VistA Imaging Approved DICOM Modality Interfaces

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syngoVistA Imaging Approved DICOM Modality InterfacesJuly 1 - 31, 2021VistA Imaging has successfully tested many modalities and interfaced them to VistA using DICOM. The following list ofapproved DICOM modalities was generated based on the most current information and will change as more informationbecomes available.A DICOM modality is considered “Supported” if it passes the VA’s internet validation test suite listed in the Joint VA/DoDDICOM Modality Conformance Requirements (Rev 3.0) document. Some modalities have superscript numbers which referto the notes at the end of the document.If the software used on a modality is revised by the manufacturer, the modality will need to be re-validated.The VA retains the right to change modality testing requirements at any time as needed for VA medical care. These changescould require re-testing of the modalities.VA facilities are required to complete a quality review for the images produced by the device before it may be placed intoclinical use. The results of the quality review must be filed with the National VistA Imaging Project Office.This list of approved DICOM modalities does not in any way constitute a product endorsement by the VA. It only stateswhether or not the listed product has passed the VA’s internet-based validation testing. Upgrades to the vendor devices canaffect interoperability and may require re-validation. The validation process does not indicate how well the actual productwill work operationally, either within the VA or elsewhere.Modality/Device TypesApproved modalities and devices are grouped into the categories listed below. A list of approved devices for each categorycan be found on the page listed below.Ophthalmic Workstation. 23Modality/Device Types. .1Bone Density .2Optical Coherence Tomography (Ophthalmology useCardiology .2only). 23CD/DVD Burners .2Other . 24Computed Radiography .3PET . 24Computed Tomography .5PET/CT . 24Dental Extra-Oral Radiography .8PET/MR. 25Dental Intra-Oral Radiography .9Q/R – 3D Reconstruction Workstation . 26Dental VL – Endoscopy.9Q/R – Planning Workstation. 26Dental Workstations .10Q/R – Routers . 26Digital Subtraction .10Q/R – Workstations . 27Direct X-Ray.11Radio Fluoroscopy and X-Ray Angiography . 29Evidence Creator (Encapsulated PDF) .14Secondary Capture. 31Film Digitizer .14Secondary Capture (Injection Dosage Capture)32Film Digitizer Software .14Surgical Workstation . 32Frame Grabber .15Ultrasound . 33General Microscopy.15Visual Field Analyzer (Encapsulated PDF) . 36Magnetic Resonance .16VL – Endoscopy . 36Mammography.18VL – Endoscopy/Microscopy . 37Middleware – Interface Engine.19VL – Pathology. 37Nuclear Medicine.20XC – External-camera Photography (EncapsulatedNuclear Medicine - SPECT .21PDF) .37Ophthalmic Photography .22Notes . 38Ophthalmic Ultrasound .231

Bone DensitySupported Bone Density DevicesGE DPX BravoGE DPX DuoGE DPX-MD GE DPX-NTGE Lunar iDXAGE Prodigy AdvanceGE Prodigy PrimoGE Prodigy ProGE/Lunar ProdigyHologic DiscoveryHologic HorizonHologic ExplorerHologic Oasis (QDR) WorkstationNorland Excell (IlluminatusDXA)Norland XR-46 (IlluminatusDXA)Norland XR-600 (IlluminatusDXA)Norland XR-800 (IlluminatusDXA)CardiologySupported Cardiology DevicesGE Innova IGS 520GE Innova IGS 530GE Innova IGS 540GE Innova IGS 620GE Innova IGS 630GE Discovery IGS 730GE Discovery IGS 740Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular version 2.3Philips Medical Systems AlluraXperGE Healthcare MUSE 9 (DICOM Storage)CD/DVD BurnersSupported CD/DVD BurnersSST Group, DMC-EZPacsgear Media Writer D100/D2001Perennity CD Burner Software V4.5RadInfo Systems CDPowerPACS2Sencor DICOM Part 10 BurnerSorna FilmXSorna eXpedoSorna VertexNotes1Uses DICOM software that was approved for Pacsgear and Pacscan22 Device now supported by Sorna2

Computed RadiographySupported Computed Radiography DevicesAgfa ADC-51xxAgfa ADC 704Agfa ADC Compact4Agfa ADC Solo4Agfa ADC-QSAgfa ADC-VIPS1Agfa NX Workstation for all CR Plate ReadersAgfa PRID8Canon Soltus 500 with CXDI, v. 2.19Carestream ClassicCarestream CR825Carestream CR850Carestream CR950Carestream CR975Carestream EliteCarestream POC 360Carestream Vita CRCarestream OnSight 3D Extremity System (Version: 1.1)9Carestream (APELEM) DRX-Excel Plus (Version: 1.12.03)Carestream DRX-Evolution, v.1.523Carestream DRX-Compass, v. 1.628Carestream DRX Excel Plus, v. 1.20Carestream DRX-EVO v.1.923Carestream DRX-Mobile v.1.923Carestream DRX-Revo v.1.923Carestream DRX-RevoPlus v.1.923Carestream DRX-EVO PLUS v.1.923Carestream DRX-Ascend v.1.1023Carestream DRX-EVO v.1.1023Carestream DRX-EVO PLUS v.1.1023Carestream DRX-Revo v.1.1023Carestream DRX-RevoPlus v.1.1023Carestream DRX-Compass, v. 1.1023Carestream DRX-InRoom v.1.1023Fuji 50004Fuji 5000R4Fuji 70004Fuji 75014Fuji 90004Fuji 95014Fuji AC1 Plus4Fuji AC34Fuji Clearview CSm (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)Fuji Clearview CS1m (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)Fuji CarbonFuji Carbon Series (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)Fuji FCR GoFuji FCR GO (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)Fuji FCR GO 2 (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)Fuji FCR IIP Console (CR-IR348)3

Fuji FCR XG1Fuji Flash IIPFuji IDT741Fuji QA771Fuji SmartCRFuji XG-2000Fuji XG-2000 (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)Fuji XG-5000Fuji XG-5000 (Platform: Flash IIP vFLEXUIV8.2)GE Centricity1GE Healthcare Discovery RF180, v. Captera5Kodak CR2000TKodak DirectView CR500Kodak DirectView CR800Kodak DirectView CR825Kodak DirectView CR850Kodak DirectView CR900Kodak DirectView CR950Kodak DirectView CR975Kodak (Carestream Health) DirectView CR System (v5.4)Konica Image PilotKonica Regius 150Konica Regius CS-3 (0863)Konica Xpress (CS-1)Lumisys ACR/2000Orex ACL2 and ACL44PAUSCH Medical GmbH Uroview FD (V. AC34Philips Compano PCRPhilips PCR CoradaPhilips PCR ElevaSiemens AC34Siemens Multix FDSiemens Multix Fusion MaxSiemens Multitom Rax, VF10Siemens Ysio Max, VF10Viztek Onyx Rad workstationNotes1 No DICOM Modality Worklist capability.4 Data is transferred via an intermediary device. Confirm intermediary device was purchased as well.5 Tested as DICOM Object. Test images were not converted to Targa format.8 Only supplies Modality Worklist.9 Storage commitment not tested.4

Computed TomographySupported Computed Tomography DevicesCanon Medical Systems, Aquilion Precision (V8.80)Canon Medical Systems, Aquilion One (V10.00)Canon Medical Systems, Cartesion Prime (V10.10ER003)Carestream CS 8100 3D Trophy 6.4Carestream CS 9300 Trophy 6.4Carestream (APELEM) DRX-Excel Plus (Version: 1.12.03)Elscint CT TwinElscint OmniProGE Brightspeed (ALL)GE CT/I1GE Discovery CT660GE Discovery CT750 HDGE Discovery 590 (RT)GE GensysGE HiSpeed CT/IGE HiSpeed RPGE JupiterGE Lightspeed (ALL)GE Optima 520/540GE RevolutionGE Revolution Apex, v.22a.10 23GE Revolution EvoGE Revolution HDGE Revolution GSIHitachi Medical Corporation ScenariaHitachi Healthcare Americas, Scenaria View, v. 0005Marconi PQ2000Marconi PQ5000Marconi PQ6000Marconi PQSMarconi TomoScan1,3Marconi Ultra Z10Marconi/Philips Extended BrillianceMarconi/Philips MX8000Marconi/Philips MX8000 IDTNeuroLogica Corp. BoadyTom Portable CTNeuroLogica Corp. CereTom Portable CTNeuViz CT16NeuViz NV64Philips Brilliance 40 CTPhilips Brilliance 64 CTPhilips Brilliance CTPhilips Brilliance iCTPhilips Brilliance Ingenuity CTPhilips Brilliance Portal17Philips Brilliance Workspace17Philips Extended Brilliance Workspace17Philips MxViewEXPSiemens Biograph Horizon (V. VJ30B)Siemens Biograph mCT (Version VG70A)Siemens Biograph mCT (Version VG80A)325

Siemens CT DefinitionSiemens Definition FlashSiemens Emotion 6Siemens Emotion 16Siemens Sensation 10Siemens Sensation 16Siemens Sensation CardiacSiemens SOMATOM1,3Siemens SOMATOM Plus1,3Siemens Volume ZoomSiemens SOMATOM Confidence (version: VA62A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition (version: VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash (version: VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS (version: VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge (version: VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Drive (version: VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Edge Plus (Version: syngo CT VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Force (version: VB10A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM Drive (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM Confidence (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM Edge Plus (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM Force (version: syngo CT VB20A)Siemens SOMATOM PerspectiveSiemens SOMATOM go.All (Version VA20A)Siemens SOMATOM go.Now (Version VA20A)Siemens SOMATOM go.Top (Version VA20A)Siemens SOMATOM go.Up (Version VA20A)Siemens SOMATOM go.Now (Version: VA30)Siemens SOMATOM go.Up (Version: VA30)Siemens SOMATOM go.All (Version: VA30)Siemens SOMATOM go.Top (Version: VA30)Siemens SOMATOM go.Sim (Version: VA30)Siemens SOMATOM go.Open Pro (Version: VA30)Siemens SOMATOM X.cite (Version: VA30)Siemens Symbia Intevo ExcelSiemens Symbia Intevo 2Siemens Symbia Intevo 6Siemens Symbia Intevo 16Siemens Symbia TSiemens Symbia T2Siemens Symbia T6Siemens Symbia T16Toshiba Aquilion (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion 4 (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion 8 (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion 16 (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion 32 (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion 64 (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion CX (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion ONE (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion ONE GenesisToshiba Aquilion ONE Vision (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion PREMIUM (Aquilion Platform)6

Toshiba Aquilion PRIME (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion RXL (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba Aquilion LightningToshiba Aquilion Super 4Toshiba Alexion (Aquilion Platform)Toshiba AsteionToshiba Large Bore (Aquilion Platform)NeuWave Medical, Inc. Ablation Sys/Discovery RT, v. device is not approved for Query Retrieve7

Dental Extra-Oral RadiographySupported Dental Extra-Oral Radiography DevicesCarestream Dental (Kodak) 9000 Pano (Trophy Platform - DX)Carestream Dental (Kodak) Ceph-9000 (Trophy Platform - DX)Carestream Dental (Kodak) Ceph-V3 (Trophy Platform - DX)Carestream Dental (Kodak) K8000E (Trophy Platform - DX)Carestream Dental (Kodak) K9000 (Trophy Platform - CT)Carestream Dental (Kodak) K9500 (Trophy Platform - CT)Carestream Dental (Kodak) CS-8100 (Trophy Platform TW Dental (Kodak) CS-8100 (Trophy Platform TW 6.4)Carestream Dental (Kodak) CS-9300 (Trophy Platform TW 6.4)Carestream Dental, CS-9600 (CT, DX), v: 1.0Cefla North America, Inc MyRay Hyperion MRT21Cefla North America, Inc MyRay Hyperion X521Cefla North America, Inc MyRay Hyperion X721Cefla North America, Inc MyRay Hyperion X921Cefla North America, Inc NewTom Giano21Planmeca DimaxPlanmeca Dimax2Planmeca ProMax PX-1102Planmeca ProMax/Romexis 3D CBVT (Code Beam Volumetric Tomography)Planmeca Proline Pan – (DIMAX3 - Planmeca Romexis Platform)PlanmecaPromax Pan – (DIMAX3 - Planmeca Romexis Platform)Dentsply Sirona GALILEOS (Code Beam CT)Dentsply Sirona GALILEOS 3D (Cone Beam CT)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3 Digital Pan (no-Ceph)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D D3352 Digital Pan (SIDCOM3.0, SIDEXIS XG, GALAXIS)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D D3352 Digital Pan w/ Ceph (SIDCOM3.0, SIDEXIS XG, GALAXIS)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 5 Digital PanDentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 5 Digital Pan-CephDentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG Plus Digital Pan 3D ready [2D system] (SIDCOM3.0, SIDEXIS XG)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG Plus Digital Pan-Ceph 3D ready SIDCOM3.0, SIDEXIS XG)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS SL 3D Ai (all s)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS SL I (all s)Dentsply Sirona ORTHOPHOS SL (DCS) (all s)KaVo Dental Technologies/Instrumentarium Dental Snapshot (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Instrumentarium Dental OP200 (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Instrumentarium Dental OP30 (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Instrumentarium Dental Snapshot (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex CraneX 3D (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex CraneX 3D (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex CraneX Novus (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex CraneX Optime (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Instrumentarium OP300 (Cliniview 10.2)KaVo Dental Technologies/Instrumentarium OP300 Maxio (Cliniview 10.2)Notes21NoneRequires using NNT/iRYS Workstation w/DICOM module8

Dental Intra-Oral RadiographySupported Dental Intra-Oral Radiography DevicesCarestream Dental (Kodak) RVG 6100 (Trophy Platform - IO)Carestream Dental (Kodak) RVG 6200 (Trophy Platform - IO)Cefla North America, Inc MyRay Zen-X Sensor21Cefla North America, Inc MyRay X-Pod Sensor21Cefla North America, Inc MyRay C-U221Cefla North America, Inc MyRay C-U2 HD21Cefla North America, Inc NewTom VGi21Cefla North America, Inc NewTom VGi Evo21Cefla North America, Inc NewTom 5G21Cefla North America, Inc NewTom GO21Dentsply Gendex DenOptixDexis DEXISPlanmeca DIXI, DIXI2, and DIXI3 Series DetectorsPlanmeca IntrascanPlanmeca MultiscanPlanmeca Prosensor (Planmeca Romexis Platform)Dentsply Sirona IO 2 (Wall-box Ethernet version) Intra Oral Sensors; Sizes 1 & 2Dentsply Sirona IO 2 Plus Wall Module D3495 (Ethernet version) Intra Oral Sensors; Sizes 1 & 2 (SIDCOM 3.0, SIDEXIS XG)Dentsply Sirona IO 2 Plus Wall Module D3495 (USB version) Intra Oral Sensors; Sizes 1 & 2 (SIDCOM 3.0, SIDEXIS XG)Dentsply Sirona XIOS (USB version) Intra Oral Sensors; Size 1 & 2Dentsply Sirona Schick 33 Sensors; Size 0, 1 & 2, USB TypeDentsply Sirona Schick Elite Sensors; Size 0, 1 & 2, USB TypeDentsply Sirona Schick 33 Sensors; Size 0, 1 & 2, USB TypeDentsply Sirona Schick Elite Sensors; Size 0, 1 & 2, USB TypeDentsply Sirona XIOS Plus (USB version) Size 1 & 2Dentsply Sirona XIOS Plus (Ethernet version) Size 1 & 2Dentsply Sirona USBCam4KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex ScanoraNotes21Requires using NNT/iRYS Workstation w/DICOM module.Dental VL – EndoscopySupported VL – Endoscopy DevicesCarestream Dental (Kodak) K5100 (Trophy Platform - ES)9

Dental WorkstationsSupported Dental WorkstationsCefla North America, Inc NNT/iRYSGE Dental CliniViewInstrumentarium Imaging CliniViewMedicor MIPACS Dental Enterprise PACSPlanmeca Dimaxis Pro platformDentsply Sirona (Schick Technologies) CDR DICOMDentsply Sirona GALAXIS PlatformDentsply Sirona SIDEXIS XG PlatformDentsply Sirona SIDICOM 3.0 PlatformDentsply Sirona SIDEXIS Software for Products (SIDCOM Platform 3.0)Dentsply Sirona SIDICOM WLS (SIDEXIS XG Platform)Dentsply Sirona SIDICOM WLS 3.1Dentsply Sirona SIDEXIS 4KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex Clinview 10 Software (Clinview10)KaVo Dental Technologies/Soredex Scanora 5.0 Software (Clinview10)Trophy Radiologie RVGuiDigital SubtractionSupported Digital Subtraction DevicesPhilips IntegrisSiemens AngioStarSiemens Polytron10

Direct X-RaySupported Direct X-Ray DevicesAgfa DX-D 100 (Platform: NX)Agfa DX-D 300 (Platform: NX)Agfa DX-D 400 (Platform: NX)Agfa DX-D 500n (Platform: NX)Agfa DX-D 600 (Platform: NX)Agfa DR 400Agfa DR 600Agfa Instant DR RetrofitCanon CXDICanon CXDI Control NECanon Soltus 500 with CXDI, v. 2.19Canon, RadPro Mobile 40kw Flex (with CXDI Control NE) (V. RadPRO Elite XA (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Elite XM (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Elite FM1 (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Mobile 40kW (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Mobile 40kW Flex (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Mobile 40kW Flex Plus (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Omnera 400A (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Omnera 400T (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Delinia 200 (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Soltus 100M (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO Soltus 100 (w/CDXI Control NE)Canon RadPRO URS (w/CDXI Control NE)Carestream DR7500Carestream DRX-1Carestream DRX-EvolutionCarestream DRX-Evolution, v.1.3Carestream DRX-Evolution, v.1.5Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus, v.1.7Carestream DRX-RevolutionCarestream DRX-Revolution, v:1.528Carestream DRX-Compass, v.1.628Carestream, DRX Revolution Mobile (V. Image View 1.2)Carestream DR 3500Carestream DR 9500Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofit KitCarestream DRX Excel Plus, v. 1.20Carestream DRX-EVO 1.923Carestream DRX-Mobile 1.923Carestream DRX-Revo 1.923Carestream DRX-RevoPlus 1.923Carestream DRX-EVO PLUS 1.923Carestream DRX-Ascend v.1.1023Carestream DRX-EVO v.1.1023Carestream DRX-EVO PLUS v.1.1023Carestream DRX-Revo v.1.1023Carestream DRX-RevoPlus v.1.1023Carestream DRX-Compass, v. 1.1023Carestream DRX-InRoom v.1.102311

DEL Medical DelWorks Medical DR SystemCMT SmartRADFaxitron BioVisionFaxitron PathVisionFaxitron CoreVisionFuji AcSelerate (Platform: FDX Console)Fuji Console Advance - DR-ID 300CLFuji Console Advance - DR-ID 300CL (Platform: FDX Console)Fuji D-EVO (Platform: FDX Console)Fuji UnityFuji VelocityGE ADS 1.0GE Definium 5000GE Definium 8000GE Definium AMX700GE Discovery XR 650 (Platform Discovery XR)GE Discovery XR 656 (Platform Discovery XR)GE Discovery XR656 GE Discovery XR656HD, v.1.0GE Discovery XR 650 (Platform Discovery XR)GE Healthcare Discovery RF180, v. Optima 220 (Platform Discovery XR)GE Optima XR646GE Optima XR646 HD, v.1.0GE Optima XR240amx, v. 2.27.123GE Proteus USGE Revolution XQ/iGE Revolution XRdHologic 10004Hologic 50004Hologic DROCHologic Radex4Kodak DirectView DR5000Kodak DirectView DR5100Kodak DirectView DR7100Kodak DirectView DR7500Kodak DirectView DR9000Konica Minolta CS-2/iQueKonica Minolta DIRECT DIGITIZER CS-7Konica Minolta Regius CS-3 (0862)Konica Minolta/GE AeroDR - CS-7, V: 1.30R02 007Philips Digital DIAGNOST VRPhilips Digital DIAGNOSTPhilips DIGITAL DIAGNOST R3.0 (PLATFORM: EWS0409)Philips MOBILEDIAGNOST WDR (PLATFORM: EWS0409)Philips Digital DIAGNOST, v.4.023,28Philips Digital DIAGNOST, v.4.123,28Philips Digital DIAGNOST, v.4.223,28Philips Digital DIAGNOST wDR, v.2.023,28Philips Digital DIAGNOST wDR, v.2.123,28Philips Digital DIAGNOST wDR, v.2.223,28Philips Digital DIAGNOST C90 v.1.123,28Philips Eleva Workspot 2.012

Philips Essenta CompactPhilips ThoravisionSamsung GC85ASamsung GC80Samsung GU60ASamsung CF50Samsung GM60ASamsung GR40CWSamsung GM85, v3.03.17Siemens AXIOM Multix MSiemens AXIOM Multix MPSiemens AXIOM Multix MTSiemens AXIOM Multix MUSiemens Cios Alpha, v:VA30Siemens Cios Cios Spin, v:VA30Siemens Cios Select, v:VA20Siemens Mobilett MiraSiemens Mobilett Mira MaxSiemens Mobilett XP DigitalSiemens Multix Fusion MaxShimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution4Shimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution EFXShimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution SZShimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution EFX SZShimadzu MobileArt Evolution AeroDRShimadzu MobileArt Evolution EFX AeroDRShimadzu RadSpeed DR4Shimadzu RadSpeed AeroDRSwissRay ddR Multi-SystemSwissRay HD3000 ddRCompactSwissRay TR4000 (ddR Modulaire xxx/ddR Combi xxx)SwissRay XG5000 (ddR Combi xxx/ddR Formula xxxToshiba RadRex-iNotes3Data is transferred via an intermediary device. Confirm intermediary device was purchased as well.23 This device is not approved for Query Retrieve13

Evidence Creator (Encapsulated PDF)Supported Encapsulated PDF DevicesEndosoft (UTECH) Endosoft SystemsMedima Solutions PacsPrinterNeuroCom International BASIC Balance MasterNeuroCom International BASIC Balance Master (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International Balance MasterNeuroCom International Balance Master (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International EquiTestNeuroCom International EquiTest (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International EquiTest CRSNeuroCom International EquiTest CRS (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International inVisionNeuroCom International inVision (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International PRO Balance MasterNeuroCom International PRO Balance Master (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International SMART Balance MasterNeuroCom International SMART Balance Master (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International SMART EquiTestNeuroCom International SMART EquiTest (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International SMART EquiTest CRSNeuroCom International SMART EquiTest CRS (Platform: Balance Manager)NeuroCom International VSRNeuroCom International VSR (Platform: Balance Manager)Film DigitizerSupported Film DigitizersArray Corporation AR29054Hologic, Inc. Digital Now Film Scanner (MG)5Lumisys LS74Lumisys LS854Lumisys LS1504Lumisys LS2004Vidar Film Digitizer4Notes4 Data is transferred via an intermediary device. Confirm intermediary device was purchased as well.5 Tested as DICOM Object. Test images were not converted to Targa format.Film Digitizer SoftwareSupported Film Digitizer SoftwareLumisys DI-2000Mitra Mitra ExpressVidar Clinical Express14

Frame GrabberSupported Frame GrabbersALI NewPortAspect Electronics See Kodak MIM1Camtronics NT-1001Camtronics NT-2001DicomIt Information ManagerForesight Imaging TIMS DICOM SYSTEMKodak MIMKodak MIMS-100Kodak MIMS-200RIS I2000 VICS2Notes1 No DICOM Modality Worklist capability.2 Poor DICOM Modality Worklist capability.General MicroscopySupported General Microscopy DevicesSTI Hawaii, Inc. STI-Colposcope15

Magnetic ResonanceSupported Magnetic Resonance DevicesCanon Medical Systems, MR Vantage Orian (v.5.0)GE ADWGE Discovery MR 450GE Discovery XR656 HD, v.1.0GE Discovery MR 750GE Discovery MR 750WGE Optima MR430SGE Optima MR 450GE Optima MR 450wGE SignaGE Signa Artist, v. DV26 22GE Signa HDeGE Signa HDe 1.5T (14.0) (Platform: Signa HD)GE Signa HDiGE Signa HDi 1.5T (14.0) (Platform: Signa HD)GE Signa HDxGE Signa HDx 1.5T (14.0) (Platform: Signa HD)GE Signa HDx 3.0T (14.0) (Platform: Signa HD)GE Signa Ovation HD (14.0) (Platform: Signa HD)GE Signa ProfileGE Signa Profile HD (14.0) (Platform: Signa HD)GE Signa Premier MR, v. RX 28SIGNA VoyagerSIGNA ExplorerSIGNA CreatorSIGNA ArchitectSIGNA ArtisanGE ONI Medical Systems MR 430GE ONI Medical Systems MSK ExtremeHitachi AIRIS IIHitachi AIRIS EliteHitachi AltaireHitachi EchelonHitachi Echelon OvalHitachi OasisHitachi Oasis XPMarconi Eclipse 1.5TMarconi Edge/AssetMarconi EdgeMarconi VistaPhilips AchievaPhilips GyroScanPhilips GyroScanNTPhilips Gyroscan InteraPhilips IngeniaPhilips InteraPhilips Invivo DynaCad 26Philips Invivo DynaCad v4.0 26Philips Invivo DynaCad BreastPhilips Invivo DynaCad Post Processing Software/Prostate16

Philips PanoramaQlarity Imaging, QuantX, V: 2.026Siemens AllegraSiemens Avanto (syngoMR)Siemens ConcertoSiemens Espree (syngoMR)Siemens GBS III3Siemens HarmonySiemens ImpactSiemens MAGNETOM3Siemens MAGNETOM AeraSiemens MAGNETOM AmiraSiemens MAGNETOM SkyraSiemens MAGNETOM VerioSiemens MAGNETOM –Vision3Siemens MAGNETOM SkyrafitSiemens MAGNETOM AvantofitSiemens MAGNETOM PrismafitSiemens MAGNETOM PrismaSiemens MAGNETOM VidaSiemens SonataSiemens SymphonySiemens syngoMRSiemens Trio (syngoMR)Toshiba Excelart Vantage (MRT-1503)Toshiba Excelart Vantage Atlas (MRT-1503)Toshiba Excelart Vantage Titan (MRT-1504)Toshiba Vantage Elan 1.5TToshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T4Toshiba Vantage Titan 3T4Toshiba Vantage Galan 3TNotes3 Tested using the DeJarnette Netshare for interfacing. Supported4 “MPower” platform MR for Toshiba validated26 Device does not perform MWL, it is a Vista Storage only device.17

MammographySupported Mammography DevicesGE Senographe Essential5Faxitron Bioptics CorevisionFaxitron Bioptics BioVisionFaxitron Bioptics PathVisionHologic Affirm Prone Biopsy System (Version Brevera/CorLumina, Version 1.0Hologic Cenova (CAD – Secondary Capture)Hologic Multicare PlatinumHologic SecureView Diagnostic Mammography Workstation5,17Hologic Selenia Dimensions (Selenia Dimensions V1.0 platform)5Hologic Selenia Dimensions5Hologic Selenia Dimensions, V1.917Hologic Trident RC Specimen WorkstationSenographe Pristina (Version: NGA 1.20Senographe Pristina 3D (Version: NGA 1.20)Siemens Mammomat Fusion/InspirationSiemens Mammomat InspirationSiemens Mammomat Revelation17Siemens Mammomat Revelation VC10CNotes5 Tested as DICOM Object. Test images were not converted to Targa format.17 DICOM Query/Retrieve – Study/Root Q/R fully supported.18

Middleware – Interface EngineSupported Middleware – Interface EnginesAccess AAMAgfa Impax AS30001Agfa Impax DS30001Agfa Impax NG30001Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc FORUMDeJarnette ImageshareCRDeJarnette MediShareIMAGE Information Systems iQ-WEBXIMAGE Information Systems iQ-VIEWInfiMed GoldOne2InfiMed PlatinumOneForesight Imaging LLC TIMS 2000 SPKodak Cluster ServerMedtronics Stealth Station S7Merge Technologies ExamworksMerge Technologies MVPMitra Agfa PACS BrokerMitra GE PACS BrokerMitra PACS BrokerMitra Picker PACS BrokerPACSGEAR (formerly NAI) DICOM BoxPACSGEAR PacsSCANPACSGEAR PacsSCAN FilmVIASYS VasoguardVisual-Med DicomPushNotes1 No DICOM Modality Worklist capability.2 Poor DICOM Modality Worklist capability.19

Nuclear MedicineSupported Nuclear Medicine DevicesADAC Forte4ADAC Genie1ADAC Pegasys (Wks.)2ADAC Solus4ADAC Vertex4Biodex Medical Systems, Inc Atomlab 960 Thyroid Uptake SystemCapintec Captus 3000 (Thyroid Uptake System)Digirad Corporation Prominence (See Digirad SeeQuanta)Digirad Corporation SeeQuanta (DICOM Modality Worklist software)4Elscint ExpertGE Discovery NM 530cGE Discovery NM 570cGE Discovery NM 630GE NM/CT 800 Family, v:1.023GE Infinia Camera4GE Hawkeye CameraGE StarcamGE VaricamGE Ventri Camera4GE Xeleris workstationGE Xeleris 2 WorkstationGE Xeleris 3 WorkstationGE Xeleris 4 WorkstationMarconi IRIXMarconi Odyssey1Marconi P30004Marconi XP20004Pinestar Technologies NMIS DMWL4ec² Software Solutions NMIS DMWL5Philips Brightview Gamma Camera4Philips CardioMD4Philips JetStreamPhilips PrecedenceSiemens ICON workstation1Siemens OrbiterTrionix Research BIADTrionix Research BIAD 24Trionix Research TRIADNotes1 No DICOM Modality Worklist capability.2 Poor DICOM Modality Worklist capability.4 Data transferred via an intermediary device. Confirm intermediary device was purchased as well.5. HL7 interface for MWL only.23This device is not approved for Query Retrieve20

Nuclear Medicine - SPECTSupported Nuclear Medicine – SPECTGE Brivo NM 615 (NM 600 Platform)GE Discovery NM 630 (NM 600 Platform)GE NM 600 Series (Platform)GE Discovery NM/CT 670GE Discovery NM/CT 670 ProGE Discovery NM/CT 670 ESGE Optima NM/CT 640 (NM 600 Platform)GE Vision POWERstationPhilips Brightview XCTPhilips Extended Brilliance WorkplaceSiemens e.softSiemens Symbia E (eSoft Platform)Siemens Symbia eSoft Platform (v8.5)Siemens Symbia S (eSoft Platform)Siemens Symbia T (eSoft Platform)Siemens Symbia T2 (eSoft Platform)Siemens Symbia T6 (eSoft Platform)Siemens Symbia T16 (eSoft Platform)Siemens Symbia E (syngo MI Applications platform)Siemens Symbia Evo (syngo MI Applications platform)Siemens Symbia Evo Excel (syngo MI Applications platform)Siemens Symbia S (syngo MI Applications platform)Spectrum-Dynamics DSPECT21

Ophthalmic PhotographySupported Ophthalmic Photography DevicesCanon imageSPECTRUM Review v 5.3Canon CF1 (MYD) w/imageSPECTRUM Capture Plus v.5.0Canon CF1 (MYD) w/imageSPECTRUM Review v.5.1Canon CR1 Camera (non-MYD)Canon CR1 Mark II (non-MYD)Canon CR2 (Platform-Retinal Imaging Control 3.2)Canon CR2 Plus (Platform-Retinal Imaging Control 3.2)Canon CX1 (Platform-Retinal Imaging Control)Canon EyeQ ProCanon CR2 (Platform-Retinal Imaging Control 4.1)Canon CR-2 Plus AF (Platform-Retinal Imaging Control 4.1)Canon CX-1 (Hybrid) w/imageSPECTRUM Capture Plus Version 5.0Canon CX-1 (Hybrid) w/imageSPECTRUM Review Version 5.1Canon CR2 w/imageSPECTRUM Capture Plus Version 5.0Canon CR-2 Plus AF w/imageSPECTRUM Capture Plus Version 5.0Canon CR-2 Plus AF w/imageSPECTRUM Review Version 5.1Canon CR-2 AF w/imageSPECTRUM Review Version 5.1CR-2 Plus AF with imageSPECTRUM Capture Plus, v.6.0Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. Cirrus photo, 2.0.224Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. CLARUS 500, Version 1.0.x (1.0.4/1.0.5)18Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. CLARUS 500/700 Instrument and Review, v:1.1.1Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. CLARUS 700, v.1.2Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. IOL Master 50015,18Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. IOL Master 700Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. IOL Master 700, v. 1.8829Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. VISUCAMCarl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. VISUPACCarl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. FORUM27Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. Photo 600/800 w/FORUMCarl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. Atlas 9000, V: 3.0.2CenterVue EIDON (Confocal Scanner)Chace and Associates Technologies, LLC ZPIPEscalon OphthavisionEstenda JVNHaag Streit EyeCapHaag Streit Octopus 600 w/EyesuiteHaag Streit Octopus 900 w/EyesuiteHaag Streit Lenstar LS 900 w/EyesuiteHaag Streit BX900 w/EyesuiteHaag Streit

Toshiba Aquilion 16 (Aquilion Platform) Toshiba Aquilion 32 (Aquilion Platform) Toshiba Aquilion 64 (Aquilion Platform) . Toshiba Aquilion RXL (Aquilion Platform) Toshiba Aquilion Lightning . Toshiba Aquilion Super 4 . Toshiba Alexion (Aquil

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3.1 DICOM Conformance 19 3.2 DICOM Information Object 19 3.3 DICOM Service Class Specifications 19 3.4 DICOM Data Structures and Encoding 19 3.5 DICOM Message Exchange 19 3.6 HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) 19 3.7 DICOM Web Services 19 4 Symbols and Abbr

About the System (cont’d) 2 Alarm System Maximum Number of Keypads Minimum Software Revision Level VISTA-250FBP-9 3 4.1 VISTA-250BP 3 2.4 VISTA-250FBP 1 3.0 VISTA-250FBP 3 2.0 VISTA-128BPE 3 4.4 VISTA-250BPE 3 4.4 VISTA-128BPEN 3 7.0 VISTA-128BPLT 3 6.0 VISTA-128FBPN 3 5.1 VISTA-128BPT 6 10.1 VISTA-250BPT 6 10.1 VISTA-128BPTSIA 6 10.1 FA148CP 2 3.0 .

Introduce Medical Imaging Server for DICOM and DICOM Cast Demo: Exploring clinical and imaging data Getting started with DICOM Cast Q & A. 2 FHIR and DICOM FHIR Clinical data; . Parsing free text radiology notes into structured FHIR data (and the list goes

Rogan DICOM Modality WorklistServer is a DICOM Modality Worklist Server that accepts visit orders from a HIS or a RIS either through ASCII import, HL7 messages or manual data entry, and exports this data to Modalities

What does a DICOM file look like. . DICOM uses a .dcm file format – like a .txt, or .mp3. . DICOM files are a JPG encapsulated by a header. . The Header has the PHI text data from the patient record and from the imaging modality. . The JPG holds the image,

Supplement 145 of the DICOM standard. The software is divided into two parts: (a) a command-line tool to convert an whole-slide image to the DICOM format, and (b) a zero-footprint Web interface to display such DICOM images. The software architecture leverages the DICOM server Orthanc. The entire framework

MedDream PACS is a DICOM 3.0 compliant PACS. Server provides connectivity to all DICOM modalities (CT, MR, CR, DX, US, etc.). Retrieving of DICOM images can be done using MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer or any DICOM enabled third party workstation. Features F

Free Medical Imaging Software OrthancCon I, 2019 Andrew Crabb The Johns Hopkins University I Do Imaging. Why Free Medical Imaging Software? . Web-based DICOM viewer Fronts any DICOM server with WADO Displays images as JPG in browser Store Browser Display Transfer Client Transfer HTTP PACS