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HOW TO SECURE YOURSNAPCHAT ACCOUNT.How secure is your Snapchat account?The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit (RCCU) protect team haveproduced this documentation regarding public Snapchat safety. This documentdemonstrates the options available to users. There are step-by-step instructionson how to view and change your preferences throughout your account settings.The options you choose are personal preference. This document containsrecommendations for your settings and shows you how to access them.*Please note: the following screenshots were taken on the Snapchat Application on iPhone (App Store). Theseinstructions may differ on other mobile or tablet devices.

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.On the Snapchat Application youneed to access this page.(Click your image in the top left ofthe camera home screen.)Here you can add friends or add asnap to your story!Click on the settings icon in the topright corner.Here is the settings page.Each section has an arrow allowing youto click and open each setting to makefurther options.You can edit your personal data and avariety of security settings available foryour account.Page 2

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.Find Password in the settings menu!Firstly to set a new password youmust enter your current password.If you have forgotten yourpassword and wish to reset whileyou are still able to access youraccount, then click ‘Forgot yourpassword?’You will be required to enter youremail address which a resetpassword link will be sent.Enter your new password andconfirm it by entering the passworda second time.Press next – at the bottom right ofthe keyboard when completedDon’t share your password withanyone else! Consider using apassword manager and check thestrength of your password at ‘Howsecure is my password’Page 3

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.Find Two-Factor Authentication in the settings menu!You can set two-factorauthentication. This means you willneed to provide an extra login codeafter you have entered yourpassword.Click ‘continue’.Click ‘Let’s do it!’once reading theinformation on thescreen.You will then haveto choose how youwant to receiveyour code. By textor authenticationapplication.Page 4

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.For this example the codehas been sent in a text.The code has beenentered and ‘continue’was clicked.The following screenapproves the code andallows you to set up anauthentication app if yourequire.Save the backup codebecause if you cannotgenerate a login codeyou will need the backupcode to log back in.This is the two-factorauthentication page.It shows we have set uptext verification, allowsus to access our recoverycode and set up anauthentication app whenrequired.Page 5

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.Find Memories in thesettings menu!Try and ensure you saveyour snaps for your eyesonly!The switch must be greento be activated.You will be taken to thequick setup page. Click‘Quick Setup’.You will be asked tocreate a passcode 4characters long.The setup will becomplete and click‘Finish’.Page 6

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.Find Connected Apps in the settings menu!Check the apps which areconnected to your snapchat!Some applications may haveaccess which you were notaware.There are further IMPORTANToptions in the settings menu.Our suggestions for snapchatsecurity are to only allow ‘MyFriends’ to contact and view yourstory.We also advise for your locationsettings to be ‘Only Me’ onlyyourself can view your location atany time.Page 7

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.You may also wish to clearconversations or yourbrowsing data.You can check thesnapchatters who you haveblocked or even log out ofyour account.If you revisit the home screen(camera) then click the chatbutton.Click and hold on a name toreveal their information, pressthe settings option for more.The following options areavailable- including Block.You can removeblocked contacts inthe blocked sectionin the main settings.Page 8

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.We suggest for you to checkyour location settings in thesettings menu.You need to check who cansee your location! People maybe able to see your exactlocation depending on yoursettings.We suggest you put locationonto ‘Ghost Mode’ thereforeno one can see your location.You may wish for family orclose friends to see yourlocation therefore you canallow requests.iPhone Only:in the settings menu find Snapchat application settings. The location optionalso appears whereby the application itself records your location. We suggestyou choose ‘Never’ but you may allow ‘While Using the App’ depending onyour own preferences.Page 9

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.There are three ways to accessSnap Map:1) Un-pinch your fingers as ifyou were zooming out from theCamera, Friends or Discoverscreen.2) Tap the button at the top ofthe Camera, Friends or Discoverscreen, then tap the Map!3) Tap a Map Story on the Discoverscreen.Below are screenshot examplesof the kind of information which canbe displayed. When your friendsallow you to see their location youcan click on them and it will tell youwhen they were last active at thatlocation.Page 10

Regional Organised Crime Unit (RCCU) Protect Team V.1 Produced October 2018.Disclaimer:Social Media sites are constantly changing. We advise you to check your settingsand options on a regular basis to ensure they have not changed during updates andto ensure you are maintaining an elevated level of security.The YHROCU and RCCU do not accept responsibility for any loss of breach arisingfrom the use of this document. The document represents efforts to summarise thecommon knowledge existing at the time of writing and is a guide to the securityfeatures available to users of online social media services. The reader is advised toconsult his or her corresponding organisation for operational guidance on securityand best practice.For further documentations and information al-cyber-crime-unit/This document has been created by the Protect Team working in the RegionalCyber Crime Unit (RCCU).Page 11

On the Snapchat Application you need to access this page. (Click your image in the top left of Here you can add friends or add a snap to your story! right corner. Here is the settings page. Each section has an arrow allowing you to click and open each setting to make further options. You can edit your personal data and a your account.