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OCTOBER 1990 1 .60ItSERVICINGPROJECTSVIDEODEVELOPMENTSFree Screwdriver 7,,nis7,:iepgg:Practical Digital Logic DX -TVDecoding NICAM Sound SignalsScrapbox Logic Probe Test ReportSatellite TV Test Signal SourceVCR Clinic TV Fault Finding9770032 64701610

DOUBLE D ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE A NEWRANGE OF PRODUCTS FROM PROFEX OF GERMANYCTV 555555cm TelevisionCTV 305151cm TelevisionORDER CODE 96514ORDER CODE 96513 210 175.95qUtt,PP90Midi SystemDCR 90Twin Radio CassetteORDER CODE 96511 49.9524.25ORDER CODE 9651014" Multi System Colour TelevisionNIKKAI NT 1411 Systems Automatic Channel SearchAutomatic System Selection Full AutomaticFunctions Auto Shut -Off On Screen display unitMFT manual fine tuning Sound MutingMicrochip tuner 14in in -line colour picture tube16 programme memory Infra -red Remote ControlDimensions: 374(w) x 362 (h) x 393 (d) mm. 139.35ORDER CODE 96294BNIKKAINT 2020" Multi System Colour Televisionwith Infra -red Remote ControlSpecification as NT14Dimensions: 500(w) x 470 (h) x 460 (d) mm.overload warning 3 -pieceaccessory kitORDER CODE 96078 34.77PANASONICMC-E41NComplete edgecleaning 650watt motor Reusable dustbagsPANASONICMC-E42NComplete edgecleaning Fullyvariable power6.5 litre dustbagElectrostatic litter11 5in brushand beater bar MIIntegral toolcapacity Bag full-adjustmentstorage 6.5Instant cord releaseIntegral toolstorage 650 wattAutomatic heightwith Remote Controlmotor Re-adjustmentusable dustbagsInstant cord releaseElectrostatic fitterMI 11.5in brushAdditionalextension hoseMute 32 Station memory capacity 1-99 Channeldisplay on screen Sleep timer (30/60/90 mins.)2 Way operation AC/DC Power consumption:and beater barAdditionalextension hoseORDER CODE 96075 69.53ORDER CODE96076Mains 55W. Battery 45W.Dimensions: 295(w) x 280(h) x 330(d) mm.ORDER CODE 96289 144.95Fully variableAC/DC Operation PAL System Dew IndicatorUp to 4 hours playback (E240 tape) Auto RewindAuto Repeat Auto Power on/offFF/Rewind/Pause Audio/Video output connectorsIN Carry handle. Dim.: 290(w) x 125(h) x 340(d) mm.ORDER CODE 96550power control III 6.5ORDER CODE 96077litre dustbag capacityBag full indicatorAutomatic height 83.44adjustment Instant cordrelease Integral toolstorage 650 watt motorRe -usable dustbagsElectrostatic filter 11 5inbrush and beater barHeadlight Additional 113.00extension hose10" Mono TelevisionNIKKAI NK10.E76.49PANASONICMC-E43NCompleteedge cleaningVHS VIDEO PLAYERNIKKAI NVP 89indicator-Automatic heightcapacityNIKKAI BABY 10 10" Colour Television 5.95PANASONIC MC -E61Lightweight compactconstruction 4.8 litre dustbagLightweight extension wand750 watt motor Dustbaglitre dustbag 173.50ORDER CODE 96294PW 90ORDER CODE 96509with AM/FM RadioAC/DC 12V or Dry Cell (10 x 1.5V) operationRechargeable battery operation with recharge facilityBUSH SR 3200 STEREOSatellite TelevisionReceiver CW DishMW/VHF Radio Earphone jackII Built in telescopic aerialnDoubleDimensions: 245(w) x 245(h) x 245(d) mm. 54.25ORDER CODE 96289A.76D.I-DiIistributorsORDER CODE 96271C813 & 14, 865 Ringwood Road, Bournemouth BH11 8LL' Telephone: 0202 582208 Fax: 0202 593007Parts also available for Sharp/Philips/Grundig/Pye/Ferguson/NikkaiTRADE ONLY - CASH WITH ORDER FOR NON ACCOUNT HOLDERS

LS 3L5See page 979for details ofnext month's issueg ERNVol. 40, No. 12Issue 480October1990On sale September 19th" ":::::-:-:::::::-:::::::::::::::COPYRIGHT IPC Magazines Limited, 1990. Copyrightin all drawings, photographs and articlespublished in Television is fully protectedand reproduction or imitation in whole or inpart is expressly forbidden. All reasonableprecautions are taken by Television tothis month913Leader914Lettersensure that the advice and data given toreaders are reliable. We cannot howeverguarantee it and we cannot accept legal920 A Satellite TV Test Signal Sourceresponsibility for it. Prices are those currentas we go to press.921Test Report: The Philips Model SBC812 DMM922TeletopicsCORRESPONDENCEAll correspondenceregarding advertisements should be addressed to theAdvertisement Manager, "Television",King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street,London SE1 9LS. Editorial correspondenceshould be addressed to "Television", IPCMagazines Ltd., King's ReachStamford Street, London SE1 9LS.Tower,Richard Flowerday, G3ZHHModification of an ex -VCR r.f. converter to providesignals for satellite TV receiver soak testing.Philip Blundell,AMIEIENews, comment and developments.924 TV Fault FindingReports from Philip Blundell, AMIEIE, V.W. Cox, SteveCannon, Mick Dutton, Ray Dunleavy, Andy Worrall, PaulHardy, Ed Rowland, J.K. Potts and G. Grieve.926David BottoPractical Digital Logic, Part 1Mainly the rules of Boolean algebra and how they canbe used to understand digital circuitry and assist in itsdesign.INDEXES AND BINDERSIndexes to Vols. 36 and 37 are available at80p each from the Editorial Office (address930cheques out to "Television Binders".SUBSCRIPTIONSAn annual subscription costs 20 in the933935A few items from our now defunct Query Service.Magazines Ltd.942 VCR ClinicReports from Philip Blundell, AMIEIE, Eugene Trundle,Ed Rowland, Alfred Damp, Stephen Leatherbarrow, NickBeer and Jeff Herbert.944 CD Player CasebookReports from Mike Leach, Mick Dutton, Philip Blundell,AMIEIE and Nick Beer945 A Scrapbox Logic ProbeDerek BoytA simple and effective probe that avoids misleadingindications with tri-state outputs.946 The Tatung TRX2801 BSB ReceiverEugene TrundleThis review completes our series on the four BSBreceiver designs available.QUERIESWe regret that we cannot answer technicalthe telephone nor supply948Test Case 334service sheets. We will endeavour to assistreaders who have queries relating to articlespublished in Television, but we cannot offer949The Changing Scenequeries overEugene TrundleI.F. strip requirements with a Nicam receiver and theway in which the Nicam signal is decoded, using DQPSKdemodulator and demultiplexer chips.published during the last 12 months areavailable at 1.80 each from Television,John Denton Services, Unit 13, ThornhamGrove, Stratford, London E15 1DN. Pleasemake cheques/postal orders payable to IPCService Bureau936 NICAM Digital Stereo Sound, Part 2RH16 3DH.BACK NUMBERSSubject to availability, copies of issuesRoger BunneyLong-distance TelevisionDX conditions and reception and news from abroad.UK, 24 overseas (by surface mail). Sendorderswith payment to QuadrantSubscription Services Ltd., Oakfield House,Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, Sussex,Geoff Lewis, B.A., M.Sc.A number of interesting HD -TV systems using state-ofthe-art technology are under development with the aim ofbeing accepted by the FCC as the US standard. Alsoother developments on show at the Ottawa HD -TV '90Colloquium.above).Binders that hold twelve issues ofTelevision are available for ' 4.50 fromTelevision Binders, 78 Whalley Road,Wilpshire, Blackburn BB1 9LF. MakeThe North American HD -TV Sceneadvice on modifications to our publisheddesigns nor comment on alternative waysof using them. Correspondents shouldenclose a stamped addressed envelope.TELEVISION OCTOBER 1990Les Lawry -JohnsThere are changes at the shop now that S.K. isoperating there.979Next Month in TelevisionOUR NEXT ISSUE DATED NOVEMBER WILLBE PUBLISHED ON OCTOBER 17901

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MI 11.5in brush and beater bar Additional extension hose ORDER CODE 96076.E76.49 ORDER CODE 96077 83.44 BUSH SR 3200 STEREO Satellite Television . 130639 20p BF356 80640 20p 19362 BCY32 200p BF367 BG533 200p BF371 130534 200p BF392 BCY70 16p BF420 BCY71 15p BF421 BCY72 16p BF422 50115 30p 19423 601240 50p BF450 130124 110p BF455 130131 25p .

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