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DESIGNER Line Comparison ChartFEATURESExclusive SEWING ADVISOR EMBROIDERY ADVISOR mySewnet Library CapabilityDESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80Yes, extended with Yes, extended withJoyOS ADVISOR JoyOS ADVISOR Yes, extended withJoyOS ADVISOR FeatureYes, extended withJoyOS ADVISOR FeatureFeatureFeature Adjustable Laser SewingGuidance Ribbon EmbroideryAttachment Capability Multi-Function Foot ControlCapability deLuxe Stitch System Feed teeth dropwith extra lift Feed teeth dropwith extra liftAccessory Guide Choose On-Screen ColorScheme Display TypeBuilt-In StitchesDesigns IncludedStitch WidthDESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.21DESIGNER JADE 35 Yes, on-screen accessIntegrated Dual FeedTechnologyEXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM DESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40 Large 10.1”Ultimate Interactive(217x136mm) fullFull Color Capacitivecolor capacitiveTouch Screen 7.0”touch screen with(154.2x85.9mm)180 viewing anglehigh resolutionand high resolution(1024x600)(1280x800).Large ColorTouch Screen 3.5”(70x53mm)Graphic DisplayMonochrome 3⅛”(71.5x34.5mm)844 Can be upgraded 555 Can be upgradedwith more stitches with more stitches261/208120756571159 built-in designs/100 built-in designs709mm7mm7mm7mm

FEATURESMulti-Size Embroidery FontsEmbroidery Unit SizeImperial Hoop 14¼”x10¼”(360x260mm) IncludedDESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80DESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40DESIGNER JADE 35852/11LargeLargeMedium/SmallSmall /no Royal Hoop 14¼”x8”(360x200mm) IncludedCrown Hoop 10¼”x8”(260x200mm) Included Jewel Hoop 9.6”x6”(240x150mm) IncludedSplendid Square Hoop4¾”x4¾” (120x120mm)Includedno/ DESIGNER Majestic Hoop14¼”x13¾” (360x350mm)IncludedOptionalOptionalHigher Embroidery Speed AutomaticManualDesign Appliqué - Choosefrom shapes or alphabet andcreate appliqués on the screen Design Shaping FullFullResize Design with StitchRecalculation Embroidery Customize onScreen Up to 10 designs/Up to 5 designsSelective/Automatic ThreadCutter with Automatic JumpStitch Trim Needle ThreaderDesign Positioning – Matchyour embroideries perfectlyevery timeDESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.22 /noManualManualBasicAutomatic ThreadCutter

FEATURESDESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80DESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40DESIGNER JADE 35Large Sewing Surface250mm (almost 10”)to the right310mm (almost 12”) 250mm (almost 10”)200mm (almost 8”)of the needleto the right of theto the right of theto the right of the/200mm (almost 8”)needleneedleneedleto the right of theneedleLight SystemLED technology andRows of light emitMarket leading LED light guides provideting diodes (LED)light. Adjust density. excellent lighting on/ 3 LEDyour work area.USB ConnectivityTransfer Designs with WiFiUpdates via InternetTwo USB Ports forEmbroidery SticksUSB Port forEmbroidery Stick Embroidery StickThrough WiFi or USB Through WiFi or USB Via USB Embroidery Via USB EmbroideryEmbroidery StickEmbroidery StickStickStickLighted Thread Area Embroidery Unit Soft BagIncluded Screen Saver with Start UpScreen Ability to Use USB MouseLock Screen OptionEmbroidery Stick3 LED /no /no /noN/A - CapacitiveTouch ScreenN/A - CapacitiveTouch Screen N/A - LCD Display mySewnet ServicesmySewnet Services Embroidery Intro PCSoftware IncludedQuick Help System Directly onScreen or PrintedQuick Help,Index HelpQuick Help,Index HelpQuick HelpAutomatic Feed Teeth DropSewing andEmbroiderySewing andEmbroideryEmbroidery OnlyEmbroidery OnlySlide-On Accessory TrayDouble SidedDouble Sided Top and Bobbin ThreadSensor Top Thread SensorBuilt-In Stylus HolderQuick Wind Bobbin – Separatemotor to wind bobbin whilesewing or embroideringHUSQVARNA VIKING USB Embroidery StickFree QuickFont andEmbroidery Software toDownloadDESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.23

FEATURESMultiple LanguagesElectronic Self-AdjustingThread TensionExtended Dual Stitch PlateDESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80DESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40DESIGNER JADE 3512101212Plus PlusdeLuxe Stitch SystemdeLuxe Stitch SystemGuidelines up toGuidelines up toGuidelines up toGuidelines up to65mm on both sides 40mm on both sides 40mm on both sides 40mm on both sidesof the needleof the needleof the needleof the needleAutomatic Bobbin ThreadPick-up Jam-Proof Rotary Hook Permanently Lubricated Custom Fabric SoftCover IncludedHard CoverIncludedHard CoverIncludedBuilt-In AccessoryCompartmentDesigned & Engineered inSweden Designed in SwedenColor Block Sort – Eliminatecolor changes with a touch Machine StorageColor Block Merge – Eliminatecolor stops in large orcombined designsGrouping of Designs – Createa group of selected designson screen for editingSmart Save In sewing,In sewing,embroidery edit and embroidery edit lity to EmbroiderButtonholes in the Hoop Undo/Redo when CreatingDesign Combinations Change Design Stitch OutOrder Tapering in Embroidery Mode Sew Decorative Stitches in theHoop DESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.24

FEATURESDESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40DESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80Design-Select – Select one ormany embroideries forediting Touch & Hold for EasyHandling of Designs, Files andMore Select Designs fromThumbnail Pictures Go To Exact Embroidery StitchNumber /noZoom and Pan Load and View Multi-formatDesigns Add Grid to Screen forPlacement Embroidery Time Countdownby Color /noCursor Mark On-Screen WhileEmbroidering Change designcolors, changebackground color,select monochromeChange designcolors, selectmonochromeRotate DesignsOne degreeincrementsOne degreeincrementsOne degreeincrements90 degreeincrementsBaste in Hoop2 options2 options Scale Design Step Through Embroidery byColor and Stitch-by-Stitch Check Size and Placementbefore Embroidering My Hoops – Select hoops youown Exclusive Stitch Techniques65Color EditDESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.25DESIGNER JADE 35Select to sew in color, Select to sew in color,or monochromeor monochrome

FEATURESDESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80Integrated Dual FeedTechnology Built-in Straight Stitch Plate withSensor Side-Motion Sewing Taper Stitch Select Angles– Choose from 18 differentangles Directional Sewing –4-way and 8-way Sew with Embroidery UnitAttached Interchangeable Dual FeedIncludedPermanent MemoriesStitch Pattern Re-StartMy Stitches MenuProgrammable Sewing FontsPBB (Perfectly BalancedButtonholes) with SensorOne-Step Buttonhole FootStitches on ScreenSpeed ControlDESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40DESIGNER JADE 35 /nomySewnet Cloud and mySewnet Cloud andMy Files USB Embroidery stick USB Embroidery stick USB Embroidery stick 100 MB memory100 MB memoryavailable using WiFi/ available using WiFi/a USB sticka USB stick 24 memories/20 memories1 memory5Can also beembroidered5/4216 Buttonholes 3 Eyelets Sew on Button11 Buttonholes 2 Eyelets Sew on Button9 Buttonholes 2 Eyelets Sew onButton/7 Buttonholes Eyelets Sew on Button6 Buttonholes Eyelet Starting point ofstitch indicated onscreen Starting point ofstitch indicated onscreen Starting point ofstitch indicated onscreen /no 5 Sewing Speeds5 Sewing Speeds5 Sewing Speeds5 Sewing Speeds5Can also beembroideredTwin Needle Setting The look of the stitchThe look of the stitch The look of the stitchis shown on screenis shown on screen is shown on screen/noFree Motion Sewing3 Modes:3 Modes:Free Motion Ruler2 Modes:Free Motion RulerFoot,Free Motion Floating Free Motion SpringFoot, Free MotionFree Motion Floating and Free MotionActionFloating and Freeand Free MotionSpring ActionMotion Spring ActionSpring ActionDESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.26

DESIGNER EPIC 2DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80DESIGNER TOPAZ 50DESIGNER TOPAZ 40Stitch PositioningAdjust Stitch; length, width,mirror image side-to-side andend-to-endTwin Needle and Stitch WidthSafetySew With or Without FootControlLight Indicates Needle StopUp/Down Fix Tie-Off FunctionInstant and PermanentReverse Stop Function Snap On Presser Feet Needle Positions37292929Pulsating needleforce 150 NWTPulsating needleforce 150 NWT FEATURESElectronic Piercing PowerDESIGNER JADE 35VIKING, DESIGNER, EPIC, BRILLIANCE, TOPAZ, JADE, SEWING ADVISOR, JOYOS ADVISOR, EMBROIDERY ADVISOR, MYSEWNET, DELUXE, andEXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM are trademarks of KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. HUSQVARNA and the “H” Crown Device are trademarks of Husqvarna AB and are used under license. 2019 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. All rights reserved.DESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.27

DESIGNER Line Comparison Chart 1.2 2 FEATURES DESIGNER EPIC 2 DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80 DESIGNER TOPAZ 50 DESIGNER TOPAZ 40 DESIGNER JADE 35 Multi-Size Embroidery Fonts 8 5 2/1 1 Embroidery Unit Size Large Large Medium/Small Small Imperial Hoop 14¼”x10¼” (360x260mm) Included

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The featured design, 200270013, is from HUSQVARNA VIKING Collection 270, Vintage Postcard. It is the free design for the month of October, 2014. To download the design, go to the HUSQVARNA VIKING website. Click on Be Inspired/Inspiration and Sewing Projects.

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5 What Are Lines And Stanzas? Line A line is pretty self-explanatory. Line A line of a poem is when it jumps Line To a new, well, line, Line Like this! Line Sometimes a line is a complete sentence. Line But it doesn’t Line Have to be! Line A stanza is kind of like a paragraph. Line Stanzas are made up of lines. Line This “stanza” has five lines.

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