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AAMVAAAMVANoncommercial ModelUTAHDriver’s License ManualDRIVER LICENSE HANDBOOKNoncommercial Driver’s ManualVersion: September 20142014 COPYRIGHT AAMVAAll Rights Reserved2015Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015I-i

UTAH DRIVER HANDBOOKSTATE OF UTAHDEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETYDRIVER LICENSE DIVISIONPost Office Box 144501Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4501KEITH D. SQUIRESCommissionerDepartment of Public SafetyChris CarasDirectorDriver License DivisionFor Driver License AssistanceTelephone: 801-965-4437Toll Free Number: 888-353-4224Help conserve our natural resources.When you are finished with this book, please pass it on to afriend or return it to your local Driver License office.A searchable version of this book can be found at dld.utah.gov.THANK YOUUtah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

UTAH DRIVERHANDBOOKdld.utah.govFollow us on Facebook atUtah Driver License DivisionFollow us on Twitter atUtah Driver License @utahdldThis manual contains the rules which should be followed when operating any vehicle on Utahroads. The operator of a bicycle must obey the same rules of the road, and has the same rightsand duties as the operator of a motor vehicle or other vehicle.NOTE: Please beware of imitator websites. For accurate Driver License information and formsvisit: dld.utah.gov.Issued by theUTAH DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETYDriver License DivisionP.O. Box 144501Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4501AndAAMVA Model Non Commercial Driver ManualRev. 06-15DLD-42Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015Front Cover courtesy of:Jordan Tandrian

DRIVER LICENSE SERVICESThere are many services provided by the Driver License Division, including: Issuing Driver License and Driving Privilege Cards Photo Identification Cards Utah Driving Records License Denials, Suspensions and Revocations License Reinstatements Driver Review Exams Voter Registration Organ Donor RegistrationUtah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

DRIVER LICENSE HISTORYInteresting Facts about the Driver License Division The Bureau of Driver License Services was created on January 1, 1934, when Utahofficially adopted the “Uniform Operator’s and Chauffeurs’ License Act.” (Prior to this,the State of Utah had no driver license law.)o This act required that “every operator of a motor vehicle shall not drive anymotor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless such person was licensed to doso”. Originally, the Bureau of Driver License Services was an agency within the State TaxCommission. The first license in Utah was issued on December 5, 1933. It cost 25 and was good untilrevoked. It was printed in blue on white paper. The application card was 6” x 3½” and only asked for name, address, brief description, afew questions and a signature. No examination was given until January 1935, when the eye test, written test, and anoccasional road test was given. The ‘good-until-revoked’ licenses were issued until December 31, 1935. Beginning January 1, 1936, the law was changed to have the license expire three yearsafter issuance (not on the birthdate.) The fee was still 25 . One of the biggest changes came in 1951 when the Bureau of Driver License Servicesmoved from the State Tax Commission and became an agency within the Department ofPublic Safety. In 1980, the state decided to reward ‘good drivers’ by developing a system for theapplication to renew their license through the mail. Services became a full-fledgedDivision and renamed the Driver License Division. The Division began issuing a commercial driver license in 1989. The Division began offering more online services including MVR’s and appointments. In January 2010, the Division and the Citizens of Utah started a 5-year process thatrequired all Utah drivers had to bring in their identification documents once again. Thisprocess was a beginning step to meet the Licensing practices for the Federal Real ID Act. January 2010, the Division suspended the Renewal By Mail Program. February 13, 2013, the Division was notified by the Department of Homeland Securitythat Utah meets the Licensing practices of the Federal Real ID Act. April 2013, Driver License reinstated the Renewal By Mail Program and started offeringa new service of Renewal By Internet. In May 2015, the Division began offering online CDL MVR services to authorized driversand employers.Did you know the Driver License Division is not part of the DMV?Our friends at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) can assist you at dmv.utah.gov.Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

THE TOP FIVE LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH ON UTAH HIGHWAYSSpeed Too Fast 40%Failed to Keep in Proper Lane 35%Unrestrained Occupants 28%Failed to Yield Right of Way 10%Distracted and Drunk Driving 10%THE TOP FIVE LEADING CAUSES OF CRASHES ON UTAH HIGHWAYSFollowing too Closely 21%Failed to Yield Right of Way 18%Speed Too Fast 17%Failed to Keep in Proper Lane 13%Distracted Driving 9%THE TOP FIVE LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH ON UTAH HIGHWAYS (TEENAGERS)Failed to Keep in Proper Lane 30%Speed Too Fast 30%Overcorrected 22%Ran Off Road 22%Failed to Yield, Driver Distraction 9%THE TOP FIVE LEADING CAUSE OF CRASHES ON UTAH HIGHWAYS (TEENAGERS)Following Too Closely 20%Failed to Yield Right-of-Way 18%Speed Too Fast 14%Driver Distraction 9%Failed to Keep In Proper Lane 9%Information based on 2013 statistics provided by the Utah Department of Public Safety’sHighway Safety office. The percentages are for the top five causes. To see all causes for crashesand fatalities, please visit: highwaysafety.utah.gov.Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTION 1 - YOUR DRIVER LICENSE . 1-1About This Manual . 1-1Definitions . 1-1Licensing Requirements . 1-4Driver License Compact . 1-4Obtaining a Driver License . 1-4Driver (Certificate) Licenses . 1-5Required License Tests. 1-6Sample Test Questions. 1-7SECTION 2 - DRIVER EDUCATION AND LEARNER PERMITS . 2-1Driver Education . 2-1Learner Permits . 2-2Learner Permits Holding Periods . .2-2Sample Test Questions. 2-3SECTION 3 - LICENSE INFORMATION . 3-1License Types . 3-1Utah's Classified License System. 3-2License Endorsements and Restrictions . 3-3Identity and Residency Requirements . 3-4Out of State License . 3-8Driver License Renewal, Duplicates and Lapsed/Expired License . 3-9Utah Good Driver Program -Extensions/Renewal By Internet. . 3-9Driving By Minors - Youthful Driving Restrictions . 3-10Driver License Fees . .3-11Sample Test Questions. 3-11SECTION 4 - READY TO DRIVE . 4-1Fatigue. 4-1Staying Awake/No Drowsy Driving . 4-1Driver Distractions . 4-2Aggressive Driving . 4-3Sample Test Questions. 4-4SECTION 5 - BEFORE YOU DRIVE . 5-1Adjusting Your Seat . 5-1Adjusting Your Mirrors. 5-1Seat Belts and Car Seats . 5-2Seat Belt Violations . 5-3Keeping Children Safe . 5-3Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

Air Bags . 5-5Sample Test Questions. 5-5SECTION 6 - GETTING STARTED . 6-1Starting the Engine. 6-1Moving Forward . 6-1Stopping . 6-1Steering . 6-1Hand Postion . 6-1Backing . 6-2Signaling . 6-3Speed . 6-3Sample Test Questions. 6-5SECTION 7 - RULES OF THE ROAD . 7-1Yielding Right-of-Way . 7-1Traffic Controls. 7-1Pavement Markings . 7-6Yellow/White Lane Markings . 7-6Crosswalk and Stop Lines . 7-7Other Lane Controls . 7-7Shared Center Left Turn Lanes. 7-7Utah's Express Lanes/High Occupancy Vehicle Lane . 7-7Merging and Gore Area . 7-8Flex Lanes . 7-8Sample Test Questions. 7-9SECTION 8 - GENERAL DRIVING . 8-1Turning . 8-1Intersections . 8-2Traffic Roundabouts. 8-2Single Point Urban Interchange . 8-3Changing Lanes . 8-3Continuous Flow Intersections . 8-4Diverging Diamond Intersection . 8-5ThrU-Turn Intersection . 8-5Entering a Multi-Lane Highway . 8-6Ramp Meters. 8-6Exiting a Roadway . 8-7Freeway Driving . 8-7Passing. 8-8Rules for School Buses . 8-9Parking . 8-9Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

Parking On a Hill . 8-12Two and Three Point Turns . 8-12U-Turns. 8-13Sample Test Questions. 8-14SECTION 9 - MANAGING TIME AND SPACE . 9-1Seeing What's Critical . 9-1Managing Speed . 9-1Stopping Distance . 9-2Managing Space . 9-2Communicating. . 9-4Sample Test Questions. 9-5SECTION 10 - AVOIDING CRASHES .10-1Emergencies and Avoiding Crashes . 10-1Vehicle Problems . 10-2Sample Test Questions . 10-4SECTION 11 - SHARING THE ROAD.11-1Pedestrians. 11-1Bicycles . 11-2Motorcycles . 11-3Large Vehicles . 11-4Emergency Vehicles . 11-5Move Over Law . 11-5Police/Traffic Stops . 11-6Slow Moving Vehicles . 11-6Pedestrian Vehicles . 11-7Mobility Vehicles. 11-7Sample Test Questions. 11-8SECTION 12 - SPECIAL DRIVING CHALLENGES .12-1Night Driving . 12-1Work Zones . 12-2Rural Roads . 12-3Trip Planning . 12-3Winter Driving . 12-4Tornadoes . 12-5Lightning. 12-5Flooding . 12-5Driving in Very Hot Weather . 12-6Minor Driving at Night . 12-6Distracting Situations . 12-7Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

Vehicles Submerged Under Water . 12-7Mountain Driving . 12-7Runaway Vehicle Ramps . 12-8Desert Driving . 12-8Avoiding Collisions with Animals . 12-8Railroad Crossings . 12-9General Railroad Safety Information . 12-11Safety Tips for Using Railroad Crossings . 12-12Trax Light Rail and Streetcars . 12-13Vulnerable Users of the Highway . 12-14Special Considerations . 12-14Street-Legal All-Terrain Type1, Utility, or Full-Size Vehicles. 12-14Sample Test Questions. 12-16SECTION 13 - HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR DRIVER LICENSE .13-1Knowledge Test . 13-1Scheduling Your Driver License Test . 13-3Driving Skills (Road) Test . 13-3How to Prepare For Your Driving Skills Test . 13-3What to Expect. 13-6Driver License Employees Want You to Pass . 13-7Are All Tests the Same? . 13-7Other Test Information . 13-8Test Vehicle Requirements . 13-8After Your Driving Skills Test . 13-8APPENDIX A - OPTIONAL INFORMATION. A-1Becoming an Organ Donor.A-1Voluntary Contributions .A-1Sample Test Questions.A-2APPENDIX B - MOTORCYCLES . B-1Driving and Riding .B-1Lights and Signals .B-3Following Distance .B-3Lane Position .B-4Blind Spots .B-5Intersections .B-6Passing and Being Passed .B-7Road Hazards .B-8Sample Test Questions. B-9APPENDIX C - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW . C-1Utah Driver HandbookVersion: June 2015

Identity Fraud Prevention . C-1Sample Test Questions. C-2APPENDIX D - CRASHES AND INSURANCE. D-1Financial Responsibility Act. D-1Providing Security After a Crash . D-1The Utah Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law . D-2Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage . D-2SR-22 Insurance . D-3Release of Crash Information . D-3If You Are Involved In a Crash . D-4Sample Test Questions. D-5APPENDIX E - SPECIAL SUBJECTS AND INTERESTS FOR DRIVER . E-1Physical Health Problems and Driving Safety . E-1Mental and Emotional Conditions . E-2Sample Test Questions. E-3APPENDIX F - LICENSE REVOCATION & SUSPENSION, ALCOHOL, POINT SYSTEM,DRIVING RECORD .F-1License Revocations . F-1License Suspensions . F-2Driving and Using Alcohol or Drugs . F-3The Drinking Driver / Drug User .

Utah Driver Handbook Version: June 2015 DRIVER LIENSE HISTORY Interesting Facts about the Driver License Division The Bureau of Driver License Services was created on January 1, 1934, when Utah officially adopted the Uniform Operators and hauffeurs License Act. (Prior to this,

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THIS HANDBOOK IS AVAILABLE AT dld.utah.gov UTAH DRIVER HANDBOOK 2020 v.1 . STATE OF UTAH UTAH DRIVER HANDBOOK AAMVA MODEL NON-COMMERCIAL This handbook is a collaborative effort between AAMVA and the Utah Driver License Division and contains the rules which should be followed when operating any vehicle on Utah roads.

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UTAH MANUAL DEL CONDUCTOR 2018-2019. Department of Public Safety Gary R. Herbert, Governor Driver License Division State of Utah PO Box 144501 Jess L. Anderson, Commissioner Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4501 Department of Public Safety 801.965.4437; 888.353.4224 Chris Caras, Director dld.utah.gov Driver License DivisionFile Size: 2MB

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