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The Community School of New Hope-Solebury offers continuing education throughcreative, physical, and intellectual opportunities. Now in our 39th year, we are continuing in an exciting new phase of improved content and service to students. Spring semester classes begin on March 13 and run through June. Courses are held at NewHope-Solebury High School, 182 W. Bridge St., New Hope, unless otherwise noted.There are no classes if the high school is closed.REGISTER FOR CLASSES NOW(See more details on Registration Page)Online at (Community School of New Hope-Solebury) usingyour credit card.By telephone (215-297-0500). Our registration desk is open weekdays 9am-5pm.Please have your courses and course codes already selected and your credit cardready. To avoid any wait time or call backs, please visit our website to register.By Fax Use Registration Form in back and fax to 215-297-0500Questions? Call Nancy Lawson at 215-297-0500 or email to:nancylawson@csnhs.orgSPRING 2017 CLASSESComputers for Business 3Computers for Personal Use 4Culinary Arts (Ethnic) 6Culinary Arts (Fun) 8Dance 10Digital Photography & Graphic Design 11Fine Arts & Crafts 12Fitness 16Health & Wellness 19Hobbies 20Language and Culture 24Leisure 26Teen Courses 28Trips and Travel Info 28Writing 29Registration Form 30Information 31A portion of your CSNHS tuition payment contributes to our annual high schoolsenior Scholarship Award. All of our funding is self-generated.We are a 501(c)(3) organization and gratefully accept donations of any size.Brochure designed by ICON magazine. 215-862-95582 COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES

COMPUTERS: FOR BUSINESSAlso see listings under Computers for Personal Use,Digital Photography and Fine ArtsCOMPUTER BASICS: Microsoft Word and moreA hands-on class for beginners that covers the basics ofusing computers at home and at work. Learn aboutcomputer hardware and software, organizing and savingfiles, and how to connect to computer peripherals suchas printers. Then learn how to get your computer towork for you. This class also shows you the basics ofusing the Internet and email and then introduces you toFacebook, Skype, and eBay. Also covers basic word processing program Microsoft Word to create letters,brochures, books and more. Loaner laptops availableupon request or bring your own laptop to better learnyour system. Great for those re-entering the workforceor brushing up on job skills.Fee: 90 Course: CB10 3 Mon, Mar. 20-Apr. 3, 7-9 pm Instructor: Orlando NievesMICROSOFT WORDGet hands-on experience with the most popular word processing system used in business, education,and home. MS Word 2016 provides all the tools to create and edit documents ranging from memos tobrochures and flyers to sophisticated documents such as books, thesis and dissertations. Learn to formattext, create tables, and import data from other Microsoft programs, including mail merge, inserting clipart and producing newsletters. Don’t worry if you have an earlier version of Word—we’ll help you withthe conversion. Loaner laptops available upon request or bring your own laptop. Great class for those reentering the workforce or brushing up on job skills.Fee: 90 Course: CB103 3 Mon, Apr. 17-May 1, 7-9 pm Instructor: Orlando NievesCOMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES 3

MICROSOFT EXCEL: beginnersLearn the basics of this popular Microsoft Office Suite software for people who want to better organize,store and analyze both numerical and text information. Learn how to manage data, perform calculationsand present professional looking results; applications include home and business. Whether you are newto spreadsheets, or currently use 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 Excel versions, you’ll learn how to createworkbooks that incorporate formulas, functions, and charts; how to set up tables and databases, andthen efficiently manage, sort, and filter data to give you the information and results you want. Formattingand printing professional looking output will be stressed. Your personal and/or business decision makingprocesses can be dramatically enhanced. Most businesses use Excel in some way; it is an important jobskill as well as a powerful and useful personal tool. Please bring your own device and software to betterlearn your system. Loaner laptops available upon request.Fee: 125 Course: CB102 4 Wed, Mar. 15-Apr. 5, 7-9 pm Instructor: Dennis HaggertyMICROSOFT POWERPOINT: beginners and beyondIf you ever want to make a presentation to any group ororganization, PowerPoint is the hands down winner forthe way to make you look good and to be successfulwith your presentation. Learn to prepare professionallooking and persuasive multipage slide presentations including photos, graphics, charts, external and internalhyperlinks and more. You will gain insight into the rulesregarding the best slide content, format and style forthe intended audience as well as insight about effectiveoral presentation styles. Slide templates, animation andtransition, video and sound will be included in presentations for maximum impact to help retain your audience’s attention, but with care to not go over the top. Publishing the presentation as a useful audiencehandout and in other forms will be addressed. PowerPoint is the overwhelming leader as the softwarechoice for virtually all businesses, educational, and other organizations. More and more businesses expect employees to at least be acquainted with PowerPoint. Requires familiarity with Microsoft Word.Loaner laptops available upon request, or bring your own device to better learn your system. Fee: 90Course: CB108 3 Wed, Apr. 19-May 3, 7-9 pm Instructor: Dennis HaggertyCOMPUTERS: FOR PERSONAL USEAlso see listings under Computers for Business, Digital Photography, and WritingOne-Night CourseCLOUD TECHNOLOGY:storageWouldn’t it be great to have all your paperwork, photos, games, music, and more stored securely-no matter what device you use? Learn how cloud storage systems can help you organize, backup and synchronize your electronic files-and access these from any device anywhere. We’ll discuss how to safeguard yourprivacy. Feel free to bring your own device to class. Fee: 28 Course: CH160 Thurs, Mar. 23, 7-9 pmInstructor: Tom Earley, Junction PCOne-Night CourseCRAIGSLIST BUYING & SELLINGClear away your clutter while making money or get a great deal on your next purchase. We’ll show youhow to post items, manage your postings, finalize your sales, and arrange pickup and delivery onCraigslist safely and securely. We’ll cover how to find items that may be unique or discounted; search foryour next purchase locally, and the financial aspects of Craigslist. This demonstration class will walkthrough the many features offered through Craigslist and demystify the buying and selling process. Bringyour laptop if you want to refer to your own account during class.Fee: 35 Course: CH158 Thurs, Apr. 20, 6:30-9 pm Instructor: Carl CorinoOne-Night CourseeBAY FOR BEGINNERSMake money and get rid of your old stuff through eBay. This demonstration class will cover the log inprocess, the ins and outs of on-line auctions; how to sell, the best time to sell, and step-by-step instructions on listing items, shipping, and maintaining security. Be confident that you’re getting the best priceCommunity School courses are held at New Hope-Solebury High School 182 W. Bridge St., NewHope, unless otherwise noted. To register, visit our website at or call our Registration Line at 215-297-0500.4 COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES

for your items. Bring your laptop if you want to refer to your own account during class.Fee: 35 Course: CH154 Mon, Mar. 13, 6:30-9 pm Instructor: Carl CorinoOne-Night CourseFACEBOOK FOR BEGINNERSAs of today, Facebook has more than a billion users. If you want to join in or you are a Facebook beginner, then this is the class for you. Learn how to set up and sign into Facebook accounts, protect your privacy on Facebook, make friends, and how to post and share text, images or even video. Bring your laptop if you want to refer to your own Facebook account during class.Fee: 28 Course: CH156 Thurs, Apr. 27, 7-9 pm Instructor: Orlando NievesOne-Night CourseiPAD, iPOD, iPHONEFind out how to make the most of your iPad, iPod, iPhone and the tons of available apps for work andhome. Whether you already own or are planning to purchase, we’ll walk you through the basics, findingapplications to help make life easier. Bring your iOS device and questions.Fee: 28 Course: CH157 Thurs, Mar. 30, 7-9 pm Instructor: Orlando NievesNew One-Night CourseTV STREAMING:how to cut the cordDo you want to access your favorite TV shows and movieswhen and where you’d like? There’s a host of new optionsto stream popular programming that are becoming easierto use and may help you save money and energy. We’lldiscuss options from Hulu, Apple TV, Netflix and othersubscription services, to a la carte programming optionssuch as HBO Now and digital antenas. We’ll cover whatequipment is needed, such as Internet connections andspeed in order to access the service that you want. Plentyof Q&A. Fee: 28 Course: CH163 Wed, May 17, 7-9pm Instructor: Tom Earley, Junction PCCOMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES 5

One-Night CourseVIDEO CHATTING:Skype, Facetime, Oovoo & moreVideo chatting is a great way to see how the grandkids have grown, interview for a job, check out a traveldestinations, and more. We’ll cover Skype, Facetime, Oovoo and other video chatting services, includingwhat equipment is needed—or not—how to set up your video, sound, and settings, and how to safeguard your privacy. Feel free to bring your own device to class to try out these programs.Fee: 28 Course: CH160 Thurs, May 4, 7-9 pm Instructor: Tom Earley, Junction PCCULINARY ARTSETHNICAlso see listings under Culinary Arts: Fun Cooking.Daytime CourseGREEK COOKINGTaste the flavors of Greece by an experienced and passionate cook who demonstrates traditional family Greek cooking.We’ll prepare stuffed peppers and tomatoes and pastitsio, a baked pasta dish withground beef and béchamel sauce. Afterward, sit down with fellow food lovers inyour group to eat your prepared mealswhile listening to Greek music in the background. Please bring a knife, cutting board,and a container to take home left oversgoodies. Fee: 55 (plus 15 to instructoreach class for cost of food) Course: EC2222 Tues, Apr. 18 & 25, 11 am-1:30 pm Instructor: Val McLeod, Certified Teacher Location: American Legion, New St., NewHope (free parking in lot)One-Night CourseKOREAN FOOD: a guided shopping tripDo you feel overwhelmed with all the options at an Asian food store, not knowing the best items to buyand how to prepare them? Join Michele for this guided shopping trip to Assi. First, the group will sitdown and taste some new dishes. Then, we’ll cover basic staples to store in your pantry for months tocome, types of Korean produce, noodles, sauces, and spices, how to cook specialty items and which prepared foods are worth the splurge. Please bring money for purchases you’d like to bring home.Fee: 25 (Plus 5-10 to instructor for cost of food that will be shared during the sit-down portion at thestart of class) Course: EC226 Wed, Mar. 22, 6:30-8:30 pm Instructor: Michelle Cho ChurchillLocation: Assi Asian Market, Assi Plaza, 1222 Welsh Road, North Wales, PAMEXICAN COOKINGLearn to make popular Mexican casual dishes, known as “street food” such as hand-pressed tortillasmade from specialty flours, homemade zesty enchiladas, tacos, appetizers, tamales, authentic salsa andMexican Wedding Cookies. We’ll experiment with meat, black bean or vegan fillings. Taught by a native ofMexico and graduate of Philadelphia’s Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, we’ll use fresh, authenticingredients to bring out the true flavors of Mexico. Hands-on session ending with sit-down tasting. Newrecipes each class. Please bring a container for your creations. Fee: 55 (plus 10- 15 ea. class to instructor for cost of food) Course: EC221 2 Mon., May 1 & 8, 6:30-9 pmInstructor: Alexis Tellez, Sous Chef, Carversville Inn, Graduate, the Restaurant SchoolLocation: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)PERSIAN COOKINGPersian cuisine combines different types of rice and stews made with an array of vegetables, fruits, meats,spices, nuts and herbs. We’ll use Persian flavorings such as saffron, dried limes, cinnamon, and parsley,fresh green herbs, along with fruits such as plums, pomegranates, quince, prunes, apricots, dates, raisinsand cherries. Taught by a Persian native, includes a dose of culture. All new recipes. Class size limited.Fee: 55 (plus 20 to instructor each class for cost of food) Course: EC2132 Thurs, May 4 & 11, 6:30-9pm Instructor: Layla BroumandLocation: Honey Hollow Farm, Creamery Road, Solebury6 COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES

One-Night CoursePIEROGI CLINICLearn how to make delicious pierogis fromscratch, working from a traditional recipe withfillings from classic to modern—even vegetarian.A dash of Polish culture and customs and takehome recipes to share the fun. Please bring anapron, rolling pin, and containers to bring homeyour creations. Fee: 25 (Plus 10 materials feeto instructor for cost of food) Course: EC204Wed, Mar. 15, 7-9pm Instructor: Julia Babij,Sassy Polish Chick Location: United MethodistChurch, 2536 Aquetong Rd., SoleburyOne-Night CoursePOLISH CHRUSCIKI DESSERTCome learn how to make Chrusciki, a wonderful fried dough dessert that is covered in powdered sugarand popular among whomever you serve it to. You can’t eat just one. You’ll learn how to make cruscikifrom scratch, from dough, to cooking, to finishing plus take home the recipe to practice. Fee: 25 (Plus 10to instructor for cost of food) Course: EC210 Tues., May 2, 7-9pm Instructor: Julia Babij, Sassy Polish Chick Catering Location: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)One-Night CoursePOLISH DINNER:stuffed cabbage and side dishes“What’s for dinner?” is one of the most popular questions around. Take a step back in time and learnhow to make traditional stuffed cabbage (galumpki) and noodle side dishes (leczki and haluski). You’lllearn how to make the dishes from scratch, the cooking techniques used, filling options, and take homethe recipe to practice. Options are also offered to jazz these dishes up a bit. Please bring a container totake home your creations. Fee: 25 (Plus 10 to instructor for cost of food)Course: EC205 Tues, Apr. 4, 7-9pm Instructor: Julia Babij, Sassy Polish ChickLocation: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES 7

One-Night CourseSUSHI: creative Japanese styleLearn to make authentic Japanese sushi, including nigiri, tamki and makizushi (rolled sushi). We’ll usefresh seafood and assorted fresh vegetables that arehealthy and sure to be a hit at your next gathering.Please bring a knife, cutting board, bamboo mat forrolling (if available) and container for your creations.Fee: 28 (plus 20 to instructor for cost of food)Course: EC220 Mon, Apr. 24, 6:30-9:00pmInstructor: Fukue (Fay) Toyozato Location: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)One-Night CourseVIETNAMESE COOKING: spring rollsLearn to make Vietnamese spring rolls (cha gio), an appetizer originally made for royalty. We’ll have aspring roll party, using fresh meats and vegetables, learning to roll the rice paper correctly, then tastingthe results. Healthy ingredients can include vegetables, minced pork, chicken or duck, and are wheatfree. Please bring a container to bring home your creations.Fee: 28 (Plus 10- 15 to instructor for cost of food) Course: EC209 Tues, Mar. 21, 6:30-9pmInstructor: Ly Do, Pampered Chef ConsultantLocation: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)New One-Night CourseVIETNAMESE COOKING: fresh summer rollsVietnamese summer rolls, also known as fresh spring rolls, are light, healthy and surprisingly easy tomake at home. We’ll begin with prepping cooked shrimp or other seafood, rice noodles, and plenty offresh herbs and vegetables for flavor and crunch, then learning the proper way to roll rice paper wrappers around them. Dipped in a spicy peanut sauce, these rolls are a great hot-weather appetizer, lightlunch or addition to your next barbeque. Come join the fun where we get to taste while we make. Pleasebring a container to bring home your creations.Fee: 28 (Plus 15-20 to instructor for cost of food) Course: EC228 Wed, Apr. 26, 6:30-9pmInstructor: Ly Do Location: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)CULINARY ARTS: FUN COOKING CLASSESAlso see listings under Culinary Arts: EthnicOne-Night CourseAPPETIZERS AND TAPASLearn how to create appetizers and tapas foryour next party. We’ll discuss where to purchase fresh ingredients and how to preparethe dishes ahead of time so you can relax andmingle with your guests. Hands-on class withtime for tasting the prepared specialties.Please bring a container for your creations.Fee: 28 (plus 10-15 to instructor for cost offood) Course: FC281 Thurs, Apr. 6,6:30-9pm Instructor: Alexis Tellez, Sous Chef,Carversville Inn, Graduate, the RestaurantSchool Location: United MethodistChurch, 2536 Aquetong Road, SoleburyOne-Night CourseCAKE DECORATINGLearn how to make beautiful decorative cakes-no previous experience required. Instructor provides twosix inch round unfrosted vanilla cakes to class that you will bring home and enjoy. We’ll decorate with buttercream, learning how to layer filling, crumb coat, smooth to look like fondant and use different icingtips. We’ll provide icing and all the tools, but feel free to bring an apron and any other cake supplies youwish to use. Please note: students with allergies can bring in their own gluten-free or other non-allergenunfrosted cake; students allergic to dairy can bring in their own icing. Fee: 28 (Plus 20 to instructor forcost of food) Course: FC280 Wed., Mar. 29, 6:30-9pm Instructor: Suzette Koller, Suzette’s Cakes8 COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES

New One-Night CourseCAKE DECORATING: fondant and buttercreamFondant cake decorating is fun, simple and sure to impress.You will be given demonstrations on how to cover your cakewith fondant, and learn different techniques on how to decorate and design. Instructor provides two six-inch round unfrosted vanilla cakes to class that you will bring home andenjoy. Please bring an apron, rolling pin and any other cakesupplies you’d like to use. Students 12 and up. Please note:students with allergies can bring in their own gluten-free orother non-allergen unfrosted cake and icing (if allergic todairy). Fee: 28 (plus 20 to instructor for cost of food)Course: FC273 Wed, Apr. 19, 6:30-9pmInstructor: Suzette Koller, Suzette’s CakesOne-Night CourseCHOCOLATE MAKINGDip into the art of chocolate making. We’ll show you how to make chocolates with various fillings,peanut butter, berries, creams and more. Join Tom Block, founder of Thomas Sweets and the ChocolateCafé’, and owner of Pierre’s Chocolates, for this fun and decadent night. Register early-class size limited.Please wear a baseball cap, lightweight clothing, and an apron. Fee: 25 (plus 10 to instructor for cost offood) Course: FC251 Mon, Mar. 27, 7-9pm Location: Pierre’s Chocolates, 360 W. Bridge St., NewHope (Parking lot in front and back of building) Instructor: Tom BlockOne-Night CourseCOOKIE DECORATING: flooding and moreCreate festive cookie designs. Learn how to outline cookie patterns, mix royal icing, flood the icing for asmooth professional look and experiment with embellishments. You’ll bring 2-3 cookies home to dry, asit takes 12-24 hours to set. Please bring a flat container for 2-3 cookies and an apron. Students 12 and up.Please note: students with allergies can bring in their own gluten-free or other non-allergen unfrostedcookies to class. Fee: 28 (plus 10 to instructor for cost of food) Course: FC274Wed, May 10,6:30-9pm Instructor: Suzette Koller, Suzette’s CakesCOMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES 9

New One-Night CourseHOME CANNING: jamming and crepesJoin us for a night of sweet treats and learnhow to fill your pantry with delicious blueberry jam that you can enjoy all year. We willbe making crepes and filling them with jamfor a tasty snack. Class includes step by stepcanning instructions, discussion on usingpectin, natural sweeteners, safety, and storage, handouts, recipes, tastings and a jar totake home. Fee: 28 (plus 10 to instructorfor cost of materials) Course: FC263Thurs, Apr. 20, 6:30-9:00 pm Instructor:Marian Bolum, Farms to Jars Location: United Methodist Church, 2536 Aquetong Rd,Solebury.New One-Night CourseSEAFOOD COOKINGDoes cooking seafood seem intimidating? Gain confidence by joining professional Chef Alexis Tellez tolearn how to properly sear scallops and fish in this hands-on course. We’ll make peeled and devinedshrimp cocktail and learn how to properly sear scallops and steam mussels. Please bring a container foryour creations. Fee: 28 (plus 15-20 to instructor for cost of food)Course: FC287 Mon, Mar. 20, 6:30-9pm Instructor: Alexis Tellez, Sous Chef, Carversville Inn, Graduate, the Restaurant School Location: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking in lot)One-Night CourseSOUPS FOR ALL SEASONSSoups are easy to make, feature wholesome, seasonal and local ingredients, plus are low in calories. Joinla soupista Layla to create two types of soups inspired by recipes of cultures worldwide. We’ll combineherbs, vegetables, grains, legumes and meats (optional) using crock pots or large saucepans then have asit-down tasting. Please bring a container to take home your creations. All new recipes-class size limited.Fee: 28 (plus 15- 20 to instructor for cost of food) Course: FC269 Thurs, Mar 16, 6:30-9pmInstructor: Layla Broumand Location: Honey Hollow Farm, Creamery Road, SoleburyDANCEAlso see listings under FitnessNew CourseBELLY DANCING: introductionLearn the art of belly dancing to keep fit, improve your gracefulness, work out tension, be more sensualand feel more at ease with your self-image. Join Sophia Burns, who has been belly dancing for more than20 years, to learn the basics of Middle Eastern belly dancing using coordination between mind and body.Enjoy movement to music, learn basic and advanced techniques of this ancient, exotic dance—a greatdose of culture as well. Wear comfortable clothing. Fee: 90 Course: DA3115 Mon, Apr. 24-May 22, 7-8:30pm Instructor: Sophia BurnsDATE NIGHT DANCEMake it a date night with Dancers Extraordinaire. Join this program to learn partner dancing in a varietyof different styles including ballroom, Latin, swing and more. Get ready for a wedding, a gala, or justbrush up on your dancing skills in a 10-week session of hands-on group lessons. *This program is intended for couples. For exception request, please contact Cornerstone. Fee: 134.50 per personCourse: DA301 10 Tues, Mar. 21-May 23, 7:45-8:45pm-Extended sessionInstructor: Dancers Extraordinaire, Cornerstone Fitness Location: Cornerstone Fitness, New HopeNew Course: Two Sessions to Choose FromZUMBACombine high energy, international music with unique moves and combinations and dance your worriesaway. Two sessions to choose from, or register for both and take this great class twice a week.Fee: 69 Course: DA310 6 Wed, Mar. 15-Apr. 19, 10:30 – 11:30amFee: 69 Course: DA 310A 6 Thurs, Mar. 16 – Apr. 20, 10:30 – 11:30amInstructor: Dancers Extraordinaire, Cornerstone FitnessLocation: Cornerstone Fitness, 415 S. York Rd., New Hope10 COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSESADOBE LIGHTROOM: processing your photosYou just finished a nice set of photos with your DSLR, now what? Learn to use Adobe Lightroom software,which allows you to efficiently process your images, organize your photos and make basic edits. We’ll coverthe workflow-from taking photos off your camera, loading into Lightroom, doing simple and some advanced fixes, exporting and sharing. Please bring your device with Lightroom and a memory card with images, so you can create beautifully edited photos on your own.Fee: 85 Course: DP411 3 Tues, May 2-16, 6:30-8:30pm Instructor: Stephen HarrisDIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: the basics and beyondAre you making the most of your digital camera? We’ll cover what to consider when purchasing a digitalcamera and accessories, how to take better pictures, understanding resolution and file sizes, and the importance of compression and image quality. Find out how to do more with your pictures, the best waysto store and organize digital images, enhance your images and considerations for printing photos. Bringyour camera and we’ll show the different modes, settings and other basics.Fee: 55 Course: DP402 2 Tues, Mar. 14 & 21, 7-9pm Instructor: Ted Nichols, New Hope PhotoPHOTO EDITING: with Adobe PhotoshopLearn how to fix photos, resize images, merge two photos together, enhance colors, change resolutionand more, using Adobe Photoshop. In this hands-on class, we’ll explore the basics of Photoshop photoediting software to edit family photos so they look their very best, make old photos look like new againand save images for future generations. Loaner laptops available upon request, or bring your own laptopwith Photoshop installed to work on your images during and after class. Fee: 125Course: DP401 4 Tues., Mar. 28-Apr. 25, 6:30-8:30pm (no class 4/11) Instructor: Jo-Ann MaynardPHOTOGRAPHY: with an iPhoneYou CAN take stunning, creative and spur-of-the-moment photos with your iPhone. Hands-on workshoptaking photos of people, nature and sights. Gain an understanding of your iPhone’s photography functions along with some general photography techniques. Class covers HDR, panorama, zoom techniques,editing apps, creative composition and social media sharing of your work. The second session will be ex-COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY SPRING 2017 COURSES 11

ploring New Hope with your iPhone using the techniques learned. You’ll build a personal “app suite”that gives all the capture and processing power needed on the iPhone. Bring your iPhone 4S or higherversion and wear walking shoes and clothing for taking photos outside. Fee: 55 Course: DP408 2Thurs, Mar. 23 & 30, 6:30-8:30pm Instructor: Stephen Harris,PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP: with DSLR digital cameraHands-on workshop for those with basic photography training, who want to take creative and inspiringphotos with their DSLR digital camera. We’ll review the concepts of shutter speed, aperture, depth-offield, ISO lighting, and composition, then work through some fun challenges. Covers action photography, portraits, and city and nature scenery so you feel more comfortable using your digital camera totake your own great photos. Fee: 55 Course: DP410 2 Tues, Apr. 18 & 25, 6:30-8:30pmInstructor: Stephen Harris, Photography by Stephen HarrisFINE ARTS AND CRAFTSAlso see listings under Digital Photography, Hobbies, and LeisureNew CourseBLOCK PRINTING ON FABRICLearn to carve and print images on textiles, idealfor quilting, sewing projects, table décor, t-shirtsand more. Explore designing and printing techniques aimed towards repeating patterns andyardage printing. You’ll handprint one yard of fabricwith multiple-color images designed in class. Beginners welcome. All materials and tools are included,but please bring paper towels, an apron, a few highcontrast images for inspiration and a sketchbook.Fee: 105 (Plus 50 to instructor for materials)Course: FA523 4 Tues, May 2-23, 6:30-9pmInstructor: Dave DiMarchi, owner/artist, 9 in Hand Press, fine art printmaking & pre-press graphic designNew CourseBOOK BINDING: hardcover & softcover booksArtists will create hand-bound, soft and hardcover books quickly and easily. Exploring ten different binding forms, artists will learn how to incorporate found and recycled papers, prints and boards into theirbook forms. Please bring assorted papers, prints, photographs and found objects that can be included inyour constructions. Beginners welcome. Fee: 125 (Plus 55 to instructor for materials) Course:FA524 5 Mon, Apr. 24-May 22, 6:30-9pm Instructor: Dave DiMarchi, owner/artist, 9 in Hand Press,fine art printmaking & pre-press graphic designNew Daytime CourseCROCHET: beginnersLearn the basic stitches (chain, single, half double, double, andtreble crochet) and their many combinations. Explore patternreading, how to change colors, troubleshoot problems, andfinish a project. Fun, relaxed class for beginners or thosewanting to brush up on their skills. Please bring one ball ofworsted weight yarn plus a size 6” crochet hook, and feel freeto bring your lunch or snack to this daytime class.Fee: 75 Course: FA533 4 Wed., Mar. 29-Apr. 26,11:30am-1pm (no class 4/12) Instructor: Alina ChristyLocation: American Legion, New St., New Hope (free parking)DRAWING: beginners and beyondLearn to draw what you see more realistically, whatever your skill sets or background. We’ll cover thet

VIDEO CHATTING: Skype, Facetime, Oovoo & more Video chatting is a great way to see how the grandkids have grown, interview for a job, check out a travel destinations, and more. We’ll cover Skype, Facetime, Oovoo and other video chatting services, including

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10 tips och tricks för att lyckas med ert sap-projekt 20 SAPSANYTT 2/2015 De flesta projektledare känner säkert till Cobb’s paradox. Martin Cobb verkade som CIO för sekretariatet för Treasury Board of Canada 1995 då han ställde frågan

service i Norge och Finland drivs inom ramen för ett enskilt företag (NRK. 1 och Yleisradio), fin ns det i Sverige tre: Ett för tv (Sveriges Television , SVT ), ett för radio (Sveriges Radio , SR ) och ett för utbildnings program (Sveriges Utbildningsradio, UR, vilket till följd av sin begränsade storlek inte återfinns bland de 25 största

Hotell För hotell anges de tre klasserna A/B, C och D. Det betyder att den "normala" standarden C är acceptabel men att motiven för en högre standard är starka. Ljudklass C motsvarar de tidigare normkraven för hotell, ljudklass A/B motsvarar kraven för moderna hotell med hög standard och ljudklass D kan användas vid

LÄS NOGGRANT FÖLJANDE VILLKOR FÖR APPLE DEVELOPER PROGRAM LICENCE . Apple Developer Program License Agreement Syfte Du vill använda Apple-mjukvara (enligt definitionen nedan) för att utveckla en eller flera Applikationer (enligt definitionen nedan) för Apple-märkta produkter. . Applikationer som utvecklas för iOS-produkter, Apple .

och krav. Maskinerna skriver ut upp till fyra tum breda etiketter med direkt termoteknik och termotransferteknik och är lämpliga för en lång rad användningsområden på vertikala marknader. TD-seriens professionella etikettskrivare för . skrivbordet. Brothers nya avancerade 4-tums etikettskrivare för skrivbordet är effektiva och enkla att

Den kanadensiska språkvetaren Jim Cummins har visat i sin forskning från år 1979 att det kan ta 1 till 3 år för att lära sig ett vardagsspråk och mellan 5 till 7 år för att behärska ett akademiskt språk.4 Han införde två begrepp för att beskriva elevernas språkliga kompetens: BI

**Godkänd av MAN för upp till 120 000 km och Mercedes Benz, Volvo och Renault för upp till 100 000 km i enlighet med deras specifikationer. Faktiskt oljebyte beror på motortyp, körförhållanden, servicehistorik, OBD och bränslekvalitet. Se alltid tillverkarens instruktionsbok. Art.Nr. 159CAC Art.Nr. 159CAA Art.Nr. 159CAB Art.Nr. 217B1B