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VOL P. 1577SHERIFF’S SALET u e s d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 3SHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALET H E L E G A L I N T E L L I G E N C ER 1 7SHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALESheriff’s Sale Notices for October 1, 2013SHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALEfIRST PUBLICATIONNOTICE OF SCHEDULEOF DISTRIBUTIONThe Sheriff will file in his office, The Land TitleBuilding, 100 South Broad Street, 5th Floor, aSchedule of Distribution Thirty (30) Days from thedate of Real Estate sold on October 1, 2013.Distribution will be made in accordance with theSchedule unless exceptions are filed thereto withinten (10) days thereafter.N.B. - For the benefit of our non-professionalreaders who do not understand the meaning of theletters and figures following the defendant’s names,we make the following.EXPLANATIONThe name first appearing in each notice is that ofthe defendant in the writ whose property is beingsold. All Writs are Writs of Executions.The letters C.P., Court of Common Pleas; O.C.,Orphans’ Court; Q.S., Court of Quarter Sessions;C.C., County Court - indicate the Court out ofwhich the writ of execution issues under which thesale is made: S. 1941. 223. means September Term,1941. 223, the term and number of the docket entry;the figures following show the amount of debt; andthe name following is that of the attorney issuing thewrit.Attention is called to the provisions of Act No.104,approved July 27, 1955, which requires owners ofproperties which are used, designed or intended tobe used by three or more families, or of commercialestablishments which contain one or more dwellingunits, to deliver to the buyers of such properties ause registration permit at the time of settlement,under certain terms and conditions. Sheriff Salesare not subject to provisions of the said Act andthe Sheriff will, therefore, not deliver useregistration permits in connection with any salesconducted by him.Very truly yours,JEWELL WILLIAMS, SheriffCity and County of 1 Pennsylvania Avenue #21A1 1913015th wd. 1262 Sq. Ft. BRT#888151138Improvements: Residential PropertyJAMES M JOSEPH AND PAUL STARCHESKIC.P. September Term, 2009 No. 00418 283,713.39 KML Law Group, P.C.3211 Aramingo Avenue 19134 45th wd. 1073Sq. Ft. BRT#451392300Improvements:Residential PropertyARMINDA L. PAZ C.P. January Term, 2013No. 00712 122,726.35KML Law Group,P.C.1310-3072934 Arlan Street 19136 57th wd. 4440Sq. Ft. BRT#572050540Improvements:Residential PropertyEDWARD GALLAGHER AND ERIN M.GALLAGHERC.P. March Term, 2013 No.01664 199,881.04 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3201318 North Marshall Street 19122 14THwd. 2392.20 Sq. Ft.BRT#141031815Improvements: Residential PropertyCARLISA MITCHELL AND DAVID W.MITCHELLC.P. January Term, 2013 No.00476 192,930.89 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3294076 East Roosevelt Boulevard 19124-305335th wd. 1568 Sq. Ft. BRT#351020800 Subjectto MortgageImprovements: ResidentialDwellingKELVIN OBARA C.P. February Term, 2013No. 00222 99,373.94Powers, Kirn &Javardian, LLC1310-3082168 Unruh Avenue 19149 54th wd. 5462.40Sq. Ft. BRT#541151400Improvements:Residential PropertyJAHANGIR AHMEDC.P. March Term,2013 No. 03671 155,727.28KML LawGroup, P.C.1310-321A-B2541 North 9th Street (Premises A - 191331908) 37th wd. parcel #1 - Situate on the easterly side of Ninth Street at the distance of OneHundred and fifty six feet eleven inches southwardly from the southerly side of HuntingtonStreet. Parcel #3- situate on the east side of9th Street at the distance of 113 feet 10 inchessouthwardly from the south side of HuntingtonStreet.Improvements: Row 2 Sty, Masonry(both Properties)2547 North 9th Street (Premises B - 191331908) 37th wd. parcel #1 - Situate on the easterly side of Ninth Street at the distance of OneHundred and fifty six feet eleven inches southwardly from the southerly side of HuntingtonStreet. Parcel #3- situate on the east side of9th Street at the distance of 113 feet 10 inchessouthwardly from the south side of HuntingtonStreet.Improvements: Row 2 Sty, Masonry(both Properties)AMERICANDREAMGROUPINVESTMENTS, LLCC.P. April Term,2012 No. 03429 69,787.37Chandra M.Arkema, Esq.Properties to be sold by Sheriff Jewell Williams,on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at the:First District Plaza3801 Market Street10:00 A.M. (DST).JUDICIAL/FORECLOSURE SALECONDITIONS OF SHERIFF SALETen percent of the highest bid for each propertyauctioned off shall be deposited in cash, certifiedcheck, attorney’s check or money order with theSheriff by each bidder when his bid is registered,provided that in no case shall less than Six HundredDollars ( 600.00) be deposited, otherwise upon failure or refusal to make such deposit, the bidder shalllose all benefit of his bid and the property may beimmediately offered again and sold unless a secondbid has been registered, then, the second highest bidder will take the property at the highest bid price.Additionally, where there is active bidding, thehighest bidder, and the second highest bidder, if anymust post the entire amount of the cost of the distribution policy for the property at the time of sale bycash, certified check, attorney’s check or moneyorder with the SheriffThe balance of the purchase money must bedeposited in cash, certified check, attorney’s checkor money order together with a Deed poll for execution by the highest bidder to the Sheriff at his officewithin 30 days from the time of the sale. An extension of time for an additional 30 days may be granted at the discretion of the Sheriff upon receipt ofwritten request from the buyer requesting the same,except when a second bidder has been duly registered. Also, if the first bidder does not complete settlement with the Sheriff within the thirty (30) daytime limit and a second bid was registered at thesale, the second bidder shall be granted the samethirty (30) day time limit to make settlement withthe Sheriff on his second bid. Thereafter, the Sheriffshall be at liberty to return the writ to court.A second bid must be registered on any propertyimmediately after it is sold. The second bidder mustpresent the same amount of deposit that the highestbidder delivers to the Sheriff at the sale. An extension of time under no circumstances will be grantedor honored by the Sheriff whenever a second bid isregistered on a property at the sale.The first bid or opening bid on each propertyshall be a sum sufficient to pay all Sheriff’s costsincluding advertising, all taxes, water rents andmunicipal claims due to the City of Philadelphia. Ifthere is no other bid price above the opening bidprice, the property shall be sold by the auctioneer tothe attorney on the writ at that price.The deposit by any bidder who fails to complywith the above conditions of sale shall be forfeitedand the funds will be applied to the Sheriff’s cost,then to any municipal claims that the City ofPhiladelphia has on the property. Finally, if a balance still remains, a Sheriff’s Distribution Policywill be ordered and the money will be distributedaccordingly.No personal checks, drafts or promises to pay willbe accepted in lieu of cash, certified checks, attorney’s checks or money orders made payable to theSheriff of Philadelphia County.The Sheriff reserves the right to grant furtherextensions of time to settle and further reserves theright to refuse bids from bidders who have failed toenter deposits on their bids, failed to make settlement, or make fraudulent bids, or any other behavior which causes disruption of the Sheriff Sale. Saidbidders shall be so refused for the sale in which saidbehavior occurred and for said further period oftime as the Sheriff in his discretion shall determine.The Sheriff will not acknowledge a deed poll toany individual or entity using an unregistered fictitious name and may, at his discretion, require proofof identity of the purchaser or the registration of fictitious names. The bid of an unregistered fictitiousname shall be forfeited as if the bidder failed tomeet the terms of sale.All bidders are advised to remain at the sale untilafter the last property is sold. The Sheriff reservesthe right to re-sell any property at any time beforethe end of the sale, upon the successful bidders’ failure to tender the required deposit. The Sheriffreserves the right to postpone or stay the sale of anyproperty in which the attorney on the writ has notappeared and is not present at the saleProspective purchasers are directed to the Website of the Philadelphia Bureau of Revision of Taxes,(BRT) “” for a fuller description ofthe properties listed. Properties can be looked up bythe BRT number – which should be cross checkedwith the address. Prospective purchasers are alsodirected to the Philadelphia Department of Records,at Room 154 City Hall, 215-686-1483 and to its website at where they can viewthe deed to each individual property and find theboundaries of the property. PROSPECTIVEPURCHASERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FORDETERMINING THE NATURE, LOCATION,CONDITION AND BOUNDARIES OF THEPROPERTIES THEY SEEK TO PURCHASE.The “BRT #” refers to a unique number assignedby the City Bureau of Revision of Taxes to eachproperty in the City for the purpose of assessing itfor taxes. This number can be used to obtaindescriptive information about the property from theBRT website. Effective Date: July 7, 20061306-413400 West Hortter Street, Unit 602 1911988th wd. 758 Sq. Ft.; all that certain unit inthe property known, named, and idnetified as“Germantown Manor, a Condominium”, locatedin the 88th Ward of the City of Philadelphia,Commonwealth of Pennsylvania being designated on said Declaration Plan as Unit 602together with the proporionate undivided interest in the Common Elements (as defined inthe declaration). BRT#888220231 Subjectto MortgageImprovements: ResidentialCondominiumAUDREY S. MILLERC.P. October Term,2012 No. 4306 11,069.14 Hal A. Barrow, Esq1310-30112455 Barbary Road 19154 66th wd. 3160 Sq.Ft.; row b/gar 2 sty masonry BRT#663188500Improvements: Residential DwellingTHOMAS F KANE AND DOLORES KANEC.P. July Term, 2012 No. 02971 183,830.17McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.1310-302442-444 East Indiana Avenue 19134 7thwd. 1849.5 Sq. Ft.; row 2 sty masonryBRT#071240600Improvements: ResidentialDwellingKEITH FEINGOLD, KNOWN SURVIGINGHEIR OF ALMAR FEINGOLD, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR, AND REAL OWNER,CORINNA FEINGOLD, KNOWN SURIVINGHEIR OF ALMAR FEINGOLD, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER ANDUNKNOWN SURVIVING HEIRS OF ALMARFEINGOLD, DECEASED MORTGAGORAND REAL OWNER C.P. May Term, 2012No. 00292 73,937.50McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3032313 Mifflin Street 19145 48th wd. 2103Sq. Ft.; row 2 sty masonry BRT#482031600Improvements: Residential DwellingROXANNE NELSON C.P. March Term, 2012No. 00787 73,256.54McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3043113 South 82nd Street1915340thwd. 3652 Sq. Ft.; semi det 2 sty, masonryBRT#405008400Improvements: ResidentialDwellingTHERESA THOMAS PINKETT C.P. AugustTerm, 2011 No. 04113 91,489.82 McCabe,Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.1310-3056609 Ditman Street 19135 41st wd. 1384.17Sq. Ft. BRT#411242800Improvements:Residential PropertyBRADLEY J. HOCH AND MELISSA ASWEENEY C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00764 135,492.06 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3061310-3096440 Haverford Avenue1915134thwd. 1362.42 Sq. Ft.BRT#343040700Improvements: Residential PropertyBRIAN MCCLELLANC.P. April Term,2013 No. 00434 98,073.54KML LawGroup, P.C.1310-310714 West Wellens Avenue 19120 49th wd.1125 Sq. Ft. BRT#492031200 Improvements:Residential PropertySHERILLE L. SCOTTC.P. March Term,2013 No. 02751 73,800.89KML LawGroup, P.C.1310-311531 Greenwich Street 19147 1st wd. 660Sq. Ft. BRT#011275300Improvements:Residential PropertySEN SAC.P. April Term, 2009 No. 00646 161,992.35 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3125929 McCallum Street 19144 59th wd. 588Sq. Ft. BRT#593143500Improvements:Residential PropertyKEVIN M. BRADLEY, JR.C.P. JanuaryTerm, 2013 No. 03520 78,042.93KMLLaw Group, P.C.1310-313412 Tyson Avenue 19111 35th wd. 2449.14Sq. Ft. BRT#353164100Improvements:Residential PropertyDAWN REIDY AND DAVID J. REIDY C.P.September Term, 2009 No. 00132 71,096.52KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3147464 Rhoads Street 19151 34th wd. 1626.90Sq. Ft. BRT#343156200Improvements:Residential PropertyCARLA WATTS C.P. January Term, 2011 No.02976 126,895.20 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3156320 Milton Street 19138 22nd wd. 4168.38Sq. Ft. BRT#221303800Improvements:Residential PropertyHERSCHEL DAVIS JR. AND DERRICKHARRISONC.P. February Term, 2012 No.03316 232,951.17 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3162238 West Lehigh Avenue 19132 16thwd. 1431.90 Sq. Ft.BRT#162353600Improvements: Residential PropertyDEVON GUDGER AND CHARLES W.GUDGER C.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02408 102,909.51 KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3171514 West Louden Street 19141 13thwd. 2234.97 Sq. Ft.BRT#132402200Improvements: Residential PropertyUNKNOWN HERIS OF FLOSSIE BAILEY,DECEASED, ANTHONY BAILEY, SOLELYIN HIS CAPACITY AS HEIR OF FLOSSIEBAILEY, DECEASED AND VICTOR BAILEY,SOLELY IN HIS CAPACITY AS HEIRSOF FLOSSIE BAILEY, DECEASED.C.P.January Term, 2013 No. 01656 112,152.41KML Law Group, P.C.1310-3185939 Weymouth Street1912035thwd. 1162.50 Sq. Ft.BRT#352229900Improvements: Residential PropertySENGCHANH XAYASENG C.P. April Term,2012 No. 01638 172,729.17KML LawGroup, P.C.1310-3191310-3223031 Euclid Avenue 19121-1812 32nd wd.Land area: 849.60 Sq. Ft. BRT#323018800Improvements: Row 2 Story MasonryDAWN REIDC.P. March Term, 2013 No.03462 91,681.67Milstead & Associates,LLC1310-3235702 North Lambert Street 19138-2910 49thwd. Land area 906.24 Sq. Ft. BRT#172423700Improvements: Row B/gar 2 Sty MasonryDAWN Y. LARRY C.P. March Term, 2012 No.00954 73,449.01Milstead & Associates,LLC1310-3247707 Hasbrook Avenue 19111-2407 63rd wd.(formerly 35th wd.) Land area: 3447.37 Sq. Ft.BRT#631088600Improvements: S/d W DetGar 2 Sty MasonryGREGORY SCHUMANN AND PATRICIA A.SCHUMANN FKA PATRICIA A. WALKERC.P. August Term, 2012 No. 01865 7,993.87Milstead & Associates, LLC1310-325246 South 55th Street 19139-4044 60thwd. (formerly part of the 46th wd.) Landarea 1578.50 Sq. Ft.BRT#604201000Improvements: Semi Det 2 Story MasonryCLARENCE BURCHETTE AKA CLARENCELEE BURCHETTE C.P. July Term, 2012 No.00435 161,490.38 Milstead & Associates,LLC1310-3264545-47 North Front Street 19140-1606 88thwd. (formerly part of the 42nd wd.) Land area:premises A 1130 Sq. Ft.; premises B 3560 Sq.Ft. rovements: Premises A:Ind Lumber Yard Masonry; Premises B AutoRepair Shop MasonryDAVID TORRESC.P. September Term,2012 No. 00616 323,819.83Milstead &Associates, LLC1310-3274930 Knorr Street 19135 41st wd. Landara 1778.60 Sq. Ft.BRT#412017000Improvements: Row Conv/apt 3 Story MasonryJOHN C. KUHN C.P. August Term, 2012 No.01822 157,500.00 Milstead & Associates,LLC1310-3282618 South Fairhill Street 19148-4629 39thwd. 700 Sq. Ft. BRT#392324500 Subject toMortgage Improvements: Residential DwellingSEAN BABISCHKIN C.P. July Term, 2012No. 02470 220,347.55Powers, Kirn &Javardian, LLC1310-3301901 South 29th Street 19145-2401 39thwd. 2695 Sq. Ft. BRT#482379000 Subject toMortgage Improvements: Residential DwellingRUFUS RAHADITOMOC.P. DecemberTerm, 2012 No. 03941 112,021.19 Powers,Kirn & Javardian, LLC1310-331734 Millwood Road 19115-4122 63rd wd. 6774Sq. Ft. PRCL#632049100Improvements:Residential PropertyMATTHEW KLINE AND DELILAH KLINEC.P. March Term, 2013 No. 02984 267,249.35Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-332670 Adams Avenue19120-211235thwd. 1700.84 Sq. Ft.PRCL#351009500Improvements: Residential PropertyJOSE HERNANDEZ C.P. January Term, 2012No. 04903 139,871.62Phelan Hallinan,LLP1310-3331418 West Somerville Avenue 19141-161417th wd. 1435 Sq. Ft. PRCL#171077600Improvements: Residential PropertyLISA ACHILLE BLUME C.P. August Term,2012 No. 01173 82,187.30 Phelan Hallinan,LLP1310-3343937 K Street 19124-5429 PRCL#332322600Improvements: Residential PropertyBIRZO RIVERA AND ROSA S. LOPEZ AKAROSA LOPEZ C.P. February Term, 2013 No.02482 61,323.40 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3356322 Argyle Street19111-562435thwd. 5947.06 Sq. Ft.PRCL#353234200Improvements: Residential PropertyLISA D. BENDEZU AKA LISA BENDEZUAND LUIS E. BENDEZU AKA LUISBENDEZU C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 01566 234,868.97 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3364733 Comly Street 19135 41st wd. 1440Sq. Ft.; det 2sty masonry BRT#411126000Improvements: Residential DwellingTHOMAS MCGAHAN AND JENNIFERASHCROFT MCGAHAN C.P. January Term,2012 No. 03943 133,691.28McCabe,Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.1310-3371604 Yerkes Street 19150 10th wd. 6397 Sq.Ft.; det w/gar 2sty masonry BRT#102322500Improvements: Residential DwellingBINTA LEWIS C.P. January Term, 2013 No.00483 224,496.70McCabe, Weisberg, &Conway, P.C.1310-3381330 Castle Avenue 19148 26th wd. 2524.5Sq. Ft.; row 2 sty masonry BRT#394541400Improvements: Residential DwellingSTAVELEY C. ANDREWS AND JANE M.BRUNO AKA JANET ANDREWSC.P.October Term, 2011 No. 01855 169,920.50McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.1310-3391046 East Cheltenham Avenue 19124 35thwd. 2214.24 Sq. Ft.; row b/gar 2 sty masonryBRT#351301500Improvements: ResidentialDwellingSANTA GARCIAC.P. August Term, 2012No. 01908 132,818.71 McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3405338 Chancellor Street 19139 46th wd. 2175Sq. Ft.; row 2 sty masonry BRT#603039000Improvements: Residential DwellingROBERT GRAY, JR., KNOWN SURVIVINGHEIR OF HARRIET GRAY, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER,PAULETTE GRAY, KNOWN SURVIVINGHEIR OF HARRIET GRAY, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER,DARRYL GRAY, KNOWN SURVIVINGHEIR OF HARRIET GRAY, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER ANDALL UNKNOWN SURVIVING HEIRS OFHARRIET GRAY, DECEASED MORTGAGOR

1 8 THE LEGAL INTELLIGENCERT u e s d a y, S e pt e m b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 3SHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALEAND REAL OWNER. C.P. December Term,2012 No. 02121 76,923.84McCabe,Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.2420.06 Sq. Ft.; row b/gar 2sty masonryBRT#621418100Improvements: ResidentialDwellingOSAMA FADL C.P. January Term, 2013 No.03758 68,736.35McCabe, Weisberg, &Conway, P.C.1310-3412214 West Cumberland Street1913216th wd. 2700 Sq. Ft.; row 2sty masonryBRT#162283500Improvements: ResidentialDwellingRONALD W. WARRENC.P. SeptemberTerm, 2012 No. 01780 61,727.54 McCabe,Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.1310-3425739 Dunlap Street 19131 4th wd. 2625 Sq.Ft.; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#043241100Improvements: Residential DwellingGILBERT J. ROGERS C.P. March Term, 2013No. 03449 53,143.57McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3435033 Schuyler Street 19144 13th wd.6888 Sq. Ft.; s/d w det gar 3 sty masonryBRT#133158300Improvements: ResidentialDwellingANTHONY WALL C.P. July Term, 2008 No.02738 481,628.89McCabe, Weisberg, &Conway, P.C.1310-3444625 Sheffield Street 19136 41st wd. 1200Sq. Ft.; row 2 sty, masonry BRT#651146500Improvements: Residential DwellingDAVID J. CLAWGES C.P. July Term, 2012No. 00975 168,290.44 McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3455831 Penn Street1914962nd wd.3175.4 Sq. Ft.; row w/det gar 2sty masonryBRT#621492500Improvements: ResidentialDwellingFRITZ EDMOND AND MANOICHEKAM. EDMOND AKA MANOUCHEKA MEDMONDC.P. January Term, 2012 No.04240 131,097.21McCabe, Weisberg, &Conway, P.C.1310-3464017 Howland Street 19124 33rd wd. 1200 Sq.Ft.; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#332374400Improvements: Residential DwellingJOSE A. BAEZ, JR.C.P. November Term,2012 No. 00027 36,164.92McCabe,Weisberg, & Conway, P.C.1310-347153 North Lindenwood Street 19139 44th wd.1208 Sq. Ft.; row 2sty masonry BRT#44154600Improvements: Residential DwellingPROPERTY OF RONALD WILLIAMS,KNOWN SURVIVING HEIR OF SARAH S.WILLIAMS, DECEASED MORTGAGORAND REAL OWNER, HARVEY WILLIAMS,KNOWN SURVIVING HEIR OF SARAH S.WILLIAMS, DECEASED MORTGAGORANDREALOWNER,STEPHANIEWILLIAMS, KNOWN SURVIVING HEIROF SARAH S. WILLIAMS, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER,CARISSA WILLIAMS, ONLY SURVIVINGHEIR OF SARAH S. WILLIAMS, DECEASEDMORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER ANDUNKOWN SURVIVING HEIRS OF SARAHS. WILLIAMS, DECEASED MORTGAGORAND REAL OWNER. C.P. July Term, 2011No. 01075 63,479.67McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-34847 East Phil Ellena Street 19119 22ndwd. 2907.5 Sq. Ft.; row 3 sty masonryBRT#222000900Improvements: ResidentialDwellingCECILIA T. BILLUPS C.P. July Term, 2012No. 04085 99,198.65McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3493449 Cottman Avenue 19149 64th wd. 3152Sq. Ft.; row conv/apartment 2sty masonryBRT#642090000Improvements: ResidentialDwellingANDREW L. NGUYEN AKA LINH TUANNGUYEN C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 02693 151,221.95McCabe, Weisberg, & Conway,P.C.1310-3508636 Bayard Street1915050th wd.2586.56 Sq. Ft.; row b/gar 2 sty masonryBRT#501208500Improvements: ResidentialDwellingTHEOLA THOMPSON AND THOMASTHOMPSONC.P. August Term, 2009 No.03564 119,653.51McCabe, Weisberg, &Conway, P.C.1310-3512942 McKinley Street 19149 62nd wd.2269025 Sq. Ft.; row b/gar 2sty masonryBRT#621250600Improvements: ResidentialDwellingDORIAN PARSLEYC.P. April Term, 2012No. 00802 150,823.61 McCabe, Weisberg,& Conway, P.C.1310-3525258 Akron Street 19124-191362nd wd.1310-353930 Brill Street 19124 35th wd. 2087 Sq.Ft.; row b/gar 2sty masonry BRT#351177900Improvements: Residential DwellingDAVE WALDMAN AKA DAVID C.WALDMANNC.P. May Term, 2011 No.03360 63,456.13McCabe, Weisberg, &Conway, P.C.1310-3542225 Taggert Street 19125-2917 31st wd. 733Sq. Ft. PRCL#312059600Improvements:Residential PropertyEDWARD M. RETTERSHOFERC.P. JuneTerm, 2012 No. 01135 96,940.97PhelanHallinan, LLP1310-3553938 Dungan Street 19124-5506 33rd wd. 1125Sq. Ft. PRCL#332408700Improvements:Residential PropertyJOSUE D. FALU C.P. April Term, 2012 No.01808 104,631.46 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3564147 North Fairhill Street19140-263443rd wd. 882 Sq. Ft. PRCL#433244200Improvements: Residential PropertyKEVIN MURRAY AND LATISHA S.MURRAYC.P. February Term, 2012 No.03586 25,605.50 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3575151 D Street 19120-3609 42nd wd. 1680Sq. Ft. PRCL#421482600Improvements:Residential PropertyLAMONT MCCOY AKA LAMONT W.MCCOY C.P. March Term, 2012 No. 02610 74,298.10 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3581700 East Hunting Park Avenue 19124-442233rd wd. 3000 Sq. Ft. PRCL#332077200Improvements: Residential PropertyMARYANN DANIELS C.P. September Term,2012 No. 02845 78,001.49 Phelan Hallinan,LLP1310-3591408 South Clarion Street 19147-4921 1st wd.624 Sq. Ft. PRCL#012510500 Improvements:Residential PropertySAMUEL V. FULGINITIC.P. July Term,2012 No. 03164 51,611.96 Phelan Hallinan,LLP1310-3607345 Woodbine Avenue 19151-2212 34thwd. 1477.22 Sq. Ft.PRCL#344139300Improvements: Residential PropertyTAMARA BATTLEC.P. December Term,2011 No. 00736 131,584.44PhelanHallinan, LLP1310-3612804 Agate Street 19134-4202 25th wd. 700Sq. Ft. PRCL#252338700Improvements:Residential PropertyMARK FERNANDEZC.P. February Term,2013 No. 00472 123,267.06PhelanHallinan, LLP1310-3624041 North Twelfth Street19140-210143rd wd. 1305 Sq. Ft. PRCL#433162500Improvements: Residential PropertyGWENDOLYN BURBAGEC.P. MarchTerm, 2013 No. 02234 68,322.85PhelanHallinan, LLP1310-3635045 Walnut Street19139-425060thwd. 2486.33 Sq. Ft.PRCL#602044600Improvements: Residential PropertyCECILIA ANN ROBERTS, IN HERCAPACITY AS EXECUTRIX AND DEVISEEOF THE ESTATE OF EDNA ROBERTS AKAEDNA ROBERT. CHERE CUNNINGHAM,IN HER CAPACITY AS EXECUTRIX ANDDEVISEE OF THE ESTATE OF EDNAROBERTS AKA EDNA ROBERT. PATRICECUNNINGHAM, IN HER CAPACITYAS EXECUTRIX AND DEVISEE OF THEESTATE OF EDNA ROBERTS AKA EDNAROBERT.C.P. July Term, 2011 No. 02216 19,259.75 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3641230 Arch Street aka 1228-1232 Arch Street,Unit 4C 19107-2822 88th wd. Together with aproportionate undivided interest in the commonelements (as defined in such declaration) of1.7740%. PRCL#888038080 Improvements:Condominium UnitSANDRA L. SCALISE, IN HER CAPACITYAS HEIR OF ALPHONSE SCALISE,DECEASED. CHRISTOPHER BOWLES, INHIS CAPACITY AS HEIR OF ALPHONSESCALISE, DECEASED. JOSEPH BOWLES,IN HIS CAPACITY AS HEIR OF ALPHONSESCALISE, DECEASED.UNKNOWNHEIRS, SUCCESSORS, ASSIGNS, AND ALLPERSONS, FIRMS, OR ASSOCIATIONSSHERIFF’S SALEVOL P. 1578SHERIFF’S SALESHERIFF’S SALETITLE, OR INTERESTALPHONSE SCALISE,August Term, 2012 No.Phelan Hallinan, LLPResidential DwellingDOROTHY A. KEOUGH C.P. January Term,2013 No. 01764 117,317.95Udren LawOffices, P.C.1310-3656067 North Norwood Street 19138-240917th wd. 1274.40 Sq. Ft. PRCL#172471500Improvements: Residential PropertyMUHAMMAD M. AL AHMAR C.P. MarchTerm, 2013 No. 01002 79,413.56PhelanHallinan, LLP1310-3791016 South 5th Street 19147 2nd wd. 1200Sq. Ft. BRT#021423210Improvements:Residential DwellingSHEILA DIXONC.P. December Term,2012 No. 02659 237,467.60Udren LawOffices, P.C.wd. 1535.34 Sq. Ft.PRCL#343332400Improvements: Residential PropertyVINCENT RAWLINS AKA VINCENTHARCOURT RAWLINS C.P. February Term,2012 No. 03241 97,761.81 Phelan Hallinan,LLP1310-3664522 Westminster Avenue19131-52136th wd. 980 Sq. Ft.PRCL#062094700Improvements: Residential PropertyKEISHA CUNNINGHAM.UNKNOWNHEIRS, SUCCESSORS, ASSIGNS, AND ALLPERSONS, FIRMS, OR ASSOCIATIONSCLAIMINGRIGHT,TITLE,ORINTEREST FROM OR UNDER MATTHEWCUNNINGHAM, DECEASED.C.P. MayTerm, 2008 No. 02922 65,796.57PhelanHallinan, LLP1310-3804313 Ludlow Street 19104BASHISHA SHERRODC.P. January Term,2007 No. 01374 68,697.74Udren LawOffices, P.C.CLAIMING RIGHT,FROM OR UNDERDECEASED.C.P.00375 289,688.621310-3677122 Akron Street19149-120154thwd. 1286.40 Sq. Ft.PRCL#542428600Improvements: Residential PropertySHAO BO CHEN C.P. April Term, 2013 No.00293 75,039.94 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3686527 Cutler Street 19126-3504 17th wd. 1440Sq. Ft. PRCL#172074200Improvements:Residential PropertyMARY RAVEN IN HER CAPACITY ASADMINSTRATRIX HEIR OF THE ESTATEOF RUBY PUGH.UNKNOWN HEIRS,SUCCESSORS, ASSIGNS, AND ALLPERSONS, FIRMS, OR ASSOCIATIONSCLAIMING RIGHT, TITLE, OR INTERESTFROM OR UNDER RUBY PUGH,DECEASED. C.P. September Term, 2012 No.02235 74,716.90 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3692544 South 66th Street 19142-2701 40thwd. 1712 Sq. Ft.PRCL#406018500Improvements: Residential PropertyRAYMOND BROWNC.P. February Term,2013 No. 01446 84,124.76 Phelan Hallinan,LLP1310-37064201 Delaire Landing Road aka 64201Delaire Landing Road Unit 7B201 aka 64201Delaire Landing Road Unit 7B 19114-541588th wd. 1022 Sq. Ft. PRCL#888650876Improvements: Residential PropertyDAYNA B. ROUMAN C.P. June Term, 2012No. 03911 73,869.00 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3712644 Sylmar Street 19142 4th wd. 928 Sq. Ft.BRT#406133500Improvements: ResidentialDwellingKIMBERLY L. BARKLEYC.P. FebruaryTerm, 2010 No. 00563 75,535.82UdrenLaw Offices, P.C.1310-3721841 West Champlost Street 19141 17thwd. 2501.25 Sq. Ft.BRT#171212500Improvements: Residential DwellingSHARROD DAVIS C.P. April Term, 2013 No.00528 96,081.77 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-373191 West 65th Avenue B 19120 51st wd. 2190Sq. Ft. BRT#611399000Improvements:Residential DwellingDIANE DONLENC.P. August Term, 2010No. 04583 99,588.39Udren Law Offices,P.C.1310-3742126 North Woodstock 19121 32nd wd. 960Sq. Ft. BRT#322025400Improvements:Residential DwellingSTEPHEN WEBB AKA REV. STEPHENWEBBC.P. March Term, 2013 No. 03411 55,105.39 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-3751625 Wakeling Street 19124 23rd wd. 1953.63Sq. Ft. BRT#622001000Improvements:Residential DwellingSHAYA GROSSC.P. April Term, 2013 No.03421 93,409.93 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-3761526 North Lawrence Street1912217th wd. 756.50 Sq. Ft. BRT#182255500Improvements: Residential DwellingMARIA CONSTANTE AND ALEJANDROQUINTOS C.P. April Term, 2013 No. 00367 82,659.62 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-3778910 Rising Sun Avenue 19115 63rdwd. 8167.50 Sq. Ft.BRT#632287300Improvements: Residential DwellingJENNIFER C. SCHIELE AND JOHN F.SCHIELEC.P. December Term, 2012 No.03824 245,170.76 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-37815081 London Road 19116 58th wd. 2904Sq. Ft. BRT#583169400Improvements:1310-3812101 Welsh Road, Unit 11 19115 56th wd.1320 Sq. Ft. BRT#888560115 Subject toMortgageLEON LYMAN C.P. January Term, 2013 No.154637 8,687.00Evan R. Bachove, Esq.,Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C.1310-3824237 Neilson Street 19124 33rd wd. 810 Sq.Ft. OPA#332530000 Subject to MortgageImprovements: Residential DwellingLAURA STIEBER AKA LAURA L.ESPINOSA C.P. November Term, 2012 No.0200 102,315.30 Mitchell B. Klein, Esq.1310-3834145 Whiting Place 19154 66th wd. 2581.90Sq. Ft. OPA#662596600Improvements:Residential DwellingRICHARD JAROSKI C.P. January Term, 2013No. 3631 12,837.98 Mitchell B. Klein, Esq.1310-3846017 Walker Street 19135 55th wd. 2800Sq. Ft. OPA#552320700Improvements:Residential DwellingLUIS ANGEL SERRANO, JR., AKA LUISSERRANO, JR C.P. March Term, 2013 No.01921 32,472.15 Mitchell B. Klein, Esq.1310-3851206 Sydney Street 19150 50th wd. 2748.37Sq. Ft. BRT#502470900Improvements:Residential DwellingRICHARD KENNEY AKA RICHARDLAWRENCE KENNEYC.P. March Term,2013 No. 03303 206,372.22Udren LawOffices, P.C.1310-3862031 South Croskey Street 19145 48th wd.783 Sq. Ft. BRT#482211700 Improvements:Residential DwellingAPRIL B. LOVETTC.P. September Term,2012 No. 01571 45,844.32Udren LawOffices, P.C.1310-3871838 West Seybert Street 19121 47thwd. 621.74 Sq. Ft.BRT#471084900Improvements: Residential DwellingLAMONT C. WHITEC.P. February Term,2013 No. 02067 76,119.00Udren LawOffices, P.C.1310-3882725 Tolbut Street 19152 57th wd. 2580.90Sq. Ft. BRT#571114000Improvements:Residential DwellingJAMIE KAYROS C.P. March Term, 2013 No.03409 193,561.43 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-389316 East Albanus Street 19120 42nd wd.1125 Sq. Ft. BRT#421147800 Improvements:Residential DwellingMYRIAM VELEZ C.P. April Term, 2012 No.03402 42,492.10 Udren Law Offices, P.C.1310-3952125 Loney Street19152-321856thwd. 2619.75 Sq. Ft.PRCL#147N14220Improvements: Residential PropertyAVRAHAM KATALAN AND JOY KATALANC.P. June Term, 2012 No. 01482 174,619.07Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3962638 South Robinson Street aka 2638Robinsin Street 19142-3524 40th wd. 1096Sq. Ft. PRCL#402907100Improvements:Residential PropertySTANLEY DAIS C.P. December Term, 2010No. 01078 67,899.10 Phelan Hallinan, LLP1310-3975011 North Franklin Street 19120-311149th wd. 996.87 Sq. Ft. PRCL#491231400Improvements: Residential PropertyKIMBERLY SPADYC.P. July Term, 2012No. 04450 76,356.36 Phelan Hallinan, LLP

sheriff’s sale sheriff’s sale sheriff’s sale sheriff’s sale sheriff’s sale vol p. 1577 tuesday, september 10, 2013 the legal intelligencer 17

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10 illinois st ste 2b a&a ratliff properties llc saint charles, il 601742876 2020-000323 2020 sheriff's deed, auction sale sheriff's sale n 01/09/2020 n 80,301.00 dekalb county sheriff 08-28-201-008 945 quail run dekalb, il 60115 overlook pointe - phase 4 - lot 93 0040 0 0 70 x 132.

Senior Jazz Combo Wild and unpredictable band of senior musicians in years 10 to 13 for whom anything goes! (Grade 5 with a focus on improvisation). Senior Vocal Group Run by 6th form students for 6th form students, this is an acappella group of mixed voices with high standards of singing. St Bartholomew’s School Orchestra (SBSO) All instrumentalists are expected to perform in the school .