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Smart - Electricity and MagnetismELECTRICITY ANDMAGNETISM: CROSSCURRICULAR UNITMAKING CONNECTIONS!Rewarding Teaching! Meaningful Learning Experiences!Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 1 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismIntroductionTable of ContentBible Activities and ProjectsBible OptionsPowerElectrifying PowerMagnetic PowerLanguage Arts Activities and ProjectsAcrostic Poem: ElectricityAcrostic Poem: MagnetsWord WebCreative Story WritingAlphabetical Ordering/ CodingPicture/ Word DictionaryRead and Answer WorksheetCloze PassageWord PlayMagnetic Speech: Persuasive Speech/WritingSocial Studies activities and ProjectsSample lessonsResearch projects/ Electricity TimelineConserving EnergyEnergy and ResourcesImportant FacesTracing HistoryFact and OpinionBright Sparks Word SearchMath ActivitiesListing of IdeasVenn DiagramStatistics/ graphingResearch ProjectThe Ohm’s LawCoulomb’s LawKirchhoff’s LawAtlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 2 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismArt Projects and ActivitiesListing of IdeasMagnet CollageStar MagnetSnowman MagnetClothespin MagnetP.E. ActivitiesPush and Pull Activities (Repulsion & Attraction)Movement DynamicsRepulsionLive WirePower SurgeMusicListing of Music ActivitiesBrightly Beams Our Father’s MercyBrighten The Corner Where You AreThis Little Light of MineThe Holy Ghost Power is Moving just like a MagnetResources: Teacher / StudentsAtlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 3 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismINTRODUCTIONThis cross curricular unit was created to support the Magnets and Electricity Unit forthe Science Management and Resource Tool (SMART) which allows teachers theopportunity to provide interactive instructions for specific science topics. It caters to k8 teachers who want to provide an integrated or thematic approach to teaching science.This unit can be used in a one room classroom, single grade classrooms, as well aswith multi-grades. Teachers have the freedom to adapt the material as they see fit.The development of this unit is predicated on the ‘school of thought’ that promotes anintegrated approach to teaching. It is incumbent upon educators to make the teachinglearning experience meaningful to students. Students learn best when they can relate tothe material being taught and when they can make connections. By using thisapproach, teachers will find that teaching can become much more rewarding andinteresting. Teachers are encouraged to use cooperative learning structures with thisunit. However, teachers are not restricted to any one approach.As the unit is considered for implementation, it is important to reflect on our MasterTeacher (Jesus). God is concerned with the whole man. We must pattern our teachingaccording to His plan. Taking a wholistic approach to teaching is one way of doingso.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 4 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismBIBLE PROJECTS ANDACTIVITIESYou shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk ofthem when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, whenyou lie down, and when you rise up (Deuteronomy 11:19).New King James VersionAtlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 5 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismBIBLE OPTIONSThe Bible stories in this section can be used as lessons or asworship ideas. If used as lessons, the following should be useful:Lesson 1: A Light To Guide My WaySpiritual Focus:God guides us through His Holy Word. When we obey Hisword, we will not be deceived by Satan’s temptation.Object:Text:electricity, bulbPsalm 119: 105Lesson 2: Shine, Shine, ShineSpiritual focus:Object:Text:God expects us to be witnesses for Him.candleMatthew 5:16Lesson 3: Magnetic PowerSpiritual Focus:Object:Text:The cross of Christ is a symbol of His love. It draws people toHim.magnetsJohn 12: 32Lesson 4: Wonder Working PowerSpiritual Focus:Object:Text:Jesus has power to raise the dead and to give eternal life.a dead leaf/ a dead plant/ a dead bugJohn 11: 43, 44Additional Activities- Find the key word or phrase in Bible Text- Role-play stories or scenes from the stories- Write a summary of the Bible stories- Write poems relating to the story focus- Draw, create posters, create a simple bookNB: The spiritual focus is the concept that the teacher should emphasize. Students should beencouraged to memorize Bible texts. The teacher can substitute other objects for the ones mentioned/recommended.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 6 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismA LIGHT TO GUIDE MY WAYDeveloped by Pauline EvansBible TextThy word is a lamp unto myfeet, and a light unto my path.Psalm 119:105Have you ever experience a blackout? Wereyou scared? Is light an important amenity?We do not need to be afraid. We can find ourway back to God by studying His word. God’sword tells us about His love for everyone, andHis plan to save us from sin.Comparing sin to darkness and God’s word tolight makes sense. When we sin, we deviatefrom God’s plan. We engage in activities thatare wrong and will eventually lead todestruction. Sin separates us from God, who isthe source of all light. On the other hand,studying God’s word can lead us back to God.His word provides advice and counsel. Itshows us how to stay away from trouble, howto love each other in the family and in thechurch.If you want to avoid getting lost in thedarkness of sin, join me as I grab a Bible andread a few chapters. Check out the Psalms orProverbs or begin with the gospels: Matthew,Mark, Luke, John. You will enjoy the lampthat God has provided to light your way.Search It OutAs a little girl, I was afraid of the dark. I hadto have the lights on in order to relax so that Icould fall asleep. I remember waking up onenight to find the house in total darkness. Ineeded to use the bathroom but could not findmy way. I eventually bumped into a chair andwas so scared, I started screaming. I wokeeveryone up. My mom told me that there wasa blackout. She found a flashlight, and I feltbetter because I could now find my way.The Bible tells us that God’s word is like alamp. It provides light for His children whoare lost in the darkness of sin. Sin is like asickness. If it is not treated, it gets worse andmay even lead to death. However, God lovesHis children and did not leave them lost in sin.No, even when we were His enemies, Heprovided a way for us to escape the darkness.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher BulletinGod created light. (Genesis 1:1-3)We can trust God for light. (Psalm 18: 28)God is light. (Isaiah 60:20)Brain GameThe first thing God created in our world, asrecorded in the Bible, is light. What does thistell us about light?CreateDraw or cut out a picture of a lamp. Paste itonto a poster paper. Decorate it with Bibletexts about light.www.teacherbulletin.orgPage 7 of 95

Smart - Electricity and Magnetism2. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!Developed by Pauline EvansBible TextLet your light so shine beforemen, that they may see yourgood works, and glorify yourFather which is in heaven.(Matthew 5:16)God gives to His children talents and giftswhich should be used to glorify Him. If we donot use them, we will lose them.When others see God’s light reflected in us,they will be drawn to Him. They will want toknow more about this God whom to know islife eternal.“No! You won’t,” I laughingly cried as Loren,my playmate, tried to blow out my candle.We had been sitting for a while watching thecandles burn, waiting to see which one wouldgo out first. Loren obviously was becomingrestless and so he was using foul play to winthe competition.The person whose candle burned the longestwould earn some form of privilege, such asbeing the one to choose the next activity, havefirst go at the next game, be first to eat, etc.None of us liked it when our candle was thefirst to go out.Our lifestyle is comparable to light. God wantsour lives to be a reflection of His character.The world should be able to look at us and seeJesus portrayed in our actions and in ourspeech/ words.When we are kind to others, or help someonewho is in need, we are letting our light shine.Serving others, being compassionate,encouraging people are some ways in whichwe can keep our lights burning.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher BulletinHowever, if we choose to be mean-spiritedand selfish, we dishonor God and our lightwill go out. If we refuse to use the talents andgifts that God gives us, we will lose them andour light will stop burning. Others will notwant to learn about the God whom we aremisrepresenting. The devil wants our lights togo out. He will try his best to blow them out.But God has given us the Holy Spirit to teachus and guide us so that our lights will continueto burn.The Bible tells us that we are the light of theworld. It is our responsibility to keep ourlights burning bright.www.teacherbulletin.orgPage 8 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismSearch It OutBrain GameWe are the light of the world (Matthew 5: 13 16).Find five Bible texts which speak about light.The Bible concordance can help you.Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12)If you are the light of the world, how can youensure that your light continues to shine?The Bible is the light that guides theChristian’s way (Psalm 119:105).CreateWrite a poem about our lives as light. Share itwith your classmates.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 9 of 95

Smart - Electricity and Magnetism3. MAGNETIC POWERDeveloped by Pauline EvansBible Text“And I, if I am lifted up fromthe earth, will draw all peopleo Myself.” (John 12:32).Jesus is extending an open invitation to all,and His Holy Spirit is drawing both young andold to Him. There is no hope for mankindwithout the cross of Christ. Because of thecross, sinful man can be reunited with a HolyGod. The light of the Savior’s love shinesbrightly from the cross. As we kneel in faith atthe foot of the cross, we can rest assured ofGod’s love and forgiveness.Magnets! As a child, I loved playing withmagnets. I was fascinated with the way certainthings were attracted to magnets. I wouldspend hours going from room to room, tryingto find various items that were drawn to thepower in the magnet. I just could notunderstand the dynamics of it all. What was itabout magnets that drew things to them? Howcould such awesome power exist in somethingthat seemed so insignificant? It was a mysteryto me!Jesus Christ, our Savior is like a magnet, areally super magnet! The Bible tells us thatwhen He was on earth, people were attractedto Him. And after he died and was resurrected,many more were drawn and are still beingdrawn to Him.Jesus Himself said that His death would serveas a means of drawing people to Him. Soundsstrange? Doesn’t it? What exactly was Jesussaying? Well, Jesus loves us so much that Hedied for our sins. When Adam and Eve sinnedin the Garden of Eden, mankind was doomedto die an eternal death. We read in the Biblethat the wages of sin is death. Sin separates usfrom a Holy God who is the source of life.Jesus became our substitute and died in ourplace. He was crucified on a cross-lifted uphigh so that you and I could be saved. Heloved us with a cross. Doesn’t such love drawyou to him?Atlantic Union Conference Teacher BulletinWe too can lift up Christ by preaching aboutHim and His love for mankind. When He isthus preached, the effect will draw people untoHim. We can, like John, declare “Behold theLamb of God, which takes away the sins of theworld.” As followers of Christ, we have aresponsibility to tell others about the gift ofGod which is eternal life through Christ Jesus.Let us lift up on high the man Christ Jesus andrejoice as His Magnetic Power draws allpeople unto Him.Search It OutJesus died on the cross so in our place(Romans 3:25, John 3:16).www.teacherbulletin.orgPage 10 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismChrist delivered us from eternal death (2Corinthians 1:10).We should glory in the cross of Christ (Gal.6:14).Brain GameAtlantic Union Conference Teacher BulletinHow can you help to lift up Christ at schooland at home?CreateWrite a story about the day you witnessedChrist being crucified by wicked men.Write a letter to a friend or family member,telling the person about the magnetic power ofChrist.www.teacherbulletin.orgPage 11 of 95

Smart - Electricity and Magnetism4. WONDER-WORKING POWER!Developed by Pauline EvansBible TextNow when He had said thesethings, He cried with a loudvoice, “Lazarus, come forth!”And he who had died came outbound hand and foot withgrave clothes, and his face waswrapped with a cloth. Jesussaid to them, “Loose him, andlet him go. (John 11:43, 44)As a child, I hated going to funerals. I alwaysasked to be excused from going whenever myfamily had to attend one.This aversion to funerals began after my oldersister and I went to the burial of her friend’srelative. It was such a mournful scene that itleft a negative impression on my young mind.I did not know the person who died, but itmust have been someone who was well loved.I have never seen or heard such weeping andwailing before. I found myself crying so hardthat people started offering me words ofcondolence. This only made me feel worse! Iliterally felt their pain, and it made me feel sosad.I avoided funerals like the plague for a while,but as I grew older, I got over the fear andhave attended several since. However, theystill make me feel sad. They forcefully remindus that life as we know it is temporal and thatlife on earth is tempered with pain andsadness.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher BulletinThere is a story in the Bible that gives mehope and brings joy to my heart. It is the storyof Lazarus. Did you ever hear of a “dead manwalking”? Can you imagine dying and thenliving again? Unbelievable! But that’s exactlywhat happened to Lazarus!Jesus was a friend of Lazarus and his sisters,Mary and Martha. He usually stayed at theirhouse when He was in the town of Bethany.Lazarus and his sisters had seen and heard ofthe miraculous power of Jesus. Mary herselfhad experienced such power on more than oneoccasion.Jesus had power over death, sickness and pain.He even had power over nature! So whenLazarus took ill, it was only natural that theywould send for Jesus. They waited andwatched for His coming, but Jesus did notcome, and Lazarus, their beloved brother,died.You can imagine the weeping and wailing thattook place. It was such a sad occasion! Butwhat made it worse was the fact that Jesus,their friend who could have healed theirbrother, did not come when they needed Himmost. They were gravely disappointed.Finally, after Lazarus had been buried for fourdays, Jesus turned up and asked to be shownthe grave. Martha said to Him, Lord, if youwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 12 of 95

Smart - Electricity and Magnetismwere here, you could have healed him and mybrother would still be alive. Jesus told her, “Iam the resurrection and the life: He thatbelieves in Me, though he may die, he shalllive.” (John 11:21-23) Then He commandedthem to roll the stone away, and with a loudvoice He called forth Lazarus. And he, whohad died, rose and came forth. Dead manwalking! Oh, how the sisters must haverejoiced! What utter amazement the peoplewho witnessed it must have felt! Sadness andmourning had been turned into joy.The Bible tells us that Jesus is all powerful.When He was on earth, he went about healingthe sick, raising the dead, giving sight to theblind, making the lame to walk and the deaf tohear. He cast out demons out of many, curedthe leper, and forgave sins. Even the wind andthe waves became calm when He told them to!Such power! Wonder-working power!Such power is still available to us today. Thissame Jesus who raised Lazarus from the deadis only a prayer away.will be! We shall indeed behold the full effectsof Jesus’ Wonder-Working Power!Search It Out!Those who died and were children of God willrise again (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17).Jesus has power over evil (Luke 4:33-36).Jesus has power to forgive sins (Mark 2:1-12).Brain GameWhat would you say to comfort a friend orclassmate who had lost a loved one and ishaving a hard time dealing with it?Those who died in Christ will be resurrectedwhen Jesus comes again. What will happen tothose who died without accepting Jesus?CreateCreate a sympathy card for someone who is illor for a family who have lost a loved one. Besure to provide words of encouragement andhope.Write a song or poem about resurrection daywhen all God’s children will be united withHim and with loved ones.Today, He is offering you and me Hisfriendship and His love. After all, He died sothat we may live. All we have to do is acceptthis wonderful gift.One day He will return to this earth, and ourloved ones who have died in Him will beresurrected. Oh, what rejoicing that will be asall God’s children will be reunited with lovedones and with our loving Savior! Isn’t itexciting to think about meeting Jesus face toface for the first time? Are you lookingforward to that day? I am!Can you visualize a time when there will be nomore sickness, no more death, no more pain,and no more crying? Yes, you heard mecorrectly: “No More Crying! What a day thatAtlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 13 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismTHE SECRET MESSAGEACTIVITYNameDateUse the alphabet code to find the text below:A 1B 2C 3D 4E 5F 6G 7H 8I 9J 10K 11L 12M 13N 14O 15P 16Q 17R 18S 19T 20U 21V 22W 23X 24Y 25Z 26Message2023 159 19182518 412 121131614 20 151361155 201442512 921 1413 2578202015( 119:105)1616120819Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletin11213www.teacherbulletin.orgPage 14 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismTHE SECRET MESSAGEACTIVITYKeyUse the alphabet code to find the text below:A 1B 2C 3D 4E 5F 6G 7H 8I 9J 10K 11L 12M 13N 14O 15P 16Q 17R 18S 19T 20U 21V 22W 23X 24Y 25Z 26MessageTHYW OR DI S2082523 1518 49 19LAMPU13162112 1NTOA1M Y14 20 151325FEE TA NDA655 20141LIG HTU NTOM Y72021 14201513 2512 9P16A1T208H814(P16S19Atlantic Union Conference Teacher BulletinA1L M 119: 105).12 13www.teacherbulletin.orgPage 15 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismCAN YOU FIND THE MATCH?Name:Date:Jesus1. The cost of a crossDarkness2. He wants our light to go outLazarus3. The light of the worldDeath4. The gift of GodDevil5. Comparable to sinCross6. Dead man walkingLove7. Wages of sinEternal Life8. Symbol of loveAtlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 16 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismCAN YOU FIND THE MATCH?Name: KeyDate:3. Jesus1. The cost of a cross.5. Darkness2. He wants our light to go out.6. Lazarus3. The light of the world.7. Death4. The gift of God2. Devil5. Comparable to sin.8. Cross6. Dead man walking.1. Love7. The Wages of sin4. Eternal Life8. Symbol of love.Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 17 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismBIBLE MANIAName:Date:Match the text with the words:Let your light so shine before men,That they may see your good works,And glorify your Father which is inheaven.Psalm 119: 105For the Lord Himself shall descendFrom heaven with a shout, with theVoice of the archangel, and with theTrump of God: and the dead in Christshall rise first.John 12: 32Thy word is a lamp unto my feetand a light unto my path.John 11: 43And God said, Let there be light:and there was light.Matthew 5: 16And I, if I be lifted up from theearth, will draw all men unto me.1 Thess. 4: 16Now when He had said thesethings, He cried with a loud voice,“Lazarus, come forth!”Genesis 1: 3Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletinwww.teacherbulletin.orgPage 18 of 95

Smart - Electricity and MagnetismBIBLE MANIAName: KeyDate:Match the text with the words:Let your light so shine before men,tha

Smart - Electricity and Magnetism Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletin Page 8 of 95 2. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE! Developed by Pauline Evans Bible Text Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) “No!

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