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SPECIAL SENIORSFun and Safe ways to exerciseand care for your aging BestFriends’ Body and MindLisa Dossey, CTC1

Presentation Summary Physical exercise & field trips Mental stimulation/environmentalenrichment Finding a balance Training Videos “Dogginess” & Quality time2

Benefits of Exercise for the Bodyand Mind Too many to list!“dog brains, like human brains, operate according to the use-it-or-lose-itaxiom .it has been proven empirically that teaching an old dog newtricks - and yes, they can learn them, just more slowly than when theywere younger - help them retain their cognitive abilities.”“Evidence in both animals and humans says that .learn new thingsand to be physically active have enormous potential therapeutically,particularly for nervous systems that are somewhat debilitated eitherbecause of age or pathology”“physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation this triad oflifestyle elements affords the best hope of maintaining cognitiveintegrity with age”1, 2- Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS3 - Dr. William Greenough - Univ of Illinois4 - “Evidence grows for brain benefits of enriched environments in normal aging and disease” - Brenda Patione3

Physical Exercise Special considerations - senior dogs Health, age, breed, comfort, size Check w/vet exercise programs Bloat - check with vet Gentle, shorter walks instead of one long walk Hearing loss or decreased vision due to aging? Let your senior dog set the pace! Leashed walks in the park - stop and “smell the roses” and the bush, the tree, the dirt,the lampost, the .more on this later visits to new places, etc.- Sending & receivingpee mail Off leash hikes on a trail, at the beach or inthe woods, fetch (monitoring and rolling ball) Warm water swimming (Rex Center)! Swimming in lakes-towels for senior dog; dry off4 Dog Parks (enclosed) v. open areas

Field Trips 9th Ave entrance to Golden Gate Park - Walk thruShakespeare Gardens and loop around past De Young and CAAcademy of Sciences & into courtyard in between museums (forample smells and “pee mail”!) After, try Park Chow - 9th Av &Irving - dog friendly outdoor dining or have a picnic in the parkMilagra Ridge - near Pacifica - on leash b/c cliffs- lovely views,deer, bunnies and ample smells! After, try the amazing dessertcrepes at Café Grillades in San Bruno at Bayhill shopping centerat outdoor table - I recommend the nutella/strawberry orstrawberry crepe brule dessert crepes!Mt. Sutro wooded trail - quiet, secluded, yet in the city! 17th St& Stanyan - entrance at wooden stairs - watch for bicycles after, try the Crepe Place or Boulangerie on Cole St.5

Field Trips Mt. Davidson (uphill and can be muddy)After, try the Charred Tomatillo Crepe with salad sitting outside atSquat & Gobble in West PortalGreat Highway walking path and after sit outside at the ParkChalet below the Beach ChaletFort Funston early in the morning- less crowdedSutro Heights - across from Land’s End - leisurely and quietnice viewsLand’s End - beautiful trail along coast - on leash b/c next tocliffs - some hills & stairs - easy parking up hill from cliff houseLover’s Lane in Presidio-quiet path running thru Presidio - trysitting outside for coffee/lunch at Presidio café afterwards6

Out of Town Field Trips Lake Tahoe - swim and picnic at Kiva beach or after your swimsitting outside at Sprouts restaurantLake Tahoe - Taylor Creek and Pioneer Trail - on leash insummer (road used by local residents) and snowshoeing inwinter (check snow; gets quite deep during season)Mt. Tam - uphill - on leash - take your time - go on cooler days;no shady spots on hot days; after have lunch at the MountainHome Inn on the deck with your pooch - ask for a shady spotFairfax/Ross - Los Alta Open Space Preserve- up to 3 dogs perperson - dogs can be off leash starting at fire road - widewalking area - uphill at first; try “Fish” a restaurant at the end ofHarbor Dr. in Sausalito afterwards and sit at a picnic tableoutside with your pooch -Reminder: let your dog set the pace!7

Outdoor Wear & Gear forField Trips Stay hydrated!Bring snacksCoats & bootiesTake breaks - knowsigns - pre-emptoverexertion8

Field Trips New sights, sounds and places - gage it with your senior dogand let them set the pace! “A dog’s brain really thrives on somefreeform sniffing, looking, listening ” Dr. Nicholas Dodman,BVMS Balance - routine & new places for senior dogs– Good for the snout – Good for the soul – Taking in new smells is likereading a good book for a dog Dr. Ian Dunbar9

Physical Exercise Don’t forget rest time– Keep beds away from drafts/cold; harder toregulate body temperature for senior dogs– Quiet, uninterrupted– Supportive beds for older joints– Rest, recoup, recharge, renew10

Mental Stimulation Dogs programmed to work for their food“Legal outlet” for predatory instincts“It has been estimated that dogs can identify smells somewherebetween 1,000-10,000 times better than humans” www.srdogs.com“Scavenger hunt” - make sure no pesticides if on grass and “find it” withfood, treats, toysOrange tricky treat ball by PremierSenior Kong & other enrichment toys (pick appropriately if your dog hasarthritis)11

Mental Stimulation Nina Ottosson puzzle toysInteractivedoggames.com “Mind games” puzzle toy Tornado Stuff empty plushie toys with food instead ofstuffing and use added velcro to close12

Mental Stimulation “Veggie link rotisserie”You spin, your senior dog sniffs :) “101 things to do with a box” Karen Pryor– Video and handout– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v p4MKO4BrXkE– Easy, can be done inside, great rainy dayactivity13

Mental StimulationFun, inexpensive and gentle for your senior dog “Lucky Ducky” - fill a small inflatable pool with rubber duckies,balls or other floating dog toys and have your dog fetch them or“find it” “Bowling for balls or bottles” Set up 4-6 empty plastic bottlesand roll ball to knock them over; see if your dog will fetch theball or the plastic bottles (let them choose!) “Spot says” play this with another human who will call outrandom skills you and your dog can do together; “Spot says,stand & stay and walk around your dog 3 times”, etc “Wagging stub/tail” game: see how much your can get yourdog’s stub/tail to wag/wiggle!Beyond Fetch - Fun Interactive Activities for you and your dog by Dr. CarolineCoile, PhD14

Mental StimulationChewies & Toys-not just for younger dogs Bully Sticks, Marrow bones (raw - NOT cooked) andCompressed rawhides-keep eye on senior dog’s teeth Try rotating your dog’s toys every week or so thetoys will seem like new to them each time theyappear! Choose safe chewies based on your senior dog’s size, age,health and any physical limitations15

Training Positive Training–––– Reward-based trainingNylon collars, premier no-slip collars, halters, harnesses“The Power of Positive Training” by Pat Miller“The Culture Clash” by Jean DonaldsonIntroduction to K-9 Nose workRally – OTricks-choose comfortable onesAnimal Assisted Therapy - ChelseaSenior Scholars - NEW!Fun for dog & fun for youandstrengthens bond16

You Tube Videos “17 year old Shih Tzu still playing withhis toys” “Polite pet behaviors and enrichment fora senior” “So, you can’t teach a new dog, oldtricks?” “A very old dog learns k9 nosework”17

Simply allowing your dogs to be dogsEverything does not always have to be so structured - spend qualitytimeGet your aerobic exercise time in on your own, then take leisurely strollwith Spot and allow them to set the pace.Rolling in smelly stuffDissecting and shredding plushie, soft toysDigging (digging pit - Ian Dunbar)18Sending & receiving “pee mail” messages

Simply just be with your dog Sing to your dogRead to your dogMassage your dog gentlyBelly rubs and gentle petting & brushingwhile you watch TV if they enjoy this Visit family and friends your dog loves Sit next to your dog and enjoy eachother’s company-quality & precious time19

CHERISH EACH MOMENT Cherish each moment with your BestFriend Celebrate all their “Dogginess” andwhat makes him/her unique20


In Loving MemoryOf our Beloved Boneys Best Friend“A strong spirit, a tender heart, a beautifulsoul”22

Special SeniorsEnriching the lives of those who haveenriched our lives beyond measure Special indeed 23

Please support SF SPCASan Francisco Animal Care & ControlMuttville Senior Dog RescueThe Grey Muzzle FoundationZuke’s treats: a portion of theirproceeds support the Dog & Cat CancerFund Sponsor a Senior Dog in need24

Thank youfrom your dog and from all of us here,for attending the Senior Dog Seminar todayand cherish each moment with your BestFriend 25

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS Balance - routine & new places for senior dogs – Good for the snout – Good for the soul – Taking in new smells is like reading a good book for a dog Dr. Ian Dunbar

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2. Pada saat pelaksanaan seminar Skripsi, peserta harus berpakaian rapi (kemeja dan berdasi) dan bersepatu tertutup. 3. Selama seminar berlangsung, peserta boleh menonton peserta seminar lainnya setelah ia mempresentasikan proposalnya. 4. Selama seminar berlangsung, ruang seminar akan ditutup, penonton tidak boleh hilir mudik masuk keluar ruangan.

Eleven seminar rooms in buildings 1, 3, 9, 12, 14 and 16 are designed for groups of 50 to 97 people, there are other rooms with lower capacity. All rooms . 7 3F Seminar Room C 7.319 24 7 3F Seminar Room C 7.320 30 11 GF Seminar Room C 11.008 28 11 1F Seminar Room C 11.117 25 11 3F Seminar Room C 11.307 28