ShopMill Operating Programming 840D/840Di/810D

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Operation/Programming 10/2004 EditionsinumerikSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810DShopMill

SINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810DIntroduction1Operation2Programming with3ShopMillShopMillProgramming with4G CodeSimulation5File Management6Mold Making7Alarms and lid forControlSoftware versionSINUMERIK 840D powerline7SINUMERIK 840DE powerline7SINUMERIK 840Di3SINUMERIK 840DiE (Export Version) 3SINUMERIK 810D powerline7SINUMERIK 810DE powerline710.04 Edition

SINUMERIK DocumentationPrinting historyBrief details of this edition and previous editions are listed below.The status of each edition is indicated by the code in the "Remarks" columns.Status code in the "Remarks" column:A .B .C .New documentation.Unrevised reprint with new Order No.Revised edition with new 0.04Order arksACCCCCCCTrademarksSIMATIC , SIMATIC HMI , SIMATIC NET , SIROTEC , SINUMERIK , and SIMODRIVE are registeredtrademarks of Siemens AG. Other names in this publication might be trademarks whose use by a third party forhis own purposes may violate the rights of the registered holder.More information is available on the Internet at: functions not described in this documentation might be executable in thecontrol. This does not, however, represent an obligation to supply such functionswith a new control or when servicing.This publication was produced with with WinWord 2000and Designer V 7.1.The reproduction, transmission ore use of this document or its contents is notprermitted without express written authority. Therefore we cannot guarantee thatthey are completely identical. Offenders will be liable for damages. All rights,including rigths created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design,are reserved.We have checked that the contents of this document correspond to the hardwareand software described. Nonetheless, differences might exist and we cannottherefore guarantee that they are completely identical. The information contained inthis document is, however, reviewed regularly and any necessary changes will beincluded in the next edition. We welcome suggestions for improvement. Siemens AG, 1997 - 2004. All rights reservedSubject to change without prior notice6FC5298-6AD10-0BP3Printed in GermanySiemens Aktiengesellschaft

010.04Preface0PrefaceStructure of theDocumentationThe SINUMERIK documentation is organized in 3 parts: General Documentation User Documentation Manufacturer/Service DocumentationAudienceThis documentation is intended for use by operators of verticalmachining centers or universal milling machines controlled by theSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D system.ValidityThis Operation/Programming Guide is valid for ShopMill SW 6.4.HotlinePlease address any queries to the following hotline:A&D Technical SupportTel.: 49 (0) 180 5050-222Fax: 49 (0) 180 5050-223Email: adsupport@siemens.comIf you have any queries (suggestions, corrections) concerning thedocumentation, please send them to the following fax number oremail address:Fax: 49 (0) 9131 98-2176Fax form at the end of the documentationEmail: motioncontrol.docu@erlf.siemens.deInternet 840DpowerlineSince 09.2001, improved-performance variants SINUMERIK 840Dpowerline and SINUMERIK 840DE powerline are available. For a listof available powerline modules, please refer to the followingHardware Description:Reference:/PHD/, SINUMERIK 840D Configuration ManualSINUMERIK 810DpowerlineSince 12.2001, improved-performance variants SINUMERIK 810Dpowerline and SINUMERIK 810DE powerline are available. For a listof available powerline modules, please refer to the followingHardware Description:Reference:/PHC/, SINUMERIK 810D Configuration ManualStandard scopeThis Operator's/Programming Guide describes the functionality of theShopMill operator interface. Extensions or changes made by themachine tool manufacturer are documented by the machine toolmanufacturer.More detailed information about other publications relating toSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D and publications that apply to allSINUMERIK controls (e.g. Universal Interface, Measuring Cycles.)can be obtained from your local Siemens branch office. Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Editionv

0Preface10.040Other functions not described in this documentation might beexecutable in the control. This does not, however, represent asobligation to supply such functions with a new control or whenservicing.PrincipleYour SIEMENS 840D/840Di/810D with ShopMill has been designedand constructed according to state-of-the-art technology andapproved safety regulations and standards.Additional equipmentSIEMENS offers special add-on equipment, products and systemconfigurations for the focused expansion of SIEMENS controls in yourfield of application.PersonnelOnly suitably trained, authorized, reliable personnel should beallowed to handle the equipment. Persons who are not qualifiedshould never be allowed to work on the control, even for a shorttime.The relevant responsibilities of personnel who set up, operate andmaintain the equipment must be clearly defined and adherence tothese responsibilities monitored.ProcedureBefore the control is started up, it should be ensured that theOperator's Guides have been read and understood by the peopleresponsible. The operator also has a permanent obligation tocontinuously monitor the overall technical condition (externallyrecognizable defects and damage and changes in the operatingbehavior) of the control.ServicingRepairs must be carried out by personnel who are specially trainedand qualified in the relevant technical subject according to theinformation supplied in the service and maintenance guide. Allappropriate safety specifications must be observed.The following is deemed to be improper usage and exempts themanufacturer from any liability:vi Any application deviating from the above points or usageextending beyond the given limits. Cases where the control is not maintained in perfect technicalcondition, or is operated without due regard to safety or danger,and cases where any or all of the instructions in the Operator'sGuide have not been observed. If faults that might affect the safety of the equipment are notrectified before the control is started up. Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Edition

010.04Preface Structure of thedocumentation0Any modification, bypassing or disabling of items of equipmenton the control that are required to ensure fault-free operation,unlimited use and active and passive safety.This documentation uses the following information blocks, identifiedby pictograms:FunctionBackground informationOperating sequenceExplanation of parametersAdditional notesSoftware optionThe function described is a software option. This means that thefunction will only run on the control if you have purchased the relevantoption.WarningsThe following 5 warnings with varying degrees of severity are used inthis documentation.DangerIndicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, willresult in death or serious injury or in substantial property damage.WarningIndicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided,could result in death or serious injury or in substantial propertydamage.CautionUsed with the safety alert symbol indicates a potentially hazardoussituation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injuryor in property damage. Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Editionvii

0Preface10.040CautionUsed without safety alert symbol indicates a potentially hazardoussituation which, if not avoided, may result in property damage.NoticeUsed without the safety alert symbol indicates a potential situationwhich, if not avoided, may result in an undesirable result or state.Machine manufacturerIf changes or additions exist for a particular topic, they are referencedhere:Please observe the details provided by the machine manufacturer.ReferencesFurther references for particular topics are indicated here:Reference:A complete list of available literature is included in the Appendix ofthis Operator's Guide.TermsThe meanings of several fundamental terms used in this documentation are defined below:ProgramA program is a sequence of instructions for the CNC control, whichproduce a particular workpiece at the machine.ContourA contour outlines a workpiece.The term "contour" is also used to denote the section of a programthat uses individual elements to define the outline of a workpiece.CycleA cycle, for example, mill rectangular pocket, is a subroutine specifiedby ShopMill to execute a repetitive machining process.(a cycle is sometimes also called a "function".)viii Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Edition

010.04"Unit of measurement"Preface0The parameter units are always specified in metric units in thisdocumentation. The corresponding inch measures are given in thetable /revin/revm/minft/min Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Editionix

0xPreface10.040 Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Edition

pMill . 1-20Sequence of operations . 1- . 1-22Coordinate system . 1-23Operator panels . 1-24Operator panel keys. 1-27Machine control panels . 1-29Elements of the machine control panels. 1-29Mini handheld unit. 1-331. interface. 1-35Overview . 1-35Operation by means of softkeys and hardkeys . 1-38Program views . 1-42Entering parameters . 1-461. . 1-48Plane designation . 1-48Polar coordinates . 1-48Absolute dimensions. 1-49Incremental dimensions . 1-49Pocket calculator function . 1-50Operation2-512.1Switching on and off. 2-532.22.2.1Reference point approach . 2-53User agreement in Safety Integrated. 2-562.3Operating modes . 2-572. for the machine . 2-58Switching over the unit (millimeter/inch) . 2-58Switching over the coordinate system (MCS/WCS) . 2-592.5Setting a new position value . g workpiece zero. 2-62Measuring an edge . 2-66Measuring a corner . 2-72Measuring a pocket and hole. 2-74Measuring a spigot. 2-80Aligning the plane . 2-87Corrections after measurement of the zero point . 2-89Calibrating an electronic measuring tool . 2-902.7Measuring a tool . 2-92 Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Editionxi

0xiiContents10.0402. a tool manually .2-92Calibrating a fixed point.2-95Measuring a tool with measuring probe .2-96Calibrating a measuring probe 8.9Manual mode.2-100Selecting a tool and attaching it to the spindle.2-100Entering a tool in the list and attaching it to the spindle.2-101Entering a new tool in the list and loading it in the magazine .2-102Starting, stopping, and positioning a spindle manually.2-102Traversing axes.2-104Positioning axes .2-106Swiveling .2-106Face milling .2-110Settings for manual mode .2-1112.9MDI mode .2-115Switchover between "T, F, S", "G functions" and "Auxiliary functions" displays.2-116Selecting a program for execution .2-117Starting/stopping/aborting a program.2-118Interrupting a program.2-119Starting execution at a specific point in the program .2-120Controlling the program run .2-125Overstore.2-127Testing a program .2-128Simultaneous recording before machining.2-129Simultaneous recording during machining.2-1312. program run.2-132Single block .2-132Displaying the current program block .2-133Correcting a program .2-1342.12Run times . and tool offsets .2-136Creating a new tool .2-143Setting up more than one edge per tool.2-145Changing the tool name .2-146Creating a replacement tool .2-146Manual tools .2-146Tool offsets.2-147Miscellaneous functions for a tool .2-150Entering tool wear data .2-151Activating tool monitoring .2-152Magazine list .2-154Deleting a tool .2-155Changing the tool type .2-155Loading/unloading a tool into/out of the magazine .2-156 Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Edition

010.04Contents02.13.14 Relocating a tool . 2-1582.13.15 Positioning a location . 2-1602.13.16 Sorting tools . 2-1602. offsets . 2-161Defining work offsets. 2-163Work offset list . 2-164Selecting/deselecting the work offset in the Manual area . 2-1662.15Switching to CNC-ISO mode . 2-1672.16ShopMill Open (PCU 50) . 2-1682.17Remote diagnostics . 2-168Programming with ShopMill3-1693.1Basics of programming . 3-1713.2Program structure . 3-1743.3Creating a sequential control program. 3-1753. a new program; defining a blank . 3-175Programming new blocks . 3-179Changing program blocks. 3-181Program editor . 3-1823.4Programming the tool, offset value and spindle speed. milling . 3-186Representation of the contour . 3-189Creating a new contour. 3-191Creating contour elements. 3-193Changing a contour. 3-198Programming examples for freely defined contours . 3-200Path milling. 3-203Predrilling a contour pocket . 3-206Milling a contour pocket (roughing). 3-209Removing residual material from a contour pocket . 3-210Finishing the contour pocket. 3-212Chamfering a contour pocket. 3-215Milling contour spigots (roughing). 3-216Removing residual material from a contour spigot . 3-217Finishing the contour spigot. 3-219Chamfering a contour spigot. 3-2203. or circular path motions . 3-221Straight. 3-221Circle with known center point . 3-223Circle with known radius . 3-224Helix . 3-225Polar coordinates . 3-226Straight polar. 3-227 Siemens AG, 2004. All rights reservedSINUMERIK 840D/840Di/810D Operation/Programming ShopMill (BAS) – 10.04 Editionxiii

0xivContents10.0403. polar .3-228Programming examples for polar coordinates 173.7.18Drilling .3-230Centering.3-231Drilling and reaming .3-232Deep-hole drilling .3-233Boring .3-235Tapping .3-236Thread milling.3-238Drill and thread milling.3-242Positioning on freely programmable positions and position patterns .3-245Freely programmable positions.3-246Line position pattern .3-250Matrix position pattern .3-251Box position pattern.3-252Full circle position pattern .3-253Pitch circle position pattern .3-255Including and skipping positions .3-257Obstacle .3-258Repeating positions.3-260Programming examples for drilling .8.9Milling .3-263Face milling .3-263Rectangular pocket .3-266Circular pocket .3-270Rectangular spigot .3-272Circular spigot .3-275Longitudinal slot .3-277Circumferential slot .3-280Use of position patterns for milling .3-283Engraving .3-2863. .3-291Measuring the workpiece zero .3-291Measuring the tool.3-293Calibrating the measuring functions .

SINUMERIK 840D powerline Since 09.2001, improved-performance variants SINUMERIK 840D powerline and SINUMERIK 840DE powerline are available. For a list of available powerline modules, please refer to the following Hardware Description: Reference: /PHD/, SINUMERIK 840D Configuration Manual SINUMERIK 810D powerline

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For use with SINUMERIK 840D/840D sl: Two internal PCI slots are available for specific expansions. For use with SINUMERIK 840Di sl: A PCI slot is already equipped with the MCI2 board and can be equipped with the optional MCI board extension. For commissioning: Two 7-segment displays and two LEDs are integrated for diagnostic purposes.

SINUMERIK 840D/840Di SINUMERIK 810D/FM-NC Short Guide Programming 10.00 Edition Valid for Control Software version SINUMERIK 840D 6 SINUMERIK 840DE (Export version) 6

810D/840D/840Di Beginner’s Manual 7 To enable a CNC control system, such as the SINUMERIK 840D, to orient itself in the existing working area, there are some important reference points. Machine zero M The machine zero M is defined by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. When milling, it is in

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