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UnclassifiedMG James E. Rogers * May 2011

Aviation & Missile CommandWho we are & Where we are headedMission Equip, Enable, Integrate andSustain Aviation and MissileSystems for the JointWarfighter and in supportof National Security andDefense Strategies.VisionAMCOM: Provider of Choice. We will work to become themost efficient and effectiveprovider of Aviation,missile, and TMDE servicesand earn the business ofGovernment and Industry.What we are doing tosupport the Future Fight!Unclassified3

Command Priorities1. Support the Warfighter throughout theARFORGEN Cycle2. Enable, Support, and Improve Weapon SystemLife-Cycle Success, Including S&T3. Recruit, Develop, and Sustain a Top PerformingWorkforce4. Integrate Security Assistance into the ME5. Instill a Culture of Efficiency without SacrificingEffectiveness6. Leverage ME Relationships & Collaboration toDerive Measurable Benefit to the Warfighter7. Assure Technology Protection4Unclassified

Supporting the WarfighterUSATA (TMDE) Deployed TMDEteams providingcalibration supportto deployed forces Detachmentslocated worldwideRedstone Arsenal ARFORGEN Support Conducting AVN &MSL RESET Resourcing AVN &MSL EquipmentrequirementsLEAD Depot Support Providing MissileRESET, vehicleRESET programsOperation NewDawn/OperationEnduring Freedom Logistics AssistanceRepresentatives / ContractorField Service representativesand Liaison EngineersDeployed Supply Support ActivityoversightUnclassifiedCCAD Providing Crash BattleDamage repair,Rebuild andRecapitalization DEPOT Support &AVCRADACLC Providing aircraftmaintenance insupport of theFlight TrainingProgram5

“How” We Support the WarfighterLARsRESETDOLLMIFMXMELEFMSUnclassified6

G3 ARFORGEN Directorate Focus Area(Preparing our Combat Aviation Brigades for the “Warfight”)(Man, EQUIP, Train)Aviation EquippingPlatform PMs AircraftAH-64OH-58DUH-60/HH-60CH-47UAS Modifications PGSE TADSS New Equip Fldg/TngPM Avn Systems Aviation Mission Equip AGSE SKOTs Air Traffic Services Modifications New Equip Fldg/TngNon-Aviation: EquippingAFMD Aircraft Reset AGPU Reset UAS Reset ModificationsUSAMMAMES Chem AgtMES Gnd AmbMES Flt SurgMES TCMCMES Cbt MedicMES Air AmbRESET SVTCEquip ConfAvn Sync ConfMan, Equip, TrainCollaborationCAB Baseline SVTCDeployING CAB Cdr SVTCTSRC/RSRC (AST)RESET SVTCAvn Synch ConfDirect CoordinationXUnclassifiedAMCOMPEO MslTMDEIMMC (Readiness)BSTFLauncher TesterApache M299HFire Test SetHfire M36 TnrTACOMILSCCECOMPEO C3TSARETCBERTOCIEATLASForklift7.5T CraneC. CSTact Btl CmdCOMSECMFWSDCGS-AIMETSGBSADAM CellA2C2S/ABC2AFATADSJDOCSDAGRCASI VSATFBCB2/BFTRadiosECUATNAVICSGeneratorsSTAMIS7

Managing the MaterielLMI integrates materiel sourcing solutions IAW Army priorities to support integrated demand signalsLMIReadiness EnterpriseNewProductionFieldingDemand Signal IntegratorDemand SignalHigh Demand/LowDensityTPECOST PDTE CTAIntensively Managed Materiel APSNS-ETSSEDA ReUseLBECapability SetsRetrogradeDEPOT-RECAP/ResetTraining SetsArmy Priorities & Demand Signal Drives Equipment FlowManaged by a Lead Materiel IntegratorFMSDRMO90100TRADOCSchools80% FILL% TGeneratingForceOptimizing Resourcesto Enhance Readiness Unclassified0AMC LMI Chart – 11 April 2011SurgeForcMRXe SET0ResetAVAILABLE SETTRAININGEQUIPMENTSETTrain/Ready80% MTOEAvailable890-% AssignedMission

Adapting Field Level Maintenance404 theAFSB 7 FMX Sites Ft18LewisContractorsRock Island (DMC ) 122 Auth 7.6M4 GS70 Contractorsto transferFort Riley AFSBn14 ContractorsFt Carson AFSBnFt. 35M10 ContractorsFt Campbell LSE12 ContractorsLeeFt Sill LSEtools/equipment4 ContractorsRedstoneFtSillFt Huachuca LSEFt Benning2Contractors 101 Mil to Civ6 ContractFt HuachucaFt Bliss AFSBnFtBenningFt RuckerConversionsFt BlissEfficiencies GainedFt Drum LSEFt Eustis Better Training BaseEquipment ReadinessEquipment UpgradesFleet ModernizationNew Equipment FieldingFt Hood 407Overall Operational Readiness RatesSystemsFY 2002FY 2010Army *93%90%Pilot ProgramEst.Ft Rucker:assess AMCsolution tosupport thetraining fleet200220039FleetManagementInitiative (FMI)began toimprovereadiness andmeet training2004 318M Savings/Cost AvoidanceFY 05-11FMI Deemedsuccess – fullcontrol ACLC toAMCOMContractoversight TDAand Resources20052006UnclassifiedFMX OPCON:LCMCsassigned toTRADOC’sCenters ofExcellence20072008MOA signedTRADOC andAMC: transferfield levelmaintenance toAMCEnd State:Transfer theResources fromTRADOC to AMCHQDA approvedOct112009 2010 2011 201238

AMC-IMCOM DOL RealignmentAMCOM Alignment of AFMA-ALMD Aviation MissionFt LewisFt Lewis 404 theAFSB18 ContractorsAviation MaintenanceEnterprise ContractRock Island (DMC )Strategy470GSContractorsFt CarsonFt Carson AFSBn10 ContractorsFort Riley AFSBn14 Contractors FtRileyFt Sill LSE4 ContractorsFt Huachuca LSE2 ContractorsAFMA-ALMD Consolidation 9 AFMAs & 6 ALMDs CAB Pass Back, Reset,MWOs, LBE, Sustainment,Theater Supports 178 Army Civilians &Military Assigned 3500 Contractors 800M Annual ContractLabor & PartsMFR: OPCON ofME DOLFunctions(23 Jan 2007)2007OPCON MOA:31 CONUSInstallations(18 Mar 2008)200810Ft Drum LSEFtFtCampbellCampbell LSEFt Bragg12 ContractorsFt StewartFt BlissFt Bliss AFSBn Ft HoodAviation MaintenanceEnterprise ObjectivesFt Drum Establish Efficiencies and Common MetricsLeverage Full Enterprise CapabilitiesIncreased Quality Management & OversightReduced Redundancy & Increased SavingsCAB & Regional FocusedSupport to AC, ARNG, & USAR AviationFt Hood 407Efficiencies Potential Contract Overhead Reduction Facility Reduction Supply Stock Inventory Reduction Tooling Rebalance and ReductionMOU: RealignDOLS to MECompetencies(6 Mar 2009)2009UnclassifiedOPCON:CONUS DOLSto AMC(1 Oct 2010)2010OPCON:USAREURDOLS(1 Apr 2011)Korea DOLs(1 Jan 2011)2011End State:Transferfunds POM13-17(Goal)201238

Adapting the Industrial BaseCumulative FY03-FY10CCADLEADAFMD575 Aircraft Inducted559 Aircraft Completed1,902 Missile Programscompleted3,369 Rotary WingAircraft CompletedFY11 Workload Projections (as of 28 Mar 11)90 Aircraft44 completed as of3/28/11570 Missile Programs513 Total Aircraft252 Aircraft Completed115 Aircraft In Work146 Aircraft ScheduledUnclassified11

CBM Benefits/Status Enhanced Safety – Avoided 4 Class A (Major) Mishaps Decrease in Maintenance Cost & Soldier Burden Gains in Readiness/Combat PowerOver 1B CBM-equipped FleetsPotential SavingFY11-FY14 Lower Class IX Parts CostsParts Costs per FH (FY07-FY09)Platform (# BNs)Non-CBMUH-60 Black Hawk A/L (19) 2,823.89CBM 2,366.86Difference( 457)Difference-16.2%AH-64 Apache (18) 3,656.88 3,210.51( 446)-12.2%CH-47 Chinook (4) 4,189.14 3,230.72( 958)-22.9%Current CBM BenefitTotal Delta ( in Millions)FY09FY10Future*FY11FY12FY13FY14 131.8 207.0 214.1 258.0 288.4 298.1* 240 hours per year12Unclassified

What I Want to Leave You With1. Warfighter First2. Gaining efficiencies withoutlosing any effectiveness3. Lead Materiel Integration (LMI)Unclassified13

DRMO FMS 10 0 90 80 0 L 10 0 90 80 0 L Generating Force Reset Train/Ready Available Surg e Forc e BASELINE EQUIPMENT SET . Fort Riley AFSBn . Ft Bliss AFSBn Ft Hood 407 Ft Campbell LSE 12 Contractors Ft Drum LSE Rock Island (DMC ) 4 GS 70 Contractors Ft Huachuca LSE 2 Contractors Ft Bliss Ft Lewis s

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EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUPS Gleason Rogers, Venna Tredway, Allison McCaffrey Gleason Rogers Gleason R. Rogers is an experienced professional in Human Resources. Currently, he serves as the Director for Diversity and Inclusion at Tractor Supply Company. Rogers began his Human Resources career at United Parcel Service (UPS) as a Human Resources Trainer.

to the Rogers Facilities. Customer is entitled to port their number to another wireless service provider upon termination of a Line in accordance with the requirements, if any, of the CRTC and by paying any Early Cancellation Fees that may be owing to Rogers pursua

Being from Pittsburgh, there are two things I simply cannot do without risking my neck: 1. Root against the Steelers 2. Say anything contrary about Fred Rogers Well, I may be crazy, but at least I’m not a coward. You saw the title to this White Paper, and I meant it. Mr. Rogers was wrong.

teacher’s assistant at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica and as a part-time music teacher at Millikan High School in Long Beach. In 2001, he earned his current position teaching band, orchestra, and jazz at Rogers Middle School in Long Beach. While at Rogers, Mr. H

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Oct 02, 2019 · WWW.TRACTIONTX.COM Monitored Radio Airplay Oct 2nd, 2019 PAGE 2 L W T W Artist / Song Title / Label Spins -Stations Adds Wks On Chart 1 1 RANDY ROGERS BAND/I'll Never Get Over You/Tommy Jackson/Thirty Tigers 701 5 41 2 13 3 2 JON WOLFE/Some Ol' Bar In The 90s/Jon Wolfe Music 661 -10 36 1 19 2 3 CASEY DONAHEW/Let's Make A Love Song/Almost Country

earlier the Rogers's theoretical concept, which then had to be "re-discovered". 1 To indicate the direction that incorporated into the pedagogical contexts the ideas of humanistic psychology, especially Maslow and Rogers, can be used the term humanistic pedagogy [3]. However, this is not t

Dear Dr. Rogers: - RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Sherry Anne Rogers, M.D. 2800 West R. Marks, M.D., J.D. Executive Secretary December 16, 1999 CERTIFIED MAIL Ansel Bolan, R.P.A. Vice Chair Medical Conduct New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct 433 River Street, Suite 303 Troy, New York 12180-2299 l (518) 402-0863 William P. Dillon, M .

Sherry Rogers, RN, MSN, NEA-BC Aligning Forces for Quality- TCAB RFGH . (Dr. Michael Lambke, Medical Director) Aligning Forces for Quality- TCAB RFGH Thank you! Contact: 207-474-5121. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - Rogers How to Get Started.ppt [Compatibility Mode]

Lynne Mayer Sherry Rogers By Lynne Mayer Illustrated by Sherry Rogers Lynne Mayer is an adjunct instructor at Elgin Community College in Illinois. Her schedule . Thanks to Susan Holmes, Senior Museum Educator at the Franklin Institute; Dr. Sigmund Abeles, (CT); and Marilyn Cook, teacher and editor of Texas Council of Elementary Science's .

Rogers, Alice Glenn Memorial Rogers, Elvira Mount Calvary Rollins, Ted Suwanee Worship Center . Asst. to Pastor— Sherry Griffith (Ext. 110) Business Administrator— Betty Hopkins (Ext. 120) . Dr. Alice Rogers, (FE) Pastor Office: Ext.104 Home: 1221 Clifton Road N.E. Atlanta, GA 30307 .

grandchild, particularly for a grandchild with special needs." - Carl Rogers, a grateful granddad Carl Rogers' granddaughter, Charlotte "Charley" Swing, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at just 10 months old. To show their gratitude for the amazing care their granddaughter has received, the Carl Rogers

1.3. The Principles of Person- Centred Practice Carl Rogers developed the person-centred approach to therapy and first introduced his theory in 1940. Carl Rogers is often viewed as one of the most influential figures in revolutionising the direction of counselling practice. Rogers believed that there

5) THE CHARACTER THAT WE OUGHT TO MANIFEST (JAMES 5:17-18) a) In this passage, “Elias” literally means Elijah. i) James says that we can be like him. (1) We can manifest the same character that Elijah had because he was a man of like passions as we are. b) James references Elijah’s prayer recorded in the Old Testament.

Frank Dickson and team of Stu Benedict, John Rogers & John Stirk Wed., April 27 - Three players received skins. John Rogers, Ken Bumgarner, & Alan Haibach . Rosemary Sciabbarrasi May 24 Karen Kelley May 24 Sandy Buchanan May 26 Jerry Byrnes May 27 Duke VanDyke May 28 Diane DeGennaro May 28.

Macbeth: a tribute to King James I Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in 1606, during King James’ reign. King James was a devout advocate of the “Divine Right of Kings.” The setting is Scotland, King James’ homeland. Banquo was an ancestor of James and is shown in the play to be a virtuous person. James believed himself to be an expert on

Henry, dau (B) Henry, son (B) Henry Havelock (M) J 0, son (B) James (D) James (G W) James (M) James (R) James K (M) 391 478 177 79 82 165 87 457',489 606 421 358 441 616 456 303 530 517 430 592 Jane Benson (William) (D) Janet Brown (James) (D) Janet Patterson (Andrew) 29 6 10 160 ("D) 54 John (B) 183 John (D) John (M)

—James 3:1–12 128 20 A Life of Worship Sows Seeds of Peace—James 3:13—4:10 136 21 A Life of Worship Does Not Judge Others—James 4:11–12 143 22 A Life of Worship Knows God Is in Control—James 4:13–17 150 23 e Meeting at Never Happened 156 24 A Life of Worship Gives Resources to Others—James 5:1–6 161