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TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Curriculum012. Trainer Prerequisites103. Annexure: Assessment Criteria11

Mobile Phone HardwareRepair TechnicianCURRICULUM / SYLLABUSThis program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician”, in the“Electronics” Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learnerProgram NameQualification Pack Name &Reference ID. IDMobile Phone Hardware Repair TechnicianMobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician ELE/Q8104Version No.1.0Pre-requisites to Training10th standard passedTraining Outcomes1. Receiving procedure of the faulty Mobile Phone: Understanding the Procedureto receive the faulty Mobile Handsets from the Customer2. Diagnose the Problem of the Faulty Mobile Phone: Understanding the possibleproblems talking with the Customer and using diagnostic tools.3. Arrangement of Tools and Necessary Parts to Repair the Mobile Phone:Understanding the Tools and Parts Required to Repair the Faulty Mobile Phone.4. Repair the Hardware of the Faulty Mobile Phone: Understanding the RepairingTechniques of the Faulty Mobile Phone using tools and equipments.5. Repair the Software of the Faulty Mobile Phone: Understanding the RepairingTechniques of the Faulty Mobile Phone using various Software.6. Testing the Repaired Mobile phone: Understanding the procedure to test theRepaired Mobile Phone.7. Co-ordinating with Colleagues: Understanding the procedures to Co-ordinatewith colleagues based on the Company Policy.8. Safety Procedures: Understanding to maintain the safety Procedures to Maintainthe safe working environment as per the standard.Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaVersion Update Date2015-12-091

This course encompasses 4 out of 4 National Occupational Standards (NOS) of Mobile Phone Hardware RepairTechnician Qualification Pack issued by Electronic Sector Skill Council of India.Sr. No.1ModuleInteract with customerand perform front endrepairTheory Duration(hh:mm)10:00Practical Duration(hh:mm)10:00Corresponding NOSCodeELE/N8106Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning OutcomesEngaging with customers1. Receive the customers andgreet them as per company’snorms2. Follow behavioral etiquetteswhile interacting withcustomers3. Ensure the customers arecomfortable in the store4. Communicate in the languagewhich the customers arecomfortable with5. Understand the profile of thecustomers and offer service6. Inform about repair charges andwarranty applicableUnderstanding the complaint7. Interact with customers tounderstand the customer’spurpose of visit such as repair ofphone, purchase of accessories,software upload, collection ofrepaired phone8. listen to customers andunderstand the customer levelcomplaint such as display notworking, not switching on9. Interrogate the customers toassess the cause of problemsuch as physical damage,uploading of any unauthorizedsoftware or application10. Decide on the action to beperformed, i.e., front end repairor hardware level repair isrequired11. Inform customers about thetime taken and estimated costfor hardware level repair12. Provide document to customersfor collecting the device afterrepairDocumenting on computer13. Use the system to identify thewarranty coverage of the MobilePhone and other terms andconditionsEquipment Required1.Computer2. Diagnostics tools3. CRM software4. Company Manual5. Complain Book6. Receive Register2

Sr. No.ModuleMobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning Outcomes14. Understand the customerrelationship management policyof the mobile brand and informcustomers about them15. log into customer portal andenter the details of thecustomer and other details suchas phone model, complaints,warranty coverage16. Understand and use theinteractive ERP system of thecompany and enter appropriatedetails17. Use the system to prepareinvoice, stock management,order placement, accessoriesavailability, etc.Performing front end repair18. Identify problem and decide theaction to be taken19. Upload only licensed and brandapproved applications as percustomer requirement usingsystem20. Understand the application andsoftware compatibility with theMobile Phone and suggest tocustomers accordingly21. Check the accessories andperform a demo with thecustomer to ensure theirfunctionality (chargers, SD card,etc)22. Open the panel of the MobilePhone without damaging them23. Replace the parts such asbattery and clean the inner partsof the phone24. Ensure the functionality of thereplaced part25. Provide necessary details on thewarranty, terms and conditionsof the replaced parts26. Educate customers on effectiveusage of Mobile Phone to savebattery and to avoid any repeatproblemInteracting with superior andmeeting target27. Understand the workrequirement from superior,periodically28. Report to superior on the workEquipment Required3

Sr. No.Module2Repair and rectify thefaults in Mobile PhoneTheory Duration(hh:mm)36:00Practical Duration(hh:mm)97:00Corresponding NOSCodeELE/N8107Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning Outcomescompleted29. Seek technical assistance fromsuperior whenever required30. Document the work completedon the company ERP softwarefor tracking and futurereferencesFollowing standard repairprocedure1. Follow the standard procedureas documented by the MobilePhone brand for each model2. Take anti static precautionsbefore work and wear ESD wriststraps or aprons3. Follow standard operatingprocedure while handlinghardware modules such ashandling KLOB with ESDstandards4. Use recommended tools forspecific operation suggested bythe brand5. Maintain zero-material defectduring material handling byfollowing standard operatingprocedureAssembling and disassemblingthe Mobile Phone6. Open the outer panel of theMobile Phone using metal /plastic case opening tools7. Use the brand recommendedscrewdrivers to remove thescrews to open the inner casing8. locate the connectors andrelease them to remove themotherboard from the device9. Use hot air gun and otherdevices to remove the LCDscreen from the panel10. Follow similar process and useappropriate tools to assemblethe Mobile PhoneDiagnosing the problem11. Understand the customer levelcomplaint and confirm the issue12. Take preventive measures andidentify if there are any otherissues in the Mobile PhoneEquipment 18.19.SMD REWARK STATION.SOLDERING IRON 10Wt.MICRO SOLDERING IRON WITHTEMP CONTROL.BGA KIT.PPD PASTE.SOLDER WIRE.PCB HOLDER.JUMPER WIRE.ULTASONIC PCB CLEANER.MULTI SCREW DRIVE SET.T-4,T-5 SCREW DRIVER SET.MOBILE OPENER.ANTI STATIC MAT.MAGNIFYING LAMP.BATTARY BOOSTER.MULTI CHARGER.COMPUTER WITH FLASHINGUNIT.FLASHING CABLES.MOBILE PCB OF DIFFERENTMODELS .4

Sr. No.ModuleMobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning Outcomes13. Use the self diagnostic tools(similar to power on self test(POST) card) to performstandard diagnosis process andensure functionality of differentparts of the device14. Follow the standard diagnosticprocedure as documented bythe Mobile Phone brand foreach model15. Check the recently installedapplication or software andverify the compatibility of thesoftware with the Mobile PhoneFixing the software16. Check the recently installedapplication or software andverify the compatibility of thesoftware with the Mobile Phone17. Uninstall the applications that isnot compatible or creatingissues in the Mobile Phone18. Install the licensed andauthorized software’s to resolveissues and suiting thecustomer’s requirementRepairing the component ormodule19. Understand the scope ofcomponent level of repair assuggested by the brand20. Estimate the cost of repair andverify if it is with in BeyondEconomic Repair (BER)21. Heat the singled out componentusing hot air gun to melt thesolder joints and remove fromKLOB22. Clean the board by melting theold solder and removing23 .Place the new componentprecisely on the board atspecified location24. Solder the component on theKLOB using soldering stations25. Ensure the soldering is properand the component is fixed asper the specification26. Operate automated BGA (ballgrid array) work station toprecisely remove the chip fromthe board and repair themEquipment Required5

Sr. No.ModuleMobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning Outcomes27. Perform reballing function bydismantling, heating the chip tobe removed from the board,remove the solder remains, putnew solder balls, place the chipand solder them with the KLOB28. Check for functioning of thehardware after repairing29. Ensure that there is no damageof KLOB while removal andfixing of SMD components30. Ensure other components arenot damaged while using hot airgun for removal of a componentwhich could cause damage31. Ensure adequate soldering forfixing the component and nofurther rework is requiredReplacing faulty component32. Receive spare module /component from stores33. Identify and decide on replacingthe module or component asthe appropriate solution34. Take adequate measures andfollow procedures whenreplacing expensive or delicatecomponents such as LCD35. Ensure that cost of replacing isjustified as the repair cost isbeyond economic repair (BER)36. Ensure that replaced module orcomponent is working and nofurther rework is requiredUsing equipment37. Identify and use appropriatetools and manuals for repairingthe specific issue38. Prevent any accidents whilehandling hazardous tools39. Achieve results usingappropriate tools for specificrework activity40. Maintain zero-material defectduring material handling byfollowing standard operatingprocedure for tools handlingSeeking assistance on unresolvedfaults41. Seek technical assistance fromengineer on faults that cannotbe fixedEquipment Required6

Sr. No.3ModuleCoordinate withcolleaguesTheory Duration(hh:mm)10:00Practical Duration(hh:mm)10:00Corresponding NOSCodeELE/N9909Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning Outcomes42. Receive instruction fromengineers on use of specifictools or new repair processes43. Discuss with superior if the costestimate is found to be BeyondEconomic repair (BER) and takerecommended action44. Coordinate with superior forperforming quality check on therepaired moduleReporting and achievingproductivity target45. Report on the work load andcompletion status46. Submit the appropriatedocumentation on completionof task assigned47. Document the work completedon the company ERP softwarefor tracking and futurereferences48. Achieve 100% daily and weeklytarget of number of repairs49. Meet the target of quality as perthe Service Level Agreement (SLA) ofthe brand and avoid rework50. Repair within the turnaroundtime (TAT) and deliver themInteracting with supervisor1. Understand and assess workrequirements2. Understand the targets andincentives3. Understand new operatingprocedures and constraints4. Report problems in the field5. Resolve personnel issues6. Receive feedback on workstandards and customersatisfaction7. Communicate any potentialhazards at a particular location8. Meet given targets9. Deliver work of expected qualitydespite constraints10. Receive positive feedback onbehaviour and attitude shownduring interactionCoordinating with colleagues11. Interact with colleagues fromdifferent functions andunderstand the nature of theirEquipment RequiredN/A7

Sr. No.4ModuleMaintain safe andsecure workenvironmentTheory Duration(hh:mm)10:00Practical Duration(hh:mm)10:00Corresponding NOSCodeELE/N9910Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaKey Learning Outcomeswork12. Receive spares from tool roomor stores; deposit faulty modulesand tools to stores13. Pass on customer complaints tocolleagues in a respectivegeographical area14. Assist colleagues with resolvingfield problems15. Resolve conflicts and achievesmooth workflow16. Follow the company policyduring cross functionalinteractionFollowing safety measures1. Comply with safety proceduresfollowed in the company2. Take adequate safety measureswhile handling hazardousmaterials or tools3. Follow Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) measures for electroniccomponents4. Escalate matters abouthazardous materials or thingsfound in the premises5. Use safety materials such asgloves, goggles, masks, etc.6. adequate safety measures whileon work to prevent accidents7. Ensure zero accidents in work8. Avoid damage of componentsdue to negligence in ESDprocedures9. Ensure no loss for company dueto safety negligenceParticipating in drills andworkshops10. Participate in regular safetydrills for being prepared in theevent of a fire or naturalcalamity11. Help others during the drill orcalamity12. Administer basic first aid13. Participate in companyorganized games and fitnesssessions such as yoga, etc.14. Develop good posture forworking so that long termhealth problems do not ariseEquipment Required1.2.3.ANTISTIC MATANTISTATI BANDRUBBER SHOES8

Sr. No.ModuleTotal DurationPractical Duration76:00Corresponding NOSCode127.00Key Learning OutcomesEquipment RequiredUnique Equipment Required:1. BGA soldering kit2. Tweezers ( assorted size and shapes )3. Multimeter ( Digital)4. Anti-Static Pad5. Software compatible with different types of handsets.6. Screw drivers assorted size and shapes (TROX) for cell phones7. T-6 , T-5 Screw Driver8. Mobile Opener9. PCB holder10. Antistatic Wrist Band11. SMD Rewark Station12. Battery Booster13. BGA Rework Station (Automatic)14. Micro Soldering Station15. Isoprofile16. Smart Phone scrap17. Interface Cables18. Butterfly Charger19. Battery BoosterGrand Total Course Duration: 203 Hours 00 Minutes(This syllabus/ curriculum has been approved by ELECTRONIC SECTOR SKILLS COUNCIL OF INDIA)Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technicia9

Trainer Prerequisites for Job role: Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician mappedto Qualification Pack: “ELE/Q8104”Sr.No.1AreaDetailsJob DescriptionTo deliver accredited training service, mapping to the curriculum detailedabove, in accordance with the Qualification Pack “ELE/Q8104 Version 1.0”.2Personal Attributes34aMinimum EducationalQualificationsDomain CertificationAptitude for conducting training, and pre/ post work to ensure competent,employable candidates at the end of the training. Strong communicationskills, interpersonal skills, ability to work as part of a team; a passion for Earnand keep oneself updated with the latest in the mentioned field quality andfor developing others; well-organised and focused, eager to le.12 th Standard Pass with 2 Years Industry Experience.4bPlatform Certification5ExperienceMobile Phone Hardware Repair TechniciaCertified for Job Role: “Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing Technician”mapped to QP: “ELE 8104 Version 1.0 ”. Minimum accepted score 70 %Recommended that the Trainer is certified for the Job Role: “Trainer”,mapped to the Qualification Pack: “SSC/Q1402”. Minimum accepted score 70%2 Years hard-core experience to Repair Mobile Phone in any Service Centre10

Annexure: Assessment CriteriaAssessment Criteria for Mobile Phone HardwareRepair TechnicianJob RoleQualification Pack :Sector Skill Council : Electronics Sector Skill ofIndiaSr.No.123456Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechnicianELE/Q8104 Version 1.0Electronics Sector Skill of IndiaGuidelines for AssessmentCriteria for assessment for each Qualification Pack will be created by the Sector Skill Council. EachPerformance Criteria (PC) will be assigned marks proportional to its importance in NOS. SSC will also laydown proportion of marks for Theory and Skills Practical for each PC.The assessment for the theory part will be based on knowledge bank of questions created by the SSC.Individual assessment agencies will create unique question papers for theory part for each candidate at eachexamination/training center (as per assessment criteria below)Individual assessment agencies will create unique evaluations for skill practical for every student at eachexamination/training center based on this criteriaTo pass the Qualification Pack , every trainee should score a minimum of 70% in every NOSIn case of successfully passing only certain number of NOS's, the trainee is eligible to take subsequentassessment on the balance NOS's to pass the Qualification Pack.Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technicia11

Sr.No.NOS No.1ELE/N8106Version1.0ELE/N8107Version 1.0ELE/N9951Version 1.0ELE/N9910Version 1.0234NOS NameInteract with customer andperform front end repairRepair and rectify the faults inSmartphoneInteract with other employeesMaintain safe and secure workenvironmentTotal:Percentage Weightage:Minimum Pass% to qualify:Mobile Phone Hardware Repair 060%70%16040%70%MarksAllocation:Behavior12

Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician ELE/Q8104 Version No. 1.0 . Version Update Date : 2015-12-09 . Pre-requisites to Training . 10th standard passed . Training Outcomes . 1. Receiving procedure of the faulty Mobile Phone: Understanding the Procedure to receive the faulty Mobile Handsets from the Customer 2iagnose the Problem of the Faulty Mobile Phone: Understanding the . D possible ...