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2018 Winners, Gareth James / Steffan EvansJasper’s Bakeries AGBO Historic StagesWeston Park, 16 March 2019HRCR Old Stager, HRCR Stage Masters & HRCR Minisport MINI CupWAMC Welsh Historic Stage Rally Championship

ORGANISERS WELCOMEWelcome to the 2nd running of the AGBO Historic Stages Rally at Weston Park. We would like to thankour sponsor Mark Jasper of “Jaspers Bakeries” for his valued support for the first time. OMC arepleased to announce that the Historic event will be part of the 2019 HRCR Old Stager, HRCR Masters,HRCR Minisport Mini Cup & AWMC Welsh Historic Stage Rally Championships also open to other carsconforming to MSA R49.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSMSA StewardMotor Sports AssociationWeston Park Enterprises LtdEvent Sponsor Jaspers BakeriesCRH Commercial Driver Training, Footprint.Clerk of the CourseLord Bradford EstatesStoke RescueRally Gallery PhotographyEvent SignsMAD VideoCrossrigg RecoveryStuart Craddock (Weston Park Est. Mgr.)Our CaterersAll Officials & Marshals.Members of Owen Motoring Club2018“ AGBO Historic Stages”Gareth James and Stefan Evans (Ford ous “AGBO STAGES RALLY” WinnersOliver Davies and Ben Innes (Ford Escort)Oliver Davies and Ben Innes (Ford Escort)Paul Evans & Steve Turner (Ford Escort)Oliver & Ben Davies (Ford EscortOliver & Ben Davies (Ford Escort)Roger Moran & Joy Hoyle (Ford Escort)Oliver & Ben Davies (Ford Escort)Oliver & Ben Davies (Ford Escort)Andy Corner and Ade Camp (Peugeot 205)Huw James and Jules ‘Barney’ Deakin (Ford Escort)Huw James and Jules ‘Barney’ Deakin (Ford Escort)Huw James and Andrew Edwards (Ford Escort)Gary Thomas and Simon Bevan (Ford Escort)Oliver & Ben Davies (Ford Escort)Gary Thomas and Alan Lloyd (Ford Escort)Martin Kenny and Dave Stocking (Ford Escort)Simon Jukes and John Caine (Darrian)Damian Cole and LL.Jones Edwards (Darrian)Rory Galligan and Jonty Bolsover (Peugeot 106) 2 day event, Peugeot 106 Cup.David and Jayne Auden (Escort Cosworth)Nick Beddoes and Andrew Allen (Ford Escort)Mark Jasper and Guy Foster (Sierra Cosworth) Our Event Sponsor.

SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS1. AnnouncementOwen Motoring Club Ltd will organise a National B permit multi-use stage rally on Saturday 16 March2019 at Weston Park, Shropshire (map ref. 127/808108) The event will be known as “The Jasper’sBakeries AGBO Historic Stages”2. JurisdictionThe meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd(incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA). These supplementaryregulations and any further written regulations that the organising club may issue for the event.3. AuthorisationMotorsport UK National B permit number TBC. The DOE authorisation number will be advised in finalinstructions, all permits and insurance cover documents will be displayed on the official notice board atsigning on.4. EligibilityAny DRIVER or CO DRIVER who enters THE AGBO HISTORIC STAGES Rally on Saturday 16thMarch 2019, will NOT be allowed to enter the AGBO Stages Rally on Sunday 17th March 2019.The event is open to:All fully elected members of Owen Motoring Club.Registered contenders in the HRCR “Old Stager”, “Stage Masters” or “Minisport Mini Cup”Registered contenders in the WAMC Welsh Historic Rally Stage Championship.Member clubs in the Association of West Midland Motor Clubs, Incl. BTRDA & RAF MSAMember clubs in the Association of North West Car Clubs.Member clubs in the Association of Welsh Motor ClubsAt signing on all competitors must produce Entrants Licence where applicable, a valid 2019 CompetitionLicence, club membership card, Insurance documents and if applicable, championship registration card.5. ChampionshipsThe event is a qualifying round of the following championships: HRCR 2019 “Old Stager”, “Stage Masters”, “Minisport Mini Cup” Rally Championships. WAMC Welsh Historic Stage Rally Championship. Owen Motoring Club Stage Rally Championship, for driver & co driver. (OMC Club Championship decals must appear on both sides of the car)6. Event TimetableJan 13. Entries Open 9amMar 9 Entries Close 6pmMar 15 11.00am to 3.30pm Noise, scrutineering & signing on [Pre booked only] at Weston Park inevent service area.Mar 16 05.00am Venue opens05.30am Noise test, scrutineering, signing on open, locations advised in final instructions. Anycompetitor not scrutineered and signed on 45 minutes before their due start time maybe excluded and their place offered to a reserve entry.7.15am Competitors trailers MUST be in trailer park.7.45am Drivers Brief, Rally HQ8.12am Car 1 due at MC116.30pm Approx. Car 1 due at MC2 finish control.17.30pm Approx. Presentation at HQ in Service Area.

7. ClassesThe event will consist of 4 classes for 2 wheel drive cars only, as follows:Class A – Cars up to and including 1400 cc.Class B – Cars 1401 cc and up to 1600 cc.Class C – Cars 1601 cc and up to 2000 cc.Class D – Cars over 2000 cc.The MSA Technical Regulations for Historic Rally cars to Blue Book R49 must be complied with,If entered for any of the Championship rounds listed in Section 5, cars must also comply with anychampionship rules.Four wheel drive cars are NOT eligible due to restrictions imposed by the land owners. Cars with forcedinduction will move up to the next higher capacity class. Cars with more than two valves per cylinder orwith more than one camshaft per bank of cylinders will run in the class applicable to their enginecapacity.8. AwardsAwards will be presented as follows:1st overall – Awards to driver and co driver.2nd overall – Awards to driver and co driver.3rd overall – Awards to driver and co driver.HRCR Minisport Mini Cup First O/all finisher, awards to driver and co driverHRCR Old Stager First O/all finisher, awards to driver and co driver.HRCR Stage Masters First O/all finisher, awards to driver and co driver.WAMC Historic Champ, First O/all finisher, awards to driver and co driver9. EntriesThe entry fee for the event will be 265.Entries will open on Sunday 13th January 2019, 9am and will close finally at midday on Saturday 9thMarch 2019. All entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis, allocated by the time of entrysubject to the entry fee being received within 48 hours. This will be strictly enforced due to previous highdemand for entries on AGBO Rallies. There will be a number of places saved for one week (until20.01.19) for registered championship contenders: 35 for HRCR competitors and 15 for WAMCcompetitors.IN ALL CASES, ONLY COMPLETED ONLINE ENTRY FORMS will be accepted & MUST CONTAINDRIVER & CAR DETAILS IN FULL OMC retains the right to refuse any entry. No change of car ordriver will be considered after the closing date for entries, this will be considered a withdrawn entry. Anydetails missing from your entry form must also be received by 09/03/19 or your entry will berejected and replaced by a reserve in compliance.The maximum entry for the event is 60 plus reserves, the minimum being 50. Should the minimum entryfor the event not be reached, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event.Payment can be made via electronic bank transfer only and must be within 48 hours of placingyour entry online. OMC Bank Details can be found at the bottom of the online entry form.Rally Entries can be made at www.rallies.info [Opening on Jan 13 @ 9.00am]Entrants will not get confirmation of entry until payment and a completed entry form are receivedEntries will not be accepted by telephone or e mail.Entries withdrawn in writing or e-mail before the closing date (09.03.19) will be refunded less 15 admincharge. Entries withdrawn after this date may be part refunded at the organiser’s discretion (dependenton the event having sufficient reserve entries to accept the vacated places).Prior to the event an unseeded entry list will appear via a link on www.agborally.uk

Start numbers will be allocated on the basis of seeding information given on the entry form, and theresults of previous AGBO rallies, which will be checked. The organisers reserve the right to alter therunning order during the event if deemed necessary. We require your best tarmac event results.Drivers results only. (DO NOT include Road Rally Results).The Entries Secretary, to whom enquiries can be made is:Clare Bird38 Chestnut DriveErdingtonWest MidlandsB24 0DPTel: 0121 218 2332 / 07837 212015 (text or call, please leave a message we will get back to you)E-mail: AGBOstagesrally@hotmail.co.uk10. OfficialsMSA StewardMSA Safety DelegateClerk of the CourseJoint Clerk of the CourseSecretary of the EventEntries SecChief MarshalService Area ManagementSafety OfficerSpectator Safety OfficerChief ScrutineersNoise ScrutineerChief TimekeeperEquipment OfficerRadio ControllerResultsEvent StewardsCompetitor LiaisonDSO sTBATBADan ListerRay SmithClare BirdClare BirdDavid AllmanGeoff AllmanSimon WhittickSimon JamesPaul Loveridge, Kevin BaldwinKevin BaldwinGary Nicholls, MCS rally resultsBarri WilmotClive ChinnickGary Nicholls, MCS rally resultsMike SonesPaul Langford, Roger Tolley, Robert Cotterell, Linda Vaughn11. ResultsA live results service will be in operation by Gary Nicholls of Vola Racing. Results will be available onlineand also via a screen display at the signing on hut. Final results will be published at the venue as soonas possible after completion of the last stage. Any protests must be made in accordance with SectionC5 & C6.12. Event FormatFinal Instructions will be sent to the person nominated on the entry form on Saturday March 9th, thefinals will carry the same force as these regulations.The event will contain 10 special stages totalling approximately 30 miles on 100% tarmac roads. AllStage starts will utilise the traffic light start system and will be at 30 second intervals. Detected jumpstarts will be penalised. The route will contain link sections on the public highway and there will be oneservice area within Weston Park.Maximum permitted penalty free lateness will be 5 minutes between MC1 & MC2Competitors will be supplied with Stage Diagrams and Time Cards at signing on. These documents willprovide competitors with the necessary information to comply with Section R26 & R33.The stages will be timed to an accuracy of less than one minute using the Target Timing system

as defined in Section R31 & R32 of the Motorsport UK year book, with the following amendments:Delete R32.3 to R32.13 All road link section times will appear on the time cards.All stage bogey times are set at 75 mph.Competitors will be required to visit the following Time Controls in event order: Main TimeControls (MC), Special Stage Arrival Time Controls (SSA), Special Stage Start Controls (SSS), andSpecial Stage Finish Controls (SSF). Passage Controls (PC) will also be established for the collection oftime cards, or to issue further instructions additional to the existing Route Maps or SR s.Main Control (MC) - At start and finish.Special Stage Arrival Controls (SSA)On arrival at an SSA competitors will receive an arrival time only when the crew is ready to start thestage (i.e Helmet & FHR on, seat belts fastened etc.). A competitor who is early may wait outside thecontrol area for his/her due time. Once a time has been given he/she must proceed to the stage startimmediately.Special Stage Start Control (SSS)At an SSS competitors will be given a start time in hours, minutes and seconds.Once a competitor has booked into the control the start marshal will assume that the competitor is readyto start the stage and will issue a start time. When the start line is clear, the marshal will inform thecompetitor that he is due to start the stage. At 15 seconds prior to start, the crew will also be advisedthat the “traffic light start system” has taken over the start procedure; the car will start the stage on thegreen light. A 60 second penalty will be applied for any jump start; a jump start detector beam willbe in place at all stage starts.As each section is timed separately, the time taken between the SSA and SSS is dead time and delaysare automatically allowed for. The area between SSA and SSS will be treated as Parc Ferme.R32.2d will apply at all stage starts.[Chart Page 334 Motorsport UK Blue Book 2019]Special Stage Finish Control (SSF)At a SSF competitors will be given a finish time, recorded at the flying finish line, in hours, minutes andseconds. This time, ignoring the seconds, will be the start time for the link section to the next MC orSSA, and will enable the competitor to calculate his/her due time at that next MC or SSA. Anycompetitor who fails to stop at the SSF stop line must not, under penalty of exclusion, reverse back tothe control, but must return on foot.Once a competitor has accepted a time no further claims will be considered. Any correction oramendment to a Time Card without official approval will result in exclusion from the event. It is thecompetitor’s responsibility to hand in each time card at the passage check after every stage finish.Competitors stage times will be checked throughout the day by the results team via print outsfrom the stage finish clocks.13. IdentificationCompetitors will be identified by competition numbers complying with J4 these numbers must besupplied by the competitor and be in position prior to noise / scrutineering. All identification must beremoved at the end of the event, or immediately following retirement.REAR rally plate and event sponsor door headers for rear side windows will be supplied by OMC atsigning on, fitting of all will be mandatory.Rally Marketing will be present at the venue to purchase numbers and other rally essentials.14. PenaltiesPenalties will be as detailed in chart R32.2 - delete f ii, h, j, (dd) (Page 334) of the Motorsport UK 2019Year Book, except where modified as below:Time under target (Early Arrival) on a link section – 60 second penalty applied per minute or part minute.Time taken over allotted link target time is counted towards maximum lateness (5 minutes max) nofurther penalty applied.

SSS Jump Start – 60 seconds penalty applied per offence.Exclusion. Failure to follow instructions of an event official, Judge of fact or DSO.Exclusion. Breach of R32.2q Reconnaissance at any time.Exclusion. Excessive noise in service area prior to 7.30am STRICT ENFORCEMENT.Exclusion. Service crew behaviour.Exclusion. Misuse of SOS / OK boardExclusion. Deliberate or persistent route cutting in chicanes.Exclusion. R25.9.1 use of pace notes.Exclusion. R24.9.1 Will strictly apply re excessive noise issues. (Persistent backfiring)15. Safety.Warning triangle and SOS / OK boards must be carried and used in the event of an incident in accordancewith R25.4.to R25.4.9 The “RED FLAG” procedure will operate on this event 24.4.5 & 25.6.4 a map of redflag location posts will be included with your road book.A first aid kit is advisory and a small spill kit R46.1.5 must be carried. All persons participating in thisevent shall take reasonable care with health and safety issues. A health and safety advice sheet will beissued with your document pack, please make sure all members of your team read this.16. RetirementsCompetitors that miss a Stage and wish to re-join the event, should obtain permission from theClerk of the Course and report to the Rally HQ for a new start time. There will be a time penalty of 30minutes per stage, or MTC/TC missed. Any car wishing to re-join must be re-scrutineered beforecontinuing.17. Clerk of the Course / Judges of Fact / DSOA list of named “Judges of Fact” and their roles on the event will be posted on the official notice boardprior to the start of the event. The Clerks of the course will be deemed as stage commanders for everystage. A number of Driving Standards Officers will be present on road sections.18. InsuranceThe Club have applied to REIS insurance for a blanket cover Note under the Motor Sports ClubScheme. This will provide competitors who need to use the scheme with the Third Party covernecessary to meet RTA requirements on the road sections of the event.The basic rate for the event (before any loadings) is 22.00Applicants wishing to use the Scheme must be able to comply with all points of the “REIS” declaration: Over 19 and held a full licence for at least 6 months. Has had 2 or less fault claims in the last three years. Has less than 9 points on licence. No physical or mental disabilities. If able to comply with all the points above simply sign the “REIS” Signing On form for Insurance on theday, include your insurance payment 22.00 with your entry. No letter of acceptance will be issued.If unable to comply with any of the above points YOU MUST contact REIS prior to the event (0115 9651040, ask for Lyndsey Farmer), allow sufficient time for a letter of acceptance to be issued, and expectto pay an excess. Faxed copies of acceptance forms are acceptable at signing on.Your Insurance , if not through the above scheme will be inspected at signing on – please makesure you bring this to the event and it is IN DATE.

19. Damage declarationCompetitors must complete the Damage Declaration form in accordance with R40.1.3 & R40.1.4Competitors who retire are reminded that failure to submit this to the Secretary of the Event within 72hours of the finish will incur a fine of up to 100 and be reported to the MSA. Any damage to parkproperty caused by competitors must be reported to the organisers.19a. Insurance Excess.In the event of a claim being made for damage to third party property caused by a competitor, theorganisers of the event retain the right to reclaim an amount equal to the insurance excess under theMSA Master Policies scheme (currently 450 or part of per incident) from the competitor(s) involved.20. ScrutineeringAll vehicles must comply with the Motorsport UK Technical regulations section R49 [Page 326, 327, 328Blue Book 2019] and must have a current Motorsport UK log book, in date road tax and MOT certificateto be produced at scrutineering. All cars entered in the championships listed in section 5 must alsocomply with any of the championship requirements.All cars must be insured (See SR18) and have legal number plates. (There are several Public HighwayLink Sections)Seat and belt expiry dates and class compliance will be inspected. We remind competitors that it is theirown responsibility to make sure that their personal safety equipment complies with R25.3.1 Helmets /R25.3.2 Race Suits / R25.3.3 FHR DevicesCars must have Fire Extinguisher systems as per Motorsport UK requirements. K3 to K3.5Battery isolator K8. operation will be checked, ensure release cables are operational.Noise : The permitted maximum sound level is 100dB at 4500 rpm at 0.50m (45 Degrees) by soundmeter J5.18.1 applies. Once noise test is complete, your cars exhaust system can only be modified withapproval from the event scrutineer. Penalty for unapproved work will be exclusion.There may be one or more subsequent noise tests during the day. Any cars with repetitive backfire dueto any anti lag system fitted will be excluded R24.9.1FRIDAY – Scrutineering, Noise & Signing On session. From 11.00am to 3.30pm Scrutineering &Signing on will be located in the event service area on the main driveway (same as Saturday servicearea) at Weston Park. Any remaining crews should scrutineer & sign on within Weston Park from6.00am on Saturday morning.Your rally pack will be issued at signing on Saturday Morning from 5.30am on production of yourcompleted process card. Please advise on your entry form which scrutineering session you will beattending. You will not be permitted access to other locations within Weston Park on Friday,no cars or vans can be left overnight in the service area, however they can be left in the publiccar parks at your own risk. Access to car park is via the A5 at Blymhill gate.21. ServicingOn arrival at Weston Park competitors will be checked in via check sheets at the main entrance gate, nopasses will be issued, service vehicle, rally car & trailer ONLY, NO other vehicle admitted. We remindcompetitors that they are responsible for the actions of their service crew at the event.Servicing may only be carried out in the official service area. Space is limited, so please beconsiderate. Keep your set up behind white lines on main drive way Anyone planning to use a 7-tontruck or motor home must get in touch with the organisers as soon as their entry is accepted. Please donot just turn up & expect to be accommodated. Ground sheets to be used on tarmac sections.22. FuelPetrol or Diesel in compliance with FIA Appendix J, Article 252, Sect 9.

23. Official Event Photographers & Video CrewThe official photographer for this event will be “Rally Gallery”. Official video crew will be “MAD Video”.Under no circumstances will any other photographer or video crew be allowed into the venue, anyonefound to be taking unofficial photographs or video for resale will be removed from the venue. The use ofdrones is not permitted anywhere in the park by the spectating public or service crew for recordingpurposes, this is an MSA recommendation.23a. On Board Cameras.On board cameras are permitted J5.21 Applies. These must be fitted prior to scrutineering.(No recordings must be used for commercial purposes).24. FacilitiesCatering will open from 6.00am located in the service area and will be open throughout the day.Portable toilets will also be located in the service area.Andrew Knott of “SLICKS TYRES” will be at the event. You are reminded to phone them if you have anyrequirements that you may wish them to bring to the event, phone him on 0114 2470485 prior to the event,or e mail andrew@slickstyres.co.ukNo fuel or water is available at the venue. Fuel is available on the A41 at Tong Village or Cosford, closeto Junction 3 on the M54Rally Marketing, will be at the event with a supply of door numbers etc.pre order anything specificcontact is .rallym@btinternet.com . 01938 55376425. Championship detailsHRCR Mini sport Cup MSA Permit No. 28/2019HRCR Old Stager MSA Permit No.HRCR Stage Masters Championship MSA Permit No. /TBAWAMC Welsh Historic Championship MSA Permit No. 8/2019Enquiries relating to the championships should be made direct to the championship secretaries.HRCR Old Stager & Mini Cup, Championship Secretary: John Hunt stage@hrcr.co.uk or01782516724 / 07586878069HRCR Stage Masters Championship Secretary: Andy Ballantyne,andy.ballantyne@btopenworld.com or mobile 07746 044991WAMC Welsh Historic Championship Secretary: Rob Baldwin,wamc.historic@wamc.org.uk or mobile 07746 044991

PRIVACY NOTICEOwen Motoring Club respects your privacy and we will only use your information in theway we describe in this notice. When using your information we aim to be fair andtransparent, and to follow our obligations under UK data protection laws. Yourinformation is used for administering club membership, activities and competitions.Collecting your informationWe collect your information when you fill in membership applications or renewal forms,and competitions event entry forms. You can give use your information using paperforms or online forms. The information you give us may include your contact details(name, address, telephone number, email address), personal information and identifiers(date of birth, membership number, competition licence number), and other information(vehicle details). When you give us information about another person, such as a child,parent, guardian, or emergency contact you should let that person know that you havegiven us the information.Using your informationWe may ask you for emergency contact and next of kin details, which we will only use inan emergency, and which is used for a legitimate interest. You should let the contact andnext of kin know that you have given this information to us.We might use your information to send you marketing messages by email, but only if youhave agreed that we can do this by giving us your clear consent – you can change yourmind at any time just by letting us know. We will not sell your information to any otherorganisation.Sharing your informationWe may share your information with the Motor Sports Association as requested by itsGeneral Regulations for governing motor sport, with other MSA Registered Clubs, withmedical personnel or any other person if we have to comply with a legal obligation. Wemay also share your information with service providers, for example photographers andvideographers.Your rights and lableonourwebsiteat

Request to all prospective competitorsMARSHALSAs competitors you require these volunteers to be in place, we are finding it increasingly difficultto get enough marshals for this event; numbers have drastically dropped over the last few years.The event, at this unique venue is under further pressure with new MSA rules being applied tovenue safety. WE would like 50 MARSHALS in attendance more if possible.We ask each and every competitor in the weeks leading up to this event to ask at their car clubfor marshalling support for this event . otherwise there could be no event PLEASEASK YOUR CAR CLUB MEMBERS TO COME ALONG AND MARSHAL.Contact Event Chief Marshal. David Allman david-allman@tiscali.co.ukRegister to Marshal see www.agborally.uk

16.30pm Approx. Car 1 due at MC2 finish control. . The event will consist of 4 classes for 2 wheel drive cars only, as follows: Class A – Cars up to and including 1400 cc. Class B – Cars 1401 cc and up to 1600 cc. Class C – Cars 1601 cc and up to 2000 cc. . A live results service will be in operation by Gary Nicholls of Vola Racing .

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