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by Ida EstepOfficersIda W. Estep, Esq., PresidentPO Box 295, Bunn, NC 27508252-478 6088, iwestep@earthlink.netSusan Ewing, Vice President66 Adams Street, Jamestown, NY 14701716-484 6155, dogwriter@windstream.netMarsha M. Pugh, Secretary-TreasurerP.O. Box 787, Hughesville, MD 20637301-274 3435marsha pugh01@comcast.netCarmen Battaglia, PhD, Past President335 Westford Glen, Roswell, GA 30075770-998 3679carmenbattaglia513@gmail.comBoard of Governors Class of 2015 Bryna Comsky565 Illinois BoulevardHoffman Estates, Il 60169847-885 8395, bcomsky@aol.comRobert H. McKowen297 West Main Street, Leola, PA 17540717-656 9300 Class of 2016 Patricia Cruz15 Shiloh Court, Coram, NY 11727631-928 1517, lacruz928@optonline.netMartin Deeley15549 Vinola Drive, Montverde, FL 34756407-469 5583, cdawgs@mindspring.comJoel Gavriele Gold, PhD205 West 89th Street, Office 1ANew York, New York 10024Dr.JoelGold@gmail.comGail C. Parker4241 Cottman AvenuePhiladelphia, PA 19135rebelslair@aol.comUpdate on Pat SantiAs most of you know, Pat Santi, ourrecently retired secretary, has been ill and,after a stay in the hospital, she is currentlyrecuperating in an acute care facility.While she has her laptop and phone, shedoes not seem to feel like talking on thephone. So, all my updates are from one ofher kennel partners, located in Tennessee,who is caring for Pat’s dogs.At least for the present, there does notseem to be a great deal of change in hercondition. As many of us know, Pat hassuffered from multiple chronic medicalissues, and she is currently being weaned offdialysis. The facility is evaluating moving herto another location, depending on the needfor dialysis.For the present time, her address remainsPat Santi, Room 3405B, LifeCare Hospitalsof Chester County, 400 E. Marshall St., WestChester, PA 19380. I have asked her kennelpartner to let me know if and when thiscontact information changes.In the meantime, she is very pleased toreceive snail mail cards and notes so pleaseconsider dropping her a line periodically soshe knows she has not been forgotten.Thoughts for the New YearAs it seems nobody has decided to run asan individual or pull together a slate ofofficers for the coming election, the slateoriginally recommended by the Board ofGovernors will be elected/re-elected. Thatwill be Ida Estep, President; Elaine Gewirtz,Vice-President; Susan Ewing, Secretary;ruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 2Marsha Pugh, Treasurer; and CarmenBattaglia, Past President. The new Board ofGovernors members will be Robert H.McKowen and Caroline Coile.We really want to expand memberparticipation in DWAA but we needmembers to identify themselves and theirinterests. The officers and Board ofGovernors are willing to put in a lot ofvolunteer time but we cannot do it all. I know Ihave mentioned this before but the responsehas been somewhat underwhelming and Iam hoping more folks will step up and sharetheir time and ideas.Several areas we have identified are (1)an internet review of what servicesprofessional groups similar to DWAA offertheir members and in which of these ourmembers would be interested; (2) moreoutreach to companies producingdog-related products and how we can betterrelate to them to the benefit of all; (3) morework on increasing new member outreach;and (4) any other areas in which membersexpress interest.Please do think about these areas andconsider where your interests lie and whereyou can help. We all want DWAA to growand be of more service to its members butthis will require member effort, and the moremember participation, the less time eachmember will have to spend.Otherwise, we all hope everybody had aMerry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, aGood Kwanza, or whatever Season’sGreetings apply plus wish you a very HappyNew Year.

DWAA 2014 CommitteesBanquetMarsha Pugh, ChairBudget and FinanceIda Estep, ChairCarmen Battaglia, Martin DeeleySusan Ewing, Marsha Pugh, Pat Santiby Marsha PughMembership roster changesAnderson, Teoti, phones/e-mail: (c) 803-606-8129; (b) a Estep, ChairAlan Alford, Carmen BattagliaPatricia Cruz, Pat Santi2014 ContestElaine Waldorf Gewirtz, ChairOfficers and BoardFainsbert, Lucie, phone: (c) 908-229-9587Heider, Suzette M, e-mail: SMH722@hotmail.comKlein, Arlene, phone: (h) 941-927-1934Ladouceur, Kelly, address, phone/occ: Publisher, ACN Review Magazine512 Radley Way SE, Calgary AB, Canada T2A 5X7; (h) 587-350-9421; (c) 780-715-8010Meisels, Gerry, first nameHall of FamePatricia Cruz, ChairRobert McKowen, Pat SantiLiaison with Cat Writers AssociationSusan EwingMembershipMarsha Pugh, ChairBryna Comsky, Susan Ewing, Pat SantiPhelps, Rachel, e-mail: rachelcay@gmail.comPresberg, Carole L, e-mail: carole@woolgather.orgRasmussen, Anne Marie, occupation/e-mail: Publisher, Rhiannon Promotionsannemarie@rhiannonpromotions.comRugaas, Turid, first name/e-mail: turidrug@frisurf.noSavoie, Laurie, address/phone: 1357 Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada V9K 2S4;(h) 250-594-5140Slone, Ernie, phone, (b) 949-855-8822, ext 3104Public RelationsConnie Brittain, ChairCaroline Coile, Martin Deeley, Marsha Pughruff DRAFTSVicky Clarke, EditorWebmasterPaul Costawww.dwaa.orgWalkowicz, Chris, city, E. Moline, IL 61244Weiss, Seymour, phones, remove fax: (h) 410-969-7094; (c) 347-276-2730ruff DRAFTSSadly, the following members have passed away:Dr. Robert BerndtLeitha BradenDr. Alvin Grossmansend all material toVicky Clarke, editor1138 Mohea Road, Unionville, NV 89418775-538-7331, uziduzit@wildblue.netWelcome new membersCathy Weselby; P/Freelance; 21412 Shady Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95033408-482-8486; cathy.weselby@gmail.com; sponsors: Caroline Coile and Marsha PughChris P. Janelli; PO Box 532, Salisbury, CT 06068; 860-485-4066; chrisjanelli@gmail.comsponsors: Susan Ewing and Marsha PughPeri Norman; PO Box 90400, Los Angeles, CA 90009; 805-231-2759;periandbob@aol.com; sponsors: Elaine Gewirtz and Deb EldredgeSusan Cooper; 1711 Gallop Drive; Loxahatchoe, FL 33470; 561-719-1807echo561@@aol.com; sponsors: Pat Santi and Marsha PughDawn Taylor; 2125 Timberlake Cr. Unit 2; Vero Beach, FL 32966; 772-713-8868;dtaylor va@live.com; sponsors: Marsha Pugh and Ida Estepruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 3issue deadlines Spring, March 1Summer, June 1Fall, September 1Winter, December 1The editor reserves the right to refuseand/or edit material, and is not responsiblefor errors in difficult to read copy. Everyattempt will be made to publish informationaccurately. Submission implies right topublish all or in part. Unsigned ormisleading material is not accepted.Material published is the opinion of theauthor and does not imply endorsementby the editor or DWAA. Neither editor norDWAA assumes liability for informationcontained herein or typographical errors.

by Marsha PughOctober 1, 2014 December 1, 2014Balance brought forward . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26,298.02IncomeApplication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 225.00Contest Entry Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,335.00Dues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 760.00Special Award Sponsor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 350.00Total income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,670.00ExpensesAccounting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 710.00Computer Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300.00Contest Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 712.18Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,000.00Donation (Catwriters) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 500.00Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 508.00Postage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89.96Printing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 445.34Total expenses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4,265.48Balance as of 12/01/2014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27,702.54by Janice BiniokDWAA Writing CompetitionBanquet Catalog ADS NEEDED!!!All ads are black and white only.Full page, 40.00Half page, 25.00Business card size, 10.00Camera-ready is acceptable as a 300 dpi PDF,but not necessary (we will design).Submit all or parts electronically, by e-mail, toMarsha Pugh, marsha pugh01@comcast.netFIRM DEADLINE: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2015Burned out? I have your remedy right here!ruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 4

Chris P. JanelliChris is a Director of The SimonFoundation, Inc., one ofConnecticut’s largest no-killanimal rescue and adoptionshelters; and the ExecutiveDirector of the Foundation'sCenter for Canine BehaviorStudies whose mission is “Tomaintain the behavioralwellness of dogs and strengthenthe human-companion animalbond to ensure that dogsremain in their owners’ home astrusted and valued companionsfor life.” The Center’s ChiefScientific Officer is Tufts University professor Dr. Nicholas H.Dodman, BVMS, DVA, one of the world’s preeminent animalbehaviorists and behavioral pharmacologists who, in 1986,founded the Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic. Chris is also theco-founder of Bio Wellness, Inc., the developer of BIO , acloud-based physician-directed, coach-supported personal healthmanagement system that enables individuals to benefit from theworld’s best peer-reviewed information. BIO’s health modelingengine uses a systems biology approach to generate evidencedbased recommendations that are predictive, pre-emptive, preventiveand personal (the basis for P4 Medicine). BIO ’s personalizedrecommendations are an individual’s guide for maintaining orrestoring optimal health for all ages, genders, lifestyles, conditionsand goals. Chris invites dog owners and lovers to connect with himon LinkedIn at Chris P. Janelli.Dawn TaylorI began to write about pugswhen I adopted one from ano-kill shelter. I adopted her tohelp keep my husbandcompany while I was out. I hadno idea what that little pug coulddo for him and me. With her andthe love she showed us, I beganto work with Pug rescues to helpothers experience the love anddevotion from pugs. As I workedwith them so many questionsand concerns came up that I wanted to be able to help, so I threwmyself into researching the breed, the pet food industry, health forpets, and the best toys for specific breeds. With that I began to writeso others could learn what I learned without doing the research. Ourlittle pug opened a new world to writing and friendships. With myresearch I also learned the potential of her being a service dog so wewent down that path. Our little pug became a hearing/PostTraumatic Stress Disorder Service Dog for my husband. He is aveteran and when he retired was having problems with his hearingand dealing with the PTSD. My next venture was to work and helpothers realize the potential each and every dog has in order tobecome a service dog, due to dedication, no matter the size. Hence,my articles promoting Service Dogs and our Veterans. I still currentlywrite my column on pugs, writing for pug groups as far away as theUnited Kingdom, blogging for pug sites, write articles for differentmagazines/books on pugs and/or service dogs, and in the processof working on my first book to help others understand Veterans andService Dogs.Cathy WeselbyCathy grew upreadingJamesHerriot’s All CreaturesGreat and Small anddreamt of becominga veterinarian. Todayshe is a frequentcontributortoDogster.com, writingaboutsubjectsranging from “How toFind a Job at aDog-friendly Workplace” to “Five Ways I Can Tell My Dog is anIntrovert.” Before Dogster, she had a weekly pet column onPatch.com. She also has a blog about dogs in entertainment calledPup-Culture.com. She and her husband live with Sasha, a rescuedAustralian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, in the Santa Cruz Mountainsof California.WANTED: new member bios and photos!In your newsletter, we would like to profile the DWAAmembers and their work in the business of dogs. As a newmember, you are invited to submit an approximate 200-wordsummary of your background and work in the field of dogsalong with a photo of yourself.If you have anything else that you would like to contribute toruff DRAFTS, please let me know of your idea. We do not havea budget to pay for articles, photos and artwork, so anycontribution would have to be pro bono. And pleaseremember that submissions are always welcome for ourcover!Looking forward to hearing from you - thanks!–editorruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 5

Former DWAA President ChrisWalkowicz doesn’t spend all her timewriting or judging dog shows. Ed and Icelebrated our 50th anniversary thisyear. Our kids asked if we wanted a party. Isaid, “No, let’s all go to Hawaii!” So we did four kids, their spouses, three grandkids andus.Bad-Mouthedby Susan J. KroupaWho knewchasing a rat inthe middle of aChristmaspageant couldcause so mucht r o u b l e ?Certainly notDoodle, theobedienceimpairedlabradoodlewho works for “theboss,” Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed BugDetection, nor Molly, the boss’ ten-year-olddaughter. But then Doodle’s the first toadmit he doesn’t quite get Christmas.Doodle’s antics during the pageantdraw the attention of a popularvideo-blogger, who asks to do a feature onhis sniffer-dog skills. But when the blog airs,pretty much the opposite of what Mollyand the boss expected, the boss’ phonerings off the hook with distraughtcustomers who think Doodle’s bed bug“finds” can’t be trusted.Throw in a handful of threateningletters, some lost dogs, and a devastatingfire, and Molly and Doodle have theirhands - well, in Doodle’s case, his paws full finding out just who’s been naughtyand who’s been nice.About the author: Susan J. Kroupa is adog lover currently owned by a 70-poundlabradoodle whose superpower is bringinghome dead possums and raccoons. She isalso an award-winning author who haspublished non-fiction in The ArizonaRepublic, High Country News, andAmerican Forests. She lives in the BlueRidge Mountains in Southwestern Virginia,where she’s busy writing the nextDoodlebugged mystery. You can find herbooks and read her blog athttp://www.susankroupa.com.Canine Reproductionand Neonatologyby Marthina L. Greer, DVM, JD A practical and liberally illustratedworking guide on canine breedingmanagement and health. Provides detailed protocols forvaccination and management of importantreproductive diseases and disorders. All aspects of assisted reproductionare evaluated and step by step proceduresare provided.ruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 6 Fifty one thoughtfully developedAppendices are provided for use by staff,clients and veterinarians. The appendicesare provided in printed and digital form forefficient and easy use. A current and thorough drugformulary is provided.Price: eadd action&key 00031591610419Teton NewMediais a niche publisherthat acquires andproduces affordableinformation for both veterinary and humanmedicine. In conjunction with adistinguished author-base, we focus onproviding quality information in multipleformats that assists practitioners inproviding better healthcare. TetonNewMedia is committed to providingalternative, interactive content includingprint, CD-ROM, PDA, web-basedapplications and eBooks. 877-306-9793Show Dogs Escapeto the SeashoreAuthor, Marsha Hall Brown (Dog Writerand AKC Judge). Illustrator, Dawn SecordIn this fanciful children's tale, a group of showdogs embark on an adventure that takesthem on trains,boats, planes,and cars andleads them fromwindmills tobeaches to ahaunted house,as they discoverwhat it trulymeans to bechampions.

Leo, the Incredible andAmazing Dog StarOne Young Dog’s True Storyby Martin DeeleyPublished: 2/14/2014. 72 color pages.Format: E-Book (available as ePub, Mobi,and PDF files)ISBN: 978-1-49072-678-6. Price xThe book tells the story of a pup found ina sports field and then adopted to becomepart of a family of three dogs. It is Leohimself that tells the story of how hedeveloped and the problems he came upagainst in his “pack.” In telling his story, Leoexplains how bad behavior and habits areeasily learned and how he did not alwaysunderstand why they were not accepted.The story then takes on a new turn as Leothen recounts how he came to be includedin the pack of a world-famous dog trainerand behaviorist known as the DogWhisperer. From that moment onward, hislife changed and his behavior began to bemore acceptable. He also found his truevocation in life: running, jumping, andplaying ball . . .a game in whichhe excelled andmade him a starof posters andphotographs allover the world.Leo explainsthroughout insimple termshowpoorbehavior is developed in dogs and gives histhoughts on how good behavior can beencouraged and taught in a way that dogsunderstand. Leo tells his story from hisviewpoint to help dog owners and potentialowners, and especially children/youngpeople, how dogs think and learn.About the author: Martin Deeley is aninternationally-recognized dog trainer,writer, and commentator inducted into theInternational Association of CanineProfessionals Hall of Fame. Martin hasbeen training dogs for 35 years. He has notonly trained with the best but also trainedthe best. He has been a feature writer forleading American and Europeanmagazines and is the only journalist evergranted a personal interview with HerMajesty the Queen of England. Martinwrote the foreword to his friend CesarMillan’s first book, Cesar’s Way, and Cesarwrote the foreword to Martin’s 2009revised Working Gundogs. In spring of2008, he featured in the MasteringLeadership DVD “Sit and Stay the CesarWay” and has acted as advisor andconsultant on Cesar’s books, plus writingcontent for Cesar’s Rules. Martin now notonly trains dogs and owners but also issought out as an expert in dealing withproblem behavior in dogs.From Bernd Guenter Cover, DER HUND, 1/2015. This is one of Germany’s oldest, most prestigious and most widely readall-breedmagazines. Thisis the 10th issuesince 1991 thathas featuredone of myBernese imageson the cover.The calendar is the 20th consecutive Bernesecalendar (since 1996) that I have photographed forPetprints/Avonside.ruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 7

[ed. note: even though the holidays are passed, this is a gift thatgives all year round]Dog and Cat Lovers Rejoice:PetGiftBox.com launches the PremierMonthly Gift Box for PetsPetGiftBox.com, a monthly subscription-based service that sendsits members a box of hand-selected treats and toys specificallycreated for cats and dogs, is ready to kick off its service just in time forthe busiest shopping season of the year - the holidays!“With over 45 million US households caring for a cat and 56million households caring for a dog (2013-2014 APPA National PetOwners Survey), it’s time for a monthly pet gift box geared towardboth cat and dog owners,” says Moshe Cohen, co-founderPetGiftBox.com. “Our goal is to give our members a robust selectionof the highest quality products for their best pet friend at great valueand convenience. Plus, our boxes are ‘Unleashed’ - we offer theadded benefit of delivery right to your door without any long termcontracts and hefty upfront annual fees, like others charge.PetGiftBox.com lets visitors choose whether they are ordering abox for their own pets or as a gift for a friend. Subscribers thenprovide a bit more information about their pet; i.e.; name, small orlarge sized cat or dog, and how long they would like theirfour-legged friend to receive their PetGiftBox subscription.Subscriptions range from just 17.99 per month without long termcommitments, to one time gifts at 24.99. And shipping is alwaysfree.“Our boxes will be filled with new and existing products, evenbefore they hit the marketplace, so that our members can purchasethem again in their local pet retailers,” adds Cohen. “Our goal is towork directly with different top tier manufacturers to ensure we sourceonly the most tail wagging, purr producing products.”“With Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping now in full gear,PetGiftBox.com is a great way to treat your pet with new productseach month or as a one-time gift for a friend who adores their pet.”adds Cohen. “From monthly contests and promotions to inviting petowners to send us videos and pictures of their pets (#holidaytailz), weare excited to build a great pet community.”A portion of all proceeds will be given to America’s VetDogs, anorganization serving the needs of veterans with disabilities. For moreinformation visit petgiftbox.com and follow atfacebook.com/PetGiftBox. 19 billion later, Pentagon’s BestBomb-Detector is a dogStapleton Group offers Vapor Wake Canine Services to helpprotect the public from terrorist attacksStapleton Group, an ITC Security Partner understands that allhigh profile, large public gatherings that celebrate popular cultureare and will remain a potential target of terrorism. Magazine Inspire,a propaganda tool for al-Qaeda, drew attention recently because itAdoptAShelter.comYou can earn money for the shelter or rescue of your choiceevery time you shop online at hundreds of top retailers.click: AdoptAShelter.com “How It Works”–Chris Ruben CLICK. SHOP. DONATE!listed “Crowded Sports Arenas” as ideal terrorist targets.Auburn University Canine Performance Science (CPS)Researchers have developed what many are considering the tool tolevel the playing field with the patented Vapor Wake Canine. CPSVapor Wake canines are a non-intrusive highly effective means tocombat the ever changing war on terror.As the first and only private security firm to offer Vapor Wake Canine Services, Stapleton Group remains unmatched in the field ofexplosive detection canines. The overwhelming feeling that peoplehave toward these exceptionally gifted animals create a level ofcomfort just starting to be realized. “This is only one reason we havereceived overwhelming positive feedback from our Vapor Wake clients,” says Paul Stapleton. These loveable canines are energetic,hunting breeds that work tirelessly with the other members of existingsecurity procedures. Hundreds of thousands of pedestrians are beingthoroughly examined and screened without even knowing it atlocations throughout the country.Vapor Wake Canine capabilities: Vapor Wake canines candetect explosives in-motion. Whereas traditional canines must be ledto objects and instructed to search. Vapor Wake canines are trainedto be obedient only to explosive odor not static objects and theysample the air four times per second. “This requires a much highertrained dog, and fewer numbers of dogs are able to do that,” Dr. JimFloyd, Director of Auburn University CPS. Visitwww.VaporWake.com to learn more about Vapor WakeTechnology and how it can help protect your next large scale event.Former NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that a keyto the department’s success has been technological innovation.January 2012, the commissioner highlighted two new andpromising programs speaking to 100 supporters and guests of thePolice Foundation at its annual fund-raising breakfast at the RegencyHotel in midtown Manhattan, Kelly highlighted one of the two newand promising programs: “Vapor Wake dogs, Labrador retrieverstrained to detect airborne particles trailing behind someone who hasbeen around explosives.”Stapleton Group has deployed Vapor Wake canine teams athundreds of media rich, high profile events such as marathons,sporting events, convention centers, government facilities as well assite specific locations throughout the country. Next time you see aruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 8

Stapleton Group Vapor Wake Canine Team, please come overand say hello. We encourage interaction with the community. Ourresponsibility is first to help protect persons and property fromdevious acts of terrorism and second to educate as many people aswe can as to all the proactive tools this country has on our side.Stapleton Group strives to offer capable and cost-effective VaporWake and explosive detection canine services. To ensure they offerbest-in-class services, they operate on a strict value system. Theybelieve that their dedication to the fundamental tenets of honesty,integrity and fair business dealings will enable them to continue theirlong legacy of success. For more information on Stapleton Group,visit Stapleton-Group.com.This article is courtesy of Paul Stapleton.Paul Stapleton began his career in the field of bomb dogs as ahandler in 1996 and worked his way through every position in thefield to become President of Stapleton Group, a major internationalprivate specialized security firm. Paul has spent over twenty yearsdeveloping innovative training methods for Explosive DetectionCanines, and handlers. These years have included designing astate-of-the-art canine training facility 70 miles from Manhattan NYPlease contact Stapleton Group at: www.stapleton-group.com,212-945-0336, fax 646-304-5602CanineActiv Sponsorship ofPursuit Channel’s Wildly Popular“KT Diaries” make impression onhunting and sporting dog ownersThanks to a new corporate sponsorship, CanineActiv(http://canineactiv.com/) is now enjoying ad placement on thePursuit Channel’s wildly popular signature outdoor adventure show,KT Diaries (http://ktdiaries.com/). The centerpiece of the deal is a30-second television spot starring KT Diaries’ host Kevin Townsend.The commercial features the host describing how CanineActivHigh Performance has benefited his own dogs. As part of thesponsorship, Keven Townsend (KT) field tested CanineActiv andfound it highly effective in helping his dogs recover from the rigors ofa hard day’s work.Manufactured by Vireo Systems, Inc., CanineActiv HighPerformance is formulated for the demanding activities of huntingand working dogs. It contains compounds that reduce lactic acidbuildup and support muscle recovery and endurance. CanineActivHigh Performance helps dogs avoid soreness and lead an activelifestyle. For improved mobility and pain management, Vireo alsomakes CanineActiv Pain Relief.KT Diaries is a weekly half-hour program airing on the PursuitChannel. Townsend, guided by his canine assistant, Friday, takesviewers on adventure-filled expeditions to some of the world’s besthunting and fishing locales. The program features not onlypulse-pounding action but also educational segments on everythingfrom tools and equipment to environmental and conservation issues.KT Diaries’ audience is an ideal demographic for CanineActivHigh Performance; viewers are typically middle-class men aged 25to 54, college educated and married. Their leisure activities includehunting and fishing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.Many are dog owners who want their canine companions to performat high levels.The CanineActiv High Performance commercial airs during eachnew show throughout the 13-week fall/winter television season,which coincides with the height of many hunting seasons around thenation. 41 Entertainment, the Dallas-based production housebehind KT Diaries and other successful outdoors programs, has lentits skills to the development of CanineActiv’s ad campaign.Since its January 2013 premier, KT Diaries has built a loyalfollowing among hunting and fishing enthusiasts from coast to coastand earned a Telly Award for Excellence in Nature/WildlifeProgramming. The Pursuit Channel is a leader in the outdoorsentertainment category and reaches 38 million households via DISHNetwork and DIRECTV. In the United States alone, there areapproximately 20 million hunters and 45 million fishers.About Vireo Systems, Inc: Taking its name from one of the Latinwords for “health,” Vireo Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of anumber of nutraceuticals and health products including AminoActiv,the #1 alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs. The company wasfounded in 2002 as part of a project with several university-basedresearchers, and today, the company’s products deliver safe,effective relief for inflammation and pain as well as other healthconditions. Vireo Systems, Inc. manufactures CanineActiv and otherhealth-related products in a GMP and HACCP compliant facility. Itsmanufacturing facility also is SQF product safety managementcertified. Vireo Systems, Inc. is headquartered just outside Nashville,Tennessee, with a secondary facility in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.Contact: Don Raymond, Product Manager, Vireo Systems, Inc.,855-442-6466ruff DRAFTS Winter 2015 page 9

Contest Newsby Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz, 2014 Contest ChairThe judges’ results are in! To see the finalists in this year’s writing competition, check out the list in this newsletter, as well as on ourwebsite. Special Award winners will be announced at the banquet.Nominees will receive a certificate in the mail, and the winners will receive the coveted Maxwell Medallion at the banquet in NYC.Special thanks to everyone who entered, and to the judges who diligently read, reviewed, and rated the entries. This year we receivedmany excellent submissions, and several judges noted that making the final decisions proved challenging.Thank you for the privilege of chairing this competition. Other than my e-mail program crashing from the last-minute onslaught ofentries, my IT guy inadvertently “fixing it” by reloading all of my deleted messages from the past five years back into my Inbox, plus theongoing task of deleting 18,764 messages from my Inbox, it’s been fun!Looking forward to seeing you all at the banquet!Dog Writers Association of America 2014 WritingCompetition Regular Category NomineesA. Newspaper Articles and Columns6. Single/Related BreedsSighthound Review (Bo Bengtson)Just Frenchies (Susan Cooper)The Royal Spaniels (Holly Cornwell)1. Article/Column – Health and General CareJoanne Anderson, “Golden Retrie

Scientific Officer is Tufts University professor Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DVA, one of the world’s preeminent animal behaviorists and behavioral pharmacologists who, in 1986, founded the Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic. Chris is also the co-founder of Bio Wellness, Inc., the developer of BIO , a

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The Bird Dog stories describe the adventures of a boy and a dog. The dog learns to hunt birds so the boy calls the dog a bird dog. A girl, a boy riding a bike, and some other animals, joins the boy and dog. They go hunting for all kinds of creatures, including a cat and skunk. The bird dog is a good hunter except for hunting boys and girls.

27[1973 Awards - Son of Drunkard School Sketch] M129166 1/4 IN. SAFETY PAT ROCCO COLLECTION 28[1974 Awards -- Music] M129173 1/4 IN. SAFETY PAT ROCCO COLLECTION 29[1974 S.P.R.E.E. Awards -- Pat Rocco] 1972 M63161 1/4 IN. SAFETY PAT ROCCO COLLECTION 30[1975 S.P.R.E.E. Awards -- Pat Rocco] 1972 M63167 1/4 IN. SAFETY PAT ROCCO COLLECTION

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2. The handler does not present the area to the dog resulting in the aid not being located by the dog. Security Dog Misses: The security dog does not show any change of behaviour or interest to the source aid odour when the area is presented by the handler. Security Dog Walk: The security dog shows a change of behaviour, works the source .

Canine Wisdom for the Barking Dog-The Dog Done Gone Deaf is a spin-off, a twist, an amalgamation that takes its cue from the eponymous album The Dog Done Gone Deaf by Halim El-Dabh, which he performed with The Barking Dog Sextet for the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival in Montreal, Quebec in 2007. The Dog Done Gone Deaf seems to me an appropriate

Senior Forms 1958-59 4A The photo has been provided by Sheila Kelsall. Thank you. Back Row L-R: Greg Whitehurst, Dave Hart, Marlene Hollinworth, Pat Snow, Pat Miles, Brian Denham, Brian Pawson Third Row L-R: Margaret Birkin, Sandra Strutt, Jan Marston, Pat Cockburn, Christine Graham, Pat Whitehall, Doreen Tyrrell Second Row L