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Professional Collection456African - American Heroes - Social StudiesGrade: 0-201. Jackie Robinson02. Jackie Robinson03. Mae Jemison04. Mae Jemison05. Harriet Tubman06. Harriet Tubman07. Colin Powell08. Colin Powell09. Martin Luther King Jr.10. Martin Luther King Jr.11. Serena and Venus Williams12. Serena and Venus Williams13. Jackie Robinson14. Jackie Robinson15. Let's Read About Ruby Bridges16. Let's Read About Ruby Bridges17. Duke Ellington18. Duke Ellington19. A Picture Book of Rosa Parks20. A Picture Book of Rosa ParksTuesday, June 19, ziaVeneziaAdlerAdlerPage 1 of 141

440Air & WeatherGrade: 0-201. What's the Weather Today?01A. What's the Weather rBergerGibbonsGibbonsManningManning02. When a Storm Comes Up02A. When a Storm Comes Up03. Where Do Puddles Go?03A. Where Do Puddles Go?04. Watching the Weather04A. Watching the Weather05. Sunny Days05A. Sunny Days06. Rainy Days06A. Rainy Days07. Watching the Wind07A. Watching the Wind08. Windy Days08A. Windy Days09. Cold Days09A. Cold Dyas10. The Reason For A Flower10A. The Reason For A Flower11. Snow11A. Snow12. The Cloud Book12A. The Cloud Book13. A Stormy Day13A. A Stormy Day14. Weather Words And What They Mean14A. Weather Words And What They Mean15. Splish, Splash, Splosh!: A Book About Water15A. Splish, Splash, Splosh!: A book about Water455American Biographies - Social StudiesGrade: 301. The Secret Soldier: A Story of Deborah Sampson02. Helen Keller03. Before I Made History: Sew What, Betsy Ross?04. Abraham Lincoln05. They Led The Way: 14 American Women06. Dare To Dream: Coretta Scott King and the Civil Rights Moveme07. Amelia Earhart: Adventure in the Sky08. Mia Hamm: Good as Gold09. John F. Kennedy and PT10910. Cissie Palmer: Putting Wealth to WorkTuesday, June 19, 2007McGovernDavidsonRoopDavisJohnstonShelf MedearisSabinStewartAbrahamAdlerPage 2 of 141

401Animals in NatureGrade: Level A-I01. Life on a Farm (A)02. Look at the Animals (C )03. Animals and Their Babies (D)04. Animal Coverings (E)05. Animal Worlds (E)06. Ocean Animals (F)07. Endangered Animals (F)08. How Do Animals Stay Alive? (F)09. Animal Groups (H)10. John James Audubon (I)85Author Study - Asch, FrankGrade: 0Just Like DaddyLast Puppy, TheMoonbear's DreamMoonbear's SkyfireAschAschAschAsch103Author Study - Baylor, ByrdGrade: 301. Desert Voices02. Hawk, I'm Your Brother03. If You Are a Hunter of Fossils04. I'm in Charge of Celebrations05. Table Where Rich People Sit, The06. Table Where Rich People Sit, TheBaylorBaylorBaylorBaylorBaylorBaylor97Author Study - Brett, JanGrade: 2Annie and the Wild AnimalsBeauty and the BeastGinegerbread BabyGoldilocks and the Three BearsTrouble with TrollsBrettBrettBrettBrettBrett75Author Study - Browne, AnthonyGrade: 2GorillaLook What I've GotPiggybookTuesday, June 19, 2007BrowneBrowneBrownePage 3 of 141

82Author Study - Bunting, EveGrade: 2A Day's WorkFly Away HomeHow Many Days to AmericaPerfect Father's Day, ASomeday a TreeSunflower HouseThe WallThe Wednesday SurpriseTwinniesWednesday Surprise, ngBuntingBuntingBunting94Author Study - Carle, EricGrade: 1Eric Carle's Animals AnimalsSlowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the SlothToday Is MondayVery Busy Spider, TheVery Lonely Firefly, TheCarleCarleCarleCarleCarle91Author Study - Crews, DonaldGrade: 1Bicycle RaceBig Mamma'sBigmama'sFlyingFlyingFreight TrainNight at the FairParadeSail AwaySchool rewCrew109Author Study - Dahl, RoaldGrade: 4Boy: Tales of ChildhoodCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorDanny the Champion fo the WorldJames and th Giant PeachWonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More, TheTuesday, June 19, 2007DahlDahlDahlDahlDahlPage 4 of 141

83Author Study - dePaola, TomieGrade: 1Art Lesson, TheBaby Sister, TheNana Upstairs and Nana DownstairsNana Upstairs and Nana DownstairsNow One Foot, Now the OtherNow One Foot, Now the OtherOliver Button Is a SissyThe Art LessonTomGrade: 2Strega NonaThe Art LessonThe Baby SisterThe Night and the DragonTomTony's olaDePaola88Author Study - Ehlert, LoisGrade: 0Eating The AlphabetEating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to ZFeathers For LunchFish Eyes A Book You Can Count OnFish Eyes: A Book You Can Count OnGrowing Vegetable SoupIn My WorldMole's HillNut to YouPlanting a rtEhlertEhlertEhlertEhlertEhlert89Author Study - Fleming, DeniseGrade: 0Barnyard BanterEverything Book, TheIn the Small, Small PondIn the Tall, Tall GrassLunchTuesday, June 19, 2007FlemingFlemingFlemingFlemingFlemingPage 5 of 141

86Author Study - Fox, MemGrade: 0Hattie and the FoxKoala LouPossum MagicWhoever You AreZoo-LookingGrade: 1Hattie and the FoxKoala LouNight NoisesPossum MagicShoes From GrandpaSleepy BearsSophieThe Magic HatTough MorisWilfrid Gordon McDonald xFox110Author Study - George, Jean CraigheadGrade: 4EvergladesHow to Talk to Your DogJulie of the WolvesLook to the North: Wolf Pup DiaryTarantula in My PurseGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorgeGeorge98Author Study - Gibbons, GailGrade: 2Honey Makers, TheMy Baseball BookNature's Green Umbrella: Tropical Rain ForestsSoaring With the Wind: The Bald EagleGibbonsGibbonsGibbonsGibbons101Author Study - Greenfield, EloiseGrade: 2Africa DreamGrandpa's FaceHoney, I Love and Other Love PoemsNathaniel TalkingNight on Neighborhood nfield87Author Study - Henkes, KevinGrade: 0Chester's WayChrysanthemumJulius The Baby of the WorldLilly's Purple Plastic PurseSheila Rae, the BraveWeekend With Wendell, ATuesday, June 19, 2007HenkesHenkesHenkesHenkesHenkesHenkesPage 6 of 141

96Author Study - Johnson, AngelaGrade: 1Daddy Calls Me ManDo Like KylaTell Me a Story, MamaWhen I am Old With YouJohnsonJohnsonJohnsonJohnson102Author Study - Keats, Ezra JackGrade: 2A Letter To AmyApt. 3Apt. 3DreamsGoggles!Jennie's HatLouiePeter's ChairWhistle for s93Author Study - Lionni, LeoGrade: 1Biggest House in the World, TheExtraordinary Egg, AnFish Is 06Author Study - Maclachlan, PatriciaGrade: 3All the Places to LoveSarah, Plain and TallSkylarkThrough Grandpa's EyesWhat You Know chlan69Author Study - Marshall, JamesGrade: 2George and MarthaGeorge and Martha Back In TownGeorge and Martha EncoreGeorge and Martha One Fine DayGeorge and Martha Rise and ShineGeorge and Martha Round and RoundGeorge and Martha Tons of lMarshall74Author Study - Mazer, AnneGrade: 3The Salamander RoomTuesday, June 19, 2007MazerPage 7 of 141

104Author Study - Polacco, PatriciaGrade: 3Bee Tree, TheBetty DollChicken SundayMrs. Katz and TushMrs. MackPink and SayThank You, Mr. FalkerThe Keeping QuiltThunder ccoPolaccoPolacco105Author Study - Ringgold, FaithGrade: 3Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the SkyInvisible Princess,TheMy Dream of Martin Luther KingTalking to Faith RingglodTar hor Study - Rylant, CynthiaGrade: 3An Angel for Solomon SingerBunny BungalowLittle WhistleNight In the CountrySummer PartyThe Old Woman Who Named ThingsThe Van Gogh Author Study - Rylant, CynthiaGrade: 0Birthday PresentsBookshop Dog, TheIn NovemberThis Year's GardenWonderful Happens, TheGrade: 3Every Living ThingNight in the CountryOld Woman Who Named Things, TheRelatives Came, lantRylantRylantRylant108Author Study - Say, AllenGrade: 3Bicycle ManEmma's RugGrandfather's JourneyTea With MilkTuesday, June 19, 2007SaySaySaySayPage 8 of 141

92Author Study - Seuss, Dr.Grade: 1Cat In the Hat, TheEar Book, TheFoot Book, TheOne Fish Two Fish Read Fish Blue FishSeussSeussSeussSeuss84Author Study - Steig, WilliamGrade: 2Brave IreneDoctor De SotoSteigSteig80Author Study - Van Allsburg, ChrisGrade: 4Ben's DreamJumanjiJust A DreamThe Garden of Abdul GasaziThe Mysteries of Harris BurdickThe StrangerThe Sweetest FigThe Widow's BroomThe Wreck of the ZephyrTwo Bad AntsZathuraVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan AllsburgVan Allsburg99Author Study - Williams, VeraGrade: 2Chair For My Mother, ACherries and Cherry PitsMusic, Music for EveroneStringbean's Trip to the Shining SeaThree Day son a River in a Red hor Study - Williams, Vera B.Grade: 2A Chair For My MotherAmber Was Brave, Essie Was SmartCherries and Cherry PieMusic, Music for EveryoneSomething Special for MeWilliamsWilliamsWilliamsWilliamsWilliams70Author Study - Yolan, JaneGrade: 4EncounterFather SkyMiz Berlin WalksTuesday, June 19, 2007YolenYolenYolenPage 9 of 141

119Author Study - Yolen, JaneGrade: 3EncounterHarvest HomeLetting Swift River GoOwl MoonThe Ballad of The Pirate QueensWelcome to the Green HouseGrade: 4Color Me A Rhyme: Nature Poems for Young PeopleLetting Swift River GoMiz Berlin WalksOwl MoonWelcome to the Ice YolenYolen72Author Study - Zolotow, CharlotteGrade: 1Big Sister and Little SisterThe Old DogThe Seashore BookThe Seashore BookThis Quiet LadyWhen The Wind StopsWilliam's DollWilliam's DollTuesday, June 19, towZolotowPage 10 of 141

183Beginnings and EndingsGrade: 0Baby BrainsFollow the MoonFollow the MoonGrandfather TwilightGrandfather TwilightIce CreamIce CreamJames and the Giant PeachJust Like DaddyJust Like DaddyMommy's HandsShortcutShortcutSome Things Are ScarySophieSophieWhen Poppy and Max Grow UpGrade: 1A B C T-RexAlligators All About An AlphabetAlphabet MysteryBaby BrainsChicka Chicka Boom BoomDR. Seuss's A B C An Amazing Alphabet Book!Follow the MoonFollow the MoonGrandfather TwilightGrandfather TwilightIce CreamJames and the Giant PeachJames and the Giant PeachJust Like DaddyJust Like DaddyMommy's HandsOn Market StreetShortcutShortcutSophieSophieThe Accidental Zucchini and Unexpected AlphabetThe Amazing I Spy A B CTomorrow's AlphabetWhen Poppy and Max Grow UpGrade: 2Army Ant ParadeArmy Ant ParadeArmy Ant ParadeBridge to TerabithiaBridge to TerabithiaBridge to TerabithiaCrawdad CreekCrawdad CreekCrawdad CreekRelatives Came, TheTuesday, June 19, hAschLaskeyCrewsCrewsParry HeideFoxFoxGardinerMostSendakWoodJamesMartinDr. inerPulley SayrePulley SayrePulley SyrePatersonPatersonPatersonRussell SandersRussell SandersSandersRylantPage 11 of 141

Relatives Came, TheRelatives Came, TheSalt in His ShoesShrekShrekSnowboard TwistStorm Book, TheStorm Book, TheTin Forest, TheTin Forest, TheTin Forest, TheWednesday Surprise, TheWednesday Surprise, TheWednesday Surprise, TheGrade: 3Army Ant ParadeArmy Ant ParadeBridge to TerabithiaBridge to TerabithiaCrawdad CreekCrawdad CreekIf You Were A WriterJames and the Giant PeachRelatives Came, TheRelatives Came, TheSalt in His ShoesSalt in His ShoesShrekShrekSnowboard TwistSnowboard TwistStorm Book, TheStorm Book, TheTin Forest, TheTin Forest, TheWednesday Surprise, TheWednesday Surprise, TheTuesday, June 19, owWardWardWardBuntingBuntingBuntingPulley SayrePulley SayrePatersonPatersonRussell SandersRussell ge 12 of 141

438Best of Social StudiesGrade: 201. Types of Maps01A. Types of Maps02. Africa03. Japan03A. Japan04. Canada04A. Canada05. Living in the Artic05A. Living in the Artic06. Living in a Rain Forest06A. Living in a Rain Forest07. Save the Rain Forests08. Rocky Mountains08A. Rocky Mountains09. They Could Still Be Mountains10. Artic Tundra: Land with No Trees10A. Artic Tundra: Land with No Trees11. New Year's Day11A. New Year's Day12. Labor Day12A. Labor Day13. Veterans Day13A. Veterans Day14. Benjamin Franklin14A. Benjamin Franklin15. Pocahontas15A. Pocahontas16. Christopher Columbus16A. Christopher Columbus17. Libraries18. Duke Ellington18A. Duke Ellington19. Fiesta! Cinco De Mayo19A. Fiesta! Cinco De Mayo20. Look What Came from The United States21. The Nile River22. Look What Came From Mexico23. ABC of Jobs: The People that make America Work24. The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks25. The Flag We LoveTuesday, June 19, 2007WadeDodson on arveyPriddyColeMunoz RyanPage 13 of 141

168Big Book - Emergent LevelGrade: 0-301. I Can Fly01B. I Can Fly01C. I Can Fly02. The Birthday Cake02B. The Birthday Cake02C. The Birthday Cake03. What Would you Like?03B. What Would You Like?04. Mr. Grump04B. Mr. Grump05. Yuck Soup05B. Yuck Soup05C. Yuck Soup06. Snap!06B. Snap!06C. Snap!07. Huggles Can Juggle07B. Huggles Can Juggle07C. Huggles Can Juggle08. The Poor Sore Paw09. Just This Once10. Along Comes Jake11. Good for You!12. The Tiny Woman's Coat13. Don't You Laugh at Me!14. Mrs. Grindy's Shoes15. The Cooking Pot16. Ratty-tatty17. The Ha-Ha Party18. Noise19. The Secret of Spooky House20. Old Grizzly21. A Hundred Hugs22. My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School23. The Wind Blows Strong24. Quack, Quack, Quack!25. Boogywooga26. Mr. Whisper27. When Itchy Witchy Sneezes27B. When Itchy Witchy Sneezes28. The Space Ark29. I Can Jump29B. I Can Jump30. Dinner!30B. Dinner!31. Huggles' Breakfast31B. Huggles' Breakfast32. Uncle Buncle's House32B. Uncle Buncle's House33. What Is a Huggles?33B. What Is a Huggles?34. "Scat!" Said the Cat34B. "Scat!" Said the Cat35. Shark in a Sack35B. Shark in a SackTuesday, June 19, wleyCowleyCowleyCowleyCowleyCowleyPage 14 of 141

36. Up in a Tree36B. Up in a Tree37. The Terrible Tiger38. Our Street38B. Our Street39. Let's Have a Swim!40. The Race40B. The Race41. The Long, Long Tail41B. The Long, Long Tail42. My Puppy42B. My Puppy43. Down to Town43B. Down to Town44. Huggles Goes Away44B. Huggles Goes Away45. Baby Gets Dressed45B. Baby Gets Dressed46. Shopping47. Major Jump47B. Major Jump48. Little Brother48B. Little Brother49. Our Granny49B. Our Granny50. The Seed51. Look52. Shoo!52B. Shoo!53. Ice Cream53B. Ice Cream54. My Home54B. My Home55. A Hug Is Warm55B. A Hug Is Warm56. Big and Little56B. Big and Little57. I Am a Bookworm57B. I Am a Bookworm58. I Love My Family58B. I Love My Family59. Our Grandad60. Buzzing Flies60B. Buzzing FliesTuesday, June 19, eyCuttingCowleyCowleyPage 15 of 141

166Big Book - Fiction, Realistic FictionGrade: 0-301. Each Peach, Pear Plum02. Jump, Frog, Jump03. The Carrot Seed04. The Doorbell Rang05. Farmer Joe's Hot Day06. Farmer Joe's hot Day07. Madeline08. Make Way for Ducklings09. Noisy Nora10. The Snowy Day11. I Was Waking Down the Road12. Mr. Grumpy's Outing13. Henny Penny14. Pinkerton, Behave!15. Rockabye Crocodile16. I Can Draw it Myself, by Myself17. Morris's Disappearing Bag18. Stellaluna19. Skipper Grunch20. Chicken Soup with Rice21. Boss for a Week22. It Looked Like Spilled Milk23. The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor24. Raven Day (6bks)25. The Wiggle Waggle Yipperlick (6bks)26. Mystery Mail for Judy (6bks)27. Fun and Games (6bks)28. Feathers for Lunch (5bks)29. Along Came Greedy Cat (6bks & tape)30. Along Came Greedy Cat (6bks & tape)31. What does Greedy Cat Like (6bks & tape)32. What does Greedy Cat Like (6bks & tape)33. Greedy Cat is Hungry (6bks & tape)34. Greedy Cat is Hungry (6bks & tape)35. Big Surprise (6bks & tape)36. The Big Bed (6bks & tape)37. A Good Knee for a Cat (6bks & tape)Tuesday, June 19, 2007Page 16 of 141

170Big Book - Non-Fiction - MathGrade: 0-301. It's Time (5bks/tape)02. Measuring Up (6bks/tape)03. Parts of a Whole (6bks/tape)04. A Slice of Pizza05. Solve It! (6bks/tape)06. What Comes Next? (6bks/tape)07. Everything in Order (6bks/tape)08. Give it a Guess (6bks/tape)09. Math Stories (6bks/tape)10. Tiling Shapes (6bks/tape)11. Units of Measure (6bks/tape)12. What is Place Value? (6bks/tape)13. Patterns Everywhere (6bks/tape)14. Short, Tall, Big or Small? (6bks/tape)15. Sort it Out (6bks/tape)16. Some Things Go Together17. Up, Down, All Around (6bks/tape)18. What’s the Shape?19. Fact Families20. Graph It!21. The Money Book22. Skip Counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's (6bks)23. Solid Shapes (6bks/tape)24. Shapes in My World25. How Many? (6bks/tape)26. Who Wears Shoes? (6bks/tape)27. More or Less? (6bks/tape)28. Adding Animals (6bks/tape)29. Numbers Everyday (6bks/tape)30. The Nine Days of Camping31. Ten Yellow Buses32. Our First Big Book of Numbers33. Our Second Big Book of Numbers34. Finding Shapes35. Ice Cream36. Selling Lemonade37. What Time is It?38. Understanding Graphs39. How Many Animals in All?40. Of Colors and Things41. How do you Measure a Dinosaur? (6bks/tape)42. Eating FractionsTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 17 of 141

171Big Book - Non-Fiction - ScienceGrade: 0-301. What Comes First? (4bks)02. Stormy Weather03. City Storm04. Rainy City Rainbow05. My Cozy Blanket of Air06. Things That Go07. Science Tools08. Listen09. Exploring Everyday Wonders10. Investigating Your Backyard11. Being a Scientist12. Let's Experiment!13. Kitchen Science14. Popcorn Science15. A World of Change16. Growing Vegetable Soup17. A Closer Look18. Investigating Rocks19. Watching the Night Sky20. Building a Space Station (6bks)21. Should There be Zoos22. Zoo-Looking23. Popular Pets24. What Animals Live Here25. Animal Shelters26. Wild Animals27. Animal Sounds28. Grumble, Growls, Roars29. Pant Eaters and Meat Eaters30. Is This a Monster?31. Is This a Monster?32. This Gecko33. Night Diving34. Who Lives in the Sea? (6bks)35. Meet the Octopus36. Beavers37. A Beaver Tale38. Spiders39. Chickens40. In the Treetops41. Name that Bird (6bks)42. When Robins Sing43. Caterpillars44. Butterfies and Moths45. Touch the Earth46. Animal Survival47. Animal Survival47a. Animal Survival48. We Use Technology49. We Use Technology49a. We Use Technology50. From Head to Toe51. From Head to Toe51a. From Head to ToeTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 18 of 141

52. Animal Facts53. Animal Facts53a. Animal Facts54. Changing Seasons55. Changing Seasons55a. Changing Seasons56. How Magnets Work57. How Magnets Work57a. How Magnets Work58. Snap! Splash! (6bks/tape)59. Snap! Splash!60. Bumble Bee (6bks/tape)61. Bumble Bee62. About Me ( BB & SB)63. Weather (BB & SB)64. Animals ( BB & SB)65. How do we learn? (BB)66. Earth ( BB & SB)67. Sky (BB& SB)68. Matter (BB & SB)69. Where is it? Is it moving? (BB & SB)70. Sorting (BB & SB)71. Plants (BB & SB)72. From Seed to Plant (BB)73. Finding the Moon (BB)74. Properties (BB)75. Observing an Aquarium (BB)76. Investigating Water (BB)77. Sunshine and Shadows (BB)Tuesday, June 19, 2007Page 19 of 141

172Big Book - Non-Fiction - Social StudiesGrade: 0-301. Different Faces from Different Places02. We Are All Alike.We Are All Different03. A World of Homes04. Bread Around the World05. What's Cooking?06. Fiesta07. Clay Hernandez-A Mexican American08. Susan Butcher-Racing the North (6bks)09. Angela from the Arctic10. Mark's Kwanzaa Celebration11. My Name is Johari12. The Boy who Loved Dumplings13. Alex Lee: A Chinese American14. April: A Pueblo Storyteller15. The Marketplace16. Under the Big Top17. Our Tree House18. In the Chicken Coop19. Big Enough20. I Could Be21. Going to the Park with Grandaddy22. The Swimming Pool23. I Like Me24. Mama Goes to School25. My Friend at School26. My Teacher Helps Me27. 100 Years Ago28. The Rescue of Baby Jessica29. Journey to a New Land: An Oral History30. What do we Need?31. What do we Need?32. What do we Need?33. Safety on the Job34. Safety on the Job35. Past and Present36. Past and Present37. Life in the Desert38. The World Around Us39. Lights at Night (6bks/tape)40. Lights at Night41. All Kinds of Things (6bks/tape)42. All Kinds of Things43. America Is 44. Who we Are (Kindergarten)45. Time for School (Gr. 1)46. Where we Live (Gr. 2)47. The Might Ocean (6-The Might Ocean/6-Oceans, Seas & Coast)48. Using Nature’s Gifts (Big Book & Teachers Guide)49. Coast to Coast (Big Book & Teachers Guide)50. Young Geographers (Big Book & Teachers Guide)51. Where Do You Live? (Big Book & Teachers Guide)52. Going to the City (Big Book & Teachers Guide)53. A Bird’s-Eye View (Big Book & Teachers Guide)54. What Changes Our Earth? (Big Book & Teachers Guide)55. Why People Move (Big Book & Teachers Guide)Tuesday, June 19, 2007Page 20 of 141

56. How Goods Are Moved (Big Book & Teachers Guide)57. What Is A Park? (Big Book & Teachers Guide)58. Forests, Grasslands, Deserts (Big Book & Teachers Guide)59. Children Around the World (Big Book & Teachers Guide)60. Primary Atlas (Big Book & Teachers Guide)61. Exploring With Lewis & Clark (Big Book & Teachers Guide)62. Cities: Then and Now (Big Book & Teachers Guide)63. The First Americans (Big Book & Teachers Guide)64. A Trip Around the Gulf of Mexico (Big Book & Teachers Guide)65. Our Government (Big Book & Teachers Guide)66. Where Is My Continent? (Big Book, Teachers Guide & 5 Little B67. I Pledge Allegiance167Big Book - Pattern, NameGrade: 0-301. My Picture Dictionary02. My Picture Dictionary03. Little Bird's House04. Hands, Hands, Hands05. Days of Adventure06. Crunchy Munchy (6bks)07. Oh, No!08. When Goldilocks went to the House of Bears09. Itch, Itch (6bks)10. When the King Rides By (6bks)11. Look at the Moon12. It Didn't Frighten Me13. Somewhere14. The Horrible Big Back Bug15. Green Bananas16. Help!17. What do you do with a Kangaroo?18. The Jacket I Wear in the Snow19. Who said Red?20. The New Baby Caf21. The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jigs22. Silly Sally23. Time For Bed24. I Went Walking25. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?26. It Didn’t Frighten MeTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 21 of 141

164Big Book - Poems, Songs, RhymesGrade: 0-301. I'm Gad the Sky is Painted Blue (6bks)02. Songs of Myself03. Morning, Noon and Night04. The Little Overcoat (6bks)05. All the Pretty Horses06. Did You Hear the Wind Sing your Name?07. Jewels08. Little Bird09. Buckle My Shoe10. Chook, Chook11. Little Boy Blue12. Hey Diddle, Diddle!13. Three Little Monkey's14. Jack and Jill15. There was Crooked Man16. Big Red Barn16a. Big Red BarnWise Brown17. Over In The Meadow: A Counting RhymeTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 22 of 141

162Big Book - Read TogethersGrade: 0-301. One Cold, Wet Night02. One Cold, Wet Night03. One Cold, Wet Night04. One Cold, Wet Night05. The Big Toe06. Three Little Ducks07. Mrs. Wishy-Washy08. Mrs. Wishy-Washy09. The Farm Concert10. In a dark, dark wood11. Hairy Bear12. To Town13. To Town14. To Town15. The Red Rose16. Who will be my Mother?17. The Farm Concert18. To Market, To Market19. Whoosh!20. Obidiah21. Mr. Grump22. The Jigaree23. Smarty Pants24. Boo-Hoo!25. Boo-Hoo!26. The Hungry Giant27. Yes Ma'am28. The Farm Concert29. In a Dark, Dark Wood30. In a Dark, Dark Wood31. Lazy Mary32. Lazy Mary33. Dan, the Flying Man34. The Monster's Party35. The Monster's Party36. The Meanies37. The Meanies38. The Meanies39. The Hungry Giants Soup40. The Ha-Ha Party41. Greedy Cat's Breakfast 6bks/tape42. One Stormy Night 6bks/tape43. One Stormy Night44. My Wonderful Aunt: Story One45. My Wonderful Aunt: Story Two46. My Wonderful Aunt: Story Three47. My Wonderful Aunt: Story Four48. My Wonderful Aunt: Story Five49. My Wonderful Aunt: Story SixTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 23 of 141

174Big Book - Rigby CollectionGrade: 0-301. The Cat and the Monkey’s Tail02. Baabooom!03. Bella Lost Her Moo169Big Book - Sails CollectionGrade: 0-301. The Giants Ice Cream02. The King's Cake03. Grumpy Bear04. Hetty Hacketts Farm05. Lazy Duck06. Little Goats Coat07. Monkey's Shoes08. The Swamp Eggs09. Chicken Food10. Barney Malloon's Balloon11. Alley Cats12. Food Fit for a King13. Giant of Ginger Hill14. No Queen Today!15. The Feast16. The Spy Meeting173Big Book - Science Video CollectionGrade: 0-301. Physical Science for Children: All About Magnets02. Physical Science for Children: All About Electricity03. Energy for Children: All About Heat04. Animal Families Series: The Snail05. Animal Families Series: The Crayfish06. How Plants Grow Series: SunflowerTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 24 of 141

163Big Book - Story Basket CollectionGrade: 0-301. Annabel02. Dog and Cat03. Goggly Gookers04. The Hungry Giant's Soup05. The Jumbaroo06. One Stormy Night07. Who Spilled the Beans08. Wishy Washy Day09. Dishy Washy10. Do Not Open This Book11. The Hungry Giant's Birthday Cake12. Mr. Bitter's Butter13. Splishy-Sploshy14. Time for Bed Little Bear15. What Next?16. Ballyhoo!17. Move Over!18. Cats, Cats, Cats19. Greedy Cat's Breakfast20. Kitzikuba21. The Meanies Came to School22. Mr. Beekman's Deli23. The Pirate Feast24. Water! Water!25. The Alphabet Game27. Definitely, Positively, Absolutely No!28. The Grumputer29. The Little Yellow Chicken's House30. The Super Smile Sho31. What a Dog32. Zip, Zip, Rattle BangTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 25 of 141

165Big Book - Tales, FablesGrade: 0-301. One Frog's Story (6bks)02. Caps for Sale03. The Enormous Watermelon04. The Little Red Hen05. Rainbow Fish to the Rescue06. Rainbow Fish07. The Three Billy Goats Gruff08. The Greedy Goat09. Timimoto10. Tikki Tikki Tembo11. Tikki Tikki Tembo12. Er-Lang and the Suns13. The Old Man's Mitten14. How the Mouse got Brown Teeth15. Ashes for Gold-A Tale from Mexico16. The Little Brown Jay17. Selu and Kani'Ti18. The Legend of the Hummingbird19. The Royal Drum20. Pheasant and King Fisher21. Miska and the Long Cold Winter (6bks)22. The Unicorn and the Lake23. The Sun, the Wind and Tashira24. Aesops Fables25. The Clever Turtle26. The Giant Treasury of Fairy Tales (4bks)27. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears28. Shadow Puppets29. The Brocaded Slipper30. The Cat that Walked by Himself31. The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing32. Androcles and the Lion33. Weaving Contest34. The Cave of the One Eyed Giant35. I'm the King of the Mountain (6bks &tape)36. I'm the King of the Mountain37. Gingerbread BabyTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 26 of 141

135Blue Level 9-11 (sets of 4 books)Grade: 3A Treasure IslandAnimal HomesBaby Bear Climbs a TreeBaby Bear's Hiding PlaceBilly at SchoolBingo Goes to SchoolBirthday PresentsBrown Mouse Gets Some CornBrown Mouse Plays a TrickBugs for BreakfastBuilding a HouseDown by the SeaHouses and HomesJack and Billy and RoseJoe makes a houseKitty Cat and the PaintLittle Chimp and Baby ChimpLittle Chimp and the BeesLost SocksMaking a Toy HouseMax and the BirdhouseMother Tiger and Her VubsOur House Is a Safe HouseOur New HouseRabbits' EarsSam Plays Paddle BallSam's PaintingTeacher's Guide Blue Level 9-11The Beach HouseThe Best HhatsThe Broken Flower PotThe Fire on Toytown HillThe House on the HillThe Swan FamilyThe Toytown Race CarTom's RideTwo Little Ducks Get LostTuesday, June 19, esGilesSmithPage 27 of 141

437Board GamesGrade: 0-301. Sorry!02. Cadoo03. Chutes and Ladders04. Sequence for Kids05. Candy Land06. Scrabble Junior07. Pictionary Junior08. Apples to Apples Junior!09. Dr. Seuss The Cat In The Hat: 3 Games in One!10. Uno Spin11. Zingo! Bingo with a Zing12. Smart Mouth: The quick thinking, shout it out word game!13. Blokus14. I Never Forget a Face!: Matching Game15. Boggle Junior405Books on Tape - Set 1Grade: 0-301. Tales of Olver Pig02. The Story About Ping03. Danny and the Dinosaur04. Green Eggs and Ham05. Amelia Bedelia06. The Elves and the Shoemaker07. The Gingerbread Man08. Today Was a Terrible Day09. Martin Luther King Day10. Happy Birthday, Ronald Morgan!11. The Glorious Flight12. Rumplestiltskin13. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed14. The Almost Awful Play15. Ming Lo Moves the Mountain16. Chika Chika Boom Boom17. The Teddy Bears' Picnic18. Little Bear19. Your Pet Sea Lion20. Leo the Late BloomerTuesday, June 19, 2007Page 28 of 141

406Books on Tape - Set 2Grade: 0-301. Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower02. Dinner at Alberta's03. Bread and Jam for Francis04. Many Luscious Lollipops05. Over the River and Through the Woods06. The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo07. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel08. Make Way for Ducklings09. The Golden Goose10. Stone Soup11. Clever Tom and the Leprechaun12. Peter and the Wolf13. Where the Wild Things Are14. The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush15. Your Pet Beaver16. Mama Do You Love Me?17. The Banza18. Berlioz the Bear19. Merry Christmas Strega Nona20. The Doorbell Rang21. A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln396Changing SeasonsGrade: Level B-I01. Let's Look Outside (B)02. Across the Seasons (C )03. The Seasons (D)04. The Four Seasons (E)05. Weather (E)06. Chan

Through Grandpa's Eyes Maclachlan What You Know First Maclachlan Author Study - Marshall, James 69 Grade: 2 George and Martha Marshall George and Martha Back In Town Marshall George and Martha Encore Marshall George and Martha One Fine Day Marshall George and Martha Rise and Shine Marshall George and Martha Round and Round Marshall

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GRANDVIEW MEDICAL CENTER Implementation Strategies 2017 - 2019 Mission & Vision Our Mission: . Health Network held meetings on April 18 and April 27, 2016 for hospital leaders to convene, discuss, and determine the prioritization process. At a meeting on June 13, 2016 Grandview Medical Center .


LexisNexis - Halsbury's Law of England 1 Total 74,513 (Table: 2) The table given below indicates the existing e‐book capacity in the library. Subscribed electronic books No of books ebrary 78,000 Hinari 46,000 ARDI books 19,000 OARE books 18,000 Upto date online 14,000 EBSCO e-books 6,000 AGORA books 5,800 Knovel 3,800 ProQuest e‐books 511

2 - the library building is a public library recognized by the state library agency as a public library; 3 - the library building serves an area of greater than 10 percent poverty based on U.S.Census . Falmouth Area Library 5,242.00 Fennville District Library 16,108.00 Ferndale Public Library 16,108.00 Fife Lake Public Library 7,054.00 Flat .

3 07/2021 Dublin Public Library – SW f Dudley-Tucker Library – See Raymond Gilsum Public library [via Keene] Dummer Public Library [via White Mountains Community College, Berlin] NE t,r Dunbar Free Library – See Grantham Dunbarton Public Library – SW f Durham Public Library – SW w, f East Andover (William Adams Batchelder Library [via

Mar 03, 2021 · Kent District Library Loutit District Library Monroe County Library System West Bloomfield Township Public Library MINNESOTA Hennepin County Library Saint Paul Public Library . Jersey City Free Public Library Newark Public Library Paterson Free Public Library

Parkside Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, LLC of New Britain, CT d/b/a Grandview Re From 10/1/2018 To 9/30/2019 Address of Facility 55 Grand Street, New Britain, CT 06052 Report Prepared By Marcum LLP Phone Number 203-781-9600 Date . Employee health and welfare Gross salaries

Anatomi dan Histologi Ginjal Iguana Hijau (Iguana iguana) Setelah Pemberian Pakan Bayam Merah (Amaranthus tricolor L.). Di bawah bimbingan DWI KESUMA SARI dan FIKA YULIZA PURBA. Bayam merah merupakan tumbuhan yang mengandung beberapa zat gizi antara lain protein, lemak, karbohidrat, kalium, zat besi, dan vitamin. Di sisi lain, bayam merah juga memiliki kandungan oksalat dan purin yang bersifat .