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Open Satellite is a non-profit contemporary art exhibitionhall for the Seattle metropolitan area. The residencybased program provides an opportunity for emergingand mid-career artists from outside the region to workfor an extended period to create a large-scale artwork,or new body of work, in any medium. Exhibitions arestaged four times annually with every fifth show focusedon architecture as a critical position. Regional curatorsare invited to select and curate work by national andinternational artists who have received limited exposurein the Pacific Northwest.Founded in 2007 Open Satellite is committed to providinga forum for contemporary art, design, architecture andperforming arts. In addition to its core residency program,Open Satellite collaborates with local artists, educatorsand community groups to stage ongoing public programs.Open Satellite is an Associated Program of Shunpike.Tax deductible donations can be made to Open Satellitevia Shunpike. Shunpike is a 501(c)(3) non-profit artservice organization whose mission is to strengthen theSeattle arts community by partnering with small and midsize arts groups to develop the business tools they needto succeed.989 112 th Ave NESuite 102Bellevue, WA98004V: 425 454 rs: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 PMOpen Satellite EditionsEach Open Satellite artist-in-residence creates an edition forpurchase. In fall 2009 we launched our Northwest EditionProgram, selecting four artists annually to produce an editionas well. All artists receive a stipend to produce their editionand fifty percent of the sales revenue. The remaining proceedsfrom edition sales support Open Satellite’s core residency program. Editions are available exclusively from Open Satellite.

Open Satellite Artist-In-Residence EditionsHeather and Ivan MorisonSIMPARCHMeiro KoizumiSeth KinmontAnna HeplerChris LipomiHilary WilderOlga KoumoundourosZoe StraussForthcomingPrimitivo Suarez-WolfeMitzi Pederson

Heather and Ivan MorisonFor their edition Blackened Bones, Heather andIvan Morison continue the narrative started by theirOpen Satellite installation Frost King. In their fivecolor lithographs, they activate their massive charredwood kite, placing it in motion alongside silhouettedbirds in flight. The image of Frost King is delicatelydrawn on a photograph, then reproduced in metallic ink on the lithograph. In Blackened Bones, FrostKing is transformed into a mobile, potentially fragileform, while weighing down the actual lightness andmobility of the natural forms surrounding it. Thisdynamic, where potential and ruin, and nature andman-made are confused, broadens and complicatesour imagination in relation to the built environment.Blackened Bones, 2010Five color lithograph on 200 gsmSymbol Tatami white27.5 19.625 inches unframedEdition of 150 375

SIMPARCHGive your cat the simplicity and convenience of condo living— to frolic and doze in this plush imitation of the mixed-usehigh rise, 989 Elements, a cornerstone of Bellevue’s contemporary urban community. With its modern design, open-airterrace, parking garage and penthouse, this dazzling cat habitat offers personal compartments for your feline’s privacy andcomfort. This easy to assemble, flat pack kit will bring newsophistication to cat architecture and your home.Cat Condo (BeyondFeline Living), 2010Plywood, acrylic,carpet, aluminum,and hardware59 35 27 inchesEdition of 2 2,500

Tacoma Fuji 2, 2009Paper, paint, and ink13 19 inchesEdition of 5Each work unique 800Meiro KoizumiFor his edition Meiro Koizumi drew inspiration from thehistory of Mount Rainier and Mount Fuji’s connectionas official sister mountains. The resulting hand-drawnworks on paper comprising his edition titled Tacoma Fujiare beautifully manipulated original Japanese woodblockprints of idyllic landscapes depicting Mount Fuji. Directlymarking existing prints, bucolic mountainside towns arealtered by the conflation of Mount Rainier and MountFuji and incorporation of Northwest symbols of urbanitydrawn from the artist’s memory of time spent in Bellevueduring his residency.Tacoma Fuji 3

Meiro KoizumiTacoma Fuji 4Tacoma Fuji 5

Cash Out / Cash In, 2009Paper, ink, and carbon8.5 11 .5 inchesEdition of 5 2000Seth KinmontCash Out / Cash In is one in a series of “kits” designedto help make transparent the working process of theColossus Fund—to make a million dollars through acombination of producing and selling art editions andplaying the stock market. Kinmont’s edition, a carboncopy tracking system that includes line items such as,materials, labor, crating, item descriptions, sales andreceipts for bookkeeping, is an investment in a seriesof interconnecting “kits” that build on and examine thetransitional states of ideas and objects.

ARREST, ARRAY Drawing 1, 2008Plexiglas and ink12 13.5 inchesEdition of 10Each work unique* 375Anna HeplerHepler’s edition, ARREST, ARRAY Drawings 1 – 10,unique pen and ink drawings on Plexiglas, is a directreference to her installation at Open Satellite. It iselegant with orderly and repetitive details forming whatappear to be three-dimensional drawings reflective ofboth the chaos and order in nature. Hepler’s sourcesof inspiration draw from the underlying mathematicalpatterns in nature’s systems as evidenced by flocks ofbirds and swarms of insects.*Check on availability.Above: ARREST, ARRAY Drawing 1, detailBelow: ARREST, ARRAY Drawing 4

Anna HeplerARREST, ARRAY Drawing 10

Hilary WilderVenus Edition, 2008Aluminum4.5 2.5 1.25 inchesEdition of 20 50Chris LipomiIn line with Chris Lipomi’s attempts to re-imagine distinctmoments in art history, for his edition, Lipomi borrowedhis inspiration from as far back as 24,000 B.C. His VenusEdition, a replication of Venus of Willendorf, also knownas the Woman of Willendorf, is an aluminum cast statuette of the historical female figure. While the original iswidely interpreted as a fertility symbol by scholars, its trueorigin and cultural significance remains unknown. Each ofLipomi’s supine statuettes has unique characteristics.Hillary Wilder’s installation at Open Satellite, Nearer toThee, emphasized the agency one has in how one experiences the passing of time, memory and the ephemeral.It is only natural that Wilder’s edition, Untitled–takinginspiration from, Jim Weatherly’s Midnight Train toGeorgia, Eric Clapton’s Bell Bottom Blues, and her remixversion of Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight—calls to attention the romantic impulse that must also be understoodas a construction, and an illusion of one expectation ofthe experience. Untitled, 2008 is an edition of a painting repurposed to become a fictionalized printed albumcover with an off-set printed album insert.Untitled, 2008Offset printed 7-inch recordsleeve and album insert7.25 7.25 inchesEdition of 90 25

I Feel BetterNow., 2007Poster, Offset13 18 inchesEdition of 100 25Growth for thesake of growthis the ideologyof the cancercell., 2007Poster, Offset13 18 inchesEdition of 100 25Beyond Living, Just, 2007Poster, Offset13 18 inchesEdition of 100 25Olga KoumoundourosFor her edition, Olga Koumoundouros contemptuously addresses the current incarnation of the American Dream. Ina series of offset printed posters, Koumoundouros utilizesand transforms the phrases and mottos that have cometo be associated with suburban sprawl and gentrification.Through adding her own critical voice, at times mocking,at others urgent, Koumoundouros positions these postersto serve simultaneously as advertisement and warningsign, placing a disclaimer on the commercialization of thepursuit of happiness.Finally. We Have a Piece of the Pie., 2007Poster, Offset13 18 inchesEdition of 100 25

Works In Progress, 2010Suite of eight offset print postcards4 6 inchesEdition of 100 35Zoe StraussPhiladelphia-based photographer and installation artistZoe Strauss focused her camera on the transitionalFactoria neighborhood of Bellevue, citing the district’sambitious, yet unfulfilled, intentions—suggested by itsname—to become an industrial manufacturing hub.Her edition, Works In Progress, is a postcard book con sisting of eight images, seven taken by Strauss andone installation view of her exhibition of the same titleat Open Satellite in 2007.There are three covers to select from: Detail I-95(Vanessa)—as show above, Detail I-95 (SatisfactionGuaranteed Removed), and Detail I-95 (Bear on TVin Motel Lobby).

Northwest Artist Editions2010Isaac LaymanVictoria HavenElias HansenMaki Tamura2009Dan WebbGreg LundgrenJeffry MitchellGretchen Bennett

Isaac LaymanThis edition is sold out.Each of Isaac Layman’s prints includes a handcraftedframe made by the artist.Continually examining the nature and meaning of thephotographic image, Isaac Layman’s hyper-real workshave been exhibited widely, receiving critical and popularpraise. In 2008, Seattle Art Museum awarded Laymanthe Betty Bowen Award. Tacoma Art Museum, Seattle ArtMuseum, and Henry Art Gallery have all recently acquiredLayman’s work for their permanent collections. Layman isrepresented by Lawrimore Project.Liquor Store, 2010Archival inkjet print18 13 inchesEdition of 8 900

Northwest Field Recording(Extended Play), 2010Cut vinyl on paper18.5 18 inchesEdition of 8 500Victoria HavenMimicking the grooves of a 12” LP, Victoria Haven’sNorthwest Field Recording (Extended Play) is cutmirrored-vinyl reflecting names of destination spotsthroughout the Northwest.A seasoned Northwest artist, Haven’s artwork complicates and dramatizes perspective, shape, and composition. In 2004 she was awarded The Stranger GeniusAward, as well as the Betty Bowen Award. Reviewsof Haven’s work have appeared in Artforum and Art inAmerica. She is represented by Greg Kucera Galleryand PDX Contemporary Art.

I’m Holding On ToThis For You, 2010Glass, cork, wax5.25 3 4 inchesEdition of 10 400Elias HansenElias Hansen created ten unique glassblown worksfor Open Satellite; each varies in color combination.Hansen is known for constructing fantastical, yetstunningly realistic artworks of complicated systemsof glass, metal, and found objects. His work has beenshown at Maccarone Gallery, New York; LawrimoreProject, Seattle; The Company in Los Angeles;and Seattle Art Museum. In 2010, Hansen was afinalist for Seattle Art Museum’s Betty Bowen Awardhonored with the PONCHO Special RecognitionAward. Hansen is represented by Lawrimore Project.

Maki TamuraEach of Maki Tamura’s twelve delicate brooches arehand-cut and painted featuring different scenes.Tiger & Ring of Flames (shown above), 2010Underglaze watercolors on porcelain, felt,brass-plated nickel pin3.3125 2.75 .1875 inchesEdition of 12 250Born in Kyoto and raised in Jakarta, Maki Tamura hashad solo exhibitions at the Seattle Asian Art Museum,Dallas Museum of Art, Lucas Schoormans in New York,and various galleries in Germany and Italy. She is represented by James Harris Gallery in Seattle.

Dan WebbDan Webb’s Dial It In is part of an ongoing series ofinteractive sculptures that investigate and challenge thenotion of self-invention. An anonymous wooden body,with rotating, colorful heads mounted above, acts asa mutable representation of an individual, allowing aviewer to shift not only its physical appearance, but ineffect, its religion, gender, race, political ideology, andpersonality. The power and ease of this gesture, coupledwith the toy-like quality of the piece itself, challengesthe validity of the transformation, while celebrating theperversity of it. A different set of heads is featured oneach edition.Dial It In, 2009Cast plastic, metal, and plywood20 8 8 inchesEdition of 5Each work unique 1,000The Success of an Artist Can Be MeasuredBy How Much Money They Make, 2009Cast glass7 3 1.5 inchesEdition of 12, plus 3 AP 250Greg LundgrenA continuation of the ideas of much of his performanceand curatorial work, Greg Lundgren’s The Success ofan Artist Can Be Measured By How Much Money TheyMake turns a basic iconographic and status object intoa provocative and humorous prop. His edition, a glassbrick slightly larger than a stack of twenty dollar bills,with a cartoonish rendering of a bill engraved on its topsurface, simultaneously tempts, critiques, and enablesits possessor, exposing an inner desire, while labelingit as absurd.

Jeffry MitchellJeffry Mitchell’s Elephant Snowflake Lamp exudes theplayfulness, energy, and overall love associated with hiswork. Mitchell embraces the potential stigma of craftiness, using paper and wood cutouts, and colored lightsto understand emotions on both an individual and publiclevel, conveying the complexity of his reality throughanalogous representations and forms. While issues ofsexual identity and memory are really at focus in thework, it is inevitably the raw emotions which makes thepiece so affecting.Each of Mitchell’s unique lamps includes a drawingtucked away in a secret pouch. Lamp colors available:yellow, blue, green, aqua, pink, black light, and clear.Elephant Snowflake Lamp, 2009Wood, paper, paint, and colored light bulb20 16 13 inchesEdition of 10Each work unique 500

Dying Fawn, 2009Porcelain14.5 13 2.5 inchesEdition of 10 700Gretchen BennettGretchen Bennett’s Dying Fawn, freezes and preservesin a small porcelain sculpture the moment of passingon. It’s intimate, yet awkwardly small scale and tangiblematerial entices a viewer toward it, even as the heartwrenching gesture of Bennett’s familiar fawn shouldrepel them. Each exquisite sculpture rests on a felt pad.

Open Satellite PublicationsIn 2009 we launched Open Satellite Publications, a copublishing partnership with Publication Studio, an experiment in sustainable publication based in Portland, Ore.Publications are printed and bound at Publication Studio.Publication #1Meiro Koizumi was made on the occassion of Koizumi’sexhibition, The Corner of Sweet and Bitter. Seventy color and black-and-white pages, it includes reproductionsof drawings from the artist’s sketchbooks and essaysby Robin Held, chief curator and director of exhibitionsat the Frye Art Museum, Jen Graves, visual art critic forThe Stranger, and Yoko Ott, director of Open Satellite. Itis available in softcover for 30.Publication #2Heather and Ivan Morison is the companion publicationto their sculpture Frost King. The 112-page image-filledreader includes the Morisons’ newest novella Frost King,a vividly pungent tale stitching together fact, fiction andgraphic post-apocalyptic visions of the future; an interviewwith The Stranger art critic and arts editor Jen Graves;and a critical response by Eric Fredericksen, the OpenSatellite guest curator who selected the artists for aresidency. Fredericksen is the director of Western Bridge,a contemporary art exhibition space in Seattle. The first100 copies are sold as a limited edition and contain aunique frottage taken from the installation. 35, softcover.Buying InfoEditions and publications may be purchased by sendingyour order request to, calling (425)454-7355, or visiting Open Satellite. We accept cash,check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).9.5% sales tax is added to all sales in Washington State.Out of state and international residents are not chargedsales tax (VAT is handled by purchasers). Postage is additional on works that are shipped.989 112th Avenue NE, Suite 102Bellevue, WA 98004(425) gHours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 PMContact us with your inquiry.

OPENSATELLITEEXHIBITIONSMitzi PedersonSeth KinmontFebruary 19 – March 19, 2011Curated by Michael Van HornMay 20 – July 1, 2009Curated by Elizabeth A. BrownPrimitivo Suarez-WolfeChris LipomiSeptember 10 – November 13, 2010Selected by Michael DarlingNovember 12, 2008 – January 17, 2009Curated by Sara KrajewskiAaron Flint JamisonAnna HeplerAugust 11 –  21, 2010Curated by TARLAugust 21 – October 4, 2008Curated by Beth SellarsHeather and Ivan MorisonSergio VegaApril 28 – July 17, 2010Curated by Eric FredericksenMay 22 – July 5, 2008Curated by Pablo SchugurenskySUPERMODELHilary WilderFebruary 3, 2010 – March 13, 2010Organized by Lead Pencil StudioFebruary 21 – April 5, 2008Curated by Marisa C. SánchezMeiro KoizumiZoe StraussNovember 10, 2009 – January 9, 2010Curated by Yoko OttDecember 1, 2007 – January 12, 2008Curated by Abigail Guay and GretchenL. WagnerSIMPARCHAugust 19 – October 3, 2009Curated by Abigail GuayGreg LundgrenJuly 10 – August 1, 2009Olga KoumoundourosAugust 29 – October 13, 2007Curated by Lead Pencil Studio

terrace, parking garage and penthouse, this dazzling cat habi-tat offers personal compartments for your feline’s privacy and comfort. This easy to assemble, flat pack kit will bring new sophistication to cat architecture and your home. Cat Condo (Beyond Feline Living), 2010 Plywood, acrylic, carpet, aluminum, and hardware 59 35 27 inches Edition of 2 2,500. Meiro Koizumi For his .

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