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PATHWAYS COURSE CATALOG - “AT-A-GLANCE” VERSIONFor the full version, access ides.html.1 - ation SkillsCommunication SkillsTopics in Tech InnovationFirst‐Year WritingCredit hours: 9 credits: 6 foundational 3 62004315432142764H4164480548064884Identity & Inclusion in AgricIdentity & Inclusion in AgricIntro Civic AgricultureCapstone Global Food SecurityIssues in Appalachian StudiesContemporary Issues in APSCInterpretation of Visual ArtsFuture of SecurityAnalytics in ActionConcussion PerspectivesBME Senior Design and ProjectBME Senior Design and ProjectIntroduction to CEEFluid Mech for CEEProf & Legal Issues Civil EngIntro to CEMConstruction EconomyCEM CapstoneCEM CapstonePublic SpeakingMultimedia ReportingProfessional CommunicationTopics in Tech InnovationFuture of SecuritySenior Design ProjectSenior Design ProjectAdv Philosophy Politics H3144314447844314240425043134Intro to Ital Lit in ContextIntro to Ital Lit in ContextTopics in Italian CinemaEvol of the Am LandEngineering Design & EconMech Engineering DiscourseEngineering Design & ProjectEngineering Design & ProjectEthical LeadershipAnalytics in ActionAdv Philosophy Politics EconWriting and Editing for PRFuture of SecurityClimate Chng & Intl PolicyAdv Philosophy Politics EconIntro Amer StudiesReligion and LiteratureTheories of Popular CultureTheories of Popular CultureLanguage & Ethnicity in the USLanguage & Ethnicity in the USCommunity Systems CapstoneCurrent Topics in STLIntro App Collaborative TechDiscourse & Global CitizenshipGender and ntro to African StudiesRace & Gender in Rel & CultAfrican‐American HistoryAfrican‐American HistoryIntro African-American LitDevelopment and Hum in AfricaNative American HistoryIntro to Appalachian StudiesMinorWriting and Social JusticeIntro to Creative WritingReligion and LiteratureGender and LinguisticsLanguage & Ethnicity in the USLiterature and the EnvironmentTopics in World NovelsTechnical WritingWriting and Digital MediaStudies in ShakespeareCreative Design and ProjectCreative Design and ProjectEnvironmental InterpretationForest Fiber SupplyClimate Chng & Intl PolicyUrban and Community ForestryPolar EnvironmentsSenior SeminarTopics Hist Data Soc ContextThe American Civil WarWar and MedicineIntro Amer StudiesTheories of Popular CultureTheories of Popular CultureIssues in Appalachian StudiesClimate Chng & Intl PolicyTech Comm for 334Cult Politics Music AppalachiaArab Culture and CivilizationModern Arabic Lit in TransTopics in Arab CinemaHistories of ArchitectureHistories of ArchitectureLanguage of Visual ArtsVisual Arts and rereqCourse has prerequisites or classrestriction. Consult the TARTARTARTCourse double-counts forConcept 7.23852386305430643074309431743184MinorSurv Hist West ArtSurv Hist West ArtIslamic Art and ArchitectureArts of China and JapanEgyptian Art and ArchitectureEarly Mod Global Vis CultureIntroduction to ArchaeologyRoman Art and ArchitectureCourse is part of a Pathways Minor.Consult the minor checksheets.2xPrereqCredit hours: 6 credits2xPrereqPrereqPrereq2 - Critical Thinking in the anced/Applied Foundational (1F)First‐Year ram/Comp/ConvMinorMinorMinor

PATHWAYS COURSE CATALOG - “AT-A-GLANCE” VERSIONFor the full version, access ides.html.2 - Critical Thinking in the Humanities 271433143424343434443454255427243305Medieval Art and ArchitectureRenaissance ArtBaroque Art and Arch19th Century ArtHistory of PhotographyPrereqData Gov, Privacy, EthicsChinese Culture and CivIntroduction to CinemaAncient Mediterranean WorldAncient Greek & Roman WomenClassics in the Modern WorldFairytale, Folklore, and MagicGreek and Roman MythologyMyth, Philosophy, Video GamesThe Rhetorical TraditionCrime & Punishment Amer HistMurder in American HistoryIntro Philosophy Politics EconPrereqAdv Philosophy Politics EconIntroduction to PoetryIntroduction to Short FictionIntro to Detective FictionIntroduction to ShakespeareIntro to World LiteratureIntro to Science FictionIntro to Women's LiteratureThe Harry Potter PhenomenonGreek and Roman MythologyPrereqIntro African American LitReligion and LiteraturePrereqTopics Rus Lit in EngPrereqThe Works of Vladimir NabokovPrereqLiterature and the EnvironmentPrereqTopics in World NovelsPrereqStudies in ShakespeareFrench Culture & CivPrereqIntro to Francophone StudiesPrereqMedieval-Renaissance CulturePrereqBaroque-Revolution CultureFrom Romanticism to Belle-Epoque PrereqPrereqWWI-Contemporary CultureLeading Global SustainabilityGerman Culture & CivPrereqSurvey of German STHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHTMCredit hours: 6 433743544355435643654371438643484PrereqSurvey of German LiteratureTopics in German CinemaIntro to Disabilities StudiesTopics in Reacting to the PastAncient HistoryIntro to European HistoryIntro to European HistoryHistory of the United StatesHistory of the United StatesIntro to World HistoryIntro to World HistoryConflict Security in East AsiaHistory of AfricaHistory of AfricaEngineering CulturesTopics in US HistoryTopics Crit Issues Euro HistTopics Crit Issues World HistAncient Greek and Roman WomenClassics in the Modern WorldAmerica in the 1960sAfrican‐American HistoryAfrican‐American HistoryGods and Kings in IndiaGandhi and Modern IndiaCrime & Punishment Amer HistIntro Data in Social ContextTopics Hist Data Soc ContextThe American Civil WarHistory of CapitalismMurder in American HistoryAmerican Environmental HistorySexuality in American HistoryNative American HistoryWorld of Alexander the GreatReform & Rev Early Mod EnglandFrench EmpireWorld War IIAge of GlobalizationThe Cold WarArab‐Israeli ConflictWar and MedicineDevelopment and Hum in AfricaSocio‐Cult Impacts of TourismCourse has prerequisites or classrestriction. Consult the PSCIPSCIPSCICourse double-counts forConcept 244334488424842894301530164884MinorHUM: Mod WorldIntro to Appalachian StudiesIntro Amer StudiesReligion and PoliticsDevelopment and Hum in AfricaIntro to Ital Lit in ContextIntro to Ital Lit in ContextTopics in Italian CinemaJudaismHebrew Bible/Old TestamentLeading Global SustainabilityEvol of the Am LandGlobal Business of Pop CultureBus and Prof EthicsSurvey of Western MusicSurvey of Western MusicHistory of Electronic MusicHistory of Electronic MusicLeading Global SustainabilityKnowledge and RealityMorality and JusticeMorality and JusticeAncient/Medieval PhilosophyAncient/Medieval PhilosophyHistory of Modern PhilosophyHistory of Modern PhilosophyGlobal EthicsIntro Philosophy Politics EconPolitical TheoryPolitical TheoryTopics Philosophical MovementsEthical TheoryEthics and Artific IntelligenceAestheticsPhilosophy of ReligionPolitical PhilosophyBus and Prof EthicsJurisprudenceAdv Philosophy Politics EconReligion and PoliticsIntro Philosophy Politics EconPolitical TheoryPolitical TheoryAdv Philosophy Politics EconCourse is part of a Pathways Minor.Consult the minor norMinorMinorPrereqMinor

PATHWAYS COURSE CATALOG - “AT-A-GLANCE” VERSIONFor the full version, access ides.html.2 - Critical Thinking in the Humanities 324237423842414242424442484250430243214Intro to Religion & CultureIntro to Religion & CultureJudaism, Christianity, IslamReligion and the Modern WorldReligious EthicsAncient Mediterranean WorldThe Medieval WorldReligion and Culture In AsiaReligion and Culture In AsiaReligion in American LifeJudaismRace & Gender in Rel & CultIslamGods and Kings in IndiaGandhi and Modern IndiaHebrew Bible/Old TestamentNew TestamentGreek and Roman MythologyReligion and PoliticsIntro Amer StudiesReligion and LiteratureReligion and Culture in SPANSPANSPANSPANSPANSPANSPANSPANSPANSPANSPANCredit hours: 6 42754276427743304340434143444346434743484Religion in China and JapanJesus in Earliest ChristianityChristian Orthodoxy and HeresyPhilosophy of ReligionIntro Rus Culture and CivSurvey 19th Century Rus LitSurvey 20th Century Rus LitTopics Rus Lit in EngThe Works of Vladimir NabokovIntro Data in Social ContextTopics in Spanish CultureTopics in Spanish Am CultureIntro Latino American StudiesMinority Lang & Span ContextIntro Hispanic LiteratureEarly Penin Culture & LitModern Penin Culture & LitEarly Span‐Am Culture & LitMod Mex/Central Am Cult LtMod Span Caribbean Cult LitMod Andean/S Cone Cult 1433342014202425542834182422043 - Reasoning in the Social 16445542134Econ Food Fiber SysEcon Food Fiber SystPeace EconomicsIntl Agri Dvlp & TradEnviron Sustain Dev EconWater Resources Policy & EconIntro African American StudiesIntro to African StudiesDevelopment and Hum in AfricaConsumer RightsIntro American Indian StudiesConcepts Comm Food SystemsArab Culture and CivilizationIntroduction to ArchaeologyFundamentals of BDSFundamentals of BDSChoice and BehaviorFoundations Security EnvironCreating the Ecological CityIntro to Health Minor2xCredit hours: 6 creditsMinorPrereqSpan Medical ProfessionsSpanish Business ProfessionsCommunity Through ServiceGlobal Aspects of IPIntro Science, Tech, SocietyEngineering CulturesThe Life Sciences and SocietyInnovation in ContextGlobal Sci & Tech PolicyScience Tech & EnvironmentIntro Data in Social ContextSci & Tech in Modern SocietyTechnology and DisabilityMedical Dilemmas & Hum ExperEnergy and SocietyIntroduction to TheatreIntroduction to ActingHumanities & Global CitizenshipHum Tech Innov Soc ImpactIntro Women's & Gender StudiesRace & Gender in Rel & eqIntroduction to CommunicationMedia and SocietyCyber CriminologyFoundations Security EnvironEconomics of GenderEconomics of RaceEcon Hist: Diversity&InclusionPrinciples of EconomicsPrinciples of EconomicsIntro Philosophy Politics EconPoverty and DiscriminationChoice and BehaviorThe Reading MindLanguage, Culture, & LearningIssues of Schooling in the USEduc Excptnl LearnersHealthy RelationshipsMotivating Yourself and OthersGlobal STEM PracticeStartup: CommercializationCourse has prerequisites or classrestriction. Consult the RECGEOGGEOGGEOGGEOGGEOGGEOGGEOGGEOGCourse double-counts forConcept 10041014111511162004205420642244MinorIntroduction to LinguisticsLanguage and SocietyLanguage & Ethnicity in the USCyberlaw and PolicyFish, Fishing, & ConservationBiodiversity ConservationFrench Culture & CivForests, Society & ClimateLeading Global SustainabilityClimate Chng & Intl PolicyWater Resources Policy & EconCreating the Ecological CityIntro Human GeographyWorld RegionsSeeking SustainabilitySeeking SustainabilityWater, Environment & SocietyIntroduction to World PoliticsGlobal Econ and World PoliticsSustainable UrbanizationCourse is part of a Pathways Minor.Consult the minor MinorMinorPrereqMinorMinorMinorMinorMinor2x

PATHWAYS COURSE CATALOG - “AT-A-GLANCE” VERSIONFor the full version, access ides.html.3 - Reasoning in the Social Sciences 2044094Environ Prob Pop DevMedical GeographyGerman Culture & CivHuman Development IHD II: Adulthood & AgingIntegrative Health PracticesHuman SexualityEduc Excptnl LearnersStudy AbroadIntro to European HistoryIntro to European HistoryIntro to World HistoryIntro to World HistoryConquest Culture in Lat Am EmpConflict Security in East AsiaHistory of AfricaHistory of AfricaHistory of Rock 'n' RollEngineering CulturesModern GermanyHistory of TechnologyHistory of TechnologyHistory of CapitalismAmerican Environmental HistoryWorld of Alexander the GreatFrench EmpireWorld War IIAge of GlobalizationThe Cold WarDisease, Med, & HealthDevelopment and Hum in AfricaActive Transp for HealthBehav Theory in Hlth PromotionPlants Places Culture GloballyCreating the Ecological CityTravel & Tourism ManagementSocio‐Cult Impacts of TourismMulticultural CommunicationStartup: MinorMinorMinorPrereqMinorMinorMinorMinorMinor4 - Reasoning in the Natural SciencesALSBIOLBIOL340410141024Ecological AgricultureIntroduction to BiologyCancer Causes Treatments Costs2xMinorwww.pathways.prov.vt.edu2xCredit hours: 6 ns and NationalitiesIntroduction to World PoliticsGlobal Econ and World PoliticsDevelopment and Hum in AfricaClimate Chng & Intl PolicyIntroduction to Sports MediaLeading Global SustainabilityPeople Community and PlaceCreating the Ecological CityFoundations EntrepreneurshipLeadership: Mgr & EntrepreneurMulti Diversity in OrgsStartup: CommercializationLeadership & Mgt/EthicsLeadership & Mgt/EthicsSeeking SustainabilitySeeking SustainabilityLeading Global SustainabilityIntro Philosophy Politics EconHousing Challenges & PoliciesPrinciples of Public RelationsNations and NationalitiesUS Gov & PoliticsComp Gov & PoliticsIntroduction to World PoliticsGlobal Econ and World PoliticsFoundations Security EnvironIntro Philosophy Politics EconClimate Chng & Intl PolicyPeace and ViolenceIntroductory PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyPsychology of LearningSocial PsychologyAbnormal PsychologyHuman Behaviors Nat EnvironEnviron & Sustain HousingEnviron & Sustain HousingIntro to Religion & CultureIntro to Religion & CultureBIOLBIOLBIOL103410541064Biology of SexHuman Biol: Cncpts Curr IssuesPlants and 1824Ethnography: Studying CultureReligion and ScienceAsian American ExperienceLanguage & Ethnicity in the USMulticultural CommunicationIntroductory SociologyIntro Social AnthropSocial ProblemsSoc. Intimate RelationshipsSoc of Race and EthnicityDiversity Comm EngagementEthnography: Studying CultureIndividual in SocietyAsian American ExperienceLanguage & Ethnicity in the USSocial MovementsIntro Latino American StudiesMinority Lang & Span ContextIntro to Hispanic LinguisticsSounds of SpanishCommunity Service LearningCommunity Systems ThinkingSustainable UrbanizationActive Transp for HealthCollaborative Policy & PlanCreating the Ecological CityFoundations of STLIntro Science, Tech, SocietyEngineering CulturesGlobal Sci & Tech PolicyReligion and ScienceHistory of TechnologyHistory of TechnologyEnergy and SocietySoc Sci & Global CitizenshipSoc Sci Tech Innov Soc ImpactPathways to Success ExploringWater, Environment, & SocietyWater Resources Policy & EconIntro Women's & Gender StudiesCredit hours: 6 credit hours (with 2 additional lab credits for students in some majors)PrereqCourse has prerequisites or classrestriction. Consult the timetable.BIOLBIOLBIOL2xCourse double-counts forConcept 7.107411051106MinorHow Animals ThinkPrinciples of BiologyPrinciples of BiologyCourse is part of a Pathways Minor.Consult the minor inorMinor2x


HIST 3144 American Environmental History HIST 3164 Sexuality in American History HIST 3174 Native American History HIST 3304 World of Alexander the Great HIST 3354 Reform & Rev Early Mod England HIST 3374 French Empire HIST 3544 World War II HIST 3554 Age of Globalization HIST 3564 The Cold War .

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Pathways Partnership (GLCCPP) is building high-quality pathways that equip students to thrive in college, career, and beyond. . while also meeting employer needs for talented young professionals. EQUITY 1. Pathways serve a range of students in a smaller learning community that . ensure all students