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Parking GuideFACULTY/STAFF DECAL PLACEMENTParking Servicesplace permithereHunt Hall, Room ingBSU Police Department200 Great Hill DriveSTUDENT DECAL PLACEMENTNonemergency permithere

PA R K I N G R E G U L AT I O N SWelcome to Bridgewater State UniversityPlease observe the parking regulations that are outlined inthis guide. They are in effect at all times, year-round, andare strictly enforced. Although the university tries not toimplement changes in the middle of the academic year,sometimes it is unavoidable. Please refer to our websitethrough the year for updated information.Parking PermitsAll vehicles that are parked on campus must display a parkingpass or decal, except during weekends and short-term parking.Campus community members receive parking decals; shortterm visitors receive temporary passes.exclusive use of employees only. Faculty/Staff decals mustbe permanently affixed to the outside of the driver’s siderearmost window.Visitors may obtain single-day passes from the ParkingServices office; from parking lot monitors at the Boyden Hall,Harrington Hall, West Campus and Moakley Center lots; andfrom the BSU police dispatcher.For the complete traffic and parking rules andregulations of Bridgewater State University,please click on Traffic Rules and Regulations.Medical AccommodationsPolicy and process to obtain special parkingVisitor single-day passes may be obtained on-line andaccommodations are online at prior to arriving on campus. Please visit our website.AppealsMultiple-day passes are available through the Parking ServicesIf you feel that you were wrongly issued a parking violationoffice. A small charge may be required.notice, you may submit a written appeal along with theShort-Term Parking – No Permit Requiredoriginal ticket within 21 calendar days from the date ofStudents are charged a yearly parking fee, which is added toThere are 15-30 minute parking spaces available at a varietyissue to the Parking Services and Connect Card office.the university bill when the students apply for their decal. Theof locations on campus. Parking at 15-30 minute spaces isAppeal forms are available at the BSU police station; fromcost for commuter students is 225 ( 195 if purchasedstrictly enforced.parking lot monitors; in the Parking Services office, Hunt7/1 - 8/15) and for resident students is 260 ( 230 if purchasedHall, Room 001; and online. To appeal moving violations,7/1 - 8/15).The BSU refund policy is followed when requesting a Restricted or Prohibited Areascontact BSU lyticketedrefund. Please check with the Parking Services office for moreThe university may take administrative enforcement actionand/or towed without prior warning:information.against repeat violators and parking privileges may besuspended or revoked. Unpaid parking violation notices Studentsparkinginfaculty/stafflotsParking decals must be permanently affixed to the insideare subject to action by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.passenger’s side bottom corner of the front windshield next Parking outside of designated lotsUniversity tickets are green. Town of Bridgewater ticketsto the inspection sticker. Decals do not guarantee a parking Handicapped parking spaces unless an authorizedare orange. Written appeals for town tickets may bespace. Decals are not transferable. Replacement decals can beplate/placard/permit is displayedsubmitted with the original ticket to the Bridgewater Townobtained through the Parking Services and Connect Card office.Manager’s Office. For more information, please visit the Fire lanes, tow zones or other posted “no parking”Students are not permitted to have more than one decal atTown of Bridgewater website: This includes obstructing any means ofany one time. If you need to switch your decal from oneGovernment/Depts/Parking.egress from any building, driveway or loading areavehicle to another, please turn in your previous decal to theMotorist Assistance and Disabled Motor Vehicles Reserved spaces (all times, year round)Parking Services and Connect Card office in order to obtain aOfficers are available to provide transport to areareplacement decal. On the grass or any other unlined areaservice stations and to assist motorists in contacting towNonmatriculated students and students participating incompanies, family members and/or auto clubs. Any area that blocks vehicle or pedestrian accessspecial programs and summer session courses are alsoIf your vehicle is disabled please contact the BSU Police Roads through and around the campus exceptrequired to obtain decals. Please contact the Parking ServicesDepartment as soon as possible to prevent ticketing/whereclearlyindicatedand Connect Card office for more information.towing and for information on what to do. Any vehicle Overtime parking at timed spacesfound without a valid license plate, registration orGraduate assistants who can show they have an assistantshipinsurance or showing signs of non-use will be considered Incurring five (or more) unpaid parking violationsare eligible to apply for a graduate assistant decal. Decalabandoned and subject to removal from universityis renewable each semester in which the person has an Violating snow emergency procedures and/orproperty. All expenses incurred in the removal of anassistantship.impeding snow removalunregistered, uninsured or abandoned vehicle will becomethe responsibility of its owner. The owner of any vehicleFaculty and staff members are required to apply for their Any designated construction areaso removed shall also be subject to penalties under theparking decal upon obtaining employment and thereafter at On sidewalks and walkwaysgeneral laws of the commonwealth.two-year intervals. Decals are provided at no charge. There isa limit of one active decal per employee and decals are for the1

NGSTRERCommuter Parking AreasResident Parking AreasT IN S L IVEBRIDGEWATERSTATE n WalkwaysBUILDINGSWEST CAMPUS1 ) Boyden Hall, 131 Summer St.(registrar, student accounts)2 ) Gates House, 40 Cedar St.3 ) Harrington Hall, 95 Grove St.4 ) Woodward Hall, 115 Grove St.(student residence)5 ) Tillinghast Hall, 45 School St. (dining hall)6 ) Art Center, 40 School St.7 ) Hunt Hall, 26 School St.8 ) Jones Alumni House, 26 Summer St.9 ) Scott Hall, 170 Summer St.(student residence)10) Rondileau Student Union, 19 Park Ave.(dining hall)11) Pope Hall, 4 Park Ave. (student residence)12) International Scholar House, 25 Plymouth St.32L AV E EAVTILLENGStaff /faculty Parking LotsEN38VRINarcan is also located in BoydenHall, Harrington Hall, WestCampus and Moakley Center lots.3025UNIVERSITYPARK17SPHandicapped AccessibleEntranceBus StopsBlue Light PhonesFor AssistanceAED- AutomatedExternal Defibrillatorand Narcan Locations¶2927PARKING AREASGINRKPAUESHSENUE1920MLIABTMAVAV182104TE 12826NIOATSTLEENESUMLT4 DCAP9ETSU/ ROETTRE22INRE10J23AVEE STAVPARKOVIL15TERR.5RKR16CLARANCESUMMER STREET1PARHADBROET1411HSOUTHSTRETOW ETNCO / RTMM EON 104CEDARSTREETREEETGRET / ROUTES 18 AND 28BEDFORD STRESTBFAVE12UTEE6ABM O13INSTRKIARD28ETGOODWTRRSGETE/RREYPLO/ R4NSATEESTSTREET10EUTUILLB ROSTRTRST8ER3MUTHEEINAMMMHUT2GRMOCAMPUSMAPExpect More. AchieveMore.7OLP LYSTATE UNIVERSITYHHSUASCHOBRIDGEWATERETY D R IVEEEETHALRIST/ ROUTE18SPA) Hunt Hall LotB) Boyden Hall LotC) Harrington Hall LotD) Woodward Hall LotE) RondileauStudent Union LotF) Art Center LotG) West Campus Lotadmission visitorparkingH) Spring Street LotI ) Burnell Hall LotJ) Hooper Street LotExtensionK) Hooper Street LotL) Swenson Field LotM) Tinsley Center LotN) Apartments LotO) Shea/Durgin LotP) Great Hill Drive LotQ) Operations Center LotR) Tower LotS) Parking GarageT) Weygand LotU) Moakley Center Lotvisitor parkingV) Shaw Road Lot(handicap accessibleparking only)EAST CAMPUS13) Welcome Center, 45 Plymouth St.(undergraduate admission, transfer servicesand financial aid)14) Greenhouse and Stearns/McNamaraMemorial Garden, 16 Park Ave.15) Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center,24 Park Ave. (observatory)16) Central Steam Plant, 34 Park Ave. Rear17) Kelly Gymnasium, 34 Park Ave. (pool)18) Maxwell Library, 10 Shaw Rd.(graduate admission)19) Barry House, 29 Park Terrace20) Dr. Edward W. Minnock Center for GlobalEngagement, 25 Park Terrace21) Clifford House, 180 Summer St.(political science)34) University Police Headquarters, 200 Great Hill Drive22) Burrill Office Complex, 95 Burrill Ave.Operations Center, 200 Great Hill Drive23) MSCA, 91 Burrill Ave. (faculty union office)(Central Receiving)24) Moakley Center, 100 Burrill Ave.35) Rosen Tennis Courts(continuing studies)36) Weygand Hall (student residence, Wellness Center)25) Hart Hall, 90 Burrill Ave.37) Crimson Hall, 200 East Campus Drive26) Burnell Hall, 66 Hooper St.(student residence)27) Swenson Athletic Complex38) DiNardo Hall, 115A Burrill Ave.28) Bear Paw Pavilion(student residence)29) Alumni Park (baseball/softball complex)39) Miles Hall, 115 Burrill Ave. (student residence)30) Athletic Fields40) East Campus Commons, 125 Burrill Ave.31) Tinsley Center, 325 Plymouth St.(bookstore, dining hall)32) Great Hill Student Apartments, 120-128 Burrill Ave.41) Stonehouse Hall, 135 Burrill Ave.(student residences)(student residence)33) Shea Hall and Durgin Hall, 160 Burrill Ave.42) Great Hill Recreation Trails (entrances)(student residences)2

Transportation ServicesTransit Services: Bridgewater State University Transit Service operates afree on-campus bus service from 7 am-2 am, Monday-Friday and 7 pm-2 am,Saturday and Sunday. For service information, details on routes andSchedules, or for GPS bus tracking and updates visit the TransitWebpage at or download the BSU Mobile APP.This service also includes five daily round-trips Monday through Fridayinto BAT’s main hub, BAT Centre. Departs from the Harrington stop 5times a day MON-FRI: 6:45 am; 9:00 am; 12:10 pm; 3:05 pm; 5:35 pm.Express to Bat Centre via Route 28. For more information on connectingbus services, call BAT at 508.580.1000.Carpooling: To encourage carpooling, the university has madesections of the Moakley and Harrington Lots available where two ormore students who commute together can park free of charge. Carpoolapplications are available in the Parking Services and Connect CardOffice. You must follow the rules and regulations outlined on theapplication to carpool. Carpooling is available Monday-Friday, from7 am-5 pm. Resident students and evening students are not eligible forcarpool permits. Carpooling is not available during the summer.MBTA: Access to the Old Colony Commuter Rail is available atBridgewater State University. Discounted MBTA semester passes areavailable for purchase. Please refer to the Parking Services office websitefor more information. The commuter rail provides service betweenMiddleboro and South Station with stops in Brockton, Randolph,Braintree, Quincy Center and at JFK/UMASS. The commuting timebetween Bridgewater and Boston is approximately 50 minutes. Formore information, call the MBTA customer service line at 800.392.6100or visit The MBTA parking lot is for paying MBTAcommuter rail passengers only. No BSU overnight parking allowed.Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Available at Weygand lotCampus SafetyParking lots at Bridgewater State University are regularly patrolled byBSU police. Please call the Bridgewater State University Police withinformation about any and all suspicious activity.Please notify BSU Police or the Office of Facilities Management andPlanning at 508.531.1296 if hazardous walking or driving conditions exist.There are a number of blue light assistance phones in universityparking lots and throughout the campus. These speaker-type phonesconnect with BSU police dispatchers and are available to reportsuspicious activity, call for assistance or to request a safety escort.Telephones with keypads may also be used to make brief on-campuscalls. The locations of these phones are designated with stars on theuniversity map.P A R K I N GA R E A SThe letters indicated in the sections belowcorrespond with the campus map. Link CampusGuide.pdf.stop at the parking attendant booth to obtain atemporary parking pass and for specific instructions.Visitors with special needs should contact theParking Services office for assistance.Please remember to park only in fully lined,unrestricted parking spaces as designated below.A parking decal is available for frequent visitors ofthe university. Please contact the Parking Servicesoffice for more information about obtaining a visitordecal. Parking for vehicles with valid visitor decals isin the West Campus (H) and in the Moakley Center(N) lots.Faculty and Staff Parking Areas(A, B, C, F, G, I, M, Q, U): The Hunt Hall, Boyden Hall,Harrington Hall, Art Center, West Campus, Burnell Hall,Tinsley Center, Operations Center and Moakley Center,lots are designated for vehicles with valid faculty/staff*parking decals.*Overnight parking is allowed from Sunday eveningthrough Thursday evening for visitors of BSU residenthall occupants. Overnight guests must park in theSwenson Field Lot (L) from 4 pm to 7 am. Guests*Also included in this category are trustee, foundationmust be out of the lot by 7 am Monday thru Friday.trustee, emeritus, alumni and contractor permits.A temporary parking pass is required for overnightCommuter and Special Program Student Parking Areas parking. Parking Pass must be obtained at theParking Services Office during business hours. When7 am–12 am (H, J, K, L, S): The Spring Street Lot, Hooper the Parking Services Office is closed, please obtainStreet Lot, Hooper St. Extension Lot, Swenson Field Lot, the parking pass at the BSU Police department. Onand the Parking Garage are designated for vehicles with weekends from 4 pm Friday-6 pm Sunday parkingvalid commuter parking decals.*is permitted in all commuter, resident and faculty/staff lots without a parking decal or temporary4 pm–12 am (A, B, C, G, I, U): Hunt Hall, Boyden Hall,pass. Please note: During snow emergencies, snowHarrington Hall, West Campus, Burnell Hall and theemergency guidelines must be followed.Moakley Center lots.*Also included in this category are special program decals. Graduate Assistants(C, G, U); The Harrington Hall, West Campus andArt Center Lot (F) and the Tinsley Center Lot (M) areMoakley Center lots are designated for vehicles withstrictly for faculty and staff at all times.valid graduate assistant parking decals.Harrington Hall Lot (C) and Moakley CenterVendor Parking AreasLot (U) are carpool parking areas.A parking decal is available to those who work at theResident Student Parking Areas (D, N, O, P, R, T):university frequently, but who are not regular BSUWoodward Hall, Apartments, Shea/Durgin, Great Hillemployees. Vendor parking is in the Harrington HallDrive, Tower and Weygand lots are designated for(C) and the Moakley Center (U) lots.vehicles with valid resident parking permits.Summer SessionsResident Overflow Lot (L) Swenson Field Lot is available During the summer months parking regulations arefor resident parking when all other resident lots are effect, therefore, parking decals are required.Resident students are not permitted to park in commuter Commuters may park in the Woodward Hall Lotor faculty/staff lots after 4 pm. The only exception to this (D) depending on availability. Commuters are notallowed to park in faculty/staff lots until after 4 on weekends from 4 pm Friday to 6 pm Sunday whenparking is open. During this time residents may parkoutside of their designated lots. Please note: Duringsnow emergencies, snow emergency guidelines mustbe followed.Resident student decals are honored in commuterlots during the summer and the Woodward HallLot (D)depending on availability.Motorcycle AreasVisitor Parking(G, L): The West Campus and Swenson Field lotsParking for visitors is available in the Moakley Center (U), have areas designated for motorcycle parking.West Campus (G), and Harrington Hall (C) Lots. PleaseParking decals are not necessary for motorcycles.3

Snow Emergency GuidelinesAll students: When there is an actual or anticipated snowemergency, rotating yellow “snow alert” beacons will beactivated in campus resident parking lots. These beacons areindicators within these respective lots to remove the vehicleslocated between the signs. This is in preparation for snowremoval within these respective lots. Informational signs will beposted in residence halls providing instructions to owners ofresident vehicles as to procedures to follow during an upcominginclement weather event. Further information to vehicle ownerswill be provided throughout a weather event.Designated sections of certain resident lots (Great Hill Drive Lot,Shea/Durgin Lot, Student Apartments Lot, Tower Lot, WeygandHall Lot, and the Woodward Hall Lot) have signage indicatingthat in the event of a snow alert, those designated sections mustbe vacated by 11:59 pm on the day that the snow alert is put intoeffect, or vehicles will be ticketed and towed to allow sufficientspace for snow removal. Cars should be moved to unrestrictedspaces in any authorized lot.During a snow alert, in addition to the designated sections ofresident lots mentioned above, any vehicle parked in violationof snow alert instructions will be ticketed and may be towedwithout warning if the vehicle’s location obstructs snow removalefforts. The current fine for impeding snow removal is 75. Ifa vehicle must be towed, it will done at the vehicle owner’sexpense, at a cost of 125 plus 20 per day storage and the 75fine (fees and fines are subject to change).Commuter and faculty/staff lots will receive first priority for snowremoval to ensure that these lots are ready once the Universityre-opens. Resident lots will then be cleared.Resident students: It may be necessary for resident students tomove their cars to facilitate snow removal. This notification willbe made through pre-recorded snow parking messages at508.531.7765 (RSNL) and channel 11 analog, channel 131.1digital of the ResNet cable television system. In addition, theResident Director (RD) on duty sends out information viae-mail to resident students. The content of the e-mail is from theFacilities Management Department.Resident students will be asked to move their cars temporarilywhile resident lots are cleared. Instructions and time lines willbe provided via the methods outlined above. During the winterweather season, it is advisable for all permit holders to maintainscrapers and shovels in their vehicles to assist in moving from onelot to another and back again when the lot is cleared.Commuter students: Commuter students may call theUniversity’s Inclement Weather Line (508.531.1777), check theUniversity’s website (, or listen to the radioand television stations identified above to learn if the Universitywill be closed. When the University is closed, commuter studentsare asked not to come on campus. If for some reason you arerequired to do so, you must contact the BSU Police Departmentfor special parking instructions. Failure to do so may result inenforcement action for impeding snow removal.Students with disabilities requiring assistance: The BSU PoliceDepartment will be the contact point for the needs of disabledstudents. The police will notify the Director of Physical Plant ofany such requests.University employee parking when the University is closed:It is critical that nonessential employees do not report to workvoluntarily during a closure. Essential employees should parkin their regularly assigned parking spaces, unless otherwisedirected by the BSU Police Department or Facilities ManagementDepartment.For more information, please refer to the Inclement Weather Policy on the university and click on inclement weather policy4

Parking FAQ’sQ: I am a night student and on campus only after 4 pm. Do I need adecal?Q: My doctor says I cannot walk long distances; can I park inhandicapped parking?A: Yes. All vehicles on campus must display a valid parking decal or passwhile parked on campus. The only time decals are not required is onweekends from 4 pm Friday–6 pm Sunday.A: No. Drivers are only allowed to park in handicapped parking if theyhave handicapped plates or an appropriate handicap permit. If you havea health concern that limits your ability to walk to and from campusbuildings, please visit the Parking Services website for the StudentMedical Exception and Employee Medical Accommodations link.Q: What should I do if my original decal is on a car I sold, or that vehicleis no longer on the road?Q: A friend is visiting my residence hall. Can he/she park his/her car oncampus?A: Please remove the old decal off your vehicle and bring it to theParking Services office. You will be issued a new decal at no charge foryour next vehicle.A: Yes. Visitors are welcome on campus. They must get a day pass at theParking Services office. Overnight guests must park in the Swenson Fieldlot. Overnight pass is required. Please refer to the Visitor Parking sectionof the Parking Guide for more details.Q: My car has a decal, but it’s being repaired. Can I borrow someoneelse’s car for a few days and keep that one on campus?A: Yes, you can keep a borrowed car on campus, however, you needto come visit the Parking Services office M-F between 7:30 am and 5pm or after business hours go to the BSU Police Department to obtain atemporary parking pass at no charge.Q: I cannot get to the Parking Services office during business hours for atemporary pass. What should I do?A: In most cases, the BSU police dispatcher can issue you a temporarypass. For decals and multiple day passes, please call the Parking Servicesoffice to discuss alternative ways to obtain your decal/pass.Q: I do not normally have a car on campus, but I just need to bring onefor the week. Can I get a temporary pass?A: Yes. Upperclass or commuter students who do not have a vehiclewith a decal, can purchase temporary parking passes from the ParkingServices office for 10 per week.5

4 ) Woodward Hall, 115 Grove St. (student residence) 5 ) Tillinghast Hall, 45 School St. (dining hall) 6 ) Art Center, 40 School St. 7 ) Hunt Hall, 26 School St. 8 ) Jones Alumni House, 26 Summer St. 9 ) Scott Hall, 170 Summer St. (student residence) 10) Rondileau Student Union, 19 Park Ave. (dining hall) 11) Pope Hall, 4 Park Ave. (student .

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