Vertical Turbine, Wet-Pit Pump

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VTPVertical Turbine, Wet-Pit PumpExperience In Motion

Pump Supplier to the WorldFlowserve is the driving force in the global industrialpump marketplace. No other pump company in theworld has the depth or breadth of expertise in thesuccessful application of pre-engineered, engineered,and special purpose pumps and systems.Life Cycle Cost SolutionsProduct Brands of DistinctionACEC Centrifugal PumpsAldrich PumpsByron Jackson PumpsCalder Energy Recovery DevicesFlowserve provides pumping solutions that permitcustomers to reduce total life cycle costs and improveproductivity, profitability and pumping system reliability.Cameron PumpsMarket-Focused Customer SupportFlowserve PumpsProduct and industry specialists develop effective proposalsand solutions directed toward market and customer preferences. They offer technical advice and assistance throughouteach stage of the product life cycle, beginning with theinitial inquiry.Durco Process PumpsIDP PumpsINNOMAG Sealless PumpsLawrence Pumps Broad Product LinesNiigata Worthington PumpsFlowserve offers a wide range of complementary pumptypes, from pre-engineered process pumps to highlyengineered and special purpose pumps and systems.Pumps are built to recognized global standards andcustomer specifications.Pacific PumpsPump designs include: Single-stage process Between bearings single-stage Between bearings multistage Vertical Submersible motor Positive displacement Nuclear SpecialtySier-Bath Rotary PumpsPleuger PumpsScienco PumpsTKL PumpsUnited Centrifugal PumpsWestern Land Roller Irrigation PumpsWilson-Snyder PumpsWorthington Pumps2Worthington Simpson Pumps

Complementary Pump DesignsVTPVertical Turbine,Wet-Pit PumpVCTQL/QLQWUJUnequaled Hydraulic Coverageand Design FlexibilityThe Flowserve VTP is a single casing, diffuser-type,vertical turbine pump. Flowserve VTP pumps areinstalled in wet-pit or deep well applications whereNPSH available is ample. Flowserve manufactures oneof the world's most comprehensive lines of mixed flowvertical turbine pumps to ensure the best pumpselection for a wide variety of services.Engineered FlexibilityVTP pumps are available in a wide variety of configurations,constructions and materials to suit application requirements.Among the options are: Open or enclosed lineshaft constructionEnclosed or semi-open impellers, keyed or collet mountedBowl and enclosed impeller wear ringsCast iron or fabricated steel discharge headsSealing configurations for open lineshaft construction–– Packed box with flexible graphite packing–– Single or dual mechanical sealSealing configurations for enclosed lineshaft construction–– Enclosing tube tension assembly for oil lubrication–– Water injection packing assemblyAbove ground or below ground discharge flangesMultiple drivers–– Electric motors, solid or hollow shaft–– Engines with right angle gear drives–– Steam turbinesSeparate axial thrust bearing assemblyStandard and ISO 13709/API 610 (VS1), latestedition configurationsApplications Municipal waterIrrigationGeneral industrialSnow makingPower generationOil and gas productionHydrocarbon processingMiningStorm waterSump serviceRebowl ServicesFlowserve can revitalize the performance of agedVTPs and reduce total operating costs. Whether forcompetitor or Flowserve pumps, upgrades will reducepower consumption, downtime and maintenance costs,while extending the pump life.Complementary PumpsFlowserve also offers these complementary pumps: VCT vertical mixed flow pumps QL and QLQ single casing, double-suction,double volute pumps WUJ ISO 13709/API 610 (VS1) vertical,multistage single casing process pump AFV vertical axial flow pump VPC vertical turbine, double casing pump LNN between bearing, axially split, single-stage,double-suction pump3

VTPVertical Turbine,Wet-Pit PumpProduct LubricationThe VTP is a singlecasing, diffuser type,single or multiple stagevertical turbine pump designed forcontinuous duty in a variety of wet-pit anddeep well applications. Its extraordinarilybroad hydraulic coverage is wellcomplemented by its versatility.Operating ParametersFlows to 13 600 m3/h (60 000 gpm)Heads to 700 m (2300 ft)Pressures to 100 bar (1450 psi)Temperatures from -45 C (-50 F)to 300 C (570 F) Sizes from 150 mm (6 in) to 1375 mm (54 in) Settings to 365 m (1200 ft) Product Lubrication utilizes open lineshaftconstruction, allowing lineshaft bearings tobe lubricated by pumped liquid.Threaded Column Pipe minimizes well pumpcasing diameter.Discharge Head with ASME Class 125 or 250 flatface flange smoothly moves the pumped liquidinto the discharge piping. It also functions as adriver mounting base.Prelubrication Connection to an externallubrication source is available for deep set pumps.Enclosed or Semi-open Impellers are designedfor maximum coverage of all applications.4Lock Collets provide an interference fit betweenthe bowl shaft and impeller to hold the impellersecurely in place. Keyed impellers are standardfor 500 mm (20 in) and larger models andoptional on other sizes.Vertical HollowShaft Motor allowsthe pump headshaft toextend through the motor andprovides impeller clearance adjustment with an adjusting nut located at thetop of the motor. A two-piece headshaftwith a motor stand is available for lowoverhead sites.High-pressure Stuffing Box for workingpressures up to 20 bar (300 psi). Low andextra high pressure stuffing boxes are alsoavailable.Bearing Brackets With Rubber LineshaftBearings fit between the column sectionsto maintain alignment and are spaced toprovide adequate shaft support. Alternativebearing materials available. Bearingbrackets are integral to column pipes40 mm (16 in) and larger.Discharge Case with hydraulic adapterensures efficient transfer of flow tovarious column sizes.Bowl and Bell Bearings with high lengthto-diameter ratio on either side of theimpeller provide rigid support for thebowl shaft.Suction Bell provides efficient flow ofliquid into the eye of the first stageimpeller. A suction case is provided forwell pump applications.Sand Collar prevents grit from enteringthe suction bell bearing.Basket Strainer exceeds HydraulicsInstitute parameters. Cone strainersare provided for deep well installations.

VTPVertical Turbine,Wet-Pit PumpEnclosed Oil LubricationEnclosed Oil Lubrication isolates the lineshaftand bearings from the pumped liquid, minimizingmaintenance in abrasive services. Alternativelubricants such as clean water or grease can alsobe used with enclosed lineshaft construction.Separate Steel Soleplate allows groutingand leveling of the pump discharge headwithout permanently anchoring it. Thepump can be removed without disturbingthe foundation.Heavy-duty Discharge Head with ASME Class150, 300 or 600 raised face flanges provides arigid and stable support for high horsepowerdrivers. The mitered elbow reduces the internalfriction loss and turbulence. Cast iron dischargeheads are available to 500 mm (20 in) discharge.Flanged Column Pipe contains thepressure being generated by the pumpand has a rabbet fit between the flangesto maintain alignment.Alignment Screws allow positioning of largerframe size motors on the discharge head for finalalignment of the pump and motor shafts.Rigid, Adjustable Flanged Coupling providesaccurate impeller clearance adjustment and shaftstability. A spacer coupling allows access to themechanical seal without removing the motor.Enclosed Impeller provides close running clearance with the bowl to maintain efficiency over abroad operating range. Full range of semi-openimpellers is available for particular applications.Keyed Impellers positively locked to the shafteliminate shaft to impeller movement. Stainlesssteel slotted keys prevent radial movement, whilethe stainless steel split-ring keys prevent axialmovement. Collet mounting is standard forimpellers up to 460 mm (18 in).Enclosing Tube provides lineshaftprotection from the pumped liquid.Lineshaft bearings are spaced at 1.5 m(5 ft) intervals to provide adequatelineshaft support.Enclosing Tube Stabilizer is integrallywelded to the column pipe to maintainthe rigidity and the alignment of theenclosing tube. Rubber stabilizers areused on column sizes to 355 mm (14 in);steel stabilizers for 400 mm (16 in)and larger.Tension Bearing holds the enclosing tubeand lineshaft bearings in alignment. Italso provides a chamber for the lubricantas it enters the enclosing tube.Discharge Case With Bypass Port allowspositive flow of lineshaft bearing lubricantinto the enclosing tube.5

Options andTechnical DataKeyedImpellerO-ringand Wear RingConstructionIntegral Axial Thrust Bearing AssemblyDischarge ConfigurationsThe axial thrust bearing assembly withstands the totalhydraulic thrust as well as the rotor weight. Self-lubricating,anti-friction bearings are utilized for standard applications.The integral axial thrust bearing assembly is available onVTP pumps with IEC motors.When using a fabricated discharge design,VTP pumps are available with above or belowground discharge flanges to suit site conditions.ISO 13709/API 610 Compliant Features AboveGroundDischargeWeld neck flangesPrecision, rigid adjustable flanged spacer couplingSeal chamber with jackscrewsStuds and nutsO-ring constructionOne-piece pump shaft up to 6 m (20 ft)Dynamically balanced, keyed enclosed impellersPinned wear ringsISO 13709/API 610 forces and momentsBelowGroundDischargeTDH – 50 HZ50025010060 000 14 00030 000 700020 000 500010 000 01501005025100501050101060 000 14 00030 000 700020 000 500010 000 2500Flow Rate – 50 HZ5000 000 000TDH – 60 HZ2000150010001000ft300050m3/hgpm0 0Flow Rate – 60 HZ5000 1500VTP Range Chart

Global Serviceand TechnicalSupportLife Cycle Cost SolutionsTypically, 90% of the total life cycle cost (LCC) of apumping system is accumulated after the equipmentis purchased and installed. Flowserve has developeda comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at providingcustomers with unprecedented value and cost savingsthroughout the life span of the pumping system.These solutions account for every facet of life cyclecost, including:Capital Expenses Initial purchase InstallationTypical Pump Life Cycle Costs 117%44%Operating Expenses Energy consumption Maintenance Production losses Environmental Inventory Operating Removal12%9%16%2%EnergyMaintenance and RepairInnovative Life Cycle Cost SolutionsLoss of Production Purchase and InstallationNew Pump SelectionTurnkey Engineering and Field ServiceEnergy ManagementPump AvailabilityProactive MaintenanceInventory ManagementOperationalDecontamination and Removal1While exact values may differ, these percentages are consistent withthose published by leading pump manufacturers and end users, aswell as industry associations and government agencies worldwide.7

Bulletin PS-40-7i (E) December 2014. 2014 Flowserve CorporationTo find your local Flowserve representative:[email protected] Tel.Tel. 31-152-610-900 [email protected] Fax.Fax. 31-152-616-289

Vertical Turbine, Wet-Pit Pump Experience In Motion. 2 Flowserve is the driving force in the global industrial pump marketplace. No other pump company in the world has the depth or breadth of expertise in the successful application of pre-engineered, engineered, . Durco Process Pumps .