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DENTSPLY GAC Archwire CollectionAll the Metals that Matter[ GAC is Wired [Part Art. Part Science. All Orthodontics.

GAC is WiredAll the Metal That MattersCopperCoCoppper to Nickel andnd All Points In-BetIn-BetweenYour choice in archwires is a critical decision in your quest forexcellence. DENTSPLY GAC has been recognized as a pioneer,as well as a leader, in archwire technology for over 25 years.We offer a wide selection of high quality archwires designedto treat any situation.Sentalloy and BioForce NiTi wires offer superelastic shapememory properties unparalleled in the industry. Our newCopperloy NiTi wire offers flexibility and performance andthe flexible and smooth Nickel free Resolve Beta titanium ismanufactured in small batches to promote consistency andreduce breakage often associated with beta titaniumarchwires. We also offer a wide array of high quality stainlesssteel, keyhole looped and multi strand braided derivatives.Wherever your archwire needs take you, DENTSPLY GACdelivers a solution that you can be confident in.DENTSPLY GAC Archwire 3.546Cr28131Chromium51.996122TiNickel TitaniumTitanium47.867 Sentalloy Copperloy Neo-Sentalloy/Neo-Sentalloy IG BioForce/BioForce IG AccuForce AccuForce G3626Fe28142C24Carbon12.0107Iron55.84528102Beta Titanium ResolveStainless Steel Standard SS Braided SSSpecialty Wires Lingual High Aesthetic Archwires Coballoy Retranol Intranol Double Key Hole Resolve Retraction Wires Brass Posted

GAC is WiredDENTSPLY GAC Nickel Titanium WiresThe Sentalloy wire family is designed to deliver a gentle, lightcontinuous force to mitigate periodontal stress.Unique Properties of Sentalloy SuperelasticWiresBody Heat ActivationAt room temperature, Sentalloy wires are soft, pliable,and easy to engage. Once warmed to body temperature the wiregently and predictably guides the teeth to the present arch form.SuperelasticityEven when severely malposed, Sentalloy continues to exert itsgentle, near constant forces as the tooth moves.Shape Memory EffectSentalloy will take displacements up to 90 degreeswithout deforming. Its overwhelming desire to returnto its original shape actually promotes tooth movement with fewerwire changes and fewer patient visits.Sentalloy Archwire Options:Sentalloy: RoundInitial archwire with body heat activation and true superelasticitywith near constant forces.Neo-Sentalloy: Square or RectangularIntermediate archwire with body heat activation andtrue superelasticity with near constant forces. Also available withIONGUARD.*BioForce: Square or RectangularOptimally biological forces begin at approximately 80 grams offorce at the anteriors, and gradually increases to approximately300 grams of force in the momolars.olars. Also available with IONGUARD.** IONGUARD is not a coating; it is a fundamental change in the wire’s surface. Without changingthe wire’s dimensions, or altering any of the wire’s unique superelastic properties. The processproduces sliding mechanics comparable to stainless steel, while sealing the occlusal surface toreduce nickel leaching and breakage.Part Art. Part Science. All Orthodontics.

GAC is WiredDENTSPLY GAC Nickel Titanium WiresNewIntroducing Copperloy Nickel Titanium—The Nimble Copper WireThe Copperloy family is designed to deliver a comfortable and efficientexperience. The addition of copper enhances the thermal properties ofthe wire.Unique Properties of Copperloy Superelastic WiresScientifically ProvenPrecision engineered Copper NiTi allows the wire to express fast,consistent movement.Consistent PerformanceAchieve a steady, complete expression of force across all wire sizes fora more precise finishing point. Copper NiTi wires are also moreresistant to permanent deformation.Resists BreakageControlled load ranges to reduce breakage.Easy EngagementDue to low hysteresis, the smaller loading forces make wireengagement in the slot easier, even in severe cases. Available in a widerange of sizes, force levels and transformation temperatures. Midlineetched and select sizes available with stops.AccuForce and AccuForce G3AccuForce is an economic option when looking forsuperelastic NiTi wires. These advanced superelastic andheat-activated archwires are available in round, square, andrectangular for all stages of treatment. Superelastic provides gentle, nearly constant forces.Shape memory effect provides an overwhelmingdesire to return to original shape.Heat activated are soft and pliable, easy to engage atroom temperature, may be chilled for easier ligation.Optimal tooth movement and ideal biological forces inAccu-Force G3 wires.

GAC is WiredDENTSPLY GAC BetaTitanum WiresResolve Beta Titanium ArchwireDENTSPLY GAC’s Resolve Beta Titanium archwires areprocessed in smaller batches for greater consistency.Resolve contains no nickel that can cause allergic reactionsin some patients. It can be used at any stage of treatment,but it is especially effective where moderate forces arenecessary for early torque control and final detailing.DENTSPLY GAC Stainless Steel WiresStainless Steel ArchwiresDENTSPLY GAC’s Stainless Steel wire is made frompremium type 304 VAR steel. It’s virtually free fromimperfections that can cause brittleness and breakage. Oursquare, rectangular, and braided wires are shaped to thetightest standards, and laser monitored for total batchconsistency. Available in soft, medium, and hard tempers.Multi-Strand Stainless SteelMulti-Strand wires come in the greatest variety of stiffnessto meet a wide variety of applications. All GAC Multi-Strandwires are formed from 304-VAR stainless steel containing 3to 8 strands. WildCat Wire – High-tempered 3 strand twisted wire TriCat Wire – Three twisted round wires Quad-Cat Wire – Pre-formed, 3 strand rectangulartwisted wire PentaCat Wire – Coaxial wire, spooled or pre-formed,5 strands HexaCat Wire – Six strand round, spooled coaxial wire Multi Braid Arches – Eight-strand braided edgewise wire WildCat Lingual Retainer Wire – Straight lengths,uniquely designed with a coarse finishPart Art. Part Science. All Orthodontics.

GAC is WiredDENTSPLYDDENTSPLY GAGACAC SpecialtySpeWiresLingual ArchwiresDENTPSLY GAC’s lingual archwires are available inSentalloy, NeoSentalloy and Beta Titanium. These are wiresthat are recommended to be used with our lingual bracketlines, InOvation L and MTM No Trace . Wires are availablein .012”, .014”, .016”, .017" x .025" and .016" x .022".High Esthetic ArchwiresAccording to a recent patient survey by the AmericanJournal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics,ceramic appliances with clear or white wires are ratedconsistently higher over their metal counterparts in termsof esthetics. This is a difference patients are willing to payseveral hundred dollars for.Crafted by a unique rhodium process, our High Estheticarchwires have a low-reflectivity surface for a soft, frostedappearance delivering the same outstanding properties andperformance as their standard counterparts.Coballoy WireCoballoy is an inexpensive, cobalt chromium alloy wire thatis remarkably tough, yet it is more malleable than stainlesssteel. It can be heat treated for greater resiliency, or usedwithout heat treatment. It can be welded or soldered and isideal for wires that require complex bending. Coballoy isavailable in packs of 10, 14" lengths.Work-Hardened-NiTi ArchwiresWLowLowlandNiTi archwire features gentle, continuous forces forefficient tooth movement. Available in a wide selection ofeffiarch forms, these bendable NiTi wires provide aneconomical solution for a variety of application.

GAC is WiredDouble KeyholeWiree Loop Retractionaction SSteelteel WirWirereDENTSPLY GAC's Double Keyhole Loop stainless steelarchwires are used to gently close spaces with the idealstiffness to maintain arch form. This wire is available in twomillimeter increments from 22mm to 44mm, with two or fourkeyhole loops.Brass Postedosted ArchwArchwirewOur Posted archwires combinee tthe resiliencresiliency of stainlesssteel archwiremalleabilitye with the malleabbility of brass for easybdirectional bendingpost. Available in .018" x .025"ding of the poand .019" x .025", packk of 10 wires.sRetranolRetranol, “The Bite Opener,” reverse curve archwires, areproduced from work hardened nickel titanium. This wireprovides a greater working range than stainless steel wiresand affords ideal dimensional stability to avoid "dumping"the anteriors during retraction. Opening the bite nowrequires less than half the time that was needed withstainless steel. Retranol also needs fewer archwire changesngesand adjustments. Throughout treatment, Retranol remainsmainsactive without deforming.Intranol CTAAThe NiTi memory and force properties of Intranol CTA areexcellent for incisor flaring, leveling anterior occlusal cants,molar tip back, correction of minor open bites, Class IImolar correction, and finishing.Part Art. Part Science. All Orthodontics.

DENTSPLY GAC Archwire CollectionAll the Metals that MatterYour Source for AllThings OrthodonticDENTSPLY GAC is an institution that’sfounded on ideas and driven by ideals. Weare committed to the idea of making greatproducts for great practitioners. And we arededicated to advancing the practice oforthodontics in all its forms. From bracketsand bands, education and research,technology and progress and everything inbetween, we are here to help you deliver thehighest standard of care possible. It’s amindset that’s infused into everything thatcarries the DENTSPLY GAC name.Part Art. Part Science. All Orthodontics. 2014 DENTSPLY GAC Intl. All Rights Reserved 0280-MM-120-222-06 Rev. 03Emergo Europe Molenstraat 15The Hague, Netherlands2513 BHDENTSPLY

Quad-Cat Wire – Pre-formed, 3 strand rectangular twisted wire PentaCat Wire – Coaxial wire, spooled or pre-formed, 5 strands HexaCat Wire – Six strand round, spooled coaxial wire Multi Braid Arches – Eight-strand braided edgewise wire WildCat Lingual Retainer Wire – Straight lengths,

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DENTSPLY GAC Europe 1 rue des Messagers 37210 Rochecorbon 33 (0)2 47 40 23 30 2017 Dentsply Sirona Tous droits réservés. The Dental Solutions Company Dentsply Sirona est le plus grand fabricant mondial de solutions et technologies dentaires professionelles. Avec notre position de pionnier

A copy can be requested from the GAC TechnoCenter in pdf format. To transfer the software Single Site License you MUST contact the GAC TechnoCenter to provide current Single Site License account information and account information for the party to which the Single Site License will be transferred. The GAC TechnoCenter will provide you with the .

Deer Valley's GAC Media Still Removes Chlorite from .6 to less than .2 ppm After 27 Months of Usage (6 regenerations) 24th Street's GAC Media Still Removes Chlorite from .6 to less than .3 ppm After 20 Months of Usage (0 regenerations) Once the Applied Chlorite on top of the GAC Media is Removed, the Chlorite Leaving the GAC .

DICKEY-john's technology in the mini GAC and mini GAC plus is based on the GAC2100b, the U.S. federal grain standard. Unsurpassed Benefits for Farming Whether you're harvesting, storing, or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content and test weight. With the mini GAC plus you can measure moisture

5.2 Uninstalling RequestScan for Dolphin 3D. 14. 65 39 725 D3534 4 D3534. 02.2015 1 Function of the software Sirona Dental Systems GmbH Operator's manual Sirona Server 1Function of the software "Sirona Ser

CAD/CAM - Data Protection and Product Security - Whitepaper 8 Dentsply Sirona Sirona Dental Systems GmbH April 2021 Bensheim, Germany CAD/CAM V1.4 Onboarding Phase Principles The GDPR defines some principles concerning how personal data should be collected and processed. (Chapter II, Article 5) 1.

business fairly, ethically and with integrity. GAC upholds all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all jurisdictions within which GAC operates. A breach of these laws is a serious offence which can result not only in fines to a specific company and its employees, but also cause irreparable reputational damage to GAC as a whole. 2.

When a GAC actuator is installed on an engine and electronically connected to compatible GAC governing system components, a high performance speed control system results. The design baseline for GAC actuators incorporates fast responses, multi-voltage usage, and proven reliability to allow for more precise control. All of GAC actuators are easy