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Total Productive MaintenanceTPMLuis Armendariz, P.E. MBA, 6 Lean Systems and Operations ModelingCopyright 20101

Agenda TPM History, Definition, Benefits and Roles Applying TPM, DMAIC & Metrics TPM Success (Benchmark Study in BioTech vs Food & BeverageProcessing Industry) RCA Techniques Current Challenges TMP to Infinity and Beyond Q&ACopyright 20102

TPM HistoryDr. Deming1900-19931951PMNippon DensoPM in 1960Nippon Denso TPM AwardCopyright 20103

Total Productive Maintenance Promote the collaboration between all departments to focus on thedurability of equipmentCopyright 20104

Definition Total: Total employee involvement Productive: Eliminate or minimize breakdown duringproduction Maintenance: Complete a preventive maintenanceprogramCopyright 20105

Benefits of TPM Improves Teamwork Improves Equipment availability Reduces costCopyright 20106

Roles of TPM To target the major causes of poor performance (OEE ) Involve operators in the routine maintenance of their equipment Improve maintenance efficiency Improving skills and knowledge To collaborate in partnership while having a common goalCopyright 20107

Applying TPM Create a cross functional team–––––D-DefineM-MeasureA- AnalyzeI- ImproveC- ControlCopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz8

Define DMAICD: Define the equipment, objectives,success indicators, customers, costCopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz9

Measure 7 Losses DMAICTPM identifies the 7 lossesOEE Availability x Performance x Quality1. Total time available – shutdowns/startup – scheduled maint. - calibration2. Set-UpA3. Initial adjustment time4. Equipment Breakdown Time (TBF, TTR)- unscheduled maint.5. IdlingP6. Speed (cycle time) losses,Q7. Quality losses: start-up and in process qualityCopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz10

OEEDMAICOEE Availability x Performance x QualityAvailability (Downtime Loss) Operating Time / Planned Production TimePerformance (Speed Loss) Ideal Cycle Time / (Operating Time / Total Pieces)Quality (Quality Loss) Good Pieces / Total PiecesOEE FactorShift 1Shift %OEE85.1%86.6%Note: Availability (TBF and TTR)Copyright 201011

OEE “Pharmaceutical vs. Food & Beverage”DMAICOEECopyright 2007 Pharmaceutical Benchmark Study. Informance International. All Rights ReservedCopyright 201012

Equipment Availability : TBF & TTR(Breakdown Time) DMAICtimeSETUPPRODUCEU D UDUDUD UDuring production time, machine is producing(Uptime - green) or not producing (Downtime - red)We define:MTBF Mean time between failuresMTTR Mean time to repairCopyright 201013

TBF-Unscheduled Down Time DMAICMean TBF Line 1 34 hrCopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz14

TTR -Unscheduled Down Time DMAICMean TTR Line 1 18 minCopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz15

Other Measurements DMAIC Time to Maintain TTM (Schedule Downtime) Cost to repair CTR Cost to maintain CTM Cost of Loss Cost of Yield LossCopyright 201016

Applying TPM: Analyze DMAICA :Define the resources, C&EBrainstorming and Fish BoneCopyright 201017

Applying TPM: Improve DMAIC I: Establish current and future flow map, describe all responsibilities ofoperators and technicians.Mean TBF Line 1 34 hrCopyright 201018

Applying TPM: Control DMAICC: TPM Improvement ProjectsProjectsEffectCIP cycle removedNoneSight glass changeLeakageTraining: ClampInstallationHumanErrorAdd cooling stepLeakageVisual Aid PostedStdWorkDue DateComp. DateCopyright 2010Note19

Applying TPM “Where to Start ?” Start with an equipment pilot1.Choose the right machine2.Choose the right person3.Choose the good timeCopyright 201020

TPM and other Lean Tools Overall Equipment Effectiveness Mistake Proof 5S Standard work Set up reduction Self maintenanceCopyright 201021

Justice to Root Cause Analysis “RCA”A systematic method that:Investigates as incident, attempts to understand the underlying causes andgenerates corrective actions to prevent and mitigate incidentsCommon Recommendations: Training Procedure Revision Repair or Replacement of broken equipment Restart the system Fix and go !Copyright 201022

Justice to Root Cause Analysis “RCA”Analysis TechniquesBrain StormingFishbone5 Why’sMethod of EliminationClue GenerationDiagnostic TreeFTALeveragingStratificationFMEACopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz23

So what was the root cause of the failure?FAILUREDesign &InstallationMaintenanceOperationsHuman ErrorMgt. ControlSystemCopyright 2010 Luis Armendariz24

Management Control System SystemOperationsWhat could go wrong?CHECKACTReactiveAnalysisRCAWhat went wrong?OEEHow much can you afford to lose?Copyright 201025

COST of Non TPM “ 30 Million Refinery Glitch Stalls Fuel Users – No Petrol for 2 Weeks” “Liquefied Natural Gas Project Back On Track after Production Train Repairs 300 Million Lost” “Refuelling Problems Delay 250 Million Terminal Operation – Jet Fuel PipesContaminated” “330 Hospital Patients Suffer Cold Winter Showers for Two Days – Risk of Spreading Infection”More than 4 million barrels of crude oil spewed into the seas off the U.S. Gulfcoast & 1.2 billion dollars in claimsCopyright 201026

TPM Implementation Challenges OEE measures RCA Leadership (Who Should Lead TPM ?) Employee training, development & compensation Employee Turn Over Collaboration Accountability Defined Responsibilities Spare parts and tools inventory mgt. 5S Visualize Standard Work and Maintenance Instructions Share best practicesCopyright 201027

TPM to infinity and beyond Asset Management and Spare Parts Inventory Management Predictive Maintenance Reliability Centered Maintenance, Ultra-Reliability and DFR Human Performance Information and Employee Communication Learning organization Management Control SystemCopyright 201028

Conclusion & Recommendation Decrease the firefighting ! Increase Collaboration between departments Avoids stress in a breakdown Visual Maintenance Standard Work Maintenance Increase productivityCopyright 201029

Questions ?Luis [email protected]:TPM - Japan Institute of Plant MaintenanceIIE –Process Industries webminars : 887Lean Management Database Tools: http://www.ProtimeSystems.comCopyright 201030

Total Productive Maintenance TPM Luis Armendariz, P.E. MBA, 6 ∂ ... TPM identifies the 7 losses 1. Total time available – shutdowns/startup – scheduled main t. - calibration 2. Set-Up 3. Initial adjustment time OEE= Availability x Performance x Quality Q P