3/17/218:50 PM3/17/219:50 AM3/17/215:50 AM@Deliriumkrish, @A MacLullichDrs. Rashi Negi, Gulshan Kaul, Mani Krishnan@rnegi71, @gulshankaul, @DeliriumkrishDan Davis PhD@dhj davisAlessandro Morandi MD MPH (In Italian)@AleMorandi78Ill Delirium: Indicatore Prognostico di FragilitaGiuseppe Bellelli MD (In Italian)@GiusepeBellelli3/17/219:00 PM3/17/2110:00AM3/17/216:00 AM3/17/219:15 PM3/17/2110:15 AM3/17/216:15 AMDelirium & Management3/17/219:45 PM3/17/2110:45 AM3/17/216:45 AMReal World Delirium Prevention in GermanyCOVID19 & Delirium: The Front Line ExperienceDan Thomas MD@Dan26walesClaire Copeland MD@Sparklystar55Stefan Kreisel tp://

3/17/2110:00 PM3/17/2111:00 AM3/17/217:00 AMBrazil & Latin American WDAD Go Live3/17/2110:05 PM3/17/2111:05 AM3/17/217:05 AMBehind the Scenes with Alfredo Covarrubias – TheBehind the Scenes with Roberta Castro MD PhD@robertaevcastroAssessment of Pain & Delirium at the End of ericasAlfredo Covarrubias MD@Covarrubias3/17/2110:10 PM3/17/2111:10 AM3/17/217:10 AMDelirium in Children3/17/2110:15 PM3/17/2111:15 AM3/17/217:15 AMPediatric Delirium3/17/2110:25 PM3/17/2111:25 AM3/17/217:25 AMNurse Driven Delirium Care3/17/2110:30 PM3/17/2111:30 AM3/17/217:30 AMDelirium Detection in Clinical Practice3/17/2111:00 PM3/17/2112:00 PM3/17/218:00 AMRoberta Castro MD PhD@robertaevcastroSchool of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, StephanieHadleyLaura Beth Kalvas RN@LBKalvasAlasdair MacLullich MD, PhD@A MacLullichWDAD Go Live in North AmericaAmerican Delirium Society Board tp://

3/17/2111:30 PM3/17/2112:30 PM3/17/218:30 AMWhy I’m Interested in Postoperative Delirium3/17/2111:45 PM3/17/2112:45 PM3/17/218:45 AMUsing Risk Stratification Strategy to Identify &3/18/21Midnight3/17/211:00 PM3/17/219:00 AMDelirium. Implementation Across a Health Service3/18/2100:153/17/211:15 PM3/17/219:15 AMRakesh Arora MD PhD@RakeshAroraPrevent DeliriumTru Byrnes RNBrianna Walpole RNChanging Delirium PracticeJim Rudolph MD@JimRudolphMD3/18/210:30 AM3/17/211:30 PM3/17/219:30 AM3/18/2100:403/17/211:40 PM3/17/219:40 AMInterdisciplinary collaboration in delirium care3/18/211:00 AM3/17/212:00 PM3/17/2110:00 AMThe Lived Experience of Delirium3/18/212:00 AM3/17/213:00 PM3/17/2111:00 AMDelirium Awareness VideoHamilton Health Sciences@DeliriumcareBjorn Erik Neerland MD PhD@beneerlandLIVE with Mark Hudson, Lou Galle, and Rebecca@MarkThomHudson, @LifeBoatGeek, @Resus2RunnerDelirium and Dementia; Are the Same Disorder?Cintia Sanchez MD (In y/WDADAmericasZoom LinkMeeting ID: 840 868 2169Passcode 123456

3/18/213:30 AM3/17/214:30 PM3/17/2112:30 PMLIVE WDAD 2021 Pit Stop3/18/214:00 AM3/17/215:00 PM3/17/211:00 PMThe Interface of Cognitive Impairment and Delirium3/18/214:30 AM3/17/215:30 PM3/17/211:30 PM3/18/214:50 AM3/17/215:50 PM3/17/211:50 PMiDelirium Team will overview #Delirium Programming &what is next for #Deliriumin Congestive Heart FailureJacob Lafo PhDDr. Lakshman Swamy’s Reflections and Approach toAgitated DeliriumZoom LINKMeeting ID: 840 868 2169Passcode: marathonLakshman Swamy MD@laxswamyDelirium and Functional Recovery in PatientsDischarged to Skilled Nursing Facilities after for Heart FailureJenny Kim; Caroline Madrigal PhD RN, Lan Jiang MS,Jacob Lafo PhD, Melanie Bozzay PhD, Jennifer PrimackPhD, Stephen Correia PhD, Sebhat Erqou MD PhD, Wen-3/18/215:00 AM3/18/215:20 AM3/17/216:00 PM3/17/216:20 PM3/17/212:00 PM3/17/212:20 PMChih Wu MD, James L. Rudolph MD@jaykayjennykim, @CMadrigalPhD, @JimRudolphMDThe Career in Person-Centered Delirium Care.Meaningful participation or 'tokenism'?Shibley Rahman MA PhD MRCP(UK) LLM MBA@dr shibleySurviving the Trauma of DeliriumKerri Maya MSL RN athon

3/18/215:30 AM3/17/216:30 PM3/17/212:30 PM3/18/215:45 AM3/17/216:45 PM3/17/212:45 PM3/18/216:00 AM3/17/217:00 PM3/17/213:00 PM@klmayarnDelirium and PainLiz Sampson PhD@ProfLizSampsonRaising Awareness and Training of DeliriumColin SloaneLIVE – Being Agile in Delirium ImplementationLindy Bilimek CNS, Kate Callahan MD, Rhonda Metzger3/18/217:00 AM3/18/217:25 AM3/18/217:40 AM3/18/218:00 AM3/18/218:15 AM3/17/218:00 PM3/17/218:25 PM3/17/218:40 PM3/17/219:00 PM3/17/219:15 PM3/17/214:00 PM3/17/214:25 PM3/17/214:40 PM3/17/215:00 PM3/17/215:15 PMRN, Moderated by Heidi Lindroth PhD RNCommunity Delirium PathwayEmma Vardy MBChB PhD@emmavardy2Delirium Wheel App LaunchDrs. Rashi Negi, Gulshan Kaul, Mani Krishnan@rnegi71, @gulshankaul, @DeliriumkrishHow to Define Delirium for a Clinical Research StudyDan Davis PhD@dhj davisDelirium as an Issue of Global Health Importance inLow-Income Countries: Findings from ZambiaJustin Banerdt, MD, MPHFamily Engagement in the Prevention, Detection, andManagement of Delirium in Critically athonZoom LINKMeeting ID: 840 868 2169Passcode ADmarathon

3/18/218:30 AM3/17/219:30 PM3/17/215:30 PMKirsten Fiest PhD @kmfiestDelirium Management- Modern Approach with A-Fbundle Hermes CCRN, MSc, ANP@Hermes Carsten3/18/218:55 AM3/18/219:20 AM3/18/219:45 AM3/18/2110:15 AM3/18/2110:30 AM3/17/219:55 PM3/17/2110:20 PM3/17/2110:45 PM3/17/2111:15 PM3/17/2111:30 PM3/17/215:55 PM3/17/216:20 PM3/17/216:45 PM3/17/217:15 PM3/17/217:30 PMICU Diaries for Patients in DeliriumTeresa Deffner, PhD and Peter Nydahl PhD RNDelirium and IsolationRebecca Von Haken MDDelirium and Early MobilizationPeter Nydahl PhD RN@NydahlPeterDelirium in the ICUMcKenna JohnsonIdentifying Delirium in Inpatients with Rachel Lawson PhD3/18/2110:45 AM3/18/2111:45 PM3/17/217:45 PM@rachaellawson85Delirium superimposed on DementiaClaire Pryor RN, Senior Lecturer@clairepryordsd

3/18/2111:00 AM3/18/2111:20 AM3/18/2111:40 403/18/211:00 AM3/17/218:00 PM3/17/218:20 PM3/17/218:40 PM3/17/219:00 PMDelirium in StrokeRamesh Sahathevan, MD, PhD@RameshSahathev1Delirium among Critically Ill Stroke PatientsThomas Lawson, MS, APRN-CNPRemember Delirium in StrokeTerry Quinn MD@DrTerryQuinnImproving Delirium CareIrish Gerontological collaboration of different delirium networks. Credits go to Heidi Lindroth, Alasdair MacLullich, Mani Krishnan, Eleni Fixter, Peter Nydahl,Roberta Esteves Vieira de Castro, and Christopher Gabor.

Sydney Aus GMT 11 London UK GMT Boston US EST Title Author(s) Link (Click text to link) Date Time 3/17/21 8:00 AM 3/16/21 9:00 PM 3/16/21 5:00 PM

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