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HOSPITALITY PACKAGESIt’s one of the most historic events in our club’sproud history, and this is your chance to enjoyevery precious moment in style, from the comfortof a padded armchair seat.Season 2020/2021 is when we go back to ourspiritual home in Plough Lane and to make theoccasion extra special, we are now unveilingan enticing menu of brand new hospitalityopportunities.With FOUR super-chic lounges to choose from- there really is something for every taste, everymood and every budget.Also available will be an exclusive networkinglounge where everyone with hospitality cancongregate, enjoy a drink together and network,no matter which hospitality package you’vechosen.There will even be some top-up options for guestswho have standard match tickets but want toenjoy a superior level of hospitality on the day.AFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/212


Platinum PackageOur most-luxurious hospitality package - the very best wecan offer to help you enjoy the very best of Plough Lane.Relax in our sophisticated lounge and then enjoy a four/five course sit-down meal in restaurant surroundings withfull table service.Your match seats will be directly outside the lounge and athalf-time you will be served desserts and complimentarydrinks. After the game you can enjoy cheese and biscuitswhile you savour all the match action.The package includes: Champagne reception Four/five course meal Complimentary half timedrinks - beer, wine, softdrink, tea & coffee Dessert served at Half time Pie or Cheese & biscuitsserved at Full timeAFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/21 Central padded seatsdirectly outside the lounge Table service Complimentary matchdayprogramme and team sheetfor each guest Access to theNetworking Bar4

Gold PackageAnother luxurious hospitality package but with amore casual emphasis - and plenty of fizz. If youenjoy champagne football then this is for you contemporary dining, glamorous drinks but in amore relaxed and laid-back setting.The package includes: Fork buffet Complimentary half time drink(beer, wine, soft drink, tea & coffee) Matchday programme for each guest Team sheet for each guest Prime position padded seats in thehospitality level of the West Stand Access to the Networking BarAFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/215

Silver & Silver Plus PackagesA silver-plated way to enjoy our Plough Lane experiencewith a choice of two enticing options.Slightly less formal, both offer a two-course mealin our main events space - where the atmosphere isguaranteed to be lively and fun. The only differenceis that the Silver Plus Package comes with centrallylocated premium seats.The Silver Plus package includes:The Silver package includes: Two-course meal Two-course meal Centrally located padded seats Corner padded seats Complimentary matchday Complimentary matchday Access to the Networking Bar Access to the Networking Barprogramme and team sheetfor each guestAFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/21programme and team sheetfor each guest6

Top-Up HospitalityA great way of treating yourself should you decideyou want something extra special on match day.We will be making 60 places available per match,giving you privileged one-off access to our SilverLounge – as part of that package you will use yourseat to watch the game instead of being seated inone of the hospitality seats.But we are also making a limited number of topup spaces available in the Platinum lounge foryour extra special occasions.Networking BarAvailable exclusively to all our hospitality guests,no matter which package you chose.Situated in the main events space along withsilver hospitality lounges, under our mezzaninearea, this is an opportunity for everyone to mingleboth pre and post match to discuss the match –or maybe do some serious networking!AFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/217

Corporate BoxesDramatically situated behind an imposing wall of glass inour main showpiece West Stand, our boxes bring luxury andexclusivity to your AFC Wimbledon experience.Able to hold between 12 and 14 guests, you will be guaranteedcontemporary dining experience plus the best views in our newstadium with exclusive padded armchair seats directly outsideyour box. All lounges come with Tv screen, fridge and coat/blanket storage as well as stools and window bar top.The package includes: Drinks reception on arrival Option for sit down meal or fork buffet Complimentary half time drink(beer, wine, soft drink, tea & coffee) Matchday programmes Team sheets Access to the Networking BarBoxes are also available for alternative hireon non matchday on daily, weekly or monthly basis.AFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/21TYPE12 person box14 person boxPRICE 1,500per match 1,750per match8

10 YEAR DEBENTURE 1 YEAR SEASON TICKETSEASON TICKET(total)SEASON TICKET(monthly)DEBENTURE(one off)TOTAL WITHDEBENTUREMONTHLY WITHDEBENTURELEVELEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDPLATINUM 2,156 2,731 179 227 1,000 1,600 3,156 4,331 263 361GOLD 1,725 2,185 143 182 1,000 1,400 2,725 3,585 227 299SILVER 1,380 1,748 115 145 1,000 1,200 2,380 2,948 198 246SILVER 1,121 1,420 93 118 1,000 1,100 2,121 2,520 177 210AFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/219

10 YEAR DEBENTURE 3 YEAR SEASON TICKETSEASON TICKET(total)SEASON TICKET(monthly)DEBENTURE(one off)TOTAL WITHDEBENTUREMONTHLY WITHDEBENTURELEVELEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDPLATINUM 7,475 7,978 207 221 1,000 1,600 8,475 9,578 235 266GOLD 5,980 6,383 166 177 1,000 1,400 6,980 7,783 194 216SILVER 4,784 5,106 133 142 1,000 1,200 5,784 6,306 161 175SILVER 3,887 4,149 107 115 1,000 1,100 4,887 5,249 136 146AFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/2110

10 YEAR DEBENTURE 5 YEAR SEASON TICKETSEASON TICKET(total)SEASON TICKET(monthly)DEBENTURE(one off)TOTAL WITHDEBENTUREMONTHLY WITHDEBENTURELEVELEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDEARLY BIRDSTANDARDPLATINUM 12,506 12,938 208 215 1,000 1,600 13,506 14,538 225 242GOLD 10,005 10,350 167 172 1,000 1,400 11,005 11,750 183 194SILVER 8,004 8,280 133 138 1,000 1,200 9,004 9,480 150 158SILVER 6,503 6,728 108 112 1,000 1,100 7,503 7,828 125 130AFC WIMBLEDON HOSPITALITY 20/2111

Available exclusively to all our hospitality guests, no matter which package you chose. Situated in the main events space along with silver hospitality lounges, under our mezzanine area, this is an opportunity for everyone to mingle both pre and post match to discuss the match –

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L’ARÉ est également le point d’entrée en as de demande simultanée onsommation et prodution. Les coordonnées des ARÉ sont présentées dans le tableau ci-dessous : DR Clients Téléphone Adresse mail Île de France Est particuliers 09 69 32 18 33 professionnels 09 69 32 18 34 Île de France Ouest

3. Hospitality Services III—Course Code: 992104 4. Hospitality Services IV—Course Code: 992105 Course Description: Hospitality Services I. This course introduces students to the hospitality and tourism industry and identifies some of the current and future trends affecting the hospitality and tourism industry and the impact this

Hospitality & Tourism 110 GCO 1 Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Specific Curriculum Outcomes: Students will be expected to: identify what hospitality and tourism is and why it is the largest industry in the world. be the guests and experience true hospitality. outline the history of the hospitality and tourism industry

Blog Archive Pitman’s New Era Shorthand 2019 September p6 B of 13 Wimbledon Common What we were particularly keen to see was the display of birds of prey. We had seen the birds sitting under the tent awning at the far side, in the shade and each one sitting on its perch by the side of its

organisations. Interest exists from LB Merton for South Wimbledon Business Area and Wimbledon station following up previous work. Also a local solution at Lee in LB Lewisham. LB Wandsworth interested in possible application of DSPs to help local business improvement districts. Action: AL

Hospitality Leadership Through Learning Cornell Hospitality Proceedings Vol. 4 No. 20 1992 - 2 0 1 2 th ANNIVERSARY The Intersection of Hospitality . Chris Proulx, CEO, eCornell & Executive Education Cyril Ranque, SVP, Global Market Management, Expedia, Inc. Carolyn D. Richmond, Partner, Hospitality Practice, Fox

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - WEBSHOP HOSPITALITY SALES REGULATIONS v6 190121 Page 2 of 25 2.3. If MATCH Hospitality elects to accept the Customer's offer to purchase the Hospitality Packages, it will confirm its acceptance by issuing the Customer a Confirmation of

The word hospitality comes from the Latin word hospes, which means host or guest. Hospitality has come to mean meeting the needs of guests with kindness and goodwill. The hospitality and tourism industry (H &T industry) meets the needs of people with kindness and goodwill while they are away from their homes.

Hospitality is a dynamic, vibrant and innovative sector delivering vital jobs, growth and investment in the heart of our local communities and the national economy. HOSPITALITY IS BIG BUSINESS: DELIVERING A MENU FOR CHANGE 30 bn r 10 bn per year 5% OF GDP AN INDUSTRY OF ENTREPRENEURS: HALF A MILLION CREATED IN HOSPITALITY SINCE 2009 .

Hospitality 5 Energy consumption in hospitality businesses Annual energy costs for this sector are in excess of 1.3 billion, resulting in carbon emissions of more than 8 million tonnes per year Hospitality businesses are expanding rapidly with a number of leading brands experiencing significant growth. This means that the relative energy

HTM 3443 Hospitality Industry Internship Prerequisites: HTM 2643 and HTM 2664 and BADM 2111 and instructor permission. Description: Supervised experience in an approved work situation related to a future career in the hospitality or tourism industry. Management and supervisory experience in multiple aspects of a hospitality or tourism organization.

4 / Hospitality in the Digital Era The Road to 2025 Inspiration: change starts at the beginning The hospitality industry has always excelled at sparking travelers’ imaginations. Today, however, digital intermediaries have encroached on hospitality providers’ traditional territory, grabbing a significant percentage of the industry’s revenues.

Oracle Hospitality eLearning delivers fast, cost-effective, and valuable training on OPERA products. Oracle Hospitality eLearning Overview » Oracle Hospitality eLearning is utilized in more than 35 countries around the globe. » There are more than 1,600 active OPERA eLearning sites. This includes Hotels, Resorts, and Educational Institutions.

sale of 116 hotels to affiliate-s of American Realty Capital Hospitality Trust, Inc. ("ARC Hospitality") for a combined purchase price of approximately 1.808 billion. ARC Hospitality is a publicly registered, non-traded real estate investment trust. In connection with the sale, ARC Hospitality assumed 903.9 million of existing financing .

Structure of AOHT The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism is structured as a “Small Learning Community” focused on careers in the hospitality, . Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Course Descriptions. AOHT: Principle

exam hospitality tourism career cluster the hospitality and tourism career cluster exam is used for the following events: hospitality and tourism professional selling htps hospitality services team decision making htdm hotel and lodging management series hlm quick serve restaurant management series qsrm

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the national Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster frameworks. Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP) Year 2 Chapter Sections Recommended hours needed to teach chapter Unit 1: Introduction to Leadership and Management

education, and into a hospitality and tourism career all starts with smart planning. 7 Be a people-pleasing pro if you know how to make people happy, you can go far in hospitality and tourism. 10 c hoose a major explore your career and education options in hospitality and tourism, and pick the one that suits you best. 16 l earn by doing

Hospitality Services Hospitality Services provides students with the academic and technical preparation to pursue high-demand and high-skill careers in hospitality related industries. The knowledge and skills are acquired within a sequential, standards-based program that integrates hands-on and project-based instruction.

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