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The newsletter for Yamhill County Master GardenersCheck out the YCMGA Forum!The YCMGA forum on ourwebsite is a great place to keepin touch with other MasterGardeners on current issuesand other topics. Once loggedin you can get to the forum byselecting MG Resources- YCMGA Forum from themembers’ menu bar. From thereyou can view, respond, follow,and create your own topics.We currently have thefollowing topics beingdiscussed:Harvest SwapCooking Questions/TipsHardy kiwiPlant GiveawaysSeed SwapOctober 20212021 Awards andGraduation CeremonyThe YCMGA Awards and GraduationCeremony will be online this year onNovember 17th at 6 pm.But stay tuned to see if the plans have tobe changed because of COVID!REMEMBER—TO GET CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEERHOURS SERVED, HOURS MUST BEENTERED IN VRS BYOCTOBER 31ST.In this Issue Chef’s Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 & 3 The Invasives . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 & 5 Volunteers needed . . . . . . . . . 6 YCMGA Quarterly Report . . . . 7 Mistaken Identity . . . . . . . . . . 8 Heather’s Highlights . . . . . . . . 9 Pesky Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 New Slug Weapon. . . . . . . . . .11 Mosquitoes. Part II . . . . 10 & 11YCMGA COMMITTEECHAIRPERSONS:Awards/MemorialsNancy WoodworthPolly BlumLinda CoakleyCommunity GardenLinda MasonSusan BurdellDemonstrationGardens (2)Sue NesbittDonn CallahamEducation OutreachRita CanalesNewsletterDonn CallahamFarmers’ Mkt. Mac.Tom CanalesFarmers’ MarketNewbergPeter SteadmanGarden-to-TableGene NesbittTonia BeebeGloria LutzGreenhouseLinda CoakleyHospitalityGail StoltzInsect CommitteeGin GaltTerry HartLibraryBeth DurrPlant SalePat FritzMarilyn MacGregorPropagationPat FritzMarilyn MacGregorPublicityTom CanalesScholarshipsSusan NesbittSocial Media/WebsiteTom CanalesSpring into GardenCarol ParksSunshine CommitteePolly stergardeners

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Yamhill County Master GardenersPage 2Tales from theChef’s GardenOctoberis oneof my favoritemonths. Thehumid daysand beatingBees collecting nectarsun are a(hopefully) on Gallardiadistantmemoryreplaced by bracing mornings and glorious sunnyand breezy days. Another joy of October is thatthe urgent harvesting is over. No longer do Iwake up in a panic that the zucchinis have grownto 18 inches overnight. Or that I’ve missedharvesting an entire bed of lettuce and it is nowbitter. In short, October is a more relaxing monthin the Chef’s Garden.While I’m reveling in theslower pace ofOctober, let’sgo back intothe middle ofthe hustle andbustle of summer. When it ishot and we’realready busyharvestingvegetables, weharvest honey.Why? We needto leave thebees time toreplace some ofthe excesswhich weharvested.So that means honey harvesting is hot and stickywork for a sweet reward.It might comeas a surpriseto some, buthoney doesnot originate inlittle plastichoney bears. Itstarts withflowers, lots offlowers. Honeybees collectnectar andpollen from awide variety offlowers. ThenectarbecomesFull frame of capped honeyhoney whichprovides thecarbohydrate portion of a honey bee’s diet. Thepollen, also stored in the combs, is a bee’s sourceof protein.Just like people are healthier when they eat avaried diet, the same holds true with honey bees.Our part as gardeners is to plant flowering plants.Check out the OSU publication EM 9289 “Enhancing Urban and Suburban Landscapes to ProtectPollinators” for in-depth information on theconsiderations when choosing what exactly toplant to feed pollinators.Uncapping frame of honeyBack to the journey from nectar to honey. Beesreturn to the hive and deposit a drop of nectarwith a house bee. She then mixes the nectar withenzymes and bacteria and evaporates most ofthe moisture until it reaches about 18% moisturewhich will not ferment when stored long-term.She places the drop in a honey cell. When thecell is full and the moisture is correct, the bees

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Yamhill County Master Gardenerscover the honey with a thin wax seal. This is thepoint that the rascally beekeeper intrudes! Beesare overachievers. They store more honey thanthey need, so beekeepers harvest the excess.On a hot day in late July, we remove the extraboxes of honey from each colony. After brushingthe frames so they are bee-free, we take theminto the fancy event tent with all the doors andwindows closed. This year we did get electricityso we could a least have some fans. This processworks best when the outside temperatures are inthe mid-nineties! I have decided to consider it afree sauna treatment.Once the boxes filled with frames of honey areinside, the nextstep is toremove thewax cappings.The next stopon the journeyto the honeyjar is movingthe frames intothe extractor.We have ahand-crankedmodel. Yes,electric wouldbe infinitelyeasier,but Iopen uphoneyHoney flowing fromharvestextractor into doubleto thestrainerrest ofthe employees to come help in exchangefor a small jar of fresh honey. It has provedto be a very popular activity.Page 3a doublestrainer into5-gallonbuckets. Welet the honeysit for a fewdays to allowbubbles andany wax tofloat to thesurfacebefore webottle it intoquart-sizedjars for usein the Jorykitchen.Next timeyou see thatExtractor with strainer &jar of honey5-gallon bucket belowsitting onyour shelf, think about all the work that goes intogetting it to that state. Use it with care andgratitude for the hard-working honey bees.Anna AshbyMaster GardenerMaster BeekeeperIt takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes ofsteady cranking the handle of the extractorto remove the honey from the frames. Atthat point the frames go back to the beesfor them to clean before I store them forwinterThe honey that is spun by centrifugal forcefrom the frames gathers in the bottom ofthe extractor. It flows out a valve throughAt the end of a hot day —the Final Product

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Yamhill County Master GardenersPage 4VelvetleafAlbutilon theofrastiIdisturbed area, usually where the soil is moist.n September a resident of McMinnville sentin a description and photos of this plant. Itturns out to be an invasive on the “prioritylist” (see details next page) in both Oregon andWashington.The first recorded site of velvetleaf in Oregonwas in 1928 in Yamhill County. In theWillamette Valley, velvetleaf has often beenassociated with dairy operations due toimportation of cotton seed from the South forcattle feed. Unfortunately, it competeseffectively with grain and seed crops, shadesout desired plants, and releases chemicalswhich inhibit the growth of other plants.A native of China and presumably introducedinto the U.S. from India as a fiber crop, it isalso known as Indian mallow, buttonweed,velvetweed and jute. It spreads by seed witheach plant producing 17,000 seeds perseason. The seeds remain viable in the soilfor at least 60 years, so ambitious controlmust be done every spring.What to do about it With a mature plant, just pull or dig up theplant, seal it in plastic bags, and put it in thegarbage. If you don’t have garbage service,still dig it up and bag it, and keep it until itcan be burnt completely. It’s important tokeep it away from compost piles and brush orweed piles because of all the seeds.Velvetleaf whole plant“Velvetleaf” (albutilon theofrasti) is an annualweed in the mallow family (Malvaceae) thatgerminates in the spring and flowers in thesummer. Heart-shaped leaves are up to 5”across, alternate and velvety, have long stalksand a distinct odor when crushed. Yellow fivepetaled flowers are followed by persistent, crown-shaped seed pods.The mature plant is from 3’ to 8’ tall (thespecimen in McMinnville was 6’) and blooms fromJuly through September. As with nearly all theinvasive weeds, it thrives in any open orVelvetleaf flower and seed pod

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Yamhill County Master GardenersPage 5What is a “Priority Weed”?These weeds are the highest priorityto be found and eradicated and areactively being targeted for eradication in and by Oregon. Landowners areasked to notify the WeedWise programof these weeds and to activelycontrol them on their property.If there is a large infestation (as in a field)then herbicides are needed. However, theapplication of herbicide must be made inspring only, before the plant is 4” tall, at aVelvetleaf —what you do not want to seecertain time of day, and every year until nomore plants are seen. Waiting until the plantis larger, or spraying at the wrong time of day, or missing a year will allow the weed to outgrow anyherbicide and still develop a seed crop.So clearly, it is important to get rid of this weed immediately after finding it, then beingmeticulous in eradicating it every year.Donn CallahamExtremeTopiary

The GRAPEVINEYamhill County Master Gardeners10-2021Page 6Share your energy and Skills!Volunteer for one or more of these jobs:“Spring-into-Gardening” chairpersonEducation/Outreach committee co-chairAssistant website editorPerennial Propagation chairpersonAnnual Propagation chairpersonVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVPublicity Committee chairpersonPresident-elect for 2022For descriptions of these jobs and any questions,use the “YCMGA Committee Chairpersons”list on page one of this Grapevine.All of these positions need to be filledASAPAssistant Website editor job description:Work with the Website Administrator, the YCMGA Board and Committee Chairs to insure relevant content is kept up-to-date on the YCMGA Website.Required Skills:Basic Computer skills and familiarity with MS Office products (Word, Excel, Publisher,etc.).Some experience with a website content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, or the ability to follow written instructions for updating YCMGA website pagesusing WordPress.Responsibilities may include one or more of the following:Update Public and Member-only “Upcoming Events” section and the Events Calendar.Maintain “member only” database.Ensure read-only copies of organizational documents (Resource Manual, Grapevine,Policies, By-Laws, etc.) are available and-up-to date on the website.Ensure online registration for “Spring into Gardening” and Membership Dues renewalare activated when appropriate.Maintain the YCMGA Web Admin. guide.

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Yamhill County Master GardenersPage 7Yamhill County 3rd Quarter Chapter Report 2021In July we had a tour of the Grand Ronde Native Garden and Nursery with 22 Master Gardenersattending. It was a huge success and a great learning experience. The Confederated Tribes ofGrand Ronde have a great facility and we not only learned about native plants, but how those plantsare harvested and used by the Native Americans as their food, their medicine and in theirceremonials.Over the next few months, we will be determining the type of plant sale to focus on: in-person,on-line or a hybrid of the two.We have 37 active Garden-to-Table participants with gardens from our 2021 classes. We are startingto plan for our 2022 classes. The scope of the 2022 program and grant funding are currently beingexplored. We have a good potential to support Spanish classes in the Spring.Submitted by Polly Blum, Yamhill County OMGA Rep.“ CRIMESAGAINSTNATURE”Extreme Topiary

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Yamhill County Master GardenersPage 8Mistaken Identity: WaspsThere is a wasp in Oregon which is oftenmistaken for the Asian giant hornet. As youknow, there aren’t yet any Asian giant hornets inOregon, but this other very large (to 1.5 inches long)wasp is a native here, and poses no threat to theecosystem.The males spend their time fighting for a mate, andvomiting on their own heads to stay cool in thesummer heat! Certainly a unique way to cool oneself, and something that would be singularly difficultfor us to emulate.The “Cicada killer” wasp appreciates sandy soil fordigging its nest, making it a rarity in Western Oregon.Their only prey is the cicada. Their method ofconsumption, though, is rather distasteful. Thefemale paralyzes a cicada by stinging it, thendrags it into her nest underground. (This processcan take her a full day). While it is still alive herlarvae gradually eat the cicada, a process whichmay take several weeks.July 2021 Capital PressThough very bad news for cicadas, the Cicadakiller is hardly threatening to other animals(including us). As an OSU researcher so quaintlyputs it, “If you disturb their nest they’ll get a littleagitated.” However, they are solitary by nature,so they won’t attack in a swarm. Their holes areminimal (though 10 inches deep) so are often noteven noticeable in a landscape.While the female digs the burrow, lays her eggs,finds and stings a cicada, hauls it home and thenworks it down into her burrow, the maleskeep themselves busy with two activities.FA Suggestion for Insect Aficionadosor those of you who use Facebook, here is a suggestion.Terry Hart found this group that is open to the general public, which he has enjoyed for a couple of months. You need to request to join and follow the simplerules; nothing unusual. It is described as being:"For anyone interested in the insects of the Pacific Northwest.Professionals, amateurs, or the vaguely curious are all welcome here!"Click link PNW Entomology“The best fertilizer is a gardener's shadow.”

The GRAPEVINE 4-2021The GRAPEVINE 10-2021Yamhill County Master GardenersYamhill County Master GardenersPage 9know if you need any continuing educationhours; there are many recorded webinars towatch. Also, please enter any additional volunteerhours you have from 2021; it is important for us to beable to record our positive impact on our communitywith all your donated time.Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying thestart of fall and our ample recent rainfall. It isnice to see everything green up again!The biggest thing to note this month is that volunteerhours are due in VRS on or before Oct 31st. The sooner the better! This will help Carla get hours ready forour MG graduation and awards ceremony. It will beonline again this year, on the evening of November17th, but don’t let this stop you from preparing a potluck dish – you can always make M.G.’s on camerajealous! For certified Master Gardeners, you do nothave a volunteer hour requirement this year, but youmust complete 10 hours of continuing educationhours to recertify for 2022. Please let Carla or meAlso, if you would like to get out a bit and visit withfellow volunteers, we still have outdoor activities suchas demo garden, the community garden, and McMinnville Farmers Market. The market is a good opportunity for trainees looking to finish desk hours, so signup and connect with fellow gardeners from the MGprogram and the public. We have made some greatcontacts at the markets so far this year, so give it atry if you haven’t been yet this year.If anyone has any questions about volunteer oreducation hour opportunities or entering them in VRSplease contact Carla or myself ASAP.Pesky ProfilesBy Heather StovenSpiders all Around Us!Ever wonder why spiders are associatedwith Halloween? Perhaps it is becausesome view all the legs spiders have as “creepy”and suitable for the holiday, or perhaps it’s dueto the extra visibility spiders have during the fall.Spiders are commonly noticed both indoors andout this time of year. It might make sense thatone of thereasons is due tospiders “comingindoors” forwarmth in thewinter; however,that is not thecase.Orb-weaver spiderActually mostspiders you seeindoors aredifferent speciesthan spiders that live outdoors. They are notcoming in and out. However, spiders that liveindoors may be more visible during the fall asthey are more mobile in your house as theysearch out mates this time of year.Outdoor spiders are actually more numerous inthe spring after they hatch (before predators findthem) though they may be more noticeable nowsince they are larger as they reach maturity andtherefore more conspicuous in their webs.Next time you are outdoors keep an eye out forcross orb-weavers (Araneus diadematus) whichare noticeable in western Oregon this time ofyear due to their conspicuous spiral webs. Theyare beautiful spiders! Happy Fall Everyone!Resources:berkeley/fall spiders/spider-showcase/myth-spiders-come-indoors

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Page 10Yamhill County Master GardenersThe Secret Life of Mosquitoes, Part 2There are dozens of species that, like theelephant mosquito and its close relatives,never drink blood as adults. But when they dosuck blood humans aren’t the only thing on themenu. Hematophagus, or blood-sucking, mosquitoes also feast on frogs, crocodiles, earthworms,armadillos, manatees and even mudskipper fish.Recent research onfossilized mosquitoessuggests these insectswere originally reptilefeeders, sucking thecold blood ofdinosaurs. By our ownnature, we also out-compete, over-harvest andcrowd out lots of the animals that mosquitoesrely on, giving them no choice but to suck ourblood instead. The mosquitoes which do not suckblood for protein get their energy from nectar,sap and fruit juice.Mosquitoesappear to bevital to plantpollination.Mosquitoes in the genus Malaya, however, poachtheir sugars from other insects. Using theirantennae and short proboscis, they will strokethe faces of ants and aphids, causing them toregurgitate a sweet liquid called honeydew fromtheir mouths. Many mosquitoes rely on sugaryplant liquidsfor most oftheir diet, andthis tight relationship withplants couldbe far moreimportant thanwe realize.Sugary plantliquids likenectar are theprimary foodsource formany mosquitoes.Aedes scapularis mosquito: a newinvasive mosquito in FloridaOvershadowed by their vampiric tendencies,mosquitoes’ pollination duties are highlyunderstudied, partially because they pollinateonly at night. (Since very few people have seenmosquitoespollinatingat night,it’s onlyrecentlythat scientists realized thatwas evenhappenThe hairy-lipped mosquito carefully guardsing).her eggs from falling raindrops, predatorsand debris until they hatch.Blood-as-food sources for mosquitoes.Clockwise from top left: armadillo’s tail; worms; aslug; amphibians (center); reptiles; and, of course,YOU. )Whichplants theyvisit and how effectively they disperse pollenrelative to bees, butterflies and beetles is poorlyunderstood. Studies have shown that when night-time pollinators are excluded, some flowers tendto produce fewer viable seeds compared toflowers whose day-time pollinators are blockedout. This, along with the sheer magnitude ofmosquitoes found on flowers at night, suggeststhat nocturnal creatures like mosquitoes may bejust as important for ecosystem functioning asthe familiar pollinators we see during the day.Mosquitoes have a long way to go in terms ofrecognition, though. Even in the scientific

The GRAPEVINE10-2021Page 11Yamhill County Master Gardenerscommunity, they’re often excluded frompollinator studies. Few people, even amongentomologists, expect to see mosquitoes onflowers.With their proboscises in every ecological pie,mosquitoes are intricately intertwined withcountless plants, animals, microorganisms andpathogens, yet our perception of them remainsnarrowly focused on the itchy welts they leaveand diseases they carry. If their enormous impacton humans alone is any indication of theirrelationships with other species, it would behooveus to focus more effort on understanding them inthe context of their environments.As usual, humanity’s focus is on its own welfare(mosquito eradication) rather than the bigbiological picture. If humans succeeded indecimating mosquitoes, besides losing thepollinating powers of mosquitoes, there iscertainly this question:Could birds and bats survivewithout mosquitoes?The lesserknown mosquitoes out there— with theirfancy colors,strange sexlives and variety of hosts —reflect a richdiversity that’shard to ignoreonce you takea closer look.Chances arethere are more than a few out there that couldsave our lives, if only we could appreciate theirs.Cypress Hansen, Smithsonian, 8-19-21(Sent in by Terry Hart)Learn about the Smithsonian’s 1.9Million Mosquitoes on this site.Asian tiger mosquitoMosquito visiting a Mango blossom at nightThe Secret Weapon: Bread Dough!Bread dough turns out to be a supreme attractant for slugs and snails. Scientists from 6entities (universities and agencies) discovered that gastropods “go bonkers” for breaddough, possibly because of the fermentation. In one experiment, 18,000 snails were trappedin 48 hours. Once attracted to the dough, they can be eliminated.Bread dough has the added advantages of having a long field life (active for 8 days), isinexpensive, and can be stored indefinitely when dry.

Yamhill County 050 NE Lafayette AvenueMcMinnville, OR 97128-9333Yamhill County MasterGardener AssociationExecutive BoardTrade-name products and services are mentioned as illustrations only. This does not mean that the Oregon StateUniversity Extension Service endorses these products andservices or intends to discriminate against products andservices not mentioned. For additional OSU Extensiongardening information, visit: expert/Oregon State University Extension Service offers educational programs, activities, and materials without discriminationbased on age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex,sexual orientation, or veteran’s status. Oregon State University Extension Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer.The Grapevine is published monthly by theYamhill County OSU Extension Office incooperation with the Yamhill CountyMaster Gardener Association,2050 Lafayette Avenue,McMinnville, OR 97128-9333.(503) 434-7517.For free subscription by email,send request to above address.General meetings of the Yamhill CountyMaster Gardeners Association areannounced in this newsletter andare open to the public.Contributors vary by monthly edition.Grapevine Editor: Donn resident: Susanne BeukemaPresident-Elect: Rita CanalesSecretary: Donn CallahamTreasurer: Amy CurtisOMGA Rep: Polly BlumOMGA Alt. Rep: Tom CanalesMembers at Large: Kelly Moserand Tonia BeebeHeather StovenYamhill County Extension Facultyfor Community Horticulture

carbohydrate portion of a honey bee’s diet. The pollen, also stored in the combs, is a bee’s source of protein. Just like people are healthier when they eat a varied diet, the same holds true with honey bees. Our part as gardeners is to plant floweri

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May 02, 2018 · D. Program Evaluation ͟The organization has provided a description of the framework for how each program will be evaluated. The framework should include all the elements below: ͟The evaluation methods are cost-effective for the organization ͟Quantitative and qualitative data is being collected (at Basics tier, data collection must have begun)

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

̶The leading indicator of employee engagement is based on the quality of the relationship between employee and supervisor Empower your managers! ̶Help them understand the impact on the organization ̶Share important changes, plan options, tasks, and deadlines ̶Provide key messages and talking points ̶Prepare them to answer employee questions

Amity City Council, Position 5 No Candidate Filed City of Amity City of Carlton Mayor . Systems, Bachelor of Science; Amity High School, Diploma Prior Governmental Experience: Yamhill County Clerk The Yamhill County Clerk’s offi ce provides fi rst-class customer service to all Yam

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a shaded bar on the outside edge. All information contained in the county portion of this pamphlet has been assembled and printed by the Yamhill County Clerk, your County Elections Offi cial. 22018 General Election VP Booklet.indd 1018 General Election VP Booklet.indd 1 99/13/

10 tips och tricks för att lyckas med ert sap-projekt 20 SAPSANYTT 2/2015 De flesta projektledare känner säkert till Cobb’s paradox. Martin Cobb verkade som CIO för sekretariatet för Treasury Board of Canada 1995 då han ställde frågan

service i Norge och Finland drivs inom ramen för ett enskilt företag (NRK. 1 och Yleisradio), fin ns det i Sverige tre: Ett för tv (Sveriges Television , SVT ), ett för radio (Sveriges Radio , SR ) och ett för utbildnings program (Sveriges Utbildningsradio, UR, vilket till följd av sin begränsade storlek inte återfinns bland de 25 största

Hotell För hotell anges de tre klasserna A/B, C och D. Det betyder att den "normala" standarden C är acceptabel men att motiven för en högre standard är starka. Ljudklass C motsvarar de tidigare normkraven för hotell, ljudklass A/B motsvarar kraven för moderna hotell med hög standard och ljudklass D kan användas vid

LÄS NOGGRANT FÖLJANDE VILLKOR FÖR APPLE DEVELOPER PROGRAM LICENCE . Apple Developer Program License Agreement Syfte Du vill använda Apple-mjukvara (enligt definitionen nedan) för att utveckla en eller flera Applikationer (enligt definitionen nedan) för Apple-märkta produkter. . Applikationer som utvecklas för iOS-produkter, Apple .

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

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Food outlets which focused on food quality, Service quality, environment and price factors, are thè valuable factors for food outlets to increase thè satisfaction level of customers and it will create a positive impact through word ofmouth. Keyword : Customer satisfaction, food quality, Service quality, physical environment off ood outlets .

1. No Yamhill County board, agency, department, political subdivision, agent or assigns, shall: a. Require as condition for accessing state services or facilities that an individual produce proof that he or she has received a Covid-19 vaccine; b. Produce

Fort site in 1988; The CTGR owns approximately 139.5 acres that was acquired in 2000; and Polk County owns a 2.72 acre parcel. The Fort Yamhill State Heritage Area is in northern Polk County, about 1/2 mile north of Valley Junction. Although, Oregon State Parks has owned the property sin