London / University Of Cambridge GCE/IGCSE/GCSE Examinations

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London /University of CambridgeGCE/IGCSE/GCSEExaminations

British International ExaminationLEVELEXAMFULL NAMETARGETGCEGeneral Certificate ofEducationExaminationsO-levelInternational (Nepali only)candidatesAS/A – levelIGCSEInternational GeneralCertificate ofSecondary EducationExaminationsInternationalSingle levelcandidatesGCSEGeneral Certificate ofSecondary EducationExaminationsMainly UKcandidatesSingle level2

Recognition & EquivalenceHONG KONGUKGrade E or above inHKALE A-level and ASlevel subjectsGrade C or above inmost HKCEE subjectsA-level and AS-Levelpass in a BritishInternational GCEO-level pass in a BritishInternational GCELevel 3 in HKCEE 2007Language subjects (i.e.English & Chinese)Level 3 in HKDSE (23subjects)Grade C in BritishInternational IGCSELanguage subjectsUCAS Tariff points 40comparable to Grade Ein 2010 GCE A-Level3

Recognition & EquivalencezzBritish GCSE, IGCSE and GCE O-level areinternationally recognized as being equivalent instandardIt is for individual users of qualifications to definethreshold levels of performance foradmission/recruitment purposes4

Examination BodieszHKEAA administers GCE, IGCSE andGCSE on behalf of two UK awardingbodiesEdexcelInternationalUniversity ofCambridgeInternationalExaminationsLondon GCE AS/ALevel / IGCSE /GCSECambridge GCEAS/A-Level / IGCSE /GCE O-Level5

Examination Date in 2011ExamDateSchoolPrivateCandidates CandidatesCambridge GCE /London GCEMay/Jun99Cambridge GCEOct/NovX9London GCEJan99Cambridge IGCSE /London IGCSEMay/Jun99Cambridge IGCSEOct/NovX9London IGCSEJanX9London GCSEChineseMay/Jun9X6

Syllabuses/ Past PapersSelected syllabuses and past papers areavailable for purchase at:z Online bookstore of the HKEAAz Publications Unit, HKEAA,G/F, 17 Tseuk Luk Street,San Po Kong, Kowloon.7

Syllabuses/ Past PapersFull range of syllabuses and past papers areavailable at the awarding bodies’ websites.Edexcel Internationalwww.edexcel.comUniversity of Examinations8

GCE AS/A-Leveloffered by HKEAAzzLondon GCE A-level: (1 subject) LawLondon GCE AS/A-level: (17 subjects)Accounting, Arabic, Biology, BusinessStudies, Chemistry, Chinese,Economics, General Studies,Geography, Government & Politics,Greek, Japanese, Maths, FurtherMaths, Pure Maths, Physics andPsychology9

GCE AS/A-Leveloffered by HKEAAzzCambridge GCE A-level: (9 subjects)Accounting, Business Studies,Chinese, Economics, Geography,Maths, Further Maths, Psychology,SociologyCambridge GCE AS-level: (1 subject)English Language10

IGCSE offered by HKEAAzLondon IGCSE: (27 subjects)Accounting, Arabic as First Language, (Art &Design)Fine Art, (A&D)Graphic Design,(A&D)Photography, (A&D)Textiles, Biology,Human Biology, Business Studies,Chemistry, Chinese, Commerce, Economics,English Language, English as a SecondLang., English Literature, French,Geography, German, History, Maths, FurtherPure Maths, Physics, Religious Studies,Science (Double Award), Spanish and Urdu11

IGCSE offered by HKEAAzCambridge IGCSE: (19 subjects)Accounting, Biology, Business Studies,Chemistry, Chinese (First Language),Economics, English (First Language),English as a Second Language,Environmental Management, French(Foreign language), Geography, Hindi asa Second Language, History, Literature(English), Maths, Additional Maths,Physics, Religious Studies, Sociology12

GCSE ChinesezzzHKEAA introduced the GCSE ChineseExaminations of London Examinations inMay 2008 upon request of EDBMainly for non-Chinese speakingstudentsHKEAA currently has no further plan tooffer other GCSE subjects in Hong Kong13

Enquiries on GCE/GCSE/IGCSEzzzzTelephone No.:Facsimile No. :E-mail Address:Website:3628 8761 /3628 87873628 /gce gcse igcse/14

SAT, ACT and Advanced Placement(AP) Examination

What is the SAT?zzzA globally recognized college admission testoffered by the College Board since 1920sAlmost all colleges and universities in theUnited States use the SAT to make admissiondecisionsMore than two million students take the SATevery year in over 170 countries16

What is the SAT?zzComposed of Reasoning Test (formerly knownas SAT 1) and Subject Tests (SAT 2)Offered six times a year in October, November,December, January, May and Juneinternationally17

SAT in Hong KongzzzHKEAA has been appointed by the CollegeBoard to organize SAT in Hong Kong since200711 international schools in Hong Kong areholding SAT for their own studentsMore than 22,000 candidates took SAT in theexam centres coordinated by the HKEAA in2009/1018

What does SAT test?zzzzReasoning Test tests students’ knowledge and skillsin 3 areas:Critical reading: incl. reading passages and sentencecompletionsWriting: incl. a short essay and M.C. questions onidentifying error, improving grammar and usageMaths: incl. questions on arithmetic operations,algebra, geometry, statistics and probability19

What does SAT test?zzzSubject Tests are content-based, designed to measurestudents' knowledge and skills in particular subjectareas20 SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas:English, history, languages, maths and science6 foreign languages (Chinese, Japanese, French,Korean, German and Spanish) with listening testsoffered in every November20

RegistrationzSign up your personal account at

RegistrationzAvailable test centres will be shown for registration22

RegistrationzMore information about the test centres at HKEAASAT website:

RegistrationzChinese address of the exam centre, location mapand suggested transportation are provided24

Exam FeeszzzzRegistration fees in 2010/11SAT 1:US 47 US 28 international feeSAT 2:US 21 US 10 each subject(Languagetest with Listening US 21) US 28 international fee4 score reports included in the registration feeTest Change additional fee: US 24Standby additional fee: US 4125

Coming Test DatesTest Dates22 January 2011 (Sat)7 May 2011 (Sat)4 June 2011 (Sat)1 October 2011 (Sat)5 November 2011 (Sat)3 December 2011 (Sat)Registration deadlineClosed8 April 20116 May 2011To be confirmed26

ResourceszThe SAT Practice Test and Getting Ready for theSAT Subject Tests practice booklets27

What is AP Exam?zzzA globally recognized exam offered by the CollegeBoard with a history of 50 yearsStudents who take AP exams are immersed inuniversity-level learning while still in secondaryschoolWith qualifying AP exam scores, students can earncredit, advanced placement or both at the majorityof colleges and universities in North America28

What is AP Exam?zzOver 3,600 universities in more than 60 countriesoutside the United States, including top-notch UKuniversities, recognize AP results in the admissionprocessTest dates in 2011:Regular AP exam: 2-6, 9-13 May 2011Late-testing: 18-20 May 201129

What is AP Exam?zAll 33 AP exams are offered in Hong Kong:30

AP Exam in Hong KongzzHKEAA has been appointed by the College Board toorganize AP exam in Hong Kong since 2009Over 750 candidates taking 2,400 AP subject examsin 2010 at HKEAA31

Registration in Hong KongzzRegister and pay the exam fees through theHKEAAOnline registration and payment at

Exam fees in Hong KongzzRegular AP exam: HK 1,400 per subjectLate-testing: HK 2,000 persubject (HK 1,700 persubject if the candidate isentering for two or more APsubjects at the same time,or has timetable conflictwith local public exam)33

ResourceszzAP Credit Policy of different colleges and ore AP exam information and homepages34

ResourceszBulletin for AP Studentsand Parents 2010-11and HKEAA AP Exam2011 – Notes toApplicants35

Seminar on AP, SAT and PSAT/NMSQTfor parents and studentsDate: January 15, 2011(Saturday)Time: 2:30 p.m.Venue: HKEAA, 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, KowloonMedium: English languageGuest speaker:Dr Bo Wang, Vice-president, College Board* A copy of The Official SAT Study Guide will be distributedfree of charge to each registered participant36

What is the ACT?zzzA widely accepted college entrance exam in theUnited States for entry into undergraduate studyprogramsA curriculum-based examination, which is made upof four M.C. tests in English, maths, reading, andscienceThe ACT Plus Writing includes the four subjectarea tests plus a 30-minute writing test37

What is the ACT?zzzMany universities that require SAT Subject Testswill fully or partially waive that requirement for ACTexamineesOffered five times a year in October, December,February (writing test is not offered), April and JuneinternationallyHKEAA is appointed by the ACT Inc. to organizeACT in Hong Kong from 201038

RegistrationzSign up your personal account athttp://www.actstudent.org39

RegistrationzMore information about the test centres at HKEAAACT website:

Exam FeeszzzzRegistration fees in 2010/11No writing:US 33 US 26 international feePlus writing:US 48 US 26 international fee4 score reports included in the registration feeTest Change additional fee: US 20Standby additional fee: US 4141

Coming Test DatesTest Dates12 February 2011 (Sat)9 April 2011 (Sat)11 June 2011 (Sat)22 October 2011 (Sat)10 December 2011 (Sat)Registration deadline7 January 20114 March 20116 May 2011To be confirmed42

ResourceszPreparing for the ACT practice booklet andregistration flyer can be downloaded athttp://www.actstudent.org43

SAT and ACTzzSAT and ACT scores are comparableConcordance table of SAT and ACT scores:

Enquiries on SAT, ACT and APzHKEAATel: 3628 8181 (SAT) / 3628 8191 (AP/ACT)Email:

TOEFLTest of English as a ForeignLanguage

What will TOEFL test you?Measures the ability of non-native Englishspeakers to communicate in English in anacademic setting.1. Reading2. Listening3. Speaking4. Writing47

How is the test delivered?z Thetest is delivered via the Internet atsecure, ETS-approved test centres.z Emphasizes integrated skills whichrequire you to combine more than oneskill:9 Read, listen, and then speak in response to a question9 Listen, and then speak in response to a question9 Read, listen, and then write in response to a question48


Examination ScheduleTOEFL is offered 4 to 6 times amonthz Mostly conducted during weekendsz50

How to register for TOEFL?zOnline registrationWebsite : registration60-3-7628-3333zMail-in registration through RegionalRegistration CentrePrometric, PO Box 12964, 50794 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia51

Scores and Score ReportingzzUp to 4 official score reportsThe exam body will send directly to theinstitutions or agencies the candidatedesignate when registering for the test.52

Interpreting your TOEFL ScoresYou will receive four section scores and atotal score:¾ Reading (0-30)¾ Listening (0-30)¾ Speaking (0-30)¾ Writing (0-30)¾ Total Score (0-120)¾ Performance feedback53

Enquiries on TOEFLzHKEAATel: 3628 8731Email:


簡介 大學等56

簡介 ��)57

報名資格 �身分證明文件58

報名資格 ��身體條件的特殊要求。59

�初至3月中)z ��:港幣550元(2010年)60 ��體(繁體/簡體)、院校及學系等z ��成績、錄取情況時使用注意:- �的考試地點辦理現場確認手續- ��z61

認報名手續:1. 有效的身份證明文件正副本;2. �三)各學年學業成績表正副本;3. ��證明文件正副本;4. 彩色近照兩張;5. �考生簽名確認)。注意事項:- 2

�試的院校z 廣州美術學院z 汕頭大學長江藝術與設計學院63


��:1. 在考評局新蒲崗辦事處刊物組發售2. 郵購或網上訂購

�電話:(8610) 6278 (電話:2540 4778暨大 / 2564 :2893 網站 -考評局聯招考試網頁 �地區招生信息網"66


University of Cambridge International Examinations London GCE AS/A-Level / IGCSE / GCSE Edexcel International. 6 Examination Date in 2011 Cambridge IGCSE Oct/Nov X 9 Cambridge GCE / May/Jun 9 9 London GCE London GCSE May/Jun 9 X Chinese London IGCSE Jan X 9 Cambridge IGCSE / May/Jun 9 9 London IGCSE London GCE Jan 9 9 Cambridge GCE Oct/Nov X 9 Private Candidates School Candidates Exam Date. 7 .

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Cambridge International GCE Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced level (AS and A level) 47 Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Cambridge IGCSE)/Cambridge International Certificate of Education (Cambridge ICE)/Cambridge GCE Ordinary level (Cambridge O level) 47 Cambridge International Diploma in Business 48 European Baccalaureate (EB) 65 International Baccalaureate .

The AS GCE is both a 'stand-alone' qualification and also the first half of the corresponding Advanced GCE. The AS GCE is assessed at a standard appropriate for candidates who have completed the first year of study (both in terms of teaching time and content) of the corresponding two-year Advanced GCE course, ie between GCSE and Advanced GCE.

Email the completed Amendment Request form to For GCE O, A-Level Mid-Year subjects, no amendments will be accepted after 27 March 2019. The deadline for amendments to registration for GCE N(T)-/ N(A)-Level, GCE O-Level and GCE A-Level Year-End subjects is 5 July 2019.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Cambridge Secondary 1 (11–14 years*) Cambridge Secondary 1 Cambridge Checkpoint Cambridge Secondary 2 (14–16 years*) Cambridge IGCSE Cambridge Advanced (16–19 years*) Cambridge International AS and A Cambridge Pre-

AQA GCE Biology A2 Award 2411 Unit 5 DNA & Gene Expression Unit 5 Control in Cells & Organisms DNA & Gene Expression Practice Exam Questions . AQA GCE Biology A2 Award 2411 Unit 5 DNA & Gene Expression Syllabus reference . AQA GCE Biology A2 Award 2411 Unit 5 DNA & Gene Expression 1 Total 5 marks . AQA GCE Biology A2 Award 2411 Unit 5 DNA & Gene Expression 2 . AQA GCE Biology A2 Award 2411 .

Cambridge University Press 978-1-107-63581-4 – Cambridge Global English Stage 6 Jane Boylan Kathryn Harper Frontmatter More information Cambridge Global English Cambridge Global English . Cambridge Global English Cambridge Global English

The Cambridge Companion to Bede. Cambridge Companions to Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Evans, G.R. The Language and Logic of the Middle Ages: The Earlier Middle Ages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984. ———. The Language and Logic of the Middle Ages: The Road to Reformation. Cambridge: Cambridge .

Bartle - Introduction to Real Analysis - Chapter 8 Solutions Section 8.1 Problem 8.1-2. Show that lim(nx (1 n2x2)) 0 for all x2R. Solution: For x 0, we have lim(nx (1 n2x2)) lim(0 1) 0, so f(0) 0. For x 2Rnf0g, observe that 0 nx (nx2) 1 (nx). By the Squeeze Theorem, lim(nx (1 n 2x)) 0. Therefore, f(x) 0 for all x2R. Problem 8.1-3. Evaluate lim(nx (1 nx .