The Planetary Grid-Chemical DNA Mutation, Merkaba

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International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518505The Planetary Grid-Chemical DNA Mutation,Merkaba Reversal, and Cellular TransmutationJere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D.Abstract - The information offered within this research briefing is part of a larger, body of suppressed intel containing hidden cosmology only impartedin the highest levels of top-secret, intelligence agencies and the industrial military complex. The current homo sapien-2 species has been biologicallyand energetically controlled in our organic evolution, as we have been genetically, hybridized, mutated and ensnared within continual cycles of reembodiment within the Transharmonic-1 Earth system. The planet and its human development became restricted under remote, clandestine Nibiruiancontrol and energy depletion since 25,500 BC, which progressed in 3470 BC. Nibiru, the original 12th planet in this solar system, secured control ofspecific dimensional spheres 1-2-3-4-7-10-11 planes of Earth’s magnetic, merkaba field. The inverted dimensions: 1-2-3-4-7-10-11 base-magnetic fireletter sequences in the celestial human merkaba field produced mutual inverse mutations in the fire-letter sequences of personified, eternal-life 12Sphere fractal grid spheres 1-2-3-4-7-10-11. The information within this research briefing offers highly, classified information to reverse these mutations.Index Terms– bioregenesis, DNA, merkaba, morphogenetic, quantum, scalar—————————— ——————————IntroductionThe original 12-Sphere Eternal-Life Fractal Gridholds the electro-magnetic, scalar-wave sequencers uponwhich the 12 DNA strand blueprints are arranged.sphere eternal-life fractal grid center-1 and base-electrical12-sphere eternal-life fractal grid spheres 2 and 11 on the“central body pillar” are operating inverted fire-lettersequences.IJSERFigure 3. Distorted 12-Sphere GridFigure 1. 12-Sphere Eternal-Life Fractal GridSubsequently, the magnetic base codes of present-dayhuman DNA strand blueprints 1-2-3-4-7-10-11 presentlyoperate in reverse, making DNA strand-interlacing, andthus interstellar gateway (star-gate) passage via“Transmutative Transharmonic Accretion” and eternal lifepotentiality, impossible. [1]Figure 2. 12-Strand DNA BlueprintPresently, expressed base-magnetic, 12-sphereeternal-life fractal grid spheres 4-7-10 of the “left bodypillar” and the magnetic aspects of electro-magnetic 12———————————————— Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. received his masters and PhD degree innatural medicine at the International Quantum University for IntegrativeMedicine, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. He is working on his Genetics andGenomics Program, Stanford University, USA. PH- 1-310-266-1986. Email: [email protected] 4. Present-Day Human DNA DistortionsQuantum BioRegenesisIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518One of the most vital aspects in this hologramcalled life is to align your personal morphogeneticencryption pattern with the potentiality of “QuantumBioRegenesis”, which refers to a compilation ofinformation, technologies and mechanisms that supportacceleration of healing and expansion of consciousness viathe reprogramming of the introns (potential DNA). It iscreated upon the foundation that consciousness is thefoundation intelligence within all things.506species only have 23 chromosomes somehow missing 13chromosomes.12 Double-Helix DNA Strands and 12 DNAFire-LettersThe original, celestial human DNA blueprint, thesub-strand DNA matrix, embodies the scalar-gridblueprints for 12 “double-helix” DNA strands not 12 singlestrands as the Anunnaki-influenced modern universityscience will deliberately misinform us to believe.Anunnaki teachings taught in all levels of themodern educational system endeavor to depict the “12strand DNA” as six (6) sets of two (2) strands, which intruth is a six (6) strand DNA blueprint configuration.However, twelve (12) sets of two (2) strands or 12 doublehelix strands is the original, authentic 12-Strand DNAblueprint. [2] Each strand blueprint encompasses twelve(12) DNA/fire letters that are intended to chemicallytransmute into 12 large chromosomes per strand blueprint,for a total of 144 full chromosomes (12 scaylons 12chromosomes per strand x strands). [2]Figure 6. The DNA/ fire-letter 36-Chromosome BlueprintEach of the 12 natural chromosomes per strand isproduced by one primary DNA blueprint/fire-letter. Thechemical conversion of the natural chromosome is designedthrough the energetic interconnection between the onemagnetic particle base code, the one electrical antiparticleacceleration code and the 12-minute vector codes thatcreate the structure of one DNA/ fire-letter in the DNAblueprint.IJSEREach of the 12 DNA strand blueprints contains aset of 12 scaylons/fire-letters, a set of 12 base-accelerationcode pairs (one pair per scaylon) and a set of 144 vectorcodes (12 vector codes per scaylon). [3]Figure 7. The Celestial Human 12-Strand BlueprintFigure 5. The Celestial Human DNA-StrandThe 12 natural chromosomes distinctive to eachstrand of 12-strand celestial human chemical DNA is builtupon a genetic alphabet of twelve (12), not four (4),nucleotide base chemicals. Our physical bodies shouldcontain a total of 36 full chromosomes: 12 for Strand-1, 12for strand-2 and 12 for strand-3 totaling 36 fullchromosomes. Presently, we as the current homo-sapien-2The Sugar-Phosphate BlueprintThe 12 magnetic base codes in each strandmaterialize from the “mother-line” (mother’s geneticimprint) and the 12 electrical acceleration codes per strandarise from the “father-line” (father’s genetic imprint). Thebase code-acceleration code pair that creates one scaylon inthe DNA blueprint, through which one natural chemicalIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518chromosome will emerge, forms the two (2) sugar(deoxyribose) phosphate molecule groups that translateinto the two (2) handrails or helix of the chemical DNAladder.In its natural condition, one helix would containthe sugar-phosphate blueprint inherited from the motherline genetic code and the other helix would contain thesugar-phosphate blueprint inherited from the father-linegenetic code, generating a magnetic particle mother-helixand an electrical anti-particle father-helix, as the handrailsof the chemical DNA ladder.507Thus, merkaba literally means the expression ofSource movement. They are the primal cosmic lungs andcirculation systems of First Creation Process, breathingprimal currents from Source via the electric, clockwiserotating, male merkaba (into) and out of, via the magnetic,counter-clockwise rotating, female merkaba manifestationwith harmonic precision.The Present-Day MutationIn the present-day mutated condition, many of thebase codes and acceleration codes that generate thescaylons have been electromagnetically polarity-reversed,which confuse the natural mother-father line chemicalinterconnections within the sugar-phosphate handrails.Within the mutated homo sapien-2 chemical DNA, genesequences inherited from both the mother and father willappear in both helix, as a result of polarity-reversed basecodes and acceleration codes within the DNA blueprint.This portion of the grid mutation creates the primarysustainable malfunction in the natural function of thecelestial human 12-strand DNA.Figure 8. Merkaba Spiral and FieldMerkaba fields are the energy engines andconsciousness carriers through which consciousnesscirculates between the internal, eternal-life 12-spherefractal grid scalar blueprint and the five (5) transharmonicdensity veil as they circulate into and out of externalmanifest creation. The merkaba field also receives itsinstructions for energy circulation from the 12-Sphereeternal-life, fractal grid and DNA blueprint.IJSERA scaylon is a synthesis of infinitesimal, lightsound, fission-fusion energy units known as a “SourceParticle”. Scaylon encryption codes are sophisticatedcollective of scaylons that form a crystalline template oflight spectra, sound frequency & electro-magnetism that isthe morphogenetic field crystal body (the blueprint uponwhich mater and density manifest and materialize).Mutation of the base code and acceleration code pairs inselect scaylons of the DNA blueprint disrupts the naturalfunction and projected electromagnetic interconnectionbetween the mother-helix (magnetic-particle) base codesand the father-helix (electrical-anti-particle) accelerationcodes, and their chemical sugar-phosphate chains, withinevery gene and chromosome in the DNA ladder.Merkaba and Merkaba FieldsEverything in manifest creation perpetually andcontinually expands outward and returns back to Source.A merkaba is a set of counter-rotating, electromagneticenergy vortex-spirals, which perpetually expand andcontract the eternal supply of renewed energy radiationout from and back into Source (or into and out of manifestcreation).Mer Source MovementKa Source ExpressionBa VehicleWhen the original, celestial human 12-strandDNA blueprint is operating naturally, each base codeacceleration code pair forms their own set of counterrotating electromagnetic energy vortices or merkaba fields.The electrical acceleration code portion of one (1)scaylon/fire letter/chromosome generates a minute clockwise rotating vortex-spiral of electrical anti-particle energyand the paralleling magnetic base code generates a minutecounter-clock-wise rotating vortex-spiral of magneticparticle energy within the DNA blueprint. [4]Eternal-Life vs. Finite-Life MerkabaThe organic, eternal-life merkaba spin ratio ofTransharmonic Density-1 is 33 1/3 clockwise (CW) and 112/3 counter-clockwise (CCW). This organic, naturalmerkaba spin ratio creates an electromagnetic antiparticle/particle equilibrium of 33 1/3 parts base-electrical,anti-particles that is a masculine, expanding energy to 112/3 parts base-magnetic particles, which are feminine,contracting energy. Simply stated, it is 33 1/3 electricaloscillations to 11 2/3 magnetic-vibrations per one (1)merkaba rotation within the Transharmonic Density-1matter base.Organic, eternal-life merkaba vehicles originatewith the organic 33 1/3: 11 2/3 spin-speed ratio of a singleset of two (2) counter-rotating spiral vortices that developenergy thrust and spin-speed to greater than light speed viainternal, quantum self-generation. The numerical ratiorelating to organic merkaba vortex spin-speeds over aIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518508period of time measured in increments can be compared toone rotation per trillionth of a billionth of a nanosecond(RP-TBN). This follows the mathematics of the eternal-lifeSource Spiral sequence and expansion formulae.Figure 11. Nibiru's 3657.8-yr elliptical orbitFigure 9. Eternal-Life Merkaba 45 Spin RatioThe inorganic, finite and self-consuming merkabaspin ratio is 34 counter-clockwise (CCW) and 21 icle/particle balance of 34 parts base-magnetic particles(contracting energy) to 21 parts base-electrical anti-particles(expanding energy). Simply stated, it is 34 magneticvibrations to 21 electrical-oscillations per one (1) merkabarotation within the Transharmonic Density-1 matter base.There were originally 12 planets including our Sunthat entered Transharmonic Universe-1 550 million yearsago and consisted of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth,Mars, Maldak (imploded and is now the asteroid belt),Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron(intentionally destroyed to create several black holemoons), Nibiru, and the Sun.Wormwood is actually an artificial, inorganicbattlestar-moon of Nibiru that was created from theremnants of the imploded planet Maldak. The Nibirubattlestar was intentionally stationed at the opposite end ofNibiru’s 3657.8-year, elliptical orbit to continue the forcedmanipulation of Earth’s waters. So, when Nibiru is at itsfarthest location from Earth on its 3657.8-year, ellipticalorbit, Wormwood is located within the core of our solarsystem affecting our solar and planetary waters.IJSERInorganic, death science merkaba technologiesutilize the inorganic spin-speed ratios of 34: 21 in relation totwo separate same-spin, fixed vortex sets; four vorticesinstead of the organic two, placed in counter rotation to oneanother quickening and merging to a common spin of fiftyfive (55) when initiated.Figure 12. Our 12-Planet Solar SystemFigure 10. Finite-Life Merkaba 55 Spin RatioNibiruian AnnunakiThe current 11th planet of this solar system is aplanet known as Nibiru (the original 12th planet of our solarsystem but often mis-interpreted and referred to as the 9thor 10th planet, Planet X, and Wormwood) that has a 3657.8year, elliptical orbit.Nibiru operates on the 34 counter-clockwise(CCW): 21 clockwise (CW) reverse spin ratio and orbit, aswell as revers merkaba field alignment and was last visiblewith the naked eye during the 48BC to 18BC time period.The Nibiruian Annunaki biology also operates on the 34counter-clockwise (CCW): 21 clockwise (CW) reversemerkaba spin ratio as both the planet and its inhabitants(Nibiruian Annunaki) are finite-life and unable to achieveperpetual-life quantum, self-generation. The Nibiruiansonly way of survival is to syphon energy from other livingplanetary bodies and systems via inorganic, externalmerkaba field death science technologies.The word “Annunaki” literally means “theavengers of Annu”, whom are the original, digressedhybrid, Lyran founders race located in dimensional sphereIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-551811 (DS-11) Lyran-Aveyon. 568 million years ago, the AnnuElohim digressed founders race created the Annunaki, adigressed celestial race with 11-strand DNA potential andwere the most genetically advanced biological form that theAnnu-Elohim were capable of genetically engineering. TheAnnunaki race lineage was intentionally designed as abiological vehicle through which the DS-11, digressedAnnu-Elohim could incarnate and download theirconsciousness directly into the transharmonic densities 1-23 for the sole purpose of annihilating the original celestialhuman race and implementing “transposition of raceidentity”. This is simply perpetual, interbreeding with arace lineage until parts of their DNA turn off and they startbecoming more like the invading races. [5]There are several sub-species of Annunaki thatinclude:1. Jehovian Bipedal Dolphin People Annunaki (SiriusA, Arcturian and Galactic Federation)2. Pleiadian-Nibiruian (Annu-Seraphim aquatic-apehominid)3. Annunaki-Drakonian-Reptile hybrid races509bases and nucleotide base pairs that form the chemicalDNA ladder rungs of which the gene and chromosomesequences of the human genome are composed. When the12-Strand DNA blueprint was operating correctly, therecurring set of 12 vector codes essential to each scaylon/fire-letter in each strand blueprint would generate the 12nucleotide base chemicals of the natural “Base-12” celestialhuman genetic alphabet. If functioning properly, the 12vector codes are operational, permitting the full spectrumof 12 sub-frequency spheres from each dimensional sphereto flow between the base code and acceleration code in eachscaylon/fire-letter.Chemically speaking, when the DNA blueprint vectorcode are unlocked there is a natural channel ofelectromagnetic, morphogenetic scalar frequency streamingwithin the properly sequenced chemical channels of thenucleotide base pairs that make up the genes andchromosomes.As a result of this projected natural order, one full,natural chromosome would be comprised of 12 primarygene/exon sequences, which are the coding DNAsequences or chemical blueprints that assemble protein andamino acid. Each are comprised of millions of nucleotidebase pairs, and one equal and paralleling set of 12 primaryintron sequences, which are the non-coding DNA.IJSERChemical DNA and The Sub-Strand BlueprintThe base code, magnetic vortex spirals generallycontained in the mother-line, magnetic helix accrete particlemorphogenetic, scalar frequency from Earth’s planetarymorphogenetic grids into the DNA blueprint. Theacceleration code, electrical vortex spirals typicallytransmitted in the father-line, electrical helix accrete antiparticle morphogenetic, scalar frequency into the DNAblueprint from the paralleling DNA Template of thephysical body’s anti-particle duplicate (in the parallel Earth,anti-particle universe).In the middle of the base code-acceleration code pair ineach scaylon/ fire-letter of each strand of the DNAblueprint, there is a set of 12 smaller vector codes. The 12vector codes flanked by each base code-acceleration codepair operate as the receivers, integrators and transmitters ofthe particle and anti-particle morphogenetic, scalarfrequency that accrete into the strand blueprint via the basecode-acceleration code pair.When functioning properly, the vector codes accretethe particle/anti-particle morphogenetic, scalar frequencyuntil a critical mass is attained. As soon as critical mass ofparticle/anti-particle morphogenetic, scalar frequency isachieved within the vector codes, the 12 vector codestransmute and convert the morphogenetic, scalar frequencyblueprints of the base code-acceleration code pair into thechemical array of the sugar-phosphate molecules thatconstruct the handrails of the chemical DNA ladder.Eternal-Life DNA Sequences and CelestallineBetween each nucleotide base pair that created eachgene is the area known as the hydrogen bond. Here thehydrogen molecules form a weak link between thenucleotide bases of each helix and join the two helixtogether in the ladder configuration. Normally, there wouldbe a set of chemical nucleotide base pairs called “EternalLife DNA Sequences” that could be deactivated andactivated. Presently, these are not functional within thecurrent homo sapien-2 species.In the DNA blueprint, the eternal-life DNA sequence isinactive, and its potential suspended within the vector codeblueprints until the DNA blueprint accretes specific typesof transharmonic, frequency spectra, such as thosecontained in interstellar gateways (star gates). Integratingwith higher 12TH dimensional sphere (DS-12) frequency viaspecific scalar energy techniques (e.g. The Eckasha MaharicSeal technique),[6] triggers the electromagnetic polarity incertain vector codes to naturally reverse, initiating thevector code blueprints to merge, at which time the eternallife DNA sequence is chemically activated.At critical mass accretion, each vector code DNAblueprint transforms chemically convert into the nucleotideIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518510Quantum Morphogenetic CellularTransmutationMy theory on “Quantum Morphogenetic CellularTransmutation” proposes that celestaline materializes in thechemical DNA through scalar energy frequency activationof the introns via the chemical access DNA sequenceswithin the hydrogen bonds when the particles and antiparticles in the DNA blueprint vector codes merge toconvert the base/acceleration code pair of each scaylon intoan electromagnetic micro-merkaba field. Simply stated,celestaline is manufactured within the DNA as itmaterializes within the hydrogen bonds that connect theDNA spirals.Figure 13. 15-Dimensional Time SphereThe “Eternal-Life DNA Sequences” in each nucleotidebase pair of each gene within every chromosome permitsfor the particles and anti-particles within the 12 vectorcodes in each scaylon/ fire-letter to fuse. When the eternallife DNA sequence activate in one group of 12corresponding nucleotide base pairs (12 ladder rungs), thebase code and acceleration code within the parallelingscaylon/ fire-letter unite to form an infinitesimal micromerkaba field.This is the process of “quantum morphogenetic cellulartransmutation” in which the hydrogen molecules transformand release the element Celestaline for the intention ofbiological, cellular transmutation. When the introns areactivated to a certain level, this grants your DNA thetemporary ability to create celestalline, which opens theneutron aperture, the nucleus of your atom. Additionally,re-introducing nitrogen into the water correspondinglytriggers hydrolase conversion.IJSERAs a result of activating the eternal-life DNA sequence,this micro-merkaba field (a set of interwoven, counterrotating electromagnetic field) triggers in the DNAblueprint scaylon/fire-letter. Subsequently, the eternal-lifeDNA sequence merges together in fusion into the hydrogenbonds of the 12 nucleotide base pairs to which it parallels.By means of the hydrogen bonds, the 12 nucleotidebase pairs combine to create a new, transient, compositethat is a silica-based, chemical-elemental compound, foundonly on the concealed, 144 table of organic elementsknown as celestalline. Celestaline is the chemical element ofatomic, cellular transmutation and is an organic, perpetual,stable element found within perpetual-life systems andeternal-life beings (O2He3WH2). However, it is a temporary,unstable and short-lived element within this finite-lifesystem and finite-life beings (H2N3AUO2).Celestalline first materializes within the areas of thehydrogen bonds that link the nucleotide bases of each helixto create the nucleotide base pair ladder rungs, whichassemble the two sugar-phosphate helix into the doublehelix configuration. Celestalline is the chemical of quantummorphogenetic cellular transmutation. It is the naturalchemical by-product that materializes in the chemical DNAthrough activation of the eternal-life DNA sequences withinthe hydrogen bonds, when the particles and anti-particlesin the DNA blueprint vector codes fuse to convert the baseacceleration code pair of each scaylon/ fire-letter into anelectromagnetic micro-merkaba field. [6]Celestalline activates the intron DNA sequences (noncoding “potential DNA” sequences between active exonsequences in individual genes) in individual genes,allowing the intron sequences in the smallest gene toduplicate the exon sequences in next largest gene,transmuting the smaller gene into a copy of the larger gene.This process allows the 12-primary exon/gene sequencesand 12 corresponding intron sequences in a single, naturalchromosome to fuse into one long exon-intron/genesequence that is the duplicate of the exon-intron/genesequences of the next largest chromosome. Exon andIntron/gene sequences 1-12 of chromosome-1 combine intoone sequence that is the replica of the exon and intron/genesequences of chromosome-2, etc.Interface DNA Sequence and BondedChromosomeWhen the DNA blueprint is functioning correctly, assoon as the first sector of eternal-life DNA is triggered andthe first set of 12 paralleling nucleotide base pairs fuse toform celestalline within the nucleotide base pair hydrogenbonds, an extremely quick chain reaction occurs in theDNA blueprint and chemical DNA.The exon-intron/gene sequences in chromosome-1transmute to replicate those in chromosome-2, triggeringchromosome-2 to initiate the same process withchromosome-3, etc. Once the set of 12 natural chromosomesrelating to one (1) DNA strand blueprint (and onedimensional frequency sphere) triggers, a sufficient amountof celestalline is accreted in the chemical DNA, to triggerIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518the same process within the next DNA strand blueprint.Triggered by the production of celestalline from thechromosomes of the prior DNA-strand, as each segment ofthe eternal-life DNA activates in each chromosome, DNAstrand blueprint and chemical DNA ladder, a new kind ofchemical DNA sequence called “Interface DNA Sequence”materializes. When a sufficient amount of celestalline isproduced by activation of the eternal-life DNA sequencesin each gene and chromosome of the first 3 DNA strandblueprints, these new sequences of chemical interface ome.Celestalline production maintains and accelerates inthe DNA and cell nucleus as the interface DNA sequencesprogressively connect together and blend the 12 naturalchromosomes from each of the first 3 DNA strandblueprints. This creates what is called a “bondedchromosome”, which is a group of 12 specific fullchromosomes bonded together via the activated interfaceDNA sequence, to produce one super-chromosome knownas the “bonded chromosome”. [7]511magnetic particle helix of the chemical DNA sequencerelating to the strand-2 blueprint. As the chemical DNAsequences relating to DNA strand blueprints 1 and 2 fuse,the same process is set in motion between DNA strandblueprints 2 and 3, etc.Celestalline Carriers and Celesmaic Crystal:The Super-Luminal Element CelesmaAs celestalline levels continue to increase, a criticalmass of celestalline is produced within the hydrogen bondsto sufficiently transmit the celestalline chemical blueprintfrom the cell nuclei into the cells via messenger RNA aschemical instructions for production of new, highlycomplex amino-acid chains and proteins.The new protein chemical building blocks produce avariety of numerous chemical-hormonal “celestallinecarriers”. Due to the chemical-hormonal celestallinecarriers, the celestalline blueprint is transported into thebloodstream and all of the chemical-hormonal systems ofthe brain and body. As the celestalline blueprint enters theblood and hormonal systems, a rapid sequence ofbiochemical modifications occurs within the glands, organs,nervous system, brain and blood. Momentarily, interactions to occur within the nucleus of red blood cellsand within certain fluid and hormonal secretions.IJSERDNA Strand Interlacing and CompoundMorphogeneAs the 12 previously separate chromosomes fromeach of 3 DNA strand blueprints fuse to form 3 bondedchromosomes (one for each DNA strand blueprint 1-2-3),the second sequences of interface DNA sequencesmaterializes between each of the 3 bonded chromosomesinitiating the process called “DNA strand interlacing”.In DNA strand interlacing, the two (2) helix of thechemical DNA sequences relating to double helix DNAstrand blueprint-1 de-polarize and combine into a transient,singular, electrical-antiparticle helix called a “compoundmorphogene”. The term “compound” refers to the passingof a chemical DNA sequence that emerges from one strandblueprint into interlacing or bonding with a parallelingDNA sequence materializing from the strand blueprint,which is next in sequence within the dimensional scale.The term “morphogene” refers to the fact that inthis process of DNA strand interlacing, or “strand fusion”,the DNA sequence being transported appears to untanglein structure as it depolarizes to form a single, anti-particlehelix. As the DNA sequence de-polarizes and de-manifestsfrom its original position in the DNA chain, it leaves behinda transient, morphogenetic imprint or “morphogene” of itsprior structure within the chemical DNA sequence fromwhich it transferred.Once materialized, the compound electromagnetically binds to the hydrogen bonds of theThe chemical-elemental interactions between specificbody fluids and the celestaline blueprint in the body cellsinitiate the temporary materialization of minute bloodcrystals, hormone crystals and transfiguration andmanifestation of fragments of the physical body’s watermolecules into a silica-like, radioactive, crystalline elementcalled “celesma”. [8] Celesma, or celesmaic crystal, is atransient super-luminal, transharmonic element. The spinrate of celesma atoms is much faster than light speed,rendering the substance super-luminal and it cannot bechemically cleaved into simpler substances, which qualifiesit as an element. Celesma can only be produced through theprocess of internal, nuclear fusion between specific particleand anti-particle pairs from two separate 3-dimensionalsystems, matter density levels or “trans-harmonics” ofmatter density, consequently the element celesma is transharmonic.Morphogenetic Residue & Blood, Hormoneand Celesmaic CrystalsThe element celesma itself is short-lived in that itfractures into unsteady, sub-atomic fragments shortly afterits creation during the cellular transmutation processhowever, it leaves behind a “morphogenetic residue” aftera biological form has completed its physical transformationout of transharmonic-1 density. The formation of theminute blood, hormone and celesmaic crystals within theIJSER 2019

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 10, Issue 6, June-2019ISSN 2229-5518512body indicates that the quantity of celestaline blueprinttransported by the chemical-hormonal “celestaline carriers”has reached a maximum accretion within the body cells,through which the processes of inner cellular fusion andmolecular transmutation will begin.As the celestalline blueprint reaches maximumaccretion within the blood, fluids and hormonal systems,and a maximum accretion of blood, hormone and celesmaiccrystals form, the atomic structure of the body enters aphase of transmutation. The infinitesimal, interdimensionalatomic structure of the chemical celestaline is composed ofa set of complex, alternated particle/anti-particle subatomic units that, at different stages of the chemical’s verybrief life, simulate both waves and particles. In both stages,the molecular units that celestaline is composed have ratesof spin that are greater than the light-speed in thisdimensional sphere making the atomic structure ofcelestaline super-luminal. [9]Considering that celestaline has an atomicstructure that moves faster than the spe

The current 11th planet of this solar system is a planet knownas Nibiru (the original 12th planet of our solar system but often misinterpreted and referred to as the - th 9 or 10th planet, Planet X, and Wormwood) that hasa 3657.8 - year, elliptical orbit. Figure 11. Nibiru's 3657.8-yr ellipti

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Genetic transformation and DNA DNA is the genetic material in bacterial viruses (phage) The base-pairing rule DNA structure. 2. Basis for polarity of SS DNA and anti-parallel complementary strands of DNA 3. DNA replication models 4. Mechanism of DNA replication: steps and molecular machinery

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

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pen or colored pencil. Then, grid the paper or illustration board you will draw onto. If you double your grid to a 1” grid for your final it will be 16” x 20”. Grid your final with pencil. You may use any size grid (the smaller the grid the more detail), but your final will be between 16” x 20” to 18” x 24. The grid should be 1 to 1.

2. At the end of DNA replication, (four/two) new strands of DNA have been produced, giving a total of (four/six) strands of DNA. 3. New DNA is replicated in strands complementary to old DNA because production of new DNA follows the rules of (base pairing/the double helix). Identifying Structures On the lines corresponding to the numbers on the .

The Insider’s Guide to DNA 1 Family history is in our DNA We all have DNA. It’s the genetic code that tells your body how to build you. You inherit half of your DNA from each parent: 50% from Mom and 50% from Dad, though exactly which DNA gets passed down is random. Because they inherited their DNA in the same way from their parents, your .

DNA cytosine methylation is a major epigenetic mark in eukaryotes. In plants, the DNA methyla-tion level in the genome is controlled by de novo DNA methylation, maintenance DNA methylation and DNA demethylation. De novo methylation is mediated by RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM), which can occur at all cytosine contexts,

3 DNA is a template in RNA synthesis In DNA replication, both DNA strands of ds DNA act as templates to specify the complementary base sequence on the new chains, by base-pairing. In transcription of DNA into RNA, only one DNA strand (the negative strand) acts as template. The sequence of the transcribed RNA corresponds to that of the coding

DNA Replication 1. Explain semi-conservative replication. Prior to cell division, a cell must make a copy of its DNA to pass along to the next generation. Copying DNA is called “replication”. Rather than build a DNA molecule from scratch, the new DNA is composed of one old DNA strand (used as the template) and one brand new strand.

The diagram of DNA below the helix makes it easier to visualize the base-pairing that occurs between DNA strands. *3 Things that determine how DNA base pairs bond: 1. _ 2. _ 3. _ Section 3 The Replication of DNA Objectives Summarize the process of DNA replication. Describe how errors are corrected during DNA replication.

2 Science 9 2.1 DNA analysis in forensic science – short tandem repeats 10 2.2 DNA analysis in forensic science – Y Chromosome DNA 11 2.3 DNA analysis in forensic science – Mitochondrial DNA 12 2.4 Comparison of DNA profiles 13 3 The future 15 4 Summary 16 Appendix 1: Definin

DNA Replication What are the key events of the template model for DNA replication? –helicase unwinds the double helix –the two exposed strands of DNA act as a template for DNA replication –DNA polymerase adds th