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GPS Engine BoardM-9329Version Update LogVersionDate0.12010/07/09Revised ReasonDraft release-i-

Table of Content1.Introduction.11.1 General introductions . 11.2 Key Features . 11.3 Applications . 12Technical Description.22.1 Block Diagram . 22.2 Pin Definition . 32.3 Specification . 53. Mechanical Dimension .73.1 Mechanical Dimension. 74. Package .84.1 Packing . 84.2 Reference Product Photo . 95.User Interface.105.1 NMEA Protocol.105.2 NMEA Protocol format.105.3 MTK NMEA Packet Format .116.Reference Design .126.1 Reference circuit .126.2 Reference PCB pattern.136.3 Recommendation reflow profile.15- ii -

GPS Engine BoardM-93291. Introduction1.1 General introductionsM-9329 is an ultra miniature 13.1 * 15.9 * 2.2 mm GPS engine board designed bylow power consumption MTK GPS solution. It provides superior sensitivity up to-165dBm and fast Time-To-First-Fix in navigation application. The stableperformance of M-9329 is your best choice to be embedded in your portable devicedesign, like PDA、PND、mobile phone、Digital Camera for GPS service.1.2 Key Features‧ Small form factor:13.1* 15.9 * 2.2 mm‧ RoHS/WEEE compliant‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧High sensitivity -165dBm(Tracking , Accroding to MTK chip spec)Up to 66 parallel searching,22 tracking channelsFast Position FixLow power consumptionRTCM-in ready.Built-in WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS Demodulator.Support NMEA0183 V 3.01 data protocol.Real time navigation for location based services.‧ For Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Fleet Management, AVL andLocation-Based Services, Auto Pilot, Personal Navigation or touring devices,Tracking devices/systems and Mapping devices application1.3 Applications‧ Automotive and Marine Navigation‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Automotive Navigator TrackingEmergency LocatorGeographic SurveyingPersonal PositioningSporting and RecreationEmbedded applications:Smart phone, UMPC, PND, MP4-1-

GPS Engine BoardM-93292 Technical Description2.1 Block Diagram-2-

GPS Engine BoardM-93292.2 Pin DefinitionBottom viewPinPin NameTypeFunction description1GPS RF INIGPS signal input(DC:2.8V output)2GNDGGround3GNDGGround4GNDGGround5V BAT 3V3IRTC and backup SRAM , DC Input:2.8 4.2V.NC: provide the power by module internal ound11 VCC IN 3V3I3.3 4.2 VDC Power Input12GNDGGround13RESETISystem Reset ,Active LowNC-3-

GPS Engine BoardM-932914GNDGGround15GNDGGround16GPIO3IGeneral purpose I/O17GNDGGround18GPIO1I/OGeneral purpose I/O19GNDGGround201PPSO1 PPS output pulse width 100 ms, edge tolerance is /- und25GPIO226GNDGGround27WAKE UPINC,Option,the module will go to standby mode when this pin is low28GNDGGround29GNDGGround30TX0OSerial Data Output31RX0ISerial Data Input32RX1ISerial Data Input33GNDGGround34TX1OSerial Data Output35GNDGGround36GNDGGroundI/O General purpose I/O-4-

GPS Engine BoardM-93292.3 SpecificationGeneral(Follow MTK chip specification)GPS technologyMTK GPS chipset MT3329FrequencyL1,1575.42MHZC/A Code1.023MHZ chip rateChannels66 parallel searching,22 tracking channelsSensitivity- 165 dBm (Tracking)Receiver Accuracy(Follow MTK chip specification)Without aid:3.0 M 2D-RMSPositionDGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, RTCM):2.5 MTimeWithout aid:0.1 M/sec0.1μs. Sync GPS timeDatumWGS84(Default) total 219 datum’sTime to First Fix(Follow MTK chip specification)Hot start 1 sec.Warm start 33 sec.Cold start 35 sec. GA,GLL,GSA,GSV,RMC,VTGGPS Output DataSupport Baud rate 4800/9600/ ./115200 bps (default4800), Data bit:8 , Stop bit:1, No parity.Update Rata1Hz(default)Protocol SupportNMEA-01831PPSEnable(1Hz pulse 10% duty cycle)LimitationsAcceleration Limit(Follow MTK chip specification) 4GAltitude Limit 18000 metersVelocity Limit 515 M/secJerk Limit20 M/sec3PowerOperation Current Acquisition: 42 mA@3.3VOperation Current Tracking: 36 mA@3.3VDC Input RangeVCC IN 3V3: 3.3 4.2VV BAT 3V3:2.0 4.2V-5-

GPS Engine BoardM-9329Processing CoreProcessor Type ARM7EJ-SProcessor Speeds 48 MHzCMOS 2.8 V LevelInterfaceTemperatureOperating Temperature -30to 80 .Storage Temperature -40to 85 .Operating Humidity5% to 95%, Non condensingPhysicalDimension 13.1 * 15.9 * 2.2 mm.Weight 1g.-6-

GPS Engine BoardM-93293. Mechanical Dimension3.1 Mechanical DimensionTOP VIEW-7-

GPS Engine BoardM-93294. Package4.1 PackingTray dimension : 325*220*9 mm,Standard Content Qty : 100 pcs.Carton dimension : 340*235*120 mm,Standard Content Qty : 2,000 pcs。-8-

GPS Engine BoardM-93294.2 Reference Product PhotoThe photo is for reference, the real content will depend on the real configuration.Top side :Bottom side : (The PCB version depend)-9-

GPS Engine BoardM-93295. User InterfaceM-9329 provides 2-wire digital UART port for communication of GPS position datausing NMEA protocol or MTK extension protocol. UART port is capable of 4800 to115200 baud rate.5.1 NMEA ProtocolM-9329 is default to support standard NMEA-0183 protocol. In addition, a series ofMTK extensions (PMTK messages) have been developed that can be used to provideextended capabilities common to many applications.5.2 NMEA Protocol formatM-9329 is capable of supporting following NMEA formats:NMEA RECORDDescriptionGGAGPS fix dataGLLGeographicGSAGNSS DOP and active satelliteGSVGNSS Satellites in viewRMCRecommended minimum specific GNSS dataVTGCourse Over Ground and Ground SpeedZDATime & Data- 10 -

GPS Engine BoardM-93295.3 MTK NMEA Packet FormatPreambleTalkerIDPktType Datafield *CHK1CHK2CRLFMaximum packet length is restricted to 255 bytesFieldLengthTypePreamble1 byteCharacterTalkerID4 byteCharacter string“PMTK”Character string“000”to “999”, anidentifier used to tellthe decoder how todecode the packetPktTypeDataField*3 byteD“ ”Variable“, ”must be insertedahead each data filedto help the decoderprocess the DataField1 byteCharacterThe star symbol isused to mark the endof Data Fieldchecksum of the databetween Preamble“, ”and “*”CHK1CHK22 byteCharacter stringCR, LF2 byteBinary data- 11 -used to identify theend of a packet

GPS Engine BoardM-93296. Reference Design6.1 Reference circuitFig 1 is M-9329 uses patch Antenna connects to RS-232 transceiver solutionsintended for portable or hand-held applications.Fig.A-1- 12 -

GPS Engine BoardM-93296.2 Reference PCB pattern- 13 -

GPS Engine BoardM-9329- 14 -

GPS Engine BoardM-93296.3 Recommendation reflow profile We strongly recommend that this module should be designed to mount on topside of motherboard with main chip together which process the final reflow. The maximum frequency of this module to pass reflow process should be nomore than twice, including repair operation, otherwise it may cause side effect tothe performance. Below is the recommend reflow profile referred to Main MTK chipSet.- 15 -

M-9329 is an ultra miniature 13.1 * 15.9 * 2.2 mm GPS engine board designed by low power consumption MTK GPS solution. It provides superior sensitivity up to -165dBm and fast Time-To-First-Fix in navigation application. The stable performance of M-9329 i

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