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Dakota College at Bottineau Book Listing, all semesters, 2018-2019 (December 7, 2018 Update)Books and prices are subject to change.F-Fall S-Spring SU-SummerColor Coding:on holdWSC--Williston State Collegesame text online & on campusTBD (to be determined)VCSU--Valley City State UniversityOnline listing firstUND--University of North DakotaOn campus/IVN listing secondTMCC--Turtle Mountain Community CollegeParamedic listing lastMSU--Minot State line--Online--Online--Online--OnlineCourse # & SemestersCourse TitleInstructorACCT200 online F/S/SUACCT201 online F/S/SUElements of Accounting IElements of Accounting IIRodacker, E.Rodacker, E.ACCT215 online F/SACCT260 online F/S/SUBusiness in the Legal EnvironmentAccounting Info SystemsAckerman, G.Rodacker, E.ACCT294 online F/SIndependent Study--BookkeepingBelgarde, P.AH134 online F/S/SUAH136 online F/SAH137 online S/SUMedical DisordersClinical ProceduresClinical SpecialtiesMcDaniel, K.Clemens, J.Clemens, J.BooksFundamental Accounting Principles 2017Choose one of the following:Textbook with Connect PlusOR Ebook with Connect PlusPrint Book Only (optional)Law for BusinessComputer Accounting with Quickbooks 2015Computer Accounting with Quickbooks 2015AIPB set of six booksMastering Adjusting EntriesMastering Internal Controls & Fraud PreventionMastering InventoryMastering Correction of Accounting ErrorsMastering DepreciationMastering PayrollHuman DiseasesClinical Medical Assisting (Comprehensive)Comprehensive Assisting Study GuideOR Bundle of two books listed aboveStedman's Medical DictionaryMA Lab Tote ( 95.00 lab fee)Clinical Medical Assisting (Comprehensive)Comprehensive Assisting Study GuideOR Bundle of two books listed aboveAH138 online F/SBasic Procedure Coding-1st 8 weeksHauf, H.AH139 online F/SBasic Diagnostic Coding--2nd 8 weeksAboutar, M.AH142 online F/SIntermediate Coding I-1st 8 weeksAboutar, M.AH143 online F/SIntermediate Coding II-2nd 8 weeksAboutar, M.AH171 online F/S/SUAH176 online F/SAH222 online F/S/SUMedical TerminologyFundamentals of HIMMedical Transcription 1Slaubaugh, L.Garcia, JGage, W.Healthcare Documentation Fundamentals & PracticeClemens, J.Williams,E.McDaniel, K.Stedman's Medical DictionaryMosby's Drug BookFoot Pedal (USB.wav) with HeadsetFundamentals of Law for Health Info Mosby's Manual of Diagnostic and Lab TestsMedTrack WorkflowAH231 online F/SAH266 online F/S/SUAH287 online F/S/SUHealthcare Law and EthicsLaboratory & Diagnostic ProceduresComputer Applications in Health CareStep-by-Step Medical CodingCPT 2018 Standard EditionStep-by-Step Medical Coding (from AH138)ICD-10-CM Professional EditionStep-by-Step Medical Coding (from AH138)CPT 2018 Standard Edition (from AH138)ICD-10-CM Professional Edition (from AH139)Step-by-Step Medical Coding (from AH138)CPT 2018 Standard Edition (from AH138)ICD-10-CM Professional Edition (from AH139)Medical Terminology for Health ProfessionsHealth Info Management TechnologyPrinted Book--Medical Clinic Workflow, optionalAuthorWild/Shaw/ChiappettaConnect access onlyConnect access & roederAmerican Health Assoc.Health Professions InstituteMosbyBrodnikSchanhalsSchanhalsEditionISBN New 125987475897812598443939781884826955 175.00 289.00 33.00 195.00 218.00 4978130596479297813059648539781337740159 101.00125.0088.00135.00 7E9781608316922 6E6E6E978130596479297813059648539781337740159 48.00class fee 125.00 88.00 9242000174/200034197815842653069780323089494no ISBN9780997857146 0089.00125.0084.00149.0075.00N/A206.2525.00N/AN/A 195.00 75.7593.7566.00101.2536.00N/A 93.75 66.00 96.0093.7598.2591.5033.7530.0066.7593.7563.00N/A 56.25

Course # & SemestersCourse TitleInstructorBooksAuthorART110 online F/S/SUASC87 online F/S/SUASC88 online F/S/SUIntroduction to Visual ArtsCollege Writing PreparationComposition LabSaunders, C.Schneider, D.Schneider, D.Experiencing Art Around Us (optional)Sentence Skills, Form ABuser, ThomasLangan, JohnAxelrod/CooperVanDevelderASC91 online F/S/SUASC92 online F/S/SUASC93 online F/S/SUBADM201 online FBADM202 online FBADM210 online FBADM213 online FBADM214 online SBADM240 online SBADM260 online SBADM289 online SBIOL115 online F/SBIOL124 online F/SBIOL220 online F/SBIOL221 online F/SBIOL280 online FBOTE108 online F/S/SUBOTE147 online F/SBOTE152 online F/S/SUBOTE209 online FBOTE210 online F/SBOTE217 online F/S/SUBOTE218 online F/SBOTE247 online S/SUBUSN170 online SCARS102 online S/SUCARS105 online F/S/SUCIS104 online F/SUCIS212/162 online & IVNCIS215 FallCIS180 online F/S/SUCIS188 FCIS217 online FCIS229/329The St. Martin's Guide to Writing/Sticks & 978131909182897803168968949780321199911Coyote WarrierAlgebra Prep I-1st 8 weeksChisholm, T.MyMathLabTobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford5EPurchase your E-text/access code but do NOT open until directed to do so by your instructor. Opened E-texts/access codes are non-refundable.If an E-text/access code is lost or stolen the student is responsible for purchasing a new one. Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep II-1st 8 weeksChisholm, T.MyMathLabTobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford 5E9780321199911Purchase your E-text/access code but do NOT open until directed to do so by your instructor. Opened E-texts/access codes are non-refundable.If an E-text/access code is lost or stolen the student is responsible for purchasing a new one. Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep III-2nd 8 weeksChisholm, 911Purchase your E-text/access code but do NOT open until directed to do so by your instructor. Opened E-texts/access codes are non-refundable.If an E-text/access code is lost or stolen the student is responsible for purchasing a new one.Principles of MarketingKeith, rinciples of ManagementKeith, K.Contemporary ManagementJones/George6E9780073530437Advertising IFixen, M.Advertising and PromotionBelch/Belch10E9780078028977Public RelationsKeith, K.The Practice of Public RelationsSeitel, Fraser11E9780136088905Entertainment MarketingKeith, K.No textbook required. (Use textbook from BADM201)SalesKeith, K.Fundamentals of SellingFutrell11E9780073381121Principles of RetailingBelgarde, P.Retailing Management (looseleaf) w/o Connect10EAdvertising CampaignsKeith, K.Open Education ResourcesHuman Structure & FunctionJoy, S.Mader's Understanding Human A & PLongenbaker8E9780073403663Lab Kit available from DCB, will be mailed to student, student will return to DCB at end of classEnvironmental ScienceBartholomay, A.Environmental Science, Systems & SolutionsMcKiney/Schoch, Yonavjak5E9781449661397Anatomy & Physiology ISimmons, A.Anatomy & Physiology (new edition 1/18)Patton/Thibodeau10E9780323528900A & P I Lab Kit #20-2000292-01OR Datta, S.2818450001335Anatomy & Physiology IISimmons, A.Anatomy & PhysiologyPatton/Thibodeau9E9780323298834A & P II Lab Kit #20-2000234-01OR Datta, S.2818450001328Conservation BiologyCabarle, K.Principles of Conservation BiologyGroom3E9780878935970Business MathJohnson, 911Word ProcessingO'Toole, K.Skills for Success/MS Word 2016 ding IILarson, SSkillbuilding Mastery with CodeEllsworth, Barbara9780997560916Office ManagementJackson, C.Procedures & TheoryFulton/Calkins, Stulz7E9781111575861Business CommunicationsLarson, SEssentials of Business Comm--ApliaGuffey/Loewy10E9781285868288Records ManagementFixen, M.Records ManagementGinn, Reed10E9781305119161CIS269/369 FDesktop PublishingSpreadsheet ApplicationsEntrepreneurshipCareer ExplorationJob SearchMicrocomputer DatabaseOperating Systems- Windows 1st 8wksMS Windows Server 2nd 8wksCreating Web PagesApplication DesignVirtualizationInfo Systems ManagementVCSUEnterprise SystemsRodacker, E.O'Toole, K.Fixen, M.Halvorson, L.Halvorson, L.O'Toole, K.Allery TMCCAllery TMCCO'Toole, K.Nelson, T.Allery TMCCPaurus, J. VCSUFenner?Paurus, J. VCSUCOMM110 online F/S/SUCSCI101 online F/S/SUCSCI122 online FFundamentals of Public Speaking 1st 8wksIntroduction to ComputersBeginning BASIC/Visual BASICKeith/BiggerstaffJackson, C.Staff, LRSCCSCI124 online FBeginning C /Visual C Staff, LRSCCSCI172 online SIntermediate Visual BASICHansonMS Office 365StarksSkills for Success/MS Excel 2016 CompChaney/Hawkins/GaskinEntrepreneurial Small BusinessKatz/GreenMaking Career Decisions that CountLuzzo/SeveryOpen Education ResourcesSkills for Successs/MS Access 2016 CompAdkins/Hawkins/GaskinOpen Education ResourcesLabSim 70-410Website Design Made EasyGaskillOpen Education ResourcesOpen Education ResourcesInformation Systems TodaySchneiderSAPGUI provided by InstructorProcesses, Systems, & Information: An Intro to MISKroenke/MickinneSAPGUI provided by InstructorPublic Speaking for College & CareerGregory, H.Go! With Office 2016 VI (book only)Software: Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Basic 2012Zak, D.Clearly Visual Basic: Programming 2012Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Basic 2012Software RequiredAn Intro to Programming with C Zak, D.Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with MS Visual Basic 2012Zak, D. New Used 148.0080.0099.0022.00110.00 110.00N/A 110.00N/A111.0060.0074.2522.00N/A 140.00 195.00 228.00 125.00 105.00146.25171.0093.75 179.00 134.25 153.00class fee 80.00 199.00 141.00 238.00 148.00 99.00 110.00 92.00 49.00 143.00 91.00 143.00 31712775 143.00 92.00 275.00 35.00 107.2569.00206.2526.259780134479514 92.00 69.003E97819350804669780895827357 65.00 48.756E9780132971218 215.00 161.252E9780132783477 180.00 135.009E97800733851679780134320779 110.00140.00 82.50105.003E9781285084107 132.00 99.007E3E97812850614749781285084107 189.00132.00 141.7599.005E3E 60.00 149.25N/A 178.50 75.00N/A 69.00N/A 107.25N/A 107.25

Course # & SemestersCSCI289 online F/SEC209 online SEC210 online F/SUEC211 online S/SUEC213 online FEC222 online S/SUEC233 online SEC236 online F/SEC238 online SECON201 online F/SECON202 online F/SEDUC101 online F/S/SUEDUC220 online F/SEDUC250 online FCourse TitleLake Region State CollegeSocial Implications of Computer TechWilliston State CollegeLearning Environments for ChildrenIntroduction to Early ChildhoodIversonMills, K.staffElementary Classroom ManagementIntroduction to EducationPatterson, J.Jackson, C.Jackson, C.Jackson, C.Mooney, T.Jackson, C.Bergan, N. DSUBergan, N. DSUMigler, J.Mooney, T.Mills, K.EDUC260 online SEDUC298 online F/S/SUENGL110 online F/S/SUENGL120 online F/S/SUENGL125 online F/S/SUENGL220 online F/S/SUENGL238 online F/S/SUEducational PsychologyIntroduction to Education PracticumCollege Composition ICollege Compositon IIIntro to Professional Writing 2nd 8wksIntroduction to Literature--8 weeksChildren's LiteratureMooney, T.Mills, K.Schneider, D.Schneider, D.Hansen, J.Hansen, J.Hansen, J.FORS250FORS255FORS260FORS263FORS265Diseases of Trees & ShrubsUrban Trees & ShrubsParks & Urban GreenspacesUrban Forestry ManagementArboricultural PracticesUnderwood, B.McLeod, EMcLeod, EUnderwood, B.McLeod, Eonline F/Sonline Fonline Fonline Sonline FObs, Assess, Inter TechLanguage & Literacy in ECEAdministration & Leadership in ECEPre-K Methods & MaterialsSocial/Emotional Dev & GuidanceHome, School, & Community RelationsPrinciples Of MicroeconomicsPrinciples Of MacroeconomicsInstructorIntroduction to Paraeduction 2nd 8 wksFORS273 online FFORS275 online SFORS280 online SFORS297 online F/S/SUGEOL105 online F/S/SUGERO130 online FGERO180 onlineGERO240 online S 2017ArboricultureAdvanced ArboriculturePrinciples of PruningCo-op Ed-ForestryPhysical GeologyIntroduction to Human ServicesHome Health CareAdministering MedicationsUnderwood, B.McLeod, EMcLeod, EBrooks, L.Bartholomay, A.Holben, JamesstaffSlaubaugh, L.GERO256 online SGERO285 online FHIST103 online FHIST104 online SHIST220 online F/S/SUDevelopment of Social WelfareHome Health Financial ManagementU.S. History to 1877U.S. History Since 1877North Dakota HistoryHolben, JamesHolben, JamesDuchsherer, AimeeDuchsherer, AimeeDuchsherer, AimeeHORT121 1st & 2nd 8wksHORT122 1st & 2nd 8wksHORT141 onlineHORT243 1st & 2nd 8wksHORT299 1st & 2nd 8wksHPER100 online F/S/SUIntroduction to AquaponicsProduction AquaponicsAquaponicsGood Agricultural PracticesSpecial Topics - Local FoodsConcepts of Wellness and FitnessKnudson, K.Knudson, K.Knudson, K.Knudson, K.Koehler, A.Kauffman, K.BooksAuthorVisual Studio 2012 or Visual C 2012A Gift of Fire, Social, Legal & Ethical How 12: A Handbook for Office ProfessionalsCreating Environments for LearningEarly Childhood Education TodayAccess code NOT requiredBasics of AssessmentLearning to Read & WriteSoftware RequiredBaase, SaraPlanning Administering Early Childhood ProgramsDecker/Decker, etc.Developmentally Appropriate CurriculumOpen Education ResourcesHome, School, & Community RelationsMicroeconomics (Loose Leaf)Macroeconomics (Loose Leaf)Open Education Resources--ND ModulesOpen Education ResourcesK-12 Classroom TeachingAccess code NOT requiredOpen Education ResourcesNo textbook required.The St. Martin's Guide to Writing/Sticks & StonesThe St. Martin's Guide to Writing/Sticks & StonesTechnical Comm for Readers & WritersLiterature: An Intro to Fiction, Poetry Essentials of Children's LiteratureThe Tale of Peter RabbitCharlotte's WebWhere The Wild Things AreDiseases of Trees & ShrubsManual of Woody Landscape PlantsUrban GreenUrban ForestrySafety Requirements for Arboricultural StandardsTo Fell A Tree--A Complete GuideThe Tree Climbers Companion, recommendedArboricultureArboricultureIllustrated Guide to PruningPhysical GeologyThe Generalist Model of Human Services Practice New 135010525 92.0025.0065.00125.00 598987897801326569249780137035533 39.0030.00133.00107.00 29.2522.5099.7580.25Gestwicki, 08901397801341257569780134126081 165.00170.00170.00 123.75127.50127.50Guillaume, h-Brown/TomlinsonPotter/McPhailWhite, E.B.Sendak, MauriceSinclairDirr, M.HarnikMiller, RobertISAJepson, JeffJespon, 615112909978013088882297801308888229781111307301 039.0071.5079.0025.0019.00130.00130.00154.00 19780534512736 145.00130.00 108.7597.50BullardMorrison, George 122E4E4E3E12EAdministering Medications (with Connect)Quick Look Drug Book 2013Understanding Social WelfareOopen Education ResourcesAmerican Passages Volume I: To 1877American Passages Volume II: Since 1865History of North DakotaPlains Folk (used)The Children's BlizzardAquaponic Food ProductionGauwitz, Donna tein9E97814511886539780205179701 45.00160.00 ould/Soderlund/Oshinsky4ERobinsonSherman et 911042436282845000065897800605207559780977969616 124.00135.0050.0050.0015.0048.00 93.00101.2537.5037.5011.5035.00Aquaponic Food ProductionNelson9780977969616 48.00 35.00Food FarmsHealth & WellnessEdlin/Golanty97816116842169781284067293 145.00 108.7512E

Course # & SemestersCourse TitleInstructorHPER210 online F/S/SUMATH103 online F/S/SUFirst AID/CPRCollege AlgebraWilliams, E.Blair, C.MATH104 online SMATH210 FMATH277 online F/SMATH278 online F/SNUTR240 online F/S/SUPHOT180 online F/S/SUPHOT190 online F/SPHOT210 onlinePHOT232 onlinePHOT234 online SPHOT240 onlinePHOT250 online FPHOT285 online SPHOT289 onlinePHOT290 onlinePHOT293 onlinePHRM215 online F/S/SUBooksAuthorEditionAHA Key (Access) Heartsaver 1st AidAmerican Heart AssociationMyMathLabCollege Algebra: Graphs and Models, optionalBittinger, et. al.5EPurchase your E-text/access code but do NOT open until directed to do so by your instructor. Opened E-texts/access codes are non-refundable.If an E-text/access code is lost or stolen the student is responsible for purchasing a new one.Finite MathRichman, H.Finite MathematicsLial11EElementary StatisticsChisholm T.Statistics: Informed Decisions & MyStatsLab5EMath for Elementary TeachersRichman, H.Open Education ResourcesMath for Elementary Teachers IIRichman, H.Open Education ResourcesPrinciples of NutritionSlaubaugh, L.Nutrition and YouBlake4EPhotography I 1st 8 wksVorenkamp, T.No textbook required.Required: DSLR cameraPrinciples of Lighting 2nd 8 wksVorenkamp, T.No textbook requiredIntermediate Photography 2nd 8 wksSaunders, C.No textbook requiredCommercial Photography 1st 8 wksVorenkamp, T.No textbook requiredPortrait Photography 1st 8 wksVorenkamp, T.No textbook requiredDigital Darkroom 1st 8 wksConceptual Photography 2nd 8-wksPhotography Portfolio 2nd 8 wksDocumentary Photography 1st 8 wksPhotography Practicum IV (3 credits)Introduction to PharmacologySaunders, C.Saunders, C.Vorenkamp, T.Vorenkamp, T.Saunders, C.McDaniel, K.PLSC255 online SPSYC100 online F/SPSYC111 online F/S/SUPSYC250 online F/SPlant Disease ManagementHuman Relations in OrganizationsIntroduction to PsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyMcLeod, EBelgarde, P.Lopez, A,Kvasnicka-GatesPSYC270 online SAbnormal PsychologyKvasnicka, L.No textbook requiredNo textbook requiredNo textbook requiredNo textbook requiredPhotographer's MarketEssentials of Pharm for Health ProfessionsEssentials of Pharm Study GuideMosby's Drug BookEssential Plant PathologyHuman Relations Interpersonal Job OrientedPsychology Themes and VariationsThe Developing PersonLecture Notes--Bindernew each yDubrinWeiten, WayneBerger, Kathleen Stassen2018Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-DSM-5Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology12E9E8E5E9EISBN New Used97803211999119780321783950 N/AN/A 126.0097803219794389780134654928 194.00 250.00 145.50N/A9780134167541 160.00 1429232050281845000112097808904255589781118086193 059.00 29.25 79.50 54.00 30.00 80.00 119.25 141.75 114.00N/A 63.75 47.25N/A 93.75 39.00 60.00 26.25 60.00 47.50 47.50 44.25Lecture Notes--BinderPSYC280 online F/SRLS110 online F/SURLS210 online FRLS212 online SRLS215 online F/S/SURLS222 online F15RLS271 online S16RLS280 online S16RLS285 online S 2017RLS286 online F/S/SURLS288 online SRLS290 online FSOC105 online F/SSOC110 online F/SSOC251 online SSOIL210 online F/SSPED101 online FSPED110 online STOUR212 online F2016UNIV110 online F/SIntroduction to Health PsychologyFoundations of RecreationEnvironmental EducationPrinciples of InterpretationRecreation Areas & FacilitiesRecreation Program PlannningAccessibility & Public Policy in Leisure ServicesKvasnicka, L.Niesar, S.Niesar, S.Niesar, S.Higlin, C.Niesar, S.Niesar, S.Niesar, S.Niesar, S.Higlin, C.Holben, JimIntroduction to Inclusive RecreationFirst Year ExperienceIntroduction to SociologyGerontologyIntroduction to Soil ScienceIntro to Developmental DisabilitiesIntro to Exceptional ChildrenPrinciples of TourismCollege Study Skills, 2nd 8 weeksHolben, J.Hall, H.Garcia, J.Garcia, J.Underwood, B.Mooney, T.Mooney, T.Niesar, S.Moss, Z.Fundamentals of Recreation and Resource Man.Community & Commercial RecreationNatural Resource LawRecreation AdministrationHealth PsychologyIntroduction to Recreation and Leisure ServicesConservation Education & Outreach TechniquesInterpretation for the 21st CenturyFacility Design and ManagementProgramming for Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Ser.Introduction to Outdoor RecreationIntroduction to Commercial RecreationNo textbook requiredCreative ManagementADA Package-available at bookstoreInclusion U--access and make payment onlineInclusive & Special RecreationNo Materials NeededSociologyAging, The Individual, and SocietySoils, An Introduction (required)A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual & Dev.Open Education ResourcesTourismYour College ExperienceTaylorHenderson et alJacobson/McDuff/MonroeBeck/CableSawyer, Thomas HJordan et g6E9780072300314 138.0084.00 103.50N/ASmith/Austin/Kennedy/Lee et al6E9781571677570 105.00 78.75Macionis, John 05735747978053459814397801311901919781557667007 95.00134.0099.00120.00 804700845959780312602543 99.0072.00 74.2554.002nd11E2EON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUS--ON CAMPUSBooks and prices are subject to change.

Course # & SemestersCourse TitleInstructorBooksAuthorEditionISBN New UsedCourse # & SemestersCourse TitleInstructorBooks, Etc.AuthorEditionISBN New UsedACCT200 FallACCT201 SpringElements of Accounting IElements of Accounting IIBelgarde, P.Belgarde, P.Fundamental Accounting PrinciplesChoose one of the following:Textbook with Connect PlusOR Ebook with Connect PlusTo purchase Print Book only (optional)Materials from ACCT200Law for BusinessComputer Accounting with Quickbooks 2015Computer Accounting with Quickbooks 2015Mastering Inventory (Set of 6 see below)Mastering DepreciationMastering PayrollMastering Correction of Accounting ErrorsMastering Adjusting EntriesMastering Internal Controls and Fraud PreventionSketch BookExperiencing Art Around Us-OPTIONALArt Fundamentals and Sketch BookGardner's Art Through the Ages: A Concise.Gardner's Art Through the Ages: A Concise.Sketch BookOpen Education 36359 175.00 278.00 62529781884826313 62.50195.00 50.00N/A 42.0042.0041.0025.0025.0025.00 31.5031.5030.7518.7518.7518.75Buser, on 11E 97800735265224E97813055778004E9781305577800none 148.0099.00171.00171.006.00The St. Martin's Guide to Writing/Sticks & CT201 SpringACCT215 FallACCT260Elements of Accounting IIBusiness in the Legal EnvironmentAccounting Info SystemsStaffWachtfogelstaffACCT294 Fall/SpringCertified BookkeeperBelgarde, P.ART101ART110 FallART122 FallART210 FallART211 S[romgART225 SpringASC87 SpringASC87 FallASC87 Fall/SpringASC87 Fall/SpringASC88 Fall/SpringASC88 Fall/SpringASC88 Fall/SpringASC91 Fall/SpringIntroduction to Studio ArtIntroduction to Visual Arts2-Dimensional DesignArt History IArt History IIWater Media ICollege Writing PrepCollege Writing PrepCollege Writing PrepCollege Writing PrepCompostion LabCompostion LabCompostion LabAlgebra Prep IstaffSaunders, C.ASC91 Fall/SpringASC92 Fall/SpringASC92 Fall/SpringASC93 Fall/SpringASC93 Fall/SpringASC93 Fall/SpringASC94 Fall/SpringMSUBADM103 Fall/SpringBADM120 FallBADM201 FallBADM202 SpringBADM203 Fall/SpringBADM210 FallBADM213 SpringBADM214 FallMoss, Z.Moss, Z.Remick, M.Albrightson, G.Hamilton, E.Conn, LindaAlbrightson, G.Porter, M.Conn, LindaChisholm, T. DCBThe St. Martin's Guide to Writing/Sticks & StonesThe St. Martin's Guide to Writing/Sticks & StonesAshcroft & AshcroftConnect access onlyConnect access & bookAIPBAIPBAIPBAIPBAIPBNo textbook required.No textbook required.MyWriting LabMyMathLab, required--Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, optionalTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordMyMathLab, required--Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep IPuhr, JessicaBeginning & Intermediate Algebra, optionalTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordMyMathLab, required--Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep IIChisholm, T. DCBBeginning & Intermediate Algebra, optionalTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordMyMathLab, required--Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep IIPuhr, JessicaBeginning & Intermediate Algebra, optionalTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordMyMathLab, required--Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep IIIChisholm, T. DCBBeginning & Intermediate Algebra, optionalTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordMyMathLab, required--Code may be used for subsequent math classes.Algebra Prep IIIPuhr, JessicaBeginning & Intermediate Algebra, optionalTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordAlgebra Prep IIIJohnson, S.Beginning & Intermediate Algebra (text only)Tobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordAlgebra Prep IVJoy, S.Beginning & Intermediate AlgebraTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordIVN for Minot and Valley City studentsincludes etext, print book, & MyMathLabOR MyMathLabTobey/Slater/Blair/CrawfordPurchase your etext/access code but do NOT open until directed to do so by your instructor. Opened etexts/access codes are non-refundable.If an etext/access code is lost or stolen the student is responsible for purchasing a new one.Leadership TechniquesKeith, K.No textbook required.Intro to BusinessGagnon, R.BUSN6 (no code required)Kelly/McGowen/WilliamsPrinciples of MarketingKeith, K.MarketingKerin/Hartley/RudeliusPrinciples of ManagementKeith, K.Contemporary ManagementJones/GeorgeLeadership TechniquesKeith, K.No textbook required.Advertising IKeith, K.Advertising and PromotionBelch/BelchPublic RelationsKeith, K.The Practice of Public RelationsSeitel, FraserEntertainment MarketingKeith, K.MarketingKerin/Hartley/RudeliusNo textbook required (Use textbook from BADM201)23rd16E17EN/A208.75 111.00 74.25 129.00 9091828 99.0099.0099.00 01341736419780134173641 9911 74 55.00 233.00 249.00 059781259573545 228.00 125.00 233.00 171.0093.75174.75 6.50N/A166.50N/A166.50166.50166.50N/A

Course # & SemestersCourse TitleInstructorBooksAuthorEditionISBN New UsedBADM240 FallBADM260 FallBADM289 SpringBIOL111 FallBIOL115 FallKeith, K.Belgarde, P.Keith, K.Hahka, T.Bartholmay, A.13E9E10E978007786101897800780289919780078028977 229.00 280.00 228.00 7800773486259781449661397 153.0099.0080.00 114.7575.0060.00BIOL200BiotechnologyDatta, S.Fundamentals of SellingRetailing ManagementAdvertising and Promotion. OptionalOpen Education ResourcesMader's Understanding Human A & PHuman Biology Laboratory Manual (MSU only)Environmental Science, Systems & SolutionsOpen Education ResourcesOpen Education ResourcesIntegrated Principles of ZoologyGeneral Zoology, labNo textbook required.FutrellLevy/WeitzBelch/BelchBIOL124 SpringBIOL150 FallBIOL151 SpringBIOL170 FallSalesPrinciples of RetailingAdvertising CampaignsConcepts of BiologyHuman Structure & FunctionLab Manual--MSU students onlyEnvironmental ScienceGeneral Biology- lectureGeneral Biology IIGeneral Zoology15E15E97800730405099780073051628 199.00 110.00 149.2582.50BIOL202 SpringMicrobiologyDatta, 196389780073532493 85.00 90.00 199.00 121.00 253.00 238.00 125.00 156.00 63.75 67.50 149.25N/A? 178.50N/A 81133588948 130.00130.00180.0092.00108.00 97.5097.50135.0069.0081.00 104.0072.0092.00 78.0054.0069.00staffHahka, T.Hahka, T.Datta, S.Burton's Microbiology for the Health ServicesMicrobiological Applications lab manualAnatomy & Physiology (new edition 1/18)A & P Laboratory ManualOR Textbook & Lab Manual BundleAnatomy & PhysiologyA& P Laboratory ManualEcology, Concepts & ApplicationsContact VCSU BookstoreLabContact VCSU BookstoreMcKiney/Schoch, YonavjakHickmanLytle/MeyerBrown, Alfred E.Patton/ThibodeauPattonBIOL220 FallBIOL220H (Honors)Anatomy and Physiology IHahka, T.BIO221 SpringBIOL221H SpringBIOL230 FallBIOL347 FallAnatomy and Physiology IIDatta, S.EcologyAquatic EntomologyValley City State UniversityMammalogyValley City State UniversityEnvironmental Law/RegulationsValley City State UniversityIchthyology-51eValley City State UniversityField EcologyValley City State UniversityPrinciples of Wildlife ManagementValley City State UniversityPrinciples of Fisherie

Mastering Adjusting Entries 2007 Mastering Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention 2007 Mastering Inventory 2007 Mastering Correction of Accounting Errors 2007 Mastering Depreciation 2016 Mastering Payroll 2017 AH134 online F/S/SU Medical Disorders McDaniel, K

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by March 1887. Sioux Falls was home to both the conference office and the Tract Society (renamed the Book and Bible House in 1924).10 South Dakota Conference (1889-1895) From 1889, when the Dakota Territory became the States of North and South Dakota, until 1895, the Dakota Conference was known as the South Dakota Conference.

These rules have been adopted by the court as local rules pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. . Western Division: Adams, Billings, Bottineau, Bowman, Burleigh, Burke, Divide, . Each applicant for admission to the bar of the United States District Court for the District of North Dakota

The highest number of fatalities over this 10 year period occurred in 2012 (170), followed by a steady decrease . Bottineau 69 1 27 0.84 Bowman 20 0 7 0.45 Burke 34 0 8 0.55 Burleigh 2,624 5 691 3.67 Cass 3,748 9 1,084 2.18 . 5 year period (2015-2019), July had the most motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota. County Crashes Fatalities .

Board, South Dakota Hall of Fame Board Member, South Dakota Rodeo Association Board, United State Team Penning Association Board, National Cutting Horse Association, Masonic Member of Joppa Lodge, El Riad Shrine Member, South Dakota House of Representatives from 2011- 2012 and the South Dakota Senate from 2012- 13. He

Mike Rose, “I Just Wanna Be Average” pp. 350-363 February 5 Lecture: Types of Support The St Martin’s Guide to Writing: pp. 674-684 . February 8 The St Martin’s Guide to Writing: Revising pp. 502-509 Formal outline and First draft of first pa

North Dakota – 587 Out-of-State – 8 Canda – 1 Total – 596 5 4 7 28 33 11 23 22 18 44 6 Benson Divide Burke Bottineau 1 Grand Forks McHenry McKenzie McLean Mountrail Pierce Renville Rolette 338 Ward 5 Wells 37 Williams 1 Mercer 1 Burleigh 1 Cass 1 Cavalier 1 Dunn There are 11,790 c

GENERAL INFORMATION . FOR PROVIDERS. NORTH DAKOTA MEDICAID . AND OTHER MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS . Published by: Medical Services Division . North Dakota Department of Human Services . 600 E. Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 325 . Bismarck, North Dakota 58505 . January 2021

EXTERIOR WALLS Weathertightness AAMA 501-15 TF & F Air leakage ASTM E 283-04(2012) TF & F Water penetration ASTM E 331-00(2016) TF & F Structural performance ASTM E 330/330M-14 TF & F CURTAIN WALLING Impact resistance of opaque wall components - hard body impact tests BS 8200:1985 TF Impact resistance of opaque wall components - soft body impact tests BS 8200:1985 TF Impact resistance BS EN .