Text Types, Genres And Author’s Purpose

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SHORTREADSText Types, Genres and Author’s PurposeAuthors write for a specific audience and purpose, so they select an appropriate type of text tomeet their purpose. The texts in Short Reads Non-fiction expose students to a variety of texttypes that model the use of text structures, organisation, non-fiction features and languagechoices by authors.Students learn to re-read and look for evidence in the text to gain a deeper level ofcomprehension and an appreciation for the way an author writes. Students can then use theirhigher-order thinking skills to respond to texts and to enhance their own writing.Short Reads Non-fiction exposes studentsto a range of genres within each text type.The definitions used in Short ReadsNon-fiction are detailed below.AimInformText TypeReportPurposeTo give factual informationabout people, places,things or phenomena.Genresreference book, documentary,guidebook, experimental report,newspaper article, encyclopediaRecountTo retell events inchronological order.Recounts can be literary orfactual.journal, diary, newspaper article,historical recount, letter, log, timelineInformProcedureTo give instructions andinform people about howto do something through aseries of steps.instructions, recipe, directions, howto InformExplanationInformTo describe thecharacteristic features of aobservation, speech, analysisDescriptionperson, an object, an imageor a place.InformTo tell how or why thingsoccur.To persuade a reader for oragainst a particular point ofview.PersuadeExpositionPersuadeDiscussion about different sides of anTo present informationissue or topic.PersuadeResponseTo summarise, analyse andevaluate an artistic work.presentation, brochure, Q & A book,magazine article, guidebook, essayadvertisement, lecture, editorial, letterto the editor, speech, newspaperarticle, magazine article, essay,research report, brochuredebate, conversation, talkback radio,essayreview, personal response, interview

SHORTREADSTitles (by text-type, genre, reading levels) BOX ok at FrogsBusy Day Emails200LBR8EncyclopediaWhat Is a Fruit?150L5I See the WeatherBR2MagazineHow Does My Garden Grow?BR2Animals of the SeaBR2Fly, Swim, or Jump?BR2How Many Animals?200L8BR2What Is in the Tree?160L6Freya's Fresh Fruits160L5Q&A BookWhat Do You See?ProcedureFlyerInstructionsHow to Draw a Mouse170L6How to Mix Paint Colours140L4Make a Fresh Food Face200L8BR1Make a Fruit FaceDiaryMake a Paper Plate Fish180L7My Day at the Airport150L5My Day at the Park160L6BR2My ForestOur Trip to the FarmRecountEmailScrapbookEncyclopediaFact FileReportMagazineN/A2Fact FileExplanationExpositionLexile*ReadingLevels*Text TypeNewspaperPictureDictionaryBR1160L6My Email to BenBR2My Pet ScrapbookBR1Emails from the BeachApples180L7Camels140L4Trees All Year Long120L3Dog Facts!Facts About Animal LegsFarm Animal SoundsGuide to FishIndoor FunPainting Is FunWhat a Puppy NeedsAt NightBird Nest FactsButterfliesIs This a Real Animal?What's the Sport?Dogs in Our R1Letter B, The* Lexile, Lexile Framework and the Lexile symbol are U.S. registered trademarks of MetaMetrics Inc.311874243375

SHORTREADSBOX 2Text TypeGenreEncyclopediaDescriptionFact FileTitleLexile*Penguins300L13Lions240L9Oh, No! Mosquito!230L10Shore, The250L11Reference Book Animal act 0L9Emails: The Air Show Is Here!230L10Shadows of the Sun360L15Teeth: Open Wide!260L11Phones on the Move380L17Travelling on Two Wheels360L16Do Butterflies Like Turtle Tears?310L13Growing and Changing300L13Turn Off That Tap!240L10Jane Goodall350L15When Water Comes in Bottles360L15Cars for the Future390L17370L17InterviewInterview: Author Doreen Cronin320L14MagazineDrums Around the World390L17Science Tools for Observing320L14What Is a Volcano?360L16Chocolate Mining390L18Draw a Cartoon Monkey280L11Grow a Bean Plant240L10Make a Paper Bag Puppet270L11Make a Symmetrical Bug230L9Mixing Science and Art280L12PostcardPostcards from Across the Sea260L12TimelineWatching the Moon280L12Polar Bears400L18African Elephants340L15All About Me230L9Crocodilians280L12Super Birds360L16Strange Plants360L16Very Strange Fish320L13Lot to Crow About!, A400L18Animal Surprises400L18Insect: Friend or Foe320L14Q&A BookProcedure320LEmails: Hot and ColdRepurposingMagazineFactual ResponseReadingLevels*InstructionsEncyclopediaFact FileReportGuidebookMagazineNewspaperWebpage* Lexile, Lexile Framework and the Lexile symbol are U.S. registered trademarks of MetaMetrics Inc.

SHORTREADSBOX 3Text TypeExplanationGenre570L600L23GuidebookGuide to Clouds570L23Does Yellow Make You Smile?490L21Fire!560L23Keep Cool, Koala!450L20Oops! Stories Behind Inventions600L24Kites430L19Matter of Taste540L22WaterBicycle AcademyDinosaur Days520L440L540L22Fluff & Feathers Poultry Farm480L21Purrfect Pals Cat Rescue410L19Amazing Inventions of Thomas Edison600L24Be Careful, Not Scared!570L23Chess Through the Ages530L22Story of Ping-PongInterview with a Dog TrainerInterview with a Weather Reporter430L520L570L20Interview with a Wild Animal Expert490L21Interview: Scientist Jeremy Owen430L20What Is a Zoo Nutritionist?580L24How to Build a Birdhouse470L21How to Grow Sweet Potatoes430L19How to Make an Origami Fish410L19Make a Garden in a JarMake Your Own Wrapping PaperGreat Barrier ReefMusical InstrumentsOceansReptilesWhales and DolphinsAnimals of the RainforestDesert AnimalsGiant PandaOn to Mars!Eiffel Tower Is 125 Years OldGrizzly Bear Sends Man Up a TreeWorld's Largest Ferris 60L520L600L23MagazineExpositionEssayInterviewQ&A BookInstructionsEncyclopediaFact FileReportReadingLevels*Solar EclipseReef PredatorsBrochureProcedureLexile*EncyclopediaFact FileQ&A BookFactual ResponseTitleGuidebookMagazineNewspaper* Lexile, Lexile Framework and the Lexile symbol are U.S. registered trademarks of MetaMetrics Inc.242022222322242124211923242320212224

SHORTREADSBOX 4Text TypeGenreDescriptionObservationFact FileLetterExplanationMagazineQ&A BookTitleExpositionEssayMagazineInterviewFactual ResponseQ&A rTimelineEncyclopediaReportReadingLevels*Patterns All AroundSigns and Symbols720L720L27Letter from E. B. White770L28More Precious Than Gold?710L2727Money780L28What Are Symmetrical Shapes?680L26800L28760L28Oak Street Farmers' Market660L26Cockroaches: Born SurvivorsCyberbullyingWake Up!640L780L730L2528Words! Words! Words!670L26Oil from the Earth730L27Wildlife for Sale750L28Animal Keeper610L25Interview with Avi690L26Forest for the TreesWhat Are Maglev Trains?What's So Funny?650L710L630L2527Do the Robot730L27Plant and Light Experiment710L27Smile and Say Kimchi!620L25Madame Curie790L28Machine That L660L720L660L630L670L680L710L25Science Journal Ancient HoneyBrochureLexile*African Plains SafarisDeserts of the WorldFantastic FishIncredible InvertebratesFact FileWeatherWetlandsX-Treme SportsExtreme WeatherGuidebookGuide to Desert BirdsGuide to OwlsCreatures of the DeepMagazineThunderstorm!NewspaperOn This Day, April 14, 1912Animal Record BreakersReference BookAstounding Amphibians* Lexile, Lexile Framework and the Lexile symbol are U.S. registered trademarks of MetaMetrics Inc.272525282526282826272625262627

SHORTREADSBOX 5Text TypeMagazineExplanationQ&A 's Amazing AnimalsCrime Scene Investigations980L980L30 Endangering Wildlife Habitats1190L30 GenreTitle30 Tesselations820L29Trapped in Time910L30Who Needs Maths/Science?930L30Genghis Khan's Mongolia1240L30 Body Language Made Simple1160L30 Recycling: A System That Works!970L30 Viking VoyagesVolcano That Shook the WorldWhat Killed the Dinosaurs?860L880L1000L2930 Leonardo da Vinci Applies for a Job1460L30 30Foods with a Difference1130L30 Just How Smart Are Animals?850L29Moon Speech1550L30 Wangari Maathai Nobel Lecture1150L30 Cousins in ConflictAcid EffectGrow Your Own Egg Crystal Geodes1130L830L910L30 How Surfers Catch a Wave980L30 2930Magic Touch840L29Anne Frank Diary Entry850L29Great Fire of London1170L30 Helen Keller1110L30 Letter from Rachel Carson1060L30 L1120L1340L30 Invasive SpeciesHealth & WellnessFact FileSolving CrimeGuide to Extreme StructuresGuide to Russia's Extreme SitesGuidebookRivers of the World: AsiaSouth America's Extreme SitesMagazineFrank O. Gehry: Outside InNewspaperBlizzard of 1888EarthquakesReference BookNavigators and MapsBook Review Jack London Book ReviewsInterviewElementary, My Dear WatsonLetterLincoln's Letter to the King of Siam* Lexile, Lexile Framework and the Lexile symbol are U.S. registered trademarks of MetaMetrics Inc.3030 30292930 3030 30 3030 30 30

Story of Ping-Pong 430L 20 Factual Response Interview Interview with a Dog Trainer 520L 22 Interview with a Weather Reporter 570L 23 Interview with a Wild Animal Expert 490L 21 Interview: Scientist Jeremy Owen 430L 20 Q&A Book What Is a Zoo Nutritionist? 580L 24 Procedure Instructions How to Build a Birdhouse 470L 21 How to Grow Sweet Potatoes .

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David Lee Genres, Registers, Text Types, Domains, and Styles Language Learning & Technology 39 essentially the view of genre taken by Swales (1990, pp. 24-27), who talks about genres being "owned" (and, to varying extents, policed) by particular discourse communities. Without going into the minutiae of the EA

A number of perennial doubts plague genre the-ory. Are genres really 'out there' in the world, or are they merely the constructions of analysts? Is there a finite taxonomy of genres or are they in principle infinite? Are genres timeless Platonic essences or ephemeral, time-bound entities? Are genres culture-bound or transcultural?.

Genres&of&Photography&–AssignmentAQW3M1 & 4 On to the assignment! This assignment is an exploration of the various genres of photography. You are required to produce contact sheets for all of the genres listed above. As well you will be compiling the “best” picture for each genre. Remember: - Take lots of pictures of the same image

this eBook covers many of the most important genres of student writing. In short, w e will look at ten types of writing prompts and ten genres of writing. In the process, we will examine many examples of released writing prompts from actual state writing assessments. Here are the prompt types that we will cover:

Keywords: review genres, academic review genres, review article, critical evaluative review, mixed-mode review, bibliographic review 1. Introduction Review genres are normally written texts or part texts that can provide suitable places for expression of personal ideas, attitudes, and evaluations.

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