O Little Town Of Bethlehem

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O Little Town of BethlehemO little town of BethlehemHow still we see thee lieAbove thy deep and dreamless sleepThe silent stars go by

Yet in the dark streets shinethThe everlasting lightThe hopes and fears of all the yearsAre met in thee tonight

For Christ is born of MaryAnd gathered all aboveWhile mortals sleep the angels keepTheir watch of wond’ring love

O morning stars togetherProclaim the holy birth!And praises sing to God the KingAnd peace to all on earth

How silently, how silentlyThe wondrous gift is giv’nSo God imparts to human heartsThe blessings of his heav’n

No ear may hear his comingBut in this world of sinWhere meek souls will receive himStill, the dear Christ enters in

O holy Child of BethlehemDescend to us we prayCast out our sin and enter inBe born in us today

We hear the Christmas angelsThe great glad tidings tellO come to us, abide with usOur Lord Emmanuel!

Gathering Song

O Come All Ye FaithfulO come all ye faithful,Joyful and triumphant.O come ye,O come ye to Bethlehem.

Come and behold him,Born the King of angels.O Come let us adore him.

O come let us adore him.O come let us adore him,Christ, the Lord!

Sing, choirs of angels,Sing in exultation.Sing, all ye citizensOf heaven above.

Glory to God.glory in the highest.O come let us adore him,

O come let us adore him.O come let us adore him,Christ, the Lord!

Yea, Lord, we greet thee,Born this happy morning.Jesus, to thee beglory giv’n.

Word of the FatherNow in flesh appearing.O come let us adore him.

O come let us adore him.O come let us adore him,Christ, the Lord!

GREETINGPriest:The Lord be with you.(or a similar greeting)All:And with your spirit.


Sing to the Lorda new song;sing to the Lord,all you lands.Sing to the Lord;bless God’s name.Bless the name of God.

Tell his salvationday after day.Tell God’s glory amongthe nations;among all peoplestell God’s wondrous deeds.

Heav’n and earthbe glad in the Lord;seas and plainsresound in our God;trees of the forest exultwith joy!Bless the name of God.

They shall exultbefore the Lord,for God comesto rule the earth.God shall rule withfaithfulness,faithfulness and justice.


GOSPELPriest:The Lord be with you.All:And with your spirit.

THE APOSTLES’ CREEDI believe in God,the Father almighty,Creator of heavenand earth,

and in Jesus Christ,his only Son, our Lord

(Bow)Who was conceived by theHoly Spirit,Born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered underPontius Pilate,was crucified, died,and was buried

he descended into hell;on the third dayhe rose againfrom the dead;

he ascended into heavenand is seatedat the right hand ofGod the Father almighty;

from there he will cometo judge the livingand the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, theholy catholic Church,the communion of saints,the forgiveness of sins,the resurrection of the body,and life everlasting. Amen.

PREPARATION OF THE GIFTSAll:May the Lord accept thesacrifice at your hands forthe praise and glory of hisname, for our good and thegood of all his holy Church.

PREFACE DIALOGUEPriest:The Lord be with you.All:And with your spirit.

Priest:Lift up your hearts.All:We lift them up to the Lord.

Priest:Let us give thanks to theLord our God.All:It is right and just.

LORD’S PRAYERAll:Our Father, who art inheaven, hallowed be thyname; thy kingdom come, thywill be done on earth as it isin heaven.

All:Give us this day our dailybread; and forgive us ourtrespasses as we forgivethose who trespass againstus.

All:and lead us not intotemptation,but deliver us from evil.

Priest:Deliver us, Lord, coming of ourSavior, Jesus Christ.All:For the kingdom, the powerand the glory are yours nowand for ever.

SIGN OF PEACEPriest:The peace of the Lord bewith you always.All:And with your spirit.

O God,From those of us who areunable to be physicallypresent for the sacrament ofChrist's Body and Blood,

accept this our spiritualoffering until we can join thecommunity again in oursanctuary.

We are diminished when weare not gathered,and we are grieved,but we are never separatedfrom your love or from thecare of our brothers andsisters.

May our prayer be anexpression of honor to youand of encouragement forus. We give you thanks forthe many ways that youremain always near to ourhearts.Amen.


Joy To The WorldJoy to the world!the Lord is come:Let earth receive her King;

Let every heartprepare him room,and heav’n andnature sing,

And heav’n andnature sing,and heav’n, and heav’nand nature sing.

Joy to the world!the Savior reigns:Let us, our songs employ;

While fields and floods,Rocks, hills and plainsRepeat the sounding joy,

Repeat the sounding joy,Repeat, repeatthe sounding joy.

He rules the worldwith truth and grace,and makes the nationsprove

The glories ofHis righteousness,and wonders of his love,

And wonders of his love,and wonders,wonders of his love.

Music reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-704015.All rights reserved.

glory giv’n. Word of the Father Now in flesh appearing. O come let us adore him. O come let us adore him. O come let us adore him, Christ, the Lord! GREETING . Let us, our songs employ; While fields and floods, Rocks, hills and plains Repeat the sounding joy, Repeat the

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