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CONTENTSSony leads the charge of renewable energy in Japan.3Sony is responsible for prompting an increase in a wider range ofrenewable electricity use by numerous leading Japanese companiesWKURXJK LWV *UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ 6\VWHP PDNLQJ LW D UHQHZDEOH energy leader. It is also one of the largest users of renewable energy inJapan.Sprint leads the telecoms sector in the marathon against climate change.77HOHFRPV JLDQW 6SULQW LV UHQRZQHG IRU LWV EROG DQG JURXQG EUHDNLQJ FOLPDWH FKDQJH OHDGHUVKLS VWDQFH ZLWKLQ WKH WHOHFRPV VHFWRU PDNLQJ LW a climate sector leader.WWF and partners help extend US wind power production tax credits.9 V FOLPDWH SROLF\ OHDGHUV -RKQVRQ -RKQVRQ 6SULQW 3 DQG 1LNH OHG DGYRFDF\ DQG OREE\LQJ DFWLYLWLHV E\ QHWZRUNLQJ ZLWK SHHUV LQGXVWU\ DVVRFLDWLRQV VXSSOLHUV DQG RWKHU VWDNHKROGHUV OHDGLQJ WR D FOLPDWH SROLF\ extension.The outlook is sunny for Yingli’s renewable energy target.Yingli’s activities surpass just the reduction of its own Scope 2 emissions;LW DOVR SOD\V D UROH LQ FDWDO\VLQJ RWKHU FRPSDQLHV WR PDNH DQ LQYHVWPHQW LQ renewable energy2 WWF Climate Savers12

SONY LEADS THE CHARGESony is responsible for prompting an increase in a wider rangeof renewable electricity use by numerous leading Japanesecompanies through its Green Power Certification System, makingit a renewable energy leader. It is also one of the largest users ofrenewable energy in Japan.Sony’s involvement in the scheme started with the‘Sony Environmental Vision’ in 2000 that establishedprinciples for environmental management activitiesthroughout the Sony Group worldwide. Sony set ecoHɤFLHQF\ WDUJHWV WR UHGXFH JUHHQKRXVH JDV * * emissions from its business operation, while exploringa new way of using renewable energy not currentlyavailable to companies in Japan without their ownpower generation facilities.3 WWF Climate Savers

BY PROMOTING THE USE OF CLEAN POWER THATDOES NOT INCREASE CO2 EMISSIONS, THE SONYVISION OF A GREENER FUTURE IS WELL UNDERWAY.THE COMPANYSony is a leading global manufacturerRI DXGLR YLGHR FRPPXQLFDWLRQV DQG information technology products worldwideIRU WKH FRQVXPHU DQG SURIHVVLRQDO PDUNHWV WHAT MAKES SONY A RENEWABLEENERGY LEADER?Sony plays a lead role in promotingUHQHZDEOH HQHUJ\ LQ -DSDQ VSHFL¿FDOO\ through its development of the hugelyVXFFHVVIXO *UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ System.THE CASESony’s involvement in the scheme startedwith the ‘Sony Environmental Vision’ in 2000that established principles for environmentalmanagement activities throughout the Sony*URXS ZRUOGZLGH 6RQ\ VHW HFR HI¿FLHQF\ WDUJHWV WR UHGXFH JUHHQKRXVH JDV * * HPLVVLRQV IURP LWV EXVLQHVV RSHUDWLRQ ZKLOH exploring a new way of using renewableenergy not currently available to companiesin Japan without their own power generationfacilities.6RQ\ ¿UVW FKRVH ZLQG SRZHU FDXVLQJ OLWWOH HQYLURQPHQWDO LPSDFW DQG ODWHU DGGHG WKH popular wood chip biomass (a stable powergeneration system unaffected by weatherand allowing some collaboration with theORFDO FRPPXQLW\ %XW WR XVH JUHHQ SRZHU Sony needed its own power generationIDFLOLWLHV RU KDYH VXFK SRZHU VXSSOLHG E\ D QHDUE\ SRZHU JHQHUDWLRQ SODQW 6R LQ LQ FRRSHUDWLRQ ZLWK 7RN\R (OHFWULF 3RZHU &RPSDQ\ LW GHYHORSHG -DSDQ¶V ¿UVW µ*UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ 6\VWHP¶ The scheme allows a company or individualto entrust certain providers to generateSRZHU IURP UHQHZDEOH UHVRXUFHV DQG EHDUV the cost of the power generation. The ideais to ‘regard it as use’ of green power. Thissystem means that green power can be usedat a location far from where the power isgenerated.,QLWLDOO\ WKH JUHHQ SRZHU FHUWL¿FDWHV ZHUH only given for electricity generated fromTXDOL¿HG WHFKQRORJLHV VXFK DV VRODU ZLQG JHRWKHUPDO ELRPDVV DQG K\GURSRZHU RZHYHU WKH *UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ System was expanded in 2008 to includegreen thermal energy for heat generation.Although solar thermal energy was thePDLQ WDUJHW WKH WKHUPDO SURMHFW VFRSH ZDV HQODUJHG WR LQFOXGH VQRZ DQG LFH HQHUJ\ DV of 2010.This expansion increased the interest inJUHHQ FHUWL¿FDWHV IXUWKHU DQG WRGD\ RYHU companies and organizations in Japan buyHQHUJ\ IURP WKH *UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ System.staff involment4 WWF Climate SaversSony also uses the scheme to contribute toWKH FRQVHUYDWLRQ RI IRUHVWV 1RVKLUR ZRRG ELRPDVV SRZHU SODQW LQ NLWD 3UHIHFWXUH with which Sony has agreed a Green Power&HUWL¿FDWLRQ 6\VWHP SXUFKDVH FRQWUDFW XVHV timber gained from tree thinning as its mainIXHO RZHYHU WKH KLJK FRVW RI WUDQVSRUW means excess timber is often left where it isFXW )URP WR 6RQ\ GRQDWHG IXQGV to cover part of the transportation cost oftimber for this program.SONY Led the development of the*UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ Scheme. In just over a decade theScheme has prompted anincrease in a wider rangeof renewable electricity useby more than 400 leadingJapanese companies.

V ZHOO DV PDNLQJ H[WHQVLYH XVH RI JUHHQ SRZHU LQ SULO 6RQ\ VLJQHG D WKUHH \HDU biomass heat production contract with Japan1DWXUDO (QHUJ\ &RPSDQ\ /LPLWHG DQG EHJDQ EX\LQJ *UHHQ HDW &HUWL¿FDWHV IRU KHDW generated by wood biomass combustors.*UHHQ HDW &HUWL¿FDWHV UHFRJQLVH WKDW the user is buying green heat producedthrough the combustion of biomass (or otherrenewable energy technology that does notincrease the volume of CO2 VR FRQWULEXWLQJ to the reduction of CO2 emissions. With thisFRQWUDFW 6RQ\ KDV DJUHHG WR EX\ *- RI JUHHQ KHDW D \HDU PDNLQJ LW WKH ODUJHVW SXUFKDVHU RI *UHHQ HDW &HUWL¿FDWHV LQ Japan.Contracts and Annual Volume Purchased in 2011THE IMPACT ,Q WKH *UHHQ (QHUJ\ &HUWL¿FDWLRQ &HQWHU FHUWL¿HG D WRWDO RI PLOOLRQ N:K RI JUHHQ SRZHU UHFRUGLQJ D KLVWRULFDO KLJK since the Scheme started in 2001. Theincrease was due to subsidies introducedby the national and local governments in ZKLFK ERRVWHG WKH QXPEHU RI QHZ installations of residential PV systems. 7KH FXPXODWLYH DPRXQW RI FHUWL¿HG JUHHQ power generated under the Green Power&HUWL¿FDWLRQ 6\VWHP KDV EHHQ VWHDGLO\ LQFUHDVLQJ IURP D EDVH RI LQ cumulative generation rose to more than *:K LQ The total number of green powergeneration facilities accredited by the*UHHQ (QHUJ\ &HUWL¿FDWLRQ &HQWHU LQ LQFUHDVHG WR HTXDOLQJ D WRWDO SRZHU JHQHUDWLRQ FDSDFLW\ RI 0: XS IURP 94 MW in the previous year. QG DV RI 0DUFK WKH 6RQ\ *URXS ¿QDOL]HG D *UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ System purchase contract for 60.8 millionN:K DQQXDOO\ HTXLYDOHQW WR DURXQG of the Group’s total power use in Japan. The use of renewable energy is also aNH\ SDUW RI 6RQ\¶V HIIRUW WR UHGXFH * * HPLVVLRQV ,Q WKH XVH RI WKH *UHHQ 3RZHU &HUWL¿FDWLRQ 6\VWHP DQG WKH introduction of solar power generationsystems helped reduce Sony’s CO2HPLVVLRQV E\ DSSUR[LPDWHO\ WRQV ZKLOH WKH FRQWUDFW ZLWK WKH -DSDQ 1DWXUDO Energy Company Limited will reduce6RQ\¶V * * HPLVVLRQV E\ DSSUR[LPDWHO\ WRQV D \HDU DQG UDLVH WKH WRWDO green power purchased by all Sony Groupcompanies in Japan to about 55.45 millionN:K “JOINT DEVELOPMENTOF THE GREEN POWERCERTIFICATION SYSTEM INJAPAN HAS BROUGHT USMANY CHALLENGES ANDOPPORTUNITIES AS A PIONEEROF RENEWABLE ENERGY USE.THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE WASTO GAIN THE AWARENESSAND SUPPORT WITHIN THECOMPANY FOR THIS ENTIRELYNEW CONCEPT, AS WELL ASFROM THE SOCIETY. STEP BYSTEP, WE WERE ABLE TO GAINRECOGNITION FROM BOTHINDUSTRY AND CONSUMERS.IN 2011 WE STARTED TOPURCHASE GREEN HEATCERTIFICATES. WE ARE VERYHAPPY TO TAKE THE INITIATIVEIN INTRODUCING RENEWABLEENERGY FOR A RANGE OFAPPLICATIONS.”YASUHIRO TAKEMURAMANAGERCORPORATE WORKPLACESOLUTIONSwww.sony.net5 WWF Climate Savers

SPRINT LEADSTelecoms giant Sprint is known for its bold and ground-breakingclimate change leadership stance within the telecoms sector,making it a climate sector leader.Sprint has demonstrated sector leadershipby repeatedly publically speaking outfor renewable energy and environmentalresponsibility at the highest levels ofindustry and government.6 WWF Climate Savers

SPRINT HAS BEEN ABLE TO NAVIGATE THIS SPACETHANKS TO PARTNERSHIPS WITH AND EXPERTISEFROM NGOS SUCH AS WWFTTHE COMPANY635,17 LV D 8 6 EDVHG SURYLGHU RI YRLFH GDWD DQG ,QWHUQHW VHUYLFHV ZLWK PRUH WKDQ PLOOLRQ FRQVXPHU EXVLQHVV DQG JRYHUQPHQW customers. It has adopted its sector climateleadership mantle by being a vigorous andvocal campaigner for green energy andemissions reduction.WHAT MAKES SPRINT A CLIMATE SECTORLEADER?Sprint has demonstrated sector leadershipE\ UHSHDWHGO\ SXEOLFDOO\ VSHDNLQJ RXW IRU renewable energy and environmentalresponsibility at the highest levels of industryand government.,W KDV DJJUHVVLYH DEVROXWH * * DQG HQHUJ\ UHGXFWLRQ JRDOV RI E\ 6SULQW LV WKH only one in its sector in the US to have anabsolute goal that covers scope 1 and scope 6FRSH LV WKH ELJ GHDO IRU WHOHFRPV OVR Sprint has been leading scope 3. Disclosed 8FDWHJRULHV LQ &'3 WKLV \HDU RQH RI OHVV WKDQ FRPSDQLHV LQ WKH 6 3 WR UHSRUW RU more categories.SPRINTTHE CASE'DQ HVVH LV QRW RQO\ 6SULQW¶V &(2 KH LV the dynamic face and voice of its diverse andLPSDFWIXO FOHDQ HQHUJ\ VWUDWHJ\ 6SULQW RIWHQ IURQWHG E\ HVVH DFWLYHO\ SURPRWHV WKH XVH of clean energy and advocates its importanceQRW MXVW IRU WKH VHFWRU EXW IRU WKH 8 6 DV D whole. These actions have included OREE\LQJ ZLWK .DQVDV &LW\ 3RZHU /LJKW WR get approval to build the Spearville WindFarm in Kansas HVVH PHHWLQJ ZLWK WKH KHDG RI WKH 8 6 Department of Energy regarding greenenergy opportunities LQ -XQH VHQGLQJ D OHWWHU WR WKH OHDGHUV RI ERWK WKH 8 6 RXVH RI 5HSUHVHQWDWLYHV and Senate urging them to support theextension of the Production Tax Credit37& IRU ZLQG HQHUJ\ HVVH VSHDNLQJ SXEOLFO\ DERXW WKH importance of renewable energy acrossWKH VHFWRU DQG 6SULQW¶V UHQHZDEOH HQHUJ\ efforts. HVVH DOVR IUHTXHQWO\ SUHVHQWV RQ environmental responsibility and renewableHQHUJ\ DW KLJK OHYHO EXVLQHVV FRQIHUHQFHV such as the annual Ceres conference and)RUWXQH 0DJD]LQH¶V %UDLQVWRUP *UHHQ Conference.Since the telecoms industry normallyDGRSWV LQQRYDWLYH SUDFWLFHV TXLFNO\ 6SULQW¶V renewable energy leadership strategyhas the potential to guide U.S. (and evenJOREDO ZLUHOHVV SURYLGHUV WRZDUG VXEVWDQWLDO emissions reductions and environmentalsavings.Sprint further leads the sector in climatechange through its many vital membershipsDQG DVVRFLDWLRQV ZLWK GHGLFDWHG KLJK SUR¿OH environmental organisations.7 WWF Climate Savers &(2 'DQ HVVH LV a voraciously vocalproponent of renewableenergy and emissionissues within thetelecoms and relatedsectors. Through its innovativeDQG GLYHUVH VWUDWHJ\ has the potential to lead8 6 DQG HYHQ JOREDO wireless providerstoward substantialemissions reductions andenvironmental savings. Sprint’s involvementin the lobby for theextension of wind energyProduction Tax Credits37& KHOSHG JDLQ LWV extension for anotheryear.

THE IMPACT Sprint’s involvement in the lobby for theextension of wind energy Production Tax&UHGLWV 37& KHOSHG WLS WKH VFDOHV JDLQLQJ LWV H[WHQVLRQ IRU DQRWKHU \HDU WKURXJK 2013. It also extended the timeline in whichFRPSDQLHV FDQ EHQH¿W IURP WKH FUHGLW Companies that manufacture wind turbinesand install them sought this change to allowIRU WKH PRQWKV LW WDNHV WR GHYHORS D new wind farm. Extending the PTC couldDOVR VDYH MREV E\ WKH ¿UVW TXDUWHU RI 2013.HIGHLIGHTS Sprint has learned the value of corporateengagement on policy matters. Sprint has learned the value of progressiveleadership in sector associations. Renewable energy is a complicated topicthat requires serious expertise. Sprint hasEHHQ DEOH WR QDYLJDWH WKLV VSDFH WKDQNV WR SDUWQHUVKLSV ZLWK DQG H[SHUWLVH IURP 1*2V VXFK DV ::) 15'& DQG &HUHV A similar challenge is posed by its quest forrenewable energy. With many sites acrossWKH FRXQWU\ LW NQRZV WKDW LQVWDOOLQJ DOWHUQDWH energy sources at many of them would beH[SHQVLYH DQG FKDOOHQJLQJ ,QVWHDG 6SULQW is pursuing mass renewable purchasingDJUHHPHQWV WKDW DOORZ LW WR EX\ LQ EXON from off-site locations and create moremeaningful change. Sprint recognizes the valuable role federaland state incentives play in encouraginginvestment in green-energy projects andin stimulating innovation that will leadto additional jobs in the U.S. and theopportunity to increase the exports ofenergy products.635,17 &DPSXV“SPRINT HAS THEMOST AGGRESSIVEENERGY-REDUCTIONGOALS IN THE U.S.TELECOMMUNICATIONSINDUSTRY - THAT’SBECAUSE WE KNOW IT’STHE RIGHT THING TO DO,BUT ALSO BECAUSE IT’STHE RIGHT THING FOR OURBUSINESS”, “REDUCINGOUR ENVIRONMENTALIMPACT AND OPERATINGRESPONSIBLY WILL BRINGLONG-TERM BENEFITSFOR OUR PLANET AND ITSPEOPLE, BUT ALSO FOROUR BOTTOM LINE.”AMY HARGROVESCORPORATERESPONSIBILITYDIRECTOR.8 WWF Climate Savers

EXTENDING US WIND POWERAs climate policy leaders, Johnson & Johnson, Sprint, HP and Nikeled advocacy and lobbying activities by networking with peers,industry associations, suppliers and other stakeholders, leading toa climate policy extension.-RKQVRQ -RKQVRQ 6SULQW 3 DQG 1LNH were among leading organisations thatlent their voices in the drive to have windHQHUJ\ 3URGXFWLRQ 7D[ &UHGLWV 37& H[WHQGHG E\ SHWLWLRQLQJ &RQJUHVVLRQDO leaders.9 WWF Climate Savers

WIND ENERGY COSTS CUT BY90% SINCE 1980TTHE COMPANIES*OREDO FRPSDQLHV DQG KRXVHKROG QDPHV -RKQVRQ -RKQVRQ 6SULQW 3 DQG 1LNH DUH also all Climate Savers partners. Each hasLWV RZQ XQLTXH FOLPDWH VDYLQJ VWUDWHJ\ EXW ZKHQ UHTXLUHG WKH\ DOVR FRPH WRJHWKHU ZLWK the force to create change.WHAT MAKES THIS CASE AN EXAMPLE OFLEADERSHIP?-RKQVRQ -RKQVRQ 6SULQW 3 DQG 1LNH were among leading organisations that lenttheir voices in the drive to have wind energy3URGXFWLRQ 7D[ &UHGLWV 37& H[WHQGHG E\ petitioning Congressional leaders.THE CASE7KH 37& RULJLQDOO\ VLJQHG LQWR ODZ LQ SURYLGHV D WD[ FUHGLW RI FHQWV SHU NLORZDWW hour of renewable power generated. ThePTC was due to expire at the end of 2012;its extension was part of the deal PresidentObama reached with Congress at the closeof the year on expiring tax cuts and revenue. RZHYHU LWV VXFFHVV ZDV GXH LQ ODUJH SDUW WR WKH OREE\LQJ RI WKH FRPSDQLHV that belong to the American Wind Energy VVRFLDWLRQ :( WKDW SHWLWLRQHG &DSLWRO LOO 3 DQG 6SULQW DGGHG WKHLU QDPHV WR WKH ¿UVW OHWWHU FDOOLQJ RQ &RQJUHVV WR H[WHQG WKH FUHGLW VHQW LQ -XQH ZKLOH 1LNH VLJQHG D VLPLODU OHWWHU -RKQVRQ -RKQVRQ ZDV WKH ¿QDO PHPEHU RI WKH &OLPDWH 6DYHUV SDUWQHUV WR SXW LWV ZHLJKW EHKLQG WKH 37& GULYH DQG WKH VHFRQG ODUJHVW UDQNLQJ QG LQ WKH Fortune 500.::) DOVR SOD\HG LWV SDUW LWV EULH¿QJV RQ &DSLWRO LOO RQ WKH µ3RZHU )RUZDUG¶ UHSRUW the Fortune 100 and Global 100 greenhousegases and renewable energy targets werewell timed to contribute to the debate. It alsoEULHIHG WKH RXVH DQG 6HQDWH 6WDII 7KH 6HQDWH EULH¿QJ WKH PRUH LPSRUWDQW RI WKH 10 WWF Climate SaversEULH¿QJV UHDFKHG DURXQG 6HQDWH VWDIIHUV and WWF was supported on the day by6SULQW DQG RWKHU SHWLWLRQLQJ FRPSDQLHV The PTC’s scheduled expiration date causedthe industry’s manufacturing supply chainWR VORZ GRZQ JLYHQ WKH PRQWK SURMHFW development cycle under which the industryoperates. Extending the PTC could save MREV E\ WKH ¿UVW TXDUWHU RI PHULFD¶V ZLQG HQHUJ\ ZRUNHUV KDYH EHHQ living under threat of the PTC’s expiration forRYHU D \HDU DQG OD\RIIV KDG DOUHDG\ EHJXQ as companies idled factories because of aODFN RI RUGHUV IRU ,Q WKH FORVLQJ GD\V RI WKH FRPSDQLHV WKDW EHORQJ WR AWEA repeatedly sent delegations to Capitol LOO LQYLWHG 0HPEHUV RI &RQJUHVV RQ WRXUV RI ZLQG IDUPV DQG IDFWRULHV DQG GHOLYHUHG hundreds of thousands of letters fromconstituents.Industry had been lobbying for two mainZLQV Q H[WHQVLRQ RI PRUH WKDQ RQH \HDU DQG FKDQJH WKDW ZRXOG DOORZ SURMHFWV WR receive the credit if they begin constructionGXULQJ WKH WHUP RI WKH WD[ FUHGLW LQVWHDG RI KDYLQJ WR EH LQ µSURGXFWLRQ¶ DV KDV EHHQ WKH case.,Q WKH HQG WKH 37& ZDV H[WHQGHG IRU MXVW RQH \HDU RZHYHU XQOLNH SDVW H[WHQVLRQV &RQJUHVV LV QRZ DOORZLQJ the credit to cover wind farms that beginconstruction in 2013 - not just those thatDUH LQ SURGXFWLRQ WR WDNH WKH WD[ FUHGLW RI FHQWV SHU NLORZDWW KRXU RYHU WKH ¿UVW ten years of their production service. ThisH[WHQGV WKH WLPHOLQH LQ ZKLFK WKH\ EHQH¿W from the credit. Companies that manufacturewind turbines and install them sought thisFKDQJH WR DOORZ IRU WKH PRQWKV LW WDNHV to develop a new wind farm.PRODUCTIONTAX CREDITS -RKQVRQ -RKQVRQ 6SULQW 3 DQG 1LNH DUH WWF climate policyleaders within theProduction Tax Credits37& FDVH Lobbying is part of theirlarger sustainabiitystrategy. Their efforts helpedextend the PTC by a\HDU KDYLQJ D VXEVWDQWLDO environmental and¿QDQFLDO LPSDFW

THE IMPACT As well as saving thousands of jobs inWKH VHFWRU DFFRUGLQJ WR WKH OHWWHU JLYHQ WR Congress the PTC has cut wind energyFRVWV E\ VLQFH VXSSOLHV PRUH WKDQ RI 86 HQHUJ\ GHPDQG DQG DFFRXQWV IRU RI QHZ SRZHU FDSDFLW\ LQVWDOOHG LQ WKH ODVW IRXU \HDUV ,Q DGGLWLRQ installed wind capacity represents morethan 79 billion in private investment. Wind set a new record in 2012 by installing RI DOO QHZ HOHFWULFDO JHQHUDWLQJ FDSDFLW\ LQ PHULFD OHDGLQJ WKH HOHFWULF VHFWRU FRPSDUHG ZLWK IRU QDWXUDO JDV and lesser amounts for coal and othersources. The US has installed a total of 50 GW ofwind energy capacity. The extension ofWKH ZLQG HQHUJ\ 37& DQG ,QYHVWPHQW Tax Credits for community and offshoreSURMHFWV ZLOO DOORZ FRQWLQXHG JURZWK RI WKH energy source.11 WWF Climate Savers

SUNNY OUTLOOKAs a renewable energy leader, Yingli’s activities surpass just thereduction of its own Scope 2 emissions; it also plays a role incatalysing other companies to make an investment in renewableenergyYingli aims to increase its share ofrenewable energy consumption to at least E\ ZLWK DQ RSWLPXP WDUJHW RI :KLOH WKLV WDUJHW PD\ VHHP PRGHVW LW UHSUHVHQWV D KXJH VWHS IRUZDUG LQ &KLQD¶V commercial renewable energy use.12 WWF Climate Savers

YINGLI IS THE FIRST EVER COMPANY IN THECOUNTRY TO COMMIT TO PRODUCING ITSOWN RENEWABLE ELECTRICITYTHE COMPANYYingli Solar was established in 1997 andhas become one of the largest PV modulePDQXIDFWXUHUV LQ WKH ZRUOG JURZLQJ IURP D SURGXFWLRQ FDSDFLW\ RI PHJDZDWWV 0: LQ WR 0: LQ LQJOL LV WKH ¿UVW &KLQHVH FRPSDQ\ DQG WKH ¿UVW SKRWRYROWDLF 39 PDQXIDFWXUHU WR MRLQ WKH ::)¶V &OLPDWH Savers program.WHAT MAKES YINGLI A RENEWABLEENERGY LEADER?As the world’s foremost PV modulePDQXIDFWXUHU LQJOL LV OHDGLQJ WKH 39 industry in low-carbon transformation throughUHQHZDEOH HQHUJ\ XVH ,W LV WKH ¿UVW &KLQHVH company able to set its renewable energygoal to increase its percentage of renewableHQHUJ\ FRQVXPSWLRQ DQG KDV PDGH D SXEOLF commitment to set more radical goals for itsapplication.THE CASE%HFDXVH RI WKH UHFHQW &KLQHVH *RYHUQPHQW regulatory change to promote the Smart*ULG 'LVWULEXWLRQ 6\VWHP DQG LWV *: installed capacity target for solar PV powerE\ IRU WKH ¿UVW WLPH LQJOL LV DEOH WR EXLOG LWV RZQ 6RODU 39 SRZHU SODQWV LQ &KLQD and establish its own renewable electricityportfolio.Yingli aims to increase its share of renewableHQHUJ\ FRQVXPSWLRQ WR DW OHDVW E\ ZLWK DQ RSWLPXP WDUJHW RI :KLOH WKLV WDUJHW PD\ VHHP PRGHVW LW UHSUHVHQWV D huge step forward in China’s commercialrenewable energy use.&KLQD¶V VRODU PDUNHW ZDV LQ LWV LQIDQF\ XQWLO WKH HQG RI ZLWK OLWWOH LQVWDOOHG FDSDFLW\ RI 0: 7KH FKDQJH FDPH DERXW ZKHQ HDUO\ LQ LQJOL GHVLJQHG DQG EXLOW WKH ¿UVW ¿YH VWDU KRWHO ZLWK EXLOGLQJ LQWHJUDWHG SKRWRYROWDLF %,39 DSSOLFDWLRQ 7KH 3RZHU 13 WWF Climate Savers,QWHUQDWLRQDO RWHO KDG PRUH SLHFHV RI 39 PRGXOHV LQVWDOOHG SURGXFLQJ PRUH WKDQ N:K RI HOHFWULFLW\ DQG UHGXFLQJ &22emissions in excess of 400 tons per year.Yingli communicated with relatedgovernmental agencies on the importanceDQG SURVSHFW RI WKH %,39 EXLOGLQJ V D UHVXOW RI WKLV OHDGLQJ GHVLJQ FRQFHSW 39 DSSOLFDWLRQ expanded from industrial buildings toFRPPHUFLDO EXLOGLQJV DQG KHOSHG WR FUHDWH and promote the Chinese government’s newSROLF\ IRU %,39 DSSOLFDWLRQ Yingli has made a public commitment toset more radical goals for the application ofrenewable energy.THE IMPACT Partly as a result of communicationbetween Yingli and related governmentalagencies on the importance and prospectRI WKH %,39 EXLOGLQJ WKH &KLQHVH 0LQLVWU\ RI RXVLQJ DQG 8UEDQ 5XUDO 'HYHORSPHQW 0 85' DQG WKH 0LQLVWU\ RI )LQDQFH MRLQWO\ ODXQFKHG D VXEVLG\ SROLF\ WR VXSSRUW %,39 applications in 2009. ,Q 0 85' DOVR LQWURGXFHG WKH ¿UVW LQGXVWU\ VWDQGDUG RI WKH %,39 DSSOLFDWLRQ %HWZHHQ DQG LQJOL ZLOO LQVWDOO D 0: 39 SRZHU SODQW LQ &KLQD OHDGLQJ WR D UHGXFWLRQ RI W&22e for the sameperiod. :LWK WKH VXSSRUW RI ::) LQJOL ZLOO ODXQFK a Global Green Solar PV ManufacturingStandard. The Standard aims to promoteenergy consumption reduction in the PVLQGXVWU\ LQFUHDVLQJ WKH XVH RI UHQHZDEOH HQHUJ\ DQG UHGXFLQJ * * HPLVVLRQV 7KH aim is that by end of 2015 the StandardLV IXOO\ HVWDEOLVKHG DQG E\ RI global solar PV producers will have adopted it.YINGLI SOLAR ,V WKH ¿UVW &KLQHVH company and the¿UVW SKRWRYROWDLF 39 manufacturer to joinWWF’s Climate Saversprogram. LV WKH ¿UVW &KLQHVH company to be able topledge its own renewableelectricity target. Promotes buildingintegrated photovoltaic%,39 DSSOLFDWLRQV across the industry. Communicates withrelated governmentalagencies on theimportance and prospectRI %,39 EXLOGLQJV Will launch a GlobalGreen Solar PVManufacturing Standardto increase the useof renewable energyDQG UHGXFLQJ * * emissions.


WWF Climate SaversNumber magnificationprojects under way::) &OLPDWH 6DYHUV SDUWQHU companies are required to setmagnification targets – in theirindustry sectors, along theirvalue chains, towards the policyarena and through climatepositive approaches. 3DQGD 6\PERO ::) :RUOG :LGH )XQG IRU 1DWXUH )RUPHUO\ :RUOG :LOGOLIH )XQG ³::) LV D ::) 5HJLVWHUHG 7UDGHPDUN ::) YHQXH GX 0RQW %ODQF *ODQG 6ZLW]HUODQG 7HO )D[ )RU FRQWDFW GHWDLOVPotential CO2 savings if othercompanies followed ClimateSavers partnercompanies’ leadIf all industry peers in the samebusiness sectors followed theOHDGHUVKLS RI ::) &OLPDWH Savers companies, 500 to 1000PLOOLRQ WRQQHV &22 could be savedin the year 2020.@CLIMATESAVERSpanda.org/climatesavers1 GIGATONNE Adam Oswell / WWF-CanonWhy we are hereTo stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment andto build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.WWF.PANDA.ORG/CLIMATESAVERSAmount of tonnes CO2 savedby partner companies V DW 0D\ ::) &OLPDWH 6DYHUV PHPEHU FRPSDQLHV KDYH FXW WKHLU &22emissions by over 100 million tonnes sinceWKH SURJUDPPH EHJDQ LQ 7KLV LV equivalent to about twice the current\HDUO\ &22 emissions of Switzerland.DQG IXUWKHU LQIRUPDWLRQ SOHDVH YLVLW RXU LQWHUQDWLRQDO ZHEVLWH DW wwf.panda.orgRECYCLEDNumber of WWF Climate Saverspartner companies as of October2013::) &OLPDWH 6DYHUV SDUWQHU FRPSDQLHV VWUHWFK IURP %UD]LO WR &KLQDand over various sectors, includingpulp and paper, cement, transport,food, retail,telecommunication andfast moving consumer goods.100 MILLION15 WWF Climate SaversCASE STUDY OCTOBER 201343 30100%

WWF Climate Savers. 2WWF Climate Savers CONTENTS Sony leads the charge of renewable energy in Japan. 3 Sony is responsible for prompting an increase in a wider range of renewable electricity use by numerous leading Japanese companies WKURXJK LWV *UHH

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1 What is the aim of Climate Savers? Climate Savers is a business initiative organized by WWF to mobilise companies to cut carbon dioxide ( CO 2 ) emissions. We’ve dubbed Climate Savers “innovative solutions for a living planet”. 2 What exactly are Climate Savers? WWFClimate

that WWF’s Climate Savers programme was developed. What exactly is Climate Savers? Climate Savers is a cutting-edge programme between WWF and businesses aimed at fighting climate change. Agreed targets must go much further than previous plans and should place the compa

The LEGO Group and WWF-Denmark established the Climate Savers partnership in 2013. The Climate Savers programme is WWF’s global platform to engage business THE . WWF-Denmark – Corporate Partnerships Report – 2015 WWF

Climate Savers Programme to frame a climate strategy. In January 2006, novo nordisk became the 10th member of the WWF Climate Savers Programme. The Climate Savers Programme1 serves to demonstrate that companies can make deep cuts in emissions while growing their business.

WWF Schweiz 2017 2 Dieser Bericht fokussiert auf die Firmenpartnerschaft mit SV (Schweiz) AG. Den vollständigen Leistungsbericht über sämtliche Firmenpartnerschaften des WWF Schweiz finden Sie hier. Über den WWF Der WWF Schweiz ist die grösste Umweltorganisation der Schweiz und als gemeinnützige Stiftung organisiert.

WWF Climate Savers are cutting-edge partnerships between WWF and businesses, aimed at delivering ambitious reductions in CO 2 emissions by member companies and in their supply chains. A Climate Savers agreement places the company as leader in terms of reducing emissions of gree

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