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Freedom of design:fischer Systemfor fixing ventilated cladding

fischer ACTBewährtbewehrtSystem– – the keyAnschlüssetonew façadefüraesthetics.viele Einsätze.With its ACT System (Advanced Curtain wall Technique), fischer offers architects andspecifiers an innovative, high-quality, all-inclusive system for fixing ventilated claddings. Apart from technical and financial advantages, the ACT System also providesa particularly extensive scope for architectural design. For example, ACT allows theuse of natural stone façade panels from 20 mm in thickness and glass panes ESG and VSG from 8 mmAppearance of ACT jointwithout unattractiveglass thickness, free positioning of the anchor anywhere on the rear side of the panel and easy replace-fixing pointsment of all or individual panels. Even reveal panels can be attached with ease and in many differentways. ACT’s aesthetic highlight is its undercut technology combined with the FZP II fischer zykon panelanchor, which ensures that there are no visible fixing elements at the joint.Complete service from a single source.The ACT System is not restricted toAppearance of jointwith conventional dowelinnovative fixing products – this is only the start. Fixing specialists at the ACT Competence Centres offerfixingarchitects, specifiers and craftsmen comprehensive support, from the planning stage and static calculations through to on-time delivery to the site. Their service also includes provision of design software andinstruction for users, as well as advice in selecting the appropriate fischer drilling machines.New Library,Guangzhou, ChinaShandong WhiteGraniteTitle page left:Neximmo34, ParisTitle page right:Huyyu-Chen-Fong,Taiwan

Bewährt bewehrt –Anschlüssefür vieleEinsätze.Wherepowerfulforcesare at work.

The fischer ACT System opens up the way for effortless and cost-efficient design of attractive, complex façades. The reason lies in the system itself - FZP II, the fischer zykon panel anchor, which is undercutand therefore stress-free fixing system that is installed into pre-drilledundercut hole. This technology offers several times higher ultimateloads than conventional fixings. Because anchor positioning can beoptimised, the bending moment within the panel is reduced by about50% when compared to traditional systems. This allows reducedpanel thickness and larger panel sizes. In addition, the varied panelthickness can be compensated by the use of stand-off anchor types.Compensating for panelthickness tolerances.ACT extends the options – and reduces thecosts.ACT System technology perfectly combines the use ofpanel anchors, individual substructures and sophisticated drillingtechnology. This pays off on the construction site, where installation is fast and simple, non-dependent on weather conditions.Construction time is reduced – and so are costs.Traditional fixingFZP II undercut fixingOptimisation of thebending moment ofthe façade panel.

There arebewehrtBewährta lot of good–ideas behind FZP,Anschlüssesuchas SystemOne.für viele Einsätze.SystemOne, fischer’s framework substructure, is an integral part ofACT system technology. It is designed for high loads, for large-size,heavy, natural stone panels, and for bridging non-bearing structuralelements. SystemOne reduces on-site installation times and noise, forexample during renovation works, and makes replacing panels easier.Bellavita, TaiwanScottish ective and standard-compliant: fischer reveal angle bracket formechanical fixing of reveal panels on the SystemOne substructure.Le Meridien, Taiwan

RaiffeisenbankBad Zurzach, SwitzerlandResidence Airone,Italy

EspeciallybewehrtBewährtfor lightweight–façade panels –Anschlüsse fürSystemOnelight.viele Einsätze.SystemOne light is an efficient solution when it comes to installingventilated claddings made of lightweight façade panels. As youwould expect, this rail-based system also offers all the advantagesthat make SystemOne unique: fast installation thanks to hook and hang system no anchoring point visible within joint designed for high loads bridging of non-bearing structural elements perfect for over-cladding of steel-frame constructions mechanical fixing for reveal panels non-destructive replacement of façade panelsWall bracket system:V&D Heerlen,Netherlands minimised cold bridges reduced drilling costs noise reduction during renovation works dry installation, even at extreme temperaturesSystemOne lightsubstructure.Schule Wördern,Austria

Drillingandsettingtechnologyinfischerquality.ACT drilling technique, same as our undercut anchor and substructure, is state of the art technology. The appliances for drilling undercut holes are essential parts of the overall system, which consists ofdrilled hole and anchor. For drilling, fischer offers in-house developedmachines in various sizes ranging from portable machines for onsite use through to large-scale, serial production facilities. Thesemachines allow fast and cost-effective drilling of holes thanks to diamondtipped drilling tools. Setting appliances are then used to fit theanchors into the panels. Fitting specialists at the ACT CompetenceCentre offer a comprehensive range of services in connection withdrilling and setting:Campeon,München large variety of machines large-scale machines for serial production support in the selection of the machine purchase/renting of machineryDrilling the undercut holes.Setting the FZP II anchor.Cylindrical drillingSetting the anchorUndercuttingInstalled anchor

InnovationBewährtbewehrtin Glass:–AnschlüsseUndercutPointfür vieleFixingEinsä Glass.

The first glass point fixing with undercut in the world is stateof the artThe Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik [German Institute for BuildingTechnology] (DIBt) in Berlin has issued a general approval for thefischer Zykon point fitting (FZP-G). The revolutionary development isstate of the art and can now be used without consent in individualcases for sophisticated glass façades. By using undercut technology,our company has succeeded in creating the first point fitting for glassin the world in which the hole does not penetrate the glass.The FZP-G-Z involves an undercut point fitting made from stainlesssteel. It consists of cone bolt, expansion sleeve, plastic cap, shimwasher and retaining nut.The smooth outside of the glass façade offers the architect a broaderdesign field, while at the same time, the susceptibility to soiling andcleaning requirements are reduced. The fischer FZP-G-Z is offeredin two variations for glazing with toughened safety glass (ESG orESG-H) and laminated safety glass (VSG). The glass panes can beenamelled or coated and can also serve as substrates for solar elements that are laminated on.Akademiehof,Ludwigsburg Germany

We createBewährtbewehrtnew ways– to designAnschlüssemodernfaçades.für viele Einsätze.Porsche Museum,Stuttgart Germany

Assembly chamber, BavarianParliament, Munich, wall andoverhead glazing fixed withFZP-G.Apartment building, Dresden,glass façade fixed with FZP-G.Neuer Wall 52, Hamburg. Glassshingle façade, fixed with FZP-Gon SystemOne light.

Bewährt bewehrt –Anschlüssefür vieleEinsätze.Thenew freedomin façadedesign.With ACT, you also benefit from a great choice of materials:Natural stone/Cast stonefrom 20 mm panel thickness*FZP IIFZP II-SOFZP IICarbonFZP II-SOCarbonFZP II-VS*depends on materialAverage ultimate load values:Panel thickness[mm]Embedmentdepth hv [mm]ConnectionthreadTropical Sun3015M86,01,8Rosa Sardo Beta3015M87,52,2Impala Black3015M813,02,6Jura limestone3015M86,52,5Obernkirch sandstone4020M85,51,9Udelfanger sandstone4020M84,01,7MaterialAverage ultimate load valueFZP II [kN]Dorn [kN]FFZPDornS

HPL/Fibre cementfrom 8/12 mm panel thickness*Ceramic/Fine stonewarefrom 10 mm panel thickness*FZP II-Tanchorage depth6 mm8 mm10 mm*depends on materialToughened safety glassfrom 10 mm glass thicknessLaminated safety glassfrom 10/8 mm glass thicknessFZP-G-ZFZP-G-Z

ACT Service offers:Application technology advice determination of ultimate loadsand anchor selection advice and support for framework systems support for licensing procedures(license for individual cases orbuilding-inspectorate approval) support for architects, designers,structural engineers, consultantsetc. during all stages of yourbuild ing project on site support international subsidiaries guarantee technical support outsideGermanyMachinery services technical advice on selection ofmachines hire or purchase of machines if required machine is made tocustomer specifications demonstration/instruction byour expertly trained personnel machinery service provided byfischer service engineersGERMANYfischerwerke GmbH & Co. KGKlaus-Fischer-Straße 172178 WaldachtalGermanyPhone 49 (0)74 43 12 - 45 · www.fischer.deFurther information and approvalscan be downloaded from thehomepage of fischer:www.fischer.deArgentinafischer Argentina S.A.Armenia 30441605 Munro - Buenos AiresP 54 1147 62 27 78F 54 1147 56 13 arAustriafischer austria Gesellschaft m.b.H.Wiener Straße 952514 Möllersdorf/TraiskirchenP 43 2252 5 37 30F 43 2252 5 31 45office@fischer.atwww.fischer.atBelgiumfischer Cobemabel sncSchaliënhoevedreef 20 D2800 MechelenP 32 152 8 47 00F 32 152 8 47 10info@fischer.bewww.fischer.beBrasilfischer brasil Industria e Comercio Ltda.Rua Dr. Rafael de Barros,209 – 5 andar – Paraiso04003-041 São Paulo - SPP 55 11 3178 2545F 55 11 30 48 86 m.brChinafischer (Taicang) fixings Co. Ltd.Shanghai Rep. Office Rm 1503-1504,Design & Idea Workshop, No. 63Chifeng Road200092 ShanghaiP 86 21 51 00 16 68F 86 21 65 97 96 Republicfischer international s.r.o.Prùmyslová 183325001 Brandýs nad LabemP ( 42) 03 26 90 46 01F ( 42) 03 26 90 46 r a/sSandvadsvej 17 A4600 KøgeP 45 46 32 02 20F 45 46 32 50 efischer S. A. S.12, rue Livio, P. O. Box 1018267022 Strasbourg-CedexP 33 388 39 18 67F 33 388 39 80 44info@fischer.frwww.fischer.frGreat Britainfischer fixings UK Ltd.Whitely RoadOxon OX10 9AT WallingfordP 44 1491 82 79 00F 44 1491 82 79 HellasNat. Road Athens-Lamia (17th) &Roupel 614564 Kifissia, AthensP 30 210 2838167F 30 210 2838169info@fischer.grwww.fischer.grHungaryfischer Hungária Bt.Szerémi ùt 7/B.1117 BudapestP 36 1 347 97 55F 36 1 347 97 fischer italia S.R.LCorso Stati Uniti, 25,Casella Postale 39135127 Padova Z.I. SudP 39 049 8 06 31 11F 39 049 8 06 34 fischer Japan K.K.Seishin Kudan Building 3rd Floor3-4-15 Kudan Minami Chiyoda-ku102-0074 TokyoP 81 50 3675 7782F 81 50 3675 co.jpKoreafischer Korea Co., Ltd#131, Kasan Digital-1Ro,Geumcheon-Gu153-803 SeoulP 82 1544 8955F 82 1544 ofischer Sistemas de Fijación, S.A. de C.V.Blvd. M. Avila Camacho 3130-400BCol. Valle Dorado, Tlalnepantla 54020Estado de MexicoP 52 55 55 72 08 83F 52 55 55 72 15 Benelux B.V.Amsterdamsestraatweg 45 B/C1411 AX NaardenP 31 35 6 95 66 66F 31 35 6 95 66 99info@fischer.nlwww.fischer.nlNorwayfischer Norge ASOluf Onsumsvei 90680 OsloP 47 23 24 27 10F 47 23 24 27 scherpolska Sp.z o.oul. Albatrosow 230-716 KrakówP 48 12 2 90 08 80F 48 12 2 90 08 lfischerwerke Portugal , LdaAv. Casal da Serra Nº 7, Sala 52625-085 Povoa de Santa IriaP 351 21 95 37 45 0F 351 21 95 91 39 048962 007855www.fischer.deRussiaOOO fischer Befestigungssysteme Rusl. Dokukina 16/1, Building 1129226 MoscowP 7 495 223-03-34F 7 495 Singaporefischer systems Asia Pte. Ltd.150 Kampong Ampat #04-03 KACentre368324 SingaporeP 65 62 85 22 07F 65 62 85 83 10sales@fischer.sgSlovak Republicfischer S.K. s.r.o.Nová Rožňavská 134 A831 04 BratislavaP 421 2 4920 6046F 421 2 4920 her iberica S.A.Klaus Fischer 143300 Mont-Roig del Camp TarragonaP 34 977 83 87 11F 34 977 83 87 70fischer@fischer.eswww.fischer.esSwedenfischer Sverige ABTenngatan 4602 23 NorrköpingP 46 11 31 44 50F 46 11 31 19 50www.fischersverige.seTaiwanFU HAU Engineering Corp.No. 7, Lane 84, Sec. 1 Da-An RdTaipeiTAIWANP 886 2 2773 5110F 886 2 2773 5339swapnal@ms61.hinet.netTurkeyfischer Metal San. ve Tic. Ltd. ŞtiCevizli Mahallesi Mustafa Kemal Cad.No: 66 Hukukçular Towers A Blok Kat 934865 Kartal IstanbulF 90 21 63 26 00 Arabic Emiratesfischer FZEP.O. Box 261738, Jebel Ali Free ZoneDubaiP 97 14 8 83 74 77F 97 14 8 83 74 76fixings@fischer.aeUnited States of America1084 Doris Road 48326 Auburn HilsMichiganUNITED STATES OF AMERICAP 1 248 795 3600F 1 248 276 1941sales@fischerus.netwww.fischer-us.com501741(9) · 08/2017 · V-MKS/CD · Printed in Germany · Subject to technical alterations without notice.ACT Service

fischer service engineers GERMANY fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG Klaus-Fischer-Straße 1 72178 Waldachtal Germany Phone 49 (0)74 43 12 - 45 53 · Further information and approvals can be downloaded from the homepage of fischer: ACT Service Argentina fischer Argentina S.A. Armenia 3044 1605 Munro .

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