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A ND T H E W O RL D O FL OG I S T I C S IN S I D E O U TABLE T O D E L IV E R I N N O V A T I V EEND- T O - E N D SO L U T I O N SThe reliable provision of medications and medicaldevices is of utmost importance to us. Yusen Logistics isdeveloping industry-specific solutions that ensure yoursensitive cargo is delivered safely and on time. We offer:A highly trained team of dedicated healthcare expertsGDP licensed storage, specialised packaging, delivery and replenishmentof finished drugs and equipment to distributors, hospitals, pharmaciesand surgeriesOur strategic control tower, which acts as a center of excellence managingglobal air and sea freight movementsA full range of customs and fiscal representation servicesA truly European GDP-compliant and temperature-controlledtransportation network - Pharmaceutical Super HighwayReal-time tracking, full visibility of the entire supply chainTemperature-controlled storage and transportation (2 -8 C and 15 -25 C)Innovative solutions supported by our leading IT system4

Y OU N E E D A T E A M T H A TU ND E R S T A N D S H E A L T H C A R ETHE H E A L T H C AR E L O G I S T I C S I N D USTRY ISGETT I N G I N C RE A S I N G L Y C O M P L E XALL THIS REQUIRES A CUSTOM SOLUTIONFROM A DEDICATED TEAMIncreased product requirements demand activeWorking as an extension of your team, we deliver the highlytemperature control and traceabilityspecialized services you require at every stage of yoursupply chain. This means you can spend more time focusedSecurity requirements and measurementson your organization’s core purpose.against counterfeitingBy leveraging our innovative and extensive healthcareIncreasing pressure on cost optimizationspecific services and solutions around the globe, we canleading air-to-ocean conversiontransform your supply chain from an operational cost intoa competitive advantage with full compliance.Need for logistics strategies that align closerwith commercial strategiesOutsourcing of warehousing, transportationand order-management servicesInitiatives to move towards global logisticsorganizations2

Y OU N E E D S ER V I C E A N D Q U A L I T YT O B E D E L I VE R E D T I M E A N D T I ME AGAINNorthamptonWORKING O N A CO MPLIANTGLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINMedical & HealthcareRegulatory Agency (MHRA) licensedAmsterdamEuropean Pharma GatewayFully GDP and IATA-CEIV certifiedChicagoRoosendaalOsakaUS Pharma GatewayGDP compliant, temperature controlledFully GDP certifiedISO13485 certification for handlingof Medical DevicesFirst 3PL CEIV certified at KansaiInternational AirportDedicated healthcare teamAntwerpEuropean Distribution CentreFully GDP certifiedISO13485 certification for handlingof Medical DevicesSurabayaGDP CertifiedFrankfurtPharma Gateway10JakartaGDP Certified

A T T H E H E A RT O F E U R O P E ’ SP HA R M A V A L LE YTHE NEW HIGHLY AUTOMATED YUSENPHARMA WAREHOUSEPharmaceutical companies will now have access toefficient logistics facilities, as Yusen Logistics adds a highlyautomated smart warehouse to its European operations.This GDP-certified facility will be located in Antwerp,Belgium, at the very heart of Europe’s Pharma Valley. Thenew Yusen Logistics smart warehouse will operate almostcompletely autonomously: it will feature among others anarrow aisle racking installation with induction-driven,unmanned trucks that locate the correct pallet throughsensor-controlled positioning.The Yusen Antwerp smart warehouse features:Efficient, sustainable, and highly automated warehouse facilitiesAmbient temperature levels (15-25 C)Storage capacity of over 15,000 palletsFull compliance with the European GDP regulations for storageand handling of pharmaceutical products12

R OB O T I C S A DD V A L U E T O Y O U RP HA R M A S U P PL Y C H A I NWAREHO USE CHARACTERISTICSThe new robotized Yusen warehouse offers you:A very dense and therefore cost-effective storage solutionA 24/7 operational warehouse that can be deployed flexiblyReliable operations allowing maximum throughput speed ofpallets with minimum human error, reducing the risk of damageand accidentsThe Benelux is the excellent entry point into Europe. Withits deep sea mainport infrastructure (Rotterdam, Antwerp)and major European airports (Schiphol and Brussels), itconnects within a range of 500 km to European marketsof 170 million customers. One of the world’s largest lifesciences hubs, as Belgium is the second-largest pharmaexport country in the EU. It provides unique synergybetween healthcare companies - highly developed R&Dlandscape and pushing boundaries for new treatments.14

U SI N G T H E RI G H TM OD E S O F T RA N S P O R TAIR F R E I G H T , R O A D F R E I G H T , O CEANFREI G H T A N D W A R E H O U S I N GTo safeguard the patient’s wellbeing, we carry out ourlogistics activities with care, dedication and responsibility.As a 3PL company, we cover the full spectrum of yoursupply chain: whether you are a pharmaceutical companyor a medical device provider, we will ensure the properhandling and delivery of your products.Our activities include:Temperature-controlled storage and transportationIndustry-specific value-added servicesCold chain logisticsFull end-to-end visibilityMulti-modal and specialized transportation6

I T’ S A B O U T C R E A T I N GV IS I B I L I T YYUSE N H E A L T HC A R E C O N T R O L T O W ERHigh-level security locks - all FTL vehicles are sealedReal-time GPS and temperature monitoringThe Yusen Logistics European Pharmaceutical SuperAutomatic email alertsHighway, developed over the past 20 years, providesRoof ID numbersborder-crossing temperature-controlled coverage on a trulyGEO fencing of routes and risk areaspan-European basis. Wherever possible and acceptable,GDP-compliant trailers with temperature mappingwe offer the option of multi-client consolidation andEuro 5/6 traction, EN12830 / EN13846 compliantshared-user transport. Within its pharmaceutical highwayPanic button as standard mobile secondarysystem, Yusen Logistics transports over 2 million pallets ofTAPA Level 5 drivers trained specific SOPs quality and securitypharmaceutical product per annum.All hard-sided single deck / twin deck dual temperature trucksThe haulers running our Pharmaceutical Super Highwayhave passed a strict qualification process. These qualifiedcarriers, including 16 strategic carriers, are our partnerswho cover the network.Air FreightOrigin CargoManagementNationalDistributionCollection to PortTransportationFull Customs ServicesPickup ServiceWarehousing8Ocean FreightValue Added &Technical Services

W HY W ORK WITH YUSEN LOGISTICS?Kaizen culture deeply rooted into all our processesSmall enough to care. Big enough to cope.Global team of industry expertsFast response around the globeGlobal compliance standardsProven results in optimizing supply chainsEnvironmental consciousness 24/7 visibility throughout the supply chainOur team of experts is ready to helpyou optimise your supply chain.Are you ready to get started?Yusen Logistics Benelux 31 885 522 /ANTWERP16

SUPPLY CHAIN YUSEN LOGISTICS ANTWERP SMART WAREHOUSE. 4 AND THE WORLD OF LOGISTICS INSIDE OUT The reliable provision of medications and medical devices is of utmost importance to us. Yusen Logistics is developing industry-specific solutions that ensure your sensitive cargo is delivered safely and on time. We offer: ABLE TO DELIVER INNOVATIVE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS A highly trained team of ...