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Macleod33PHONE TheWHITE HALL GROCERY1OOFor Quality and Service in GROCERIES and FRUITSMACLEODContinuous ServicePUBLIC PAY STATIONS—Empire Hotel—Silver Grill—Queen's HotelCANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAYEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERS45r280I I II 0945r325348Adams F A resALBERTA GOVERNMENTTELEPHONES Local Mgr's OfficePlant Dcpt34Alberta Lodge No 3 A F & A M198Alberta.Pacific Grain Co Ltd J J78223Alberta Pool Flevators LtdAlberta Provincial Police158ANDREWS WG ITardwarc andPlumbing246Burke60W G Andrews res204Armer W res203Armstrong T B res227Arthur J res92240I 8 I196276I 782501651864147167146Ticket Office DepotYard Office DepotTrain Master's Office DepotFreight Office DepotLocomotive Foreman's Office DepotJ G Panter Trainmaster resCarso D R resCliarlton Ernie resCharlton W resCliivilo Ccnne resChrist Church RectoryChristcnsen H J resClark H V resClarke Bros PrintersClarke Photo ServiceClement R A resCouillard L R resCoiiillard k Lush Second Hand FumitureStoreCOURT HOUSEB233BP 0F903365No 129249Bailey H S resI9 IBaird J W res148134Baker Ray res209187Barker R T Dry Goods238I I0Barnwcll K A res175Bass E res252Bawdcn A W res442812!Barker R T res9720829BEAVER (ALBERTA)Bodingficld F resBcecliec Mrs C D T res138Brcmner C C res294Bremner L R resI 66Brooks Phillip res46228139200Benson H resBRAYTON DR MPhysician & SurgeonJBrown E F res17724r2' 24r3Burko John J resBurns & Co Ltd Meat MarketBurns & Co ltd Office244Butler F J res77133122103156263193Crvsia! Dairv LtdCUNNINGHAM HARDWAREDistributors LtdCanadian Bank of Commerce C A MercerMgrManager's resCanadian Pacific Express Co DepotR Cunningham resCustoms HouseCutler F resDDamon W N resDavoy J resDavis C J resDavis Mrs Donald W resDavis Edward resDavis F resDay W A resDean M R res14069I 6025155Depot Hotel Mah-Tueu-Gar PropDISTRIBUTORS LTD296Donahue M resI 19251Doney J T res86Calgary Brewing & Malting Co Ltd seeI2Clerk of Supreme Court—G R DavisCrooks R J resCrowe Mrs S resTH E72185127LUMBER LTD J B Sutherland Mgr277Judge's Office—A M MacDonaldShcrifFs Office—G R Davis27!259153174234Bixon nolifivt rftsDOCK'S EXCHANGE J H StecktosDonahue F T resDonahue M & Son Agts Cockshutt Plow CoDoncy John T Jeweler & OpticianDondican J H resDunbar Mrs S G resDunn Mrs A resEokmler Bert resEdlund C 0 L res

Macleod84,YOU NEED NOT FEEL LONELY AWAY FROM HOME"USELONG43Empire Hotel Sivinarton & Grier71Empress Theatre2608838Evans 0 H resFanset Dr 0 F res202Fawcctt John L res24724 JFawcett & Cameron Law OfficeForguson Mrs A resJ 28Ferguson F S res107Folkins P I resGardiner II J E Heal Estate & Insurance2951IGoncst C A resGeuge Mrs Colin res'1 69189Lantinga R res27275Law N S resLeather A T Real Estate & Insurance267leather A T res264Lemiro J292Lewis Charles res44A resLiberty CafeI 26MacDonald Judge A M res132Macleod Bakery A W BawdenGovernment J.iiiuor StoreGrady A F Real Estate & InsGrady A F resGreat War Veterans AssociationGreat West Saddlery Co Ltd258Greenwood E res274Crier D J res278Grier Josepli res285Grier R V res29842Griffin Miss J resGust S E Stores Ltd287I 82Hamilton Miss M resHamilton R res171 (5Hammcrsley C resHartley J Meat MarketH28452Heap S resHenderson H E res159Hicks Miss L res266Higgins F T res21721 92 I2 I I290Ilarsburgh R resM385Macleod Meat MarketMacleod Motors-30Macleod Municipal Hospital91ilacleod Times D J Grier19225Marks J T resMartin John resI 83Martin T B res6617 IMalhcson Joseph D BarristerMatliesnn Joseph D res749142MaunscU E II resMcAfee Dr R A Veterinary SurgeonMcCartin P res73McDonald j W KC Barrister &54McDonald J W resSolicitor2 I8McFarquhar Ceo res257McGregor Mrs J F res222McGregor J P resHill M res221McHattic Miss Joan resHiilicr E G resHodnctt H resHoodless W 0 res137McLaren Miss M resI 29McLean A J res1 72McLean J B res3622094Mclcod Alex resMcNah Mrs James resMcNab W H resHospital Macleod MunicipalHoult C G resI 73Humphreys A 0 res281Huntley L H resI265Lambert J S resLane J S resLong W 0 resI I7765635Lambert J S Building Contractor82286262Gillespie Miss Amelia304Kirk Mrs S J resKnight Rev J F resKyilo A resLitle II resLockcad J T resGilroy C II resGoodsir T resI 79130I 95King Cafe Mali GidGibson J resI3 I6858872802391432192Fairweather M Flour Feed & Service StationFanset Dr 0 F Dentist26813DISTANCE ffImperial Oil Limited C G Hoult AgentItcs Mrs C C resJ9926Mclvor J T res,McNay R D Druggist270McNay R D resI 36263McRao J E resMercer C A res70Midland Grain Co Ltd63Milady's Beauty Shoppe16279Mills Dr G S DentistMoreash J W res288Jecks H E res8230Jenkins Groceteria LtdJordon Mrs Kate M resK23269K A T Realty Co2 J6Murdoch C A res23 INicholson D resI 149593rd Battery C F A5714 IMorrison Dr J R ChiropractorMorrow A L resMunicipal District of Bright32r2 Kennedy Dr A II Physician & Surgeon Office50ResidenceI 1332r3Kennedy Allan resKennedy Mrs G A res245Kennedy T M resNNick's Taxi Nlcholus Oski Prop

Macleod351See and Price itHere BeforeYou BuyTrade Your OldFor NewPhone 2346ValuationsElsewhere1350 R Cafe31232372401255!28219422297Paulson J M resPearson G 11 resPearson Geo resPerkins F H res145Price W V res154Fnblic SchoolI51081247r27r3104Pinder S J Agent Massey-Harris224236Tahor Mrs Ella resThevrlis Fred resTOWN OF MACLEODPalace Cafe Quon JackPanter J A C P R Trainmaster resFinder S J resPlatts M J resPrice Jno resWithout Obligation84Fire Chief res W ShieldSeeretary E F BrownEngineer;s Office E H OliverEngineer's res E H OliverPower Honse150Police Office and Gaol273Electrical Trouble157Tweed C E IHC Agent41Queen's Hotel Swinorton & Grier PropsFire HaU214TSveed C E resuUnited Grain Growers ltdw184149663r283r320 I20REACH & CO Departmental StoreDry GoodsOfficeRoid R M resRexsll Drug StoreI5 1Ricliardson R H res299106Ringland D E rcaRingland J W res18826 IRingland Mrs James resRosling Mrs F 0 res273921320693RamsLottom J E resRcacit 0 J rosI 18Walshe F P res1 64Walshe W M res1168Whipple E resWHITE HALL GROCERY104THE Groceries Provisions FruitsWliitworth W res472 I567'105Winchcombe E J Barber Shop & Pool BoomWinter H C res5Royal Bank of CanadaRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceRyan W J res22614I 00Sackitt Rohert resI 80190I 99St George M res16 ISanders A res254Scheer W J resI 20Scott Georgo res205Scougall Geo II Real Estate & InsWiiitworth William Confectionery 4 TobaccoWilkinson Mrs W H resWilson Miss Anna M Milliner24840Ross Father resWall Mrs F J res53Wood 0 J Agt London Life Ins CoWood 0 JresYoung A E resYoung Arthur resYoung H H resYoung J resYoung & Co Ladies' Ready-to-WearRURAL SUBSCRIBERSRi702 Alcock W J—MacleodRIO I 4 Baguloy Jos—Macleod237Scougall Geo H res106221 2102Service Garage Edward BinghamSheffield Motors Goo Sheffield MgrSilver Grill Leo Bars PropSkelding Ceo Gait Coal Agent-Ri4t8 Barr Victor—ArdenviUeR 909 Bates 11—MacleodSkelding Geo resRI906 Bester II—Ewelme61I 63Smith James res235Speedway Garage W Hocdiess[ I698Stevens C W resStewart Geo resStewart H C A resStewart M resStcuthers J A resSun Rise Cafe273Sutherland H res243Sutherland J B res59RI I I I Blood Indian Hospital—MacleodStedman L res96I 0127955i6Swinarton J resR 107 Bcattie Jas—MacleodR141 5 Bodgencr Alfred S—MacleodStevens C W Building Contractor207R1404 Bailey T J—Ardenvitlo'R1414R 306RI I 07R 19 I 6R 603RI206R I 509R 103R 213R 308R1409Bodgner E—ArdcnvilleBrerancr J—MacleodBrewstor Alex—MacleodBritton Mrs E A—MacleodBrown W C—PcavceBuckwcH Edward—MacleodBurbidgc A—MacleodBurns P Ranches Ltd—MacleodCarey N A—PcarceChampney A T—MaelcodChester T W—ArdenviUe'

Macleod86Consult the Directory in all cases before placing aLocal or Long Distance Cali. Dq not trust to your memoryR71 !Chirilo E—llaclc«dRI4I3 Cochlan J J—ArdenvUleRI9I5 CohooD G R—MacleodRiaos Collar A G—MacleodR 505 Cosson D F—PearceR914RI7i0RI808RDoyle J—MacleodEmmelkamp John—MacleodRI408 Evans J H—MacleodR S I ! Faulks P—MacleodRI4I2 Fowler R—MacleodR IDS Froese Yohann—MacleodR M 10 Gillen A—MacleodRI209 Gricr Norman—MacleodR 704 Griffin W—MacleodRl 106 Hatton A J—MacleodHetherington J W—MacleodHogg A M—ArdenviUeR1002 Uorncr J—MacleodR1510 Johnson C A—MacleodRI905 Johnson C G—ArdenviUeRI402 Johnson J M—ArdenviUeRI403Kearns Thomas—ArdfnvilleRI709R 208R 202RI308Kirkland James—MacleodKoole J—PearceLcthbridgeMacGowan Alfred J—MacleodMacGrcgor Kenneth—Macleodlong H G—MacleodRI604 Loyst W A—WellsviUeR 503 Macdonald Kenneth—MacleodPearson llarvcy J—MacleodPerrin William H—MacloodPinxteren C—PearcePresley J F—MacleodPurdy F—MacloodBathwcll School—MacleodRobertson George—MacleodRosninc C—MacleodRosaino C 0—MacleodRowc 0 P—ArdenviUeRussell R F—MacleodSanderson Mrs II—MacleodSchintcma Goo—PearceScott William—MacleodRI006Shield J P—MacleodRI007Shield W n—Macleod605207Vanderhurgh P—PearceR 216RI5MRI32IRI202RI9I2Van Tot Henry—PearceRRRVandcrvcldo J—PearceVanwciden A—MacleodWall F J—MacleodWalsho Ed—MacleodWalter Paul—Macleod604 Watson T & Sons—PearceRI708 Weir M R—MacleodMackintosh Hugh—MacleodRIM4RI0I2R 911Rl II 2Rl 119RI603Maloncy J—MacleodMaloncy P J—MacleodMcAllister D—MacleodMcAllister J E—MacleodMcCrea It—MacleodMcEwan J C—MacleodRI406 McKinnon A—ArdenviUeRI004 McLean A J—MacleodRRRRI203 McLean H H—MacleodR 504 McLean Robert R—MacleodRI304 McLean T S—MacleodPerrin Orond—MacloodParker P C—MacleodPatcrson A—MacleodR 502 Terstccg W G—PearceR105 Thclln Walter J—MacleodRI2I7 Thompson Ed—MacleodR17I2 Trotter Frank—MacleodRI7a5 Trotter W A—Macleodiethhridgo Northern Irrigation District—RI4I0R 904RI207RI5I2RM05RI407Rl 113RI9I4R 206R 912RI506R 907RI9021'RII03 Strain P—MacleodLantinga R—Macleod203 Lehlond F W—Pearce609 lecuwriek J—Pearce903 I.eighton G R—Macleod902 I.cniiro R—MacleodLitle H—MacleodO'Brien C M—MacleodRl 118 Standoff Colony Ellas Walter—MacleodRI4I6 Staplcton P—MacleodR 802 Stephens B—MacleodR 908 Storey J G—MacloodKoole P Store & P 0—PearceR 702RI7a3RI804R 506R 9 10RI802R 707R 708RI4I IR 710R 507R 606RI503RI605 llatfon Andrew—MacleodRM09 Heard T N—MacleodRI607 Heath W—MacleodR 906RI005RI706W H—MacleodC H—MacloodGeo C—MacloodII RI0I6R1003 iludiman D L—JlaclcodRI903 Murphy T E—EwelmeRI405 Murphy W J—ArdenviUeRI907 Nathe E H—EwelmeEmmeiltamp H—MacleodRMetge F D G—MacleodMidland & Pacific Corp ltd—PearceDersch A J—MacleodRI306RRMcNeil E—StandoffMcecham R—MacleodDe Wit G—MacleodDonahue J S—MacleodDriver John—ArdenviUeRI507 Edgar'J A—MacleodRI505205RI3IIRI2I5Derricott 0—OrtonRI9I7R14I7McNab J W—Macleod806 McNab R B—Macleod803 McNab W U—Macleod805RRII04RI508 Davis W—MacleodRI0I3 Day W A—MacleodR 509 Dekoning Arie—PearceR 304R 303RI3I8RI2I6RI502307RRDanlcson & Anderson—MacleodMcMurray Milford—MacleodRiWells George—WellsrilleWhite J A—MacloodWood J W—MacleodWyard N—MacleodYoung ,H E—MacleodYoung W E—Macleod608 Zoetcman I—Pearco204 Zoctcman Mrs John—Pearco607 Zooteman L—PearceDirectory Advertising Pays

%Magra&37The Best Advertising Medium is theTelephone DirectoryMAGRATHConttnaous ServicePUBLIC PAY STATION—Central OfficeEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERS5415135Advance Lumber Ce Ltd E P Tanner MgrALBERTA GOVERNMENTTELEPHONES10I 1234070I I311531878651}I50131Alberta Poo! Elevatorj LtdAlberta Provincial PoliceBank of Montreal A A Nicol MgrBennett Ray resBlaxall K resFowler Dr D B Physician & SurgeonBlaxall N E Intl Harvester Co AgtBly 11 0 res85Bridge J 0 resGagan J F resGARDEN CITY OIL CO LTDRoger Hedenstrom resGibb M resGibb Thelma resGodfrey Melvin resGurney Geo resGust S E Stores LtdH1Blumcl Fred resBridge J H res605884728923Bennett Mrs Inez R res3819Fossey 0 W resTHEAlston Jos resBennion Ernest resI 148 IAlston J W resBourne Elige res1432051685676Fcllger Louis resFletcher Grace resFletcher Ira C resAlberta Pacific Grain Co ltd7927I864680134Brartshaw R W resCanadian Pacific Railway DepotCarter T A resCarter's Garage T A CarterCliristcnsen C BlacksipithCitizen's Lumber Co Ltd N L Schaus AgentCity Bakery Alfred Capewcll Prop2453I 159167SHacking Geo A resHarkor Earl resMarker J C resHarkor J E resMarker L L resHarkor levi res132Marker Myron resI 52Marker Nophi res12860613510!Harris Mae res81310371! THedenstrom Roger resHoningbr E S resHoninger Pearl resHillier H T resIlindlcy Wm resHolladay D W resHolman I L resHudson E L resCity Cafe Jung Toy PropClaxton J A resColcman Claire res129293022Cook Freeman res14614242Crookston Daniel resCook JFres7Jamcs-Davics E resJensen C resJim Long resJohnson Wallace resK34258214945125 45133I 16I I I9Keeler David H resDavis I & Co General MerchantsDow B W resDudley Charles resDudley Dora A resDudley George resDudley Thos resElilert Etnil resElilcrt Theodore res9475I 19Evans Joseph W resLloyd M F R resLong Jim RestaurantI.umby F res 1 w326484r2Ellison Milting & Elevator Co Ltd GeorgeGreen Mgrr 10Karrcn Freda res4r321MMngratli Meat MarketMagrath Pharmacy I C Fletcher PropMagrath School Jas Parkinson Sec-Trea'sM/ RATH TRADING COLTD Hardware & GroceriesDry Goods DepartmentOffice

MagrathA33BUSINESSEXTENSION TELEPHONECOSTS 6 CENTS ADAYA RESIDENCE EXTENSION TELEPHONECOSTS 2H CENTS A DAY57I 1315!749210888Matkin Bcnj resMclntyre W H resMcldrum James ARURAL SUBSCRIBERSresMerklcy A M resMiller Alma resMiller Frank resMunicipality of Mafrrath Tovm Hall J TSteele Sec-TreasN492615093Neiison N C resNicol A A resNiclson Mrs C B, resNorton Alfred resRRR508217R408R404407405417509RRRRRROgilvio Flour Mills Co LtdI 10Briggs A R—MagrathR418510Christensen N—MagrathRParkinson Jas resParrish & Ileimbecker ltdPasscy Wm T resPassey Wm T Jr resPerrett P F resPeters Harry resPoulsen Sarah resPonlsen Hall C resProTlncial PoliceRRRHeathcrshaw George W—MagrathRRRR305Hodges Edward—Magrath104 Jacobs Wm—Magratli502 Kecler David H—MagrathRRI 17Rich Alvin 0 resR141Riethman E E resRirie Horace resRirie J Alfred irie J B resSahey Tola resSabey Mrs Nora resRSchaus N L resR406Lamb H R—Magralli202315102312La Prairie School Disc No 3227—Magrath1 12306309Minion Jas—MagrathLarson Riley W—Magrathlindwall Roy—MagrathLoose Eric—Magrath310 Matson R M—MagrathMinor F H—MagrathMinor L C—MagrathNew Elmspring Colony The—MagrathRR2! 1304R303R316RR5152 14RR50651 1RRirie E M—MagrathRockport Colony—Magrath503 Sabey A J—Magrnth103 Salbcrg John 0—MagrathTanner E P resTaylor Fannie teaThompson A R resThomson Geo Jr resTooner D R resTuftland Joe res957333RRRRRROwens T W—MagrathParkinson A I—MagrathPosscy C A—Magrath216314105R209Taylor W B—MagratliWoodger E G Hardware & ImplementsR512United Grain Growers Ltd—BradshawWoolf G L resR107Whitt David—MagrathRR1 131 19Wliitt J Clifford—MagrathAVilcinsky August—MagrathRR1 141 16Wocknitz Paul—MograthWoolley 0 A resWoollcy V G resWyman H M res.4Norton A S Faian No 3—MagrathNorton W A—MagrathOld Elmspring Colony—MagrathScward Mrs Cora—MagrathShclton A—MograthSorcnsen S C—MagrathWooUey Grant G res Now Rockport Colony Jacob J Waldner—MagrathSpencer J A resSteele J T reswWatson Mary J resWood Angus res63Hocking Thos—MagrathService Store John F PalmerTurner Caroline resTurner lyman res1271484337RHelm J J—MagrnthHcningor E S—MagrathHocking E—MagrathSpencer C C res4439Coleman Geo Jr—Magrath213526313409410RR l!.JDorc H 1—Magrath108 Esser Frank—Magrath413 Fellger C G—Magrath308 Fellger G—Magrath106 Fcllgcr Louis—Magrath210 Gagan J F—MagrathGiles F S—MagrathGygio G 1—MagrathR 4191 18507R.1Balderson G V—MagrathRRPalace Cafe C D ChowPalmer Mrs William resArndt Wm—MagrathBaldorson B W—MagrathBalderson F F—MagrnthBalderson G V—MagrathBawlf N Grain Co ltd The—MagrathBennett R 1—MagrathBourne. Elijah—MagrathRIZ55107I 1847t096913066283Ackroyd Marion—flagrathAllen John—MagrathAnderson Jas li—Magrath40231 1R903074031 1 1Wocknitz Bessie—Magrath/J» : TltU

4MonarchS9"Long Distance" Saves Time and ExpenseFor Rates see Pages 9 to 13, or call "92" for informationMANYBERRIES318410Collins J E—Jlilk RiverEber Geo—Milk River8Alberta Provincial PoliceRRRRR7r27r3Courtney J M Lumber YardRCourtney J M resR30843Davis Isaac General StoreUnited Grain Growers ltdR305RRRRRR214Foss Joe—Allersfon1 1 1409Friedrick J H & Noigel H—Milk RiverDay ServiceEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERSRURAL SUBSCRIBERSRR209 Bockman J II—RanchvilleMAPLE LEAFConnected with BlairmoreMASINASINToll OfficeMAUNSELLToll OfficeRREllert JB—Milk River312 Ellert Jack—Milk RiverEuing Thomas—Milk RiverFoloy Jud—Milk RiverGibson James W—Milk River115 Harris S I—Milk River202Higgins Bert V—Allcrston407 Holtzc E G—Milk River1 10 Hummel F—Milk River306 Jochem J A—Milk River107 Le Due Prosper C—Milk River103 Leffingwcll F S—Milk River41 1 Lind J W—Milk River212 Lodermeier Anton—AllerstonR203R2! 1105 Loft Albert—Milk RiverR404Connected with ClaresholmRRRR302 Nctt Andrew—Milk River303 Nielson E M—Milk River102 Pederson N—Milk RiverMILK RIVER204408Schmidt Peter—AllerstonRR403Steckle A H—Milk RiverRR108206Swanson Oscar—Milk RiverR205207213104208210209Tiiiclen Joseph—AllcrstonDay ServiceEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERS12Advance Lumber Co Ltd4I6Alberta Pacific Grain Co LtdAlberta Pool Elevators LtdRRRR21Canadian Pacific HallwayR20Casper Alex rea26Coatcs F J res19Ellert F H Merchanti IEllison Milling & Elevator Co LtdRRRRManager's res13Ford A A res322Freeman Sadie Bell Millinery & Ladies WearGiles Dr G M PbysicianI7Giles Dr G N res10Madge W M Oarage & Implement Agt24Milk River Consolidated School DistrictI8Ogilvie Milling Co LtdPioneer Lumber Co LtdQuinn Hardware Walter Quinn14Roberts Hotel Co Ltd23Stratton W H res15Thompson H L General Merchant25United Grain Growers LtdRURAL SUBSCRIBERSRRRR413 Anderson \Vm—Milk River414 Barrows Arthur—Milk River106 Barrows E E—Milk River406 Barrows Geo C—Milk RiverR310 Blinco Thos—Milk RiverMcKnight Joseph li—Milk RiverMollcring Mrs A L—Milk RiverSinclair A E—Milk RiverTliielen John—AUerstonTblelen Math—AllerstonTliielen Peter—AllcstonTomfohr Bros—Milk RiverVornlirock Ben—AllcrstonVornbrock Ferd—Allerston\Vornbrock George—Allerston309 Wachtler Joe—Milk River405 Watkins W 11—Milk River412 Welsh Mrs E J—Milk RiverMINOTTConnected with TaberMONARCHDay ServiceEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERSMilk Hirer Hardware CoMilk River Motor Sales12 Lodei'meicr Paul—AllerstonLodermeier Simon—Allerston417PUBLIC PAY STATION—Roberts Hotel7Ellert Henry—Milk RiverRRRR'Ellert H—Milk RiverRMEADOW CREEK65315307304RMAYBUTTConnected with Stirling8402 Egan Thomas—Milk River7Alberta Pacific Grain Co Ltd8Alberta Pool Elevators Ltd3Alexander J Mgr Ellison Milling Co & AgtImp Oil Co626Becker Lumber CoCoatcs F J res12Elings Rev D A res10Ellison Milling & Elevator Co ltd18I20HP CafeKenna Thos res5Monarch Hardware & Implts L BoschMonarch Hotel C Angell9Ogilvlcs Milling Co4Roelofs H J Garage and Farm Implementsj

Monarch40STOP! nseparabJetLOOK!LISTEN! You are not getting your share of business unlessyour advertisement appears in the TelephoneDirectoryWrite for Advertising RatesRURAL SUBSCRIBERS520 Bannink John—Monarch5 I 9 Brady A—NohlefordRRRI 14 Campbell John—Staunton209 Cox J A—NohlefordRR5 14 Be Boer —Monarch211 lie Wit P—NohlefordRRI I 7 Erickson E—Monarch212 Geleyne L—Monarch207 llann Emil H—.MonarchRRRRRRR503 Hofman John—Monarch103 J' hnsoQ Alex—Monarch522 Konyncnbelt Henry—Monarch213106109107205RRRKonynenhcit Jan—MonarchKoolc A—MonarchKoole B—MonarchKoolc E—MonarchKooy Peter—MonarchLetlibridge Northern Irrigation District—RR514204RRR502508203RRI 12208R105RRI 10I I IR108R206RR518517R510LethbridgcA J Branch Water MasterJ Cox Ditch BiderNyhof B—MonarchNyhof Wm—MonarchNyhoff Mrs A—MonarchPostman Gerrit—MonarchRose-Butto School Dist No 1306—MonarchScgbocr Jac—MonarchShiebout E—MonarchStewart & Malr—MonarchStotyn Wm—MonarchVan Dyke Mrs R—MonarchVan Egraond C—MonarchVan I.ohnizcn W J—MonarchVeldhuis Hendrick—MonarchMOUNTAIN VIEWConnected with CardstonRURAL SUBSCRIBERSRR105 Alberta Pacific Grain Co Ltd—Craddock114 Alberta Pool Elevators Ltd—New DaytonHRIII Atkins C L—New DaytonI 04 Aiklns R P—New DaytonR210RConnected with ForemostR215RR115 Cress J J—New Dayton605 Croiikliile Otto G—Now DaytonR 6 IIR 211RDoiid Frank 0—New DaytonDrake D W—New Dayton504 Duell E L—Now DaytonR 51 I Edwards Mrs L J.—Now DaytonR 112 Ehier Alfred—New DaytonR 513 Grccno E A—New DaytonR 204 Ilamling James—New DaytonR 315 Independent School—WrenthamR 503 Jenkins Clias T—New DaytonR 109 Johnston II R—New DaytonR 108 Kaupp Clarence—New DaytonR 514 Kaiipp Gust—New DaytonR 206 Kent Ralph—New DaytonR208 Kesster School II Trockstad Sec-Tieas—New DaytonR 606 Lockman Frank—New DaytonR 510 McCallum D D—New DaytonR 607 JIcKay J T—New DaytonR 602 Miami Farming Company—New DaytonR 103 Moreland P K—New DaytonR 613 Morris Alfred—New DaytonR 507 Morrison J F—New DaytonR 610 Murray R R—New Dayton205 Nate W B—New DaytonR 304 Ostlund Dan—StirlingR 612 Peat Jas T—New DaytonR 604 Risinger Mrs R W—New Dayton212 Roloff Godfrey—New DaytonR505 Scliill Jacoh—New DaytonToll OfficeR110 Scott W—Now DavtonR512 Shields W L—New DaytonEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERSAdvance Lumber Co Ltd L R DuncanAlberta Pacific Grain Co LtdAllicrta Pool Elevators LtdCamino L B res147Duncan L B General StoreI I12Ellison Milling & Elevator Co LtdNelson L & Son Genoral MerchantsNew Dayton CafeNow Dayton Service R P Atkins13C—WrcnthamRDay Service8Christenson JNEMISCAMNEW DAYTON10502 Carninc L B—Neiv DaytonR 615 Catey 0 M—New DaytonRNEIGHBORVIEWBlatter C—WarnerR 207 Brandley H—New DaytonR 107 Candy C—New DaytonPeat Jas T Implements & InsuranceWest HotelR106 Sick F Jr—New DaytonR307 Skeith R E—New DaytonRRRRRR515608609203614302RR305 Wesley Paul J—New Dayton306 Whitcscl John—New DaytonSkeith T E—New DaytonSkeith T E—Now DaytonTraclit Edward—New DaytonTrockstad E—New DaytonTudor Cyrus—New DaytonWesley C L—New DaytonWhen Calling AdvertisersPlease MentionThe Telephone Directory

%Picture Butte41Station-to-Station Calls are CheapestThey are Calls from one Telephone to Another, when it Is not Desired toEstablish Connection with a Particular Person.NOBLEFORDR307R302 Peters J M—NoblefordParker J G—NoblefordR 303 Prendergast Clarke—NoblefordDay ServicePUBLIC PAY STATION—McDougall HotelRRRillWithago G J—NoblefordEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERSRWurzer Jolm—Nobleford1 I318225Alberta Pacific Grain Co ltdNo 2 ElevatorAlberta Pool Elevators LtdO'CONNOR,Canadian Pacific Railway DepotHunt F W res6r2 Hunt K R Implement & Hardware AgentHunt Kenneth R- resllurseliman A S resUutchings Fred Agt North West Wheat Corp22Imoson Wm G res10Independent Grain Co Ltd713Day ServiceEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERSBecker Lumber Co94203Bank of Montreal6r36r519106 Saundcrson G II—Nobleford317 Stewart A—NoblefordIsaac Wm resLuchia Charlie res20r3Luchia Roy res16Medd Jolm H Grocery & Dry Goods23Mulder Rev Jacob res21 r22 I r3Noble C S resFarm res20Nobleford Garage Co R. luchiaI5Nobleford Hotel P Larda14Nobleford Supply StoreI4r2Ruble Ernest res15Seaman Philo Leo resSherwood A M resi7Taekaberry Hohert res248Thompson E A resUnited Grain Growers Ltd2Eagle Butte Oil CoOLIN CREEKConnected with CowleyOLSON COULEEToll OfficeORIONToll OfficeORTONConnected with MacleodPAKOWKIToll OfficePARKVIEWToll OfficePARKLANDToll OfficeSubscribers Connected with NantonPASSBURGConnected with Blair oreRURAL SUBSCRIBERSR321 Anderson W A—Nobleford108 Askew Nelson—NoblefordR3 I6RRRRR207 Atkinson Elmer F—NoblefordRRRRRAskew W II—Nobleford308 Beaver Bros—Nobleford304 Brathamer M—Nobleford103 Christcnsen A—Nobleford104 Gratz Robert P—NoblefordI I 2 Hofman T—Nobleford21 I Hunt C J—Nobleford309 Imoson T A—NoblefordR322 Kaakc Aylmer—NoblefordR312 Knight II F—Nobleford , I 02 Marquis Farming Co Fred Hutcbings Mgi RRRRRRRRRPENDANT D'OREILLE'Toll OfficePICTURE BUTTEConnected with Lcthbridge206 Claydon Arthur—Nobleford306 Gilbert A—Nobleford305 Gilbert G E—NoblefordRR5PEARCEConnected with MacleodDirect Results-are obtained by advertising in theTELEPHONE DIRECTORYNobleford107 McClennan Jno—Nobleford3 I 8 Mclntosh Mrs Margaret—Nobleford314 Mclain J W—Nobleford3 I I McNarlaiid Wm—Nobleford3 I5Miffliii N—Nobleford313 Mulligan D—Nobleford3 10 Mulligan L—Nobleford105 Nettlcton Edgar H—Nobleford209 Nettlcton Ernest W—NoblefordNo other odvertieiog ise ljuiDeuch por«eietent publicity. For advortiaiog rote* opply toDirectory Advertising DepartmentAlberta Goveromeot Telephenee12S Seventh Avenue West, Calgary

aPincher Creek42NOTICE.—Subscribers will be held responsible for allTOLL CALLS originating, from their TelephonePINCHER CREEKContinuous ServicePUBLIC PAY STATIONS—Arlington Hotel—King Edward HotelEXCHANGE SUBSCRIBERSAAlljcrta Gas i58186Fuel CoALBERTA GOVERNMENTTELEPHONES Local Agfs OfficePlant DeptI 153360r4I 62Cox J res136Crawley Mrs M res42167Cridland Clarence resCroiv's Nest Forest Reserve R M BrownSupervisor56Cumberland T J rea123Cyr Dolphis resAlexander J P res187DDe Meyer John res60r3Alexandra Hotel P Mathus Prop17!Derritt Howard E res43Allison C E Grocer & ButcherAllison C E res45I5Alberta Provincial PoliceAlberta Pool Elevators Ltd981758191'732447151Allison R 0 Implement AgentAllison R 0 resAnglican Church Rev N BluntArlington Hotel Paul Kuschel PropArmstrong Alf MachineryArmstrong Alf res92I27r5Drew Harry resDubuc Dr 0 II PhysicianI27r384Diihuc Dr G H resDuthie R Clarke res781487lr31931298767I 20Bailey M resDionne 0 H resDobbie W R resEcho Office PuljlisjicrsBBarbour George resF194FORD SERVICE GARAGEW Roberts Mgr20189Fortin F A resFoiirnier Joe resBell .1 W resBlackburn A M resBossenberry H The HaberdashersBossenbcrry H resBoyes Miss H A res82142Broadwell A rest58Bull Miss M E res192Burns A resBuchanan C S resIFRASER-McROBERTS COLI MITED Departmental Store751225OfficeFraser W A reaFrcebairn A T. Co Ltd The Dry Goods 4Ladies Rcady-to-WearBurns & Co Ltd155124Cain H res174Fugina F J resI 12Callaban Mrs Prank resCanadian Bank of Commerce G C WOton9I 04Galbraith J H resGarden Rev Jno H res772854I7r3I7r2865099166MgrManager's OfficeCanadian Legion Club RoomCANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAYDepot W T Watson Agt Pincher StationCatholic Rectory J Leparoux RecChurch Mrs J C res96Church's Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop72City Oafe Chow Louev Mgr.1 C Church PropJ 193744146855994Frickelton W C resG388Gear & Drew Grocery & ButcherGecring Dr Walter H Dentist23Ceering Dr W H res132184Gillcspic Dr J J Office & resGoodrcau J res14Oovemmcnt Liquor Store97Gray M D resHClark Percy resClements Harry res157197Harper Mrs Reg resColcloiigh A res195I9Rort Chas resHarwood J W Real EstateClul) Cafe Leong Chnen PropCollins M C resColpman C C DruggistConvent31Cooper A H Bakery25Comyn A E Drug Store14062I 18Frecbairn A L resFrey H M resComyn A E resCotte M F ConfectioneryCotte Maruis P resIlalton Henry res107Harwood Margaret De L res152I3I I3Hazclton Ed resHenderson R resllcrron John res6 I1491265Hcslop S resIlillier J E resHintan Mrs S M resHinton T II lumber 4 Contractor

&Pincher Creek43TOMOVEYOURTELEPHONETen Days' Notice is Required (See Page 5. Clause 10)150Hoarc Mrs T H res182Hospital Mother St Vincent de PaulI 70lluestis E S res39Hunter L 11 res55Hunter Margaret M res74196Patterson A resPearson S resPINCHER CREEK CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION27Hyde II E resIlyslop's Ladies Wear49r641I144Palm Confectionery M Tlianos19813563Imperial Oil Limited D L McCain AgentScale OfficePincher Creek Peed & Lirery Jetto BrosProps52PINCHER CREEK MOTORS93Pincher Creek Providers TheR W Morgan Prop70JACKSON BROS LTD Hardware68Jackson C F resSaddlery & Men's Wear21Jackson JPiunkctt G D resPurkiss H Machine AgentPurkiss H resH resI 59Jackson W H res130Jotto II PR49r2res133Johnson A J resI 60Johnston Dave res3476154143145Johnston Mrs John E resRohhins F H resRobertson Margaret res40Ross W A resI8Royal Bonk of CanadasK131161Kelly Jack resI 17Kelly Miss Margaret resI 562622, „u ,King Edward Hotel Paul Kuschcl Prop1 ILaidiaw R Y resLaidiaw W res790Kemp J E resKettles Chas res64r4647 I r4I 23,s.[80I 88Lynch-Staunton A H resLynch-Sfaunton F C resI 73179Spitxie Lodge No 6 A F & A MStuckoy Richard res358Taylor L J resThompson & Jackson Barristers10105I 146932M13766169MacKay W B res121Main Mrs Gladys res19113418!16Main J R K res38Marcollus W res5 II 77Macintosh Dr C E DentistMarr Walter resMarshall A E res48102Mclntosh Cameron res164McKcnna F 0 Barristqr53McKenna F 0 resMcKcrricher Don res218357793617649r789McLean D J Dodge DealerMcLean D J resModem Clothes CleanersMorgan R W resMorris F H resMunicipal District of KorrMurtland W resMunicipal Office G D Plunkett Sec-TreasTown HallPower HouseTucker E G resTucker Mrs H resTucker S A resWalkcy Dr L W PhysicianWatson C H resWebster A resWebster Bros General StoreWest Mrs Mamie resWestern Canada Flour Mills Co LtdManager Jas Barber res"Wigwam" res103Wilson Bisbop A resI 47Wilton G C resI 63Wright A W res MONTGOMERY &, HART«Ford Dealers153833049r5McCain D L res46TOWN OF PINCHER CREEKCouncil Chamber & Fire HallWMarquis Mrs H res101Scott E J resSCOTT THOS H Furniture StoreScott TIios H resSlovin J resSmith Mrs H J res100Macdounell Mrs Ben resres95I 28168Lchel T resLevasscur Mrs K resFo. i-Laidiaw W P General Store Pmcher StationLake of the Woods Milling Co LtdI 65Saunders JWhen Calling AdvertisersPlease MentionThe Telephone Directory

Ptncher CreekM"Long Distance" is the Cheapest, Quickestand Best Means of CommunicationRURAL SUBSCRIBERSPUBLIC PAY STATION—BracketR2202 Age C—FishbiimR2506R507Alberta Gas & Fuel Co Ltd—Pincher CreekDrj'wood No 1—Pincher CreekR2403 Alberta Pacific Grain Co Ltd—BrocketRl 105 Allred F F—Twin ButteR515 Ambrose E G—Pincher CreekRI809 Anderson J P—BrocketR 8 I I Angliss Bros—Pincher StationR806 Ankill J—Pincher CreekR2306 Anycnhcister Henry—FishburnR 904 Archer It M—Pincher CreekR 716 Austin F S—Pincher CreekRI 103 Baker W J—Twin ButteRI403 Ballantyno Geo—Beaver HillsR706 Barr James—SunimerviewRI509 Davidoff Nick—Pinclior StationR25I I Davies & Hamilton—Pincher CreekR2I 12Davis TV E—Pincher CreekR206 Dennis F C—Pincher CreekR108Dcsbicns X—Pincher CreekR25I2 Des Cliampc Charlie—Pinclier CreekRI4I IR20I2Dickens H—Beaver MinesDiinsdalo L E—FishburnR I 907 Dixon A—Spring RidgeRI9I6 Duffield E I—Spring RidgeRI 9 13 Duffield E J—Spring RidgeRI906 Duffield R F—Spring RidgeR 802 Dugan J J—Pincher StationR913 Eastcrbrook H V—Pincher CreekR 604 Farrell W F—Pincher CreekRI007 Faull J B—Twin ButteR2I 13 Fishburn Manse A C MacPhail—FishburnR23I I Fitzpatrick Dave—FishburnR 2 I I Bastian August—Pincher CreekRI 8 10 Forfuna Adam—FishburnRRI7I4105 Bastian Carl—Pincher Cr

DISTRIBUTORS LTD Bixon nolifivt rfts DOCK'S EXCHANGEJ H Stecktos Donahue F T res . 239 Gilroy C II res 143 Goodsir T res I I7 Government J.iiiuor Store 76 Grady A F Real Estate & Ins . 236 Platts M J res 273 Electrical Trouble 145 Price Jno res 157 Tweed C E IHC Agent 224 Price W V res 41 TSveed C E res

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Source: Shopper Basket analysis in EU Increase the average spending per basket in Grocery grocery grocery 40.5 17.1 per trip per trip 70.6 40.4 per trip per trip 74% X 2.4 VALUE OF GROCERY SPENT VALUE OF GROCERY SPENT

Woolworths and the Australian Food and Grocery Council came together to create the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct (the Grocery Code). In 2015, the Australian Government prescribed the Grocery Code into law under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a new Internet grocery retail shop concept for the Indian customers in the Helsinki metropolitan region in Finland. The motivation for a research in developing a new grocery store service for Indian customers arises from the author‟s own experience of the grocery purchases from the grocery stores.

95 Neoairtec India Private Limited C 03 Refcoat Hall Hall 1 India 96 Susha Founders & Engineers C 04 Refcoat Hall Hall 1 India 97 Megatherm Induction Pvt Ltd C 05 Refcoat Hall Hall 1 India 98 Morganite Crucible India Ltd. C 08 Refcoat Hall Hall 1 India 99 Jianyuan Bentonite Co Lt

Raw Materials Industry 4.0 Products Non-Ferrous Metals Energy Advances in Materials Science Process Metallurgy Safety 16:15 - 19:30 hrs Raw Materials Industry 4.0 Products Non-Ferrous Metals Energy Advances in Materials Science Process Metallurgy Safety 15th NOVEMBER 2021 Time/ Hall Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4 Hall 5 Hall 6 Hall 7 Hall 8

The demand for grocery store type merchandise is currently 5.5 million in the town's trade area. In an open discussion town hall meeting, trade area residents voiced their strong support for having a local grocery store. The same level of support for a grocery

ONLINE GROCERY RETAILERS Since 2011, the total funding of top 5 online grocery retailers in India has gone up to 400 million. On the basis of the funding raised, the top 5 online grocery stores included Grofers, Big Basket, PepperTap, ZopNow and Local Banya, out of File Size: 952KBPage Count: 19

1 HarperCollins Publishers 2017 Section A: Principles of Chemistry A1 States of Matter No. Answers Further explanations 1 C 2 DNH 3 (g) HCl(g) NH 4 Cl(s)