Maulana Azad College, Kolkata

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Maulana Azad College, KolkataSELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015“Education imparted by heart canbring revolution in the society”Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Maulana Azad College, KolkataSELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015

Maulana Azad College, KolkataSELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, KolkataCONTENTSSECTION A: PREFACEPages01SECTION B:I. Executive SummaryII. SWOC Analysis0921SECTION C: PROFILE OF THE COLLEGE27SECTION D: CRITERION-WISE INPUTSCriterion I : Curricular AspectsCriterion II : Teaching-Learning and EvaluationCriterion III : Research, Consultancy and ExtensionCriterion IV : Infrastructure and Learning ResourcesCriterion V : Student Support and ProgressionCriterion VI : Governance, Leadership & ManagementCriterion VII : Innovations and Best Practices415589149181203235SECTION E: EVALUATIVE REPORTS OF THE DEPARTMENTSDepartment of ArabicDepartment of BengaliDepartment of BotanyDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of CommerceDepartment of EconomicsDepartment of EnglishDepartment of HistoryDepartment of Islamic History and CultureDepartment of MathematicsDepartment of MicrobiologyDepartment of PersianDepartment of PhilosophyDepartment of PhysicsDepartment of Political ScienceDepartment of SanskritDepartment of SociologyDepartment of StatisticsDepartment of UrduDepartment of 60367371380385395POST ACCREDITATION INITIATIVESCERTIFICATE OF DECLARATIONAnnexure I: Copy of 2(f)/12(B) CertificateAnnexure II: Copy of Accreditation Cycle I Certificate 2007411415417419

Maulana Azad College, KolkataSELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015

SECTION A: Preface1

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, Kolkata2

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, KolkataPrefaceMaulana Azad College, Kolkata, a premier Government college of West Bengal, hasa history of sustained development since 1924. Lord Lytton, the Governor of Bengal,had laid the foundation stone of Islamia College on 9 th December, 1924. Largelyresponsible for the establishment of the institution was Mr. A.K. Fazlul Haq, theEducation Minister of Bengal at that time. The college formally opened its doors on2 nd July, 1926, after getting a favourable report from Dr. H.C. Mookherjee, Inspectorof Colleges, Calcutta University and started its glorious journey under the efficientleadership of the Principal, Mr. A.H. Harley, who was previously an AssistantProfessor of Oriental Languages at Edinburgh University, UK. The main objectivewas to promote Islamic learning and general education among the Muslims inBritish India and very soon, the college attained a distinguished position in the fieldof education. After Independence, the practice of admitting students of all caste,creed and religion was initiated and the changing nomenclature of the institute wasreflected in 1948 through its altered name—Central Calcutta College. Professor F.J.F.Pereira took over the leadership of Central Calcutta College as its Principal. Thename of the college was finally changed to Maulana Azad College in 1960, inmemory of the great national leader, erudite scholar and first Education Minister ofIndependent India—Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Prof. B.C. Mukherjee (who laterbecame the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Vidyasagar University, W. Bengal) was thefirst Principal of Maulana Azad College. The year 1990 was another landmark in thehistory of the college as it was declared a Co-Educational institution.Eminent scholars have taught at this prestigious college and enhanced the academicquality of the students. The college had distinguished professors like Bishnu De,Professor of English, Bhabatosh Dutta, Professor of Economics, Bhupesh Mukherjee,ex-Vice Chancellor of Vidyasagar University, P. C. Mukherjee, Professor ofChemistry and ex-Vice Chancellor of NBU, P. K. Mukherjee, ex-Vice Chancellor ofJadavpur University, Kiran Ch. Sen, Professor of History, Raza Ali Wahshat,Professor of Urdu, Md. Saber Khan, Professor of Islamic History and ex-DPI, R. N.Sengupta, ex-DPI and Tapan Roy Chowdhury, Professor of History.The college presents one of the most striking examples of harmonious co-existenceamidst the plurality of language and culture. It can boast of its illustrious man,ex-PresidentofBangladesh, Bimal Krishna Motilal, Professor at Oxford University, Prof. B KChakraborty, Bhatnagar Laurate, Ex-Director of the Saha Institute of Nuclear3

Maulana Azad College, KolkataSELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Physics and also alumnus of MAC, Prof. Basudev Chattopadhyay, AshutoshProfessor of History at C.U., Ashok Ganguly, Judge at Orissa High Court, K. M.Yusuf, Justice at Calcutta High Court, apart from several nationalists, ministers,Accountant Generals, IT Commissioners, novelists, IAS, IPS and WBCS officers.The College was recognized as a Centre with Potential for Excellence (CPE) by theUniversity Grants Commission during the Eleventh Five-Year plan. Maulana AzadCollege was also identified as one of the few colleges in West Bengal to receivegrants under the DBT STAR COLLEGE Scheme for four consecutive years. The DST,Government of India, has supported the college in two phases under its FISTAssistance Scheme. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) housesone of its most thriving study centres here and shares its material and humanresources. The institution has been affiliated to the University of Calcutta (C.U.)since its inception. The University of Burdwan, Jadavpur University and ViswaBharati, in addition to C.U., have recognized this college as a centre for carrying outPh.D. research work. Since its last NAAC accreditation, 66 research projects, with asubstantial outlay, have materialized and nine students of this college have beenawarded the Ph. D degree. The college is under administrative control of theGovernment of West Bengal.University results of this college depict good academic record of all disciplinesconsistently. Since the time of initial accreditation, Honours course in Botany, andPost Graduate courses in English and Urdu have been introduced. Career-orientedFrench Language course has also commenced. Moreover, the prevalent RemedialCoaching seeks to benefit weak students.This college is proud of its academic community, which strives to impart qualityeducation and is a relentless guiding force for the students. Peer-reviewedpublications with ISSN number, like the Journal of English, MAC Journal ofLanguages and Social Sciences, and MAC Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences,reflect the academic pursuits of the faculty members.An educational institute requires a healthy environment and effective infrastructureto realize its fullest potential. The Self Study Report reveals the existence ofinfrastructural support that is imperative to fulfil the goals and objectives set by thecollege. It is of utmost significance that the college has entered into a MOU with theAirport Authority of India, for improving the Communicative English skill of theirnewly recruited batch of employees. The Placement Cell of the college successfullycaters to the job opportunities for students. Establishment of a new block of the4

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, KolkataBoys’ Hostel and the ongoing work for a Girls’ Hostel are adding to the existinginfrastructure. The college has two canteens, a gymnasium, and a well-stockedDigitised Library besides a Grievance Redressal Cell, an Anti-Ragging Cell and theNational Service Scheme.A campus-wide internet link has been developed for students, research scholars andteachers. The college has taken a step towards e-governance and one instance isreforms in administrative governance (COSA) as well as in library documentation(KOHA, INFLIBNET).This institution discourages gender discrimination and is trying to realize theobjective of women’s empowerment, as evident from the projects on WomenEntrepreneurship and Computer Training for women of minority and of otherbackward classes.We are optimistic that in near future the college will have more research es,diversifiedinterdisciplinaryactivities, combining professionalism with humane values.The college had its first NAAC Peer Team visit in 2007 and earned ‘B ’ grade. The postaccreditation initiatives towards an all-round improvement of the college have beenundertaken since then, with the establishment of IQAC to maintain the inclusiveness ofeducation without compromising the quality of teaching - learning and academic excellence.The college has taken significant measures for a holistic academic ambience in accordancewith the valuable suggestions of the NAAC Peer Team. Now, the college wishes to take theopportunity of the second cycle of accreditation by the National Assessment & AccreditationCouncil (NAAC) and accordingly, a Self Study Report (SSR) has been prepared incompliance with the NAAC guidelines with utmost sincerity and honesty. While preparingthis report we had the opportunity to evaluate and assess our activities and performances,our strengths, weaknesses and challenges, our constraints and opportunities based on theprevalent feedback system of our college. We think that the assessment and accreditation isone of the most important initiatives for the future improvement and progress of the collegeas a centre of excellence.We extend our sincere gratitude to the first cycle NAAC Peer Team, the Directorate of PublicInstructions, the Department of Higher Education, and PWD, Government of West Bengal;the University of Calcutta, UGC, DST, DBT, IQAC, the NAAC Steering Committee, all otherfaculty members and staff of our college and alumni association for their rigorousinvolvement in the preparation of SSR.Principal, Maulana Azad College, Kolkata5

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, Kolkata6

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, KolkataSECTION B:Executive Summary & SWOC Analysis7

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, Kolkata8

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, KolkataExecutive SummaryCriterion I: Curricular Aspects There are twenty two courses affiliated to the University of Calcutta in Arts,Science and Commerce streams which are offered to the Undergraduatescomprising of twenty Honours courses and two General degree coursesrespectively. Three autonomous Post Graduate degree programmes in Zoology,English and Urdu are currently operative and affiliated to the Universit y ofCalcutta. A number of teachers are members in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Boardof Studies in home and other universities. Besides, all teachers take part incurriculum designing through workshops and deliberations. Interdisciplinary approach is reflected in choice of subsidiaries that is offered toan entrant. With as many as six modern and classical languages and six moresubjects to pursue under Social-sciences, withall fundamental sciences andinterdisciplinary curricula in Microbiology to explore and with opportunity ofpursuing Accounting and Finance, this college exhibits a range in variety whichis rare in this part of the region. The admission is completely based on merit and the college is continuing toattract students from all corners of this state and from adjacent states. Since itwas declared co-educational, there had been a steady increase in number of girlstudents and many of them are first generation learners. The college strictly adheres to reservation policy of the state and a large sectionof students come from socially and financially challenged families. Consistent with its vision and mission, the college operates a number of supportschemes for deserving students. Schemes aimed at women empowerment havebeen astutely harnessed by the dedicated team of faculty and staff members. Irrespective of their caste, creed and religion, the students and all otherstakeholders trust this college as one of the major institutions of higher learningthat remains unfailingly dedicated to its social responsibilities. The collegecontinues to be an epitome of amity and unity among substantial diversity that itsstudents and staff reflect. The demand to admission ratio has been improving steadily and so is the successrate. The number of rank-holders has been consistently bettered. Hands-on training programmes, projects, student publications, have become9

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, Kolkataimportant part of curriculum enrichment initiatives. The benefits of theseinitiatives are reflected in high success rate of students from the science streamsin national level competitive examinations for entry intopremier researchinstitutions and universities has been encouraging. The college itself ran a number of study centres to help both internal as well asexternal students crack various competitive exams (NET, SET, UPSC, WBCS,and Madrasah Service Commission etc.).Criterion II: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation The faculty of this college, excepting the Part-time teachers and the Guestteachers, belong to the West Bengal Education Service (WBES) and West BengalSenior Education Service (WBSES).Eligible Part time teachers and Guestteachers are engaged only after getting the approval from Higher EducationDepartment. Among the 110 (103 WBES 7 WBSES) sanctioned posts 92 (90 2) are filled atthe moment. Out of our 92 full time teachers 54 are Ph.D. degree holders. AllPart Time Teachers are NET/SET qualified except the retired teachers. Highlyexperienced teachers and professionals are engaged as Guest teachers. Teachers regularly act as resource persons in external agencies and wonrecognitions in academic, administrative and co-curricular fields.Feedbackfrom students, peer bodies and self assessment are three important tools inevaluating a teacher’s performance in this institution. The Department of Sociology, History, Political science and Philosophyundertakes research on gender issues, organizes seminars and various otherprogrammes to discuss and deliberate on gender issues. A Cell against sexual harassment is there in place. Different communit ydevelopment programmes like Blood-donation camps, drinking water monitoringfacility, socio-cultural meets like Iftar, Milad-un-Nabi, Swaraswati Puja, andIndependence Day and Republic Day celebrations in the locality are centred onthis college. The College has excellent library resources.Apart from near about 90,000books, the DELNET INFLIBNET connected library subscribes to 29 journals andone hugely resourceful E-inventory like JSTOR.An archive of old and rarebooks has been recognized by the National Achieves. College magazine, little magazines published jointly by students and teachers,10

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, Kolkataperiodicals on environmental issues environment awareness, visits to researchinstitutes, and industries, field tours, cultural programmes & competitions likedrama, quiz, youth –parliament etc are some of our student-centric initiatives. The college is fully managed by the Government of West Bengal and therefore,the services of the staff including that of the Principal, is transferable. Despitethat, the college makes all effort to maintain a commendable teacher –studentratio. Retraining the staff and faculty through computer training is under activeconsideration of the Institute. Computer skill and literacy development programmes for Girl students fromeconomically challenged backgrounds and minorities are being conducted everyyear and easily rated as one of our more popular student-centric initiatives.Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension Since last accreditation in 2007, at least 67 research projects were handled by theteachers of which 12 were Major Research Projects funded by UGC, DST, DBT,SERB (Fast Track), ICMR, NTRF etc. Thirty of these have been completed andrest are ongoing. 45% of our teachers have had projects of their own during this period. Teachersattended 19 capacity building programmes in institutions outside during the lastfour years. At least 20 scientists, members of our alumni included, took part ininteractive sessions in the college as parts of workshops, seminars and peer meetprogrammes. During the period under reference, academicians, personalities from Judiciary,Drama, Music, Films and various other spheres of performing arts and academicshave visited this college.Prof. Tapan Roy Chowdhury and Prof. WilliamRadice of Oxford, Prof. George James of North Texas, Prof. Akhil Banerjee ofIndian Institute of Immunology, Prof. Sunanda Banerjee of LHC, CERN project,Justice Chittatosh Mukhopadhyay, singer, playwright and Film director AnjanDutt, Poet Joy Goswami, Prof. Amitava Roychowdhury, Bhatnagar Laurate,Dept. of Physics, University of Calcutta and also Ex Director of HRI, Allahabad,Jnanpeeth awardee Poet Jayanta Mahapatra, Academy award winner SanjibChattopadhyay, Javed Akhtar are to name just a few among those glitterati. The publication profile of last four years show steady increase in both numberand quality of the papers published over time. During the referred period,11

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, KolkataTeachers have received visiting fellowships like Fulbright-Nehru VisitingFellowship in USA. Our faculty had been part of international environmentproject funded by NSF, USA during the years of report. There have been twoMOUs with AAI and DBT respectively. Dr. Pradip Kumar Kar, is the Indian PIof National Science Foundation (USA), Planetary Biodiversity Inventory grant ofUS 3 Million, sanctioned to Prof. Janine Caira of University of Connecticut in2008, as part of the M.O.U. signed between Dr. Pradip Kumar Kar and theProvost, University of Connecticut. The institution has a body in place for liaisons on linkage establishment andimplementation. The college responds to all available opportunities to strengthenits resources. Our response to invited proposals by UGC, DBT, DST etc haveyielded positive results. The institution engages eminent academicians as Guest Faculty, as members ofthe Board of studies and as Advisors in funded projects. There are two patents to the credit of this institution and six research fellowshave been awarded Ph.D. degrees under University of Calcutta and VisvaBharati. Our Lab to Field initiatives has brought to light the state of quality of drinkingwater available in Government Hospitals, incanteens of select colleges in thecity and also that of food and vegetables. The college volunteers in imparting and sharing biodiversity issues with schoolchildren and a dedicated Biodiversity Centre (SEBCA) is operating and liaise theprocess. In order to take up small scale research project in socio-cultural issues, thecollege provided limited amount of seed money under CPE assistance scheme ofUGC. 8 such projects were completed in this period and a publication titled“Women, Work, War and Well being” (ISBN 2395-2431) has resulted. The institution garnered good support for student research from various agencieslike UGC, DST, DBT and several student publications have been reported.Several interdisciplinary programmes have been organized among which Handson training programmes are most important. entralInstrumentation Centre. Several high –end instruments like FTIR, GELDOCconsole, Lyophilizer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, Thermal amplifiers, Animal12

SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015Maulana Azad College, Kolkataand Plant Tissue culture laboratories, Animal house etc. Has enabled us to pursue meaningful research in this collegewith significantly reduced need of knocking the doors of other institutions. 15 collaborations have been recorded in this period and some of these areinternational projects undertaken with European and American Universities. The college publishes three peer reviewed journal

Maulana Azad College, Kolkata SELF STUDY REPORT II NAAC 2015 3 Preface Maulana Azad College, Kolkata, a premier Government college of West Bengal, has a history of sustained development since 1924. Lord Lytton, the Governor of Bengal, had laid the foundation stone of Islamia College on 9th December, 1924. Largely

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