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GKF 1400 GKF 1400 L GKF 1400 ASB GKF 1400 ASB 100%GKF 1400 – Capsule Filling MachinePackaging Technology

2 GKF 1400 Capsule Filling MachineGKF 1400 –Production flexibility and securityThe GKF series of capsule fillingmachines have been demonstratingtheir reliability and robustness forthe last 6 decades with installationsaround the globe.The GKF 1400 includes all of our experienceThe GKF 1400 offers great filling versatility throughand know-how on secure capsule filling andits flexible and modular design, allowing it to fill aclosing of capsules. Like all of the GKF-serieslarge variety of product types. The Bosch patentedmachines, it works with intermittent motionslide-gate system guarantees gentle and efficientand doses powder via the proven tamping pinpellet or powder filling.principle. Of course the machine is alsocapable of filling other types of products orcombinations of products into hard gelatinecapsules or gelatine free capsules. Thanksto the modular assembly of the capsule filler,and light units without tools. The design ofthe machine can be changes over to fill liquidsthese same stations ensures that they can onlyin a short amount of time.be re-assembled in the correct way.Optimal DesignErgonomic and secure HandlingWith a focus on ergonomics and cleanability,The machine is comfortably controlled via theour Engineers have developed a machine typetouch-screen monitor. The easy to learn menu-that minimizes changeover and cleaning timedriven control software is icon based and theand there by maximizes its productivity.HMI is ergonomically situated.The cGMP-compliant design of the productionControl of the machine and measurement dataarea guarantees an easily accessible and simple-collection is handled via an industrial PC. Allto-use operation and cleaning of the machine.production data is also saved and managed onFurthermore, our stations and sub-assembliesthe industrial PC. The windows-based softwareare simple and quick to remove, for examplecomplies with the data security guidelines ofduring format change. All stations are designed21 CFR part 11.so that they can be disassembled into small

GKF 1400 Capsule Filling Machine 3The GKF 1400 L is equipped with a servo-drivenThe GKF 1400 ASB 100% is equipped with anliquid pump that allows for continuous fill levelintegrated checkweigher. Every capsule producescontrol and an optional drip-retract function.on the capsule filler is individually and preciselyAll machine settings can be controlled via theweighed. Only capsules with a weight within theuser-friendly touch-screen HMI.pre-set tolerances are accepted and make it intothe good capsule container.Overweight andunderweight capsules are removed and separatedinto the bad capsule container.Quick and Easy Cleaningit is ensured that lubricants don’t migrate intoThe machine table-top is seamlessly machinedthe production cabin. The maintenance-freeas one piece. This allows for large-radiusmain drive allows for quiet operation of thecontours without undercuts according tomachine, reduces wear, and extends thecGMP design. Furthermore, only FDA-approvedmachine lifetime.materials are used. A high-end coating smoothlyseals the surface with no pores. Speciallydesigned shaft seals separate the productionand drive cabins so that no foreign particles Highly accurate dosingcan get into the product. The vacuum system Simple operationremoves any product or capsule waste from cGMP-compliant designthe production cabin. Two separate vacuum Flexible dosing possibilitieschannels allow for a separate product and Low-maintenance operationcapsule waste transfer. Your advantage: the Data securityability to easily reconcile your controlled Reliabilitysubstance products after a batch. Thanks to Optimal accessibilitythe complete separation of the drive cabin,

4 GKF 1400 Capsule Filling MachineFlexible and Simple Operationwith the GKF 1400 LiquidThe GKF 1400 L is a machine type that is fullof small detail solutions that come togetherto fulfil 100% of your requirements. Convincingtechnology like trend-setting and ergonomicaldesign guarantees pharmaceutical securityand economical operation.The heart of the GKF 1400 L is its servo-drivenliquid pump, distinguished by its innovativetechnology. Simple control of the steplessfill level regulation and the drip-retract featureis handled via the ergonomic, touch-screenHMI. Product heating systems – a water bathof flexibility ensures that your investmentor a complete hot water circuit – are controlledwill pay dividends for years to come.via machine HMI. This allows for constant andgentle product temperature regulation.The Bosch Service package as well as ourqualification and validation services roundThanks to the modular design of this capsuleout our complete offer to you.filler, the machine can be converted topowder filling in a short amount of time. Theentire liquid station can be disassembled and Full range of viscositytransferred to a mobile electrical cabin and Economical operationcarted away. Thereafter, the assembly of the Securitypowder station is a simple matter. This type

GKF 1400 Capsule Filling Machine 5Versatile Dosing PossibilitiesThe dosing of powder with the tamping pinFurther fill options including tablets, dragées,principle via a dosing disk has been provenpellets, or liquid products can be dosed viaon Bosch machines for many decades andadditional filling stations. We would be gladcan be found in operation worldwide. Throughto consult you on an appropriate solution tocontinuous improvement, the efficiency offulfil your dosing requirements.these systems has been dramatically improved.Pellets and other non-tamp able products cannow also be gently filled via the dosing disk.Functional Description2311Capsule rectification and separation2Capsule rectification and separation3Segment separation4Pellet or tablet station (optional)5Capsule cap and body scanner (optional)6Faulty-capsule reject7Dosing station for powder/pelletsor liquid products8Capsule closing station9Capsule ejection10Segment cleaning station10495687

6 GKF 1400 Capsule Filling MachineReliableOperationwith ASBThe automatic trouble-shooting system (ASB)automates your production and reduces yourdown-time.The calibration strip in the empty capsulesorting magazines ensures that deformed ordamaged empty capsules are removes evenbefore the filling station.The segment cleaning station with compressedASB functionair nozzles loosens sticky products and capsulefragments from the segment bores and reliablyvacuums them away. This station ensures thecleaning of all the segments for the next fillingcycle.GKF 1400 ASB 100% withOnline Weight ControlFor the sake of your production quality andyield, every capsule is individually and highlyaccurately weighed on a gravimetric check-The mechanical capsule cap scanner deter-weigher. The integrated weight feedbackmines if there are blockages in the emptysystem with pneumatic adjustment automatic-capsule infeed. A repeated missing capsule inally regulates the tamping pin pressure ofa particular segment bore is recognized by thethe powder dosing station. Thereby, it isconsecutive fault function. Deformed capsulesensured that the fill weight is held withinin the capsule magazine are blown out viathe specified tolerance range for the entireindividual compressed air lines and routed toproduction process.a separate deformed capsule container.The analysis software calculates an averageThe capsule body scanner recognizes incom-fill weight from the checkweigher results andplete capsules already before the filling station.compares this average to the theoretical fillThe servo-driven liquid fill station can even beweight. If a capsule is outside the toleranceturned off in order to avoid unnecessary productrange, it is automatically rejected. The incidentloss.will then be documented in the productionreport. The highly-accurate gravimetric weighThe capsules that have been determined tocells determine a precise and absolutelybe faulty are individually rejected at the tenreproducible capsule fill weight. The check-capsule ejection flaps. Product or capsuleweigher automatically compensates for outsideparts can therefore not end up in the goodinfluences such as vibration and ensures thecapsule production container.accuracy of the weight measurement.

GKF 1400 Capsule Filling Machine 7Technical Data Output 84,000 Caps/h for powder/pellet filling 6,000 Caps/h liquid fillingMachine cycles max. 140 cycles/min Number of segments 10Utility Connections Compressed air supply Ø 13 mm Vacuum connection Ø 30 mm Electrical connection for vacuum Vacuum pump electrical connection Main electrical connection Mechanical capsule rejection station Cleaning station with vacuum suctionInfeeds Powder infeed – Tri-clamp DN 150 Pellet/tablet infeed – Tri-clamp DN 100 Empty capsule infeed – Tri-clamp DN 100Electrical connection for the machine 400 V, /- 10 %, 50/60 Hz, 3 ph/PE,3 kW, special voltagesStandard equipment Base machine with integrated electricalcabinet and built-in HMI Machine control: industrial-PC Empty capsule hopper with minimumand maximum level control sensors Dosing station with product hopperfor powder or liquid products Capsule closing station with concaveclosing pinsVacuum requirement 40 m³/h: 0.2 to 0.5 barSuction air requirement 200 m³/hOptions Powder filling station Liquid filling station Pellet filling station Tablet filling station ASB function Automatic product infeed Automatic empty capsule feeding Metal detector Capsule polisher1834201422032331GKF 1400 ASB 100%2036GKF 1400 L2036GKF 1400Formats Capsule format set for all standardcapsule sizes (000 to 5, DB), optionallywith fixed height dosing disks or heightadjustable dosing disks16372200163722002726998Right reserved to effect technical modifications857857220027262200272627979981874

Robert Bosch GmbHPackaging TechnologyProduct Division Pharma SolidStuttgarter Straße 13071332 WaiblingenGermanyPhone 49 711 811-0www.boschpackaging.comPA-PH 03.12 1 100 % chlorine free paper All rights reservedpackaging@bosch.com

6 GKF 1400 Capsule Filling Machine The automatic trouble-shooting system (ASB) automates your production and reduces your down-time. The calibration strip in the empty capsule sorting magazines ensures that deformed or damaged empty capsules are removes even before the filling station. The segment cleaning station with compressed

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