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STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHOW TO USE THIS INDEXIn order to get maximum usage from this index, the researcher should keep the followingguidelines in mind:1. Coverage is limited to the 94th General Assembly Senate floor debates(January 12, 2005-January 9, 2007)2. Reference is by bill number only. Citations to Public Acts, which are given in theIllinois Compiled Statues and in other sources, can be converted by bill numbers byconsulting the appropriate Public Act as it appears in the session laws. Those whoneed access to debate by subject or sponsor should check the indices in theLegislative Synopsis and Digest for reference to pertinent bill numbers.Resolutions and joint resolutions are listed at the end of the Senate and House bills.3. The purpose of this index is to lead to discussion of legislative intent or reasons forparticular activity, and not to serve as a record of all action.1

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATETO LOCATE DEBATE FOR A BILL1. Consult the bill number index. If there are entries under the bill, they will refer todates, pages and types of action. It may be necessary to consult the index on SpecialSessions to obtain all entries for a bill.2. Debates for Special Sessions are in special session order at the end of the regularsession days.To locate floor debates for the 94th Senate and House, go to the following URL:http://www.ilga.govClick on the link marked Transcripts under the Senate or House.2


STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEBill -15HB-154/6/20055/4/20055/11/200541128First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 8315First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 1129First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/20/200510313443First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 4135First ReadingSecond ReadingThird irst ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingFirst ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird ReadingFirst Reading1

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - /2/200511/2/200511/2/2005111631826Second ReadingThird ReadingMotion FiledVeto ActionVote 510717First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 1130First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /20055/17/20053317First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0318First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 84138First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 2First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-5710/26/20053Motion FiledHB-585/5/200538First ReadingHB-59HB-592/15/20055/4/20051011First ReadingSecond ReadingFirst Reading2

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-595/17/200519Third 0055/19/20054320139First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 21First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 055/19/20053122222146147149First ReadingSecond ReadingOut Of RecordThird ReadingRecalledThird ReadingVote /20055/19/20055/19/20055/30/200521214714814First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 17/2005101222First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5281230First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-1192/24/200519First 056423First ReadingSecond ReadingThird Reading3

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 5154First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 051046First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 05204150First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 54423First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-1532/15/200510First 5101232First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /19/20055/19/200535150152First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 525154First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5/4/20055/11/200541332First ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingThird Reading4

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 41333First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0510524First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0519425First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/17/20055/19/20055/19/2005251326155166First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingVote 005191333First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5/19/20055/20/20054632First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0519427First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5251434First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-203HB-2032/24/20055/4/20051914First ReadingSecond ReadingFirst Reading5

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-2035/11/200535Third 5101436First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5281427First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /20055/19/20055/19/20055/19/2005195160161166First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingVote 4/20055/20/20055/27/20055/27/2005415968081First ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird 5191536First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 200543435First ReadingDeadline ExtensionSecond ReadingFirst ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingFirst Reading6

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-23011/4/20054Third ReadingHB-2312/1/200610First ReadingHB-2365/26/200534First 0545167First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/11/20055/11/20055/17/2005315373729First ReadingSecond ReadingOut Of RecordThird ReadingThird ReadingHB-2505/5/200538First ReadingHB-2532/15/200510First ReadingHB-25810/26/200543First 41537First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 052531First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 531538First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 051916First ReadingFirst ReadingSecond Reading7

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-2955/11/200538Third 053531First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 056126First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 21639First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /20055/19/20055/19/20055/19/200536168169173First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingVote 5/17/20055/17/2005263233First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingVote 0541646First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5/20/20055/26/20055/26/200535184185185964749First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingOut Of RecordDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird Reading8

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 17/20055/19/200525633172First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 54634First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-3352/16/200525First B-339HB-3393/8/20055/4/20055/20/200521660First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 053635First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 05138637First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 052738First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/20/20055/24/20055/24/200537966065First ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird Reading9

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 0HB-360HB-3604/15/20055/16/20055/19/200526173First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 053737First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5/27/20055/27/20055/30/20051967896252621First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledOut Of RecordDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird ReadingRefuse to RecedeHB-3712/15/200510First 531667First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-3742/24/200519First 0520796First ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline 0541769First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-3833/3/20052First ReadingFirst Reading10

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 56174175Second ReadingRecalledThird 536178First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 51770First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 43185188First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingOut Of RecordThird ReadingOut Of 19/20055/19/200538188189First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 0536190First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /200541743441911911921929667First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingOut Of RecordOut Of RecordRecalledRecalledOut Of RecordDeadline ExtensionRecalled11

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-3985/24/200571Third -404HB-4044/11/20055/4/20055/11/200531770First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /17/20055/19/200520206191First ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingThird 541771First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 21844First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 21872First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5201873First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 05138845First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-4425/5/200538First ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird ReadingFirst Reading12

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 201873First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5101974First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 06256115HB-4513/8/20053First ReadingHB-4525/20/20052First 463839First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingOut Of RecordRecalledThird 1/3/200511/3/2005536062First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingHB-4673/1/20052First ReadingHB-4714/12/20053First ReadingHB-4723/8/20053First ReadingHB-4734/13/2005138First ReadingHB-4743/8/20053First ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingDeadline Extension13

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-4765/26/20052First /19/20055/19/200528192193First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 0/27/200510/27/2005371111First ReadingSecond ReadingOut Of RecordThird ReadingHB-4835/5/200538First 05201239First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0520946First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 531975First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-5003/2/20054First ReadingHB-5035/5/200538First 55947First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 42847First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalled14

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-5095/19/2005194Third 0055/26/20052071959645556First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledDeadline ExtensionRecalledThird ReadingVote 55/17/20055/19/20053948196First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 22975First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5202976First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /19/20055/19/2005209196197First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 5282977First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 537198First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-528HB-5282/24/20055/5/20052029First ReadingSecond Reading15

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-5285/11/200578Third 05378First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20063/15/20063/15/20063/28/200633998First ReadingSecond ReadingOut Of RecordThird ReadingThird 23078First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0561049First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0561049First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /20/20055/20/2005207810First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 5203079First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 33051First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-5833/8/20053First Reading16

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-583HB-5835/5/20055/11/20053079Second ReadingThird 533080First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/17/20055/17/20055/19/200527315252199First ReadingSecond ReadingOut Of RecordThird ReadingThird 19/20055/19/2005310199200First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird /17/20055/19/20054852200First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 0520852First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/19/20055/19/20055/27/20052531201203100First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 20055/5/20055/11/200553181First ReadingFirst ReadingSecond ReadingThird Reading17

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 531053First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 33182First ReadingSecond ReadingThird /19/20055/19/200538204205First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird /19/20055/19/2005411205206First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 33154First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-6374/19/20053First ReadingHB-6412/24/200520First ReadingHB-6444/21/20052First ReadingHB-6482/24/200520First /20055/19/20055/19/20055/31/2005138112072084First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingRecedeHB-6574/13/2005138First Reading18

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-657HB-6575/11/20055/17/20051154Second ReadingThird ReadingHB-6643/17/200528First ReadingHB-6653/1/20052First /19/20055/19/2005411208209First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 9/20055/19/2005532210211First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 057855First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 051381163First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 20055/19/20055/19/20055/19/200528211212214First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird ReadingVote IntentionHB-6863/2/20062First ReadingHB-6884/19/20053First 0527213First ReadingSecond ReadingThird Reading19

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - 0538312First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0547214First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 531263First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 33282First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 0053412First ReadingSecond ReadingThird ReadingHB-709HB-7093/17/20055/16/20052810First ReadingSecond ReadingHB-7114/13/2005138First /17/20055/19/200531264217First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalledThird 543265First ReadingSecond ReadingThird 5310217First ReadingSecond ReadingRecalled20

STATE OF ILLINOIS94th GENERAL ASSEMBLYMASTER INDEX - SENATEHB-720HB-7205/19/20055/19/2005218274Third ReadingVote IntentionHB-721HB-721HB-7214/14

HB-212 5/19/2005 161 Third Reading HB-212 5/19/2005 166 Vote Intention HB-213 2/24/2005 20 First Reading HB-215 2/24/2005 19 First Reading HB-215 5/4/2005 14 Second Reading HB-215 5/17/2005 28 Recalled HB-215 5/19/2005 167 Third Reading HB-220 4/14/2005 7 First Reading .

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