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Bureau of Labor StatisticsOn behalf of the Standard Occupational Classification Policy Committee (SOCPC)February 2010 (Updated January 2013)Questions should be emailed to soc@bls.gov2010 SOC Code 2010 SOC Title2010 SOC Direct Match Title39-3011Gaming Dealers27-1014Multimedia Artists and Animators3D AnimatorElementary School Teachers, ExceptSpecial Education3rd Grade Reading Teacher25-202121 Dealer411 Directory Assistance Operator55-1015Telephone OperatorsFarm and Home ManagementAdvisorsElementary School Teachers, ExceptSpecial EducationMiddle School Teachers, ExceptSpecial and Career/TechnicalPolice, Fire, and AmbulanceDispatchersPolice, Fire, and AmbulanceDispatchersAircraft Mechanics and ServiceTechniciansCommand and Control CenterOfficers53-5011Sailors and Marine Oilers17-2041Chemical EngineersTitle Examiners, Abstractors, andSearchersTitle Examiners, Abstractors, andSearchersElectric Motor, Power Tool, andRelated RepairersAble SeamanAbsorption and 03143-503149-301123-209323-209349-2092x4-H Youth Development Specialist4th Grade Math Teacherx7th Grade Social Studies Teacherx911 Dispatcher911 OperatorA&P MechanicAadc Plans Staff OfficerAbstract SearcherAbstract WriterAC/DC RewinderAccompanist49-9063Musicians and SingersMusical Instrument Repairers andTuners13-2011Accountants and AuditorsAccount Auditor27-2042Illustrative ExampleAccordion Repairerx

13-2011Accountants and AuditorsAccountant25-1011Business Teachers, PostsecondaryAccounting Professor43-3011Bill and Account CollectorsFirst-Line Supervisors of Office andAdministrative Support WorkersBookkeeping, Accounting, andAuditing ClerksBookkeeping, Accounting, andAuditing ClerksAccounts CollectorAccredited Legal Secretary51-9011Legal SecretariesCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsGas Compressor and Gas PumpingStation OperatorsCleaning, Washing, and MetalPickling Equipment Operators andPump Operators, Except WellheadPumpersChemical Equipment Operators andTenders55-3017Radar and Sonar TechniciansAcoustic Intelligence Specialist55-3011Air Crew MembersAcoustic Sensor Operator47-2081Drywall and Ceiling Tile InstallersAcoustical Ceiling Installer25-4021Acquisitions Librarian27-2099LibrariansEntertainers and Performers, Sportsand Related Workers, All Other49-9096RiggersAcrobatic Riggerx39-9032Recreation WorkersActivities Aidex39-9032Recreation WorkersActivities Assistant39-6012ConciergesActivities Concierge39-9032Recreation WorkersActivities Coordinator39-9032Recreation WorkersActivities Leader27-2011ActorsActor Understudy27-2011ActorsActressx43-9111Statistical AssistantsActuarial 7151-919253-7072xAccounts Payable SupervisorAccounts Receivable AssistantAccounts Receivable ClerkxAcds Block 1 OperatorAcetylene Gas CompressorAcid DipperxAcid Pump OperatorAcid Purification EquipmentOperatorxxAcrobatx

15-2011ActuariesActuarial Associate15-2011ActuariesMathematical Science Teachers,PostsecondaryActuarial MathematicianxActuarial Science ProfessorxStatistical AssistantsHealth Diagnosing and TreatingPractitioners, All OtherActuary ClerkNurse PractitionersSubstance Abuse and BehavioralDisorder CounselorsAcute Care Nurse PractitionerAddiction CounselorxAddiction Psychiatristx21-1011PsychiatristsSubstance Abuse and BehavioralDisorder Counselors21-1093Social and Human Service Assistants Addictions Counselor Assistant43-9061Office Clerks, GeneralJudges, Magistrate Judges, andMagistratesAdministrative ClerkAdministrative Services ManagersInterviewers, Except Eligibility andLoanAdministrative Services ManagerBrickmasons and BlockmasonsHelpers--Brickmasons, Blockmasons,Stonemasons, and Tile and MarbleEducation Administrators,PostsecondaryAdult Basic and Secondary Educationand Literacy Teachers and InstructorsAdult Basic and Secondary Educationand Literacy Teachers and InstructorsAdult Basic and Secondary Educationand Literacy Teachers and InstructorsAdult Basic and Secondary Educationand Literacy Teachers and InstructorsAdobe 19AcupuncturistxAddiction TherapistxAdministrative Court JusticeAdmitting InterviewerxAdobe Layer HelperAdult Basic Education ManagerAdult Basic Studies TeacherAdult Education TeacherxAdult Literacy InstructorxAdult Literacy TeacherNurse PractitionersAdult Nurse PractitionerAdult Basic and Secondary Education Adult Remedial Educationand Literacy Teachers and Instructors InstructorAdvance Seal Delivery SystemSpecial ForcesMaintainerMilitary Officer Special and TacticalAdvanced ForeignOperations Leaders, All OtherCounterintelligence Officer (Afco)Military Enlisted Tactical OperationsAdvanced Foreignand Air/Weapons Specialists andCounterintelligence Specialist

Advanced Military SourceOperations Officer (Amsoo)Advanced Military SourceOperations Specialist (Amos)25-1072Military Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All OtherMilitary Enlisted Tactical Operationsand Air/Weapons Specialists andNursing Instructors and Teachers,Postsecondary55-1017Special Forces Officers55-3014Artillery and Missile Crew MembersAdvanced Seal Delivery SystemAdvanced Tomahawk WeaponControl System (Atwcs) An/Swg-441-3011Advertising Sales AgentsAdvertising Account Executive41-3011Advertising Sales AgentsAdvertising Agent27-3043Writers and AuthorsAdvertising Copy Writer27-3043Writers and AuthorsAdvertising Copywriter11-2011Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Directorx27-3041Editorsx11-2011Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Executive11-2011Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Manager27-4021PhotographersAdvertising Photographer41-3011Advertising Solicitor55-3015Advertising Sales AgentsCommand and Control CenterOfficersTitle Examiners, Abstractors, andSearchersCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsCommand and Control CenterSpecialists53-2012Commercial PilotsAerial Crop Duster55-3011Aerial Gunner55-2012Air Crew MembersFirst-Line Supervisors of WeaponsSpecialists/Crew Members53-2012Commercial PilotsAerial Hurricane Hunter27-4021PhotographersAerial Photographer53-2012Commercial PilotsEntertainers and Performers, Sportsand Related Workers, All OtherAerial dvanced Nursing ProfessorAdvertising EditorxxxxAdvisor To Command In CombatAdvisory Title OfficerAegis Console Operator Track 3Aegis Operations SpecialistAerial Gunner, SuperintendentAerialistx

39-9031Fitness Trainers and AerobicsInstructorsAerobics Instructor17-2011Aerospace EngineersAerodynamics Engineer25-1054Physics Teachers, PostsecondaryAerodynamics Professor17-3013Mechanical DraftersAeronautical Drafterx17-2011Aerospace EngineersAeronautical Engineerx25-1032Aeronautical Engineering ProfessorAerospace Control And WarningSystemsAerospace Control And WarningSystems SuperintendentAerospace Control And WarningSystems, Manuel SystemsAerospace Control And WarningSystems, Sector OperationsAerospace Control And WarningSystems, Theater Air ControlAerospace Control And WarningSystems, Weapons Directorx55-3015Engineering Teachers, PostsecondaryCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsFirst-Line Supervisors of All OtherTactical Operations SpecialistsCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsCommand and Control CenterSpecialists17-2011Aerospace Engineers41-9031Sales EngineersFirst-Line Supervisors of All OtherTactical Operations SpecialistsAerospace EngineerAerospace Products -2013Afloat Cryptologic ManagerHistory Teachers, PostsecondaryArea, Ethnic, and Cultural StudiesTeachers, PostsecondaryAfrican History ProfessorLawyersFarm and Home ManagementAdvisorsAgency Legal CounselAgricultural Chemist11-9013ChemistsFarmers, Ranchers, and OtherAgricultural Managers25-1063Economics Teachers, Postsecondary Agricultural Economics Professor19-3011EconomistsAgricultural Economist17-2021Agricultural EngineersEngineering Technicians, ExceptDrafters, All OtherFarm Equipment Mechanics andService TechniciansAgricultural EngineerAgricultural 19-203117-302949-3041xxAfrican Studies ProfessorAgricultural AgentAgricultural Crop Farm ManagerAgricultural Equipment Mechanicxx

25-9021Farm and Home ManagementAdvisorsAgricultural Extension Educator53-2012Commercial PilotsAgricultural Pilot17-2021Agricultural EngineersAgricultural Production Engineer41-9022Real Estate Sales AgentsAgricultural Real Estate Agent11-9121Natural Sciences ManagersAgricultural Research Directorx17-2021Agricultural Research EngineerAgricultural Soil ConservationProfessorx19-4011Agricultural EngineersAgricultural Sciences Teachers,PostsecondaryAgricultural and Food ScienceTechnicians19-1013Soil and Plant l and Plant ScientistsAgricultural Sciences Teachers,PostsecondaryAgricultural and Food ScienceTechnicians21-1019Counselors, All OtherAIDS Counselor21-1022Health Care Social WorkersAIDS Social Worker53-2012Commercial PilotsEnvironmental EngineeringTechniciansAir Ambulance CaptainAir Analysis EngineeringTechnicianAir And Missile Defense (AMD)Crewmember25-104125-104117-3025xxAgriculture TechnicianAgronomy ProfessorxAgronomy Technicianx55-1019Artillery and Missile Crew MembersMilitary Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All Other51-2099Assemblers and Fabricators, All Other Air Bag Builderx55-1011Air Battle Managerx55-1019Air Crew OfficersCommand and Control CenterOfficersMilitary Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All Other53-1011Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors53-1011Aircraft Cargo Handling SupervisorsAir Cargo Ground Crew SupervisorAir Cargo Ground OperationsSupervisor53-1011Aircraft Cargo Handling SupervisorsHeating, Air Conditioning, andRefrigeration Mechanics andAir Cargo SupervisorAir Conditioning ServiceTechnician55-301455-101549-9021xAir Antisubmarine OfficerAir Battle ManagerAir Boatswainxx

47-221155-301555-1015Sheet Metal WorkersCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsCommand and Control CenterOfficersAir Conditioning Sheet MetalInstallerAir Control Electronics OperatorAir Control/Anti-Air Warfare OfficerArtillery and Missile OfficersFirst-Line Supervisors of WeaponsSpecialists/Crew MembersCommand and Control CenterSpecialistsCommand and Control CenterOfficersAir Defense Artillery OfficerAir Defense Artillery SeniorSergeantAir Defense Command, Control,Communications, Computers AndConstruction LaborersMilitary Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All OtherAir Hammer OperatorAir Intercept Controller55-2013Radar and Sonar TechniciansCommand and Control CenterOfficersMilitary Enlisted Tactical Operationsand Air/Weapons Specialists andCommand and Control CenterOfficersFirst-Line Supervisors of All OtherTactical Operations Specialists13-1041Compliance OfficersAir Pollution Compliance Inspector17-2081Air Pollution Control Engineer55-3019Environmental EngineersEnvironmental Science and ProtectionTechnicians, Including HealthCommand and Control CenterOfficersMilitary Enlisted Tactical Operationsand Air/Weapons Specialists and53-2012Commercial PilotsAir Tour Pilot53-2021Air Traffic ControllersAir Traffic Control Operator53-2021Air Traffic ControllersAir Traffic Control Specialist53-2021Air Traffic ControllersAir Traffic Controller53-2021Air Traffic Coordinator49-9012Air Traffic ControllersControl and Valve Installers andRepairers, Except Mechanical DoorAir Valve Mechanicx55-3011Air Crew MembersAirborne And Air Delivery 01955-301755-101555-301955-101519-409155-1015xxAir Defense Control OfficerxAir Intelligence OfficerAir Intercept Controller SupervisorAir Launch Weapons TechnicianAir Liaison And Special StaffAir Operations ManagerAir Quality TechnicianAir Support Control OfficerAir Support Operations Operatorx

55-3011Air Crew Members55-3011Air Crew MembersAirborne Battle ManagementSystems, Weapons DirectorAirborne Mine Countermeasures(Amcm) Aircrewman55-301155-2011Air Crew MembersFirst-Line Supervisors of Air CrewMembersAirborne Mission SystemsAirborne Mission SystemsSuperintendent55-3011Air Crew MembersAirborne Missions Systems55-3011Air Crew MembersFirst-Line Supervisors of Air CrewMembersFirst-Line Supervisors of Air CrewMembersAirborne Operationsx55-2012Air Crew MembersFirst-Line Supervisors of WeaponsSpecialists/Crew MembersAirborne Operations ManagerAirborne OperationsSuperintendentAirborne Radio Operator/In-FlightRefueling Observer/LoadmasterAirborne Weapons TechnicalManager49-2091Avionics TechniciansAircraft Armament Mechanic53-7061Aircraft Cleanerx51-2011Cleaners of Vehicles and EquipmentAircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblersAircraft De-Icer Installerx17-2011Aerospace EngineersAircraft Design Engineerx17-2011Aerospace EngineersAircraft Designer49-2091Avionics TechniciansEngine and Other MachineAssemblersAircraft Mechanics and ServiceTechniciansAircraft Mechanics and ServiceTechniciansAircraft ElectricianAircraft Engineer51-2011Aerospace EngineersAircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblersAircraft Fuselage Framerx53-6051Transportation InspectorsAircraft Inspectorx49-2091Avionics TechniciansAircraft Instrument Mechanicx53-6051Transportation InspectorsAircraft Launch and RecoverySpecialistsAircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblerAircraft Landing Gear InspectorAircraft Launch And RecoveryEquipment 301117-201155-301251-2011xAircraft Engine AssemblerAircraft Engine MechanicAircraft Engine SpecialistAircraft Layout Workerx

Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblersAircraft Line AssemblerAircraft Cargo Handling SupervisorsFirst-Line Supervisors of Air CrewMembersAircraft LoadmasterAircraft LoadmasterSuperintendentPainters, Transportation EquipmentAircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblersCamera and Photographic EquipmentRepairersAircraft PainterxAircraft Part AssemblerAircraft Photographic EquipmentRepairerxTransportation InspectorsAircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblersAircraft Quality Control InspectorAircraft RiveterxUpholsterersAircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging,and Systems AssemblersAircraft Seat UpholstererxAir Crew OfficersAircraft Mechanics and ServiceTechniciansAircraft Mechanics and ServiceTechniciansAirline Pilots, Copilots, and FlightEngineersAirdrop Systems TechnicianAirframe and Power PlantMechanicxAirframe MechanicxAirline CaptainxFlight AttendantsAirline Pilots, Copilots, and FlightEngineersAirline Pilots, Copilots, and FlightEngineersAirline Pilots, Copilots, and FlightEngineersAirline Pilots, Copilots, and FlightEngineersAirline Flight AttendantxAirline Radio Operator53-2011Radio OperatorsReservation and Transportation TicketAgents and Travel ClerksReservation and Transportation TicketAgents and Travel ClerksReservation and Transportation TicketAgents and Travel ClerksAirline Pilots, Copilots, and FlightEngineers55-3011Air Crew MembersAirman41-2021Counter and Rental ClerksAirplane Charter 8143-418143-4181Aircraft Sheet Metal MechanicAirline PilotAirline Pilot Flight InstructorAirline Pilot In CommandxAirline Pilot Second In CommandAirline Reservation AgentAirline ReservationistAirline Ticket AgentAirline Transport Pilotx

43-5032Dispatchers, Except Police, Fire, andAmbulanceAirplane Dispatch Clerk49-2091Avionics TechniciansAirplane Electrician53-2031Flight AttendantsAirplane Flight Attendantx53-6099Transportation Workers, All OtherAircraft Mechanics and ServiceTechniciansAirplane RefuelerxAirport Baggage Screener11-3071Transportation Security ScreenersTransportation, Storage, andDistribution Managers53-1011Aircraft Cargo Handling SupervisorsAirport Ramp Supervisorx33-9093Transportation Security ScreenersAirport Security Screenerx53-2021Air Traffic ControllersAirport Tower Controller51-4071Foundry Mold and CoremakersAirset Caster51-4071Foundry Mold and CoremakersAirset Molder53-6051Transportation InspectorsSecurity and Fire Alarm SystemsInstallersSecurity and Fire Alarm SystemsInstallersSubstance Abuse and BehavioralDisorder CounselorsAirworthiness Safety InspectorAlcohol and Drug CounselorxAlgebraistx55-1019MathematiciansMilitary Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All OtherMilitary Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All Other27-2021Athletes and Sports CompetitorsAll Terrain Vehicle Racer49-3052Motorcycle MechanicsAll Terrain Vehicle Technician45-3021Hunters and TrappersAlligator Hunter51-3092Food BatchmakersMolders, Shapers, and Casters,Except Metal and PlasticTailors, Dressmakers, and CustomSewersTailors, Dressmakers, and CustomSewersAlmond Paste 101951-919551-605251-6052Airplane RiggerxAirport ManagerxAlarm AdjusterAlarm TechnicianAll Source IntelligenceAll Source Intelligence TechnicianxAlmond Paste MolderAlterations SewerAlterations Tailorx

Arbitrators, Mediators, andConciliatorsAerospace Engineering andOperations TechniciansMolding, Coremaking, and CastingMachine Setters, Operators, andGrinding, Lapping, Polishing, andBuffing Machine Tool Setters,Construction and Related Workers,All OtherAlternative Dispute ResolutionCoordinatorAluminum Pourer29-2041Pourers and Casters, MetalWelders, Cutters, Solderers, andBrazersSecretaries and AdministrativeAssistants, Except Legal, Medical,Ambulance Drivers and Attendants,Except Emergency MedicalPolice, Fire, and AmbulanceDispatchersEmergency Medical Technicians andParamedics29-2091Orthotists and ProsthetistsAmerican Board Certified Orthotist25-1125History Teachers, Postsecondary27-3091Interpreters and TranslatorsCooling and Freezing EquipmentOperators and TendersAmerican History ProfessorAmerican Sign 091Artillery and Missile OfficersMilitary Officer Special and TacticalOperations Leaders, All OtherInspectors, Testers, Sorters,Samplers, and WeighersEntertainers and Performers, Sportsand Related Workers, All OtherAmusement and RecreationAttendants55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-101455-101951-906127-2099xAltitude Chamber TechnicianAluminum Molding MachineOperatorxAluminum PolisherxAluminum Pool InstallerxxAluminum WelderAlumni SecretaryAmbulance AttendantAmbulance DispatcherAmbulance Driver-ParamedicAmmonia Refrigeration WorkerAmmunition OfficerAmphibious Operations OfficerAmpoule ExaminerAmusement Park EntertainerAmusement Park WorkerAn/Bqq-6 Trident Level IiJourneyman Operation AndAn/Bsy-1 (Xn-1)(V) AdvancedOrganizational MaintenanceAn/Bsy-1 (Xn-1)(V) BasicOrganizational MaintenanceAn/Bsy-1 And An/Bqq-5eCombined Retained EquipmentAn/Slq-48(V) Mine NeutralizationSystems (Mns)An/Sqq-30 MineClassifying/Detecting Setxx

55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technicians55-3017Radar and Sonar Technici

Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary Actuarial Science Professor x 43-9111 Statistical Assistants Actuary Clerk 29-1199 . 11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Director x 27-3041 Editors Advertising Editor x 11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Executive x

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§102-10 LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT May 2006 New York State Department of Transportation Page 1 Contract Administration Manual I. LABOR LAW REQUIREMENTS NYS Labor Law, Section 220, Hours, Wages and Supplements, contains several provisions that requires NYSDOT to develop procedures to administer or ensure compliance with the Labor Law.

Manual labor. Bureau of Labor & Statistics ‐2013 . Bureau of Labor & Statistics – 2013 Average # of days off work before RTW –11 days Treatment –Cost Effective & Time Limited. Shoulders 13% Common Shoulder Conditions . Dupuytren’s disease Carpal tunnel syndrome & carpal tunnel release

Opportunity’s Bureau of Labor Market Statistics as part of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics survey. The table below presents the 2020 FPLI, along with the 2019 and 2018 indices. 1 County 2020 2019 2018 County 2020 2019 2018 Alachua 97.12 97.45 97.51 Lake 97.46 97.80 97.52

Statistics Student Version can do all of the statistics in this book. IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack includes the SPSS Base modules as well as advanced statistics, which enable you to do all the statistics in this book plus those in our IBM SPSS for Intermediate Statistics book (Leech et al., in press) and many others. Goals of This Book

The three major labor relations statutes in the United States are the Railway Labor Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute. Each law governs a distinct population of the U.S. workforce. The Railway Labor Act (RLA) was enacted in 1926, and its coverage extends to railway and

31E00700 Labor Economics: Lecture 4 Matti Sarvimäki 8 Nov 2012. IntroductionShrt-RunoLong-RunDoes Wrk-Shaoring Wrk?o First Part of the Course: Outline 1 Supply of labor 1 static labor supply: basics 2 static labor supply: bene ts and taxes 3 intertemporal labor supply 2 File Size: 1MB

Labor Code § 245 and § 246; Reimbursement of Necessary Expenditures Under Labor Code § 2802; Failure to Comply with Labor Code § 2751; Violation of Labor Code §226(a); Failure to Keep Required Payroll Records Under Labor Code §§ 1174 and 1174.5; Penalties Pursuant to Labor Code § 203; Violation of

Alternative interpretation NOTE: We can also use the same model and interpret "capital" and "land" as fixed labor: Capital: equivalent to Labor that is stuck in manufacturing Land: equivalent to Labor that is stuck in Agriculture Labor: Labor that is mobile across industries Three types of labor depending on its mobility

Employee Benefits in the United States, March 2021 U.S. Department of Labor Martin J. Walsh, Secretary U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics William W. Beach, Commissioner September 2021 Contents Overview Civilian tables Private industry tables State and local government tables Technical note Appendix table 1: Survey establishment response

Prepared in Cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity 2020 Cochise County(Sierra-Vista Douglas MSA) JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Civilian Labor Force 51,901 52,169 52,093 50,443 51,250 50,825 51,701 50,003 52,305 52,130 51,669 51,269

8 —U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS bls.gov Shared Data Census Data free of Title 26 Restrictions For multi-location companies –Business name and address –State, county, and place geocodes –EIN –NAICS code –NAICS Source Code 2007 March Employment 2007 Annual Payroll 2012 Economic Cens

U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS Career Outlook . 10. highest paying occupations in the tables—construction managers, cost estimators, and civil engineers—typically require a bachelor's degree for entry. For more information. Find detailed information about entry requirements, job outlook, and more for these occupations—and hundreds of

contributions to the US landscape maintenance labor force and the US population. Labor force statistics were sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2013 reports ( www.bls.oes ) and population data from the 2011 US Census. Nonroad Air Emissions Model EPA developed a nonroad air emissions model in the 1990s to provide estimates of emissions

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics survey, June 05, 2020. Shaded area represents recession as denoted by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Most recent 2 months of data are preliminary. * denotes significance. January 2002–May 2020. Seasonally adjusted, in thousands. Current

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics The Organization The Kenya National Bureau of S tatistics comprises of six Directorates namely; Production Statistics Macroeconomic Statistics Strategy and Development Finance and Administration Population and Social Statistics Information and Communication Technology Teamwork

as economic statistics, education statistics and health statistics, to name a few. Having timely, valid, reliable, and comparable labour statistics is crucial to inform policy formulation, implementation and evaluation, labour market research and goal setting and monitoring. Such labour statistics can be derived from a number of different types of

Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, 2012 1 vol. (various paging) Previous title: South African Statistics 1995 Suid-Afrikaanse Statistieke 1995 Title continues in English only ISBN: 978-0-621-40949-9 1. Population Statistics 2. Tourist trade 3. Vital statistics 4. Education South Africa Statistics 5. Labour Statistics 6. Prices 7. South Africa .

San Joaquin Delta College MATH 12: Introduction to Statistics and Probability Theory (3) San Jose City College MATH 63: Elementary Statistics (3) San Jose State University STAT 095: Elementary Statistics (3) STAT 115a: Elementary Statistics (3) STAT 115B: Intermediate Statistics (3) Santa Barbara City College

3) Industry, Tourism, Investment Statistics 4) Agricultural and Rural Sector 5) External Trade 6) Demographic and Population Statistics 7) Social and labour Statistics 8) Civil Registration and Vital Statistics 9) Health Statistics 10) Education Statistics 11) Energy

1 Chapter 1 The Role of Statistics and the Data Analysis Process 1.1 Descriptive statistics is the branch of statistics that involves the organization and summary of the values in a data set. Inferential statistics is the branch of statistics concerned with reaching conclusions about a population based on the information provided by a sample.