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K28 titel.fm Seite 155 Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2004 6:56 18Rider's Manual (US Model)R 1200 STBMW Motorrad

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k28 u.book Seite 1 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10We congratulate you on yourchoice of a motorcycle fromBMW and welcome you to thecommunity of BMW riders.Familiarize yourself with yournew motorcycle so that youcan ride it safely and confidently in all traffic situations.Please read this Rider’s Manual carefully before starting touse your new BMW motorcycle. It contains important information on how to operate thecontrols and how to make thebest possible use of all yourBMW’s technical features.In addition, it contains information on maintenance andcare to help you maintain yourmotorcycle’s reliability andsafety, as well as its value.If you have any questions concerning your motorcycle, yourauthorized BMW motorcycleretailer will gladly provideadvice and assistance.We hope you enjoy readingthis Rider’s Manual and wishyou many a pleasant, safejourney on yourBMW motorcycle.Best wishes,BMW Motorradi1IntroductionWelcome to BMW

k28 u.book Seite 2 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10iIntroduction2ContentsUse the index (b 149), to finda certain topic quickly.Welcome to BMW . 1General information . 41 Overview . 7General view, leftside . 9General view, rightside . 11Underneath the seat . 13Handlebar fitting, left . 14Handlebar fitting, right . 15Instrument cluster . 16Headlight . 172 Status indicators . 19Multifunction display . 20Warning and indicatorlights . 20Warning indicators . 21ABS warnings . 263 Operation .Ignition switch andsteering lock .Electronic immobilizer .Hazard warningflashers .Tripmaster .Clock .Emergency ON/OFFswitch .Grip heatingOE .Handlebar levers .Adjusting handlebars .Lights .Turn indicators .Front and rear seats .Helmet holder .Mirrors .Windshield .Spring preload .Shock absorbers .Wheels .313233343537373839404042434646474748494 Riding .Safety instructions .Safety check .First time out .Before you start .Starting .Riding .Running in .Shifting gears .Placing motorcycleon its side stand .Removing motorcyclefrom side stand .Place motorcycle oncenter standOE/OA .Pushing motorcycle offcenter standOE/OA .Fuel .Brake system .5152545455586161626567697171725 Accessories . 77General instructions . 78Onboard sockets . 78Luggage system . 81

k28 u.book Seite 3 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 107 Care .Cleaning and care .Storing .Restoring to use .1151161181198 Technical data .Threaded fasteners .Tire pressures .Engine .Power transmission .Frame andsuspension .Wheels and tires .Fuel and lubricants .121122124125126127129130Electrical system . 133Dimensions andweights . 135Ridingspecifications . 1369 Service . 137BMW Motorradservice . 138Confirmation ofmaintenance work . 141Confirmation ofservice . 145i Index . 149i3Introduction6 Maintenance . 87Toolkit . 89Engine oil . 90Brakes . 91Clutch . 95Wheels . 97Front-wheel stand . 104Bulbs . 105Jump starting . 110Battery . 111

k28 u.book Seite 4 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10iIntroduction4General informationAbout this Rider’s ManualWe have tried to make all theinformation in this Rider’sManual easy to find. Thequickest access to a particulartopic or item is by consultingthe detailed alphabetical index(b 149).Chapter 1 of this Rider’s Manual will provide you with an initial overview of yourmotorcycle. When the timecomes to sell your BMW,please remember to hand overthis Rider’s Manual; it is animportant part of your motorcycle.Symbols andabbreviationsIndicates warnings thatyou must comply with forreasons of your safety and thesafety of others, and to protectyour motorcycle against damage.Special information onoperating and inspectingyour motorcycle as well asmaintenance and adjustmentprocedures.c Indicates the end of anitem of information. Instruction.»Result of an activity.(b 4) Reference to a page withmore detailed information.OEOptional equipmentYour motorcycle wasassembled completewith all the optionalequipment you ordered.OAOptional accessoryYou can obtain optionalaccessories throughyour authorized BMWmotorcycle retailer;optional accessorieshave to be retrofitted tothe motorcycle.EWS Electronic immobilizer.DWA Anti-theft alarm system.ABS Anti-lock braking system.

k28 u.book Seite 5 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10Technical dataWhen you ordered your BMWmotorcycle, you chose variousitems of custom equipment.This Rider’s Manual describesoptional equipment (OE)offered by BMW and selectedoptional accessories (OA).This explains why the manualmay also contain descriptionsof equipment which you havenot ordered. Please note, too,that your motorcycle might notbe exactly as illustrated in thismanual on account of countryspecific differences.If your BMW was supplied withequipment not described inthis Rider’s Manual, you willfind these features describedin separate manuals.All dimensions, weights andpower ratings stated in theRider’s Manual are quoted tothe standards and comply withthe tolerance requirements ofthe Deutsche Institut für Normung e. V. (DIN). Versions forindividual countries may differ.CurrencyThe high safety and qualitystandards of BMW motorcycles are maintained by constant development work ondesigns, equipment andaccessories. Because of this,your motorcycle may differfrom the information suppliedin the Rider's Manual. Nor canerrors and omissions beentirely ruled out. We hopeyou will appreciate that noclaims can be entertained onthe basis of the data, illustrations or descriptions in thismanual.i5BMW ServiceAdvanced technology requiresspecially adapted methods ofmaintenance and repair.If maintenance and repairwork is performed inexpertly, it could result in consequential damage and thusconstitute a safety risk. BMWrecommends that you havethe necessary work on yourmotorcycle performed eitherby an authorized BMW motorcycle retailer or by a workshopthat operates to BMW specifications and employs suitablytrained personnel.cIntroductionCustom equipment

k28 u.book Seite 6 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10iIntroduction6Your authorized BMW motorcycle retailer can provide information on the specifiedService, Inspection andAnnual Inspection workneeded.Have all maintenance andrepair work carried out confirmed in the "Service" chapter(b 138) in this manual.Authorized BMW motorcycleretailers are supplied with thelatest technical informationand have the necessary technical know-how.Consequently, we recommendthat you contact your authorized BMW motorcycle retailerif you have any questionsregarding your motorcycle.Rider’s equipmentDo not ride without the correctclothing. Always wear:– helmet– motorcycling jacket andtrousers– gloves– bootsThis applies even to short journeys, and to every season ofthe year. Your authorizedBMW motorcycle retailer willbe glad to advise you on thecorrect clothing for every purpose.

k28 u.book Seite 7 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10General view, left side . 9General view, right side . 111Underneath the seat . 137Handlebar fitting, right . 15Instrument cluster . 16Headlight . 17OverviewOverviewHandlebar fitting, left . 14

k28 u.book Seite 8 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101Overview8

k28 u.book Seite 9 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101 Beam throw adjustment(b 41)2 Clutch fluid reservoir(b 96)3 Handlebar heightadjustment (b 40)4 Adjustable windshield(b 47)5 Onboard socket (b 78)6 Adjuster, spring preload,rear (b 47)7 Adjuster, rear shockabsorber (b 48)8 Filler neck, engine oil(b 91)9 Oil sight glass (b 90)19OverviewGeneral view, left side

k28 u.book Seite 10 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101Overview10

k28 u.book Seite 11 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101 Seat lock (b 43)2 Brake-fluid reservoir, rear(b 94)3 Vehicle identificationnumber4 Brake-fluid reservoir, front(b 94)5 Case carrier (b 81)111OverviewGeneral view, rightside

k28 u.book Seite 12 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101Overview12

k28 u.book Seite 13 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101 Height adjuster, front seat(b 44)2 Battery (b 111)3 Helmet holder (b 46)4 Type plate5 Tire pressure table6 Label, payload113OverviewUnderneath the seat

k28 u.book Seite 14 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101Overview14Handlebar fitting, left1 Pushbutton, Tripmaster(b 35)2 Pushbutton, hazard warning flashers (b 34)3 Pushbutton, horn4 Pushbutton, left flashingturn indicators (b 42)5 Switch, high-beam headlight and headlight flasher(b 41)

k28 u.book Seite 15 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101 Emergency ON/OFFswitch (b 37)2 Pushbutton, starter (b 58)3 Switch, grip heatingOE(b 38)4 Pushbutton, flashing turnindicators, right (b 42)5 Pushbutton, flashing turnindicators off (b 43)115OverviewHandlebar fitting, right

K28 01 uebersicht u.fm Seite 16 Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2004 10:13 101Overview16Instrument cluster1 Speedometer2 Rev. counter3 Warning and indicatorlights (b 20)4 Multifunction display(b 20)5 Indicator light DWAOE andsensor for lighting ofinstrument panel6 Adjuster, clock (b 37)The lighting of the instrument panel is equippedwith an automatic day andnight switchover.c

k28 u.book Seite 17 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101 Low and high-beam headlight (b 106)2 Side lights (b 107)117OverviewHeadlight

k28 u.book Seite 18 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 101Overview18

k28 u.book Seite 19 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10Multifunction display . 20Warning and indicator lights . 202Warning indicators . 2119Status indicatorsStatus indicatorsABS warnings . 26

k28 u.book Seite 20 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 102Multifunction displayThe gear indicator showswhich gear is selected. Ifno gear is engaged, the gearindicator displays 0; the ’neutral’ indicator light also lightsup.20Status indicatorsGear indicatorWarning and indicatorlightsEngine oil temperature1 Fuel gauge2 Display area for warningsymbols3 Gear indicator4 Display, engine oil temperature5 Display, Tripmaster (b 35)6 ClockFuel capacityThe height of the bar indicates the level of fuel inthe fuel tank.The height of the bar indicates the engine oil temperature.1 Indicator light, left turnindicator2 Indicator light, high-beamheadlight3 Warning light, general4 Indicator light, neutral5 ABS warning light6 Indicator light, right turnindicator

k28 u.book Seite 21 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10Warnings are displayed bymeans of symbols in the multifunction display. In somecases, an additional generalwarning light lights up red oryellow. A number of warningsmay be issued simultaneously.221Status indicatorsWarning indicators

k28 u.book Seite 22 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 102Status indicators22OverviewThe warnings are listed in the table below, along with the page numbers of the pages you canrefer to for more information.LightSymbolMeaningExplanationsIgnition key not authorized(b 24)Low-beam headlight, high-beamheadlight or side light defective(b 26)Bulb failure. Double flashing frequency: Turn indicator defective(b 26)yellowRear light or brake light bulbdefective(b 26)yellowFuel down to reserve(b 24)yellowFault in the engine electronics(b 24)redEngine-oil temperature too high(b 24)redEngine-oil pressure too low(b 25)

k28 u.book Seite 23 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10Symbolredred1 flash persecondMeaningExplanationsBattery is no longer being charged(b 25)Brake switch defective(b 27)ABS function not available, aspull-away test not completed(b 27)Only residual braking function avail4 flashes per able, as ABS self-diagnosis not comsecondpleted(b 27)Control of ABS warning lightsdefectivered(b 28)red1 flash persecondABS function not available in one orboth brake circuits(b 28)red4 flashes per Only residual braking function availsecondable in one or both brake circuits(b 29)1 red flashper second1 flash persecond4 red flashesper second4 flashes per Insufficient brake fluid; only residualsecondbraking function available(b 30)Insufficient brake fluid(b 29)223Status indicatorsLight

k28 u.book Seite 24 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 102Electronic immobilizerImmobilizer symbol isdisplayed.Status indicators24The key being used is notauthorized for starting, orcommunication between keyand engine electronics is disrupted. Remove all other vehiclekeys located near the ignition key (b 32). Use the reserve key. Have the defective keyreplaced, preferably by anauthorized BMW motorcycleretailer (b 34).Fuel reserveGeneral warning lightlights up yellow.Fuel reserve symbol isdisplayed and flashes 10times.The fuel tank contains a fuelreserve of a maximum of 4liters. The Tripmaster indicatesthe probable residual operating range (b 36).Lack of fuel can result inthe engine cutting out unexpectedly and this could result in a hazardous situation.Do not run the fuel tank dry.cLack of fuel could resultin misfiring and this inturn could damage the catalytic converter.Do not run the fuel tank dry.c Refuel.Oil temperatureGeneral warning lightlights up red.Oil temperature gaugeflashes 10 times.Oil temperature too high.Continuing to ride withthe engine overheatedcan result in engine damage.c If possible, ride in the partload range to cool down theengine. Switch off the engine if youare caught in a traffic jam.Engine electronicsGeneral warning lightlights up yellow.Engine electronics symbol is displayed.Fault in the engine electronics.In exceptional cases, theengine stops and can nolonger be started. Otherwise,the engine runs in emergencyoperating mode.

k28 u.book Seite 25 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10Engine oil pressureGeneral warning lightlights up red.Engine oil pressure symbol is displayed.Insufficient engine oil pressure.The "engine oil pressure"warning indicates that there isno oil pressure or that the oilpressure in the lubricating oilcircuit is too low; under no circumstances is it to beregarded as fulfilling the function of an oil gauge. The warn-ing must disappear when oilpressure builds up 1 to 2 seconds after the engine starts.If the "engine oil pressure"warning is displayed while themotorcycle is being ridden,take account of the traffic situation and: Disengage the gear. Operate the emergency ON/OFF switch. Bring the motorcycle safelyto a halt. Check the engine oil level(b 90).There are other enginerelated problems besidesa low engine-oil level that cantrigger the "engine-oil pressure" warning. Continuing toride in these cases can causeengine damage.If the "engine oil pressure"warning is issued, do not continue to ride if a check showsthat the engine oil level iscorrect.c Have the fault rectified by aspecialist workshop, preferably an authorizedBMW motorcycle retailer.Battery charge currentGeneral warning lightlights up red.Battery charge currentsymbol is displayed.The battery is no longer beingcharged. You can continue toride only until the battery isdischarged.225Status indicatorsYou can continue to ride, butbear in mind that the usualengine output is not available. Have the fault rectified assoon as possible by a specialist workshop, preferablyan authorized BMW motorcycle retailer.

k28 u.book Seite 26 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 102Status indicators26A discharged battery canresult in the engine cutting out unexpectedly, causinga hazardous situation.If possible, do not continueyour journey.c Have the fault rectified assoon as possible by a specialist workshop, preferablyan authorizedBMW motorcycle retailer.In case of insufficient battery voltage, the ABSfunction (b 73) is not available.cDefective bulbA defective bulb placesyour safety at risk because it is easier for other users to oversee you and yourmotorcycle.Replace defective bulbs assoon as possible; always carrya complete set of spare bulbsif possible.cGeneral warning lightlights up yellow.Defective bulb symbolwith arrow pointing to therear is displayed.Defective bulb symbolwith two arrows is displayed.A combination of the bulbdefects described above hasoccurred. Replace bulbs (b 106).ABS warningsRear light or brake light bulbdefective. Replace bulbs (b 108).Defective bulb symbolwith arrow pointingupward is displayed.Low-beam headlight, highbeam headlight, side-light orturn-indicator bulb defective. Replace bulbs (b 106).ABS warnings are indicated bya combination of the generalwarning light and the ABSwarning light. Both warning

k28 u.book Seite 27 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10Think well ahead and brakecarefully; avoid severe braking.cGeneral warning light Have the fault rectified assoon as possible by a specialist workshop, preferablyan authorized BMW motorcycle retailer.General warning lightlights up red.Brake switch defective orincorrectly adjusted. BMWIntegral ABS detects thedriver’s braking request by thepressure build-up from thebrake lever. There may be anunusual response from thebrakes. You can continue toride. However, bear in mindthat the brakes may respond ina manner to which you are notaccustomed.There is a defect in thebrake system that canlead to abnormal braking.ABS warning lightABS warning light flashesonce per second.ABS function not availablebecause pull-away test (b 61)not completed.You can continue to ride. Toprevent the wheels from locking: Do not use emergency braking until the pull-away testhas been completed.Without the ABS function, the wheels couldlock under braking.Think well ahead and brakecarefully; avoid severe braking.cABS warning light flashesfour times per second.Only residual braking functionavailable in both brake circuits, because self-diagnosis(b 57) has not been completed.You can continue to ride.However, bear in mind thatuntil self-diagnosis has completed, neither the ABS function nor the brake booster isavailable.227Status indicatorslights can light up continuouslyor flash at a rate of one or fourflashes per second.

k28 u.book Seite 28 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 102Status indicators28Without the ABS function, the wheels couldlock under braking; withoutservo-assisted brakes, considerably greater force is required to brake.Think well ahead and brakecarefully; avoid severe braking.c As soon as the traffic situation permits, end ABS selfdiagnosis (do not actuatebrake lever).General warning light andABS warning lightGeneral warning lightlights up red.ABS warning light ON.The ABS warnings control isdefective. ABS faults cannotbe displayed.You can continue to ride, butbear in mind that you will

cerning your motorcycle, your authorized BMW motorcycle retailer will gladly provide advice and assistance. We hope you enjoy reading this Rider’s Manual and wish you many a pleasant, safe journey on your BMW motorcycle. Best wishes, BMW Motorrad k28_u.book Seite 1 Dienstag, 30. November 2004 10:39 10

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